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Play! By Sephora May 2017 Box #264 FULL SPOILERS!

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Can you believe we haven’t even had a hint of spoilers for the May Sephora box until now? We’ve needed spoilers (or even just a hint) for a while, Sephora!

We have a FULL SPOILERS for the May 2017 Play! By Sephora box ending in #264! FYI – this was originally reported as box #321! (Thanks Cassandra!)

Box #264:


What do you think of the spoilers?

To find out which box you’re receiving at the beginning of each month, follow these instructions:

If you log in through a browser, not the app, and go to my account > account details > online orders and open the play! Order Details, you can see the “item number” next to the image.

If you haven’t signed up for a Play! by Sephora subscription yet, the waitlist is currently open! If you sign up now, your first box will be the May box.

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  1. You CAN see your item number from a mobile version/app, it just takes a bit of work. Go to purchases, you will see everything in a “tiled” format. You need to switch the view to a “list” format. To do this, you will see 2 boxes to the right of the sort by list. Click on the box with lines instead of boxes. Your box number follows the text “item”.

    Hope this helps everyone. I have box 264 and my profile is dry/normal skin. I really hope the Sunday Riley isn’t in 264 since it appears to be for oily skin.

    • I cannot see what you are looking at. My purchase history does not have any boxes next to the “sort” drop down list. 🙁

      • I can’t see that either. Maybe it depends on the phone?

        When I look with my mobile browser I go to the home page, click on the icon with 3 black lines at the top left. Then scroll down to the bottom where it says “track orders.” Scroll till I find the Play order. Then click “view order details” and it shows the item number, use the last 3 digits.

        • Yes, I can see it on the mobile version but not the app.

    • I have this box too and I have oily skin selected for my profile. Who knows.

    • same here dry skin…dry hair…264

      • I also have 264. My skin is super oily.

      • I don’t think they even look at our profiles. I have dry skin and oily hair, so the hair mask might work (but I am no too interested in this), but the clay mask looks like it’s for those with oily skin. I also do NOT want that lip plumper. Thinking about canceling my play subscription after seeing these spoilers.

      • well this is my box, it should all work….. I’m going to use the sunday riley on my larger pores kinda like a spot treatment…..I haven’t tried any of the brands or types of products that are in this box, hope the lip plumping stuff works

    • Hmmm I’m also getting 264 but my profile is oily skin & hair. Weird. Fingers crossed I like that box because I love everything but the highlight in this box!

    • Please ! No lip plumpers. I’m not a fan plus we just had one in the Feb box

    • I have box 264 and my profile is oily skin. There is no reason with sephora.

    • Im getting 264 also but my profile is normal /combination

    • I also have dry and sensitive skin and am getting 264. I just checked the Sephora website and it says this product is for all skin BUT dry. This really is unacceptable

      • I have dry skin and use the Sunday Riley product and love it. A Sephora employee suggested it to me and it’s a good balance of the clays that draw gunk out of skin and oils to not strip skin. Her products have all been wins for me.

  2. I have 280. Give me Sunday Riley!! The Christopher Robin would be nice too

  3. Ugh I’ve wanted to try the Christophe Robin forever, but for once the first spoiler isn’t my box–I’m 298 :'(

    • I’m 298 also, been literally checking everday!

  4. AH MAN !I get 2 play boxes and neither of them are this one, this is a really good box. 😢😢😢😢😢

    • That is what I thought, I am just subscribing today, would love to get the 321 box…Do you fill out a personal type Q&A for like skin, hair, eye color or what. I was not prompted for anything like that?

      • The profile Sephora uses is your account profile for the entire site. It’s not specific to the box, which is why you weren’t prompted to fill out anything when you signed up.

  5. Sephora really needs to cut it out with the highlighter, at least for a few months. PLEASE.

    • Emphatically seconding this.

    • Lol I’ll take yours. I almost bought this highlighter in the BIN sale, just barely restrained myself. Sooooo glad I did – the swap boards going to be loaded with them!

    • I agree! Every box is on highlighter overload. I’ve never bought one, but I have a lifetime supply.

