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Extended! Rachel Zoe Box of Style Friends & Family Sale – $20 Off!

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Extended through Friday 4/14! For a limited time, use coupon code MSABOS20 to save $20 off your first Box of Style box! (Regularly $99.99)

Your first box will be the Spring 2017 box. Here is everything in the Spring box:


Check out all of my Box of Style reviews to see exactly what’s in the Spring Box, and to learn more about this quarterly subscription box!

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  1. I just ordered another box. I chose the silver earrings, and after I saw the scarf, I wished I had ordered the gold ones. So now I have both, extras, and a bag for my mother in law’s Mother’s Day gift.

  2. I had to pull the trigger on this today. I almost bought with spoilers, then the review, then the gilt veal, etc. I kept emailing the links to myself, then talk I myself out of it. 😂 I finally caved. I can’t wait to try the Tatcha and that is just about the value of the box. Nail polish is pretty, earrings are good and the purse looks great. Fingers crossed!

  3. I picked the earrings in gold, but received them in silver. I know I picked gold, but when I contacted CS they told me I must have picked silver and they couldn’t do anything about it. Arg, I know I picked gold. I’m wondering if they ran out of gold and gave me silver. Anyone else have this problem?

  4. I wish they would move on to posting spoilers for the Summer box.

    I feel like they have been “selling” this box for two months already. The other quarterly subscriptions don’t drag things out like this.

  5. Has anyone had any luck with their customer service? I never got the code in my box for $50 off at Rachel Zoe’s site and only got their automated “we’ll respond to you in 72 hours” mail and then nothing for over a month. I then opened a contact to cancel my subscription and still nothing. Is there another option besides the email option? I can’t seem to find one. Next step is disputing the charge with my credit card company, since this merchant is unresponsive and didn’t send me the complete box that I ordered.

    • If you find out, I’d love to know. I’ve been trying to cancel since March 30 and have made 3 contacts without a response.

    • Yes, same problem. They sent me two boxes because I had a question. I had to pay for both. No returns. I emailed asked for phone numbers etc. luckily, it was nice stuff so happy birthday, anniversary, sorry you’re having a bad day gift to you.

      • The cancellation process is beyond bizarre. I tried to cancel this weekend and after reading their no-help FAQs it appears that you have to request to cancel before the 15th of the month before the next box is sent out. So for the Summer box we would have had to cancel before April 15 to get out. Now it’s a matter of guesstimating about the month of the Fall box and canceling the 15th of the month before they take our money. It’s a ridiculousness if you ask me. Worst cancellation process of any sub I’ve ever seen.

  6. I have the bag, scarf, earrings, nail polish and chalice up for swap. Click my name if you want to look at the swaps. I would be willing to sell those items separately as well.

  7. My Tribe Alive bag was damaged in shipping (the stiff bottom was literally folded) and they claimed they cannot replace it because of stock issues. And that happens with handmade items. No, that happens with poorly packed items. They clearly have it in stock, so should make good on their prior sales.

    • Renee, my Tribe Alive bag arrived damaged/ defective also in four places and they finally responded to me that they aren’t letting me exchange it either. They said they don’t consider it damaged.

      My bag has a series of little cuts & holes in a line in the nice leather piece at the bottom of the strap where they must have missed with the sewing machine or knife or something, the other side has a piece with too much leather that is all bunched up in rows between & all around the pins plus there’s a small red stain on the white cotton and a pull in the weave with a loop that just sticks out. I’ve never purchased something that was defective like this and not be able to exchange it.

      Is that even legal? We didn’t agree to buy it “as is” or “damaged/ factory seconds” or anything like that, right?

      I’ve already contacted Tribe Alive and I’m about to contact my credit card company as well. Hopefully Tribe Alive will be ashamed of this bag and force Box of Style to do the right thing.

      I’m sure Rachel Zoe wouldn’t personally accept a handbag she purchased in this condition and neither should her customers.

      • Yours sounds in much worse shape. Ugh. This is really ridiculous, though. It sounds as if they shipped these fully aware of someof the issues in advance. CS said: This product was needed to be folded within the box in order to fit. We loved the Tribe Alive Bag so much that although the size may have been an issue, we decided to proceed with selecting this product for the Spring season. At this time, I am unable to replace your Tribe Alive Bag due to a limited quantity received. If you would like, I can make note to contact you should we have any additional inventory left at the end of the season.

  8. I’m starting to think that I’m foolish for subscribing. They’ve offered these types of discounts on the last few boxes, so I’d be better off just ordering when they do so rather than tying my money up. Love this subscription, but hate feeling like I’ve thrown $$ away.

    • Agreed. The Gilt City deal went up less than a week after I received my box, and there have been constant deals posted ever since that time. I feel pretty dumb for having paid full price. It doesn’t seem like there’s any real benefit to being a loyal subscriber to this box. I’ve cancelled my sub and will be waiting to decide whether or not to buy the next box, based on spoilers and the seemingly inevitable discounts!

    • I cancelled yesterday. I still love the boxes but I’m going to just buy them later. If they do stop the discount – I will resub.

      • Better watch your account. They aren’t really cancelling.

  9. I caved. I KEPT THINKING OF THE BAG! Thank you Liz for keeping us informed of these great offers!!

  10. It’s actually a nice box but they must have ordered too many. It took forever for them to send it once my order was finally accepted!

  11. Ugh i signed up over the weekend and haven’t received any word on the status of my box! I even emailed them to ask. How long will it take? They have the boxes already on hand, it’s ridiculous.

    • My box took almost 3 weeks to ship, and they don’t communicate anything… it will be my first and last box from RZ.

      • Did you guys purchase using the previous promotion or were you already subscribed

    • Mine took about 2 weeks. But I was missing the chalice, emailed customer service, and nothing. If I hear nothing by tomorrow, I’m cancelling on principle. Plus it looks like if I ever want another box in the future, I’ll easily be able to get a coupon for it.

    • Mine took over 3 weeks to ship. I emailed after 1 week without hearing anything, and when the box shipped approx 2 weeks later, I still hadn’t received an answer. Their boxes are A+, and their customer service is nice WHEN you hear from them, but they are the worst about replying in any kind of acceptable time frame (not the first time I’ve contacted them or been a subscriber).

      • BTW since you have to cancel via email, given their horrible reply time, if you intend to cancel, I would do so as soon as yours gets delivered. It takes just as long for them to process that request as any other email!

    • I signed up March 3rd and received my shipping notice yesterday. That is a ridiculous amount of time!

  12. Wow, this must have been a really unpopular box. 😬

    • They ran the same sale on their winter box after a while! I’m starting to think this a normal thing for them.

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