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Amazon Prime Surprise Sweets Box Review – May 2017

Check out my review of the May 2017 Amazon Surprise Sweets box!

Amazon launched a new Prime Surprise Sweets Box exclusively for Prime Members!

You’ll need to be an Amazon Prime member to buy this box. If you aren’t already a Prime member, start a free 30-day trial. It’s currently on invitation-only mode, so sign up today, request an invitation, and be next to get your Prime button!

My Subscription Addiction pays for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

Check out my review of the May 2017 Amazon Surprise Sweets box!

The Box: Amazon Prime Surprise Sweets Box

The Cost: $18 (You’ll need to buy a Dash Button first for $4.99, but your first box will only be $13.01)

The Products: Each box is filled with artisanal sweets and treats from small-batch makers across the US.

Ships: Worldwide

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This is an on-demand Dash button box. You order the dash button for $4.99, then press it anytime you want a new Prime Surprise Sweets Box. (And you’ll get $4.99 in credit back to you toward your first box.)

Check out my review of the May 2017 Amazon Surprise Sweets box!

CC Made Classic Artisanal Caramel Popcorn, 8 oz. – Value $8.50 (buy a 3 oz. bag for $5)

I love caramel corn! This handmade treat has real butter and pure cane brown sugar in the recipe, and folks, you can tell.

Check out my review of the May 2017 Amazon Surprise Sweets box!

The caramel is laid on thick, so every single bite has a satisfying crunch and a sweet, slightly savory taste.

Check out my review of the May 2017 Amazon Surprise Sweets box!

I thought I’d start with a bite or two, and several handfuls later, I realized just how deliciously addictive this snack is!

Check out my review of the May 2017 Amazon Surprise Sweets box!

Heritage Lemon Infused Shortbread, 4 oz. – Value $11.50 (buy an 18-piece box or 12-piece tin for $19.50)

I have simple tastes when it comes to cookies. I’m always the one ordering the shortbreads from the Girl Scouts each year, rather than the fancy peanut butter and Samoa flavors. So these shortbread cookies are right up my alley!

Check out my review of the May 2017 Amazon Surprise Sweets box!

These cookies follow the Scottish tradition of shortbread, but stateside in South Carolina.

Check out my review of the May 2017 Amazon Surprise Sweets box!

I love the thoughtful packaging!

Check out my review of the May 2017 Amazon Surprise Sweets box!

I loved how crumbly and savory these cookies were, though I could’ve done without the hint of lemon. Again, I’m a bit of a purist when it comes to cookies! That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy two or three of these cookies with my morning tea!

Check out my review of the May 2017 Amazon Surprise Sweets box!

Everton Toffee Toasted Pecan Butter Toffee Pretzels, 4 oz. – Value $4.00 (buy a 6-pack for $24 or 9-pack for $36)

I’m not the biggest fan of toffee, so I wasn’t sure I would like these. But wow was I wrong!

Check out my review of the May 2017 Amazon Surprise Sweets box!

These pretzels are drizzled in a nutty, buttery toffee, which acts almost like a hard, more buttery caramel. The saltiness of the pretzels is the perfect compliment for the sweet toffee and the hint of nuttiness from the pecan? Delightful!

Check out my review of the May 2017 Amazon Surprise Sweets box!

Grey Ghost Bakery Chocolate Chip Cookies, 4 oz. – Value $4.99 (buy a dozen for $8.99)

Chocolate chip cookies might be my favorite treat of all time. These all-natural cookies were fantastic, too. They’ve got a hint of pecan mixed in for extra nuttiness and molasses to keep them chewy and rich.

Check out my review of the May 2017 Amazon Surprise Sweets box!

My favorite thing about these cookies, though, is the coating of sugar crystals. The sugar crunches with every bite and is a sweet introduction to what’s to come. Alongside a cold brew coffee, these cookies were pretty next-level.

