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Your Bijoux Box Jewelry Subscription Review – May 2017

Check out our review of the May 2017 Your Bijoux Box!

Your Bijoux Box is a monthly jewelry subscription box for women. With every box, you get 3 pieces of jewelry picked by Your Bijoux Box stylists. I was curious about Your Bijoux Box, so Liz let me review this month’s shipment! This is not a customized box–everyone gets the same 3 pieces (you can request no earrings, though).

Check out our review of the May 2017 Your Bijoux Box!

Your Bijoux Box sent us this box for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

Check out our review of the May 2017 Your Bijoux Box!

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Check out our review of the May 2017 Your Bijoux Box!

The Subscription Box: Your Bijoux Box

The Cost: $36 a month + free U.S. shipping. Save with 3, 6, and 12-month subscriptions.

The Products: 3 pieces of hand curated jewelry at your doorstep each month.

Ships to: U.S. and Canada

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Keep Track of Your Subscriptions: Add this box to your subscription list or wishlist!

This box is full of items to wear to a Mother’s Day celebration.

Check out our review of the May 2017 Your Bijoux Box!

Don’t forget to share what you got with #YourBijouxBoxStyle!

Check out our review of the May 2017 Your Bijoux Box!

Peony Necklace

This necklace is a little bit more traditional than what I’d usually wear, but I do like the gold and white color scheme.

Check out our review of the May 2017 Your Bijoux Box!

This piece actually works perfectly for Mother’s Day—it’s bold enough of a nod to my aesthetic, but not so edgy that my mom will give me a talking to!

Check out our review of the May 2017 Your Bijoux Box!

It actually looks really cute on, too. I love wearing necklaces over sweaters and sweatshirts like this. I think it looks pretty classy. But even if I wore it with a scoop neck, I think it’d be really elegant. The necklace sits a bit higher on my neckline. The lobster claw clasp has about 2 inches of chain that you can adjust it with. This piece isn’t a “wow” for me, but it is a great piece to have in my accessory collection.

Check out our review of the May 2017 Your Bijoux Box!

House of Harlow Frequency Necklace in Gold

This necklace is really interesting. I’ve admired House of Harlow (from Nicole Richie) for awhile, but I’ve never gotten to wear one of their pieces before. I dig the brilliant metallic gold finish, but I’ll admit I’m a little confused by the irregular arrangement of gold and crystal-studded triangles. The part of my brain that likes organization and pattern is so thrown off!

Check out our review of the May 2017 Your Bijoux Box!

The triangles like to flip around a little bit when it’s on, but overall, it’s a cool, kind of modern-meets-boho piece that I bet I’ll wear a ton this summer.

Check out our review of the May 2017 Your Bijoux Box!

House of Harlow Tessellation Earrings

These earrings are so light and fun! They just perch on my ears in a way that makes it feel like nothing is there at all.

Check out our review of the May 2017 Your Bijoux Box!

They do wriggle up as you go about your day, though. I had to check and press the posts back down into place every so often. The white-gold finish looks crisp and sophisticated, too. Love!

Check out our review of the May 2017 Your Bijoux Box!

Anne Taintor Wallet

According to the info card, this wallet is apparently in celebration of Mother’s Day. I… don’t really get it. Is it saying volunteering is bad? I love volunteering! If anything, I should be volunteering more! What horrible experience did this nice blonde woman have that makes her so anti-volunteering?

Check out our review of the May 2017 Your Bijoux Box!

From a practical standpoint, the wallet is pretty handy. It’s pretty inexpensive faux leather, but it has lots of pockets for cards, cash, and even a clear slot for your ID. I just don’t like the design on the outside. That sarcastic-phrase-on-a-happy-retro-image aesthetic isn’t really my thing, but I’m actually more turned off by the phrase than the design itself.

Verdict: Your Bijoux Box was just $36 (with free US shipping), which I think is a great deal for everything I got. I’ve seen House of Harlow pieces, in particular, get pretty expensive, so getting two House of Harlow pieces, plus another necklace, plus a wallet (even though it really didn’t fit my style) for what I’d usually expect to pay for one of those jewelry pieces seems very fair. I like that, for the most part, what I got was edgy enough to fit my style, but still pretty versatile. I can see myself wearing those earrings and that necklace in a variety of looks all summer long!

What do you think of the May Your Bijoux Box?

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Written by Anna Reilly

Anna Reilly

Anna loves collecting little treasures, be they pop-culture finds, handmade mementos, or new potions to put in her makeup bag. Beauty boxes got her interested in the subscription world, but now she’s swooning for all things kawaii!

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Comments (38)

  1. I skipped this box. I may be alone in this, but HOH is not one of my favorites. I liked my January box more than any others so far this year.

  2. I recently bought my childless girlfriend the magnet that matches the wallet as part of her 40th birthday gift! She is a self proclaimed control freak & tends to volunteer (take over) far too many things. The saying wouldn’t pertain to me at all, nor would I care to display it via a magnet or especially a wallet. Anne Taintor products are hilarious & IMO there are many other choices that would appeal to a larger audience.

