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The Bouqs Subscription Review – June 2017

The Bouqs subscription is a flower delivery service from The They send fresh cut flowers to you or a friend as often as you’d like.

You can set your deliveries every week, every 2 weeks, every month, every 2 months, or every 4 months. Plus, you’ll choose your Bouqs aesthetic (“The Farmer’s Market”, “C’mon Get Happy”, “War of Roses”, or “Bouq-tastic Voyage”) and the size of bouquet you prefer (Original, Deluxe, or Grand).

This is a review of the monthly “Bouq-tastic Voyage” subscription in the Deluxe (double blooms) size ($55 per month).


As soon as I opened the box, I saw instructions on how to prep and care for my fresh-cut flowers. They recommend cutting your stems at an angle at the right height for your vase and changing the water every 2 days to make your blooms last longer.

The flower arrived wrapped in corrugated cardboard for protection. The entire bunch of flowers was secured to the bottom of the box with a heavy-duty plastic tie, so they didn’t bounce around in the box during shipping.

My Subscription Addiction pays for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

The Box: The Bouqs Co. Subscription (“Bouq-tastic Voyage” style, Deluxe size)

The Cost: Choose from 3 different sizes of bouquets—Original for $40 per bouquet, Double (what’s featured in this review) for $55 per bouquet, or Grand for $70 per bouquet.

The Products: Fresh flowers from sustainable, eco-friendly farms that are cut-to-order (which means no flowers go to waste). When you sign up, you can choose the style that fits your needs, and pick a frequency for receiving your bouquets (weekly, every two weeks, monthly, every two months, or every four months). You can always pause or change your subscription settings, and even include a note (if for instance, you’re sending your subscription flowers to a friend or loved one).

Good to Know: There are discounts that come from subscribing! According to the site, “1-2 Bouq Deliveries gives you a 10% discount, 3-5 qualifies for 15%, 6-12 orders is 20%, and 13+ per year is 25% off. To qualify for these discounts, you will have to pay upfront. Pay as you go is an option, but the discount is not as great.”

Ships to: US only via UPS

Everything looks so lovely! But it’s important to note that The Bouqs sends cut flowers that you need to prep and arrange by yourself. This is not the standard ready-to-admire flower delivery you get from your local florist. Don’t worry though, prepping your flowers isn’t hard and just takes a little time and love to get right. I’ll walk you through how I got my flowers out of the box and turned them into the pretty arrangement above!

Here are my blooms out of the box and still securely wrapped.

The flowers came with a nice kraft card that lets me know some additional care tips and tells me the name of the bouquet I received. The design is called “Genuine”.


I unwrapped the parcel to find 2 bunches of pink roses and 1 bunch of purple statice.

When I unwrapped the flowers, I noticed that the ends of the stems had a cool, clear gel on them. This gel was a bit messy but I’m sure is what keeps the cut flowers hydrated without fresh water on the journey in the mail!

Now, on to the flowers!

20 Desperado Roses

The pink roses are gorgeous! The petals have rich pink tips that fade into white. This effect is so lovely, and I prefer it over solid-color roses. I’m not usually a rose girl, but these were really stunning.

The Bouqs website explained to me more about these flowers and specifically, about Farmer Gino, who grew these roses in Ecuador.

Gino’s farm grows the world’s best roses, and not in a New York City “World’s Best Coffee” kind of way either. These babies are perfecto! Grown on a Volcano 10,000 feet above sea level in the most sun possible, the flowers benefit from volcanic run-off of pure ice-melt water, hence their name “Volcano Roses”. Also, Gino’s farm is Rainforest Alliance certified.

Purple Statice

In addition to the roses, my bouquet included a bunch of purple statice. The Bouqs included just enough of this flower to act as a light accent to the denser roses. The small purple flowers are delicate and fluffy, like tiny ruffles. The “Genuine” bouquet is described as including desperado roses and purple phlox in the description the site but it looks like they substituted in purple statice instead (thanks for the tip, Joy!)

Now that I’ve shown you all the flowers in the box, let me show you how I prepped and arranged them!

