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BoxyCharm May 2017 – SPOILER #4!

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We have another spoiler for the May 2017 Boxycharm subscription box! (Thanks to larlarlee! And thank you, Jackie and Diana, for the heads up!)

Each box will include:


Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 9.04.42 PM

TEMPTU x BoxyCharm Liquid Glow Hand Applied Highlighter

TEMPTU teamed up with Boxy Charm to create this high-impact, hand-applied liquid highlighter in shade Cosmos, a rose gold hue.

*Not to be used with Airbrush Machines

In case you missed the previous spoilers:

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 2.12.30 PM Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 2.13.02 PM

Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 1.12.12 AM

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 3.31.14 PM

What do you think of the latest May 2017 Boxycharm spoilers? 

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers for future updates!

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  1. For someone who thinks this whole highlighter trend is grossly overrated, all these highlighters are getting really old. How many highlighters does Boxycharm think we can actually use? I still love this box, but come on already. ENOUGH WITH THE HIGHLIGHTERS!

  2. I am disappointed this month. I have no use for that TEMPTU, it makes my face look dirty. I never put anything on my brows. I think that the drawn on brows look silly.

    • The Temptu product is a highlighter not a contour which can sometimes make people’s face look dirty.Its a beautiful liquid highlighter and I can’t wait to try it out

  3. the cream contour palette looks SOOO bad in my opinion. i feel like the quality of it wont be nearly as good as the powder one and thats giving me anxiety to be honest. i dont think ill be using that brush either :/ im not into liquid highlighters and i personally use pencils for my brows so all in all i dont quite think i will personally enjoy this box but i havent tried the products yet. im hoping theyll wow me! if not i can always pass them on to friends and family 🙂

    • ugh yes I want the powder palette sooo bad. the cream one is absolute garbage.

      • How could you have received it from Birchbox if it is a collaboration with Boxycharm that has never been released? Honest question…not trying to be hateful?

        • I think she’s thinking of the liquid shimmer bronzer they sent out…which I agree is garbage.

    • It’s a terrible box, received the liquid highlighter from Birchbox several times and it’s terrible.

    • Honestly, these types of boxes were created so that you could try new products and brands not to build your make-up collection. If you’re super strict about your make-up routine and don’t use this and would never use that, it sounds like subscription boxes aren’t your thing. If I were you I would save the $21 and go buy make-up I know I would use.

      • Thank you! I completely agree.

  4. Im excited to get the browgal item. My brow palette fell into my fish tank so in happy that a brow product is in Mays box. Does anyone know if the eyebrow brush and the pencil is included and what brow shade range it is? I was looking for reviews and there’s barely any. Has anyone tried it before?

  5. I won’t say this box sucks simply because its not my thing and I give them credit for not one more nude colors eyeshadow palette but COME ON BOXY it feels like the last two boxes were very meh. and now that I can’t cancel for a month and get the next box I feel trapped, I’ll use two of the four listed and we’ll see on the last one but I’m starting to see their game..first the waitlist fiasco now the boxes aren’t as excited as they used to be at least for the majority of us.

    I see me getting my 20 bucks worth so I won’t whine, but meh

  6. Great box but I unsubscribed til my hours increase at work. I really don’t need any of the products.

  7. I love highlighters, I really do…but…haven’t we gotten enough of them the last few months? Could we try something new now, please?

    • I cannot agree enough. I have so many now that I don’t know what to do with..

      • I have way too many highlighters, and I don’t use them. I haven’t really gotten into the glow look myself… and even so, I could wear it every day and have enough for life :0

        • Yeah…I love an obnoxious glow, I wear a TON, every day, and I’m not subtle about it. But I just don’t need a new highlighter every dang month. Especially since the effect when worn is similar enough – I need like, a pearl one, a pinky one, a gold one, and that’s it. A billion variations of the same thing just doesn’t excite me.

