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Play! By Sephora April 2017 Box #609 FULL SPOILERS!

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Screen Shot 2017-02-18 at 9.12.22 AM

We have a FULL SPOILERS for the April 2017 Play! By Sephora box ending in #609! (Thanks to Katie!)

Box #609:

Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 1.43.44 PM


Box #591:

Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 12.31.16 PM

Source: Instagram

Box #583:

Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 12.24.39 PM

Box #575:



What do you think of the spoilers?

To find out which box you’re receiving at the beginning of each month, follow these instructions:

If you log in through a browser, not the app, and go to my account > account details > online orders and open the play! Order Details, you can see the “item number” next to the image.

If you haven’t signed up for a Play! by Sephora subscription yet, the waitlist is currently open! If you sign up now, your first box will be the April box.

Check out our Play! by Sephora reviews, and all of our reviews of Cheap Subscription Boxes to find more similarly priced subscription boxes!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. weird.. on my account it says box 591 but according to these pictures i got box 583.. i wonder how that happened

  2. I am box number 264, for May box.

    Hopefully its a good box! last month wasn’t so great for me:/

    • I am 264 too! Let’s hope we get some spoilers before we get the box? 😀

  3. Did anyone else see that belif tagged #sephoraplay on Instagram? Their Hungarian Water Essence is rumored to be in the Play! box, although it’s still unconfirmed….maybe someone wants to ask them?!?

  4. why dont we have spoilers for May,2017? There is nothing to peek at also at their website 🙁

    • Really. I’ve been checking in on both sites obsessively.

      • same here, checking every day and nothing 🙁

    • I really want to know the theme for Mays box! Or at least some spoilers 🙂

  5. Still haven’t received my box, USPS isn’t updating there website. Is anyone else having a problem tracking their box?

  6. I have box #583 if anyone wants to swap. I didn’t like anything in the box. I’m hoping for #609. Whatever one has the fresh vitamin nectar. I’ve been wanting to try it for awhile.

    • I’m also interested in swapping box 583 for 609! Let me know if you’re interested. 🙂

      • lol ok! So wait you’d like box #583 right?

        • No I want to get rid of 583 haha. 🙂

  7. I commented on the spoilers before and thought I got the worst box but they all seem to be about the same with just the variation of 2 products and the perfume sample. I have to say that this month was an utter disappointment compared to the last 2 months which were awesome with glamglow, living proof, bobbi brown, nars, origins, benefit, too faced, and clinique. Maybe they just couldn’t curate a box with new samples so just used leftovers or couldn’t think of a theme for April. I would think they could have done something for spring, easter,pastel, pink, or champagne shades. I already got that makeup remover from a gift with purchase bag from a month or 2 ago and only use it when I wear really heavy eye makeup because I don’t like oily makeup removers for everyday. I also feel like I already have that eyeliner sample or that it’s basically the same as the sephora eyeliner sample we got a few months back. I wouldn’t mind these as much but with wooden pencils it is hard to apply when they are so small and once you start using it, it becomes hard to control without putting too much pressure on it. I just gave the smashbox away due to it having silicon in it. The Peter Thomas Roth and the Kate Somerville products aren’t bad it’s just that I mainly look forward to the makeup products and the ones they gave were a let down. The perfume sample was also kind of boring because daisy has been out for forever now and I probably have a sample of it already somewhere. Though the perfume is not that important, I wish they would pick something different since they carry so many perfumes anyways. It seems like every few months there has to be a bad one so let’s hope May is going to be good. I’m hoping that they also branch out with the types of brands they include in their boxes and include Hourglass, Amazing Cosmetics, Besame, Buxom, Clarins, Huda, MILK, Stila, and other brands that they carry but rarely include in boxes.

  8. Whats up with Sephora website? are they not going to give us spoilers to the next months theme any more?! 🙁

  9. Sephora play isn’t really doing it for me anymore 🙁 it used to be the box I was most excited for and now its not.
    I love getting skin care but I also love getting makeup and its kind of upsetting that this whole months box was skincare for me (except eyeliner).

  10. I totally wish that I had gotten the truth serum. If anyone doesn’t want theirs but would be willing to swap, I would happily trade the Purity and the eyeliner.

  11. Getting 609 and actually glad for the eye makeup remover, as I just finished off a big bottle of the Sephora one and am halfway through my deluxe Lancome sample. Saves me from having to go restock just yet.

