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POPSUGAR Spring Break Mystery Box – SPOILERS!

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Yay! POPSUGAR has three mystery boxes available now!

Thanks to Nich, we have spoilers for one of the latest Mystery Boxes from the POPSUGAR! (This box was $29.95 and is no longer available.)

The Spring Break box includes:


The Box: POPSUGAR Must Have Spring Break Box

The Cost: $29.95 ($200+ retail value)

The Products: These bright and festive outdoor essentials are perfect for your sunny Spring Break getaways and beyond. Each box will include a set of House of Pom Emoji Cocktail Napkins and 6+ more sunny surprises:

What do you think of the spoilers?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Does any one know when these boxes will ship? I ordered the organized home box a month ago and I’m still waiting.

  2. Just got the spring break box & the Sachajuan expired over a year ago in 3/2016. Not at all pleased by this!

  3. I don’t understand how many more pendants, palettes, and Cargo blushes they can have! They have been in pretty much every mystery box for the past 6 months. I really like all of them but one person can only have so much.

  4. I’m confused. I went to the PopSugar site and I don’t see a mystery box link. I’m interested in the home box.

    What haven’t I figured out here?

    • ElisaK they stopped selling the box. It was just for sale for a few weeks.

  5. I wonder if there will be different variations of this box. The boxes in December had a few variations of each theme.

  6. Oh my gosh. They still have more swans!! Clearly they overbought those.

    I’m glad I skipped this box – I actually have everything except the pin and napkins up for swap. I also have 2-3 more umbrellas to swap, too! (swap user #22508 if you’re interested!) I really hope that the organizing box will be better. At least I know I will appreciate more of the Odeme dishes, so that will redeem whatever else they send me.

  7. Ugh I’ve been wanting that blush, wish I had gone for it. I just had no interest in the napkins and the swan drink holder that I knew would probably be in there.

    • Mine will be up for swap or sale!

    • I have several of the blushes from previous mystery boxes. I’m a cream blush gal so I never opened any of them. I never thought anyone would want them. I need to get them up on swap.

    • I have one up for swap. Click my name for my swap profile!

  8. I am happy with the box. Certainly don’t want another snowflake necklace… how many did popsugar buy?!? I have gotten probably 6 or more from the sub, mystery boxes, and extra gift for late shipping or something like that.

  9. Pretty excited for the home box!

  10. I would love to have this cargo blush. I already owe one, and absolutely love it. It looks on my face so natural, so refreshing.

  11. Yay! I don’t have most of those items!

  12. I know that Cargo blush doesn’t look like much in the pan, but it’s really beautiful on the skin. I probably use it more than any other blush in my collection right now.

    • I always pass on that blush because I have so many others. I’m looking forward to finally getting that. I’m a sucker for novelty summer items so I love the swan and pineapple. I’m getting overloaded on items to gift, so the palette, napkins, necklace and surong are all completely unnecessary purchases. I really thought I’d escape the snow fall with a spring break box.

    • Amy, I am a novice blush user but when I use it I see some results. What type of brush do you use with the Cargo if you don’t mind me asking. I am pale or as my husband puts it porcelain princess so I like the right tools so I don’t look clownish. Any help would be appreciated.

      • Hi Jeanette! I use a small-ish angled blush brush to get more precise placement. I put in the apples of my cheeks and take a bit up my cheekbones and around my eyes. Then I take a super-fluffy brush and lightly blend to make sure there are obvious edges.

  13. As far as i know, the mystery box sale has ended, right?

    • Nevermind, didn’t notice Liz’s (…not available) notes at first.

  14. I will use the makeup, the napkins and the sarong. I might try the hair product this time as well. Just no on the necklace and inflatable…they should give these away. Seems similar to the last mystery boxes. Not my favorite box but I will make use of some items.

  15. I was tempted by this box because I really want the napkins but didn’t go for it. I have half the box already but would have been happy with the half I don’t have. The sarong is nice. I actually found it on ebay for $8 with free shipping. Perhaps I should look for the napkins there next. And I want the hair product and the swan too. I saw Sunnylife inflatable drink holders this weekend in Nordstrom.

    • I will sell you some of my items! Loveness_vipatyahoodotcom!

    • I’d be happy to swap or sell you the napkins and swan! Let me know and I can set up a listing or swap:) I have both and can’t seem to get rid of them

  16. So glad I dodged this lol I use to be a subscriber, then went to just getting the mystery boxes. Annnnnd man I have so many repeats….same stuff they just rename the box. I was thisclose to ordering and thought nope, it’ll be the exact same things and sure enough lol I do get needing to unload overstock, but come on.

  17. I think the mystery boxes are great for non-subscribers. My sub ends in May and I don’t plan on ever re-upping, I’ll just order the mystery boxes when I’m interested.

  18. Ugh. I ordered this and the home box so hopefully that one is better. At least the napkins have a home – my mom finally got an iPhone and has been obsessed with emojis so will get a kick out of it. The “snowfall” necklace as spring break is the kicker for me.

  19. I’m definitely not impressed with this box, but that is the gamble we take with mystery boxes.

  20. I agree that the last few rounds of mystery boxes have been extremely repetitive, but I think buyers shouldn’t be too surprised about that. You always take a risk.
    Instead of flooding the swap site and never getting rid of this, gift it to your girlfriends, sisters, nieces, mothers.
    My friends love my little gifts they haven’t seen in a store before.

    • Theresa – can we be friends? Lol. Actually I already do. Those items are great to fill up Christmas stockings and Easter baskets with. I also put together product boxes for my mom on occasion because she doesn’t really splurge on that herself. I’m always handling out random food or products to my friends with all the things I won’t use. BUT still have plenty for swaps too, with all the duplicates. And yes, I did know that the mystery boxes are items from past boxes, but I was hoping for my favorite items like the Juara Candlenut lotion, brown sugar vanilla bath oil, mint tea, or some of the older great items I may have missed!