    Anna, I’ve really enjoyed your reviews & I think MSA did a great job choosing you! I love having such a variety of personal style preferences and body types. Kudos to you for putting yourself out there!

    • Thanks very much, Alexis! And thank you for sharing the story about your hyper-volunteering friend! I can see how that saying would be really fitting in that scenario. I don’t have anyone who fits that bill in my life, so it was a headscratcher for me. But I can totally see how it would fit someone like your friend! Thanks for reading 🙂

  3. If I order now will I get this box?! Love house of Harlow!

  4. RV for this box based on some googling –

    Wallet – $22
    HoH necklace – $68 (both styles)
    HoH earrings – $46
    (to be fair both the necklace and earrings are being sold cheaper, but those are the original value)
    Peony Necklace is unique to the box – but based on similar styles I would estimate $25

  5. I just got my box yesterday and I love it! The wallet is perfect for me as I always volunteer for everything at my kid’s school. It’s sarcastic and funny. All the PTO moms will get it. Besides that, I am wearing the floral necklace now. It goes perfectly with a solid maxi dress.

    • Awesome, Stephanie! This is why I’m glad MSA has such engaged readers – I might not have the right perspective to really fall in love with an item, so I’m glad you all can share YOUR side, too. Most importantly, it’s great that people are getting lots of joy out of that wallet! Maybe I’ll hang onto it and find a do-it-all mom like you to gift it to 🙂

      Thanks so much for reading, Stephanie!

    • Yes!! One of my best friends is PTO president and I knew I would be giving this to her the moment I took it out of the box. Also, I’m wearing the earrings as ear climbers and they look really good that way, too.

  6. I get my box on Monday and have to get busy as soon as I open my box and see what necklace I get to swap for the other necklace because I want to have both! Love this months box. Not crazy about the statement necklace as it’s not my style and I already have a wallet so I’d be happy to pass it along to someone who has a sense of humor:)

  7. For the wallet, I think there are some who volunteer and think whether they CAN do it later! My Grandma always had so many that she had to look at her schedule before we came! She never complained that she should drop it, but she was retired by then. I can see how some full time moms could over do it and need to be stopped! (plus some maybe sarcasm if they are the ones always roped in to every available volunteer position! )

    • WOW! What an amazing, inspiring grandma! I think the right sense of humor is key – if they person is self-aware that maybe they’re overdoing it (or have that “I love this so much but boy, am I exhausted!” feeling) and is comfortable laughing at themselves a little, then this wallet could be just right for them. Thanks so much for sharing – I hope I’m as active and involved as your grandma when I get older!

      • Thanks, she really loved doing them all!
        I speak about it past tense only because she had to drop them all, and church even, when my Grandpa had his first stroke 🙁
        He’s now in a resting home (which he asks to leave often) but she finally made it back to church.
        The volunteering was something she enjoyed for herself, so I hope she can get back to it! She’s very tough but often forgets to take care of herself too!
        Through this tough time I’ve gotten her interested in sub boxes, she pays but adores receiving things at her door!
        Anyways, my point is that if u can find volunteer stuff u enjoy it makes it for you as well(if that makes sense). Which important since volunteering takes lots of time!
        And that Grandmas are awesome of course 😉

  8. I’m always admiring these boxes. They are a good value. I think the wallet is funny because my mom and I both are the types who always volunteer for extra shifts at work and then groaning about it later so I really think it depends on what context the wallet is taken in.

    • First of all, high five to you and your mom for taking those shifts! Even with the groans, it’s a kind gesture 🙂 And I think you hit the nail on the head – you’ve got to make sure the context is right for that wallet. If you’re giving it to a habitually busy person who can laugh at their situation, then it could be the perfect gift. Thanks so much for the insights. (And happy early Mother’s Day to your mom!)

  9. Nice review Anna! I like the earrings the best. The wallet is okay, but not not something I would give to my mother. Maybe a good friend. I would have preferred a floral or a plain pink wallet instead.

    • Thanks so much, Sharon!

  10. I went ahead and ordered it based on the spoiler, and I think it will be worth it for the necklaces — the peony one looks pretty as well.

    For my tastes the wallet is worse than useless. It’s not even something I feel good giving away, so it will probably end up in the trash.

    • I would swap for it!

    • Molly, do you still have it? I would love this wallet. As PTA president for two years, a volunteer on both my girls schools, volunteer on Ballet and Gymnastics and chair of many events, I NEED this wallet!!! Lol!!!!! Please don’t trash it!

  11. I think you have to experience the volunteering that goes with having multiple children in school to get the humor of the wallet which is why it’s perfect for Mother’s Day. I laughed out loud when I got mine and couldn’t love this box anymore! It’s perfect.

