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Beauty Report Limited Edition Beauty Box FULL SPOILERS (Box A)

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UPDATE: Several readers have reported receiving products that are expired in this box. Please check your box when you receive it. I’ll update when we know more.

Thanks, Katie, for sharing these spoilers for theΒ Beauty Report Limited Edition BoxΒ (Box A):

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This looks just like Box B but with the $189 Dermaflash!

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 7.55.51 AM

  • Apothederm Firming Serum
  • Baby Botanicals Lip Tint SPF 15
  • Decleor Aromessence Neroli Hydrating Oil Serum
  • Defense Clinical Power Trio Sampler Kit
  • Dr. Hauschka Skin Care Rose Day Cream
  • Epionce Sample Kit (Milky Lotion Cleanser, Lite Lytic Tx, and Renewal Face Cream)
  • Farmhouse Fresh Organics Island Elixir Shea Butter Hand Cream
  • Tiffany Andersen Gavee Gold Liquid Gold Peptides
  • Le Mieux Bio Cell + Mask
  • Lycopene Skin Care Cream Rinnovante
  • Michael Todd Beauty Jojoba Charcoal Facial Scrub
  • Neocell Biotin Bursts
  • Theorie Transforming Hair Serum
  • Trilogy Age-Proof CoQ10 Booster Oil
  • Trufora Titanium Day Cream SPF 30
  • Veneffect Anti-aging Lip Treatment

In case you missed the spoilers for Box C:

0417171701a_resized 0417171701_resized

The Box:Β Beauty Report Limited Edition Box

The Cost: $29

The Products: More than 15 full, deluxe and travel sized products. (Items may vary from what is shown in the picture.)

  • Supplements: Lumity, Nutrafol and Biotin Bursts
  • Airelle Skin Care
  • CBD for Life (full size but low value item)
  • Colorscience Sunforgettable (sunscreen powder)
  • Dermelect Cosmeceuticals
  • Epicuren Discovery
  • Eufora International Leave-In Repair Treatment (full size)
  • Go Smile
  • Grande Cosmetics Bat your Lashes (full size)
  • Meder Usa Sheet Mask
  • Meg 21 sample kit
  • Obagi Medical Retinol
  • Parodi Hand Cream
  • Purlisse
  • Skin Inc.

What do you think of the spoilers?Β 

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. I just spoke with Melissa in customer service. She said they will be sending me out a replacement box. I had the same issues with the lycopene being dried out, the expiration date on the sunscreen, she was unable to clarify about the date on the defenage, the marula oil only having a couple of drops in it, and the horrible packaging on the gavee gold peptides causing it to spill upon opening. My hand cream also smelled like it had gone sour.

  2. It seems I am in the minority, but I am VERY happy with my box A. For $29, we got a LOT of products (and, yes, I am one of the lucky ones who got a Dermaflash, but even without it, I think the value is very good). None of my products are dried up or smell funny. I’m not worried about the expiration date on the sunscreen as I tried it over the weekend (two days outside all day) and I really liked it. It will be fine to use in May, I’m certain, and it will be long gone by the end of next month I’m sure. As for the other product with an “expiration date” in March 2016, I think we shouldn’t jump the gun on that one. I’m betting that’s a manufacturing date, not an expiration date. That’s common — only products that contain suncreen generally have an expiration date printed on them — and, if you’ll take a look at them, they always have an EXP printed before the date. This product does not have EXP printed before the date on it. Cosmetics are only required to include a date if they have a shelf life of less than 30 months. So lets not jump the gun on that one, I’m trying to contact the company to find out what the date means. Until I know for sure, I’m not going to jump to conclusions.

    • I have to agree I got one of the dermaflash also & actually had no issues with no other products other than date of sunscreen. I used it over weekend as well & really liked it! So for my $29 it was well worth it! I did just post my dermaflash on swaps only because I was interested in Lumity anti aging supplements otherwise I’ll be keeping it!!

      • Rhonda,
        I’m interested in a swap of Lumity for Dermaflash. Thanks

        • It already got swapped for one! I’m sorry!

    • I agree. The bank lip product smells like roses and looks kind of dry but is actually moisturizing. The lycopene cream was fine also, but I notice the lid seems like it could easily become loose so that might explain why some were a bit dried out? The hand cream is definitely fine, but a sweet-tart pineapple smell that maybe everyone won’t like. My sunscreen is fine and will be used quickly. For $29 I love this box and wish I had gotten to try some of the items in box c.

