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Play! By Sephora July 2017 Box #072 FULL SPOILERS!

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Screen Shot 2017-02-18 at 9.12.22 AM

We have full spoilers for the July 2017 Play! By Sephora #072 box! (Thanks to beauty_with_jenni on Instagram!)

Play! By Sephora Box #072 will include:

Source: Instagram

Play! By Sephora Box #023 will include:

sephora july 2017

(Thanks for the pic, Shannon!)

Play! By Sephora Box #049:

Source: joma1024

What do you think of the spoilers?

To find out which box you’re receiving at the beginning of each month, follow these instructions:

If you log in through a browser, not the app, and go to my account > account details > online orders and open the play! Order Details (it was dated 11/1 for me), you can see the “item number” next to the image.

And in case you missed it, here is our original spoiler for July:

For July, every box is getting a must-have mask sample. You’ll receive ONE of the following:


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  1. 072 was honestly one of the worst boxes so far. The IT mascara was old and clumpy, the lipstick was the exact same shade as my lips, my hair is way too short for a hair mask to be useful, and the rose mask is a repeat for me. Sigh. You win some, you lose some.

  2. Anyone up to trade things they aren’t using from this month’s box or past ones?

    • What I teared you looking for?

      • Sorry, *what are you looking for?

  3. I am so happy with my box this month! (072) The It cosmetics mascara is already my holy grail mascara so it’s always nice to stock up on it. The tarte lipstick in set sail is a gorgeous flattering shade that’s perfect for everyday use and it’s super moisturizing. The guerlain perfume was also a pleasant surprise, it was new to me and after trying it out I’m going to get the full size. I was also pleased with how much bigger the sample sizes were. Sephora definitely stepped it up this month and I hope next month is just as good, especially since it’s my birthday 😉

  4. I am getting 72 and I’m excited! Everyone is getting so salty about getting the fresh mask, but honestly they couldn’t put the Boscia in every box. Sure I was hoping for it but our box has an exfoliating cleanser for our oily faces and then we use the Fresh to hydrate after. Most faces are oily because their skin is over compensating for us striping it dry, so hydrating masks do help.

    But other then that, I’m super stoked about the Tarte lipstick!!! I hope it is a good color. And as someone who has fake blonde hair I can always use a hair masque.

    • I’m getting the impression that they had more oily skin people than they had Bosnia samples to hand out. If you look on the Sephora website, they recommend the Fresh mask mask and the PTR mask for all skin types. (Don’t know about the other two – I just researched those two because I thought they’d give me one of those).

      • i have dry skin and i got the boscia mask. if you read the product info it isn’t only for oily skin.

    • On the instragram photo, it says the lipstick color is “set sail” in her 072 box. YAY! It looks usable! I am getting 072 and I am excited honestly…I love rose scented anything, need exfoliation, need hair treatment – it should be perfect for me. 🙂 I would’ve been very happy with the boscia mask though because it looks awesome!

  5. Im getting 072 and have oily skin..not sure why I’m not getting the boscia mask..I really don’t llike the fresh one 🙁 Also just received a Madam CJ Walker hair product last month! Where is the variety?! More makeup products please!!

    • I also have oily skin and am getting box 072. This is the first time I can honestly say that they ignored my profile fit my box. Also, (and I can’t blame sephora for not knowing this) I don’t like the scent of roses. It gives me a migraine. Not happy. Just about everything is going up for swap this month.

      • I have 065 if you want to swap boxes.

    • I have 064 if you want to swap boxes.

  6. Im getting boxes #72 and #23. For those getting the boscia and milk what are your profile settings? I would have liked to try the milk and love boscia.

    • I have wavy/curly hair and never get the products for curly hair.

    • I received #049 and my profile settings were Fair/Oily/Acne, Black hair, Chemically Treated, Normal, Wavy, Color Protection. I originally put combination skin but after getting several skincare misses, changed it to oily – have been fairly happy with my boxes since, with the exception of lip products (enough with the mattes already!!)

  7. Literally saw this pic and immediately cancelled my subscription. I have box 072 but extremely oily skin and said about concerns about pores and everything and they gave me the rose mask which I already have and dont care for smh. Good thing I only had this service for two months.

    • I have 064 if you want to swap boxes.

  8. I was a little skeptical about joining play by sephora, since lots of comments were about how they didn’t follow your profile. So I decided to give it a try, very excited with my box 072. Already have the super hero mascara and I was about to buy full size now I don’t have to since I’m getting and extra one. I really love this mascara and the other products I’m excited to try. They sure did follow my profile and I’m very happy to get this box as my first one !!

  9. I would have liked this box! But I probably wouldn’t have gotten it.

    Out of curiosity, I noticed they use the same box numbers – do you always get the same every month?

    • Which box did you get?

    • I’m only on my second box, but I don’t believe so. I had 83 for June, and 72 for July.

  10. Got my 049 today. This box makes my Cruelty-Free loving heart happy. The boscia sample is huge, but the Milk sample was tiny- they should have put two. Overall, happy with mine.

    • Is there any way you can be assured of receiving a Cruelty Free Box every month?

      • No, unfortunately. I just give away the non Cruelty-Free items which means sometimes my mom makes out like a bandit.

      • Petit Vour for a few more $ each month… better customer service, too.

      • I’m thinking about cancelling because I rarely get cruelty free or anything I even would like to try.
        This month I updated my credit card then it did not update on their side so no box for me which is fine. I would like to try the boscia but doubt I would have gotten it?

  11. NO!!!!! I hate Fresh! And I have very oily skin – why would Sephora send me this and not the Boscia? My friend who also has very oily skin and acne problems is receiving this box too. Last month I received curly products for my straight hair. Usually my boxes fit my profile pretty well, but now I’m annoyed.

