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VineOh! Wine Subscription Box Review + Coupon – Oh! Now! Box

Check out my review of the June 2017 Vine Oh! box

Vine Oh! is a brand new wine + lifestyle items quarterly subscription box. Each quarter, you’ll receive two bottles of wine, plus lifestyle gift items that will have a total retail value of $120.

UPDATE: This review is of the Oh! Now! Welcome Box. (This box ships quarterly, and if you sign up now, this will be your first box.) If you already are a subscriber and received your first box before, you will NOT receive this box as well.

Check out my review of the June 2017 Vine Oh! box

This box is actually two boxes in one! The box-within-a-box holds a bunch of awesome luxury items.

 Check out my review of the June 2017 Vine Oh! box

Take that box out, and you’ll find the two bottles of wine safely packaged in these specially designed cardboard caddies!

Check out my review of the June 2017 Vine Oh! box

I love how thoughtful—and downright adorable—the packaging is for this box! All of the design is so fresh, colorful, and fun.

This box was sent to us at no cost to review. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

Check out my review of the June 2017 Vine Oh! box

The Subscription Box: VineOh!

The Cost: $59.99 a quarter + free shipping

COUPON: Use code MSAWineForMe to get a FREE third bottle of wine with every box... FOR LIFE!


Save $40 off an annual subscription! No coupon needed, just link here.

The Products: Each box contains two bottles of premium wine, custom-made for VineOh!, “rejuvenating products,” a tasty treat, and fun, unique gifts. VineOh! says boxes will have a total retail value of $120+

Ships to: The US, except the following states: AK, AL, AR, CT, DE, IN, HI, KY, MS, NJ, OK, RI, UT, WV. Boxes ship via UPS Ground.

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Keep Track of Your Subscriptions: Add this box to your subscription list or wishlist!

Check out my review of the June 2017 Vine Oh! box

I’m easily won over by cute packaging, so I am just smitten by the pretty, fresh design of the VineOh! materials. In lieu of a booklet or a simple product list, VineOh! includes this little pocket of cards. The pocket has a satiny smooth finish to it and is about the size of a 5″ x 7″ notecard, so it feels sizable and special in my hands. Also, how cute is that orange and pale pink color combo?!

Check out my review of the June 2017 Vine Oh! box

Inside the pocket, there are equally colorful cards that shine the spotlight on everything in the box, including the wines. This first card calls out the value of each item.

Check out my review of the June 2017 Vine Oh! box

The rest of the cards give details about each product. Some even include special offers!

Check out my review of the June 2017 Vine Oh! box

I really like the “Why We Love..” section of each card—it helps show just how thoughtfully curated this collection of items really is.

Check out my review of the June 2017 Vine Oh! box

I also like seeing the brands behind each item—if I love something, I can easily find more!

Check out my review of the June 2017 Vine Oh! box

I think it’s also nice to see the brands and companies behind products because it helps me feel like I’m getting really legit products. When subscriptions are less than transparent about where unmarked or unlabeled items come from, I get suspicious that they’re playing less-expensive or lower-quality items off as something more special than they are. VineOh! seems pretty confident in willing to share the deets on their products, which makes me more confident in them!

Check out my review of the June 2017 Vine Oh! box

Of course, you can’t have wine without wine glasses (well, you can… especially if you’re, say, polishing off an opened bottle while watching The Bachelorette… but I digress)! I can’t wait to dive in and start checking out all of these cute, cool items!

Check out my review of the June 2017 Vine Oh! box

I like that a lot of these items seem to be somewhat wine-adjacent. They’re related to wine or the occasions where you might enjoy a nice glass of wine, so they don’t feel totally random.

Check out my review of the June 2017 Vine Oh! box

And finally, here’s the card explaining the wines themselves. As mentioned earlier, these wines are made especially for this subscription, so you won’t find these unique flavors in stores. You can, however, nab more of these bottles on the VineOh! shop.

Check out my review of the June 2017 Vine Oh! box

Two Mixture Bath + Body Bath Bombs, 8 oz. each – Total Value $15.98 ($7.99 each)

I haven’t heard of this brand of bath bombs before, but I’m wild about these fragrances!

Check out my review of the June 2017 Vine Oh! box

The first one is “No. 12, Sicilian Fig”—a somewhat floral scent with earthy, subtly fruity undertones to it.

Check out my review of the June 2017 Vine Oh! box

As someone who’s used to bath bombs with almost candy-sweet scents, this simple, barely-pink bomb felt sophisticated, like something I’d encounter at a real spa.

