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Play! By Sephora April 2017 Box #583 FULL SPOILERS!

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Screen Shot 2017-02-18 at 9.12.22 AM

We have a FULL SPOILERS for the April 2017 Play! By Sephora box ending in #583! (Thanks Trish M.!)

Box #583:

Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 12.24.39 PM

Box #575:



What do you think of the spoilers?

To find out which box you’re receiving at the beginning of each month, follow these instructions:

If you log in through a browser, not the app, and go to my account > account details > online orders and open the play! Order Details, you can see the “item number” next to the image.

If you haven’t signed up for a Play! by Sephora subscription yet, the waitlist is currently open! If you sign up now, your first box will be the April box.

Check out our Play! by Sephora reviews, and all of our reviews of Cheap Subscription Boxes to find more similarly priced subscription boxes!

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  1. I’m 56 and don’t believe in age rules for anything especially clothes and make up styles. Be careful about insulting your elders.

  2. I’m getting 583, and my first thought was, “really, all the crap they have in that store and thats the best they can come up with?” Last month I had my finger on the cancel subscription button, I might actually go through with it now.
    I am not excited at all for this box……sad

    • I’m debating canceling as well. Smashbox primer, really? Ipsy has been awesome lately…Sephora is just not giving me any reason to remain a subscriber.

    • I thought the same thing. I was so excited by the spoilers and then my 583 box showed up. Yet another black eyeliner. Philosophy cleanser that has been around forever that makes me break out. Make up remover, yawn. Smashbox primer another oldie and baddy for me. And I HATE floral perfumes. I’m going to call and complain and if they’re not receptive, I’m canceling. I want to try new things, not receive things that have been around forever.

  3. How do you know which box you will be receiving?

    • Go into your orders and click the one from April 1st. The last three digits of the “item number” will be your box 🙂

  4. Sooooo I am expecting #764…fingers crossed they are making a “special box” just for me since I don’t see any others with this one mentioned hehehe a girl can dream can’t she? 😉

    • Scratch that I got my hopes up & here I was looking at the wrong #…silly me! Why they don’t have the same info on the app vs. web versions I don’t know.

  5. This sub has been going downhill for months, but this box is finally bad enough I’m actually going to cancel. Even if the spoilers look good, I always get the options I want the least / the ones with the lowest RV.

    Any suggestions for another beauty sub? I’m currently getting Allure & Target (sometimes) and Ipsy. I’m not willing to shell out $30+ a month since I think my partner would kill me…

    • Boxycharm is $21 and includes (mostly) full sized products. It’s a favorite among many MSA readers, including me. Just keep in mind that it tends to be very makeup heavy, with not a whole lot of hair and skincare products (usually only one in each box).

      • I’ve been thinking about getting Boxycharm for a long time – I might actually sign up soon! I’ve really liked a lot of their recent boxes. 🙂 I’ve just been too cheap.

    • Look Fantastic has deluxe size and occasionally full size items with more skin care, some hair care and some makeup. Runs 16 to 20 depending on sub length. Delivers late in month.

    • I second the Look Fantastic suggestion (and I just saw a post for a free gift with sign up!) I recently subbed to Look Fantastic while debating if I should keep Sephora play or not. So far, each month Look Fantastic has been better.

    • Third for look fantastic, especially with the free gift, only $17/mo. Beauty fix is also stellar for $25. I cancelled allure, play, and birchbox for these to get more full size products.

    • Thanks everyone! I’m definitely considering Boxycharm, and I’ll have to check out Look Fantastic! I love free gifts so I’m pretty tempted. ☺

  6. I’m actually really excited and happy
    that I am getting the 583 Play Bag. I have been looking for a good eye makeup remover, so at least I can test it out. Love Smashbox Primer, and Mui Mui always has the best fragrances. Do wish the Kate S was included but thats okay!

    • Me too. I don’t like Purity Made Simple at all. Oh well…

  7. I’m getting #583. Super-practical; I’ll use all of it. But it’s definitely missing the “fun factor.” That could have been easily remedied by including the eyeliner in a fun color instead of black. Oh well. I’m a hard-core Sephora shopper so I’ll be sticking around. Hoping next month is more exciting.