      • Babo not bank. Darn incorrect.

        • I mean auto correct. Fooled again. It’s a struggle.

    • Yes.. your right, it may as very well be the manufaturing date! I hope so, because I’ve been using it and all seems fine.. so far.

    • I agree I think this is a great value for $29. I didn’t think I would like to the Dermaflash but thought what the heck I will give it a try and was actually surprised (and a little appalled) at how well it worked and how much peach fuzz I actually have on my face. I agree the March 2016 date is more likely to be a manufacturing date then an expiration date. All and all I would definitely buy this again.

  3. If anyone regrets their purchase of Box C, I’d love to buy it off you πŸ™‚

    • I received Box C and it is AWESOME – 8 Full-Size products and the value is almost $500.00..nothing is expired in Box C..
      I feel horrible for the gals that received Boxes A & B – sending out expired products is not cool and I feel the company should replace and/or refund.

      • Box A had 4 full size, plus sample/travel size (in my case 14 total, not 15 as promised), many of them marked ‘Not for resale’, Ehh, you never know with mystery boxes. I’ve gotten some fantastic value boxes and some complete duds. I only bought this based on everybody raving about last year’s box but I’ll take it easy on mystery for a while.

        • Reach out to Sarah the Marketing Director at New beauty Test Tube with your complaints so that we hopefully won’t have to go through this again on any future limited addition boxes.

          I also bought because of last July’s Award box that was $50 and it was a good box. This one sent out different variations and I like you didn’t receive 15 items and what I did receive are small sample size and expired ones at that.

          They work with the beauty industry ( which has the highest mark up ever on products)and could have done a better job.

  4. I am quite upset with the expired products – some over a year ago! This is unacceptable! I contacted them but have not heard anything….what can we do about this? I refuse to spend hard earned money on a bunch of useless stuff. False advertising – misleading – we were deceived! This was my first box from New Beauty – I was debating on doing the Test Tube subscription but no way I will sign on now! If anyone gets a real response from the company please let us know.

    • You need to please email your exact words and concerns to Sarah the Marketing Director at New Beauty.

      So that they will make sure this doesn’t happen again. Mine didn’t have even 15 items. The ones that it did have are small and many expired.

      Her email is slowe (at) newbeauty (dot) com

  5. I’m not sure how to tell which letter box you received, but mine was the closest to A except instead of the biotin and hair serum I received marulaoil rare oil treatment as well as the dermaflash.

    • Me too!

  6. Based on the amount of dust on the products, I’m glad I had taken my
    Allegra-D before opening it. I received box A, and the Dermaflash was included. Along with expired products. There is absolutely no way any of of these items are current. I plan on contacting the company. This is ridiculous.

    • Yes! Whatever product was in the red jar was so dusty!

      • You’re telling me! Everything had to be wiped down. Then you think, yeah, I’m not risking it, considering the expiration dates!

      • The Lycopene stuff doesn’t have a date on it, but I think it’s old. Mine had some dried product around the edges and when I removed the cover over the jar it was less than 1/4 full and it looked as if it had been full at one point given the dried cream going up the walls of the jar and around the edges.

        • Yes.. that’s how my lycopene was. When I checked it, it was dried out some and almost empty! Very odd, only explanation is that it too, is expired.

    • pretty sure the dust was from the shredded paper in the box… no big deal once you wipe it off!

  7. Finally got my box today! Is anyone else’s Defenage starter kit dated 3/15/2016? I find it hard to believe that any box would send out an item that expired over a year ago.

    • Yes mine has the exact same date. I would have put the whole box up for swap except expired items go no where but to the trash can.

      • Part of me is glad I’m not the only one, and another part of me wishes I was the only one so no one else has to deal with this. I’m normally so happy with things I get from New Beauty so the expired product was really surprising to me. I had considered sending a couple of boxes as gifts to friends and I’m so glad I didn’t. I’d be so embarrassed if they received expired products.

    • Mine has the same exp. date.. not happy. I emailed them, but no answer back yet. I think NewBeauty needs to address this issue for everyone. This was supposed to be a Mother’s Day box. I would have been mortified if I gave this to someone for Mother’s Day. That being said… I do love all the products in the box, but I hate that a lot are expired. I love all of NewBeauty boxes and just hope they fix this.