Verdict: For $18 (and free Prime shipping), I received about $29-worth of fantastic sweets. I loved exploring these new brands and flavor combinations. I’ve got quite a sweet tooth, so seeing this box arrive gets me seriously giddy. If I had any complaints at all, it’d be that I could’ve used more chocolate. But that just makes me excited to see what appears next!

What did you think of your latest delivery from Amazon’s Prime Surprise Sweets box?

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Written by Anna Reilly

Anna Reilly

Anna loves collecting little treasures, be they pop-culture finds, handmade mementos, or new potions to put in her makeup bag. Beauty boxes got her interested in the subscription world, but now she’s swooning for all things kawaii!

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Comments (39)

  1. Never mind on my comment below. I went further along in the motions to purchase and it won’t let me buy the dash button because I don’t have an active invitation. 🙁 bummer for sure.

  2. I have had no luck in purchasing one of these sweets dash buttons. However, when you go to the dash button page, I noticed that in the ‘frequently bought together’ section they had the sweets button plus a box of British chocolate and if I click add to cart, it lets me! So, that’s a way around waiting for the invite that never seems to come for some people because I’m able to purchase the dash button for sweets and that British box of chocolate that looks awesome. Will wait until cooler months to do this though.

  3. I have gotten three boxes so far and was very happy until the 3rd box came and it was an exact duplicate of the first box. I was expecting different boxes every time I pushed the button or at least some space between duplicates. I wrote them about my experience and never received a reply.

    • Wow, I can’t believe they did that! I would be mad at that too.

  4. I sent a request..and received an invite the following day. I immediately bought the dash button..received it..set it up..pushed it..and 2 days later received notice that my box has shipped. Now I’m kinda bummed there will be no chocolate in it….oh well. I’m still thrilled that I can have sweets the push of a button 😁👍

  5. I just signed up for the button, took a few days and bam got my first box ordered today!

  6. This was exactly what I got for my first box! Those pretzels were addictive and I’m not a pecan lover! The chocolate chip cookies were my only disappointment. I didn’t really care for their flavor.

    • I know right! I just finished the bag of pretzels. 4 servings?! Yeah, right, I ate them in 2 sittings. lol

      • A friend of mine recently CRUSHED that bag of pretzels while gabbing on the couch one night. SO tasty! I’m glad you all enjoyed them, too! Thanks for commenting 🙂

  7. Mine came today and is the same box. The pretzels are so good! The last box I got sucked, so I was hesitant to order again, but am glad I did. They did refund me for the sucky box.

  8. My daughters and I just got our box today and it had none of the same items and boy were we happy! We had cashew toffee popcorn, organic raspberry suckers, vanilla rum cake, and sweetly spiced almonds!!!! All of us choose the rum cake as our favorite followed by the raspberry suckers (they were from my home state in the northwest, yummy!). Looking forward to chocolate items in the fall/winter.

    • Good to hear you had some nice surprises and enjoyed the rum cake. I was surprised that three people got different items with all boxes showing up around the same time.

    • Rum cake sounds so. good. I hope I get one in my next box! Thanks for sharing what you got, Tiffany!

  9. I was just wondering if those that signed up for an invite received theirs yet? I just signed up when I read this review 2 days ago and received an invite today. I have 4 days left to buy the dash button.

    I see below that some were still waiting. Is that still the case? Maybe there are openings?

    • I’m one of the ones who commented earlier about not receiving an invite yet. I signed up when MSA posted their first review. Their invite process makes no sense to me. I guess at this point, I feel like I shouldn’t have to work that hard for it.

      • I wonder how they are deciding on who to invite. Based on what criteria, since it does not look as if it is in order of sign ups. Which is not right. I actually thought it would take longer to get invited that is why I signed up now.

    • I requested an invite back in February and only got the email in May!

    • I signed up on June 7 and received an invite the following day. I received my first box yesterday (June 13). I couldn’t believe how fast the process went for me! I wonder what their process for accepting invites is too since it’s taking a while for so many people. :\

      • Hello kanf,

        I received an invite about 2 days after I requested one. It took me a few days to order the button and my button arrived yesterday and I did not press it yet, lol. I know if I did I would get a box right away, I am just waiting until I really want one. What did you get?