  8. I’m excited for my box! The only item I’ve tried is the primer and I’m very happy to get more. Especially looking forward to the cousin cream stuff.

  9. It’s spring!!!! Let’s see blush, fun shadow, pretty lip balms, and nail polish! This box is practical but boring!!!

  10. I will be receiving #583 & this is my first Sephora Play box. I’m kind of surprised at how boring it is. The only item I’m excited to try is the PTR Cloud Cream. I’ve been using his masks lately & love them! I’ve used Purity for like 10 years & I guess I always could use more, but it’s not something new. Same with the Smashbox primer. Eye makeup remover…boring. And really the best thing from Make Up For Ever that they could give us is a black kohl eyeliner?! I’m not a huge fan of fragrance (most make my allergies flare up) so I’m not very excited for the Miu Miu. This is still a good deal money wise for me, but I wish there were more *new* products to try. Hope next month is more exciting.

    • You read my mind. This box is BORING. These look like leftover 100 point perks. Really, Sephora? This is probably the worst one yet. Ugh.

      • This is the first one I want to return. Just plain bad. 583

  11. This is my box…
    While I do love the purity product (actually uses it daily), I’m just not happy with the kind of huge rv difference between 583 and 575…… Why can’t Sephora put more thought to it!? 😡
    Anyhow, I’ll still keep subbing it (for maintaining status purpose), just hope Sephora can step up its game, especially comparing to ipsy and boxycharm (just recently subbed to both, newbie)…

  12. I am ready to cancel and go with a different box. The perfume is what excites me. Sad!

  13. I’m thinking it might be better to cancel Sephora Play and just buy one of their better curated Sephora Favorites box that actually interests me every quarter.

    At least they put newer products into their Sephora Favorites box. It is like the best samples go to the Sephora Favorites boxes and to their 100 point rewards and they put the left overs bulk samples into their subscription box.

    And they can’t even negotiate a discount for each product/brand for a short period after each box like the other subscription boxes.

    • I think I’m going to go with your idea also. I’m constantly bummed with my box, yet discover something I do enjoy so it’s been hard for me to cancel. I just dislike that feeling of, oh look… I got the least desirable option once again… Every.single.month. I’d just rather treat myself to a favorites kit every so often and make discoveries to new products that way.

      • I was thinking the same thing. The last three boxes have not excited me and Sephora has some new favorites collections.

    • Even the Sephora favorites sets are repetitive. They put slot of beauty blenders, becca opal highlighter, kat von d eyeliner, and buxom White Russian lip gloss in those sets. I haven’t bought a set since last summer because of too many repeat products.

      This is my Sephora play box and I pretty much hate it. I’ve tried every sample except the Peter Thomas Roth one. I’d love to try a different smashbox primer, they make like 8 of them. This might be it for me with Sephora play. I didn’t care for last months box with 4 different highlighting products.

      • I would LOVE if they gave us one of the color correcting primers instead of the same thing all the time!

    • You’re so right. I didn’t think of it that way but I’d rather buy a favorites box 3 or 4 times a year than receive what’s turning out to be a hodgepodge of things I never use.
      I live too far from a Sephora to ever use the 100 point card and at least I’d earn points on favorites orders. Hmmm …

  14. Oy. Another smashbox primer sample? Thanks to BoxyCharm I don’t need that. I had quit and resubbed and now I’m sorry I did. Nothing holds a candle to BoxyCharm and BeautyFix anymore. Blah.

  15. Echoing others – this is a very meh box for me. Only looking forward to the PTR and the miu miu. Not enough to keep it – throwing the entire box on swap when I receive it.

  16. I am so excited for my 583 box!!!! And it shipped today!!! I need pretty much everything in it and I’ve been very curious to try Smasbox’s primer. This is a stellar box for me.

    • I absolutely LOVE Photo Finish primer. I hope you love it, too! I already have some and am still excited to get more 🙂

      • I love primer and I didn’t get last month’s Boxy so I’m really looking forward to trying it.

      • I love the Photo Finish Primer as well and was glad to get it in Boxy since I loved it after trying a sample in the store. Keep it coming! I was thrilled to see it in this box too. With so many negative comments, it’s nice to see some people are happy with what they get at such a great price. The value will always be there and because of my play box, I’ve discovered many products that I’ve purchased and have now become a VIB in just 3 months using Sephora’s app. Of course you can’t please everyone, but I hope this primer pleases you Katy like Jennifer and some other happy subscribers such as myself!

