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Sugarbash Subscription Box Review – April 2017


Sugarbash is a bi-monthly subscription box curated by radio-host Shirley Strawberry. The box includes a mix of beauty and lifestyle items.

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)


This box is a “Limited Edition” box – but it’s a little different than how other subscription boxes do Limited Edition boxes. If you were already a subscriber, this is your April box. Alternatively, you can buy this Limited Edition box for $80.


The Subscription Box: SugarBash

The Cost: $39.99 every other month

The Products: Every other month you will receive a box of carefully selected full-size products. Each box is curated by radio-host Shirley Strawberry.

Ships to: US Only

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Each box comes with a fold out card detailing the items included.


It starts with a letter from Shirley.

Sugarbash-Limited-Edition-Faves-Raves-April-2017-0006 Sugarbash-Limited-Edition-Faves-Raves-April-2017-0007 Sugarbash-Limited-Edition-Faves-Raves-April-2017-0008

And ends with a note from the Sugarbash team:


Now, onto the items!



Pure Cosmetics Limited Edition Nude Collection – Value $50


The palette packaging is pretty fancy! It has a quilted design on the top, and the other sides are covered in velvet.


This set includes 8 shimmer and 4 matte pressed eyeshadows.


The formulas are paraben free, fragrance free, and not tested on animals. Here are all the shades swatched beneath the next item:


The pigment is great! Those shimmers!

And here is the lipgloss swatched on the top of my wrist:


Manna Kadar Liplocked Priming Lipstick in Bliss – Value $24


This lipstick is creamy and highly pigmented, with a semi-matte finish.

(While this is a lovely lipstick, I’m officially at the point of Manna Kadar overexposure when it comes to subscription boxes!)


Londontown Lakur Enhanced Color in Love Bite #9 – Value $16


I’ve sampled this nail polish brand a few times now, and their formula is fantastic! Long wearing and high shine creams!


This Love Bite #9 shade is a bright, cotton candy pink. Here it is on:


And to go along with the nail polish we have one other item from Londontown:


Londontown Restorative Nail Cream – Value $25


This is a rich cream designed to help repair cuticles and nails.


It worked instantly to moisturize my cuticles, and I used a little extra as a hand cream since it seemed to absorb quickly.


And this set also includes gloves to wear overnight for extra deep conditioning.


Melinda Maria Tessa Marquis Necklace – Retail Value $68


This necklace measures about 17 inches long with a 2-inch extender. And it is 18K gold plated.


And it is the second of 3 layering necklaces from this brand subscribers can expect to receive this year! (Check out my other Sugarbash Box review to see the first necklace.)


(I just realized I don’t have a picture of the other pave side of the necklace, but you can see it here.)


YogaRat Yoga Hand Towel – Value $12.50


This towel is made with a dense microfiber, so it absorbs liquids easily.


It measures 15″ x 24″.


Machine washable, tumble dry low.


And even if you don’t need it for yoga – this would be a great towel for cleaning!


YHF Los Angeles Soho Sunglasses – Value $60


First, this iridescent sunglasses case is pretty awesome!


The glasses part of these shades are made with gold metal rims, and black enamel fill.

Sugarbash-Limited-Edition-Faves-Raves-April-2017-0019 Sugarbash-Limited-Edition-Faves-Raves-April-2017-0022

These were designed exclusively for Sugarbash subscribers, too.


Unfortunately, my face doesn’t pair up well with the shape of these glasses, so they will be gifted!


Crown Brush Pro Lush Powder Brush – Value $23


This brush has densely packed, multi-length, synthetic bristles. It’s a BIG brush, so it works well for any type of overall powder application like setting powders, mineral foundations, etc.


Cypress Skincare Pure Love Cleanser – Value $40

(Subscribers will either receive the Cypress Skincare Pure Love Oil Cleanser OR Cypress Skincare Face Love Oil)


This cleanser has a super simple ingredient list: 100% Organic Hemp, Jojoba & Castor Oil with Lemongrass Essential Oil. That’s it!

This cleanser was gentle and moisturizing on my skin, and it did an OK job of removing makeup. (I’d recommend using a makeup remover first!)

Verdict: This box has a value of about $318.50! After looking at everything I received I am still asking myself, “How did I get all of this for only $40?” Amazing! I think it’s a great value even at the $80 Limited Edition box price, but for subscribers, this is incredible!

What do you think of the latest Sugarbash Box?


How do subscribers rate SugarBash?