    • I completely agree, as a mom of two daughters…driving them around…to and from school, to and from sports practice….you need someone to drop your kids? Sure!… 4H meetings….you need someone to work the auction booth….tomorrow…sure!……NCL meetings, dance practice 4 days a week, tutoring……being on 3 charitable boards, and the president of our PTA for the third year in a row……I laughed out loud when I saw the wallet….someone just called me 5 minutes ago to work their shift at a fundraiser….volunteering is fantastic! But when you have kids…you are literally inundated at a whole new level…..and if you are competent and get things done….people you don’t even know start calling you…and it is hard to say no to charity!

  12. Do you have links/RSVs for each item?

    • RV for this box based on some googling –
      Wallet – $22
      HoH necklace – $68 (both styles)
      HoH earrings – $46
      (to be fair both the necklace and earrings are being sold cheaper, but those are the original value)
      Peony Necklace is unique to the box – but based on similar styles I would estimate $25

      I would just google the names she used if you want to confirm. 🙂

  13. So obviously you don’t understand the hidden sarcasm in the phrase on the wallet. There are those that volunteer to do EVERYTHING that comes their way, from running the school carnival and book fair to being the scout leader and soccer coach and Sunday school teacher for their kids various activities. And then there are people like you, who admit to not volunteering enough. So maybe if I wouldn’t volunteer anymore it would force you to step up to the plate and do more!

    • No need to insult the reviewer. She didn’t care for it. Quite frankly, I’m not thrilled with it either, but it’s a free bonus item so whatever.

    • That was kind of mean. Pretty sure she doesn’t have kids, so volunteering to be the scout leader and running the school carnival would be a little strange, no? Good for you for volunteering, but not everyone has the available time.

    • Wow, it sounds like you have some pent up anger! Anna is just writing a review, no need to take it out on her. Since you don’t know her personally, how do you know what she does? Maybe she volunteers weekly at her local shelter and wants to do more, maybe that’s why she doesn’t have time to take care of your kids. Don’t judge if you don’t know her personally.

    • Seriously Deb? Are you having a bad day? Wow.

      Anna, I apologize for Deb’s comment. It was completely unnecessary. And I feel the same way as you on that wallet. AND I used to volunteer in a hospital THREE days a week. For at least 8 hours a day.

      Hope you get some me time Deb.

    • I’m sorry you feel so put upon by the others you perceive as not stepping up to the plate. Though, as the saying goes, you catch more flies with sugar than you do with vinegar.

      Personally, I too, feel like I should do some volunteering. But I am (relatively newly) disabled by a chronic metabolic illness that severely limits my activities. So although I used to volunteer for several organizations, that’s just not possible now.

      If you passed me on the street you probably wouldn’t suspect this -I put on a good “face” and you would really have to spend time with me.. This experience has really made me much more sympathetic when dealing with people who disappoint me – I am reminded that I probably have no idea if the challenges they are facing – health, economic, emotional, financial, etc etc etc.

      • Great comment. I feel the same after having experienced some health problems of my own. People can’t really judge another without having walked in their shoes.

      • Wow, Beth, thank you so much for sharing <3

    • Wow, that’s a lot of emotion over a bonus wallet in a sub box.

      For the record, I’ve clocked well over 3000 hours for my school district.
      I think that wallet is sarcastic and stupid.
      I get why people that “get it” get it. But you know who stops me when I think I’ve got enough on my plate? Me! Duh.

      Make your own decisions about how you want to spend your time and your life and you won’t feel so obviously put upon (Deb).

      • Thank you all SO much for your comments! That includes Deb’s, too – Deb, I’m sorry for coming across like I was unaware or unappreciative of people who go the extra mile. It sounds like you do a TON for your community (especially for kids, which is huge), and you deserve plenty of thanks and appreciation for that time and energy 🙂

        Also thanks to AH and Dawn and Beth and all the volunteers out there! I have one organization I donate time to on a regular basis, but I’ve been eager to expand on that. And learning about the compassion you show your communities (and even your MSA community!) motivates me even more!

        Thanks all. You’re awesome. Be excellent to each other <3

  14. I LOVE the HOH necklace and earrings and am so excited that they have earrings in this box and am so eager to find out if I get this same necklace i wanted and the earrings that I love! I can’t wait to get my box and see what and how many HOH jewelry pieces i get! I just have to have those earrings! I just subscribed just to get HOH necklace and now that they’ve included earrings I think may make this box a keeper and my favorite! Please Bijoux Box send me this necklace and hopefully the other HOH as my extra item as a Mother’s Day gift and these HOH earrings too!

  15. I think she is tired of volunteering for making casseroles and chaperoning sock hops. 🙂

  16. I always wear backings with French wires. They make clear ones which work well; I get them at Claires.

  17. Anna, that kind of earring back means you can also wear them as ear climbers – the longer post does a good job holding the earring flush against your entire ear lobe, which also might be why they wiggle up during the day.

    • Aha! Thank you, Aggie! This is super good to know 🙂

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