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BoxyCharm May 2017 – TWO SPOILERS!

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Boxycharm released the first TWO SPOILERS for the May 2017 subscription box! All boxes will include:

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 2.12.30 PM Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 2.13.02 PM

What do you think of the first May 2017 Boxycharm spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers for future updates!

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  1. I got my first boxy today (April’s)!! All my complaining aside, I DO love it!! It’s just so satisfying to get full size products. Everything was in pristine condition too. 🙂
    Of course I’ll still complain if there’s a spoiler in the future that I don’t like but…..full size products…….ohhh yeah!!! LOL

    • Glad you loved your first box, Laura! I’ve been with boxycharm since last year and when I think I won’t like or use a product, I usually end up trying it and really liking it! With the exception of 1 or 2 products that I gave to my mom and at first, she was like wtf am I going to do with this? But after trying the products, she loved them! Good luck with your sub and I hope you continue to love it as much as I do!

      • Thanks Jackie! 🙂

  2. Ooooooh!!! I hope I get the contour palette! 😀 I’m a redhead and ghostly white but it looks like it has a lot of shades that I can make work. I haven’t played with a contour palette yet and that would be awesome! Cream or powder would be great.

    I have enough highlighters to last me the rest of my life

  3. I really hope I don’t get the cream. I love my ABH palette too much

  4. I’m always so excited about boxycharm! I’ve tried numerous sub boxes and the only ones I get now is boxy and ipsy. Id rather have the powder contours kit vs the cream one and not because of the retail value but because I have oily skin and sometimes cream products make me more oily and some break me out. I don’t look at the retail value because I’ve tried high end and low end and I’ve found products for 5 dollars that were better for me than say a 40 dollar item. For instance, I prefer my Maybelline fit me foundation over the Too Faced born this way foundation. So don’t look at the retail values. Look at the quality of the items. I loved the IBY eyeshadow trio we got months back, but I’ve also had a lip liner and eye liner from that brand and they were God awful.

    Moral of that novel, don’t be upset when you get a 15$ product and someone else gets a 40$ product, because your “cheap product” could turn out to be a kick was product and a staple in your makeup collection.

    I love boxycharm no matter what they give us. If i can’t use something, family, friends, or a woman in a shelter would be grateful to be gifted a product.

    Try to stay positive ladies. There are still 3 more unknown products for this month that may (or may not) blow us away.

    • I so agree!!

  5. It’s $21 a month. It’s not going to be perfect. Every month isn’t going to be your favorite. Even with the price discrepancy, a $15 product when there are 4 other products is worth the subscription price.

    • Yep!!!!

  6. I’m SO EXCITED about these spoilers! I disagree I absolutely LOVE BOXYCHARM!! It is my number one favorite sub box!! If you receive one cheaper product then you will receive another high quality item in your box to counter it. Its 21. and the value is amazing! THEY ALways include one item that far exceeds the cost of the box.

  7. I want the Highligher palette. I don’t need the cream contour I already have plenty of those. I absolutely love BoxyCharm they are the best monthly subscription out there. Can’t wait to see what else is coming.

  8. So disappointing. Think I’m going cancel boxycharm. March’s box was ok, loved the eye shadows, but lipstick kit was complete garbage. And this month?! I get a broken highlighter, an oil covered concealer pallet I’ll never use, and a missing lip gloss. Still no response from their customer service. And now a cheap contour pallet?? With a HUGE price discrepancy AGAIN?! I’m good on that. The brush seems cool, don’t have one, but I can go buy one for $5-10 bucks. I also don’t like that they send beauty gurus the expensive products, and seem to send their paying customers the cheap old leftovers.

  9. Boxycharm stopped sending eyeshadow palettes the minute I subscribed 😂😂😂 super excited for the brush, a little confused about the huge difference in both value and quality of the palettes but it’ll be a swap item for me either way. I have a few contour palettes already and never, ever use them.

    • Me too. I signed up for boxycharm because of all the eyeshadow palettes

    • I know, eyeshadow palettes was why I signed up. Then it’s concealer and contour palettes which I do NOT need. boooo

  10. This is my third box and do not want more concealers….. hopefully they make up for the huge price diff . Love Ispy not sure about boxycharm yet until i see the third spoiler!

    • Its not concealer. It’s a contour palette to highlight and contour

  11. I’d love the IBY palette. I’d use it for sure! If I get the cream it will be yet another gift to women at work or the women’s shelter. I’ll be prepared to get the cream and just be surprised if I get the IBY 🙂

    • We think alike! That’s the way I am: expect the cream but really want the powder. I was thinking maybe the cream can be used as eyeshadows?

  12. that beauty creations palette looks SO CHEAP!! please please pleaseee let me get the IBY powder!!!! I hate it when there are variations that are so different in quality or price :[

  13. Hmmm. We just got highlighter and concealer. I was hoping for an eyeshadow pallette. I hope I get the powder pallette at least.

  14. Im super excited about these spoilers,i saw them this morning when they posted it to the fb group im in…but i have to admit im a bit worried about product melting and being ruined by the heat (im in ohio so it isnt super warm….yet,but will be soon) did anyone have problems with this last summer?

