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POPSUGAR Must Have Box June 2017 Box SPOILER #2 + Coupon!

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POPSUGAR Must Have Box

We have another spoiler for the June 2017 POPSUGAR Must Have box! (Thanks, Anya, for the heads up!) Each box will include:

Captain Blankenship Mermaid Sea Salt Hair Spray – Value $24

POPSUGAR sent this to me early so I can answer any questions you might have about it.

This spray is made with all organic and natural ingredients: Water, Atlantic Sea Salt, Organic Aloe Vera, Organic Sea Kelp Extract, Organic Rose Geranium Essential Oil & Organic Palmarosa Essential Oil.

Make sure to check out POPSUGAR’s before and after post for tips on how to style it!

And in case you missed the first spoiler, this box will also include:

Aloha Collection Mid-Size Ocean Coco Palms Pouch – Value $36

Pack your waterside essentials in this splash-proof zip pouch. The print will encourage you to get on island time and will protect your snacks, sea salt spray, and hat. You can also use it to store your wetsuit, dirty gym clothes, or other essentials as you run around town.

This pouch is made from 100% coated Tyvek, so it is splash proof. (They don’t call it waterproof, since you can’t submerge it in a pool for example, and expect there to be no leaks onto any items inside the bag.)

But it is perfect to use as a swimsuit bag, makeup bag, beach clutch, etc.

The material has a crinkly feel, but it is still pretty soft. And it measures 11.5″ across x 2″ wide x 8.5″ tall so it can store a lot. Here it is with a few items to give you a better sense of scale:

What do you think of the latest June 2017 POPSUGAR Must Have Box spoiler? (Learn more about the Aloha Collection from POPSUGAR!)

And in case you missed it, the inspiration for the June box is:

POPSUGAR Must Have Box

Arm yourself for the warm months ahead with items that will allow you to lounge in style. This box is packed with heat-busting goodies that will make relaxing by the aquamarine water even more enjoyable.

The June 2017 POPSUGAR Must Have Box will have a retail value over $125! If you sign up now, your first box will be the June 2017 POPSUGAR Must Have Box.

If you haven’t signed up yet, use coupon code MUSTHAVE5 to save $5 off your first box! 

(Regularly $39.95. Check out our POPSUGAR Must Have reviews to see what has been in past boxes!)

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. Has anyone gotten shipping notification yet?

    • Nope. Hoping a review is on the horizon though. We usually see full spoilers by now. @LizCadman do you have an ETA on the June review by chance? 🙂

  2. Hoping the review for the June box comes soon 🙂 curious as to what the other items are.

    • Me too. I’m nervous. I took a change on this box after seeing how nice the May box was. I was hoping that they had realized how they’ve been losing some faithful subscribers. Then I got hit with the horrible “Ultimate Disappointment Box” and have lost even more trust in Popsugar. Seriously, if that seasalt spray is the only nod to mermaids that they have in the box, I will be done for sure. There better be something else in that box to add a much needed “wow” factor.

  3. What’s up with PSMH lately? Any tips on getting CS to pay attention? I’m still waiting for the replacement terrarium from the April box instead of the box of broken glass that I received in its place. And I ordered something from their clearance sale and it wasn’t in the box that arrived although the shipping notice that was sent over a week ago said that it was included and I was really looking forward to it and promised one to my sister and one to a friend. When I wrote and asked them about it, they didn’t offer to let me pick something else, they made no excuse for not letting me know for the 8 days that they knew about it and didn’t tell me, they said that they had automatically sent me a refund AFTER I complained that they didn’t bother to send it. So I’ve been waiting for one replacement item for almost two months and it’s many weeks past when they told me it would be delivered and then they sell items that they do not actually have, they sent me no notification of that and to top it off, they unilaterally decided to offer no choice for me to pick something else instead. What happening to PSMH customer service? Is anyone else experiencing this? This is the thanks I get for subscribing and buying their LE and mystery boxes. I am surprised and disappointed.