Check out my review of the June 2017 Vine Oh! box

The second bomb is “No. 16, Ocean Front”—a scent that’s salty, fresh, and light, but not in the overwhelming, obviously artificial way that some beachy candles can be.

Check out my review of the June 2017 Vine Oh! box

Again, I love how simple these bath bombs are. No muss, no fuss, no glitter (I love a glittery bath bomb every so often, but sometimes, a gal needs a break, y’know?)… kicking back in the bath with a glass of wine just got more luxurious!

Check out my review of the June 2017 Vine Oh! box

The Crispery Crispy Cake in Cookies and Cream, 6 oz. – Value $7.38 (Buy an order of 8 for $59.00 at The Crispery)

The treat this month is a little concoction that’s beyond my wildest dreams.

Check out my review of the June 2017 Vine Oh! box

It’s a huge marshmallow rice treat peppered with chocolate sandwich cookies. Like… holy cow. In other rice treats I’ve had, marshmallow is kind of a supporting character—it’s there primarily to hold the cereal together and add a pop of sweetness. In this behemoth, marshmallow is a major player. That white part sandwiched in the center? Yeah, that’s all marshmallow and cookies. I think Eric, who helped polish off this indulgent, decadent snack, put it best: “It’s probably like… a three-course dessert.” Pro-tip: don’t read the nutrition facts on this guy.

Check out my review of the June 2017 Vine Oh! box

Custom Capabunga Wine Stopper – Value $7.95

One of these caps came in a previous box, too. I’m very much in need of wine stoppers, as I hate shoving corks back into bottles and prying them back out again.

Check out my review of the June 2017 Vine Oh! box

According to its package, this squishy stopper is so secure that you can leave bottles laying on their sides. So far, that’s ringing true! The seal feels really solid.

Check out my review of the June 2017 Vine Oh! box

I hope they keep sending these stoppers along! I could use a collection!

Check out my review of the June 2017 Vine Oh! box

Dana Herbert Gunmetal and Glass Earrings, Style “470” – Value $28.00

Based on the info card about this item, I think each box might come with a different style of earrings from this designer. I was excited to see what I ended up with!

Check out my review of the June 2017 Vine Oh! box


Check out my review of the June 2017 Vine Oh! box

The glass earrings have a slight champagne color to them. The gunmetal finish on the wire parts of the earrings is almost black, especially from far away.

Check out my review of the June 2017 Vine Oh! box

I don’t know if I’m wild about the yellow tones in the glass charm—I probably would’ve preferred it to just be clear, since yellow looks a little strange with my skin tone. But I love the unique shape of the earrings, and the length is awesome.

Check out my review of the June 2017 Vine Oh! box

Set of Two GoVino Shatterproof Wine Glasses, 16 oz. Each – Value $9.99

While I think it looks a little funny to have that thumb notch in these glasses, this clumsy person knows it’s probably a good idea!

Check out my review of the June 2017 Vine Oh! box

Luckily, if I do drop a glass, it’s shatterproof! I like the look of stemless glasses, too. It has a casual vibe that fits with most of my wine-drinking occasions.

Check out my review of the June 2017 Vine Oh! box

Two “Best Wine Ever” Bags by Easy Tiger – Value $4.00 (Buy a 6-bag pack for $12.00 at Easy Tiger)

These are so cute! I love the bold, graphic text.

Check out my review of the June 2017 Vine Oh! box

I’ll probably drink both of these bottles at my house, but I like having these cute bags on hand in case I bring a bottle of something to a friend’s house, or to a party.

Check out my review of the June 2017 Vine Oh! box

2015 New Crush Pinot Noir, 750 ml – Value $19.99?

I linked to a bottle of 2016 New Crush, since that’s all that’s currently available on the VineOh! site, but I’ll assume the price is basically the same. A white version of New Crush came in a previous VineOh! box, but as I usually prefer reds, I’m excited to give this a try! The site describes this wine as having the flavors “lychee, cranberry, kola, raspberry, red cherries with hints of cinnamon and clove, wildflower honey, and cacao.” It’s surprisingly fruity, juicy, and sweet with a lightness to it that I really enjoy. It doesn’t strike me as super complex—I don’t think it’ll wow any of my foodie friends—but as a friendly wine to serve with a summer lunch or picnic, I think it’s perfect.

