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MSA Mother’s Day POPSUGAR Must Have Mystery Box FULL Spoilers!

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We have the FULL spoilers for the POPSUGAR Must Have Mother’s Day Mystery Box! (Thanks Shelly!)

Each box includes:

The Box: POPSUGAR Mother’s Day Mystery Box

The Cost: $29.95

The Products: Celebrate Mom on her big day with a gift box of past POPSUGAR Must Have surprise favorites. Spoiler alert — each box will include a Derek Lam 10 Crosby Fragrance Collection Gift Set ($95 retail value) and five or more essentials to pamper Mom inside and out — over $200 retail value.

What do you think of the spoilers?

Update: I’ve paused comments on this post. If you are interested in swapping any items in this box, please check the POPSUGAR Must Have Swap listings page.

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  1. Wow, I bought 2 because of the perfume, I bought 3 cfda because of the perfume, gave 2 away. Love the satchets, my closet smells so good. But holy moly, how many of these lalicious and Kendra scotts did they buy? I love the bath oil, and kept all the ones in the mystery boxes, but have 2 extra bracelets for gifts already. The lippie is awesome I bought some more at the 75% off, and they have more? Don’t really care for those catchalls, just more stuff for my cats to push off to the floor, but make nice gifts. Very happy and I am a subscriber for 3 years.

    • Well I’m glad you got two! I didn’t get any because they were sold out….two times they were advertised

      • I’d love to buy one if you or anyone is willing?

        kelli2703 at gmail dot com

    • Wow, this is a perfect Mother’s Day gift!

  2. A bunch of old stuff.

  3. Really happy I decided to get this! Even though everything but the perfume is a repeat for me, they’re all items I love and am thrilled to have more of. Probably my favorite Mystery Box so far.

    • Mine too!

  4. Does anyone want the odeme catch all set for the price of shipping? I am willing to part with it to a nice home. 🙂

    • I would love it if it’s still available. Thank you! I am so sad I missed out on this box. Amazing for $30. My email is christymwheaton @ gmail

    • I’ve been drooling over that set 😍

  5. If anyone wants to sell theirs, I’m interested in buying! My email is beccajrichardson at gmail dot com. 😊

  6. Surprisingly I have nothing in this box except for the bracelet that I swapped for. I think I started PS in January and cancelled after the red camera bag box! I never bought a mystery box. So I am very happy and I can gift the bracelet.

  7. I was tempted, but so glad I didn’t buy. No more mystery boxes for me. Unless I cancel, then they seem worthwhile. Totally not for subscribers!

  8. Does anyone know what their customer service is like? I just received the box today, but sadly the lalicious decided to explode on the way. The box is in perfect condition so no idea how that happened. A little sad as I was going to gift it.

    • CS is really good, IMO. They respond promptly the few times I had to contact them.

  9. I just received and email from Beth that she will sell me her box for $180 minus the bracelet?!?

    I would like to buy someone’s box if they are willing and not consumed with greed.

    kelli2703 at gmail dot com

    • Holy Cow! That’s nuts.

      • It is and even more VERY sad that someone is trying to do that.

        • i find it very rude that you posted her name.. she’s allowed to sell the items for their full value, just like you’re allowed to decline.. seems a bit devious and in some cases unlawful to publically shame her? VERY sad that someone is trying to do that.

          • AnneRox, I do not think it was rude. I want to know people who buys boxes to make money, while it is nothing wrong with it, but personally I want to avoid these people.

          • I agree it is no different then requiring the swapped item to be the same retail price. Just say “no thank you” and see if you can get it for an item or price that you can agree on. No reason to be rude. I come here to escape from that and get some retail therapy 🙂

          • Beth is a common enough name so she’s probably pretty safe from being shamed and ostracized for this.

    • Kelli, I am so sorry that you came across this kind of people. I am glad that you called her out and gave her name. I would understand who wants to sell for the cost plus shipping but $180???!!! that’s beyond greed. I would make sure to avoid this person on swap as well.
      Are you looking for specific item in the box or you want entire box?

      • Thank you for your comments….

        I would love to have everything (especially the perfume set) but I will take what I can get?

        • Kelli,

          I do not want to make your hopes up, but I do have a second box. Let me receive them and I will let you know. If I sell, it would be cost plus tax (that I paid in CA) plus shipping.

