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Wonderful Objects Subscription Review + Coupon – Luck Box

Check out my review of the Wonderful Objects "Luck" box!

Wonderful Objects by Wonder and Company is a quarterly subscription service that brings imaginary adventures to life. This box is always full of unexpected, playful surprises. This month, the theme is “Luck.”

Of all the subscription boxes that I receive and review, I think I look forward to this subscription the most. It’s such a surprise each month and a playful escape from the ordinary. I can’t wait to see what magic this installment holds!

Check out my review of the Wonderful Objects "Luck" box!

Wonderful Objects offers mystery boxes for both Adults and Kids.

This box was sent to us at no cost to review. (Check out our review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

This review is of the Whimsical Adult, $72 a quarter, box.

Check out my review of the Wonderful Objects "Luck" box!

The Subscription Box: Wonderful Objects

The Cost: $72 per quarter with discounts available for longer subscription commitments

COUPON: Use code WONDERADDICT10 to save $10 off any subscription!

The Products: Hand-picked items and custom-designed ephemera that bring an imaginary scenario, place, or story to life.

Ships to: U.S. for free, Internationally for $25 per quarter

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Keep Track of Your Subscriptions: Add this box to your subscription list or wishlist!

Check out my review of the Wonderful Objects "Luck" box!

This quarter’s journey began with a little brown paper envelope with a few mysterious articles inside. It arrived before the main box, as a teaser for the real deal. I was raised to always read the card before opening the present, so I pulled this piece of stiff paper from the envelope first.  Marked with playing card club symbols, the number 15 (twice), and an illustration of a brown bear, this card struck me as having the same strangely beautiful vibe of an old tarot card, except on the back, there’s a note:

Check out my review of the Wonderful Objects "Luck" box!

The people behind this subscription are so good at creating the perfect, strange, completely engrossing tone in the written materials they send along. Reading this, I felt a bit like Harry Potter must have when he got his first owl post—there’s a story out there that I didn’t know had been unraveling all this time, and now, I’m about to be the protagonist.

Check out my review of the Wonderful Objects "Luck" box!

Pressed Coin – Value $0.50?

Onto the present—a pressed copper coin with a bucking unicorn on it, tucked inside a pale blue velvety pouch. I’m not sure where to find this coin online, so I took a guess at the value above. What does the unicorn mean? Where did this coin come from? Is it the only one? How does it relate to the numbers and bear on my card? There are a lot of exciting questions to answer, and from what I’ve experienced with other boxes from this subscription, not every question will get a concrete answer. Or, in other words, the people behind the box leave a lot of the mystery up to the interpretation of their intrepid customers. (Hence, using and browsing the #WonderfulObjects hashtag is so important in bringing this experience to life!)

Check out my review of the Wonderful Objects "Luck" box!

The actual box couldn’t arrive soon enough. As with many of these boxes, this one is topped with an envelope that says “Open me first.”

Check out my review of the Wonderful Objects "Luck" box!

The back of the envelope is decorated with a swirling, gray-gold seal. And what do we have pressed into the seal?

Check out my review of the Wonderful Objects "Luck" box!

Another pressed coin! Eeeeee! How cool! This one says “My Lucky Penny” and features a couple of shamrocks and a horseshoe emblem.

Check out my review of the Wonderful Objects "Luck" box!

Inside, there’s a card. Wonderful Objects frames all of its “adventures” in the form of a “What if” question. This time, the prompt is “What if you have the power to harness luck?” The note goes on to posit the idea that “luck” might be more of an intentional process than we, as adults who’ve squelched our awareness of magic, might think. How could the items inside this box bring out my magical side?

Check out my review of the Wonderful Objects "Luck" box!

The flip side of the card lists out all of the wonders I’m about to explore. A wishbone, lucky iconography, a rabbit’s foot, magic cards, fortune cookies… I feel like these are all the kinds of playful items that’d leave me ogling in a shop, but ones I couldn’t justify myself actually buying. It’s like someone went shopping for a present for me without even knowing who I am!