    I really don’t need another black eyeliner, and while I love Secret Genius, I already have a rollerball of it…

  12. I am getting #591 and I AM SO EXCITED!

    I definitely feel like with the peel and vitamin c, it’s the best one. I’m really into skincare and also preventative aging measures. You can never start too early lol

    As for the smash box primer, I don’t actually wear face makeup but my sister will be stoked to receive that.

    The perfume is a win for me too because I am in love with sexy earthy smells like amber, ambergris, vetiver, etc!

    It just needs to get shipped already! 😀

    • Yeah I feel like the skincare in this box is pretty good compared to some of the others. I’m hoping I can trade my box 583 for it, actually.

  13. I’m getting #583, and I think it’s decent. I’m delighted to get the Cloud cream, I’ve been wanting to try that since it first came out! I’m also happy with the Purity. I’ve never tried the Miu Miu fragrance so it will be fun to test at least. I could care less about the makeup remover or the black eyeliner, but it’s a great box to have the other items. I’m always happy with the Play box.

  14. Got box 583….. hated it cancelled my subscription. I really wanted to try the Fresh and Dr. Gross. I’ve actually wanted to cancel for a while but kept hoping my boxes would get better…. they didn’t.

  15. Did anyone else notice that the Play card for April expires at the end of April? My March card expires at the end of April. We usually get until the end of the next month to redeem the points. That’s nonsense if they’re going to push up the date. Are everyone else’s cards reading the same way?

    • I only received my Sephora Play box today, 4/17. I agree this is way too late for a card that expires 4/30.

    • I noticed this too. My credit card was billed on 4/4 and didn’t get the box for 7 or so days. Used to be they shipped about the 20th of the month so I wonder about the timing too.

  16. None are amazing but 575 is the best imo

    • I did some math and why is it that my box #583 has like a 10ish dollar difference than all the other ones…that’s bull crap! 🙁

    • I’ve been getting the play boxes for about 6 months. I feel like there are good, better and best boxes and I’ve been only getting “good”. I’m actually kind of happy with some of the products this month and feel like I’ve gotten upgraded!

  17. Tracking says​ my Sephora Play was delivered yesterday but I haven’t bothered to go get it from my mailbox. That’s how unappealing this box is.

  18. The past couple months confirmed Sephora is really not for me. This month was awful top to bottom; so glad I cancelled at the first of the year.

  19. my box is 583 and i hate it, I wish i got any of the other boxes. do you guys know how we can make change box numbers? in sephora preferences?

    • I would love 583, over my 591. If you’d like to switch, please contact me.

      • I would happily trade you the Purity and eyeliner for the serum if you were interested. Just let me know!

      • Me! Does your have the fresh vitamin c in it?

        • oops so sorry I didn’t see you were already messaging someone…lol

  20. I am happy that my 609 box has the Fresh mask in it and I do like the liner. Everything else is disappointing. None of the other boxes were appealing to me either. For all the brand and product choices Sephora has on hand to curate I am disappointed. I still don’t understand how they come up with the different variations since most of the time it doesn’t match profile answers. Hope the May box curators step up their game.

    • I cancelled. For awhile now, I’ve haven’t had the same excitement about my Play sub as I have with my Ipsy bag. I felt there’s no point in continuing if I’m not really enjoying it & the FOMO isn’t enough to keep me hooked after too many disappointing months. I really hope it improves for those remaining loyal though & I’ll keep an eye on it.

      Decided to give Birchbox a try instead. The last few BB boxes I saw online looked more interesting & fun to me than Play. They’re also currently offering a full-size Smashbox Indecent Exposure mascara as a GWP, so from the start they’re already way ahead, IMO. I think I’m personally better off with companies like Ipsy & Birchbox, whose main function is being a subscription service with product sales being secondary. Sephora makes most of their revenue from cosmetics sales so the Play box probably isn’t as big a priority for them. Yeah, it’s only $10 but I don’t see any effort in the curation lately so – Bye for now, I guess!

      • It was my birthday this month and as a gift to myself I decided to try out all the beauty boxes I haven’t subscribed to previously. I even signed up for some pricier ones like TestTube, Wantable, Look Fantastic, and the less known Look Incredible. And what I am discovering time and again is that none of them live up to expectations, there are so few products in each box that I am even willing to use (this is especially true of skincare, but a lot of the makeup curation choices are puzzling at best as well). As far as gifts to myself this was a pretty massive waste of money, and I have so far unsubscribed from everything after only one box.