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (43)

  1. I signed up for a 3 month subscription last noght, and I just ordered the Mother’s Day box! I couldn’t resist! Thanks again for sharing this box with us Liz!

  2. Hi Liz! If I subscribe today, will my first box be the April box? Thanks! Yvonne

  3. In case anyone’s still checking this forum, I’m putting up the brush, the palette, and the sunglasses up for swap!

  4. I was in the second wave so I got mine today! I got the Bliss lipstick (I thought I’d chosen another, but oh well), the nail polish in Queen of Hearts (nice hot pink), green towel and the face oil. So glad about the nail cream since the last polish peeled off my thumb, so I really hope it helps! That brush is HUGE. The necklace feels a little cheap and sunglasses aren’t my jam, but for me I think the $40 price was worth it.

  5. I expected to want to sign up for the sub after receiving my LE box, but it’s actually the quality of the fold out card that has me on the fence. I was a little underwhelmed with the items, especially the sunglasses and the necklace. There’s enough here that I like to make me feel like I got my money’s worth. I love the brush, the palette, and the cuticle cream. But I’m just not sold.

  6. I got the limited edition box today and am soooo happy with it! The eyeshadow pallet has so much pigment and comes with a small brush. I somehow got the perfect color nail polish and lip color for me. The sunglasses are cute but seem very cheap and flimsy,thin, but good just for fun. I love everything so much I’m tempted to buy another limited edition one (I paid $75 w a promo code), but I’m trying to fight the urge. Such a great find! I can’t wait for the June box. I know it won’t be like the limited edition box but so happy I found such a great subscription! Thanks for posting the video on msa so that I had the chance to discover this…so happy!

  7. Just wanted to mention that I contacted Sugarbash about not receiving the LE box and asked for an explanation as to why, as a renewing subscriber and one who had already received more than one box, I did not it. They had several confusing explanations, but I wanted to post this response here.

    Hello again,

    We do not work with My Subscription Addiction directly. The review is completely independent, and they might not have had all the complete/understood information regarding all our programs and promos.

    As for packaging for this box. The new boxes were delayed by weeks in their delivery, and we didn’t want to hold up shipment. We used what we had in stock.

    Thank you for understanding.

    The Sugarbash Team

    The part I want to emphasize is this:
    “As for packaging for this box. The new boxes were delayed by weeks in their delivery, and we didn’t want to hold up shipment. We used what we had in stock”

    In other words, I’m not a valued customer.

    There is nothing more I can do about it, but just wanted to blow off steam.

    • I got my box today!!! I love it!!!

    • Wow! My understanding was that if you were already a subscriber, you’d get this LE box for your April box… this was based on Shirley’s unboxing video and their website (so not from Liz)… I wonder if they oversold the LE box? I’d ask for a refund or next box for free, their response doesn’t hold water…(I ordered the LE box as stand alone, was considering subscribing but I’d like to see if others have the same problem)

      • I got the regular box and not the LE box. I was on the holiday promo which was a three box special trial and not a regular subscription which expired with the April box. I got an email from SugarBash asking if I wanted to upgrade to a regular subscription. I had too much stuff so I didn’t upgrade. The Sugarbash boxes were different this time, I believe that is referenced.

    • I’m incredibly late, but they do have the box now. I just tried to sign up and was told I’d be charged 2 month’s worth of fees immediately due to the May box being missed. I’m not sure if that’s normal, but it kept me from joining. Also, if it’s of any concellation the limited edition box is priced at $80.00 now. I may have missed something, the box design can’t cost $40.00. Not knocking the sub, the fees are just a bit perplexing. It’s actually got some nice products, from what I’ve seen though. I subscribe to 5 sub boxes and pay the same price for 2 of them. This one wins the cost vs. value war. I’ll definitely be watching the company, thanks for the review!

  8. I’d love to swap someone for the sunglasses! They’re super cute =D I’ve got my swap page linked in my name.

    • I’m happy to swap the sunglasses. Let me figure out how swaps work. I know I’m on the swap board. I was accepted last year!

  9. I really like that they found a creative way to reward their loyal subscribers instead of just to new subscribers like everyone else! I have way too many boxes now, but Sugarbash is definitely on my watch list.

  10. As an FYI- the coordinating earrings are on sale on Melinda Maria’s webpage. And the 30% off code from this box works with it. So if anyone loves sets like I do you can easily get the earrings for a good price.

