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FabFitFun Flash Sale! Save 40% Off the Editor’s Box + FULL SPOILERS!

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Now through the 21st, sign up for a new subscription and use coupon code LOVE40 to save 40% off of the new FabFitFun Editor’s box! (Regularly $49.99) This brings the cost down to $29.99!

And here is everything you’ll get in the Editor’s Box:

Are you signing up?

And check out our FabFitFun reviews and FabFitFun Spoilers to see what you can expect from this subscription!

The FabFitFun Box is a quarterly women’s subscription from FabFitFun.com. Each season they send you a box of $100+ worth items in categories like beauty, fashion, and fitness. This subscription is regularly $49.99 a quarter.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. If you buy something, MSA may earn an affiliate commission. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. Hi… If anyone wants to use my code here you go…..


    • Alta – Used it 🙂

  2. Did anyone who used the referal they had on their website see the $20 credit show up in your account? I don’t know where to find it. Thanks

    • The fine print mentioned you will see the credit when add ons open for the fall box. It would be nice to see it even if it can’t be used now.

  3. Just created a new account to get this deal. Mostly buying it for Christmas/Birthday presents. I was able to add on 3 more Living Proof Humidity Shield spray which I’m super excited about!!!

  4. Guess I should have ordered yesterday. Code posted today doesn’t work either.

    • actually I thought it was through the 21st, but the referral email says through aug 6th. not sure if that’s the sweepstakes or the discount bc they’re on the same page…

  5. I can’t get the code to work either…have tried a few times, different browsers, clearing cache, etc. 🙁

    • That code is still what pulls up for me, exactly as she has it typed above. I was able to paste my referral link into an incognito Chrome window, and it worked (shows the same code as what Liz shows once it loaded the checkout page). So maybe try incognito if you haven’t already! Or I can send you my link if you still can’t get it.. Good luck!

  6. How do you refer people so they can get 40% off? I would love to refer someone but don’t know how to get that discount specifically for them!
    Also, does it still give the referrer 15 add on credit? Just curious. Thanks!

    • It’s on the home page and you get $20 in credit!

      • Awesome, even better! Thanks that means I had found it, cool!

  7. I’ve never been tempted by FFF before, but I like the look of this box and for only $30?! I’m in! I’ll just be sure to cancel before the fall box.

  8. I told them you referred me to fit fun fab . I don’t know why they are giving me a hard time.

  9. The code isn’t working for me. Has anyone had any luck?

    • Sorry about that – try this code: fffzxf9812gh

    • It’s not working for me either 😞

      • Sorry about that – try this code: fffzxf9812gh

    • Not working for me either

      • Sorry about that – try this code: fffzxf9812gh

    • FabiFitFun says the following when this code is entered: “Coupon “fffzxf9812gh” does not exist!”

      • Same here, not working. Maybe its for the best!

        • Have you tried fffzxf9812gi again? That’s working for me now

  10. Here’s the breakdown for anyone who wants to know:

    Palette: $2.34
    Poredermabrasion: $5.04
    Zip Pouch: $3.75
    Ruana: $4.50
    Briogeo: $2.01
    Bottle: $2.91
    Spongelle: $1.35
    Necklace: $6.30
    Lip Stain: $2.01

    I am only interested in the poredermabrasion and I know it’s a great value at $30, but all these extremely other overpriced things make me feel wary about getting this box. That necklace particularly.

    • I love the necklace, but it did discolor around the back of it. But I still wear it sometimes, because it’s so pretty on me.

    • Sorry, but I’ve seen that bottle retailing at Neiman Marcus for $35 as stated.

      • Ah, I meant that is how much of the $30 you spend goes into it. Some people like to look at it this way so I thought I’d share it. Personally, I don’t value these things at the retail value so if I were to add up the things I do want I would see whether it is worth spending the $30 or just getting some cheaper things at TJ Max

    • where do you get these price breakdowns?

      • I divided the retail but the total box retail value, then take the percentage and multiply by the cost, $30.

        I didn’t search up these items and post what they’re selling at so I apologize if I have misled you.

  11. Silly question but anyone have a email from fun fit fab I can use ase you referred me so i can get the 20$ off the box.

    • Not sure why my link won’t post on here, but you can send me an email & I can send it to you.
      Victoria_wllc @ yahoo .com

      • Thank you Victoria.