Check out my review of the Wonderful Objects "Luck" box!

The first thing I reached for in the box was this odd little booklet.

Check out my review of the Wonderful Objects "Luck" box!

Usually, the cards and notes are the only items that the company provides straight from themselves (there’s not a lot of seeing behind the curtain). But this booklet provides a rare look at the thought process and curation behind this magical package.

Check out my review of the Wonderful Objects "Luck" box!

There are explanations of each item and why it’s included in the box…

Check out my review of the Wonderful Objects "Luck" box!

Information about the makers behind the products in the box (this is probably my favorite element, since I love knowing where to find these items and more like them again in the future!)…

Check out my review of the Wonderful Objects "Luck" box!

Pictures and plenty of awesome information…

Check out my review of the Wonderful Objects "Luck" box!

And even some quotes to help get me into a magical mood! I love it!

Check out my review of the Wonderful Objects "Luck" box!

Exclusive “Patrick Goes Stargazing” 8″ x 10″ Archival Print by Silvia Bettini – Value $15?

I loooooove this print! This exclusive design from talented Italian artist Silvia Bettini is lush with vivid colors, simple shapes, and of course, a beautifully decked-out unicorn—the most magical (and fashionable—I love this unicorn’s scalloped accessories) of all the lucky symbols.

Check out my review of the Wonderful Objects "Luck" box!

Because this is an exclusive piece, and because Bettini doesn’t have a site shop, I wasn’t able to find a price for this design online. My guess of $15.00 is based on other similar, unframed prints by small artists that I’ve seen at shops near me—it’s the least I’d expect to pay for a nice big print like this one. This is definitely going up in my home ASAP. The design is definitely my style, plus it’s so cool how this mirrors the unicorn coin I received in the teaser envelope!

Check out my review of the Wonderful Objects "Luck" box!

Exclusive “Lucky Things” Tea Towel Set by Sian Kellaway and Printed by Zen Threads – Value $15.99?

Another exclusive! Since this design doesn’t just exist, I couldn’t find it for sale online. I linked to a similar Zen Threads product above to give an idea of how much this set likely costs.

Check out my review of the Wonderful Objects "Luck" box!

These two tea towels are printed on sturdy flour-sack-style cotton fabric. The prints themselves only appear on half of each (very, very big, 28″ x 33″) towel, so if you fold the towel in half (maybe to hang it over the handle of your oven door, like I did), the whole design is still visible.

Check out my review of the Wonderful Objects "Luck" box!

The designs are identical, except for the color scheme, and looks so cool and graphic. It makes me think of the posters of sample designs hanging around a tattoo shop. I love the chimney, too! It took me a second, but then I think that it’s an homage to a certain song from the classic Mary Poppins movie… As usual, I’m loving the way this subscription finds items that not only fit the theme, but that can have a life beyond the box. These aren’t just whimsical little knickknacks that will end up in a junk drawer—they’re practical, too.

Neil Patrick Harris Premium Playing Cards by theory11 – Value $9.95

Let me start by saying that I’m not a card player. I didn’t grow up learning card games, and I’ve never really had a deck of cards around the house. But the second I saw this shimmering metallic-gold-laced box nestled inside my Wonderful Objects package, I fell in love. It’s like I could feel my eyes widen just looking at the intricate, art-deco designs on this box.

Check out my review of the Wonderful Objects "Luck" box!

I didn’t realize that Neil Patrick Harris (who will forever hold a place in my heart for making and starring in Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog—seriously, go watch it!) was such a magic devotee! But apparently, this deck is his baby—a thoughtfully designed deck of cards befitting of card magicians, card sharks, and curious minds, alike.

Check out my review of the Wonderful Objects "Luck" box!