      • My number is 580. The numbers seem to be all over the place. I’m wondering if where you live correlates with your order number?

  6. My box nimber is 591
    None of yall seem to even come close to my number….. i wonder what that means.

    • That was a number for last months box.

      Are you sure your checking the right number?
      It should be the last three digits in the item number.

  7. Mines 185 hmmm

    • Are you sure you are seeing the item number and not the order number? You can only find the item number from a desktop Sephora web site…not the mobile app. Go to the list of your orders to find the Play order. Make sure you click on the hyperlink which is the order number to see the “item” number. It usually is next to the tiny picture of the Play bag and it is the last three digits of that 7 digit item number that we are talking about.

  8. Mine is 272 but im not thrilled for the box above. Hope mine is different

    • I’m 272 also. I hope I get the Sunday Riley but nothing else from 321!

      • I’m also 272, oily skin but dry hair. Hope we get the SR that’s in this box at least 😊

      • I”m also a 272 with combo skin (sensitivity as a concern) with dry, wavy hair.

      • 272
        dry skin
        dry wavy hair

        How curious. Maybe we are going to get a hair mask or oil. I never mind that.

        I really want to try Beach Walk. I have been trying to sample that forever! And I have been wanting a nudestix. Oh well.

        • Hmm I’m dry skin and dry wavy hair but I’m getting box 306

      • I’m also 272. I don’t think I would mind this box personally. I have been wanting to try the replica sent but I’m not sure about any of the other items. Come on hints! 🙂

    • 272 also

      • 272 also, but doesn’t look like it has shipped yet!

    • 272 – dry, sensitive skin & dry hair

      • Same! #272.. dry skin, dry hair.

      • i’m getting 272, i have dry skin & dry hair for the most part. mine says it’s processing but it also says it’s out of stock. i’m still getting it though right? lol

  9. 298 & 306

    • Mines 306, nothing has come up yet. 🙁

      • I am also 306

  10. The SR and CR seem best suited to oily skin and hair, so I’m going to guess the actual box # will match that profile.

    • That’s me and I’m 264…and really hoping this is actually my box. 🙂

      • I’m 264 too I am combo skin

      • 264 also.

  11. I’m 280… I want that hair mask lol..

    • I m also 280

  12. My play last month looked like a bag of free samples from Target so I cancelled. Now this one looks like something I would be excited about. Oh well! Win some, lose some. 🙂

    • I’m with you, although I cancelled late so I still get May’s box. I haven’t been thrilled with any of my Sephora boxes

    • I’m with Stacy,I finally canceled Sephora…and they go and send out favorites of mine.This is the reason I held on for so long,I knew the minute I quit…I would suffer major regret.

  13. I hope this is my box

  14. I got a Nudestix pencil a few months ago, and Trestique is crap– one of the worst lip products I’ve tried came from them through Ipsy a few years ago. I was really surprised that Sephora picked them up (and they’re SO OVERPRICED!). First bag I’d really dislike if I got this variation.

    • I dislike the Trestique lip products too, and ipsy is flooding me with them, but the eye crayons are nice, especially the champagne and forest green ones, so I have tempered hopes for this one. You’re totally right about the price point though, I’d never purchase them on my own, and I like the makeup crayon format

  15. This is my first box. How do i find out the number of the box im receiving?

    • Go to ur order page (has to be desktop ver), the last 3 numbers of the item (not ur order number) will be the box u r receiving. Hope this helps.

      • I signed up over a week ago and it still isn’t showing up on my profile as a purchase… I even got the welcome to sephora play email…

  16. I have #275….I cancelled my subscription. It was horrible last month. Let me know if anyone else has 275.

  17. Would be happy to receive this box…
    #264… Hope it’s better than last month…
    Ever since I filled out the survey, I’ve been getting boxes that I least liked…
    Shouldn’t filled that survey… Is there a way to undo it? Lol

    • I’m 264 too. I’m giving Sephora Play one last time to impress me. Last month was awful, and I wasn’t thrilled with the month before that either. I’m happy with my ipsy and allure boxes, and just ordered fff. I cancelled birchbox, I got my box today and it was super crappy. Hope sephora come through!