    • I live in Florida where it’s pretty hot year round and have never had an issue with makeup products melting from sub boxes or ordering from stores. I’m sure it can happen but never has for me.

    • When I got my box this month, the concealer palette had a few shades that had gotten soft and transferred onto the plastic film. I live in AZ, so melting is a possibility for sure. It’s not even hot yet here and that happened to my April box. I hope my May box holds up better. It will be 100 degrees here anytime!

  15. I’m excited about the brush! 🙂
    Just kind of tired of highlighters, concealers and contour palettes already. And I’ve only subscribed to beauty boxes for a couple of months. :/

  16. I’m still waiting for my April box- it takes ridiculously long to get to me. I canceled my subscription since I’m not excited about the May spoilers and with hot months coming up and a two week shipping time I’m worried the products will not hold up by the time they get to me. I’ll keep watching to see if the products ever match the great February box and perhaps resubscribe after the hot summer months ahead. For now, someone can finally get off the waitlist 🙂

    • They don’t ship until the 10th or 11th so how has it been two weeks. I have been getting Boxycharm for over a year and usually I get the box alternatively each month. One month early one a little later so everyone gets a chance to get it earlier in the month. This is a great shipping schedule. They usually bill on thd 2nd and ship either 10th or 11th.

      • This month was the first time since January that I’ve received mine before the 28th of the month! All of mine took the long way to get to me, shipping in the 9th, too.

        • Yeah mine shipped on the 8th of last mo th and i didnt get it till the 5th if this month!!!

    • All delivery trucks are climate controlled. It’s not going to be 100 degrees in the trucks. the only time your box will be in the heat is while it’s sitting in your mail box for maybe half a day which is not enough to damage anything.

      • I disagree. Trucks may be cooled but the carriers are contantly opening and closing doors. It may not be 100 degrees in the trucks, but mailboxes are a different thing! I also experienced this in my April box. My mail carrier put it by the door and some of the concealer colors had gotten soft and transferred to the plastic shield. I know the mailbox would not have held it up any better.

    • KC I agree. I actually live local to their shipping warehouse, and they send my box all over the east coast to get to me. Takes forever! I emailed to ask why and two weeks later after my box finally arrived they responded to say “we looked at your account and your box arrived, here’s your tracking number.” Wth? Really? Obviously I knew it was delivered, and already had the tracking number. My question was why ship it all over the country to just go to someone who lives 30mins away from them? Whatever. Horrible customer service. Still haven’t gotten a response about my broken highlighter, oil slicked concealer pallet, and missing lipgloss! Don’t think they will respond either, don’t seem to care at all.

  17. Those paddle brushes are not a trend I care to follow.

  18. Maybe I’m the odd one out but I love these spoilers!! I guess bc this is just my third box so everything they send me is new. I’ve been with the other big names forever and they send tiny crap so I’ve cancelled almost all and went with this, beautyfix and BomiBox.

    • Lol you’re not the odd one. I assume way more people than not actually like the box or they wouldn’t stay in business. People that like to bitch just post on comment boards way more often than people that are happy with what they are getting. I have had Boxycharm since the August box and I love it, but I have a lot of subs and like most of them. If I don’t like them after 3 months, I cancel. I like the variety of items to check out.

      I come to MSA to see the reviews and previews so I can get excited. I scroll down to the comments to be entertained.

  19. Just don’t know if I want to keep getting this Subcription. I’ve been getting Boxycharm since February 2016 along with other subscriptions. I’ve decided only Ipsy and maybe Boxycharm.

  20. I have been subscribed to boxycharm for a year and a half and this is the first box I’m thinking about canceling. But I’ll see what the other items are before I do. The brush is awesome and I don’t have anything like that. So ……

  21. Looks awesome ,leave it to Boxycharm to always send new and loved products for me to try.That said I don’t use creams in the summer or I’m an oily mess

  22. They look fun but I’ll have to wait to see what else is included. I am on highlighter and useless, for me, lippies. Beauty Fix has been sending out awesome full sized skincare which I need so I will continue with them as long as they keep that up and I’ve already signed up for the May Selfie Kit. Trying to swing all three would be too much, especially if Boxy keeps up with products I don’t need or can’t use. I don’t have a brush like that though so if the rest of the box is good, I can see myself working it in.

    • *Highlighter overload*. Love the stuff but I have enough for a good 5 years right now.

      • What’s the May selfie kit? Just signed up for beauty fjx, and loving it!

  23. Yah!! I can’t wait.

  24. This will be my 2nd box and I am not sure how I feel about this, I Love Brush’s so I am fine with that but the other product not so much. I will have to wait and see what the other products are to really judge it, but so far its a bust.

  25. No more cream stuff 😩 The concealers from this month suck! Hopefully I’ll get the powder kit

    • I was going to try the concealer palette as eyeshadow base, but when I swatched a few of them, they were like oil slicks, really greasy almost liquid. It surprised me cuz I thought they would be chalky and dry. Still determined to make them work, but will be interesting since I’m already oily. Not complaining because I love the highlighter and sponges.