  12. Does anyone know when these boxes will ship? Would be coming before the fall box? The ladies I am referring to get it are asking. Much appreciated y’all…

    • Yes, before the fall box. It should ship pretty much right away.

  13. I would buy just the Dr. Brandt at $30 so had to get this! Wow! Great value!

  14. Does anyone know if the Dr. Brandt is good for sensitive skin? If so I’ll def get the box. If it’s rougher like the Kate Somerville exfoliating stuff I can’t use it.

      • I second what Elizabeth says. I always check Beautypedia before using a product on my sensitive skin. If there isn’t a review there, I will check all the ingredients for known irritants and then look up any ingredients towards the top of the list that I don’t recognize. The bottom line is that physical microdermabrasion is a tricky thing that can make scarring and pores looks worse, not better. Beautypedia would suggest you are better off using a chemical exfoliant. I do use a sensitve brush on my Clarisonic a few times per week, and I feel as though that gives me enough physical “scrubbing”.

      • Beautypedia is created by co-founder of Paula’s Choice skin care line and would take their review with grain of salt! Their products contain some stuff that I don’t like.

    • It’s super rough, I wouldn’t recommend it for sensitive skin.

      • Darn, been hearing good reviews. Guess it’s one product I won’t be using. Not too exciting with the rest of the items for me

    • it’s rougher than kate somerville . I have both. but i like the dr,brant better because its grittier .

    • If it’s anything like my other exfoliant from them, it might be too rough for sensitive skin. It is an amazing exfoliant, though!!

    • It doesn’t bother mine. Most products burn or sting my skin (Goldfaden peel burns, and I have yet to find a facial sunscreen that doesn’t feel like fire ants on my face.) Dr. Brandt doesn’t bother me at all – I use it 2-3 times a week – and I can vary the intensity by how much water I use (if any) beforehand.

      I will say, if that’s the main product you’re concerned about, you can always just post it on the swap site instead. It has a high RV and tends to be popular…

  15. Just a heads up I signed up yesterday when it was only $10 off, but I emailed with the new promo and they adjusted the price to $20 off.

    • Thank you for telling me Bria . I just signed up this morning with the 10$ off code then I seen this 20$ off code . I was bummed. So I just emailed them as you suggested. I hope it works. This is my very first FFF box.

    • Thanks, Bria! I did the same thing. I hope they’ll honour my request too.

    • Hey they emailed me back and said that the only way I can use that code for 20$ off is I need a referral email from someone who already has FFF.

      • I have FFF, email me with your contact info and I’ll send one. tvires42265 at gmail

        • Thank you Tina. Victoria already give me a email yesterday, but thank you again.

    • I cannot wait to get this box!! I recently bought one for once sister that is having hard times, then decided to share this one with a friend. I will keep the Poredermabrasion and the water bottle, she will get the rest… and probably become another FFF addict in my circle of friends! 🙂

  16. Is the real her palette made in a China?

    • They say it’s designed and formulated in California, but filled and assembled in P.R.C. (People’s Republic of China). So, pretty much, haha!

    • It does also, however, claim that it is paraben-free, certified cruelty-free, vegan, sulfate-free, and made with natural ingredients.

    • It is not very good. I got the volume II in Boxycharm and I really want to chuck it. I’m keeping it around just because I collect eye shadow palettes, but it seemed cheaply made (like the eye shadow squares weren’t even and the mirror wasn’t cut carefully either so is at a slight angle) and the entire packaging, including the eye shadows, smells very industrial. The best way I can describe it is it seems like a private label product.

  17. Will Gilt City be offering this box at a discounted rate like they do every other time a new box comes available?

    • I’ve never seen FFF on Gilt City, just Pop sugar. Maybe I missed them.

  18. Since I’ve never tried a FabFitFun box I’m wondering…….

    If I sign up to get the editor’s box can I use the $20 off coupon code & the 10% off code they offered to email me as a new subscriber together?

    Can I cancel right away after the editor’s box?

    And, is it worth it in currency exchange & shipping to Canada?

    Hoping all the FFF gurus can give me their opinions/advice. Thanks!