      • I’m 264 also, I am giving it until June but so far it is not really what I expected, last months I have not used a thing, and the month before was just blah,, your right though Ipsy has really stepped it up the past few months.

  18. #272 also!

    • Me too #272

    • Me too. Not going to bother getting excited until I see what’s in my actual box. I felt royally screwed over the last 2 months. 3 strikes and I’m done.

  19. I’m 264…i hope this box is better than last month

    • Box twin!

  20. Whats the theme?

    Also is this going to be a thing, where Sephora doesn’t give us spoilers?! I REALLY HOPE NOT!!

    • Sephora doesn’t usually send the theme email until around the 10th anyway.

  21. This looks interesting, but I have 264…

    • SAME!!!!😃😃😃

  22. I’m getting #264. All I want is the Christophe Robin Sea Salt Scrub!!! I have a very oily scalp and I SO want to try this! The Sunday Riley would be great, too, but if I only get the CR, I’ll be thrilled!

    • I’m #264 too!!! Hopefully won’t get the lip plumper and the rollerball… not too excited about those two… the rest look good!

      • Hello you won’t receive a roller ball it is just a tiny perfume sample. This is not my box but they are all usually tiny sizes.

    • Me too! I love Christophe Robin products, the hair mask they sent a few boxes ago was amazing.

      • I’m 264 too! That’s what I want the CR Mask ! *Sigh*

  23. I’ve already received the Christophe Robin hair mask from my Play by Sephora sub and the scent is sickening. I really hope this one smells different from the mask if it’s in box 264.

    • Trust me, this one smells completely different from the previous sample, it’s very mild and smells a bit like peppermint to me. It is a HG item for me, I use it just along my hairline after I’ve colored my hair and it takes away any burning or itchiness, I love it!

  24. I have the 306. I really, really hope I get the Nudestix!!

    • 306, too. It’s my first box so i’m really hoping it’s good!

      • I also have 306. I love Sephora play. Last month I got to try the benefits hilighter. It’s great! I use all my products I just wish they learn how to ship our bags out early. I hope I get Nudestix there lip pencils are smooth and rich.

  25. It’s my, not box😞

  26. PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE put Sunday Riley in box 264!!!!!!!

  27. Hmm, doesn’t seem like anyone else has this box. Interesting. I wonder how many variations they’ll be? My box is #264. I’d love to try Ceramic Slip and the tinted Grande Lips.

  28. Not my box I’m 306 but I would be happy if this was mine I never tried any of these products.

  29. Who is getting this box? I have not seen a single reply that says “it is my box!”

    • It’s my box I emailed Sephora directly n asked what was in my box

      • @Cassandra – Is this your box number or order number? No one else has this box number.

      • Cassandra, Are you sure it is the item number you are seeing and not the order number? You can only find the item number from a desktop Sephora web site…not the mobile app. Go to the list of your orders to find the Play order. Make sure you click on the hyperlink which is the order number to see the “item” number. It usually is next to the tiny picture of the Play bag and it is the last three digits of that 7 digit item number that we are talking about. 🙂

        Thanks so much for sharing with us.

        • I can see my item number when using my phone’s browser. I don’t need to use my desktop.

          • Yes, I often forget about going to the web site on my phone browser…I’ so used to only using the app on my phone. Thanks for clarifying.

        • Sorry everyone i’m getting box 264 so items above are for box 264

    • I’m 99% sure this person gave their order number, not their box number…

  30. Looking forward to seeing my box (264), but I hope that Trestique is a variation – I’ve got it and I’m just not impressed. No Sephora product this month – interesting!

    • I’m 264 and also hoping that trestique is not in the box. Received it in other sub boxes and don’t like it.

      • I’m getting 264, too. I hope it is nothing like this box, there is not a single item in this box I would use.

  31. I’m getting gEttinger 280. But this box looks like some repeats.

    • I’m 280 too! Hoping for the best, as the last two months I’ve had the lowest value boxes!

      • I am getting 280 too.