Here is a single rose with all its leaves and guard petals. I trimmed the end of the stem at a 45-degree angle to just the right height for my vase. Always use sharp scissors or garden shears when cutting flowers to avoid crushing the stem. Picture a crushed drinking straw versus a clean-edged straw!

Next, I removed most of the leaves on the stem of the flower. You want to remove any leaves that will touch the water in your vase. Leaves and greenery rot very quickly in water and will seriously shorten the life of your flowers in the vase if not removed.

Roses have guard petals on the outside of their blooms. They are a touch thicker than the rest of the flower and are likely to look a bit dry, rough, and even discolored. They are meant to be gently removed to reveal more beautiful rose petals.

This is looking so much better!

Chrysal Clear Universal Plant Care Packets

This shipment also included plant food to be mixed into the vase water.

I trimmed all of my rose stems to the same height using my first cut as a template for the rest. I filled my vase with fresh water and placed each rose into the vase, one by one. I love the simplicity of having just one kind of flower in a vase, especially with roses.

Next, I trimmed up the purple statice and added it between the roses throughout the arrangement. I have to admit, I wasn’t quite sure what to do with the filler flowers, so I looked up pictures of the finished arrangement on The Bouqs website. I would love to see The Bouqs include a project card with different ways to arrange the included flowers to inspire some creative ideas.

Here’s a look at the finished arrangement from above. If you want the flowers to fit a bit tighter together, you can wrap a piece of string around the stems to hold everything in all nice and snug.

With the guard petals off, the roses look fresh, healthy, and beautiful. The statice adds an additional pop of color.

The Verdict: This was my first time trying The Bouqs, and I am pleased with the quality of the flowers. The $55 price seems very good for 20 roses in this unique color, plus some colorful filler flowers. I just ordered a flower arrangement for my mom for her birthday and spent more than $60 for a design with only a couple of roses. The big difference here is that you will need to supply your own vase and do the arranging yourself. It’s kind of an IKEA approach to flowers. There is something very satisfying about arranging your own flowers, but I think it can be a bit daunting as a gift. Sending someone a project is very different from sending them a gift ready to admire! I recommend this as a gift for yourself and your home, or as a treat for a crafty loved one.

Have you tried The Bouqs? What did you think?

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Written by Emily Cosnotti

Emily Cosnotti

Emily is a design enthusiast who loves beautiful objects. She’s really into vegan snacks, corgis, home goods, and minimalist makeup. She is currently fostering a healthy subscription addiction.

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Comments (29)

  1. I never had flowers that lasted more than 2 days from Bouqs!! I tried this company wanting to love them and it was horrible every single time. My flowers were crushed, boxes were mangled, boxes didn’t arrive the day they were promised so the flowers were dry and couldn’t be revived, quality was not at all what they hype it to be, and customer service was meh. I fault both them and FedEx, but save your money. This company isn’t worth it. The replacement flowers suck too which is funny if they are trying to win you back!

    • This is exactly why I came to this page to post that for the money, my flowers from Costco (mail delivery) and Safeway (or any grocery store) last longer than Bouqs. I received two bouquets and both last about 2 days.

  2. WOW those are gorgeous roses and gorgeous flowers. You arranged them so beautifully. Thank you for reviewing!

    • Thank you! It was a really fun review to do!

  3. I have purchased from this company a couple times in the past. The flowers did not last over the weekend! They tried to blame me for it at first. Then when they finally sent a replacement it wilted within 36 hours. I tried again a few months ago and the results were the same….it’s too bad because I really wanted to love them. Their bouquets look so beautiful online.

    • Oh no! What kind of flowers did you get? This arrangement is still going strong with the roses opening up and looking extra pretty. I actually waited 3 days to change the water (oops!) and they seemed to have handled it well.

    • Me too. So disappointing.

  4. Loved the review! Thanks for the tips.

  5. I buy flowers from Wal-mart frequently and they have the flower food with all their bouquets even the smallest. I don’t know what is in them but my flowers last for two weeks with the “food”. Lovely roses.