          • Ok…sounds great. Thank you for considering.

            kelli2703 at gmail dot com

      • I hate to tell you but you saying to stay away from beth on the swap site makes no sense. Everyone on the swap site swaps for full retail value! There are boxes up for swap now for full RV at $272. That’s how it works. Should we compile a list of everyone who swaps at retail value and label them greedy as well?

        • Becca, I did not advise anyone to stay away from this person on swap. I express my personal position that I will stay away. In swap, it is different in my opinion. While everyone using RV as a guidance we all know that none of us paid RV, so it is kind of evens out between two swappers. This situation was different. Again, this was mine, and only mine, opinion.

          • Well this situation should never have been up for debate anyway. It was a private email between two people off of this site and should never have been posted on here to begin with. Beth sent a private email and now she is being crucified by everyone! She did nothing wrong! And you have said how she is greedy and your glad her name was posted and your so sorry Kelli has run into this kind of person. I certainly would never want to have any dealings with a person who blasts a private email discussion all over a website including my name. Nor would I want to swap with anyone who thinks its OK to do that.

          • Svetlana

            I also have a Dermaflash if you or anyone would consider a swap?

          • Kelli, thank you for the offer. I got one too. Have not used it yet, but definitely want to try.

          • Oh ok…well just let me know what you decide or if there is something you are looking for in exchange:)

          • Kelli,
            I will buy YOUR $200 dermaflash for $15 off you. Based on your comments, you should think that’s fair, since you only paid $30 for the entire box. Deal?

          • I am looking to swap it and some other things for this box.

          • Ok, well if you end up buying the box, then would you sell your dermaflash for $15?

          • Hoping that someone will want to swap for the Dermaflash and some other items for this box

            Or buy the box.

          • No, I would not sell my dermaflash, because I sub and buy boxes for myself, I do not sell anything on e-bay, to co-workers, or to MSA members. My boxes for my enjoyment and unconditional gifts to people I care about.
            I put things for swap, but I don’t even bother to put RV on any of my items.

    • wow.. She’s nuts. Lame.

    • Try going on the swap from Subscription addiction, you may find someone less greedy, willing to trade or sell. Good luck

    • Why would anyone pay $180.00 for that I think it’s more than the rv of the remaining items.

      • Retail value of the box is $272. Minus the bracelet $222. The Derek lam alone is $95.

    • This is the box break down

      Derek Lam set-$95
      Odeme tray-$44
      Odeme dish-$23
      2 sachets-$15
      Lip stick-$15
      Body oil-$30

      Total value of box is $272
      Minus the bracelet $222

      I don’t think beth was trying to get over on you. $180 is a pretty good price when you see what the retail value is. She obviously wanted to make some money off the box. However it may be better to try to swap for the items or even buy them on ebay

    • Well I’m glad you got two! I didn’t get any because they were sold out….two times they were also

    • Beth is willing, and not consumed by greed! There. Question has been answered…that was an easy one 😉

  10. If anyone wants to sell their box, I would love to buy!! van-gundy dot 9 @ OSU dot EDU

  11. I bought the CFDA box and loved the perfume. I’ve been trying to get more in swaps. Was so excited to order 3 of these to gift the perfume to Mom, Sister and Daughter. I have never gotten the body wash and I’ll be keeping all 3- happy Mother’s Day to me. The catch all and ring dish are very useful. The bracelets will probably be birthday gifts. I don’t do lavender so I’ll be swapping sachets again. What a great value. I’m so looking forward to my boxes. Thank you MSA and Popsugar!

    • Meh. No wonder there’s not enough to go around.

    • aww.. thats so sweet of you! Its such a lovely box for a loved one to recieve this time of year, I bet they will be so happy and appreciative! I know my mom would have LOVED one too but I wasnt sure what I would do if the items were complete misses so only got one …..but I LOVE it!! and the best part is since I already have some of these things, I will make a small envelope for my mom with the easy to mail dupes…lipstick, braclet and satchets should still be a cute mail gift right?

  12. I have most of it already too but I’m super excited to try the perfumes and as far as the bracelet-it is an all time favorite! I get complimented on it constantly and I’ve worn it for a while and never take it off so obviously while showering and it hasn’t turned at all, I’m happy to have another! It’s such a great deal even if repeats cuz it’s always great to have this stuff on hand for gifts!

  13. Love this box, but I’ve got pretty much everything 🙂 If anyone would like to buy this box, feel free to find me in the swapping page – I’ve got it listed (minus the KS bracelet)!