Check out my review of the June 2017 Vine Oh! box

2014 Night Vine Russian River Valley Chardonnay, 750ml – Value $27.99

Now this wine is really interesting. The site describes it as having flavors of “ripe pear, vanilla, caramel, and citrus [which lead] to flavors of whipped sweet cream, balanced oak and a buttery mouth feel.” That last bit is 100% true—this wine is legitimately buttery to drink, and I mean that in the most delightful way. It’s easy and subtle, and has lots of gentle flavors. It seems like the kind of thing I’d have cuddled up on the couch rather than at a big dinner or at some festivities. It’s barely fruity, but it’s not crisp at all either. I’m really happy with this somewhat indescribably unique wine!

Verdict: I loved this subscription! All of the luxury items were so much fun, and really high quality. The wines were tasty and surprisingly good—I was worried that wines made specifically for a subscription box might be kind of meh or run of the mill, but that white wine, especially, was really good and exciting to try. I found a few discrepancies (a dollar or so here or there) between what VineOh! listed for values and what things were going for at retail, but more often than not, VineOh! was undervaluing things. Give yourself credit, VineOh! The total value I estimated was right around the $121 mark, which makes good on what the box promised. For $59.95 (plus free shipping), I got a lot of fun and practical items in a thoughtfully curated, beautifully presented box. Add the MSAWineForMe $10 off plus free bottle of wine coupon into the mix, and I’d say this subscription is totally worth it!

What do you think of the VineOh! subscription?

Vine Oh!

How do subscribers rate Vine Oh!?

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Written by Anna Reilly

Anna Reilly

Anna loves collecting little treasures, be they pop-culture finds, handmade mementos, or new potions to put in her makeup bag. Beauty boxes got her interested in the subscription world, but now she’s swooning for all things kawaii!

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Comments (65)

  1. I didn’t have any problem canceling my box via email. It was a truely fun deal – loved all the items included, but agree with Jennifer that I would probably subscribe if the price point was just a bit lower.

  2. FYI – I’ve been trying to cancel my subscription for two weeks and they aren’t replying. I just sent a 3rd message, and I’ve called multiple times through the past week but their phone just goes to voicemail every time. If you’re signing up, you may have issues cancelling.

    • Thank You! I was on the fence since I’m drowning in subs. I liked the first box but if canceling is an issue it’s an easy choice to not get it. Rachel Zoe was also one of those you need to email to unsubscribe which I hate since they also didn’t answer me for over a week.

    • Hello Megan,

      My name is Sara Meyer and I am the Director of eCommerce for Vine Oh! I sincerely apologize for any difficulties you’ve had in reaching out to customer service. Please email me directly at [email protected] and I will make sure to get you taken care of immediately.

      Thanks so much for trying out our Vine Oh! Box.

      Sara Meyer, Director of eCommerce

      • Hi Sara, thanks for responding. I got confirmation that my account was cancelled after the 3rd email.

  3. The code won’t work, is it too late to save?

  4. I got this box on the insider deal. I absolutely love it! I wish the price point was about $10 cheaper but very impressed with the goods. The bath bombs were a very strong smell so I don’t know that i would do something smelly with a food item but again very happy with the box. And the customer service was great. They contacted me right away since they were having trouble with shipping it to me and got it fixed and sent out right away.

  5. I got the box with the insider deal, Thanks Liz!!! I was really hoping for the Spring box but received this one instead. The wine was nice and more than made up for the price of what I paid but the items were just ok. The glasses which are made out of recycled material, which I like, were really flimsy. The bath bombs were huge but everything smelled of them. Bags are not too exciting IMO. The rice crispy was good but smelled of the bath bombs so it threw it off a little. Earring not quite my taste but that is not a negative as that is part of the mystery. The wine stopper will be used if I eve have leftover wine 🙂 Overall a decent box but right now I do not think I will commit.

    • I think the bath bombs + treat was probably a bad combo. I got this box as well, and I actually like it more than I expected. The wine bags are meh, but I know I can use them as gifts. My earrings were a grey colored stone. The stopper is useful. I got a Pinot Grigio (way better than I expected), and a Cabernet. I was pleased with that too; I don’t particularly care for Chardonnay. Altogether, I liked my box, but I don’t think I would spend $60 on this, even if it is every three months.

  6. Just getting a chance to review this box! Add me to those who signed up because of MSA, but am keeping the subscription, I was very impressed. I had it delivered to work because of the wine, and that did not go so well for me – my boss snagged the rice krispie treat immediately (mine had pretzels) and the receptionist eyes got huge when she saw the bath bombs, so I went ahead and gifted them to her.