    • They are, technically…the contour kits and the eyebrow kits this month, and the concealer palette last month. I’ve been subbed for almost a year, and my friend for over a year, and these are all new things to us. And I love highlighters. I personally like to collect makeup…and without Boxycharm I wouldn’t have the money to…so bring on the eye shadow palettes and the highlighters. There is no such thing as enough lol

      • I would love to get more eyeshadow palettes, because those are all different and can be used for different looks (at least, as long as they don’t send the same basic neutrals every time). But we’ve gotten a highlighter every month for the last 4-5 months? Maybe you can’t have enough, but I am ready for a break from them. I use highlighter every day and still, at this point, I’ll be trying to use up my stash when I’m dead. I don’t like to get the same products every month. Send us a great eyeliner, a face mask, a unique mascara, eye primer, hand cream, body butter…trendy colors in eyeshadows, different forms of lip colors…I don’t want or need a highlighter every single month. I don’t want to cancel because I love pretty much everything I get, but I also don’t want to just get the highlighter of the month club.

      • I’m at 16 months and I’ve never had these items either.Boxycharm is my favorite subscribtion.I love ipsy also. I don’t think there’s ever been a month that I didn’t love something out of my box.There have been things that I felt a family member would love a product more

  8. I’m always looking for a decent powder highlighter for fair skin. I’m over on the swap page as Monique and have a pink forest as my picture.

  9. Has anyone managed to find swatches of either contour palette online? I’ve been looking all over! I figure I will mix the Temptu with body lotion and see how I like that, but I’m most excited for the Brow Gal (although I still haven’t opened the last Brow Gal product they sent out)

    • I use this browgal eyebrow pallet everyday! I just got it in my most recent beautycon box. I threw the box away but I think it was #2 because the middle one is good for red hair.

  10. I am zero percent excited about this box, which is unusual because Boxy Charm is usually so good. I don’t need the knock-off ABH contour palette because I already have the real thing. And why would we need a palette with highlighters and a liquid highlighter (which they send in at least one box a year, and that I’ll never, ever use)? I’ll be SOOO thrilled when this highlighting trend is over because I’m really freakin’ sick of it. The same goes for anything brow related. I only have two and I don’t fill them in every day, so why do I need a new brow product every other month? Sigh … the only way this can be redeemed is if the remaining items are color cosmetics and skincare! Sorry, I’m cranky today 🙁

    • I totally agree with you 100%..enough already with the highlight and brow products, got enough to last a decade..Hands down Boxycharm is one of the best beauty box deals hands down,but give me some fragrance and nice body lotions sometimes Boxy.

  11. This box looks great! I got The Brow GAL product in another box a few months ago and I love it SOOOO much – I’m glad to be getting a back up. And that brush? Hello! Very excited

    • There’s only one more item (1-contour palette; 2-paddle brush; 3-brow powder; 4-liquid highlighter; 5-unknown), unless there are variations, but I’m getting the impression that they’re trying to make the boxes as much alike this month as they can, at least for existing subscribers.

    • That reply was supposed to be for the comment after/above yours, oops. I agree with yours, though, I’m excited.

  12. I’m super excited about this box. I had received the liquid Temptu Bronzer and it glides on my olive yellow undertones complexion like a charm 😍 Only a little of it applied with a wet sponge will create a flawless warm color. Thank you @boxycharm. 😊😍😘
    For those that complain please chill out if you don’t like your items then pass for that month. I will love to receive the IBY contour palette 🎨 because of @boxycharm I got to try the eyeshadow palette and the eye colors don’t look or feel cheap.

  13. I really like boxycharm but now I’m starting to wonder if I should cancel my subscription. The boxes are basically the same thing every month, I’m giving it one more month and if I’m not pleased I will cancel.

    • I agree, this is only my 2nd box, so I don’t have a lot to compare on, but this one is a dud for me,, waiting through June and If I don’t see a “Wow I am so glad subbed ” item,, I may leave too.

  14. I hope mine comes with the right shade of brow product! I keep getting brow products in all of my subs that are meant as universal shades for people with a large range of hair color. I always put in my profile that my hair (and brows!) are black…..medium brown shades just look like my brows are dirty 😂😂

    • I got this Brow Gal in my BeautyCon box I love this product. I think the dark shade will work for your brows . I have light brows but the first shade works for me. I think you will like brow gal.

    • The darkest one is black enough I use it as eyeliner when wet. Got it in beautycon

  15. Does anyone else feel like this is just a repeat of last months box? 😑😑

    • Let’s see here…

      Powder or Cream Contour kit vs Cream Concealer palette – no, not the same.
      Liquid highlighter vs Pressed highlighter – same product category but different in shade and also formula
      Paddle brush vs Sponge trio or Brush duo – again, category is the same but you can use these for whatever you want anyway.

