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POPSUGAR Must Have Box April 2017 Review + Coupon

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POPSUGAR Must Have is a monthly lifestyle subscription box for women. Each month they send a mix of items from categories like beauty, fashion, food, fitness,


This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

Popsugar-must-have-april-2017-0004 Popsugar-must-have-april-2017-0005

The Subscription Box: POPSUGAR Must Have

The Cost: 39.95 a month

COUPON: Use coupon code MUSTHAVE5 to save $5 off your first box.

The Products: “Must Have” items for women selected by POPSUGAR editors. (Fitness, Home, Beauty, Food, and more)

Check out all of my POPSUGAR Must Have reviews and the Women’s Subscription Box Directory!


Each box comes with a fold out card detailing the items included, and what themes inspired the box.


This month, the themes are: reset, natural, healing, clean, grow, and spiritual.


Popsugar-must-have-april-2017-0040 Popsugar-must-have-april-2017-0041

Now, onto the items!


Makers Kit Crystal Sand Art Terrarium – Retail Value $32


The kit comes with instructions to put together your terrarium.


And Makers Kit sent along a coupon for POPSUGAR subscribers, too:


While Makerskit no longer offers a monthly subscription box, you can use this coupon towards a purchase of the Makerskit Craft Box Limited Edition ($50 retail value).


This was super easy to make. I just cut off the corners of the colored sand bags and poured in a circular motion to create level layers. (I recommend putting a paper towel down before you get started just in case there are any spills.)


I have zero green thumb, but I love the idea of having plants in my office, so this little terrarium is perfect for me. (The dried mosses don’t need water!)



This is one of my favorite POPSUGAR items this year! I love getting home items in their boxes, and this terrarium is so unique and fun! Plus it’s an easy DIY project with chic results!


MORNING CULTURE Dipped Bamboo Cutting Board – Retail Value $22


This bamboo cutting board is dipped in food-grade safe paint:


It measures about 12 x 5.5 inches.


And it is hand wash only.


They recommend using the cutout handle to hold a bowl of dip:


It’s a smaller tray, so it’s good for displaying appetizers, or perfect for a picnic cutting board. (Thanks for the picnic idea, Bella01!)


Or it works for a mug, too:


I like it is a nightstand tray!


Tonic Australia Lavender Sachets – (Set of 2) Value $15


These sachets are made with 100% cotton and filled with pure lavender flowers. And they smell amazing! If you are a lavender fan like I am, I’m sure you will love these!


And the fabric prints are so cute, too! (They have an Anthropologie vibe!)


POPSUGAR recommends using these in your closet, or under your pillow. (I also like using sachets in my suitcases to keep them smelling fresh.)


The Cottage Greenhouse Carrot & Neroli Shower Oil & Body Wash – Value $22


First, I love the bottle design of this body wash. How cute is that little leaf?


This shower oil/body wash is paraben-free, gluten-free, and never tested on animals. It’s a lightweight formula compared to a typical body wash, and it lathers well. The scent is subtle, and a bit perfumey, but I like it.


And the body oil comes with a coupon code for 30% off your next order!


Cocolab Cocofloss – Value $8

(Flavors may vary)


More lovely packaging!


Admittedly, I don’t get very excited for floss, but it’s in the box so of course, I’ll try it!


This floss has microfiber filaments so it gets your teeth cleaner than regular floss. And it has a subtle mint flavor, too. I like the flavor and I think it left my teeth feeling cleaner than my regular floss picks.


Nourish Holy Habanero Roasted Corn – Value $2


These snacks are gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, and non-GMO!


The roasted corn provides a good crunch, and they are seasoned with lots of spice! I liked these but found I could only eat a few at a time. (For spice reference, I always go for mild salsa at Chipotle.)


Sensodyne Pro Namel Strong & Bright Enamel Toothpaste – Value $6

This item is a Special Extra for the box.


This toothpaste is designed for sensitive teeth, and to help strengthen enamel. The formula isn’t a very sweet mint (like I usually use), but I don’t mind it.