    That said, the earrings are gorgeous – mine were gold and clear, which were perfect for me, I already have Govino glasses which I do use and the cap is an awesome idea. I have not had a chance to try either wine yet – I received the Speechless Cab (having been wine tasting in the Lodi region on the regular, I suspect I will enjoy this) and the New Crush Pinot Grigio. Am a little jealous of Liz’s Russian River Chardonney, but I am sure this will be fine. This is a great box with everything seemingly tailored to my (and evidently my co-workers) tastes!

  7. I receive this box via the MSA insider today, all though I don’t drink, my sister on a weekly basis is entertaining, they are big wine drinkers and liked the wine.

    The lifestyle box was amazing and I gave the winestopper I gave to them and the other products my mother and I loved! It was her first time eating a Rice Crispy Treat! And the bath items were great.

    I am keeping the subscription because it was such a good deal, especially for those who are big entertainers.

  8. Finally got to open my box! My earrings were silver and green jade (so glad!), the cookies and cream crispy treat, and my bath bombs were lavender/mint and dragon-something. The wines, however, were the pair from the first welcome box, which is rather unfortunate since it sounds like I would enjoy these ones more. Really impressed with the packaging and the info cards!

  9. LOVE the box!!! The earrings could not be a better gift for a friend of mine!!! I can’t wait to try the wine especially the white one and that rubber stopper is genius and I’m so happy it came in this box as well. The bath bombs seem great as either a gift or for me.

  10. I got the msa insider deal and I’m very happy. I wanted the Spring one but ultimately was happy with everything in this one so I think it was a better fit (and I swapped for the Spring vase, which looks awesome in my office). Wearing the earring right now – mine were gunmetal wires but the charms are spheres in a medium swirly blue. I already have govino glasses but that will be a great gift.

    I’m kind of thinking of this as a PSMH replacement with bonus wine, which is how I’m rationalizing another $60 box.

  11. I got this using the MSA Insider deal, and I’m glad I had a discount. I could never have paid $60 for the box I received, as I’ll basically only be using the wine. I don’t take baths, can’t wear earrings, and already have too many wine glasses. Also, my rice krispy treat was melted and weird. I was really hoping I would have received the spring box. That one looked so much better, even though i was unsure about the vase. I tend to have not-so-great luck with sub boxes when there are variations, though, so I should have assumed I’d receive this one! It was great to try the box at a discount, so I still appreciate the code. I don’t think I’ll be keeping this sub, though. Perhaps I’ll give them another try if there is an awesome spoiler at some point.

    • Ill take that rice krispy off your hands, in as is melty and weird condition!

  12. My box came today and I love it! The earrings are gorgeous and rest is fun. I will use it all. Thanks for the MSA insider deal. I didn’t intend to keep this one after the first box but now I think I will. 😃

  13. I tried this box using the MSA insider deal and just received my box today. I chose white wines and the two I received look as if they’ll be good. I’ll use the wine stopper, too, but nothing else in the box works for me. I don’t take baths (and the two bombs I got are both fig scented, which I don’t care for), the earrings are totally not my style, I won’t use wine bags, already have Govino plastic glasses, and the rice krispie treat arrived liquified (and contains coconut oil anyway so I can’t eat it). I’ve written to them to ask to cancel my subscription, but have not heard back from them. For $12 I will enjoy the wines; I would not normally pay $60 for two bottles of wine.

    • I will take the melty rice krispy off your hands if you would like!

  14. Loved my box! And I got the Pretzel Surprise Marshmallow Treat! 😱😍😍😍

  15. I just got my first box and I was so impressed! I can’t wait to try the wines. I also got the coco marshmallow which isn’t as exciting as the cookie one but hopefully just as good. My bath bombs smell amazing too! The one disappointment was the earrings. They’re beautiful, don’t get me wrong, but I can’t wear them. I wish we had an option to pick earring, necklace, bracelet etc because if I had gotten that jade stone in a necklace instead I would have been in love!!!

  16. I ordered this box as an MSA insider and I’m seriously in love! I love red wine but don’t have a lot of experience picking out bottles. I truly enjoyed the bottles that I received! The earrings are beautiful, and I can’t wait to try my mint and lavender bath bombs. This would have been above my budget if it was mostly, but quarterly I’m looking forward to it!