      The brow powder doesn’t have a comp item, and we don’t know what else will be in the box, so…

  16. Oh, stop complaining people. It is a huge liquid highlighter this time!! And in a rose gold shade too.

    One can really never have too much makeup. I mean I justify to myself my purchases by pointing out the slight variations between things I purchase all the time . . . even if there isn’t really any. ;P

    • I could not agree more!! I love makeup and there’s no such thing as too much of one product!!

    • Or you could just let people feel how they feel and express themselves, just as you do.

      We pay for a box every month and we’re perfectly entitled to talk about how we feel about it. I love boxycharm, I love makeup, I have a ton of it. But it DOES feel like it’s a “highlighter of the month” club right now, and I am ready for them to change it up.

      • I agree, I’m allowed to not like something. I can also cancel out of frustration, or I can continue to hold out hope of getting things I will enjoy each month. If I do, yayyyyy, and if I don’t I can complain if I want. This should be a place where we can say what we mean and mean what we say, because those that matter don’t mind, and those that mind don’t matter, as Dr Seuss teaches us. Lol

  17. I need a “Highlighter for Dummies” tutorial.

    • Tati has some great tutorials on how to highlight. Basically you want to highlight the high points of your face. These would be right above your cheekbone or the cheekbone. Your cupids bow and the tip of your nose.

  18. Want! Doubt I’ll make it off the waitlist though….

    • Same I really want the may box. when did you sign up?

    • I will sell you the whole box for $21. Email me if interested… maggiellandry @ gmail

    • Hi ladies. I will be selling my May box. Please email me to bleach_19_89 @ hotmail . Com if interested 🙂

  19. I have to say that highlighter is pretty gorgeous ,I gave the contour liquid away but I’ll be keeping this beauty.I just got five new highlighters in the mail today sighhhhh happy happy .Love Boxycharm it’s my favorite box .Everyone who doesn’t want their highlighters can send them to me and I’ll start a rescue house for those poor unwanted pretties

  20. Does Boxycharm put sun protection in previous boxes ? I’m new and saw on you tube a liquid / oil sunscreen ? They were so wrong last month on the spoilers . Thanks for your help !

    • Many spoiler videos you see on YouTube are completely wrong- I wouldn’t trust anything you see on there. I honestly don’t know where they get most of the “spoilers” from. I’d stick to getting your spoilers through mysubscriptionaddiction 🙂 As far as sunscreen goes, I’ve been subscribed to boxy for a while now and I’ve never received one! Hope this helped 🙂

    • I’ve been with boxycharm since last year and I’ve never gotten any sun protection. Don’t look at the spoilers on YouTube they are mostly all false. This site is the only reliable early spoilers I trust lol.

  21. I’m clueless on how to use this. Can you add it to moisturizer or foundation and use all over your face? Like glamglow?

    I have mixed feelings about this box so far. I don’t know how to do my brows and am afraid I’ll smear them the accident and not realize it.

    • Hey Julie! You can add it to foundation or moisturizer to get that “glow from within” look. You can also use your fingers to tap some on your cheekbones or anywhere else you would normally use highlighter (if you highlight) lol. I’ve put liquid illuminator in my body lotion and it gives a nice body glow. And if worse comes to worse, I’m sure there will be YouTube tutorials with this after people start getting their boxes 🙂 you could probably just look up “liquid highlighter uses” or “liquid highlighter tutorials” on YouTube and find some way to use it. 🙂

    • You can, but I recommend using this on collarbone or spots you want the sun to catch on the body. I think I’m its own, these are too runny to use on the face. I don’t like the overglowy look mixing highlighter with foundation gives, but certainly can be fun to try different things with it, without the concern of wasting expensive product

    • The website description says the highlighter can be applied on bare skin, mixed with foundation or moisturizer, applied on top of foundation, or applied below foundation. I appreciate that it seems more versatile than a powder highlighter.

    • The brow powder is really easy to use. I prefer wetting it then using it on the spoolie brush on my brows just like you would use mascara. Some of my brows are blonde and it looks like I have gaps otherwise.