If you are a card player, hopefully you find these cards to be as lovely as I did. But if like me, you’re not a card person, you can still get engrossed in this set. How? On the top of the deck, there’s a little note that starts “This is going to be a challenge.” Apparently, within the patterns and designs of the cards, there is a puzzle to be solved. The second card in the deck is a key to help guide you along.

Check out my review of the Wonderful Objects "Luck" box!

I’ve yet to solve it yet, but my imagination is on fire parsing through the cards, hunting for clues. For just a simple deck of cards, this item has proven to be anything but. Amazing choice for this box!

Check out my review of the Wonderful Objects "Luck" box!

Minty Elderflower Hand Cream from Wild & Wolf’s Folklore Collection, 1.7 oz – Value $8.00

I’m the kind of person who can be totally sold on an item based on packaging alone. This lotion comes in a box covered in lucky bunnies and beautiful gold script. The tube itself mirrors that same design, which makes it look super special sitting on my counter.

Check out my review of the Wonderful Objects "Luck" box!

The formula is delightful, too. It’s creamy white coming out of the tube—it’s just thick enough to feel nourishing, but has a super-light, not-at-all-sticky finish that leaves my hands feeling velvety smooth and refreshed. The name mentions mint, but any minty fragrance is sweet and more subtle than the delicate floral notes in this lotion. The fragrance isn’t overwhelming in the least, but there’s enough lasting aroma that you catch a whiff every so often. This has so quickly become one of my favorite hand creams!

Check out my review of the Wonderful Objects "Luck" box!

Lucky Wishbone Paperweight – Value $13.00?

This gold wishbone doesn’t have a specific brand attached to it, so I found something equivalent to link to above. The info card lists this 7-ish inch item as an “Objet d’art” as well as a paperweight—it’s a lighter paperweight, but still does the job! I love how simple yet compelling this gold wishbone is. It’s got a good bit of sparkle to it as well as shine! It looks mighty fine on my desk right now, but it’d be a great way to add a pop of shine and organic texture to an end table or bookshelf.

Check out my review of the Wonderful Objects "Luck" box!

Mystery (Faux) Rabbit’s Foot Keychain by Hellcats – Value $7.00

It’s hard to have a luck box without a lucky rabbit’s foot—one of the most iconic lucky symbols. Of course, I’m thrilled that it’s a faux rabbit’s foot! The magic of this item is that the color you receive means something different for your fortune!

Check out my review of the Wonderful Objects "Luck" box!

I got… purple! Apparently, someone is thinking of me, according to the little silver key card! The keychain is fluffy and vibrantly colored. I can’t wait to add it to my keys. It’ll definitely bring some magic to day-t0-day driving around town.

Check out my review of the Wonderful Objects "Luck" box!

Exclusive Fortune Cookies by the Fortunate Cookie Company – Value $5.00?

This cookie box is so adorable! Since this is a custom-made item, I’m not sure where to find an equivalent online. I took a guess at what a box of custom fortune cookies might cost—I could see paying about $5.00 for something like this at a quirky gift shop!

Check out my review of the Wonderful Objects "Luck" box!

Each of these little cookies has a different inspiring quote to consider. They’re not the traditional cookie sayings you’d get at a restaurant. I love that they give you something to consider and meditate on, rather than just a fortune to fret (or potentially, giggle) about.

Check out my review of the Wonderful Objects "Luck" box!

Also, these cookies are pretty awesome! They’re way sturdier than crumbly restaurant cookies and have a hearty, mildly vanilla-ish crunch.

Check out my review of the Wonderful Objects "Luck" box!

Blackbird Letterpress Hand Luck Card – Value $5.00

Oooh, talk about mystical! This hand design looks like a diagram you’d find in an old metaphysical textbook.

Check out my review of the Wonderful Objects "Luck" box!

The card is letterpressed, so it has a bit of texture to it, which is interesting. I could see this being a great greeting for someone who’s moving to a new town, starting a new job, or even embarking on a marriage or a new relationship. If I don’t use it for a gift, I might consider just framing this card and hanging it in my foyer to encourage lucky, fortunate thinking!