    • I’m glad that someone else is happy with this box. I’ll likely pass on the primer, but everything is usable for me.

      • Yes, the shining bubbles of positivity are few and far in between on this post. I need a new cleanser, a new black eyeliner for my waterlines and eye makeup remover. And the Water Drench sounds awesome. Even the perfume sample looks nice. All of these brands and products are new to me and I certainly do consider myself a “Sephora Enthusiast” even though I don’t go in there and shop every other day. I have a moderate makeup budget and I love being able to sample and enjoy products I really can’t afford at full price. I have loved every Sephora Play box I have received and they most certainly are not meh, boring or overdone to me. And no matter what my RV adds up to, all my boxes have definitely been worth $10 to me.

  17. I think the only thing I’m looking forward to/excited for is the PTR cream, the eye makeup remover will be nice for travel (I have a big tub of coconut oil that I use to remove my eye makeup which isn’t travel friendly), I don’t like the purity face wash but I can use it as a makeup brush cleaner, I actually do like getting black eyeliner, and that smashbox primer just seems to never go away 😡. Overall I will get my $10 worth.

  18. This is my box and while it is a useful box, it is pretty boring to me. I love the purity cleanser and I stocked up on it during black friday. I think I have more than enough. The smashbox primer is a classic and always works for me. I hate eyeliner so that will be gifted. The eye makeup remover will be useful for masacara and on the go. The peter thomas roth is a solid brand, can’t go wrong.

    But I subscriber to sephora to try new products not be bored by the same ones I already have too much of. But I shouldn’t complain for a $10 box that will mostly be utilize 🙂

  19. I’m getting box 583. I’ve been an avid Sephora shopper since 2010, and I have sampled all of these products before from Sephora, either in a previous Play! box (smashbox primer last July) or through Sephora GWPs or rewards. I’ve sampled 4/6 of these multiple times, and the fragrance and cloud cream 1x each. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing inherently “bad” about the products, there’s just nothing new here. It’s especially frustrating as there are SO many newer products on Sephora’s site I’m dying to try, and I’m getting…Smashbox primer and Purity. This is my 12th month with Play!, and at this point it’s just product fatigue. I’m thinking Play! is not really for hardcore Sephora enthusiasts. It’s time to call it quits, and use the money for a nice $10 bottle of wine. Or perhaps 2 not-so-nice bottles of $5 wine.

  20. Same here. I am #583 and this is my first box. HOW BORING is this? I have been waiting for this for a month and now have no excitement at all. How old is this Purity Cleanser thing? They have so many new brands and products coming and this is all they can send? YAWN and Argh

  21. Ughhhhh this box sucks! If I get ONE more of those freaking garbage Smashbox primer samples…*shakes fist* Same with Purity Made Simple…so cheap and harsh, even using it to shave your legs with dries your skin out terribly. STOP SENDING ME STUFF THAT A 60 YEAR OLD WOMAN WOULD BUY OFF OF QVC. I am probably going to cancel after May’s box, because since summer is approaching, the next 4 boxes will be loaded with bronzers (I averaged at least one bronzer per box per month last summer)

    • I’m 59 and have never shopped off of QVC. I have multi-colored hair, wear sparkly eye liner and shadow, and usually wear either bright red or dark purple lipstick. Please keep your ageism to yourself.

      • Mimi I love your style!!!

      • This comment just made my day! Preach it, Mimi!!! <3

      • You’re so vain, you probably think this post is about you…

        • Oh snap

      • EXACTLY! I’m 60 and I own an high end trendy clothing boutique. Nothing about me says “old” except my wisdom.

      • I agree. Those types of comments are not appropriate.

    • I am young and shop HSN and QVC. Nothing wrong with that.

    • I am 60 and have never shopped on QVC although I certainly would buy something from there if I wanted it. I resent the implication that someone my age isn’t stylish or on trend.

    • I don’t know why you assume something cheap would appeal to a sixty year old woman when we older women are big consumers in nigh end cosmetics. Whether it’s elf or Armani, makeup is meant to be a source of pleasure, not frustration.

