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POPSUGAR Must Have Box April 2017 Box SPOILER #2

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We have another spoiler for the April 2017 POPSUGAR Must Have box!

Each box will include:


Makers Kit Crystal Sand Art Terrarium – Retail Value $32


(POPSUGAR sent me this early so I can answer any questions you might have!)


The kit comes with instructions to put together your terrarium. Here is the finished product:


I love that this terrarium is maintenance free! (The dried mosses don’t need water.)


This was super easy to make. I just cut off the corners of the colored sand bags and poured in a circular motion to create level layers. (I recommend putting a paper towel down before you get started just in case there are any spills.)


What do you think of the latest spoiler?

In case you missed the earlier spoilers, the inspiration for the April box is:

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 1.46.26 PM

And each box will also include:


MORNING CULTURE Dipped Bamboo Cutting Board – Retail Value $22


Function meets form with this gorgeous and eco-friendly kitchen addition. Dipped in food-grade paint, this pretty bamboo cutting board doubles as a space-saving serving tray.


POPSUGAR sent me this spoiler item early so I can answer any questions you might have about it!


It measures about 12 x 5.5 inches.



They recommend using the cutout handle to hold a bowl of dip:

Popsugar-must-have-spoiler-april-2017-0006 Popsugar-must-have-spoiler-april-2017-0008

Or it works for a mug, too:


If you haven’t signed up yet, use coupon code MUSTHAVE5 to save $5 off your first box! 

(Regularly $39.95. Check out our POPSUGAR Must Have reviews to see what has been in past boxes!)

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. So glad I cancelled. Very disappointing.

    • Yep, I agree. I haven’t missed it.

    • REALLY? I love these things. i love kitchen stuff as I cook a lot and I love science, rocks, crystals. What would you like to have in them?

      • There are a lot of people on this site that are impossible to please. It makes me really sad to read such constant negativity.

        • It’s not for me, but my 12 year old son loves the make your own crystal kits, and he said, “I really like it, it will be nice to have.” So I’m actually more excited to get something special for my son.

      • I like them! Something a little different and it totally works for me. I’ll be happy with it and I’m looking forward to the April box!

    • Then why are you stalking the spoilers Kathy? Curiosity killed the cat.

  2. I ❤️ this! I plan to dye a little of the sand to match the rock and layer it in.
    Still have no idea what to do with the daft painted plank.

    • It would make a good cheese or appetizer tray. Just a thought.

      • I appreciate your positivity, it’s great. And I’m happy for everyone who will enjoy their new cutting board.
        The lilac/periwinkle colour simply won’t work with my decor. Cutting food on a painted surface probably isn’t the best idea, which makes it a serving board, I suppose.

        • Easy fix – get some food grade paint (seal with some shelac) and make it part of your decor. Bonus, you can use the paint to dip some wooden serveware to match. You could even use tape to make stripes or designs – then shelac to seal and make food grade.

        • Wait I’m confused I thought that was a cutting board? Its not treated or made for use as a cutting board?

  3. Hmmmm, cute.

    But I would much rather know where you got that organizer on your dresser, Liz? Is that UMBA? I can only imagine how amazing it is when you open it….

  4. I love that this is somethng different! It will collect dust so, ill see what i can find for a clear lid i can just set on top from Hobby Lobby. But im happy thus far with this month, hell of a lot better than last month.

  5. This almost makes me want to resub. If I weren’t moving out of the country in a few months, I probably would!

  6. Haters gonna hate. I love this, I think it is adorable and perfect for me office.

    • Why is someone a hater if they don’t love everything? That’s pretty rude of you to call people names just because they don’t share your opinion.

  7. I’m thinking I’ll find another container for this — one that I can actually add a live bromeliad to, or something. I like the idea of a terrarium, but putting in a crystal as though it’ll grow like a plant seems sort of weird to me. So, overall not bad, but I’ll have to adjust this so it works a little better for me.
    Might be better in something like this:

    • i wonder if you could add borax solution over the sand instead of the moss and watch your crystals grow…and im sure they would grow over the sand, so they can “seal it down” …since its warmer, any leftover water in the sand might be able to evaporate

    • I love this, and am excited to customize — I’m going to add an air plant instead of the dried moss so that I have a living terrarium 🙂

    • I have a couple in the style you link to on Amazon. FYI, not water tight, so be careful what you put in there. (I have air plants in mine since you soak those in water separately to water. But anything where you would have to pour water in, it’s probably a bad idea to put in one of those…)

    • I was at Target yesterday and they were selling these in the home decor section.