        I discovered So Choix this month also, which I think is what someone like me needs because you can select the precise items (and shades) you receive. The downside is that these are not “deluxe” samples, so no pretty packaging, but if this is how I can get what I actually want, I’ll stick with it for a while.

        Oh, with Ipsy I was only able to get on their waitlist, so I hope at least that one turns out to be not a total letdown like the others.

        • @Catbert – Email Ipsy & ask if you can get off the waitlist. I was waitlisted when I 1st signed-up & there was an offer to skip if you posted a link on FB or something. I don’t like being a shill but I did want to start getting my bags! I explained I don’t use social media that way & I’d feel more comfortable suggesting Ipsy to friends AFTER I’ve tried it, not before. They took me off the wait right away.

          It was a win-win all-round cos I love Ipsy & quite a few friends have joined after I told them about it, so I kept my end of the bargain. 😉 I hope you’ll enjoy it too. I suggest keeping your profile as open as possible at first, then narrowing it as your needs/wants change & reviewing all your products. Contact their CS if you need assistance with improving your sub & take advantage of their policy of allowing you to pick 1 of their featured items per month & (if you want to) you can opt out of up to 3 categories of products (not shades or brands but whole categories like eye-shadow/tools/nail polish or whatever). I’ve been subbed for almost 2 years & my Ipsy bags just get better & better. Plus, they give you points to redeem for taking the time to review or for friend referrals which is a nice perk Sephora doesn’t offer (and they really should. I’m sure customer reviews sells a lot of stuff online for Sephora;I know I read them. Stinginess is another reason I quit Play). G’luck & happy birthday! 🙂

  21. This isn’t Sephora’s best curating moment, but I thought the various boxes looked OK with some items I’d really want like the PTR and Kate Somerville skincare and Miu Miu or JHAG perfumes …. until I saw the spoiler for mine, which is 609. It’s definitely the worst of the bunch, IMO. I get two boxes, one with my specific profile and one without a profile (so I’ll just get random samples and can try more stuff) and for the first time in 6 months, I’m getting the same boxes for both subs. Talk about disappointed. I will definitely need to swap one of them for 591, 583 or 575.

    • Let me know if you wish to swap for my 583.

      • Ruchi- I got box #591, I would be happy to swap for #583 either some or all products. let me know!

        • I would swap the Purity AND eyeliner for the Serum.

    • I got the 583 box the one with mac jacobs daisy. Hit me up for swap ladies!!!!!
      Lol just not tje best one for me either. I have that primer in full size and also got the deluxe sizes this past few months cant recall where but it was disappointing to see that again!!!
      I wont use that liner either i get a full sized one every month from ipsy. Errr
      And i think the only thing i will use from mine is the makeup remover and at 10
      Heck i could have just bought the full sized one for that. Sooo a miss for me too. Errr!!!!!!

      • Elizabeth- I got box #591, I would be happy to swap for #583 either some or all products. let me know!
        I really wanted to try the cloud cream, however I love purity and the eyeliner 🙂

        • If you don’t get a response, I’d be happy to swap my box 583 with you!

  22. Does anyone know what’s in the #112 box yet? Seems like every box but that has been covered🙁

    • Are you looking at the order number or the item number? If you click on the order number link, it’ll show the order details including the item number for your box, and the last three digits of that is what’s being referred to here. Hope that helps!

      • Yeah I’m looking at the right number, mine is #112. Hope more spoilers come out soon!

    • Hmm. I haven’t seen more than 4 boxes, ever, but I’ve only been getting Play for 6 months so… maybe?

      Did you click the order number, go to the order detail page where it says order detail in giant letters and directly underneath it says the order number in giant bolded letters at the top,

      Under that your address and number on the left, status and shipping info in the middle, and order date on the right.

      then there is a grey line and a black separation line with the words item, price, qty, amount.

      and under that it has an image of a sephora play box on the left and it says:

      PLAY! by SEPHORA / April 2017 Play
      ITEM 1926591
      STATUS: In Progress

      Followed by the price ($10), qty (1), and amount ($10) to the right.

      Under another black separation line is the billing information on the left with address, phone number, email, card number and on the right it says merchandise subtotal, shipping & handling, tax, total.

  23. These boxes get worse and worse…575 and it feels like something they should tuck into your bag at the counter to clear out store space. When I think about this as 120 bucks a year, it puts a lot into Perspective. This is a waste of money for a bunch of minuscule tubes and crap perfume samples.