    • For $180??? That’s insane

    • Wow I can’t believe you are trying to take advantage of people like this. We all know you only paid $30 for the entire box, but you want to sell it for $180 after you have taken one of the items out!?!? Everyone on this website is too smart to fall for this. How would you feel if you were taken advantage of like this? Horrible behavior!

      • Kathleen,

        I’m sorry that you felt it best to attempt to berate me before attempting to understand. First of all, I tried to email Kelli afterward because this is my first time selling a “full” box, and I honestly didn’t know of an appropriate price point. She didn’t email me back with anything more than “what you paid for it,” which would have been fine, yet she made no effort to go back and apologize for trying to humiliate me. She didn’t mention that I had tried to go back and apologize as well as change my price, all she did was try to maintain the image of some “greedy” person who was trying to viciously pull the wool over someone’s eyes.

        I’m sorry that everything came to this, and I’m sorry that this is how the MSA community operates.

        • Beth, the ” an appropriate price point” is the cost what you paid plus shipping. Other than that would be viewed as making money on people who missed out on opportunity to buy the box. We all know how much you paid and RV does not justify to jack up the price 6 times more. I am sorry, but taking one item out and raising the price 600% it is greedy, and Kelli did not do anything to maintained this image, you created this image yourself by trying to take advantage of people. If you want make money on your boxes, best place is e-bay. I personally bought several boxes through MSA members and NONE of them tried to make money of me. That’s why I love MSA because it is a community of nice, generous, ethical people.

          • Posting someones name after a private discussion and private email is not what I would call ethical! You saying beth created this image is ridiculous. Kelli and yourself and the rest of the judgemental people on here created this image! Beth did not post her private discussion on this site, Kelli did. Beth did not take advantage of anyone. She offered to sell her box and Kelli was not forced to pay for it, was she. She declined. So how was she taken advantage of? Give me a break. Its nobodies business what beth wants to sell her box for. She can sell it for however much she wants!

        • Beth, I’m new to this forum as well and pretty bummed I missed out on the Mother’s Day box. I appreciate your reply that you are actually flexible, and also that you are new to pricing a box for resell… I too am surprised at the harsh posts, sorry about that. I am , however, interested in buying your box if we can work something out. So if you are willing to work with me please email me because I’m still waiting to be approved for the swap site and it seems easier to work thru email anyways. It’s a gmail account: shannonlins (I noticed people aren’t posting their full emails, not sure why, but hoping you can find me). TIA!

        • Greetings Beth, Im sorry I didnt leave a note here for you last night when I read what this thread was coming too. I wanted to say Hi! and welcome you and ask you to shrug off the comments…I figured you wouldnt take note, you shouldnt take it personally…remember its the internet and theres all sorts of people! 🙂 That being said, its rare for someone to do what was done here. Usually people respect Dms, This is in fact the first time I ever see someone do that..Again, dont be discouraged please, this is otherwise such a great fun site!
          (honestly,…think walmart fights on black friday mentality… theres always that one person who feels entitled…and while were at it, lets publicly extend a thank you and round of applause to sellers who are willing to cater to Kelly!)

        • Beth, if you’re still looking to sell, I’m willing to buy! You e-mail me at beccajrichardson at gmail dot com 😊 Hope we can work something out!

          • The thing is this site is more of a lets make a deal, with swapping, procuring items one would like to obtain. It is not let’s take advantage, nor is it the make a wish foundation. Each person has the ability to assess the value, be it retail, popularity, or availability of an item, and the other person has the option of kindly and respectfully accepting or declining the offer. We have the option to sell, trade or gift our items in any way we choose. So let’s just have fun, and be kind, please.

        • Beth, I stuck up for you under the other comments after Kelli posted your name. The value for the box is $272! Minus the bracelet $222! I don’t think $180 is a bad price at all! The perfume alone is $95! It was not OK for her to post your name at all! You offered to sell it and if she thought the price was to high than she should of just declined and left it at that. No need to tell everyone that some how you took advantage of her! Its ridiculous. That’s why I posted a break down of the retail value of each item under her comment. I sell the items on eBay and have already made more than $180.

        • You never apologized. When I was floored with what you emailed me I replied back with:

          You are trying to sell me a box that you paid $30 for $180 minus the bracelet?!? And I told you ugh NO.