      • Love boxes or care packages or rainy day boxes is what my grandma called those types of boxes. She gave us one every month sometimes two. The thing I remember most are the endless boxes of cornflakes that we got in those goodie boxes she gave us. But anything goes.

  21. That’s the same eyeshadow and blush from the GNO box! I’m so glad I didn’t jump on this one…but I did on the home box. Please let it be better! Did we know the items were going to be regurgitated???

  22. A box chock-full of all the items flooding the swap site! Every item in that box I either currently have listed for swap, or did at one point. LOL. I finally learned my lesson and passed on this round of mystery boxes…thankfully! If you’ve never subbed to PS these mystery boxes are a good deal, but for longtime subscribers it’s same old same old stuff they can’t get rid of, over and over again.

    • Jsp…you summed it up perfectly.
      I am so glad I didn’t bite on this box, but I am a subscriber (but will be cancelling after May).
      If I wasn’t currently a subscriber, this would be great. After I cancel, I will probably get a few of these mystery boxes, but I will likely wait a year so I don’t get items that I already have.

  23. All I got to say is that the pin website for the pineapple pin is cool! I want all the presidential pins. lol

  24. Just what I need! Another skinny scarf, snowflake necklace, and cargo blush. I just finally donated 5 of those scarves from the horrible mystery box duplicate debaucle!!

    • It’s not the skinny scarf!
      This one is actually pretty nice.

      • Thank you for pointing that out! The patterns are similar and I didn’t read the description. I have PTSD from the skinny scarves lol! I do have the sarong from the original box but a friend of mine really liked it so I can give it her 😀

  25. Ok thank god I didn’t jump on this box.. I have 2 of those necklaces,both makeup items, the scarf, and I don’t have pool and the napkins would of made me upset. I think the home one will be way better.
    Hey has anyone not recieved even a tracking for the April Must Have Box?. Normally I have by now…..

    • I received tracking for my home box but it hasn’t moved yet .

  26. I can’t believe the red see- through purse isn’t in this box!

    • Don’t worry, it will be in upcoming mystery box(es). In fact, I expect the entire awful March box will be offered as a mystery box until the end of time. “The gift that keeps on giving”… *sigh*

      • I have to say, the March box was definitely not to my taste. However those items were actually highly requested in the swaps, and I was able to swap everything out very quickly. The swans on the other hand, they will be floating around forever!!!

  27. Oh! So glad I didn’t get the spring break box. Ack!
    I really hope the home box is better… I really wanted the catchall and ring dish, so whatever else is in it I’ll consider extras!

  28. Wow, now we know how bad it can be if emoji napkins are the lead item. Popsugar needs to donate this stuff and get the tax right off. At this point, they are just disappointing people and ensuring that they will never be able to sell out their mystery boxes in the future.

    • Good point about the napkins being the spoiler. I should have known from that how bad this would be. “Spring Break” just sounded so fun, I couldn’t resist.

    • I completely agree. I ordered 1 mystery box when I first discovered PS. It had the Bingo game..I will never again order another. They definitely need to do something different with this stuff.

  29. Super confused about the snowflake pendant in a spring theme box.

    • The necklace is pictured. The name of the design is Snowfall – it’s actually a very clean geometric design.

    • I’m with you!!! I was so hoping of another Karen Scott bracelet but the snowflake necklace from the winter box now?! Common! I had a last second moment but ugh! Stowaway palette and cargo cosmetics… =/ The swaps are already full of these.

  30. The Swan makes it’s big return😃. Ok box, could have done without the makeup. Can we pretty please see the home box?

  31. Not very happy with this one. Maybe I will finally learn my lesson on these mystery boxes! I’m hoping the other two will have a better product mix. I’m actually surprised there is no umbrella, but maybe it’s hiding in the home box. And WHEN will they run out of these swans???? Lol

  32. Glad that I passed on these.

  33. Hey, at least there wasn’t an umbrella!

    • Or a bingo game!! Ha!

      • Lol…both of those are probably in the home box🤔

    • I trails want that umbrella actually! The box that I ordered with it in it was ruined. The shower gel snacks that and everything in it 😕

      • Really. Darn phone!

        • I am of the oned that would love to have 2 umbrellas more!

          I’m always traveling for work so I have one in my luggage. I will love to have one in my car and other one at the office. I hope PSMH brings back the boutique idea. There’s some stuff I actually need and dont mind getting a discount.

          • Yes! They need to do that again!! I didnt get anything last time 😔
            Ohhhh or as a reward to subscribers give us a chance to purchase overstock ” add ons” from the previous month to add to our next box shipment 😎

  34. No FOMO

    • Same here!! Glad I passed on this. Hoping the Pineapple Lux one will be better

  35. I didn’t get any of these mystery boxes. Mystery boxes is like gambling, you win some you lose some. I hope the next set of mystery boxes they have April 2017 items.

  36. Omg! This box sucks! I only wanted to emoji napkins and ended up with a big flop. I hope my box is different 🙁

  37. Aargh! Another Stowaway palette to add to my collection. And what does the snowfall pendant have to do with spring break?

    • I wondered the same thing…a snowfall pendant?? This box is horrible

  38. I’m glad I didn’t get this box. I have not used any of these items from the first time I got them in the boxes. Well except the swan I brought to a white elephant party.

  39. Glad I did not get this. 4 things from the July 2016 box, so if you did not like that box then your pretty screwed.

    I liked the first go around of mystery boxes because they included things from over the years, not just everything from one year, or in this case a half of a year June-December 2016.

    I did not get any of the boxes, but no fomo with this one.

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