    • I am still waiting for it too, and for the Cocofloss wich I never got!! I received an e mail letting me know that I will be receiving a Sachajuan in the Sun with my June box as an apology for the delay. I just don’t understand why they can’t just send the floss instead.
      I do have to say that the catchall arrived broken and it was replaced within a week. It was taken care by a different CS representative so i dont know if that matters. The CS person in charge of my terrarium/ Cocofloss dilemma is Andy.

    • It took eleven business days to get my terrarium replaced. Considering the condition of the box (sand and glass everywhere, not just in the terrarium package) they should have replaced the whole box. I never did unpack it and I can’t give it away and risk someone else getting glass splinters. So, I just canceled my subscription, after almost a year. The last few boxes have been disappointing, and it looks as if I’m not missing anything in the June box.

      • I canceled after over a year.
        After I started receiving items broken or missing and then received a box with something that leaked all over it and they never replaced or refunded my money. After receiving multiple boxes and billings one month I was done. I’ve ordered two boxes individually including the June box. Hopefully they include sunglasses this month. Not impressed with the spray or bag. If the book is good and not Self promotion it can redeem this box.

    • Mine had broken glass also. They told me that I would have to wait for a new one and that they had no clue when I would receive it. I was then offered a different item, which they refused to tell me what it would be. I was sent sunglasses, and those were broken too! I told them this and canceled. They gave me a free june box, but I am completely done with them.

  4. LOL! Based on the before & after photos this product will make our hair look frizzy and in need of a good wash and condition. Not exactly selling the product… I have to agree the last thing subscribers need is another sea salt spray. I received Ouai sea salt spray last month in my Birch Box. This is will be added to the box of products I send to the teachers at out kid’s school. (I put it in their break room and let them pick out what they want/can use)

  5. Of all things mermaid they could have put in the box this is slightly depressing. I am hoping there are other mermaidy things in the box because a sea salt spray??? No thank you.

  6. I agree that sub boxes send out too many of the same things (I’ll never need to buy dry shampoo again!) but Capt Blankenship sea spray is actually really awesome & I was excited to see this spoiler! I don’t know what’s up with the terrible pics Popsugar used but this spray is perfect for true wavy hair. I love it!

  7. UGH. I resubbed because of the “mermaid” theme – I’m a sucker for mermaids – and I’m going to be so sad if this is the only mermaid thing in the box. 🙁 🙁 🙁

  8. Is it April 1? It’s April 1, right? That’s the only way they could pretend that anyone could possibly be in need of more salt spray.

  9. Sadly, seeing these spoilers I am glad I cancelled last month.

  10. am I the only person who is excited for this spray?
    I have curly hair, so I feel like this could be a good product for me. It might take down fly aways, and give me a little more control in the summer. I will apply this to damp hair and scrunch- i think those before and after pics look a little messy, but if done right, this could look really pretty.
    The pouch is really cute; cant wait to use it inside of my summer LE Box straw bag.

    I am super excited for this box – hopefully the book is good!

    • I use this on my damp wavy hair and also when it’s dry after I’ve curled it, and I love it!

  11. Ugh, I was hoping there wouldn’t be a sea salt spray.

    Does anyone have an alternate use for these products? I have so many now and they’re unswappable. Please tell me they’re great for scrubbing shower tile or something like that.

    • Scrubbing shower tile! 😅😅😅 i might just try that! I can’t use salt sprays on my fine flat hair, so i eish i knew what else to do with all of them.

      • I have super fine-straight hair too. I use the salt sprays in place of hair spray when I put my hair up or in a pony. Works great and washes out so much easier than hair spray.

  12. Do they really have a “native” editor!!?? Officially horrified.

    • Native editor is the person responsible for software applications, not native as in native indigenous peoples like you are probably thinking 😉 It’s tech speak.

  13. OMG those before and after pictures have me laughing so hard! 😂 Reminds me of those fuzzy hair pencils that you shake to make their hair fluff way out! Kind of a finger in a light socket look! Popsugar is getting to trendy for me! 😂

    • The women just looked like they blow dried their hair. That’s what mine does if I blow it. Why would I want my hair to look like that? hahahaha.