  6. I can give you an arranging tip as I’m the family flower arranger!😂 Flowers should rise above the vase around the same height as the vase – meaning measure the height of the vase, make sure they rise above the vase by approx. the same height. You did a beautiful job arranging, but to the eye, they look stunted in that size vase. Choose a shorter vase and they will look even more beautiful! A stem cutting tip: always cut somewhere between leaf growth – you can see where the leaves were trimmed or after you trim you’ll see it, just cut like you did 45 degree angle between those little notches. Goes for all flowers, even greenery filler. Hope that was of some help! 😘⚡️Jet

    • Thank you. I have about 15 rose bushes planted in the front and backyard. I’ll use these tips. It’s been really hot here. Sometimes my roses get singed so I’ve been cutting them and bringing them in. Once they’re cut does it matter if they’re in a room with natural light? And is it best to keep them in a colder room? Do you really need to change the water ever 2 days? Haha sorry for all the questions 🌹🌹🌹🌹

    • Oh I thought you were a florist and I bombarded you with questions!!! Lol sorry 🤗😉

      • It’s ok Alex, real florists always thought I was previously a florist when I’d make arrangements for my old B&M shop, even my florist friend in Scotland is always complimenting me, saying I have a knack for it – quite the compliments! Thank you too!😃

        I can still give you advice on the questions you asked as I’ve always grown roses. The front of my house is covered in red climbers, maybe 14 years of growth has them reaching the second story of our house, starting to climb the roof of our big old covered front porch! I don’t have a count on how many rose bushes have survived over our weird winter, but quite a few – just love them and so easy!

        I do the very same when my rose bushes start to look heat beat. it’s also a form of pruning, so you’re helping them to blossom more!

        My cut roses (and all other flowers) are always in rooms with natural light, never had a problem. They do tend to last better in a cooler room (all flowers seem to). For example, my loving, sweet, funny mum died two weeks ago. Her childhood friend insisted I take home the arrangement she chose (she was cremated so we only left the spray from us since there Was no funeral), as it contains plants as well as flowers in a reuseable beautiful wrought iron basket. It was so enormous (can’t imagine the cost!) I couldn’t fit it anywhere in the house! I actually had to move some front porch stuff around as it kept getting in the way of our front door😮 The roses & stargazer lilies (which usually last forever) died in about 3 days from the heat. The arrangement from a friend, perfect size for the dining room table (the first floor stays fairly cool, 1 AC cools the entire floor) stayed perfectly, opening fully until over last weekend, the stock & mums still going strong.

        I get lazy about changing water, but try to change it, make a small fresh cut, every 3 or 4 days – been as lazy as leaving them a week! Not ideal, as bacteria does start to kill them and they kind of seal up where you made the cut, not allowing them to drink when they’re thirsty😉. That’s why I make a small fresh cut when I change the water.

        I love flowers, gardening (sadly my yard is a mess with all that’s been happening, plus a back injury stops me from doing all I’d love to), arranging flowers and have read so much about it so I’ve learned a lot. I’m always happy to share tips, tricks so please don’t feel like you bombarded me. If you have more questions, I’m happy to answer as best I can. 🎶⚡️Jet

      • I’m so sorry about your mum. I hope you’re doing well 💜 Thank you so much for responding and for the advice.

        I can’t even imagine how gorgeous your roses must be. Your porch and the roses climbing to the second story must be beautiful! If you have pictures could you email them to me? I would love to see that for inspiration. My email is [email protected] It’s no problem if you don’t have pics or don’t want to email them. No worries.

        I love roses. My husband and I planted all of ours for his mom when she had breast cancer, so I love them even more because they remind me of her. I wish I knew were the names of them (They were a small fortune and worth every penny).

        My mom loves to garden. She used to do veggies and fruits when we were little. Now her yard is all tropical. She even has a tiki hut. You feel like you’re in Tahiti out back. She still has fruit trees too and even guava. She’s amazing with succulents too and helps my sister and I beauty our yards.