On one hand, it feels a little weird getting both floss and toothpaste in a POPSUGAR box, but on the other hand, they go together well. (Let me know what you think!)

Verdict: This box has a retail value of about $102. While this isn’t one of the highest value POPSUGAR Must Have boxes, I really like the items this month. This box feels like spring, and I love that there are multiple home items in the box! The floss and body oil are new brand discoveries to me, too.

(And while it was a bit weird getting floss and toothpaste in this box, they are super usable items!)

What do you think of the April POPSUGAR Must Have Box?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. I love this box:)

    • Yay!! 🙂

    • Me too! Even the toothpaste and floss are pretty great. They have really come up with a nice variety of items.

    • My Terrarium came in a million pieces. Shards of glass and sand were everywhere. I emailed Popsugar with a picture, so I am sure they will send me a replacement. Just disappointing when you wait for something, and it comes to you in a hazardous way. It was not my favorite box by any means, but I was still stoked. Not a great reveal if I have cut up fingers. Boo!

      • My terrarium came broken 😔 But I emailed them a picture. They ALWAYS respond quickly if there is a problem. And I really liked the box. Anytime there are home items in the monthly box is a win for me.

      • Mine was broken too. I emailed Popsugar about it and they are sending a replacement terrarium.

        • I was wondering if anyone else’s came broken as well. I emailed them. I’m glad I was paying attention when I opened the box, or I would have had glass everywhere.

      • My finger bled for hours after cutting it on shards of glass from a broken sugar cookie mix in a previous box. Popsugar was super responsive in refunding, which I didn’t ask for or expect. Probably not the best idea to send glass items in sub boxes.

      • I’m glad / sad to read all of these! I swapped my terrarium. It arrived / left here fine early this week, but when the person I was trading with received it, the glass was in pieces.

        I’m a photographer and I know how to handle delicate / extremely fragile items for shipment, and I packed it perfectly. In addition to the cardboard stabilizer and top / bottom styrofoam pads that came inside of the PSMH box, I also put a layer of jumbo bubble wrap below it, jam-packed the box w/ so much shredded crinkle paper that you could not have slipped even a dime inside, and then used more bubble wrap on top.

        When the person I was swapping with let me know that it had arrived broken (and was not my fault), I immediately went on to eBay to purchase her another one – and made sure I bought one with pictures of the actual terrarium, and not just stock photos. (Wanted to make sure it hadn’t arrived to them damaged in case they had not opened it before they listed it..) I explained to the eBay seller what had happened and that it was a gift, and provided the person I’d swapped with’s address. The seller was awesome and surprised me with FedEx 2-day shipment for her.

        That second terrarium arrived at my swappee’s house today. Any guesses on how the glass arrived the second time around?

        I seriously do not know what to do. I can’t keep buying these stupid things! My swappee is going to send me photos of the (second) broken one from eBay and if I can get a refund on it, I think I’m just going to buy her a gift card and the next time around and we’ll both be protected with that sale. Grrrrr.

        • Oh no, what rotten luck! I wonder whether the glass is faulty. It does seem that, however well it’s packed, it will break anyway.
          It might be cost effective to just return the swapped item.

        • Your awesome! You put a lot of effort in your swaps. I LOVE dealing with ppl like you! 🤗

      • Same! I’m pretty sure a lot of people are having this issue. they need to either package better, or better yet not send items like that. I personally don’t need something like that. Just collects dust around the house. I asked for a replacement of something else

  2. I don’t see the Sensodyne up for swap yet but if anyone wants to unload it, that’s my favorite so happy to swap for something useful I buy anyway!

    • I just listed it if you’re interested! I have a Costco toothpaste pile that I think I’m dedicated to for the next 6 or 7 months haha

      • I’m interested but can’t enter the swap yet!!!!