  32. I’m not getting any Sephora box this month. For some reason, they decided not to charge the card on my account. They decided to charge a card that hasn’t been on my account in months. Brilliant decision that no one there can explain. That card is not active, so of course the charge was declined. They decided not to tell me until now, and now they tell me that I can’t have the May bag because it’s too late. Epic fail, Sephora! #NotImpressedWithBozos.

    • This happened to me a few months ago! Sephora charged a card that I had previously removed from my account. Luckily, it was still valid. No explanation for how that happened.

    • I’ve been with them for a while now and had the same issue this month. Still don’t know if I’m getting my box. Oh, well 😒

  33. Bummer my box is 298!! I hope I get a good box this month, because last month sucked..

  34. Not my box but I like where this is going. Hoping for that Beachwalk and lots of skincare in mine.

  35. Not my box, and I’m glad its not. There isn’t one thing in there I would be excited about. I’m hoping there are more spoilers out soon

  36. Hmm, hopefully some of these are in all variations. I have #306.

    I’ll be checking back! 🙂

  37. I wonder what’s in #264.

    • That’s my box too. I got 583 last month (the worst and lowest value one), so hopefully 264 won’t be the same.

    • Me too…I guess we will see

  38. aw i wanna trade my Boxycharm I’ve got coming this month for this Play box!

  39. This is a good box. There seems to be an actual summer beach vibe going on. The Replica scent called Beach Walk, the highlight stick called Maldives, and the purifying scrub and sea salt (for hair, btw, not skin).

  40. #306 here

    • I have 306 too. My box has not shipped, so hoping for spoilers on this one too.

  41. I just resubbed, how do you see which box # you are getting?

    By the way, ANYONE who gets this and DOES NOT want the beachwalk please hit me up in the swaps section, my name is the same as here. lol

    • You can only find it from a desktop Sephora web site…not the mobile app. Go to the list of your orders to find the Play order. Make sure you click on the hyperlink which is the order number to see the “item” number. It usually is next to the tiny picture of the Play bag and it is the last three digits of that 7 digit item number that we are talking about.

      • I’m in my mobile right now and see I’m getting box #264.

  42. Mine is 272, but I’ll be happy if I get that Christophe Robin scrub. Good stuff, but so pricey.

    • Just saw mine is 272 too. I’m hoping for the scrub as well. And the Sunday Riley. I hope those are in all the variations. I think Play works up the worst box envies.

      • I’m 272 and I’d be thrilled to see the Christophe Robin, the Sunday Riley, and the beach perfume in my box. Hopefully there’s a bit of overlap!

        • I am getting 272 as well can’t wait for spoliers

    • I’m 272 too! I love Beach Walk, but I have a FS already and I’m a total perfume ho and like to step out on my scents so I’d like something new.

      • This comment is my life!😂😂✋
        Between my subs and The Perfumed Court, my wardrobe of samples is getting redonk😆

    • I’m #272 as well. Love everything in this box, so hoping #272 is just as good. Cancelled my subscription (still getting this box), but if it’s good, I might resub.

    • I’m also 272. I’m almost afraid to get that Christophe Robin scrub as I got the hair mask once and I then had to buy the full size. It was that good. I definitely want some Sunday Riley.

  43. Dang it – not mine either. This one looks awesome. Hope the others are as good!!

  44. I so wish this was my box. I’m seriously bummed that it’s not, especially since I got the worst box last month. But hopefully all the other boxes will follow suit and be just as amazing. Glad to see Sephora is stepping it up after April’s failure of a box.

  45. All of these are new to me except the fragrance bonus. But this is not my box, so I hope mine is full of new treats too!

  46. I want this one to be mine (it’s not)!!!

  47. such an awesome bag, too bad that it is not mine. Mine is #272

    • I have that one too!

    • I’ve got 272 as well. Hopefully it’s as good as this one!

      • DITTO!

        When I tried to find out what the box is, the link is broken.

  48. This isn’t my bag but if it were I’d be pretty darned happy.

  49. Not my box but this looks amazing! I hope my box has similar items. Seems like they really listened to everyone who was unhappy last month.

  50. I want this one!!

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