  14. I’m probably wrong but I’m praying this could be the ‘waves’ theme and not mermaids. A girl can dream, right?!

    • Yeah I’m really hoping this is the case.

  15. Hmmm…I guess like most people I didn’t really want another sea salt spray, but this brand is supposed to be good, so I will give it a try. Who knows, I have found a few unexpected surprises when sampling items from subs. Maybe I will end up liking this one more than I am expecting???? And if not, at least I like the pouch! -I may be in the minority, but I love getting pouches. I use them to organize everything. (Make up, coupons, items for travel, gym items, ….) If I end up with a surplus of bags I always seem to have a patient or student who needs one….but I think I will be keeping this one for myself because it will be perfect for travel.

  16. Popsugar, please see thread titled “What would you let subscription companies know?” and look at “No more sea salt sprays” or give us the option to choose something else that isn’t totally played out/not a thing everyone loves.

    I would totally loooove a really nice sunscreen anytime (it’s the weather here) and maybe let people pick between items or upgrade to get both for $x amount (FFF has been dominating lately).

    But between repetitive/boring items and Mystery Boxes, you have Not Been Must Have.

    • #Truth
      PSMH used to be my favorite. Once my pre-paid subscription ends, buh-bye! These will be the next item in mystery boxes. 🤣

    • I’m the complete opposite too many sunscreens & need seasprays & trying to figure how to add handle to that clutch.

  17. So sad! I do not want another sea salt spray! I can’t even use these products.

    • I’ll trade you for it! Look for my name on the swaps 😀 Unicorn picture 😀

  18. All they need to do is add a black eyeliner and mascara to make this the most awful box ever. Oh wait .. they could also add a pehr runner.

  19. OMG, that photo review spread is the worst ever. Their hair looks so awful in the afters. If you want to see a good tutorial on how to use salt spray, check out the Small Things blog.

  20. I hope the next reveal is better! I don’t need any more salt sprays!!

    • I still have the first salt spray that I ever bought (do they go bad?). I am glad that I cancelled PS. This box would have been a bust for me.

  21. I actually want the stuff in this box…but not enough to subscribe. See you on the swap board, friends! ❤️

  22. What before and after picture is everyone referencing?

    • In the post there is a link to a Popsugar article with pictures of before and after results

      • Wow, I totally missed that, thank you!

  23. i have an entire container of sea salt sprays from sub boxes in my bathroom cabinet and i have more pouches than i do things to put in pouches. this is the kind of thing i don’t get—popsugar overloads on the things that are only useful in moderation. i dropped beauty boxes because i kept getting sea salt sprays and i dropped ipsy forever ago just because the endless stream of makeup bags was driving me up a wall. i really liked popsugar back when i first subscribed and some of my favorite everyday accessories are thanks to their limited edition boxes, but every time i read about spoilers on msa these days i’m just that much happier about my decision to cancel.

  24. I think the pouch is super cute, so I’m not upset about the hair stuff that I can’t use. Hopefully somebody who doesn’t get this box will love it and want to swap for it. 🙂 I can’t wait to see the rest of the spoilers and get my box too of course.

  25. Ugh, I still have 4 or 5 sea salt sprays from last summer’s boxes. The pouch is pretty though.

  26. Omg! Those before & after pics are horrible. Why the hell would i want my hair all frizzed up? I spend alot of $$$ on salon trips and good hair care products to keep frizz away. I just dont understand?

    • agreed, i don’t think popsugar actually understands how sea salt sprays should be used. i love them for volume since i have fine hair that doesn’t like doing anything bouncy, but i only ever use it on my roots and middle section of my hair – i mean it’s got SALT in it, obviously it isn’t going to do anything pleasant for dry ends.

      • Those women are all gorgeous, but the after pictures are kind of terrifying. PopSugar needs a lesson or two. I actually have and really like this specific salt spray. I even used it this morning. I use it for volume, and sometimes on the mid section of my hair to help hold my natural wave. It looks like they just used it on the ends of those poor girls’ hair and then actually brushed it afterwards. That’s a huge no, PopSugar!

