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Fruit For Thought Gift Box Review + Coupon – May 2017

Fruit for Thought is a subscription box that sends fruit or vegetable themed packages each month. There are full size and mini box options.

This box was sent to us at no cost for review. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

This review is of the Full-size, $39.99 + $8 shipping a month, box. 

The Subscription Box: Fruit for Thought

The Cost: The Fruit for Thought Mini box is $26.99 plus $7 flat rate shipping. The regular sized box is $39.99, plus $8.00 flat rate shipping. There are discounts for 6-month and 12-month subscription plans.

COUPON: Use code MSA20 to save 20% off your first box!

The Products: Colorful and flavorful items based on a fruit or vegetable theme! The full size box comes with 5-8 items curated around the theme and the mini box will include 4-5 items with the same theme and presentation.

Ships to: Worldwide

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Each box comes with a paper telling the month’s theme and box items. I like that they also told which items were exclusive to the full-size box so you can see how the mini and full-size boxes compare. At the bottom, they give a spoiler for next month which will be Summer Melons for June. This month was their first anniversary so there is an added bonus item as well in celebration.

Studio 66 Art Clix Snap Necklace – Value $18.00?

This pendant necklace is unlike one I’ve seen before. It has interchangeable buttons that snap on to change the colors or design of the necklace. Fruit for Thought included one pendant chain with a lobster clasp and two different snap on buttons. I can’t find the exact pricing for this setup so I used an approximate value based on the Studio 66 Etsy site. It came in an individually wrapped box which I thought was a nice touch.

Flip Flop Bangle Bracelet – Value $3.00?

This bracelet didn’t come with any type of packaging or literature about the brand or value. I’m not sure what it has to do with tropical fruit, but it does fit the beachy feel of the box. It was a bit large on my small wrist.

Heart J Creations Lip Balm – Value $3.49

This tropical fruit lip balm is made with avocado oil, shea butter, and beeswax and was incredibly moisturizing. I really enjoyed the bright pineapple scent.

Pineapple Change Purse – Value $1.00?

This pineapple change purse has a zip top and is made of soft plush with a nylon lining. The green pineapple stem is felt. The stitching is already coming undone and it isn’t something that is high quality or I would personally use.

Tropical Fruit Smarties – Value $0.25 (buy 150 rolls for $9.49)

I can’t believe I’ve lived this long without even knowing Tropical Fruit Smarties existed! Where have I been?? These had the same crumbly almost chalky texture of regular smarties but with (supposedly) tropical flavors. I couldn’t distinguish any flavors other than mild fruitiness from each color.

Paradise Bath Boutique Lotion (8 oz.) – Value $4.50

This lotion came in a generous 8-ounce size bottle with a convenient pump. The scent is passion fruit guava, but it was very faint and I wouldn’t have placed it if I hadn’t known. I found it offered a light amount of moisture and fast absorption.

Candle Lady Shannon Wax Melts – Value $3.50?

Unfortunately, I don’t own a wax melt burner so I will pass these along to a friend. I can’t locate a website for this vendor but based on similar wax melts on Etsy I have estimated a price. This fruit smoothie scent smells light and fruity.

Tasty Confections Mango Popcorn – Value $5.00?

Mango popcorn is a first for me and one flavor of popcorn that I never need to eat again. I absolutely love popcorn and have enjoyed it in my flavors, but this one just wasn’t my cup of tea. I found it cloyingly sweet and with an artificial fruit aftertaste that I couldn’t wait to get rid of. Tasty Confections sells 6 cup bags of popcorn for $10 and I’m guessing this bag looked to be closer to 3 cups so I am estimating the price to be $5.00.

Pineapple Drink Cup – Value $1.00?

The pineapple drinking cup with straw was the bonus anniversary item. It certainly went with the tropical fruit theme!