  22. Sooo much highlighter. We got a highlighter last month too. I never wear highlighter. :'(

    • Can you wear highlighter as eyeshadow? So much of these highlighters look like they would make great eyeshadows.

      • Yes, highlighters often look great as eyeshadow. That’s what I used to do with the highlighters I got from subs before I got on board with the highlighter trend.

    • Noooooooo!!!!! This might be the worst boxy box ever!!!

    • Way too much contour. Wegot a contour palette last month and again this month. I don’t like May box at all.

      • Last month was a concealer palettle..

  23. Ugh I really want this box!!!! But I am on the WAITLIST 🙁

    • How long have you been on the waitlist? I’ve heard emailing them helps speed up the process, but I’m not sure how long the waitlist is now. Some people are only on it for 2 weeks, but I’ve seen some on the list for 2 months. Good luck I hope your off the list soon!

      • Email them what? I just subscribed on Monday:/

        • Oh dang nvm. Sorry I thought maybe you were on it for a month or so 🙁 I hope you get a box soon!

    • I’ll sell you mine for the cost of the box + shipping (I prepaid so I’ll calculate that into it). If anyone is interested see my swap profile by clicking my name above and request it and I’ll list it on eBay for you. If you don’t have a swap profile my email address is mandywood79 @ hotmail . com.

      • I just emailed you Mandy if you haven’t already swapped or sold to anyone else 🙂

    • Hi Amber, I will sell my May box as soon as I get it. If you are interested please email me at bleach_19_89 @ hotmail. Com 🙂

  24. So so SO excited! Another great box!! I love getting spoilers so early, but it feels like forever waiting for my box lol! The anticipation is killing me! Such a great value! I don’t care if I end up with a hundred highlighters, I will never give up my boxycharm subscription!!

    • Same haha #ThatWaitTho #Boxy4Life

  25. Omg i hope i get off the waitlist and get charged for this box. Cant wait to start receving my boxycharms every month. Would love to get this box as i am open to anything thats makeup.

    • how long have you been on the waitlist for?

  26. Wowzerrr…one whole ounce of highlihter!!! My entire founation is 1oz 😋 im going to glowwww or have highlghter for 10 yrs 😎
    Jk, thats really neat though…im sure i can use it as a body highlighter in the summer and not worry about being wasteful or running out 😉😊 im subbing 🙂 hope for no waitlist this time 🙄

    • Ooooh body highlighter! I’ll have to try mixing a few drops into body lotion!

  27. I’m hoping for the powder contour palette. There’s no way I’ll go through that concealer/contour palette for a long while.
    I’m happy to get all the makeup offerings. I have the Temptu Bronzer. I’m psyched for the Highlighter. I love Rose Gold anything. I know I’ll use this forever. Can’t wait for everything.

  28. I’m happy with all of this, especially if you consider it’s less than five bucks each item. Love trying new things! But then I’m definitely more into makeup than skincare so this is the right box for me. it’s definitely a brown-bronze themed box this month.

  29. Darn, I really really liked the Temptu primer that I got in my Ipsy. I wish it had been primer.

  30. What a great box, I’m so excited. I love everything in it. Highlighter I can’t wait to try. Can’t have enough highlighters. And contour pallet. I hope I get browgal too. Yay for Boxycharm. I love you so much. I’ll never break up with you.

  31. I’m hoping to see something colorful as the 5th item 😞 Nothing makes me excited so far…

    • Yes that’s what I was thinking. Everything is so monotone. Need a colorful lip or eye product.

  32. Killin it Boxy!!!

  33. Just unsubscribed. Sad to see boxy go but I have only enjoyed receiving one box this year. I think I am going to try a skin care box. Any suggestions?

    • I have been subscribed to BeautyFix for the past 2 months. The value is really good and the price similar to BC

    • For skincare (which is my fav kind of box’s too and the same reason I stopped boxycharm in order to get other subs) -I love Beautyfix, lots of skincare focus and full size items (just got a full size Juice Beauty face cream in my last box) – you get real good bang for your buck with Beautyfix as well. I also very highly recommend Art of Organics Clean Beauty Box (probably my number one fav sub if all time)- total skincare focus, gorgeous and super high quality full-size products (all organic too if that’s your thing), super-fast shipping, and GREAT customer service! Another I like that’s very similar to Art of Organics (but has a one-brand-a-month focus) is Pearlesque. I am a little sub-box crazy if you didn’t notice lol but hope that helps! 🙂

    • Art of Organics, Beauty Hero and Pearlesque have been killer for skincare. I’ve loved absolutely everything.