Check out my review of the Wonderful Objects "Luck" box!

Fortune Teller Miracle Fish – Value $0.05

I remember getting one of these little fortune fish in elementary school, maybe at a birthday party or something like that. It’s so fun to see this familiar toy pop up again in this box! (How lucky, huh?)

Check out my review of the Wonderful Objects "Luck" box!

When you place this thin plastic fish in your palm, it’ll begin wriggling (hopefully!) magically. How it moves determines your fortune—a guide for interpreting the movements appears on the back of the packet. This isn’t one of the most practical picks in the box, but getting this small bit of ephemera is just plain fun!

Check out my review of the Wonderful Objects "Luck" box!

Good Luck Custom Postcard – Value $1.00?

The final item in the box is a custom bit of ephemera. Its sort of a vintage-inspired printed postcard, with a handsome horseshoe design.

Check out my review of the Wonderful Objects "Luck" box!

Is it fate that I got a postcard right when I was considering writing some far-flung friends of mine? Maybe… or it’s luck!

The Verdict: I’m so smitten with Wonderful Objects! This month’s box contained about $80.00 of value, which is perfect given its $72.00 price point. This month’s box was a little less narrative than previous boxes I’ve received (in the past, boxes have had a bit more of a story to anchor all of the themed items), but I didn’t mind myself minding that much. I feel like the pieces in the box were so quirky and magical that they engaged my imagination all on their own, no story needed. As I mentioned before, I love that so many of these items are practical pieces that I can display, use, or even nibble on in my home! I’m used to getting boxes with little toys or odds and ends that end up in the junk drawer so fast. While there were a few playful bits like that in this subscription, the majority of the pieces are beautifully well-made, creative items that I’ll be delighted to display. And best of all, I’m thrilled by the new booklet that introduces the different makers and concepts behind the box. I’m so lucky to have found this subscription!

What do you think of this quarter’s Wonderful Objects?

Wonderful Objects by Wonder and Company

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Written by Anna Reilly

Anna Reilly

Anna loves collecting little treasures, be they pop-culture finds, handmade mementos, or new potions to put in her makeup bag. Beauty boxes got her interested in the subscription world, but now she’s swooning for all things kawaii!

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Comments (26)

  1. I was less than thrilled with the contents, but maybe I’ll get nothing instead – my box never showed up. I assumed from their website and this review that they were shipping on time (in July). I heard nothing, so I e-mailed and they told me it would ship middle or end of August. No word yet.

    I placed my order in April! This is so disappointing.

  2. Also, I think this box could go in the Boxes For Men category, too. Most men might not use the hand cream, but everything else? Heck yeah! My husband would have fun with this too. I think experiencing and unboxing together would be a great Date Night In activity.

  3. Anna, I love reading your enthusiasm and joy in this box! I agree that this box is all about the experience and curation, and I don’t mind that the retail value is only a little more than the price. I do wish they could put out a mini version, since $72 is a lot for me, even with it being just quarterly. Still, I might splurge on it someday.

  4. Hmm. I am not sure why some people complain about this being a box full of paper.

    The wishbone paperweight and print were Home Decor, the fortune cookies were Food, the tea towels were Kitchen, the lotion was Skincare, the faux rabbit foot was Accessory and the papergoods were Office. The other misc. items were Toy and Everything Else. These are the categories I would put them in on the MSA Swap site. This seems like a decent mix.

    I would say that although the item values were slightly higher than the value of the box, many people like to receive sub boxes with RVs well above the cost of the box. For those people, this sub is not the sub for them. This box is really about Unique Experience not RV.

  5. Chimney Sweeps are considered Lucky in Germany. When I lived abroad, my host father was a chimney sweep and explained the tradition to me. I keep a little chimney sweep figure on my vanity as a reminder!

    Love the whole idea of this box! It is so nice to see something specifically for adults to really just pretend and use our imaginations like children. Love how they curated things to use in everyday life to remind you of “magic”!!