      • lol I understand. Yeah, once you press it, be ready because you’ll probably receive a box in 2 days like I did. I got the same box as Anna. So far I’ve tried the lemon shortbread cookies. I’m not a fan of shortbread but I do like lemon but these were just okay to me.

  10. The only thing I liked was the rice krispy cake and it was melted. The rest is toffee stuff and I am not a fan of toffee. Don’t think I would subscribe again unless I was sure next time what I was getting.

    • Absolutely loved my box that included these items. Nothing was melted. The oatmeal cookies were by far my favorite.

  11. Ours came with chocolate spiced snacks, toffee almond popcorn, a rainbow sprinkle rice krispy treat, and oatmeal scotch cookies. Was thrilled since the prior box was smaller and not as good.

  12. I got this box a week or two ago and if ANYONE wants to swap the pretzels let me know! They were my favorite item so far, though would love caramel corn too! Swap site link is my name, will swap double value for both 🙂

  13. Yay!! I get my box tomorrow and I hope it’s the same as this. Everything looks so good.

  14. I was disappointed in the previous box, when I received a bag of crumbled chocolate chip cookies. Not impressed. Gave a review. Tried calling, sat on hold, gave up. Did a second review today- they want to know why I haven’t pushed the button- hint hint Amazon- read your reviews. I also received a dark chocolate bar 3 times in a row. Not a lot of variety. Unless it improves, I’m not pushing the button. There’s a lot of sweet variety out there- just not in this box.

  15. I received this same box. It sat outside for a few hours in a 90 degree day so I was relieved to see it didn’t contain melted chocolate. I’m pretty easy to please when it comes to sweets as long as it doesn’t contain milk chocolate but all 4 items were a miss for me. I am not really a fan of caramel corn but I’ll have a few bites if it’s in a place like Chicago where you are at the airport and you grab a bag because it’s fresh but since my last box had caramel corn I wasn’t too happy to see it again in another box even if it was a different brand. I’ve been wanting to press the button again but am afraid I’ll get a third batch of caramel corn. If anyone has received a different box after this one let us know what you get.

    I ordered a second button so I can have one at work but I’m on another wait list. That’s probably for my own good.

  16. They’ve cut out sending chocolate items during the summer to prevent melting

    • That’s smart, I suppose. Though this chocolate lover sure does miss it! Cooler days can’t come soon enough!

  17. I got the same box! I was really pleased with the caramel corn. I was worried it might be too much for my sensitive teeth, but it was perfect!

    I haven’t eaten the shortbread yet, even though it was the item that I was most excited for in my box, because the packaging is soooooo beautiful! I don’t want to ruin it!

  18. I was bummed there was no chocolate and when I sent them an email they said they wouldn’t be sending out any chocolate when it’s hot out because it would melt..

    • Did they happen to say when they would start sending chocolate again? September maybe?

  19. I’m jealous! I signed up in January and still haven’t gotten an invite! I’m happy lots of you out there are enjoying yummy things, but I wish I could get this too! 🙂

    • I’d contact their Customer Service. I had the same issue (I applied as soon as I heard and sat on the wait list until May) and it took a few emails, but I finally got my invite.

      • I’ve contacted CS after I saw it recommended here, and they’ve told me that there’s nothing they can do. No dice. No box for me. Been signed up since it was announced.

      • Same here! I signed up as soon as this box was announced and still nothing. I was wondering if I was the only one with that problem!

      • Wow! I signed up a week ago and got an invite a couple days later. Can you try to sign up again? Maybe the invite went into your spam box?

  20. I ordered a 6-pack assortment from Everton, since I loved the pretzels so much. And the caramel corn was great, too.

  21. Great box! Lately, I’ve noticed the box values have been higher and super tasty, too!!

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