    • I hate to agree, but I agree. It used to be such an awesome box, but the last few months have been horrible. The “free samples” you get are exactly that and not to mention OLD NEWS.. smashbox primer. sephora make up remover. urban decay eye primer. black eyeliner… give me a break.. I get that some people like the normalcy of having travel sized items or basics that will at least get used but Sephora has such an arsenal at their disposal that I am not impressed by these boxes in the least. I even emailed Sephora last month with my thoughts on the boxes and gave them a bunch of ideas on how they could improve them. Like a tier of boxes for beginners (or people who just want this basic kind of stuff) vs VIB vs Rouge/ MUA’s.. They need to capitalize on their client base who spends money (ie Rouge and MUA’s) by sending more advanced product to them. We aren’t going to run out and buy make up remover and black eyeliner bc of this box. SMH its bad marketing and sales on their part, which is what these boxes are ultimately supposed to do. They need to actually take feedback into consideration not just blow it off, especially considering it is in a testing phase.. I am spending my time and money with their company, providing them feedback that could increase their profits and they couldn’t give a sht less.. SMH

      • I feel like it was… last month? That a bunch of people said they were surveyed and asked if they would pay $15 for a deluxe play and then they upped it to asking if they’d pay $20 so… idk. They’re definitely thinking about it but honestly I think they should just make the regular boxes better too because doubling the price for good products just to dump lame ones on the regular customers is going to piss people off and make it seem like a sneaky money grab if they do it that way. Who knows how exactly they’re planning it but they’re planning something!

  24. I got 575, but would have rather had 591, with the anti-aging stuff in it. Hello? Do you guys even pay attention to our profiles??? My 30 yr old neighbor got 591. I’m fricking 60! I don’t look it, but still…..

  25. Wow, I was upset about getting 583 until I saw the rest of these garbage bags. Now I somehow feel lke I came out on top? Still mad I paid $10 for 5 free samples I don’t​ want. I feel bamboozled.

    • I am thoroughly done with Sephora Play. It does feel like free samples and I have already received two out of the five that I am receiving again this month. They must have a whole warehouse just for these Smashbox primer samples!

      • I’m pretty disappointed in Sephora for sending out the SB primer. I just can’t seem to give them a “pass” like I’ve given the other boxes that have sent them out. They just have access to so many other alternatives 🙄

  26. I just got my box and this one was the most disappointing one for me yet. I immediately tossed the ugly bag this time (girl don’t got space for that) and the samples felt like the ones you get that you don’t want when you place an online order and they just throw in your box for you.

    I got the worst box this time, the one with the Purity cleanser, which I will be using as a brush cleanser per Sephora’s recommendation on the info card actually. I have no use for the old technology silicone heavy Smashbox primer or the oil-based eyemakeup remover with dyes. I am a fragrance person and hated the Mui Mui (smells like cologne). The PTR sample is so small. I’m the most excited about the black eyeliner from MUF and just because it seems to be a tenacious formula.

    I am seriously considering cancelling. Who at Sephora is curating these boxes? I feel like my box was curated by a straight guy.

    • This is so funny – a straight guy lol!!

    • Ha! Your comment just made me spit out my coffee!! Too funny…

  27. I got Box 583, not bad, but wish I got 591.

  28. I was assigned 609, hasn’t arrived yet, but after seeing the spoiler, I decided to cancel. Most boxes have been a huge disappointment. $10 is not a lot of money, and I do love getting stuff in the mail, so I’ll try something different. Lots of options out there.

  29. So far I have been more than pleased with all of the Sephora Play boxes–but that could be that I have 3 daughters and so what I don’t like (and sometimes even what I DO like) gets added to care packages. That’s one reason I like a variety of times.

    I actually wish they had a “no perfume” sample option. We all have “signature scents” and these samples get thrown away every single time.

  30. I had cancelled before finding out which box I am getting (609). I had a momentary panic situation, but now that I see that box I’m okay with it.

    I started trying to organize (re-organize) my samples and I have so many. One of those I have several of is the Smashbox, so it’s a definite sign I needed to cancel.

    I really don’t know why Smashbox has to sample the primer so much if it is such a cult product. It seems like maybe they should just cut their price so more people will just pick up a full size tube. Or maybe sample the other versions of the primer that they have. Those samples have to cost them quite a bit.

    • I agree; I can always use a good primer but I would like to try some of the OTHER Smashbox primers other than this one.