  3. I can’t believe they are sending toothpaste and floss.
    The only cute thing for me in the box is the cut board, the rest… 😞

    Popsugar down as much the value of the box, because is making boxes for a $20 price tag (black friday deal) no $40 and although I’m one of the ones to got this deal I regret, because no way I would spend $20 in that box…

    Looked like a genius decision at that time sign for 2 years $20/box 🤦🏻‍♀️

    • I agree the dollar value isn’t great but this one is at least a bunch of cute items. March seemed like someone grabbed a bunch of stuff from the clearance section at Walmart.

  4. This is a great box for me. Can’t wait!

  5. This box is fun! Isn’t it all about getting things you wouldn’t normally buy or emerging brands you don’t know about? Why are so many so negative? Shower gel, great! Toothpaste and floss, i love dental hygiene, cute board is great for party trays, chopping veggies, etc. Sachets, love the idea Liz gave about putting them in suitcases for travel! If you don’t like the terrarium, use the vase for flowers, shells, crystals, i collect matches and put them in vases like these. Save some items for birthday gifts, Christmas, etc.

    • Agreed!!! Very fun and different box! Love it! So tired of all the negativity from many on the box content! Everyone is not going to like every item- but if you are always disappointed and do not like the boxes- perhaps it is time to cancel!

    • Yes, I love this box! I’m not like OMG I CAN’T WAIT and checking the mail every day, but I’m pretty happy with the value here, esp at Black Friday prices. There’s not a single item here I’ll put up for swap – it’s all stuff I’m interested in. The vast majority would make great gifts if I wasn’t.
      I do agree that the point is trying new stuff. It’s probably how they can afford to offer so many great items – other companies joining in because they’re able to reach new audiences. Take the toothpaste, for example, because I know it’s getting a little heat here. I’m pretty hooked on my Crest 3D White, but I’m about out, and if you’re going to give me a free full-sized tube of another brand, I’ll give it a shot. I wouldn’t go to the store and spend money on another brand when I’m 100% happy with what I use now, but you never know – they might steal my business.
      I’m getting married in a month, and my favors are “moth deterrent sachets.” I know that sounds awful, but they’re decorated pretty nicely, and made from herbs & spices. It was one of the first things I made my guy, because his sweaters were getting eaten by moths, but I can’t have him smelling like a musty attic. 🙂 So… the last thing I need are more sachets when I just made a million bajillion, but I will never say no to these things – slightly hooked to that great smell!

      • I agree 100%!
        Congratulations on your upcoming marriage!

        • Thank you! 🙂

  6. Love it all! Sorry I didn’t get it.

    • I got rid of my subscription last month after receiving a plastic red see-through bag that they claimed was worth over $40. Who would use that? The Rachel Zoe Box will gave me an actual Tribe Alive Satchel! Now granted the Rachel Zoe box is worth twice the money but with coupons and all of that you actually get a leather and broquet handbag Plus a bunch other amazing items worth over $400.

      This Popsugar box for April only confirmed what I had been thinking about the box. It I believe it has gone downhill. Toothpaste and floss???!!!!’nn A crystal terrarium that I would want to give to my 11-year old? The only thing in the entire box that I would want to keep is the cutting board and maybe the sachets. The body oil looks like something on the shelf at Marshall’s for $3.99 that’s been sitting there for two years with a red on sale sticker. I’m very happy I did not spend $40 on this box.

      People are better off buying their periodic mystery boxes every couple of months because you end up getting the same items for a lot less money and a lot more items in the box! Ok enough bitching….not trying to be mean but if were being honest here. The author of this page does a really good job putting a positive spin on boxes ….even ones that I can tell she doesn’t like very much. However, sometimes you just got to call a spade a spade! I really hope popsugar does a better job competing with other boxes because I don’t think that they are going to make the cut with these sort of boxes.

      • I just have to throw out there, I wasn’t sure about the red bag at all… But it was pouring down with rain today as I got ready to go into D.C. So i threw my things in it and I got so many compliments on it today!!!