          Then you came back to me and asked how much would I pay and I responded with what you paid for it. Why didn’t you offer your rediculious price of $180 minus the bracelet on here?!? It is no mistaking it for what it is. Someone trying to take advantage. There was no apology.

      • Horrible behavior! (Jk- but in the spirit of mothers day, i couldnt help myself
        from missing out on scolding someone for no reason 😂)

    • no thanks, Beth!!

  14. I have the tray and catchall in my powder room but want another one for my desk. I saw them today on ebay for $20 which included shipping. I thought that was a great deal. So glad I waited. Those are the only items I want from the box and will swap the rest but I definitely got my $30 worth.
    I don’t think anyone wants the winky lux, however.

    • I love Winky Lux lipsticks! Unfortunately, I just ordered this exact color from Winky Lux last month, so this one will go up for swap.

    • I am interested in buying your box? How much?

      kelli2703 at gmail dot com

  15. I got my shipping email about an hour ago. My box is coming from California and will be here Friday. I’m excited to see it and have the items in hand. Especially the tray and ring dish. I’ve been admiring those for awhile now.

    • I just love the Odema tray and ring dish! I know you will love them too.

  16. Yay! I’m so happy with this box!! I missed the November box and have been wanting that bracelet for ever!! I’m super happy I’m finally getting it! I absolutely love that body wash is so perfect and my favorite from all the ones I’ve gotten on subscription boxes and the lipstick is such an amazing color that even when I normally can’t do reds it still looks great because is more of a wine/bright pink color if it makes sense. The jewelry holders I will give to my mom and the satchels are my favorite item from the April box since I still haven’t received my terrarium. I super happy with box!

  17. I ordered one for my mother in law, and sister in law who will be in town for mothers day. I am honestly so pleased with the items and price! They do not sub to the box, and all the items will be new to them which makes this an incredible deal. I understand why people would be annoyed if they bought it for themselves, i think i would have been if it was for me since i have dups of most items except the perfumes which are notoriously hard to swap for on the site.. Wonder if they still will be with the influx of them.. hmm! Overall, i still find this to be a great deal-and it’s nice to see a mystery box have a LE item.

  18. I have most of what’s in this box but for $30 it is still a great deal. I can share with my sisters.

  19. I’m not too sad I missed this box now. I have a lot of these items already. 🙂

  20. I’m disappointed that I missed this box. Even though there are repeats, I love all of them. What a shame. Would’ve been great for $30. I’ve never got the bracelet and would’ve loved to have it.

    • I bought the mystery boxes a few months ago and have a few extras of the bracelets. I’d be happy to send you one!

      • Really? Thanks! How much would I owe you?

        • How about pay for shipping and do something nice for someone else? 🙂 I’d send via usps so it would be about $6/$7.

          • Yeah for awesome generous people!!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

          • Thanks, that’s very sweet. I will definitely pay it forward. It’s my birthday this month so this feels extra special. Thank you for your generosity. How do I get in touch with you?

          • Yeah! Happy bday to you! Can you post your email and I will email you? It will most likely be Saturday before I can get to the post. 🙂

          • Hi Kat g,

            My email address is dharshika dot sinnaduray at gmail dot com

            Thanks for being awesome!!

    • Me too! That bracelet is beautiful. I’m so bummed I didn’t get this box but happy for those who did 🙂

  21. This box is amazing for $30! So pleased with it.

  22. Love,love,love this box!!! Hope there are no variations😎

  23. I do hope that they have some variations. I have or have swapped everything but the perfume set. I will definitely have a lot of gifting items thanks to this box! I’m glad to get another catch all set to use for all my jewelry on the opposite end of my dresser than the other one I already have. I’m glad it will be here in time to mail some items as a gift to my in laws.

  24. I already have the bracelet, so I wish there was a different jewelry item. And the Body wash is a repeat as well but my Mom liked it at Christmas so I am sure she will like both the body wash and bracelet. Everything else is new to me so that makes me happy. Now I just have to decide what I am keeping and what else to gift my mom.

    Does anyone know if the same box went out to all buyers?

    • Which bracelet is it?

      • I’m assuming it’s the same gold bracelet with the white stone. I got it in the mystery boxes at Christmas time. It’s my favorite now. I was hoping for something different, but I am happy to be able to gift it.