  31. I’m not sure what’s happening with my item number but it matches none of the ones revealed or even mentioned anywhere. My last 3 #s are 004. Even using the first 3 #s it’s 623. In all past months I’ve had a number match to the item order number but I’m apparently getting a surprise this month. I tend to think it’s a mistake but I’m curious if anyone else has this strange number(s).

    • Yup! Right here, 112. Lol Getting very curious to see what’s in it too. But I’m assuming it’s the products that contain the least amount of oi&highest sensitivity since I’m an acne prone profile.

      • From comparing profiles in the past, it seems like your profile is basically ignored. I also marked oily, acne-prone skin and got box 583…

        • These companies have to learn to send out less bold reds for liners, glosses&sticks(which all make me look like a clown) as well as less black&dark brown liners. Many people like to try&wear more natural and less bold red/orange colors on the lips as well as brighter colors on the eyes. Especially being spring now. Don’t need to have a bold red lip color&black liner from every makeup company out there! I understand that the point is to try new products but if it’s un wearable how am I supposed to try it? I save up all those and other products I get from all the boxes I subscribe to and when I’ve got a decent amount bring it to the local homeless shelter for the woman there. At least this way someone will use them.

          • But this is what I don’t get: if the point is to introduce new products, how do they justify including Smashbox primer? It’s obviously just inventory liquidation, which goes against the whole [proclaimed] purpose of these subscription boxes.

          • That’s the bad part for those of us that have been subbing to this or other boxes. We’ve all tried items like the SB primer, but I’m sure there’s newbies that haven’t tried it yet. They’re obviously trying to send separate products to work with different profiles, but they should have a way to choose a different product if there’s one that’s going to be in the box that has been tried before. So this way people don’t end up with a buildup of a bunch of products they won’t use.

          • It’s not even just the subscriptions – Ulta sends free samples for that all the time. I feel like any woman who is at all into makeup already knows what it is.

    • Are you looking at the order number or the item number? If you click on the order number link, it’ll show the order details including the item number for your box, and the last three digits of that is what’s being referred to here. Hope that helps!

  32. I’m getting 609! Although I have enough black eyeliner from my subscriptions and Sephora Favorites boxes to last me for the next 50 years, I am stoked to receive the MUF waterproof one! (I do not own any waterproof ones!) I was also hoping for the Fresh mask (as I have not tried it yet), and was pleased to see there is a Dr. Dennis Gross recovery mask. WIN! While I am also drowning in SB primer and eye makeup removers, I use them pretty much every day anyway, so bonus. As for the perfumed towelette, I think this is a clever idea for freshening up when traveling or after a day at the beach- throw in your bag and no worries of leaks. For a $10 beauty subscription, Sephora is always pretty much on point with me!

    • The Recovery mask is two samples!💖

  33. Getting 591 and I am super disappointed. For the first time with PLAY, I feel like I’m not getting my money’s worth 🙁

    First of all, if I see one more smashbox primer I am going to scream!! I thing in my 15 years of SB this is the 100th time I’m getting that crap .
    Second, even though I know that the fragrance is a bonus, it still pisses me off to get the only box with the supermarket, crappy brand of perfume. I dont even want to try it! at least the other ones are normal perfume brands…

    I have never heard of the peels or the truth serum, but definitely would have been happier with box 575…

    Thinking this might be y last box. ipsy is getting so much better for me lately that I got a second sub, so I might just swap it for the play money…

    • To me #591 looks like the best of the bunch! Wanna switch? 🙂 Seriously, I’d be up for a full box exchange.

      • Well, I mean the items that are different from box to box – that would make more sense. I am getting 609.

    • Juliette Has a Gun is not supermarket perfume….

      • Right? That confused me. Coolest supermarket ever, if so.

      • I love that perfume. I got the daisy one…someone wana swap. 😉

    • I’d love the truth serum. Anything that you’d want to swap?

  34. I am box 575 and when I first saw the spoilers, I was highly disappointed. After seeing the other boxes I feel overwhelmingly grateful though lol.

    • I also received 575. I’m pretty happy with everything. The items all fit my profile. I’m just a little over smashbox primer and esp after this month.

      • Yeah, I think we all are…. haha

    • I am thinking the same thing! I’ll probably use all of these from 575 at some point.