  22. I’m not complaining because I happen to love the purity cleanser, but it feels like an afterthought that we have two make up removing products instead of two items from the spoiler list like the other box. Not complaining, I’m generally happy with the subscription, but everyone seems to be getting the feeling that the curation seems to be going a bit down hill and ignoring our profiles.

    • I said this last month – The curation seems to have gotten really lazy. Is the box worth $10? Absolutely. Are the products generally useful? Sure. But I do expect a little more ‘oomph’ from such a prominent beauty company? Yeah, I do.

      Sephora’s image is supposed to be all about what’s new, different & youthful (at any & every age). It’s not meant to be LAZY. I realize not every subscriber is at the same level of familiarity when it comes to products & brands but it’d be cool if they limited the ‘tried & true’ stuff to 1 or 2 items each month. (Speaking of tried & true, I’d love to see some real honest-to-goodness classics included like Dior, YSL, Guerlain…etc)

      Sephora recently began stocking La Mer & Jo Malone London perfume – You’d think they’d want to throw samples from these highly sought-after names in the Play box & show those brands off a bit! I don’t personally like La Mer for me but I know a lot of people would be thrilled to see it in their boxes.

      I don’t get it. Maybe they’re trying to cull the current subscription list?

  23. Waiting impatiently for 591 Spoiler! I’m pretty excited to try the cloud cream and, hopefully, a new scent.

  24. I understand it’s impossible to please everyone but I’m probably not the only one frustrated by the sales pitch that they’re featuring MUFE as a brand that’s all about color and we get…a black eyeliner.

    • I was thinking this too!

  25. This box is the exact box as mine but my box number is 698.

    • All of the products are the same

      • Then you’re probably looking at the order number. You’ll need to look at the last three digits of the ITEM number from the desktop site. If you’re getting these exact items, then you’re likely getting 583.

        • Ok it’s 575

  26. hie can you tell wht box you’re getting? Are you guys looking at the first 3 digits of the item number ?

    • It’s the LAST three digits of the item number.

  27. My biggest problem with these boxes and variations is the VAST difference in RV. It creates so much box envy. I know numerous ppl were not looking forward to getting the Exfolikate in a previous post. Now, I’m sure ppl are wanting it, me included, because it must be at least $10 more than the Purity sample. If I remember right, the Exfolikate is over a $20 sample, from past Sephora favorite boxes and from in the store, where they have sample sizes. I would think the Purity would be good to be a $5 sample. Sometimes I have lucked out with the higher RV boxes, like the Living Proof sample last month or the month before. And sometimes I don’t. I think if they continue with variations, they MUST do a better job at getting samples that are close to the same RV or the entire box adds up to the same within less than $5.

    • That specific size of the purity sample is actually a 100 pt reward all the time, I always get them because I love that cleanser, so yeah it definitely feels like an afterthought being included in this box. Especially since everyone already got a make up removing product

    • Right. I was happier when we all got the same box. No envy. And really no further off my profile.

  28. I like the purity but already have it and that has like a $3 compared to the exfolikate that has a $12… Why do I keep getting the lowest value box and why does the value difference keep being like $10 or so dollars. I kinda wanted to try the exfolikate… Would have preferred 575 instead of 583. I always get box envy and never get the best box in my opinion. Oh well. :/

    • I guess I prefer a product more tailored to my needs vs the price value. And luckily for me, the Purity item is more tailored towards those with sensitive skin so I’m happy! I’m sorry you’re disappointed though.

      • I haven’t tried either but recently got the Purity wash in a swap. I don’t mind getting another one, and I also have sensitive skin. I’m not really thrilled about anything in this box, but I still like Sephora Play and have no intentions of canceling anytime soon. It’s not their fault I recently started drowning in primer and eye makeup remover, lol.

      • beware…Purity really is terrible for sensitive or dry skin, IMO. It’s incredibly drying and irritating (mid 30’s with combo/sensitive/eczema prone skin).

  29. I’m getting 583. I’m happy to be getting eye makeup remover because I’m almost out. I’m looking forward to trying the cloud cream. I can always use more face wash although I’ve used purity before so that isn’t exciting. Still, better than the exfoliate which my skin hates.