    Great Review!

    • Wow! Awesome information, Erin! Thank you so much for sharing about the lucky German chimney sweeps – I had no idea 🙂

  6. Oh geez Louise I wrote a tome 😂 On what you can do with those beautiful playing cards, but scrambled eggs for brains (my beautiful, intelligent, loving, funny mother died two weeks ago, hence scrambled egg brain) somehow didn’t post it! Let’s see if I can recall…

    Playing cards were originally used like tarot. I learned to read them first, but them moved on to tarot (found the universal symbolism much easier to read). So if interested, there are books on how to use them that way, I’m positive you’d find loads of info online too.

    I noticed they have a section on their website that teaches beginner card tricks. Might be fun?

    Lastly, playing card games can be so much fun! I’ve played since I was a kid. Simple games are easy to learn (I’m sure YouTube would be a great resource) and fun to play, even solitaire!

    Thank you for the review, I love the idea of this sub; sparking imagination, discovery adventures, urging creativity! Simply not in the budget right now, plus the value isn’t there for me personally as I’d really only use a few items. But that link to the website, so many beautiful, unique playing card decks! I also love that they donate a portion of each to charity, the NPH one they’re donating 10% of every deck sold! Might have to spring for it. Because my tarot, oracle, and playing card collection needs yet another new mate (😂trying to convince myself!) 😘🎶⚡️Jet

    • Jet, this is AMAZING! I definitely didn’t know that you could treat playing cards like tarot – pardon me while I go down a long Google rabbit hole learning about it…

      Thanks so much for reading and sharing 🙂

      • I’m glad some of wackier knowledge was of help! You’ll have fun discovering info (def a “rabbit hole”!) Often I find odd little fortune telling booklets from Victorian times through the 1970’s at library used book sales. The older ones not in great shape but fab illustrations and have bits on all kinds of forms of divination, worth checking. eBay and Etsy too, you may get lucky! (😂Ha I made a punny!) I thought I mentioned the penny had four leaf clover – a mutation, rare, hence the luck bit – and shamrocks only have three leaves (sorry if I’m repeating myself and simply too scrambled brain, tired and sick to find it). How cool would it be if you could buy four leaf clover plants? The shamrock plants I’ve gotten are awfully pretty though! Have fun searching for info, if I run across a site, will let you know! 😘🎶⚡️J.

  7. What a fun, creative, discovery adventure! Love the whole idea, just not in the budget, plus I’d only really use two items (okay maybe 4 or 5, I like the print, card, postcard, still doesn’t add up for me).

    Since you don’t play card games, on the site they have beginner magic tricks to learn. In addition, playing cards were originally used like tarot. (There’s no solid proof, but it’s thought that tarot was derived from playing cards in Italy, used mostly by the aristocracy as they were quite ornate, hand painted). I first learned how to read playing cards as you would tarot, then got tarot (I still read tarot, oracles & when I had my B&M shop had the largest selection of tarot decks in NYC, so much fun seeking out unusual decks!) If that would be something you’d be interested in, there are books written on how to use them this way (both really old & more recent), I bet you’d find info on the internet as well. Just some ideas! I really love the deck, very beautifully done, plus we like to play cards for fun (since I was a kid). Fun to play, easy to learn basic games (tons of YouTube – even solitaire is fun!) I love that they give to charity (Product RED™) on this deck, 10% of each deck! Thanks for the review, it helped me find their site – so many interesting & beautiful playing cards! (😂 Like my tarot, oracle, playing card collection now needs more friends?) 😘🎶⚡️Jet

    • Ack now they both came up! Ignore the woman behind the curtain…
      Did forget, those aren’t “shamrocks” they’re four leaf clovers. The latter being a mutation, hence why they’re rare and considered lucky. Shamrocks always have three leaves. 😘🎶⚡️Jet

      • Thank goodness for you commenters – I’m learning so much about this box! I’m clearly a novice at lucky objects, but in that, I’m so excited to learn more! Shamrocks, three leaves; four-leaf clovers, four leaves. Got it and never forgetting 🙂 Thanks so much, Jet!