  25. Do we know if there will be any variations on this box or will everyone get what we see here?
    I think it’s a great box so will be very happy with it! Several dups for me but I like everything in it. 😀

  26. The box totals $274 at full retail value. I am a very happy mama to get this box especially since I have never had POPSUGAR so it’s all new to me!

    • How did you get the box? I don’t subscribe but I got the notice, went to buy and it was sold out. How I’ve be sure to take advantage of it next time, do I have to become a regular subscriber? TIA!

  27. Such a great box!!! I have been a subscriber for more months than not for the past year so I didn’t order one. Everything would have been a repeat for me except for the Kendra Scott bracelet, which I can do without. Such a great deal!! If I weren’t a subscriber I’d be thrilled to get this for $30. The main reason I wanted the CFDA box from last year was for the perfume set, and I got the box half off on Gilt city for $125, which I was happy with.

  28. As a ps newbie I’m thrilled with this box! Excellent value!

  29. It’s a nice box, there’s a few things in here that I don’t have. What color is the lipstick?

    • The color that’s been in all the previous boxes (so I assume it’s the same) is Bunny, which is a not too bright/intense red that seems to be wearable for all skin tones.

    • It’s likely Bunny since it was in the December box I believe. Very nice color – not too pink, not too red.

      • Thanks – I’m glad I bought this one!

  30. Love this box! Best mystery box to date. Just wish I would have bought more!

  31. So happy! The perfumes alone would have been enough, but I wanted the bath oil and had not been able to swap for it, because it is heavy. I gifted the Odeme pieces once already, but hey. I’ve swapped 3 of the bracelets, but won’t mind another. I like the Winky Lux lipstick. And adore the sachets, having swapped to get them already. This is such a win for me!

    • I’m trying to find info on the bracelet. Does anyone know which box it came from? So excited to get this tomorrow.

      • Nov. 2016

      • It has been in every mystery box since. I think this will be my 6th bracelet. haha

        • This is my first mystery box and I just got one regular box so far so it’s all new to me.

        • I would love to buy one from you, wasn’t able to snag this in time and am not a subscriber (although I may just subscribe to them now!) If you’re a subscriber, do you get first dibs on the mystery boxes or is it open to everyone?

          • Cate, I am not a subscriber, mystery boxes open for everyone. I would suggest sign up for MSA e-mail. I get e-mail notification for every new post (not comment, but post) and you would know right away if there sale of mystery boxes or not.

  32. Nice items, but I have them all. I was really upset to have missed this (Popsugar never sent me an email). Great value! But at least I don’t have significant Box envy.

    • Anyone that wants to sell theirs? I would buy…

      kelli2703 at gmail dot com

  33. Not feeling so bad that I missed this now! Phewww! I have everything except the perfume, which would have been nice to try. I do love the bath oil, it’s awesome!

  34. I literally just ran out of that bath oil yesterday and was praying another was in this! I have 2 trays and the bracelet but who can’t use that stuff?! Score! Happy Mothers Day ladies!

  35. First time I’m truly disappointment to have missed this box! The perfume and Kendra Scott bracelet alone were totally worth it!

    • Julie–I have a bunch of the bracelets on the swap site, if you are interested. You can click my name (I think) to get to it, and will be adding this bracelet once my box comes 🙂

      • How do you get your swap profile on your name?

        • AAC—if you click on your name at the top of the page, then “My Swaps”, then on the left side under your pic, click “My Listings”, then you can copy and paste the URL in the “website” spot under your name and email on these comments. It will then make your name a link to your page. Hope that makes sense. 🙂

          If anyone wants a Kendra Scott bracelet, let me know! 🙂

          • What’s AAC?

          • Ah. So it doesn’t show automatically and I have to manually enter. Got it.

          • I would loooooove a bracelet for my mom for Mother’s Day! I missed out on this box 😩

          • I’d love a bracelet–I tried to click on your name to get to the swap site but it takes me to a sign up page-I did that but it says there is a waitlist to join…SO…LOL I am waiting…any way you’d want to share items your looking for? Hehe trying not to get my hopes up too far 🙂

          • Stephanie, I would love to be able to get my paws on anything Kendra Scott or from this box! Please let me know how to contact you! 🙂

      • I would love to be able to buy a few of the bracelets at a good price for teacher gifts, if you or anyone is interested.

  36. They are literally giving us the same box and renaming it. I’m done with popsugar. Over all these items at this point, with exception of perfume.