  17. There’s variations in which crispycake people get as I was sent the cocoa concoction. it doesn’t look as appetizing and doesn’t have a fun or pretty topping but I mean it’s basically cocoa crisp cereal with marshmallow. I haven’t had that cereal since childhood but i’m sure it’ll be good Lol I made the mistake of checking out their site though and my word they have some pretty and some super appetizing looking concoctions. Their two pack is $29 though which makes the individual price MUCH higher so it is definitely more cost effect to order bulk concoctions Lol

    • I was slightly disappointed to get the cocoa concoction as well, as I am not a big chocolate fan and I don’t like cocoa cereal. So if anyone doesn’t want their crispy cake, holla at your girl! But my earrings are GORGEOUS- gold instead of gunmetal like shown in the review and a clear stone. Super pretty- I am wearing them now and I feel very elegant and pretty!

  18. I too bought this box the 14 with the MSA insider’s offer! Thank you Liz!
    Both my box & shipping stated I was receiving the spring box, but I just sign for it and opened it and I got this new box from the review.

    The first item I reached for was the Dana Herbert earrings and the box is EMPTY!! I’m not sure what to even think. It looks like a good box specially the spring one but I’m not sure how happy I would be paying full price and having an item missing. I did call but It’s after hours, I wrote them an email, let’s see what they say.
    I ordered both red wines, red is my favorite always! And can’t wait to try them and answer the MSA questionare. All in all dissapointed with Vineoh but super happy with Liz and this insider’s exclusive opportunities!
    Hopefully everyone will receive all of their items!

    • *Update*
      Vine oh seriously has the most amazing costumer service ever! They not only reply to my email by morning but they also called me. Amazing costumer service is everything. Great box and great costumer service is definitely a keep!

    • Great news – the earring fairy found Airian’s earrings and are returning them and also placing an extra gift under the pillow!

      So sorry for your inconvenience Airian. I hope you love your Vine Oh! Box!


      Vine Oh! Customer Service

      • Just received my gorgeous earrings! They are so pretty 😍 golden with a turquoise stone! Super love. There was a handwritten note from them and an extra item which I’ve never had with other subs and I sub to a lot. They seriously have an amazing costumer service! I’m very impressed with them and the curation of both boxes. The earrings are so gorgeous in person too. Can’t wait to wear them!💗

  19. I got this box through the msainsider prohram, and then gave it as a gift for my mom, and she loves it! She’s not into the world of subscription boxes, but she was excited for it to show at her door. Her favs are the glasses, the rice krispy treat, and the wine!

  20. I check MSA multiple times a day, and yet somehow a whole 24 hours passed between me seeing this review and it being posted. Unacceptable on my part! I ordered a box and this is the box I am getting- I made some mistakes on my billing information, so when they called to confirm (awesome customer service, by the way), I asked which box I would be getting. Honestly, I feel like this box was made for me! I love bath bombs, I love luscious, over the top desserts, and I love wine! I hope my jewelry is similar to those included in this review- I love that dangly style. Cant wait for my box to get here. Thank you, Liz, for creating MSA insider and giving us an amazing opportunity to try this box!

  21. Great review, Anna! Your sense of humor cracks me up.

    • Haha, awww, thank you Amy! I’m glad you enjoyed the review – thanks for reading 🙂

  22. This is a nice box, but it doesn’t fit my needs (showers, don’t like marshmallows, unpierced ears), so I’m extremely pleased that I got the spring box instead (for which I’m keeping everything but the vase). Since I ordered only white wines, I got this chardonnay & the New Crush pinot grigio.

    • I am in agreement with you, so glad I got the first box. But I did have an allergic reaction to the eye thing. I woke up in the morning, after only having it on for 10 minutes max before bed, and the area around my eyes was all red, looked pretty funny, like I had been out in the sun with big sunglasses on…. it happened twice, so finally I had to throw the thing away;( Maybe the dye? Or the stuff inside? It was an unscented one, so it wasn’t the scent….. Ya live, ya learn. Anyhow I have unsubscribed…. I don’t regret trying this box out, though. Just not excited about having to toss the extra items.

      • Did everything in your box smell like the candle? I know even my caramels taste like the candle. Maybe it was that instead of the eye thing?

      • That’s funny, but it was definitely the eye pillow. It happened twice. Since you cannot wash the eye pillows, I could only throw it out. I did email the company that makes the pillows, just as an FYI that something was going on with it.

      • I thought it was just me! My caramels tasted like the candle…. wouldn’t have been so bad if I liked orange scents 😛

      • How odd! Have you had allergic skin reactions to anything else in the past?