      But honestly the last thing I want is another Smashbox primer sample, but
      since that’s one that everyone is “gifted” with this time I’ll let it slide 😉

    • I totally agree at first I was really disappointed but I deff think we got the better end of the stick now that we’ve seen everything else haha

      But just seems like a bad month overall there’s way too much competition for them to be sending boxes like this

  35. I’ll take the Smashbox primers from everyone who wants to send it!!!! It’s the only one I use. Unfortunately I’m new to subs and don’t have anything to put up for swaps yet 😕 Although I will be listing the pink eyeshadow from the upcoming Allure box!

    • Me, too. I really like Smashbox primer because it makes my foundation go on so smoothly. Wondering why others don’t like it. What do you like instead? Always happy to try something else and get recommendations!

      • I think most people are just sick of getting the sample, honestly. They’d rather try something different and new (and literally newer) than the same old thing. I personally think their primer works fine so don’t feel bad if you like it! At least it should be super-easy to swap for 🙂

      • Personally I just think it’s overdone. These are supposed to be discovery boxes. Is there anyone out there who hasn’t “discovered” this particular primer before? I’ve received more samples of this one product than any other product. Many times over. And it’s not like it’s a new product, it’s been around a long time. So what’s with the flood of samples in all the boxes the last few months?

        • I’m new to all the Smashbox primers so I for one am very excited to sample it. Plus I am not sure how it is overdone. I think this is my 6th Play box and this is the first sample of Smashbox primer I have received​.

          • I can say from personal experience that it’s overdone for me — I’ve received sooooo many samples of this exact SB primer in the last year. Foils, deluxe samples, travel size, you name it. I can’t give them away fast enough. I’m happy for you that you’re getting something new to you that you’re excited about. But all you have to do is browse these comments (and also the swap sites) to see how prevalent this primer is in beauty boxes and free samples with purchases. I’ve received it from Sephora, Ulta, Boxycharm, etc. Everyone sends it. I’m overloaded. And would happily swap some of it with you if you decide you like it 🙂

  36. I am cancelling, this is my second box in a row where all of the products work against my skin type. Anyone want box 591? I’ll give the whole box plus shipping for the PTR moisturizer.

    • I’ll trade ya! this is my first and last play box. so disappointing. email me with details of u wanna switch.

    • Don’t do it! The PTR moisturizer is like the smallest tube. I’m talking like 2 uses. Not worth the hassle of dealing with shipping.

  37. I would love to know what the profile is of the people who got 609?

    I got 583 and feel like I’m always getting the box the has the least items that I want. I would have been happy with 575.

    • I’m getting box 609 and I believe my profile has dry skin, medium skin tone, auburn color treated hair, hazel eyes. I hope that helps.

    • I’m getting 609 and my profile has oily skin, dark skin, black wavy hair, hair concerns heat protection and smoothing, brown eyes

      • Hmmm obviously since we have totally different profiles and the fact that I have very dry skin they sure didn’t use our profiles for these boxes. So I wonder how they determined we both get box 609? I’m so frustrated with Sephora Play I keep wanting to cancel but then I keep thinking they have to get better…I guess wishful thinking lol

        • I feel like I’ve only seen my profile come into play in two boxes. One had the SB pore minimizing primer and the one a few months back that had the dermablend setting powder instead of the cushion compact a few months back

          • I have oily skin and got the cushion compact. 🙁 They seriously do not consider it at all.

    • I think your profile might have something to do with where you live. They won’t ship you beauty products not sold in a store near you. I have Box 583 on the way. The products I’m sent have to be sold in my nearest rural store, which is a JC Penney Sephora. My nearest full size Sephora is 5 hours away.

      • Just a theory…

      • Hmm I don’t think so. I got the same box as you but I live in a city, 5 minutes away from a Sephora.

  38. I have enjoyed my boxes since subscribing, but what’s with the perfume sample being a towelette? Why only box 609? I like getting the little vials. :/

    • I got box #609. I am disappointed. Don’t care for some of the products in it which are so very small. I also am disappointed that this box had a fragrance that was a towelette and not a perfume vial. I cancelled my subscription to Sephora Play this morning after receiving box #609 in the mail. I also was hoping their boxes were getting better. I was wrong.

  39. I have seen a lot of tiny samples….but a Perfume “Towelette” is a new low…..

    • I’m receiving box #609… my January box also had a Pinrose Wild Child towelette!

      • I received a Pinrose Tambourine Dreamer towelette in some other box, can’t remember which.