    • I have oily skin (and hair) too and thought for sure this box would have the Boscia…very bummed and confused.

      • Me too!!! I do NOT understand their reasoning. This is why I canceled Birchbox. If you are going to ask about preferences at least attempt to use it. Why bother other wise?! Last month I received 3 products with oils in them for face and hair. My skin already makes plenty, I don’t need help! UGH, I think it is time to move on again…

    • I have 064 if you want to swap boxes.

  12. It didn’t disappoint me.. the only thing that I’ve try before is the mascara and I do like it

  13. This is my box and I’m happy. I wish we didn’t get a lip product every month. Personally I barely use them so they typically go up for swaps.

  14. Is the lipstick color the same as the other box is getting, Set Sail? Probably so because it be easier for them to just make one mini color? Not into that color, but the rest is ok. Always up to try a cleanser, mask, hair mask, and mascara – but I can’t say excited. It’s not their fault I have so much stuff. Oh wait it kinda is.

    • How big is the lipstick vs full size? (Half?) It looks like the color could work for a lot of us, so I’m happy about that.

  15. Another crappy box. I’ve always been okay with my boxes even if there’s one or 2 items I couldn’t use but last month and now this month is just ridiculous. At least it helps make the decision to cancel easier.

    • I have 064 if you want to swap boxes.

  16. Yeah, that’s it…I’m cancelling. Why would they send someone with oily skin the Rose mask instead of the mud mask? I have box 072. I’m really frustrated with the way they are curating the boxes. And the LAST thing I need is the Pep Start cleanser. Why not the Hydroblur that corresponds to it? I am happy about the Tarte lipstick, but that’s it :(.

    • I have combo/oily skin and I love the rose mask personally. So hopefully it works for you!

      Also I think I got hydroblur a couple months ago in a couple of that months variations but I’m not 100%

    • I have oily upper t zone and I love the Fresh rose mask…if your skin is oily, it may be compensating so just try it 🙂 Also, the pep start cleanser is an exfoliating cleanser, it’s very gentle and it feels incredible! I didn’t think I’d like it at first but it’s heavenly. I hope you find something else you like aside from the lipstick. I’m excited to get that also because the formula is really nice and it’s great to get a moisturizing lip product. Either way, $10 for 5 deluxe sizes of higher end makeup/skincare is a great deal IMO

  17. I’m happy with this box. Best Sephora play for me in a long time. I was thinking of cancelling but this is a great box for me. I will use everything.

  18. Anyone get box #064 yet?

    • Nope. Still waiting for spoilers!

    • Mine is being delivered today!

  19. Ugh. I hate my 2 boxes 023 and 072. Way off my profile and what I purchase. Been meaning to cancel one and am going to do it right now. Tempted to cancel both. July has not been good for my sub boxes. My fav Look Fantastic was disappointing for the first time. Macy’s is looking not too special. Only ipsy was good. Also waiting on the New Beauty Awards box to charge ship and see what’s inside. Please no expired stuff.

    • I have 064 if you want to swap boxes.

  20. I’m 072 and actually very excited for this box, especially the Tarte lipstick. I already have the Fresh mask but it works for my skin so I’m happy to have another. Was thinking about canceling but now I’ll probably keep my subscription.

  21. This box is mine and I am kinda meh. I was really hoping for the Boscia but the Fresh was my second choice. I hope the lipstick color is the same as the other box. The hair mask isn’t for me as I have neither dry nor distressed hair.

    • I’d love to trade for your hair mask! I’m getting box 23

      • I have the hair mask; if no one else wants to trade entire boxes with me, I’d trade my mask for your spray.

        • Carla, I’d love to swap! see you on the swap page?

          • I’m really sorry! I literally just traded it with someone yesterday. Is there anything else that you’re specifically looking for?

    • I have 064 if you want to swap boxes.

  22. I’m curious to ask — what does your profile say, and which box are you getting (I’m asking readers).

    • I’m fair, combo skin, normal hair — getting box #023.

      • Same

    • I an getting box #064 and my profile is marked combo olive skin with redness, dullness, skin sensitivity and uneven skin tone checked off as my primary skin concerns. I also have fine curly hair. Can’t wait for spoilers on my box!

    • I’m #023 brunette, brown eyes, light skin that’s dry and I have most of the skin concerns checked off

      • I’m 023 also, and I got my box today. The perfume smells like men’s cologne… Not a fan at all. I surprisingly like the lip color, even though I’m very fair. My profile is combination skin, brunette hair, fair, with oily hair checked off.

        • YES! I love perfumes that lean masculine. Sometimes I go straight to the boy’s counter–e.g. today I’m wearing Carven Vetiver. 🙂

    • I’m 064: Dry, fair skin w/ redness/sensitivity/uneven tone, fine/dry/wavy hair, blue eyes.

      Just resubscribed after a June hiatus and really hoping for Milk, Tarte, Ren… fingers crossed.

      049 is still looking best of the boxes out there (so far), IMO.

      Come on spoilers!

  23. I’m #056 can’t wait for spoilers!

    • Me too!

    • I haven’t found any reviews yet and I’m getting so impatient lol

      I don’t think I’ve ever seen more than 4 box varieties before either, weird! :O

  24. Um… why are there two of the milk cooling stick minis in the #049 box?!

    • We only got 1.

    • Because that recipient got lucky.

      • Haha! Ok, that’s what I thought but just wanted to make sure! Love it when they do that! One time they added a full size smashbox concealer ( in my color too!) to one of my online orders and I called them and told them and they just said I can keep it since they messed up!! Then not too long ago I added a too faced chocolate soliel bronzer 100 pt reward and they put in 4! So cool!!!

        • Nice! 😀

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