        • Omg….from sports games to easter bags and first aid kits i thought we had covered every possible use and we forgot RAINY DAY…in spring…duurrrr!! Bye white cotton RZBOS bag, helloo again PS!!
          Did you wear rain boots? Im tempted but maybe something toned down…brown ones? :/ yup,got tomorrows outfit picked 😀

          • I love the red bag it us one of my favorite items they have ever had. I work retail and we need see through vinyl bags so they can check us out.

      • Well said! I totally agree!

      • I totally agree. I have never purchased a popsugar box because I feel like it is a real hit and miss even with a coupon. I dont see what the big fuss is about.. my fabfitfun box for spring was a million times better than this. The older boxes were way better.. the ones I have seen this year have been a real turn off. Go to the swap pages and you will see what their subscribers think of their items. I have seen items that say “246 available” LOL I saw that hat they sent a few months ago.. who dresses like Diane Keaton? weird

        • I think many people actually sub to popsugar just to turn around and swap / sell it and not to enjoy it for themselves, or selln1-2 items, and then its like they got the rest of the box free.

      • I didn’t like that red bag at first as I couldn’t think of a possible use for myself. Then, I decided to see if my Clarisonic and accessories would fit (they were still sitting in the cardboard box they came in)…it was a perfect fit! So, now I’m rather happy to have it.

        • I didn’t really love the red bag but I can use it for the beach and pool same with the watermelon lunch box. I love Rachael Zoe. Her boxes are worth the cost.

          • I love the red bag, too. Didn’t really like it at first but I’ve used it so much now. Super fun and handy.

  7. Pop Sugar is simply not doing it for me anymore. I’m surprised so many folks liked this box better than last month’s. I wasn’t of fan of March either but I thought they were slightly closer to the mark. This month I’m only keeping the lavender satchels because why not just throw something in your drawers (not because I’m particularly excited about them), the food item even though I’m very skeptical about it and the toothpaste because by the time I get the book I’ll need more. I won’t unsubscribe just yet. I want something to replace it with. Any good suggestions are welcome.

    • I also think March’s box was better, so you’re not alone. For me the March box was very playful and cute, and I know I’ll be using all of those items (even though January and February were both much better than March). The red bag that most people hated, for example, is actually very good for going to concerts and amusement parks (it’ll make going through bag checks much easier).

      I’m personally glad I cancelled before this month’s box. IMO it’s nothing but a bunch of overpriced home decor that can be easily DIYed, with an okay-looking snack and some other random stuff thrown in. Plus, the RV is considerably lower than it is for most months’ boxes.

    • Sugarbash is a good lifestyle box. It is $35 each and only every other month. It does have quite a few beauty items, but also jewelry, a food treat, and some sort of home or “lifestyle” item.

      • Thanks for the tip! I haven’t heard of this box 🙂

      • thx! will look at this box – does Liz review it?

    • If you want a better idea of what’s in sugarbash you can check out their Facebook page, they just did the unboxing for the April box today.

    • FabFitFun is my favorite box. It’s only quarterly, but worth the wait!

      • Yeah, I think PopSugar has felt a little light the past few months because FabFitFun has been killing it.

  8. I seriously wish I would have bought this box!! : (

  9. Liz are there 2 sachets? The ones online show 3 for $20…

    • Sorry I missed that! Yes, it’s only 2 sachets. I just updated the post.

  10. I love this box! Will use everything for the first time in many months. I even love the floss and toothpaste lol

    • I think this will be the 1st time ever in sub box history i use the coupon 😲 i know its not the complete lamp kit…but soooo many easy pintrest ideas for it. And i love dinos and never had a terranium, so will give this a shot with a wtering bulb for when i travel. Those dont work well in regular pots bc the dirt clogs them up….so maybe this is my solution. And bathbombs 😍… averaging at $5each…not bad.

  11. The subscriber crowd is hard to please, from reading the comments 🙂 That’s probably the reason why Liz doesn’t do another subscription collaboration anymore.

    Good curation, pop sugar!