      • No, I haven’t. I’ve tried lots of different makeups and facial cleaners, serums, masks, etc.. with no problems. That’s why I’m guessing it might be the dye, the fabric, or what’s inside.. Since it happened both times I used it, and I hadn’t heated it up or anything, there’s not another conclusion I could come up with.

    • I love bath bombs and marshmallows… Are you on the swap site?

      • oops, just realized you didn’t get this box. Bad reading comprehension!

    • Agreed. This box also didn’t fit me (and is the one I was sent). I generally frown upon and avoid subs that send earrings without offering a substitute for those don’t have and CAN’T wear any types of earrings (I have metal allergies that stemmed from getting my ears pierced and my ears cannot handle any metal of any kind – including hypoallergenic). So when it’s an integral part of a box it automatically makes the box less of a value to me. That’s why I stick with Bijoux box as a jewelry sub – because they offer substitutes for those that can’t do earrings.

  23. I just ordered a box this weekend after I saw the last review, but this one is more my style! I hope this is what’s coming in the mail, it looks great!

  24. My box will be arriving Friday. Hopefully I get this one! I liked the contents of the other box, but I like the contents of the welcome box way more.

  25. I wish VineOh would have more discreet packaging. I will have one delivered to my office on Friday. It’s the only way I can be sure to sign for delivery.

    • Haha, yeah, I saw that it suggests to have it delivered to work, so that there’s a guarantee that someone will be there to sign, & I’m like… I work at an elementary school? So, no?

      • Right? I work at a church, same feeling, but that didn’t stop me, haha!

      • Lol I had mine sent to my MOM’S work! She doesn’t even drink at all…poor woman still wonders where the heck I came from!!

  26. I’m so happy to see the OH topper included in this one too!!! I got the MSA special and while I loved the vase I actually wouldn’t end up using it so I am absolutely thrilled with this box!! Can’t wait to try the wine! I got both so am really hoping tho get the same white it sounds amazing!

    • I love the topper! And I’ve put it to the test, setting a bottle sideways in the fridge, and it held strong! I’m getting super into whites this summer, and this one is a great addition to my list of new favorites. Let us know if you do get the same one and what you think of it! Thanks for commenting, Julie 🙂

  27. I was going to sign up but noticed that you have to sign for the deliveries……I guess the post office can hold onto it until Saturday each time?! I get why it’s this way being alcoholic beverages and all but it’s a slight pain, lol. Still seems worth it!

    • Mine came through UPS.

  28. If we order now, will we get this box?

    • Hi Suz.

      Yes, the Oh! Now! Box is the current box shipping. Our Oh! Happy Day! Box sold out. Let us know if you have any questions. We’d be happy to help! Contact us 1-844-VINEOH1.

      Kristy Lewis
      Vine Oh!

  29. Does the box automatically renew? I thought it was quarterly too. Mixture is from Kansas City, they started out just making candles and lotions and have expanded to dish soap, laundry detergent, bath bombs, etc. They have AWESOME scents.

    • Hi Sara.

      Yes, if you sign up for a quarterly or annual subscription, the box will automatically renew. If you order through the gifting side, it will not auto-renew since it’s a gift.

      So glad you love Mixture. They are a great company and we love partnering with them. They have a great offer included on our product cards, so be sure to check that out and visit their site to see all their wonderful products.

      Thank you!
      –Kristy Lewis
      Vine Oh!

  30. I am getting my first box tomorrow. I kind of hope I get the last box, love the flower vase from last box. We will see. This looks interesting too. I get two reds, will they be the same or different?

  31. I thought this box was per quarter? I thought the next was summer box

    • I’m also confused about timing and wonder what box I’m getting Friday. I’d assumed it was the one reviewed toward the end of April, but maybe it’s this one. I’m good with either.

      • Sorry for the confusion. This is their latest welcome box. I’ve updated the title and added text at the top of the review to clarify.

    • Me too. They told me my next box was August.

    • Sorry for the confusion. This is their latest welcome box. I’ve updated the title and added text at the top of the review to clarify.

      So if you are already a subscriber, you won’t be getting this box.

      • Thank you Liz, do you know if we are getting a box this week if we are getting this one or the spring one?

      • I believe it depends on their inventory when you ordered, so I don’t have a good answer for you. I think you could email them with your order # and ask which box you are getting, though.

        Hope that helps a bit!

      • Thanks Liz. And thanks for the insider offer on this, I wanted to try this box out 🙂

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