    • Does anyone have the 30% off code from the box? I can’t find mine.

  11. I’ve been a subscriber since July of 2016.
    I received some makeup, a yoga towel, and some nail polish.
    It was actually not nearly as good as the boxes I’ve received from them in the past.
    I emailed them and I hope they will make this right.
    Very irritating.

  12. Is Sugarbash becoming the new Popsugar?

  13. How did this box not get reviewed until recently? I’ve not even seen it in the list of sub boxes when I was looking for a new one besides the same old ones that everyone seems to get. I subscribed and can’t wait! Wish I knew sooner so I’d have gotten that fabulous LE box. I can’t pay $80 for it.

  14. Is the necklace pendant real turquoise or simulated?

  15. I like what I see and the value is super great. Used the code and got it as a stand alone box. I prefer paying a little more and not having to commit to it.

  16. I just signed up so excited

  17. I saw the post about the LE box and decided to purchase it, then I went back and read the review for the glamorous box and decided to purchase that, received my glamorous box and fell in love and decided to subscribe and received another glamorous box (gifted that, I didn’t need 2, just figured I signed up for the subscription before the cutoff for the current box)…. so does this mean I will be getting another LE box? I’m so confused….lol

  18. If you sign up now what box would you get

    • I just emailed them with that question, I will post an answer when I get one. An outstanding box 🐱

      • I got an e-mail from them saying that LE box is for current subscribers only, and can be purchased as a one time purchase by non-subscriber. Since I subscribed yesterday, they said that my first box will be June one, however, I have to e-mail them and let them know if I would prefer February box instead of June on.

  19. I LOVED this whole box!! I also enjoyed, so much, watching the unboxing video by Shirley. It really made me love the items chosen for this box that much more. Shes so sincere and joyful.

  20. Is there a code to use for the bi-monthly subscription? GLAM and MARCH do not work anymore. I did order this Limited Edition Box nearly 2 weeks ago and am waiting on tracking. I agree about the confusion– I had a tough time trying to figure it out with the month name, theme name, which one was or wasn’t available, and the fact that it is bi-monthly.

  21. What an interesting way to do a limited edition box. I hope it works out for them. This seems like a way to reward loyal subscribers, rather than offering a ton of incentives to new subscribers.

  22. That’s amazing!

  23. I ordered this a few weeks ago and it hasn’t arrived yet. I’m so excited to get it though!

    • Same! I emailed this morning to see if I can get an update of when it will ship.

  24. this is NOT the April 2017 IS their limited edition box. I just got a refund, they were nice and prompt about it. I did get their last was good…but not this good.

    • Sorry if I got this wrong. I was charged on March 15th for my second box, and this was the box that arrived. (I also got an email about the Limited Edition box if I wanted to buy extra, but I never bought this as a limited edition box.) And I thought I saw on their social media that they told subscribers they didn’t need to buy this box if they were already subscribed.
      Let me know if that makes sense. I’m a little confused as this point! Sorry!

      • I agree, the whole thing was confusing, but Liz, you’re absolutely correct. This Limited Edition Box IS the regular subscription box for those subscribers who met certain criteria. You had to have subscribed BEFORE March 5 with an ongoing, auto-renewing subscription. If you were a new subscriber before the cutoff date, you would have received the “Glamorous” box right away as your first box, and the LE box as the second box of your subscription (billed at the same rate you normally pay). It is NOT possible to get the LE box as the first box in your subscription. You had to have received at least one box prior as part of your ongoing sub to be eligible for the LE box. SugarBash intended to reward loyal subscribers with this extra large box, as they say on one of their Instagram posts (from Feb. 17).

    • This is the April box if you were a current subscriber. But it can be purchased as a limited edition box

  25. I wish I were a current subscriber! I had no idea about this box existed until I read the last review. Still bummed I didn’t receive that polish shade in last month’s Allure box. This is a great curation, I may have to make room in my budget! for this

  26. I LOVE those shades!

  27. I love listening to her radio show, I’am going to subscribe right now!

  28. If I subscribe right now, would I get this box as my April box?

    • You’d have to buy it as a one time limited edition $80 box and if you subscribe your first box would be the June box. They told me I can choose to have the glamorous box as my first one (see Jan review) or start with June.

    • Was going to ask the same thing.

    • You would have to already be a subscriber for the Feb box to get this as your Apr box. But you can get it as a stand alone box while supplies last for $80 (use code LIMITED to get $5 off = $75).

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