  12. Incredibly disappointing. The only items I like are the terrarium and the cutting board. Who sends toothpaste and floss in a lifestyle box? How boring! Even the food item stinks. And why are the retail values of the boxes decreasing so exponentially? I think there should have been another item in this box…it feels incomplete. By comparison, fabfitfun crams a ton of stuff into a box for $10 more than this.

    • As someone who has about dozens of tootgpastes, that’s one item I would be sooooo excited about 😂

      • I love getting toothpaste too, but Test Tube Beauty spoiled me this past time with their portable toothbrush and the large size tooth paste. Plus you got a spare toothbrush head. With all the competing sub boxes out there I think I am seeing in 2017 more value and more items in competing boxes. With that said, when my three month black Friday deal ended I have been subbing at full price. I don’t think $40 is worth it for $102 retail value when a third of that is from the terrarium. Box of Style, FabFitFun and Test Tube Beauty just spoiled me this past time.

        And on a different note, everyone is allowed to have their opinions. I am glad if someone loves the box but I am also respectful if someone doesn’t. Let’s not get to the point where people can’t give their honest opinion about a box. It’s a disservice to Sub companies and a disservice to subscribers like myself who appreciate different perspectives.

    • The food item stinks? Who died and made your opinion fact? I love spicy snacks and I can’t wait to receive it. Going to buy more too!

      I will be buying the kit with the coupon, only adding something else besides dinosaurs. One will go in my living room and another will go in my bedroom.

      I love lavender, I realize some people do not and those can be swapped or gifted.

      I am looking forward to the bath product and the toothpaste and floss. Ready to renew for spring!

      You know what I did not care for? Those smash mellows… however they were in high demand when I put them up for swap! Different strokes for different folks.🙂

  13. I like the box because I paid $20 for it with the black friday offer. If I would have paid $40 I would be mad.

    I love that they include the toothpaste from the brand I use so I feel like I paid $12 for the box. Still when my credits are over Im going to cancel. Although I usually enjoy and use the contents of the box nothing really feels like a Must Have for me.

    Not sure if is just me for subs are turning boring and I dont feel the same way of excitement as when I buy stuff I actually want or need.

    • You can go ahead and cancel now so you dont forget. Since its prepaid your boxes will come until your box credits run out. I did this in january😎
      Same, i love the box and will be happy with my goodies, as i have been with all of them. I think of it as buying myself a little $5 goodie each week….except all at once and without the trouble of having to shop for it (great with all this snow). Since weather is nicer now, i can go out more and find my own treats, but i have 1 more box to go! Will deinitely think about doing it again next yr 🤗

      • Thanks so much for the advice! Just canceled. I like the $5 a week idea 🙂 . This is my 2nd year with a 6 month black friday deal. Maybe I will do it again, but I’ve been in the sub market so long that I forgot how good it feels to browse (internet/ or acual store) and buy stuff.

        Subs Im keeping for now: Play by Sephora, Sisley & LMDB I like expensive skincare and makeup so I always enjoy those subs.

        • Gloria, do you know if the Sisley sub auto-renews? I am currently receiving boxes, but I don’t know how theirs works?

          • Mine did not autorenew. They sent me an email informing me that my sub expired.

  14. Nothing interested me but the toothpaste lol
    Everything else will probably be gifted or just collecting dust haha

  15. Love this box and will buy a second one if iI goes on sale!!

    • I’m happy to sell you my whole box if you’re interested!

      • I may be interested!!! Cost?

      • I’d be interested in purchasing it if you still have it!

        • Hi Nana,
          I still having the terrarium, satchels, cutting board and toothpaste, let me know if you are interested 🙂
          belen_herrera_7 at hotmail dot com

  16. Really like this month’s (even though these aren’t items I would automatically pick for myself) but that’s what’s nice about PSMH. I’ve loved the last few months but yeah, beauty and skincare overload 😉

  17. Boo! Never use oil in the shower or tub, allergic to lavender, don’t use mint flavored floss. The cutting board is cute until the paint starts peeling. Can’t tell about the teranium yet. Two months in a row I really wouldn’t purchase any of the items. I’m very thankful for the swap site. I’m spending too much in shipping costs though.