Verdict: This was my first month trying out Fruit for Thought. I have mixed feelings about this box. I found some of the items (change purse, flip flop bracelet, and drinking cup) to give the box a cheap dollar store feel. These items aren’t what I would expect to find in a box in the $48 price range (I’m including shipping in box value here). However, I like that they support independent Etsy sellers with other items (lotion, lip balm, and necklace). The value of the box with my estimations came to about $40 which doesn’t even cover the full cost of the box with shipping. While the box was fun to unpack and had many items in it, this one missed the mark for me. Since this is my first time reviewing I don’t know if this was an off month or what I can expect to find regularly.

What do you think of Fruit for Thought?

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Written by Jessica Telesmanich

Jessica Telesmanich

Jessica’s addiction started off slowly enough with Birchbox, but it has grown and grown over the last three years. An elementary school librarian and mom of two she loves boxes that are child-centric. But she’ll never turn down a good fashion, beauty or tasty treat subscription.

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Comments (41)

  1. While I appreciate the honest review, a refreshing breath of air after some companies just getting glowing reviews no matter what. Like Kloverbox who was deleting any negative feedback and only sent boxes to reviewers that didn’t really represent what paying subscribers got or the lack of CS paying customers received. I think the smaller sub box companies cannot compete with boxes like FFF or PS where you get an extreme value for paying very little. You can’t sub to the box expecting a great value, i think it’s a very well thought out theme and everything in the box coordinates with that theme, unlike PS. I subbed to My Texas Market and their boxes barely met the cost of the box plus shipping, but I loved them because of the thought behind the items in the boxes and the hand written notes, individually wrapped items, it was fun to get.

  2. Definitely a cute idea, and I can see the appeal but I would be very disappointed if I had spent that much money. This personally seems like a 19.99 box. Subscription box’s exist for a few reasons, they are either value box’s (items you can buy yourself but you get them at a greatly discounted price), exclusive items (things that are hand made by that person/company like nerdy post) or box’s like GlobeIn, where part of the cost is going to artisans in far off places that they are sourcing and/or part of the cost goes to charity. A box like this that ends up being below or at cost with items you can easily source yourself just makes no sense to me. Just my 2 cents, definitely not for me.

  3. I’m more of a ‘quality over quantity’ person, but I can see how all the little things would be fun to open, especially with a cute theme like fruit. I wouldn’t expect a box about fruit to be really serious or luxe. I’d expect it to feel light and fun, which it does.

    It might have helped if the filler items related more to the Etsy items. For example, an inexpensive bowl to hold the popcorn, rather than a cup. Or a lipstick case to hold the lip balm instead of a pouch. While it would be more expensive, a tart warmer to go with the melts would have added a lot to the box, and there are several Etsy sellers that sell the tea light kind, and probably Ali Express has the electric ones. The curation could be a little more coordinated as an experience; the fruit theme does not need to be the only unifying factor.

    I think the reviewer’s estimates were too low on some items, but $48 does seem like a high price for what you get. It might add to the perceived value to have more information about the Etsy sellers. What inspires them, what kind of supplies/ingredients they work with, etc. Even if this can’t go on the insert, highlight them on social media. Maybe ask them for cards or inserts to put in the box, or see if they want to offer a discount to subscribers.

    As a designer, I do think the insert could be more professionally designed. Let me know if you want some tips for improving it. (I’ve rambled enough here already!) The box has a lot of potential, it could just use a little more polish.

  4. People subscribe to boxes for many different reasons, some people want a bargain and some people are looking to discover new things. This isn’t the box for someone who expects 3-4 times the retail value of the price they paid. This box is for people who want an experience, to receive a box of fruity items would be fun to open. I think this box probably breaks even with the retail value vs the price we pay for the sub. I can see how some people wouldn’t like it, but if you’ve been subbing to boxes for years, you’re probably tired of the same old thing and this would be something different and fun. I’m sorry I missed their grab bags! If they ever do an apricot theme (strange favorite fruit, I know) I will sign up in a heartbeat!