    • I agree. I’m sooooo glad I didn’t buy this! I have everything except the perfume and sachets. I have 3 bracelets, 2 bath oils, one set of the ring dish and tray, 2 lipsticks.

      BUT, for someone who is new to Popsugar this is an amazing deal! I would be so happy with this box if I didn’t have any of the items.

    • Agree I won’t ever buy another mystery box after the last fiasco. They’re all just repeat items, the same repeats over and over. At least this one had some new ones.

    • Yep I called it. Same box re named. There was no way I was getting this box. Think I have 4 bracelets at this point. It’s frustrating. I’ll try their mystery boxes next year because clearly they’re on overload.

  37. I’m pleased. I can use the sachets and bath oil, and I seem to be one of the few people who hasn’t got that bracelet yet. The tray/dish/lipstick are repeats for me, but I only bought the box for the perfume, so no complaints. If you don’t already have everything, it’s a pretty amazing box for $30.

    • I already have everything but the bath oil and perfumes and im still sooooo happy! Perfumes alone had me sold but of all the possible repeats, these are the most useful dupes/ my mom might actually get a mothers day gift 😂 (promise im not a horrible daughter…i just didnt get her anything bc …errr shipping is pricy….errr she gets stuff all yr….err…shes got me 😎 what else can a parent ask for??…well…😥 i wasnt going to send her a random box and hope for the best😒-tries to justify being selfish…yikes….ill feel less guilty when my box gets here and cheers me up 😀)

  38. I am sooo happy!!! I got two boxes. The catchall and ring dish I was unsuccessfully trying to swap it for like 6 months despite of hundreds of them on swap page. Love everything, everything will be used or gifted (bracelet). I noticed with PS, they put their best things to mystery boxes, that’s why I canceled PS after one month, but religiously buying mystery boxes. Have not been disappointed yet.

  39. HOW MANY LALICIOUS DID THEY BUY?! seriously… This will be my 3rd mystery box, and I have gotten one of those in every single one…

    Gonna have to skip the PS mystery boxes for a while…

    • I would love your mystery box!! If you’re interested in a swap, please let me know! I want it all except the perfume! 🙂

      • Not sure why my replies aren’t showing up but I’ll swap my entire box or any of the contents.

        • Sandi, I would LOVE to buy your box! Email me at mthsieg at gmaildotcom

  40. What an awesome deal, so glad I got one!

  41. Thank goodness I didn’t buy this box! I literally have everything but the perfume (I’m super picky about my perfumes) and do not need more!

  42. Yay! I love it! I will add I have not jumped on any of their regular boxes or mystery boxes in a while though, so the items look all new to me except the perfume, which is why I bought the box. I bought the LE box with that perfume set in it a while back and really wanted another one. And I have the body wash from a swap and it smells yummy and I was thinking of getting a second one anyway to share with my mother in law! The only thing I wont use is the lipstick so that will be up for swap!

  43. Ugh- so bummed I missed out on this one! I love this box!!!

  44. Awww…I already received most of the items from prior mystery boxes. Putting up for swap…

    • Swap with me! 🙂

      • Is there a specific swap page? How can I join?

      • Kecia–if you are interested in the bracelet, I have a bunch up for swap (about to be one more after box comes tomorrow). Click on my name.

    • What’s your swap name?

    • I’m totally interested to swap too!

    • Im happy to buy the box plus shipping and a little extra or swap

      • me too…

        kelli2703 at gmail dot com

      • I will swap my box:)

      • I will swap my box!

        • Sandi, can I buy your box? I’m new to subscription boxes and don’t have anything yet to swap…

        • Can I buy your box? I don’t have anything to swap…

  45. That lipstick is one of my most favorite popsugar finds of all time. I bought like 5 of them when that had that 75% off $100 deal around Christmas.

  46. how much did the box cost? curious… that would determine if I thought good box.

    • I believe it was $29.95 shipped.

  47. Im glad it sold out before I could get one . I just got the catchall in the most recent mystery home box . And have all those items from previous popsugar boxes . Feels so good when you missed it and don’t regret it lol

  48. Whew. SO GLAD I skipped this. With the exception of the perfume, everything else is a double, or triple, or…

  49. I have been refreshing this all day hoping for spoilers!!! I’m very happy with it, especially for the price. I am not a monthly subscriber so very few things are repeats.

  50. Anyone that wants to sell their box please email me at
    kelli2703 at gmail dot com