  18. Cute! I would love it (for $20, that is …) 😉

  19. 😕 Not what I would consider a great box but I’ll keep the toothpaste since I’ve been wanting to try this one. It’s definitely not the worst Popsugar box though. Everything but the toothpaste will be up for swap.

    *Click my name if you’re interested in a swap*

  20. Yay! Love this box. Thanks Popsugar! <3 Pretty much everything in the box is a win for me. Even the floss and toothpaste! lol

  21. Not very excited about this month’s box. But, that’s OK, not expected to love each month, so will just wait for the May box.

  22. Wow! Love the box. It’s funny, I just bought that toothpaste last night 🙂

  23. Love this Box! I am swapping the cutting board as I have many & already have DIY stuff for Terrarium (but no gorgeous geode!) so swapping this too. But I really do love this box & will use all the other items. So excited to unbox it myself. Thx Popsugar!

  24. They’ve covered a lot of bases in this month’s box. While I don’t like lavender scented things nor will I use the body wash I still appreciate those items in the box as they are nice items (and hopefully easily swappable). My favorite item is the dental floss, isn’t that funny? I have floss in the car, on the arm of the couch, on my desk at work, next to bed, in my purse, and of course in the bathroom. I’m a floss-aholic and am looking forward to trying a brand I’ve never heard of. Can’t wait to try the corn nuts. I hope I don’t have to wait forever to get my box. Last month it took over 2 weeks to travel from CA. It was zigzagging all over the U.S.

    Oh, I might try the body wash for shaving as suggested on their website.

  25. I actually love this box so much more than the last one and it has a lower value. Sometimes it really is about the thought that went into it. Most of it is super useful and I love the cute DIY that’s so simple I can do it. Kinda sad I canceled last month but I’m sure half this stuff will end up in the mystery boxes soon.

  26. Not really excited about this one (or the last) the terrarium is cute but I am OCD about dust, the cutting board seems like a good idea but too small and kinda odd with the paint and hole, the shower gel/toothpaste/floss will get used but don’t excite me. The sachets are cute and I love lavender but it’s a small item. For $20 I’m happy but this is not a $40 box for me.

  27. This is my last Popsugar box and I’m glad I actually like it. I also just happened to be looking at purchasing the dental floss the other day so this would be a good chance for me to try it first. The March box was just a weird collection of items that I ended up giving away. I’m already subscribed to 3 other boxes (Causebox, GlobeIn, and Happy Rebel) so I’m letting this one go.

  28. I like this months box but value has gone way down the last several months. There doesnt seem to be a expensive hero item anymore.

  29. If they give a coupon for this box, I will have to jump on it. That shower oil😍

  30. This box looks great and I can’t wait to get it.

  31. I love everything except the terrarium. Luckily, the hubby loves it, so he’s taking it to the office. The toothpaste and floss are not the generic everyday kind, so I think it’s a cool addition to this box. After all, a beautiful smile is the best accessory!

  32. Okay, I like the tray. I am reserving judgment for the terrarium. Love the oil. The floss is cute 🙂 an adjective I never thought I would use to describe dental floss. Not sure where I would use the sachet- chances are I would throw them into my drawer or at the back of my closet. Now the snack seems out of place here – a healthy bar would have been better. Now I am thinking of canceling again, need spoilers for May very soon.

  33. That floss in the clear container so that you know when it’s going to run out is what I’ve been waiting for all of my life.

    I like this box loads more than last months.

  34. This box is very cute. I like it. Not something I would buy on my own but I’m thrilled to have them. Im overloaded with makeup and skincare so having a break from them is very nice. I dont have this box but will swap for the whole box if you dont like it. PM me if you want and we can go from there. 🙂

  35. I think the terrarium is cute, but also just a dust collector. I do like the cutting board and I appreciate the spring theme, but I’ll never use the shower oil, hate lavender scented anything, and don’t care for dental hygiene stuff in boxes. I have my own toothpaste I love and floss.