  5. I do not subscribe to this box, but I have followed along as the owner Pamela, a longtime MSA Forum member, came up with the idea, canvassed active Forum members for ideas and opinions, and then launched her box.

    This box as I see it is providing fun fruity novelty items. The point is to introduce the subscriber to smaller vendors.

    There are boxes where you pay X and get two or three times X back in terms of Retail Value which is often the case for Luxe boxes.

    But sometimes a box is about novelty/fun/experience. Many of the book sub boxes/tea time sub boxes/Etsy or small batch sub boxes fall under this category where you don’t get a really high RV in a box.

    I usually go for Luxe boxes with good per box RV. However I also get Wonderful Objects because I enjoy the experience of that box. The RV in that particular box is not really the point.

    Just my thoughts!

  6. For a box that’s at the same price point actually even higher because shipping price is included I kinda expected more. The products look like something from Alli express that was bought in bulk but in this case it’s etsy shops. I thought it was listed in the terms and conditions on this site that sub box owners couldn’t have an account or respond or something like that, so I’m a little surprised the owner for this box is replying away.

    All in all this box needs help a LOT of it, and at this price point I don’t think I would subscribe maybe at $10 a month I would.

    • I meant to say it’s higher priced than POPSugar so I expected more value and better quality products.

      • I’m sorry you feel this way. Pop sugar is a huge company that gets volume discounts and donations. There are many many smaller sub boxes that support artisans that are priced accordingly. If you saw a picture of the complete box, you’d see that most of the items are artisan and there are a few low cost items used as filler to complete the theme and the initial impact of opening the box,and not meant to add value. The individual gift wrapped item, tissue and custom ribbon all add to the personal quality and initial impression, which you are not seeing. I am not posting to solicit business. This is very personal to me.

      • Pam, Pamela, and whatever other username you might be using on this review (pretty shady I think) I understand this is personal to you, but this was a review of the box and feedback was asked about what we thought. I said what I felt, and I have a right to express my thoughts on it. The fact you didn’t receive a glowing review and now you’re on here defending your box is kinda weird. This was the same thing others owners of and they were banned from posting because I think the terms on this site mentioned sub box owners can’t be responding on the reviews. I think they made that rule so much things like what is occurring right now doesn’t. Regardless of if you’re company has the same economy of scale of getting bulk discounts from big brands i think others also feeling this box wasn’t the best of quality and you going around and posting comments is against the rules of this site.

      • The rule is that subscription box owners can comment on the blog, in reviews, etc., but not in the forum. 🙂

    • I have seen reps from other boxes reply…Glossybox, Ipsy etc. on MSA

  7. This review is harsh.

    This box is handmade box with extra bonus items and should not be compared to other boxes in the same price range unless it’s the same type of box.

    The values seem off. The valued on this review seem low. $3 For a bracelet? I seriously doubt it. The lotion seems like it’s valued low. It should be valued at over $10. I can’t go to a farmer’s market and get a lotion for $6. Pinapple cup for $1? I ‘ve seen these sell for at least $8 at home stores. The pinapple coin purse should at least be valued at $6

    If anyone has not tried wax tarts they make the house smell so much better then candles. They also last a long time. Hand made wax tarts in a package like this sell for $5 on the low end up to $10 once again unrealistic values on this review.

    This box might not be for everyone yet it’s still a cute box an d good value if the values are based on real values.

    As far as as any one calling this box cheap and not liking it. Obviously this box is not for you. Maybe you need to stick to pop sugar or fab for fun and not subscribe to unique handmade boxes.

    • I thought this seemed like a pretty honest review and I appreciate the honest feedback provided.

      • The prices the reviewer estimated look quite accurate actually. I appreciate the reviewer being objective and honest.

    • You need to CALM DOWN! The reviewer of the box wasn’t harsh at all I thought she was fair in her review, the truth is that this month of Fruit For Thought just wasn’t that good. Now that doesn’t mean that the subscription is bad or low because its not because all of their other months has been great and cute at less I think so but this month was not any good and is filled with dollar store items. Also I think its strange that so many people are upset that Fruit For Though is not getting a good review, do a lot of you work for the company?