    • Are we sure this is an expiration date and not a manufacturing date? There’s nothing with sunscreen in it and I often find they do that.

  8. I had to open my hand cream with that comment. Too me it smells like overly ripe pineapple with coconut. I don’t see expiration date either. It is an organic product and maybe won’t last as long?

  9. I got my 2 boxes today , both A with the dermaflash, the farmhouse organic handcream in island elixir smells horrible, a sickly sour smell,,I don’t see an expiration date on it but there’s no way I can use it 😷

    • Hadn’t even thought to try out the handcream. Thanks for the warning! Handcream isn’t a terribly exciting beauty product – so I wouldn’t have tried this for quite some time. (How is handcream even a “new” beauty discovery?).

      This box continues to disappoint!

    • This box is really weird. I got box A and my farmhouse smelled fine. I might check all again. It’s just odd we all got the same products but some are fine and done are not. I sent an email Day one about exp trufora and no response yet

      • The hand lotion is Pineapple Coconut. I don’t think it’s rancid, just a poor take on Pineapple. Think of it as tropical, imagine your on a beach, and it smells much betterπŸΉπŸ‘™πŸŒ΄

    • I opened my hand cream and it smells like pina colada. On the back of the tube it mentions coconut oil and pineapple. I’m not sure I am a big fan of the fragrance but it doesn’t smell rancid to me.

    • I got two boxes, both A…… but no Dermaflash in either. Was everyone supposed to get dermaflash or only certain people?

      • The first 500 people to order got the Dermaflash. Did your shipping confirmation say box A or are you going by what’s in the box that it is box A? Box A and B are the same except for the Dermaflash. Box C is different.

  10. Just got my box tonight. Got three items that are expired. One was 3/2016! Yikes. I am so disappointed in this box. I thought beauty meant all kinds of products and not just skincare. I wanted lip pencils, lipsticks etc. I will put things up for swap if anyone is interested. I got box A. I don’t want the dermaflash either.

    • I’d happily take your Dermaflash!

  11. My box arrived today. I avoided spoilers and that was tough. I received box A and I am amazed at the value. I think I will use every product except the marula oil. I spilled half of the liquid gold bottle on my shirt when I opened it. They aren’t kidding when they say liquid. A few of the items are duplicates of the Whole Foods beauty bag. I need to stop ordering skincare boxes for a few months. I did get the dermaflash but I know nothing about it so not sure if I will use it. The babo lip tint is awesome. it has a nice subtle scent and feels so nice on my lips. I am really happy with this box.

    • If you don’t want the dermaflash I would love to take if off your hands! πŸ˜€

    • Lol…I spilled half the bottle on my shirt as well!

  12. After the Better than Black Friday Beautyfix mystery box dud filled with expired product and now this shady box filled with at least 3 expired product – if not more expired or damaged product, I’m done with mystery boxes promoted by MSA.

    Did MSA ever address the expired Beautyfix Better than Black Friday boxes? MSA seems so fast to promote deals on behalf of sellers, but it’s very quiet when boxes are duds. Please consider the best interest of buyers/readers first! Otherwise the value of this website really comes from the forum and comments – not so much the plug posts for boxes.

    Sorry for being snappy @lizcadman – but I don’t think vendors should get such a free pass on pushing expired products to your readers/followers. It really dilutes the value of this site.

    Check out the forum discussion ladies about the expired products in this box.

    • Hi Kara,

      Sorry about this. We always post anything we think MSA readers would be interested in, and this box was something that fit the bill. I apologize if posting about it came off as promotional – it was not in any way.

      I’ve updated the spoiler posts on this box to reflect that some readers are receiving expired products and advised readers to check their products when they receive them.

      I don’t have my box yet, but once I do I’ll check the products, photograph any expiration dates and reach out to New Beauty.

      Apologies again if it came across as if I didn’t care about these issues. I just want to make sure I have all the facts before I do an additional post about it, and also want to give New Beauty an opportunity to respond.

      Regarding BeautyFix, my understanding of the issue was that anyone who had received expired products and contacted BeautyFix was sent a replacement box. If that isn’t what happened please let me know so I can look into it more. I’m sorry if I missed something here.

      • I definitely can’t see how Liz is at any fault, how was she supposed to know? I do appreciate that she might have a little more pull than us and may help resolve an issue on behalf of her readers. She had no clue that they would be so incredibly shady. I’m missing 4 items from box B and am trying to get replacement items and trying to make sure that they’re not expired. I’m grateful for any assistance that Liz can give in the situation, but I’m not faulting anyone but the company that sent out obviously expired items.