  36. I wanted this box so bad. If anyone wants to sell theirs let me know.

    • I will sell you mine. How much?

      • Depends, what are you thinking. I don’t want to go insanely over the actual cost of the box. I am on the wait list through popsugar if they have extras and would happily use everything.

        • Happy to sell you mine for cost.

  37. Glad to see such a kick*$$ comeback after the maddening March box! I love everything, and I can’t wait for it to arrive! The terrarium is one of my favorite box inclusions since the FFF planter we received last year. It’s so unique, and perfectly timed. I currently have a glass bottle filled with daffodils on my coffee table, but the flower petals always fall victim to my dogs’ tails. The terrarium will be a perfect, dog-safe substitute piece!

  38. Love this month’s box. Can’t wait to get it!

  39. Love. Probably my fav box of the past December, January, and February boxes- and I liked those ones! Though lower in value, all items are new (as in- I wouldn’t necessarily buy myself but enjoy being introduced to), fairly useful, and happy! Lovely, feminine colors. More boxes like this, please! Thank you Popsugar.

  40. I didn’t get this box and would love to swap the terrarium.

  41. I told myself I wasn’t going to look but I did. I’m looking forward to this box. The only thing that’s a miss for me is the snack because I don’t like spicy food.

    • Actually, i just read an article that people are addicted to spicy foods because your body releases pain killing endorphins similar to a runners high. I am starting to get that way!

  42. What a great assortment! I’m really looking forward to this one. All items are usable or gift-able. Win win.

  43. This box was a miss for me as well. I’m already swapping the terrarium. I’d be open to selling/swapping anything else in the box as well.

  44. Looovveee it already! I will have to save my body wash for the cooler seasons, since thats when i run low of the oil washes and these are hard to come by!
    Already liked the first 2 spoilers, i appreciate all the motivation i can get in flossing…that includes actualy oning floss 🤓 (though i still prefer picks for ease…but aybe this will be more gentle on my sensitive gums)
    Toothpaste is good…i like my teeth.
    And the lavender satchels=yessssssssss!!! Since i dont have an easy supply for fresh lavander where i live now 😍
    ***finally a box with no makeup and jewelry***
    Love how they mix it up with the boxes from very girly with eyeshadows and accesories, to fancy/cozy home, to fresh and natual… this one feels more like january- but even better!!

  45. I’m thrilled with all of it! All unique stuff that I’ll use.

  46. Ha, I love it. Seriously goes to show that popsugar is all over the place in terms of when it will be a hit for some people and a miss for others.

    I’ll take all the lavender sachets that no one wants 💐

    • Hey Alex – I’ll have to swap or sell mine, so comment again here if you mean it!
      I love the look of the sachets but sadly lavender makes me ill so I won’t be able to keep them.
      Super excited for the whole box. Yay!
      Does anyone know whether the toothpaste is free of triclosan?

      • Sensodyne is usually triclosan free.

        • Good to know, thanks. I suppose I could have waited until my Popsugar box was in my greedy paws, but I’m excited to use the toothpaste along with the adorable floss. And who would ever think that dental floss could be cute?

  47. I love this box.

  48. Very well rounded box! I like it even though I’m allergic to lavender they will make a cute gift. I can’t be mad since I paid about $20 for it

  49. This is my FAVE box ever from PS!!! I’ll take anything anyone doesn’t want!

  50. Total miss for me. The only thing I’m even remotely happy to see are the lavender satchels. PopSugar used to be such a great box; what happened? 🙁

    • I really really want to like Popsugar, I really do. I feel like I could go to Big Lots for this month’s box. It’s cute, especially the satchels, but I would be disappointed. It seems like the LE boxes are the way to go for me.

      • Youre right! This is totally big lots! Or hobby loby 😁 (except the body wash…can never find those) .. but love that they did all the work for me 😎
        And…its almost impossible to walk out of any store with a ticket under $20 bc once i start i dont know when to stop.

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