    • Beauty fix is who I am dating now in Boxycharm’s place. The Juice Beauty moisturizer is on point. And they sent out some good eye cream and lip cream.

    • glossybox or vegancuts terrabella box

    • Sephora play has skin care in it, but also makeup products.

    • Pearlesque. I have dry skin with aging concerns and dark spots. This box has completely changed my skin for the better and unlike other boxes I use all the products in the box.

  34. What is that brush supposed to be used for?

    • A lot of people use paddle brushes for either applying foundation and blending it in, or they’ll use them to contour.

      • Okay. Thank you. 🙂

  35. I love my temptu bronzer.. I mixed it with foundations.. and now I will mix this too!!

    • Yes!!! I love that bronzer as well, can’t wait to try this highlighter 😍😍😍😍

  36. I want to cancel. But I want the brush. Not interested in anything else. I am so on the fence!

    • You can get that brush at tj maxx for $5.

  37. This sucks, I’m sorry but it does. Another highlighter……sigh

  38. Enough with the highlighters already, Boxycharm!!! This is the third one this year, and we’re not even halfway through 2017 yet. There’s so many different makeup items out there they could have included instead, like eyelash curlers, or a set of mink lashes with glue- do they really need to be repeating items like this?

    I loved Boxycharm back when I signed up, and I still think it’s an amazing deal for the amount of products you get, but it’s frustrating that they’ve cut back on skincare and large eyeshadow palettes for highlighters and contour galore.

    • I love highlighters. Keep them coming boxy.

    • That’s how I feel. I love highlighting. I have so many highlighters now though. And I’m not into that much contouring. If I do, a little bronzer is enough for me. I won’t cream contour. That is just too much makeup on my face personally and being so pale, I can’t get too crazy with powders either or my face winds up looking dirty.

    • It wouldn’t surprise me if they cut back on the eyeshadow palettes and such, because people complained about an overload of them too.

      I’m not as excited as normal about this box, but they are kind of in an unenviable position, in my opinion. They have to find a balance between subscribers who have been with them a long time, and have seen a lot of products before – and new subscribers to whom all this is new. That can be a tough balance to find, they’re NEVER going to make everyone happy every box.

    • I feel like they need to switch it up. We don’t need another highlighter Plus the shades in the concealer palette from last month could easily suffice as a contour or highlight. I wouldn’t mind getting some skincare products

      • That’s what I decided, so I cancelled boxy a few months back and subbed to some others that are more skincare focused, and I’ve been SO much happier (With still enough eyeshadow and bronzers left over from boxy to last a lifetime!) – I feel bad because every now and then they do throw in an awesome skincare product, but I get that much more steadily and readily with boxes that focus skincare products vs boxycharm- which is okay, as Boxy is an amazing sub if you are wanting makeup!! Just not for me anymore 🙂

  39. Another highlighter!! And one to go with the Temptu bronzer I never, never use.

    It is pretty, but so are all my other numerous highlighters. The Vintage ones being my favorite and most reached for.

    Sorry Boxycharm…you were good to me last year, but we have officially broken up.

  40. This is my dream box! I absolutely love every single item! I use cream for contouring, but would love to try the powder. I’d be happy with either. I use maracuja oil and powder highlight to get that liquid effect, so I’m thrilled with the Temptu product. Have been wanting to try brow gal for a while. Now the wait…

  41. So glad I unsubscribed after seeing the earlier spoilers for May. Not interested in a single item this time.

    • Me too! I am happy for those that are loving these items but none of them interest me in the slightest. I unsubscribed after seeing another contour palette (I don’t contour) and that it would be a brow gal product (don’t do my brows.) I am all for trying new stuff, but when I know I won’t use the whole box, it’s not worth it to me.

  42. That is a beautiful highlighter. 😍

  43. In love with boxycharm

  44. Boxycharm just keeps on getting better 💕 I am most excited about the item from BrowGal but I love all the spoilers😘

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