        • Yeah, it’s not like Liz is the psychic mystery box reader of expiration dates. lol

      • I do not hold Liz or MSA at fault at all. These boxes are amazing and exciting deals for me, so I hope you continue to let us know about them in the future as you hear about them. We all know we are taking a risk when we order a mystery box. I agree that we should not be sent expired items though. I ordered the horrible beautyfix black Friday deal and was sent a horrible old box of unusable crap and they said they would send me the new december box as a replacement but instead they sent me another box exactly like the first. I learned my lesson and will never again order a mystery box from them but I love their monthly boxes. The only item I noticed in this box was the soon to expire sunblock. What are the other items of concern? Thanks much!

      • I received both of these boxes. My beautyfix mystery box was awful. They said they would replace it with the new december box but instead they sent me another of the exact same old box. I couldn’t believe it. I decided I would never again order mystery boxes from Beautyfix but I do love their monthly boxes. I did not think to blame MSA for letting us know about it. I blame beautyfix entirely. I have found so many great deals thru MSA and I think they are notifications not promotions. It is our decision to take a risk on a mystery box. I know in this box the sunscreen is about to expire, but which other items are expired? I tried to look for expiration dates but didn’t see them on many products. Thank you Liz for all you do for us.

      • I don’t think you did anything wrong Liz . As far as I am aware MSA is a group of like minded people who enjoy mysterious boxes of all sorts.
        I got box a with the dermaflash. There was NO way to know a lot if not all of the things in the box appear to be things they got for promotional or free then SOLD it to us. On my dermaflash box it clearly says not for sale.. and if sold by a business or person not on their sellers list to report them. I’m not sure if they had permission to sell it?I’m not pleased that most of it samples not for resale which they clearly resold. I feel kind of ripped off but! At the same time there would be no way I’d be able to find atleast the dermaflash for free. I can’t remember if I got anything other than the sunscreen that expires in June this yr.I’m not going to buy from this company again, I don’t like feeling like I got tricked or scammed out of my money. I’m just glad it was only 30 dollars but this won’t stop me from trying new boxes etc.

    • I hardly think you can blame MSA for anything to do with this box. Announcements of the boxes aren’t “plugs” and apparently everyone has always been thrilled with Beauty Report in the past. As far as Beautyfix goes, they sent me replacement boxes without me even having to contact them. Maybe people should just take some responsibility instead of blaming other people. It’s always your choice to buy the box or not. I think MSA has gone above and beyond, there are rating available now and buyers are always free to do their own research. What did Beauty Report say when you told them about the problem items?

      • There’s a few of trying to get answers and replacements over on the forum. Unfortunately, it’s not going to great.

      • I haven’t heard back from Beauty Report.

        My comments aren’t intended to insult MSA, Liz or any readers. I’m just wondering about the situation and past boxes that have sent out expired product and asking how we can hold these companies accountable or decrease the frequency of expired product unloads via sub boxes.

        Regarding promotions or plugs of boxes: I can tell which reviews are for boxes provided to MSA for review purposes/free of charge, but I can’t tell which announcements are promotional or on behalf of the seller. Maybe none are? Maybe some are?

        • Kara,
          Why does it matter how a sale announcement is classified? It is the same information either way. There is a box for sale. YOU make the choice whether or not to purchase.

          • SMZ – perhaps it doesn’t matter to you, but it may matter to others. Why does it matter to YOU if I ask questions?

            From my perspective – i read articles in magazines differently if they are marked “promotional or for advertisement” versus if they are independently written/curated. I was simply trying to better understand how this website works.

            It’s too bad that some commenters make fun of other perspectives or don’t allow open discussion…..

        • Hi Kara,

          Sorry for any confusion on this! I hope I can help clarify. All posts on our site are based on what we think MSA readers want to see. (Many of the posts are actually thanks to MSA readers emailing us tips on new boxes/coupons/spoilers/etc.) We don’t do sponsored posts. Occasionally, we will work with companies we know MSA readers love to get exclusive spoilers/coupons/news. So in those posts, the companies are aware that we will be posting about them, but besides that, we don’t coordinate with companies for posts.