      • 😂 Easy peasey, you got it! 😘🎶⚡️J.

      • Poo, can you delete this & the one above? Possible walking pneumonia is not helping my scrambled brain, Oy… when it rains, it pours! 😘🎶⚡️J the jumbling, bumbling one!

  8. What a fun box! I love everything in it. I love that it’s a faux rabbit foot. Those towels are my fave. I bet they’re more $$ than $15.99 and they’re one of those items that just make you happy. I love the theme. I can see why you look so forward to it every month. Oh and that print!! 🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄

  9. I don’t believe in luck, so this box would have been a total miss for me. I do love that unicorn print, though! 🦄

  10. I really loved this box! It was a lot of fun to go through and I’m still using the items. The only thing I didn’t care for was the rabbit’s foot, though I understand why it was included. My favourite item was the letterpress hand card. I wouldn’t have expected to like the wishbone, but I’ve had it on display and it’s grown on me.

  11. I’m so in lust after this box! OMG! It’s just quite expensive, but I just love their creativity! I should cancel all of my beauty boxes for it! I completely love their ideas and how much fun it is.

    • It is a bit pricey for what it is. I love the idea behind it and pushing people to go on little discovery adventures – very creative idea and also sparks more creativity in people – all great! At this point, I’ve cut so many subs, it’s not good timing for me. Plus I’d really only use the towels & card deck. 🎶⚡️Jet

  12. This is such a cool box! I just don’t know what I’d do with everything after the initial excitement wore off.

    • I worry about that, too, with these boxes, but I’ve been surprised – a lot of the items end up being kind of useful (if you like the aesthetic, of course). I put the fortune cookies in a bowl on my coffee table, like you would candy, so that people who come over can have a fun little snack. And I’m thinking I might actually hang on to the rabbit’s foot and give it as a little bonus gift on top of a birthday present (the box it comes in is so nice, after all). You could do something similar with the cards, too, if they’re not up your alley.

      Then again, I’m saying all of this because I’m the kind of person who my friends would expect to have weird black cat symbols on my kitchen dishtowels and unicorns decorating (every inch of) my home – I totally get that if that’s not quite your bag, then you might just end up with a big box of stuff that’s novel, but not exactly practical in your life! Thanks for your comment, Katie 🙂

  13. I’ve seen the unicorn penny sold as a set for earrings on pinterest. They go for $12.

  14. Thank you for the thoughtful review. But yikes, I didn’t realize the box might contain so many paper goods, that’s a bummer for a $70 box. I don’t like the wishbone or rabbit’s foot… maybe others will love them. I was so looking forward to this box based on past reviews. Sigh. I canceled.

  15. I was very disappointed in this box. The box was missing the adventure it usually sends you on. Most of the items were very cheaply made and in my opinion junk. I’m not even putting up most items for swap as the swap recipient would be very disappointed. The only stand out in this box was the playing cards. I used to love this box but now I feel duped.

    Great review though Anna.

    • I agree. I feel like they shot their wad on earlier boxes. The wishbone is a spraypainted piece of plastic. I did like the timetravler box but have been underwhelmed other wise. I have one box left in my year sub and am not renewing.

    • I missed the story, too, Kim! I totally feel you. There’s something about having that narrative that really ties everything together in such a magical way – it makes this subscription stand out against others that are just unique boxes of items with a similar theme. While I love the inclusion of the booklet, explaining the significance of each item and the makers behind the scenes, I wish they’d ALSO include a story.

      Such a bummer that nothing really wowed you this month, either! I hate when that happens, especially when you’re really looking forward to a box. Fingers crossed they bring back some of the magic you love in future boxes!!! Thanks so much for reading and commenting, Kim 🙂

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