        • I have fine straight hair…i need volume, so im gonna try this (along with a YouTube video for a visual) to see if it can get volume with it…

    • Right?!! And I noticed that they added makeup to them, in the after pics, and it still didn’t help at all😂! If I wanted my hair to look like that, I would just skip conditioner, let it air dry and not run a brush through it- voila!

      • Me too lol. I spend a lot of time and effort so my hair DOESNT look like that. 🤣😂

    • Those women looked way better in the before photos. After they used this their hair looked fried!

      • Right? I actually think the third one down looks nice in the after, but the other two — not so much. I always thought ‘beach hair’ was supposed to look flowy and wavy, not straight and over processed. (And I realize it’s just the effect of the product; the women themselves are all lovely).

  27. I wish that we’d get a really good highlighter, or a nice liquid highlighter.

  28. Yay!! I love seeing spoilers when I’m not subscribed! I was worried they were going to include the mermaid blanket thing they had as an add on for FFF can’t get any more mermaid than that short of seashell pasties.

  29. Whyyyyyyyyyy? I know it’s summer and PS likes to send trendy things and there are people who like beachy hair but why do they have to send us a salt spray every summer? Why not be unique or original or creative? Why not think about curly haired girls who have no use for this? Literally any other item loosely or not fitting the “mermaid” theme would have been better than this. boo hoo 🙁 (rant over)

    Is it possible to skip boxes with PS? I have 8 prepaid months left but I am thinking this box is going to be a big no for me.

    • I agree! I hate salt spray. Those women are all very pretty, but I like their hair much better “before.” The pouch looks childish and the palm trees look like pot leaves. Im new to Popsugar and feel it’s more geared for teens. I’m going to cancel now.

  30. Should have added don’t send “sea salt sprays” and “zipper pouches” to my list of things I wish Sub boxes knew

  31. Not impressed.

  32. Not overly thrilled with this. Starting to regret resubscribing for this box. I was actually expecting the mermaid item to be something involving a mermaid, not just the name of something. But the RV isn’t too high. So far only $60 of the $125+ is accounted for. So there is hope. I don’t mind sea saltbush spray, it’s just over done at this point.

  33. NO WAY. I literally just ordered this from Sephora TODAY!! I received this in a petit vour box last year and it’s one of the only sea salt sprays I actually like!

    • Good news is you will be able to swap for lots of these once the box gets here. No more paying full retail price for this!!!

    • Good thing you can return it to sephora!

  34. Another box to give to my granddaughter. So far the last couple of boxes have not worked for me. Not sure I will renew my subscription.

  35. Ohhhhh yuk!

  36. Ugh, so over the sea salt sprays! I wish PopSugar had a skip a month option – love ya but have enough pouches to last a lifetime and My hair and those sprays are not friends – wish I had the hair that they work with but nope! Not too excited about this box unless they surprise me with a Kendra Scott item – a girl can dream??

  37. After a period of fomo when I let my subscription lapse, I’m one happy bunny that I did.
    Seriously, that mermaid spray did a number on those women’s hair. Every one of them looked better ‘before’.
    C’mon Popsugar. Make me miss you!

    • I had the same thought! I have wavy hair that can hold a curl but don’t have a clue or time when it comes to styling, so I usually spray sea salt spray on my damp hair and just blow dry with a diffuser when I want curls. I thought the girl’s hair on the blog looked rather flat or unruly rather than beach worthy.

      While I’m one of the few that use sea salt spray, I did not need another either. I still have full size bottles I haven’t opened yet from last year…

      C’mon Popsugar. Yet another pouch, sea salt spray and beach read is predictable and most of have already stated previously that we don’t need any more.

  38. I’m not a big fan of salt sprays… At least it’s a good brand. I just wish it was the gold shimmer version!

    • This was my same thought!