          For reviews where we receive boxes for free, we always identify that as you mentioned. (We also decline some opportunities for free boxes if we don’t think they are relevant to MSA reader interests.)

          Hope that helps!

          • Liz, I am new to MSA…Love the site and world of subs. You and yoeur team do a great job…the reviews are so helpful – I’m trying out several boxes —- and based on what I have seen from this subscription, I have faith they will come through making things right for subscribers…

          • Yes – Liz – that totally helps! Thanks for your response and your professional and kind tone! It’s very appreciated. It’s not hard to see why you are so success at what you do!

    • Liz, In addition to all the amazing work that you do, awesome reviews and keeping us up to date on all subscription box news….Would you mind going to each box company and personally checking the expiration dates on every product in every box? Lol…too much to ask? πŸ˜‚ Obviously this stuff happens every once in a while things slip through the cracks. However, I will state I purchased both mystery boxes. Beautyfix had great customer service and did everything I asked to resolve the problem to my complete satisfaction. I also just got off the phone with this company and they apologized and said they are sending me replacements. And I do not hold MSA personally responsible for any mistakes unrelated companies make. MSAs function is to report information and that is MUCH appreciated by so many of us. And if you go on this site regularly, you do get a sense that Liz cares and does her best to be helpful and completely informative. Thanks for all you do Liz ❀️❀️❀️

      • Well said, SMZ.

    • I appreciate Kara’s candidness about the expired items. I feel her frustration is not at Liz or MSA but rather business wise these subscription companies need to be held accountable.

      Liz, I know you get tons of boxes each day and new ones are coming. Thanks for helping us with this so we can share information. With that said, as an “influencer” for these companies, I know they rely (or should want) your input on these situations. Please stress to them (and you may have already done so) that we as consumers expect and demand quality products. Even if this box was a dollar, the minimums are products that are not damaged and not expired.

      Test Tube Beauty is one of my favorite subscription boxes but expired products especially for a mother’s day promotion time is unacceptable. And I will be honest, I am strongly irritated that my sunscreen I received from New Beauty expires in April and I get it today. I like to use my products at leisure and one week is just dumb. Also, I like to gift and hand out products I like but now it looks like I am handing out rejects and don’t want them. Sadly, with the derma flash this could have been remembered as a great promotion, but unfortunately, expired items will take notice first.

      I will be contacting New Beauty to get replacement items. But, a note to these companies pulling this mess. Either get a better quality control department or we as consumers will refrain. $29 bucks or not, I want all of my products to be good and I want the time to use them.

      Again, I love my New Beauty Test Tube boxes, and I mean I love them. I especially loved the box for March. But my dollars can be transferred to another competing box.

      And one last note, I don’t feel like I should have to inspect a box before I give as a gift. I would have been horrified if the special females in my life received products that were expired. And I also don’t believe in the notion, well we only paid x amount of dollars so we still got a good value even if three are duds. Subscription companies, stand by your products and have good quality control or get out of the business because there are too many companies that will at least get this minimum part right.

      • Thanks, Jeannette.

        I’m sorry to MSA readers if my comments came across too strongly – not my intention. Liz’s site is great – but it stinks if companies prey on her readers to sell product that should be thrown away. Absolutely Liz isn’t responsible for quality oversight or checking expiration dates. But remember how LLB was no longer reviewed because of how they treated customers? Perhaps companies who sell deceptive and expired products should also be at risk of losing their review status? I think that would be pretty reasonable.

        Beautyfix was prompt at handling their expired mystery boxes – and I didn’t have to jump through any hoops with customer service. So far, I haven’t even heard back from Test Tube. That stinks – It’s just not okay for these companies to sell expired product.

        I feel bad for the individuals who might purchase these boxes and either not know to check quality and expiration date – or don’t have the immediate time available to do so. Some readers have reported rancid hand cream and other lotions in Box A/B. I hadn’t even thought to test out the hand lotion – and probably would have gifted it. Overall – this box seems like a disaster and I think it’s reasonable to initiate a discussion regarding how this scenario could be avoided in the future. I’m not blaming @lizcadman – I’m just pointing out that this expired product scenario isn’t an isolated event.

        I appreciate the varied comments from readers and try to do as much research as possible before purchasing. We may not always agree with one another – but let’s not make fun of someone’s remark just because it isn’t glowing about MSA.

        Agreed that the reader review ratings is a great new feature. Everyone should use their voice to leave reviews and ratings – especially in a scenario like this Beauty Report box.