      • Maybe some of us just really like and support the Fruit for Thought subscription and want to see it succeed. The owner has been so kind and responds to all inquiries personally, like a few other sub owners, and that can breed fierce loyalty. I see so many complaints on reviews for other subs about the horrendous customer service. Pam goes out of her way to make sure anyone who contacts her is treated like the most important customer she has. Yes, it’s a higher priced box. But there is nothing else like it that I know of.

      • Wow, at first I was so glad to see that this box is finally getting coverage! And I don’t think the review or some of the constructive suggestions (a wax melt burner with the wax melts) are horrible. But some of the people commenting, especially those who have not experienced this box firsthand, are what I consider harsh. I subscribe to probably about 30 subs, and this one is my favorite. Partly because of the fun of opening it. It’s lovely to look at, smells amazing, and has a beautiful mix of fun snacks (Smarties are my favorite!),
        wonderful lotion/beauty products, and other various items like jewelry and cute purses.

        The other reason I love this box so much is the best customer service I have experienced. Pam cares about this business and is never defensive when responding to an upset customer. I signed up in February and really wanted that February box but it was sold out. I emailed to ask if she could muster up just 1 more for me, and while she really didn’t have any, she included a special extra gift pack in my first box, chosen just for me based on our conversation. in a world where there are so many customers complaining of poor service, this is a great change of pace.

        I think this box is really something special, maybe not for everyone, but I am really just so happy to support this business.

    • The values are either generous or accurate for the most part.

      The flip flop bracelet is $1.26 on AliExpress with free shipping.

      The pineapple pouch is $.67 with free shipping.

      The pineapple cup ranges in price, but are $22 a dozen on Oriental Trading Company for a very similar cup, and $30 for 10 of the exact same cup on AliExpress:

      The lotion seemed like a low price, but from examining the Etsy store that it’s from, the store is clearancing out their products, hence the low price.

      The wax melts are being sold on Etsy for $2.50.

      The artisan, hand made products like the necklace, lip balm and wax melts are nice, and while you may find more value in the products than the retail values, the issue lies in that the box uses a lot of cheap filler from China to bulk out the box that seem to be poorly made and chintzy. In the very least, when buying stuff from China, there should be some quality control in which obviously falling apart products are thrown out instead of included in a box. When you are talking about a product that is manufactured and shipped for under $1, you’re not exactly going to be getting 100% high quality every time.

      While there are many boxes that focus on the curation of the products and quality, the contents of this box don’t make a lot of sense. It seems like a bunch of products thrown together without a lot of rhyme or reason. If the theme of this month’s box is tropical fruit, the inclusion of a flip flop bracelet and a brightly colored floral pendant necklace have to do with that? I get the “island time” aspect, but it still didn’t fit very well in a box about fruit. A fruit smoothie scented wax melt doesn’t scream tropical to me, either. I think strawberries and blueberries when I think smoothies, not necessarily mango or pineapple. The Smarties also seem like a cheap inclusion, whereas a handful of more unique candies like, mango flavored taffy or pineapple hard candy would be a little more expensive but introduce new things to subscribers.

  8. I think this box is super cute! You can definitely see the value – and I love that they support small business and independent artisans for their products! Maybe other people are more used to seeing $40-$50 candles and think “wow, what a deal” because they have a big name corporate brand on them – but these items are unique and handcrafted which is part of the charm!

  9. I am OK with the review, but this box is not a hot mess, unprofessional, or sloppy. The care that is taken each month is evident. The individually wrapped gift is always well-wrapped and fun to open. The items have been varied and mostly support Etsy shop owners. This box always makes me happy. Do I love every item? Of course not, but over the months I have also found several items I have purchased more of for friends (cotton candy, pedicure kits, caramel). If May’s box doesn’t please you, I’ll bet June’s will.