        I should know the names of my plants I have but I just enjoy the way they look and try to pick easy to maintain plants. My proudest achievement is my poinsettia plant. They are so hard to grow and my plant is huge now so I feel like an *expert botanist* 😉

        My sister is the same now at her house planting and potting. We live in LA and the houses and yards are small so there’s only so much you can do. But since I’ve lived here all my life I’ve learned how to do a lot with a little.

        Most of my yard is my husbands machinery/garage/car port, but I have made the most with the space I have. I love a wild garden. I am terrible at pruning my roses I don’t even know how! I’m glad I’m doing it unintentional.

        It’s mostly sunny and warm all year. The coldest night this winter was probably low 40’s maybe high 30’s so the roses bloom all year. I would love to experience seasons!

        I can not wait to have 14 year old crawlers. I have some vines that bloom over an arch in the back but I have plans to use all the available spaces for gardening. I’m just rambling on and on, sorry!

        We’re redoing the house very slowly. My husbands grandparents were the original owners so it’s a lot of work to do and it is way too pricey to be done soon.

        I have zero skills at arranging. I’m awful at it. I have all these roses and flowers and you would laugh at the way I just dump them in a vase with no finesse. You’re lucky you have that natural talent. I absolutely do not 🤗 Your garden must be lovely. Anyhow thanks again for the advice and sorry about rambling I just get excited about gardening 🌹

      • Thank you for the kind words Alex, you wouldn’t believe it, but every little bit does help. 💖

        I have older pics on my blog (haven’t blogged in over four years) , so I’ll try to save the pics & email. I have flower arrangements I used to post on FB & IG as well, so I’ll find them (only one on my IG for some reason).

        Ah, now I’m jealous being in NY and not having blossoms or tropical flowers all year!

        Promise will write later with pics, busy day ugh (and I might have walking pneumonia arrrrgggghhh!) 😘🎶⚡️J.

    • Thank you so much, Jet. These are such great tips!

      • You’re welcome, once you start arranging, you pick up tips- even look at how places like TJ’s puts their bouquets together to get ideas! 😘🎶⚡️J.

  7. I think they may have substituted your phlox with statice.

    • You’re totally right! I don’t know the names of many flowers so I just assumed what I got was what was listed on their site. Thanks so much – I will update my review.

  8. I use this company all the time now for flowers (mother’s day, birthdays etc). The delivery had always been pretty reliable and the flowers have always arrived looking great. I haven’t tried their subscription service but the flowers they offer are always so much more unique and beautiful then what I can get from my local flower shops

    • I agree! Their selection is a lot more modern and stylish that what I’ve seen in the older shops in town.

  9. Nice arrangement. Love the vase!

    • Thank you! It’s a great vase, such a good size. From Target of course 🙂

  10. Wow, the roses are gorgeous. Thanks for describing how you arranged them- very informative!

    • Thank you and I’m glad it was helpful!

  11. I was not impressed with this company. I had the free voucher from LLB a while back and the flowers arrived wilted and not looking great. When I emailed them, they blamed it on me and said I wasn’t home when it was delivered. Sorry, not going to take a day off work to wait for a delivery. They were left in the air conditioned office and picked up an hour later, that isn’t why they didn’t look great. Do yourself a favor and go to Trader Joe’s and pick up flowers there!

    • Never used them, but I’m quite surprised to hear this. I have used proflowers a few times & any tiny little problem, they would immediately send new flowers at no cost to me. I agree with the TJ’s suggestion! Usually organic, local farms, or at least US grown – less of a carbon footprint (guess they didn’t think about that part of sustainability). I can also find beautiful bouquets from loca, certified organic farms at my farmers market (great plants as well), both being much less expensive than Bouq.

      • Ack what a typo – “loca, certified organic fans”?! Yeah, they’re all female & looney tunes!😂😂😂 Obviously meant “local” Smh…

    • That’s a bummer! I unboxed the flowers as soon as they arrived so my experience was pretty positive but it is a bummer that a little extra time in the box had such a bad impact. Trader Joe’s is one of my go-to for reasonably priced flowers – I always pick up bunches and bunches of eucalyptus when I go.

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