  30. Yuck, I’m sick of boxes that don’t have anything to do with my profile.

    I’ve been getting Play! since December and only found one item per bag to be relevant.

    The only thing keeping me from cancelling is the 50 points from the playdate card.

    • Amen sister me too…that 50 point card saves their butt…I wish more people would swap the cards so I could cancel

      • Hi Amanda! I’d gladly swap you my 50 point cards every month, I’ve never used them and have been signed up since the beginning (I always shop online, never in store). My email is kellisterner at g mail dot com. Thanks!

  31. Nope… nope….this isn’t 583. *wipes eyes* Still there? Yep.
    …..definitely canceling after this.

    • I know! And I thought the first spoiler was awful…

  32. I’ve started keeping track of the value of everything I actually use out of each sub box. If I don’t use it or at least want to try it, the value is 0 for that item. If I can swap it, I add that into the value. It’s a good way for me to keep track of whether I’m getting my money’s worth from a box. So far Sephora has been running about $18-20 a month in value for me. So for now, it’s doing all right for me.

    I will look at every box’s numbers every 6 months or so to see how it’s doing for me. If it’s not worth it’s subscription rate, it’s going to get cancelled. I’m trying to be practical. 😀

    • Great idea!

    • Thank you. Very good idea

  33. It’s interesting how many people are hating on this box. I’m pretty excited about it! On the flip side, I HATED the contents in April’s ipsy bag, but a lot of people were over the moon with theirs. I’m quickly learning there will be great months & those that miss the mark.

  34. How many box variations are there? 575, 583, 591, 609. Any others?? Trying to guess what other variations there may be. The second spoiler listed 4 skincare products right?

    • I’m 705…haven’t heard anyone else with that number yet?

      • Is it may be the order number and not the item number?

    • I have 591 and my daughter has 609. We always have to wait. I consider Eyemakeup remover, primer and eyeliner in the makeup category as you wouldn’t use them if you don’t wear makeup. Not super exciting makeup items. So I count 2 skincare between a moisturizer and either a cleanser or exfoliant. I use skincare, so I need one or both of those to be a hit or my box will be a bust. I have received hair care in my variation before… so who knows.

    • So may be the other two variations would include the cloud cream and fresh mask and cloud cream and he truth serum?

      • Oh, I hope so! I really want to try the cloud cream and I’d be happy with either the mask or the serum.

        • I love the fresh mask so I am really hoping for that.

  35. Has anyone’s box shipped yet? I’ve looked through the past few months and it seems like the others had shipped by this time.

    • I think mine may have, one of my USPS tracking numbers originated from the same place all of my other Play boxes have, so. It should be here in the next couple of days based on its current location.

    • I got the shipping email today but it was actually mailed out on the 9th. I should be receiving it on Saturday.

    • I always receive the email that my box has shipped the same day the box is delivered, sometimes after. I don’t know what happened w their system, but for the past 3 months the tracking stopped being updated/accurate for me

  36. I’m getting #609, so it’s still wait and see. I have enjoyed the majority of my boxes and absolutely adored the last 3. But this box looks like a let down. I like trying new things and 3 out of 5 of these are duplicates.
    In the grand scheme of things it’s not a big deal. And the MUFE pencil is a darn good pencil. But I hope they don’t start repeating products on a regular basis.

  37. The different perspectives on the same box are one of the things I really find so interesting about MSA! This box is getting a fair bit of hate in the comments here but I like it pretty well (I’m getting 591 so I guess I don’t know for sure what I’ll get but I’m betting yes on the eyeliner (so-so), the eye makeup remover (not excited), and the Smashbox primer (YAY). This box suits me SO much better than a bunch of drugstore and/or K-beauty stuff from Ipsy.

    • I just wonder how many of the people who say “nope, I’m done” actually go through with canceling their subscription.

      I’m “meh” about this month as a whole, but that’s only because over half the box is not new to me, and that’s my favorite thing about subscription boxes in general—trying new products. But one month doesn’t ruin the rest, and one of the not-new items, I’ll still use because I genuinely like it (the PTR cloud cream). The others, I’m sure I can find a good home for.