  10. Aww, the little pineapple coin purse is my favorite part of this box! Post it on the swap site if you won’t use it!! 🙂 That is the type of thing that always cheers me up. (But I’ve never, ever owned a typical wallet because I find them to be too boring.)

  11. I love crazy flavored popcorn! I’m going to have to hit up that etsy shop!

    • Marion, I thought the popcorn was incredible. I’ve eaten quite a bit of it!!

      • I see that they do sample packs where you can pick the 3 flavors you want from their list! 😍

  12. I reviewed his box when it first came out and it was a fantastic mix of products but this box seems cheap, hopefully they can make better decisions in the future. 5 star reviews are great and all but value speaks louder than words.

    • Thanks Lynsey, The value was still there, I just added a few inexpensive items as filler this time. I definitely am going to reconsider doing that in the future.

  13. Additionally, I like the fact that at least one of the items in each box is gift wrapped. It makes it feel extra special to open! Or it’s ready to give as a gift, if you prefer.

    • After seeing this box, I would never give the wrapped item as a gift until I unwrapped it to make sure it wasn’t a dollar store trinket. I would then re-wrap it so it was wrapped nice and neat, unlike the one in this review.

  14. Although I have not yet received my May box and cannot comment on it specifically, i can say that in general this is a wonderful box and one of my favorites. I have been a subscriber since the beginning, and it is one of my favorites. Do i love every single item? No, but every item in every box matches the theme (which is a lot more than most boxes can say) and every box has more items that i do love than that I don’t (again, more than most boxes can say). Additionally, customer service is absolutely outstanding — I have never waited more than an hour or so for Pamela to respond to an email, even if the response is that she needs to do some research and will get back to me. As far as postage goes, in the very beginning she went out of her way to work out a special deal for me since my postage would have been extremely high (I live in Colorado and am far from where she ships from). i don’t remember the exact deals, but it again shows her care and concern for her customers. Will she go out of business? I hope not! I do know from discussions and posts on the MSA Forums that she gave this box a great deal of thought and planning before she went ahead and started it, so she did not go into it without considering the risk involved.

    • Thank you so much Mimi!!!

      • I think becusss the owner of this box used to on the forums is causing other people to have a bias opinion. I think this review is transparent and if someone was subscribed this is feedback that will help people determine if they want to subscribe or it. Before I subscribe to a box I like the fact mysubscriptionaddiction tells the honest story no bias involved. I’ve subbed to a lot of boxes some were bigger companies and some were smaller, and this site has helped me determine things from
        Honest reviews such as this.

      • Absolutely.

      • I did not base my comments on the fact that Pamela is a member of the forums, other than in the sense that she gave a great deal of thought before starting the box. i based the majority of my comments on the fact that, unlike the reviewer who states this is her first box, I have been a subscriber to this box from the beginning and therefore am making a judgment on the totality of the boxes thus far; not on only one. If you consider being a long-term subscriber a bias, then so be it.

  15. I loved their mystery boxes too!

  16. I wish they’d bring back their mystery bags. I was so sad I missed the last one.

  17. I’m sorry you guys feel this way. If you look up the items online you will see the values are higher than noted here. On Cratejoy we have 18 five star reviews from customers that love our box and we have been very successful for a year now. Shipping cost is actual shipping, and not included in the value of the box. There are some inexpensive “filler” items, but otherwise we pride ourselves in offering mostly handmade items so the value is in the theme, the curation and getting handcrafted items.

    • Sorry Pamela for my remarks. It’s easy to forget real people are behind these boxes. Coincidentally, I saw this box on another subscription website last night and the way the contents were arranged made it look a little more appealing than it looks here. Anyway, my apologizes and good luck.

  18. I can’t believe they have been in business a year. This box looks terribly unprofessional. Even the wrapping paper on the box looks sloppy.

  19. Another Johnny-come-lately jumper on the sub box bandwagon that will go out of business in two months.

    • 2 months? They are celebrating their year anniversary and are selling out each month.

  20. A Hot MESS!

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