  8. Yes! Cant wait! I love that these are also easy to replicate, so i can have a whole set by repurposing small candle jars ive saved, and like the video i will be adding photo picks (free ones from the florist actually bc m cheap) and display my fujifilm! Maybe my set will fit in my tray from january 😍

  9. Also, I just read on their site that their Dinosaur one is shatter-proof. Maybe Liz can find out if these are too. 🙂

  10. Okay, I went to Michael’s site and I found just the glass containers for about $20. Target has a terrarium kit for about $30. Sounds reasonable priced to me and we are not paying shipping and handling.

  11. Super unique and adorable. It’s actually giving me an idea of how to make my own since I have most of the items included just around my house. I love how creative this idea is for PopSugar!!!!

  12. Just put both items up for swap. I just organized my kitchen cabinets and don’t need another cutting board no matter how cute it is. The terrarium would just be a dust collector for me and I hate dusting.

  13. I much would have preferred a live plant, but I love when they add home things that aren’t what we’ve seen 100x over. Happy with these spoilers.

  14. I’m confused what this is. Doesn’t a terrarium imply that the things inside are alive? Like a mini ecosystem? This is completely inert. I thought at least the greens were alive, but nope.

  15. ugh there better be a great hero in this box or it’s time to cancel.

  16. Hm it’s cute and I like it; but I also just see it as a dust collector. Then the dust will get all over the moss and you won’t be able to get it all off..

  17. I LOVE this spoiler! If this was the first one I would be getting this box…not so thrilled with the cutting board though…

  18. Wow, this is going to be great! I’m planning a picnic and bringing my cutting board for the cheese and crackers I’m bringing and now I can use the crystal sand art as a center piece. 😃👍🏼 Oh I’m loving this box.

  19. It’s not the worst thing that they have sent, but it’s not the best either. It’s just ok to me. It will make a decent gift for someone that will love it very much. I hope that the other items are a bit more beauty orientated though.

  20. I love it! My Aunt used to make terrariums and they are expensive. She made way bigger ones, but still. I love that Pop Sugar is thinking outside the box. This definitely feels Spring to me. 😁

    • I agree, it’s a very unique items that I wouldn’t have expected!

  21. This is perfect timing for me – I just moved into a new office at work and need some decorative items for my desk!

  22. Liz, would it be possible to provide the dimensions of the sand art terrarium? Thank you!

    • Yep! It’s at home right now, so I’ll get you the measurements when I get back tonight!

  23. Am I the only one who finds this absolute hideous?
    I’m a little bit disappointed.

    • Yep

    • yep. A bag of sand and dirt! New low.

    • Nope, not the only one. A little disappointed with this one.

      • Terribly disappointed.

  24. I will have both spoilers up for swap if anyone is interested. Unfortunately neither of these would work for me. Here’s hoping the rest of the box will work for me. 🤞

    (Just click my name above 👆 for my swap page. 💗

  25. Hmm, I have some really nice candle containers that I cleaned out. I think I’ll take this as inspiration to make some more of these for Mothers Day gifts. Maybe even mold some colorful wax flowers.

  26. I’m liking this box so far. Much better than last month.

  27. I’m really wishing I hadn’t cancelled. If anyone wants to swap this, please keep me in mind. 🙂 I’m on the swap site (click my name for the link). Or email me at thoozie (at) gmail (dot) com

  28. I like both spoilers. Very happy!

  29. This box is already way better than last months! Love both items so far

  30. Hmm… I have on hand a million vases, incl. a very similar $1 one from the Dollar Tree, and the geode from the January 2014/Colorado Escape Monthly… I just need some sand and moss from the Dollar Tree to make this for under $5.

  31. I liked the first spoiler but not feeling this one. Especially since I paid full price.

  32. Ooh, this looks fun. Not the kind of thing I’d normally buy but I’ll definitely be able to find a place for it.

  33. I like this. This is exactly what Popsugar needs to do- introduce us to items we wouldn’t necessarily think of buying for ourselves but which add value to our lives. This is perfect for work decor or on top of a dresser.

  34. Happy happy happy!! Loving this box so far!!! 😁

  35. Haven’t decided yet whether I’ll use, swap, or gift this, but I give PS credit for including such a unique item. For those who have children, I bet they’d love to help with this craft 🙂

    • I’d love to swap for it if you decide against it!