      • I just cancelled. I personally find that purity just smells rancid and I will pass on otherwise awesome looking gwps that have it, that’s how much I dislike it. And I’ve disliked it for way longer than I’ve hated that Smashbox primer, so this box feels old and tired and not at all interesting or relevant.

        Maybe I will restart my Birchbox for a while.

      • Haha, I did the whole, “nope, I’m done” with Birchbox, and actually cancelled!

        • I canceled my Goodbeing today and Petit Vour a few months ago. Even for a relatively cheap box, there are so many options these days. Two bad months in a row and I am done!

          I rarely use more than 1 product in Play and have only kept it to get the 50 point rewards and for gifts for my niece. But upon reflection, I never remember to use my 50 point card, and I am VIB Rouge so you know I am in there all the time!

          Hmmmm, maybe Play should be the next to go!

      • Agreed! I love hearing the different perspectives, but I definitely feel like it’s noteworthy how many people agree about this one–not because of the products themselves, but just because the number of duplicate/familiar products. It’s nice to hear that we’re semi-united in wanting to try new things! 🙂

  38. Going to cancel this box… It’s terrible always

  39. The only products in this that I’ve never had a sample or larger of are the eyeliner and the perfume. I’m happy to have another sample of the PTR, because I’ve enjoyed the first one I got of it, but I probably won’t use the makeup remover sample, the purity sample, or the Smashbox sample because I have other options/sizes for/of those products already.

    Last month’s box was kind of the best ever, lol. This one, the least exciting I’ve had. If I don’t have to cancel for financial reasons, I won’t yet, but I think they can do much better than this.

  40. This month will be my 13th and last. No longer excited about this box. I can probably think of 3 months where I have been wowed. Last weekend, I looked at all the things I received during my subscription and thought: nope, not worth $120! Bye Sephora!

    • That’s a good way to determine whether or not a sub box is worth it. I did the same with the Walmart boxes recently. Sure, they’re only $5 a pop, but I get two a quarter, and ultimately all of those foils just aren’t worth $40/year to me.

      • $20 a year 🙂

        • Its $40 if you get both. I cancelled too!

  41. I would rather have the exfolikate than the philosophy. Boo!

  42. WOW, I thought the first box was bad… SO DONE! #pi$$ed

  43. Not a fan of this box. 575 is better than this one, and that one isn’t even that good either. It seems like every box is going to get the PTR, eyeliner, makeup remover, and that lousy Smashbox primer. Yet 575 got Kate Somerville, while we’re getting Philosophy, which IMO is not as good of a brand.

    Who’s getting the Fresh product, I wonder? That’s the one I wanted…

    • Emily,

      I feel exactly the same on this box. The Philosophy product is nowhere equal to the Kate Somerville product. I bought that makeup remover in store and returned it after trying it. Don’t need the black eyeliner and another Smashbox primer (I have 3 unused right now).

      I keep getting the crummy boxes and I contact customer service about not getting boxes that fit my profile. The first guy I talked to suggested that I cancel my subscription and try back later when they had something I wanted. I really think that Sephora should go back to their old customer service people.

      I called and talked to the second customer service person and to keep repeating my phone number because the outsourced customer service didn’t understand my US accent. Again I was advised to cancel my subscription and try back later. After 30 minutes and being put on hold 7 times so the customer service person could find out the answer to my questions. I’m not sure what has happened with Sephora but the had in the past had the most amazing customer service.

      • As someone who is getting this box, it is a complete slap in the face when comparing the value of the Philosophy to the ExfoliKate

  44. I think 583 is worse, and the one I will receive.

  45. 583 is the most boring box out of the bunch and its my box. Ok, this is the last straw. Bye Sephora .

  46. Yay! I’m happy! Now I just need it to ship!!!

  47. This is my box, & I’m really excited for it! 😀

  48. YAYYYYY SO HAPPY TO GET THE PTR PRODUCT EVERYONE LOVES! I can always use eye makeup remover and although a black eyeliner isn’t exciting, MUFE is a great brand and Liz loved it in her review. Glad to get a perfume I’ve never smelled before too. Only loser is the primer…wish I used it because I have SOOOOOOOO much of it.

  49. Finally !! :). Happy with the box. I already have purity, but will use every single product.

  50. Oh boo. I’m #583 and this is the first box I’m not even remotely excited about.

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