    • I believe it is only one code per order(I have tried the multi code thing, didn’t work ;).
      Yes, you CAN easily cancel after you recieve your box(or even after you have tracking as by then you have paid for it and it is out of their hands but best to have it in your hands first ;).
      I just canceled my summer box and it just comes up as “non renewal” it makes you do a survey and sounds all serious when you cancel though, just FYI.
      No clue about Canada extra prices but I think if you are going to get one, then now seems a good time to do it.
      If it still seems worth it to you after the bc you are in Canada charges, get it, if not just don’t.
      I am planning on getting one of these, splitting it with someone else and swapping any extras! So for me that 30 is totally worth it. Not sure if there will be a better sale, but who know next one could be free gifts + discount as they seem to want to get rid of this stuff!
      Good luck deciding 😉

      • Thanks so much for your perspective! I think I’m just going to go for it, treat myself!

        • Glad I could help! Hope you love yours <3

        • Since you’ve decided to get it, consider going on the community page before you cancel and search for the word Canada or submit a question to other Canadian subscribers to get their insights into the FFF box and whether it’s worth the fees, etc. to Canada. I have seen complaints about the delays in shipping, but haven’t noticed any other complaints. I haven’t necessarily been paying attention, though. 🙂

  19. I wasn’t a fan of the summer box and kind of regret prepaying for the annual sub. I’m hoping the fall and winter boxes will be so good that it’ll change my mind.

  20. So, if I ordered this would I be able to cancel before being charged again or am I forced into the next box?

    • Yes, just make sure you cancel before the fall box is billed.

    • You can cancel as soon as your order is confirmed. You will of course still get the box you’ve paid for.

  21. The orange/pink ruana isn’t pictured, does that mean it’s not in the box? Just the blue or black? Fine by me as I don’t like that one but wanted to check if you knew, Liz!

    • I hope so!! That’s the one I want!! 😌

      • If I get it I’ll swap with you if you get a different one!

  22. I really want this box but it won’t let me order even with a different email 🙁

    • Sometimes you have to use a new browser. Try Firefox.

    • Go in private mode!

    • Sign up as your husband or family member.

    • You may have to clear your browser cookies under Internet Options in your browser.

    • Use incognito mode on Google, they are detecting you through you’re browsers cookies. Clear your cache and cookies and you’re golden.

  23. I’ve been wanting to sign up for fff for a while and glad I waited for this box! $30 is such a great deal and out of all these items there are only 2 I won’t use which will go up for swap (although I’m sure I will never be able to get rid of manna kadar anything lol). Thanks!

  24. So, you can be considered “new” if you just use a different email? They don’t double check on the physical mailing address?

    • I’ve signed up 3 different times with a new email so I get the good deal. I’ve never had an issue with it. 😊

  25. For me that’s just $15 for the water booth and $15 for the Dr Brandt, everything else is just bonus! The dr Brandt is so good for Xmas presents. I’m running out of email addresses haha

    • *water bottle!

  26. I like the box too! I wanna get it so I can color it lol but I love everything in it too. And I just opened a 2nd account so I could get a 2nd summer box. May have to get a 3rd account😄

  27. It gave me a few add on options so of course I spent an extra $60!

    • What add on options are there!?

      • I cant remember. There were only about 10. I bought 3 of the Acai cream.

  28. This is an amazing deal! Take my money FFF!!! Just take it already!!

  29. I think this is the best Editor’s box FFF has put together and is SUCH a great deal at $30!!

  30. FFF why are you tempting me with this! I may have to create a new account for this.

  31. This box is better than the summer box. I should have waited. I can’t trade those items away it seems.

  32. When would they bill for the ongoing? Afraid to check FFF website since I know I won’t be able to resist if I get that far!

    • According to FabFitFun’s website, billing for the Fall Box starts the first week of September. Hope that helps!

      • Liz-do you know when these will ship? Is it shortly after signing up? Some of my potential refer’s are asking? Thx…

    • I just signed up, and in the intro email I got it says they send a reminder about a week before your subscription is set to renew, to give you time to cancel. This is the first quarterly box I’ve signed up for so I’m not sure if that’s standard, but it seemed good to me!

  33. Is this for new subs only because it says the code doesn’t exist

    • Yes, sorry this is for a new subscription. I’ll clarify that in the post.

      • I just got a notice to refer a friend. My friend will get $20 off and I will get a $20 credit. Nice for current subscribers.

  34. This is a difficult box to abstain from for $29.99 especially with the Dr. Brandt scrub included!

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