  26. First off for the $21 the value of the boxes is good. I was very excited to try Boxycharm after seeing February’s box which I was unable to get. Was not thrilled with March. The eye pallette and lipstick was a waste. Also not thrilled wit April. Pallette given I won’t use and the lipstick is too dark. Now May …. I won’t use the brush or the cream pallette if I get that. If it keeps up Boxycharm may be short lived

    • Same….. I missed a couple good boxes last summer so when I saw the Feb box, I decided to finally sign up and of course it was too late and I started with the March box. The past 3 boxes have been kind of lame and I haven’t used any of the products. I was excited to get the Ofra highlight but mine came damaged. I am also thinking of canceling soon if the boxes don’t improve.

  27. I’m not a boxycharm subscriber, because it’s just too heavy on makeup for me, but man do I want that brush!

    • You can buy those brushes at TJ Maxx for $5-$12 each. I have a few of them, I got the face/foundation brush and a set of three smaller ones for under $20 and I love them. They are super nice with thick bristles. I’m not sure how they compare to the actual Artis brand brushes but they work really well, especially the foundation brush, I prefer it over a blending sponge.

    • You can get a full set on Amazon for about $12. In a side by side comparison to my Artis set they’re nearly identical in both appearance and function. The only real difference is the price difference. Just search for “round makeup brushes.” It’s one of a select few beauty products I’ll buy from Amazon since I don’t care that it’s a knockoff (vs counterfeit a la Kylie lip kits).

  28. Cool it with the contour, highlighter, and fan brushes, Boxycharm! I have more than enough from you… Go back to your large eyeshadow palette stage!

    Rant over.

    • Agree 1000% Percent! Give me some pretty eyes!

  29. I had a feeling that brush would be in the box when it kept getting featured in the get ready with me on snap! Looking forward to trying it but idk we just go the concealer palette, this other peak seems a little redundant.

  30. Well I’m African American so I can’t use either of those palettes, meh.

    • Can you use it for eye shadow? I’m over highlighter and contour items from these boxes.

    • I’m the color of Casper the ghost. Can’t use them either!

      • Same here Dea! Super pale, blond, green eyes. It’s a no go. I have realized even with the good value, I don’t use most of what I get. May be time to rethink.

        • This is why I had to stop with my makeup boxes! Everything is so warm toned, and even when I asked for cool when there’s a choice I’d still get warm! So annoying.

    • I’m a make up artist, and contour palettes work WONDERFULLY as eyeshadows and blushes for darker complexions. You might want to give it a try!

      • I’m hoping for the powder kit, because I’m definitely thinking it would be used as neutral matte eyeshadows…would make a great base for those shimmery colors from last month’s naked palette!

      • That’s great advice!

  31. Fingers crossed for the powder because oily skin and creams don’t play together well.

    • YES!!!! I wouldn’t be upset/nervous if we actually filled out profiles and the variations then catered to our personal “issues.” That would make sense! But since this is all just random with Boxycharm and my luck sucks pretty bad, I’m also pretty sure I’ll end up with the cream version that will be useless for me…ugh.

  32. I hate to complain, because Boxycharm is such a great value, considering it’s $21 for five (usually) full-sized products. However, this box is not very exciting.

    For one, there’s that price discrepancy everyone’s pointing out. If they’re going to make the two palettes a variation, then they better include something for the people getting the less expensive palette to make up for it. Otherwise that would be unfair.

    Secondly, Boxycharm needs to cool it on the highlighters. You may as well call this sub box “Glowcharm” because of how often they’ve included highlighters within the past few months. Highlighters are great and trendy and all, but we’ve had enough.

    And lastly, and this is more of a personal thing…I’m not thrilled about the cream contour kit. At all. Not everyone is into contouring, and we just got a cream concealer palette last month. This palette is too similar to that one IMO. And just like the concealer palette, the cream palette (if it ends up in my box, that is) will go up for swap, no question.

    So far the May box isn’t all that unique. How much do you want to bet that the next spoiler is a lip gloss?

    • Totally agree. I’m sick of highlighters. I dont use them at all and 1 a year is more than enough.

    • Personally, I am tired of lip colors including glosses and color I could never wear! Remember the purple Ofra one not too long ago?

  33. I have wanted to try one of these brushes for over 6 months…so glad I waited. As far as the palette goes, not exciting…but better than a black mascara!

  34. One is $40 and the other is $15? What’s wrong with this picture! I hope for the IBY – mostly because I liked the previous shadow palettes we got from them and I prefer the powder. I’m stunned at the cost difference tho!

    I hope there’s another variation item that makes up for that.

  35. Both look fun but there is a big value discrepancy between the two pallets. The IBY value is $40 and the other is $14.99. Seems to be too wide a gap for it to be an either/or.

    • My guess is that if one gets the lower product they will get a different high end product to combat it ??

  36. The IBY highlighter palette looks good, but would not want the beauty creations cream palette. I don’t like cream makeup at all. Not crazy about the brush either. Kinda on the fence about this one. I have only had Boxycharm and little while and I’ve gotten highlighters almost every box. Box is always a great value, I just have enough of the same products to last a year.

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