  36. I love that this is something we haven’t seen before in a box, but I agree that $32 feels very overpriced. However, since it’s one item out of five or six I still think it’ll be an awesome box overall!

    • I wasn’t literally just looking at something similar on Amazon and I can attest that $32 doesn’t seem like much of a stretch! 🙂

      • *was, not wasn’t lol

        • That’s good to know! Great sleuthing 🙂 Now I feel even better about the box.

  37. Oh no!! Im way to clumbsy for open sand containers…i love sand, and moss, and vases and the crystals though… so must repurpose! any ideas??
    I also usually take natures suviners (rocks/ shells, etc from trips (i know, shame on me) ) but now i have quite a collection in a shoe box…wish i could incorporate these…
    Maybe ill try to make a lid for it, and use the crystal as the lid topper :/

    • How about a mason jar with a lid?? Surely they make ones big enough that could hold everything this kit has included!

    • Ikea has a plain canister set that has an unobtrusive brushed metal top with each piece sold individually. Those would work and be quite inexpensive. Also places like Hobby Lobby would have jars with lids.

      • Brilliant! Ill just switch out the vase for a jar that wont induce anxiety sitting on my desk, and use the vase as a vase/ pencil cup… i wonder if it fits into the cutting board?

    • I’ve seen this done where after you layer all the sand, you top it with a layer of hot glue (kind of plugging the sand in place). Then you add the moss (while the glue is wet if you want it to stick, or after the glue is dried if you want to be able to change up the top).

      • Yey! Thanks….much better than my “top it off with resin” idea. I know theres some gellatnous product that can be used too…but i have glue gun at home, so this wins 🤗 if only i didnt break everything this wouldnt be an issue.

  38. March was my first box and I cancelled after it arrived. That box was shocking–this box is beautiful. Tried to renew and apparently I’ll have to wait for the May box. 🙁

    • It might not be sold out. They claimed the crappy March was sold out and then it was available for single purchase.

  39. Wow!! Something truly different for a change. I just got a new workspace and this will be a perfect addition.

  40. Wow, I’m super impressed! This will probably be one of the most unique items from a subscription box I’ve ever received!! Can’t wait to see the rest of the items. 😁

  41. There is no way this is worth $32. Michael’s sells kits like this for around $10, and I could buy a stone myself and use a vase I already have to make this essentially for free. I love the idea of a DIY kit, specifically a plant DIY, but this is a miss for me. I would have loved to see an air plant kit much more– with an actual, living, plant. Sorry, I’m not wowed by a rock and some moss.

    • I’m with you, Mandy. I want to love the idea of a terrarium…but for the price they’re claiming – I can build this at home under $5 and it isn’t at all practical. (Not that everything has to be practical, but it isn’t even a live plant! A dust collector 😉 )

    • Agreed. An air plant kit would have been great.

  42. Oh this is fabulous. So excited.

  43. I love terrariums. I hope they will pack it well. I will probably add something else to it like an air plant or small, fairy house or animal.

    • Me too!

  44. WOW! Very cool, very different idea! I love to see items that I wouldn’t expect 👍 I’m very excited for this box now.

  45. Is the April box sold out?

    • I just renewed my sub and it says my first box will be May.

    • If you go to the site it says order MAY now so I assume for now APRIL is sold out

  46. I love this! It’s totally unique! I’m going to take this to work and enjoy a little bit of nature at my desk! (Even though it’s dried I say it still counts lol) So far this box is a winner for me! 😀 I SO wish I had gotten the whole year at black Friday… There’s no way my husband will let me pay $40 a month – This is my 2nd to last box. 😀

  47. Wow, this is really a unexpected and original item, I love love love it! Can’t wait to see what’s in the rest of the box.

  48. Yes this is truly unique. I’m already loving the April box (also these are the same colors I have in my dining room, so total win!), but I feel like it could still isolate many.

  49. Love this unique spoiler! Will get use on the dining room table and a touch of spring!

    • That’s a great idea! We just reupholstered our dining room chairs and I thought of painting under our chair rail a moss green color so this would be really pretty. And to think I was considering putting it up for swap! It’ll be perfect to do with my 12 yo daughter. 🙂

  50. really excited for this one!!
    so happy to see something different 🙂

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