    • And the thing is, I can’t figure out how to even use a perfume towelette. I mean, it’s a bit risky to wipe it on yourself before going out if you are unfamiliar with the scent, but then I also don’t want to waste it when I am just at home by myself, knowing it will dry out as soon as I open it.
      Not the end of the world, of course, I too have a few dozen perfume samples accumulated, but as a sample this strikes me as chintzy. It’s like, what am I even supposed to do with this…

    • The box is 5 items plus a bonus perfume sample which is normally a vial but in this case is a towelette, which I’m personally excited for.

    • I think I got a towelette in my first Play! box a few months ago. While I do love to get perfume samples, I’ve yet to actually get one in my Play! box that I like (although one of my favorites came as a sample from an actual order so I know they’ve got good ones out there!). So I don’t really care that it’s a one and done sample.

      I think #583 would’ve been my IDEAL box as far as things I’d want to try, but I am really excited to try the Fresh mask so overall I’m pleased.

    • I think because the face mask and the recovery are expensive ( 1 treatment is $5.50 and it looks like 2 are included ) and the face mask for 100 ml is $62 vs exfolikate which is like $24 for the full size. I am trying not to be annoyed as well as I have not tried the Daisy but I would prefer the mask and recovery over the perfume vial this month.

      • The towelette is pretty lame, but I’ll trade your nice face products for my philosophy face wash!

  40. First and last Sephora box for me. This isn’t even in the same category as Ipsy. I’m not a big complainer about boxes but this is lame!

    • If this is your first Sephora Play box, I wouldn’t judge the whole sub on it. This is probably one of the worst in the last year, but usually it’s a really great box, one of my faves. Also, don’t forget you can redeem the pass that comes in your box each month in-store for 50 bonus Beauty Insider points.

  41. I am SO happy with this box! I really wanted the mask. The peel looks good too. I already use this makeup remover and am almost out. Almost out of my black eye liner. And don’t really need a primer but haven’t tried this one yet.

  42. Really disappointed, though, that we (the ones stuck with 609) are only receiving the perfume towelette and not a vial. 🙁

    • I am actually happy for the towelette. I am drowning in perfume samples and love pinrose scents. I can see where this would be a bummer as you would usually look for more than one use though.

      • Yeah, that’s what I mean, we are not getting the same value. Especially if you like the scent.

  43. Was anyone else missing their eyeliner? I contacted cs so we’ll see. Very disappointed the lack of makeup. I would have thought a Sephora subscription box would have more makeup. And if I get one more Smashbox primer, I’ll scream!!

    • Lol, I feel the same way about that primer. 🙂

  44. I’ll happy with my box (#583), but I would have LOVED to try the Fresh Vitamin Nectar Vibrancy Boosting Face Mask. Maybe one day!

    • *Meant to say I’m happy 😉

  45. This is the one I am getting. Well, not the best possible curation, but in fairness, I didn’t care for any of the spoilers this time. 🙂
    At least the ferulic acid peel is something to look forward to.

  46. I would have liked the Truth Serum, but overall, I think 583 looks like the best box. 😆😆😆

    • To me 583 is the worst, and it’s the one I’m getting. I’m probably going to put mine up for swap.

      • I would have been just as happy with 591 actually. Which box will you swap for?

        • I would swap for 591 or 609. I don’t like 575.

      • Emily- I got box #591, I would be happy to swap for #583 either some or all products. let me know!
        I really wanted to try the cloud cream, however I love purity and the eyeliner 🙂

        • I would happily swap the Purity AND eyeliner for the Serum. Interested?

    • Really? I’m getting it and it makes me sad. I would much rather have the Dr. Dennis Gross peels. I buy those and they are a HG product for me. Pretty much everything in my box will be up for swap. The only thing I’m on the fence about is the PTR cream. I have a foil of it that I’ll try first and then decide what to do.

      • Those peels do sound nice. If I wasn’t in the market for a new go to affordable cleanser and looking forward to trying the Purity, I would be in full box envy mode for 591.

    • I’m also getting box 583, I agree it looks like the best one 👌🏻 only item I’m really bummed about is the SB primer, ugh I have so many of those and don’t use them, never liked this primer at all

      • I haven’t tried it yet and have heard mixed reviews so I’m looking forward to getting a chance to sample it. It’s fairly inexpensive compared to all the other primers I have sampled and loved so I’m hoping I like it.

        • If you end up liking it you will be able to swap for it and never have to buy it.

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