      I actually bought the gold version from Sephora last summer because it came in a different box and people raved about it so much that I felt the need to try it. I only used it a couple of times and while it seemed like a good product it didn’t do much for my dark hair so I’m Ok with the non glitter version if it’s the same. I would’ve used it more but my daughter snook off with it to college before I had the chance

  39. I have fine curly hair. Sea salt spray makes those of us with fine curly hair look like we’ve spent a year trying to survive in the very humid wilderness with nothing but our wits. I love Captain Blankenship. I really wish it was ANY of their other products. I don’t know why sub boxes/beauty brands are SO into selling us salt sprays for summer. Every summer. My 6 month sub ended with May. I’m not sad I’m missing out on these items.

  40. Dear Sub Boxes:

    Please no more pouches. Please no more sea salt spray. If I had kept all my pouches and sea salt spray over the last few years , I could open the Sea Salt Spray Pouch Store. My GWPs could be black eyeliner, highlighter and Manna Kandar anything.

    • Truth. *ROFL*

    • 😂😂😂😂😂

    • So true I can provide you with backstock!! Rofl

    • Add dry shampoo to that list too😩

    • Agree! I was so excited with the Mermaid theme, but hate sea salt sprays, why?? And what do you do with all the pouches?? I have so many I’ve lost count and almost never use them.

      • I think I’m going to start using them as gift bags for the sea salt sprays my friends will be receiving as “just because” gifts.

        Apparently PS either didn’t read comments on the MSA survey post, or they do not understand the meaning of “I jest.”

  41. I suspect this isn’t going to be very popular. The inner and outer packaging is so pretty, though. I generally use these sprays a few times and then give them away to someone whose hair is more suited to it than mine.

  42. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy??????????

  43. I don’t mind a sea salt spray now and then, but I could go through one bottle every five years. That said, I have three bottles of various kinds, all of which I’m happy with IF I want that look, so I really won’t need this for 15 yrs LOL

    I’m happy with the price I pay vs what I get for the BTBF pricing, but I would never pay full price for what we tend to get. I purchased enough months to get me through to this November, but if they don’t have a similar deal this year, I’ll likely be gone.

  44. I was hoping for something a little less predictable. I guess this is the mermaid spoiler when I was wanting mermaid makeup brushes or a mermaid towel or beach blanket. Hopefully the rest of the box will be better. I have naturally wavy hair so I use this some but I am not thrilled. Oh Lord what if Rachel Zoe’s box has sea salt spray as well?

  45. They sea salt spray has killed my desire for this box. It’s so overdone in boxes. If they are going to be so repetitive about what to put in summer boxes then at least make it something everyone can use like sunscreen.

    • I know. If it isn’t sunnies it is sea salt spray. Over and Over and Over!

  46. Ugh.

    Not. Another. Sea. Salt. Spray.

    Also, just because you put “mermaid” in the name doesn’t make it automatically desirable.

    Summer boxes just don’t usually do it for me. 🙁

    • Agreed! It’s not necessary to add “mermaid” to what we all know is sea salt spray.

      (I do like that kind of spray occasionally, but I have more than enough…)

  47. Ugh – I knew this would be in there but I was hoping I was wrong. The before and after pictures really don’t sell it. I live in Florida and spend a lot of money trying to de-frizz my hair. I don’t really need a product to frizz it back out.

  48. I must be the only person on earth who loves salt spray and it makes my hair look/feel amazing.

    • Everyone just send me your boxes of salt spray 😂😂

    • I use them all the time especially in the summer! Have never had to buy one so I’ll add this to the back ups!

      • I think most people don’t know how to use it best? I see a lot of people talking about how drying it is…the best way to use is conditioner only then the spray. I go through a full size in every 3 months maybe? Some less.

        • Do you mean only use spray conditioner then salt spray? After shampooing, correct??

        • I’m taking it as don’t shampoo, only condition?
          Definitely going to try it going that route. I like the look I get when I use the spray prior to sleeping in a french braid. I have straight thick hair and it becomes very lioness, but the drying effect has limited my use.

  49. I’m still ok with not getting this box.

    • Same.

  50. Meh. Those before and after photos didn’t do much for me, so I don’t have much hope for this working wonders on my hair. This one is probably landing in the swap pile.

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