      • Thanks, Jeanette! You better expressed the spirit and intent of my comments.

        Sometimes it’s scary to be candid because others are quick to make snarky responses. Let’s not fight with each other but hold Beauty Report accountable. There are multiple reports of several expired products in Box A/B. It’s not okay for Beauty Report to not provide an immediate response and solution. My preference would be refund as I no longer trust their product sourcing (or storing – is that why so many products have been reported as rancid and sour smelling) and their customer service has been non-existent.

        • Out of curiosity, What did you do to contact customer service? What date did you contact them? I called them at 800-313-0210 and they answered the phone, apologized and offered to send replacements. If you choose to email, it’s usually appropriate to give them a couple of business days to look into the issue and respond before accusing them of poor customer service. I agree sending expired products is not ok, but all I ask is to correct the issue.

          • SMZ – called and emailed. Customer Service said that they were writing a summary of my questions and sending to the publisher.

        • Kara,


          I read all comments because I need (as a relative newbie) and appreciate all of the comments by subscribers. I think you verbalized about the companies part in the responsibility that many of us were thinking but your comment sparked my, yeah this is not cool.

          I am spending a portion of my morning with a magnifying glass (thanks aging) looking at small print to see what’s expired. I find that irritating. Especially when the Beauty Report said First Ever Limited Edition…..

          No one wants to burn the companies at the stake but for a roll out promotion expired products is sloppy.

          • Jeanette – LOL! I am
            laughing because lately I am struggling to be able to read directions/instructions on beauty products! I’m squinting to read instructions on the lotions that are supposed to help prevent wrinkles!

        • Kara,I am with you! As I mentioned before they have to refund the money . And they could use those products for the rest of their life and don’t mind smell,taste, Isn’t it be fair?

          • Thanks, Dina! Appreciate a little kind shout out!!!!

          • I am receiving a refund. I expressed in detail that the (Beauty Industry has the biggest mark up on products ever) so there is absolutely no excuse for small sample size products, let alone expired ones.

            Reach out to Sarah the Marketing Director at New Beauty with any comments that you have regarding this box.

  13. I really want one of these if anyone doesn’t want theirs, please let me know!

  14. I got box A today. Mostly really high end samples that I would never pay full price for, but it’s nice to try them. I calculated the RV of all the samples/ products and with the Dermaflash the box value was $392.60. Without the Dermaflash it’s value is still RV $203.60. So I have no regrets. πŸ€—

  15. I could have sworn I ordered this box, but I never got a shipping tracking # or an email. I think they charged my card though. I am giving them to the end of the month. Then I am going to say something

    • Did you get an email confirmation? Just wondering because I ordered on March 29th and just got my box today. They sent me an email confirmation but I never received a shipping notification.

  16. This seems a loss leader. There is such a wild disparity of value between the different boxes. I would love box A, but box C looks awful. If you can’t pick which one you get, is it a lottery system to decide who gets the good boxes and who is stuck with the leftovers? Can you opt out if you don’t get the box you want? This seems really odd.

  17. My Dermaflash is on the swap page if anyone wants to swap. Would like a decent swap though for it

    • Why? Those are going to be everywhere. I’m sure it won’t be too hard to find one. Why don’t you just swap for something you want or like? I’m always surprised by people when they need “a decent swap” for something they don’t want lol.

      • My point on a decent swap was I don’t want to swap for just a lipstick or something. Might want a few things small things. Didn’t say I wanted the Value for it. I was asked by someone to purchase it which I would never do that considering it was free.

        • It was not free at all. You paid for it. You invested your time, and money. You’re the one who took the gamble on a mystery product.
          I think people can swap or keep whatever they please however they prefer. Bottom like It takes 2- to swap. And yeah, the nature of the swap site (and most other commerce in a free market) does give the seller more leverage.
          I wouldn’t go into Dillard’s and tell them…I want that dress and since you don’t want that dress, but you want money because you are a store…here’s my five dollars. They’d call the cops. That’s just how it works. Sorry.

          Just like Dillards buys items (items they dont want to keep) to sell for a profit, so do many many many many people on the swap site. This was probably not its intended use but sadly thats definitely whats going on….otherwise we wouldnt see 400+ items every time a popsugar box comes out. People are buying things, knownig good and well they can just turn around and sell them/ swap for something “worth” more.

        • Susan, I misunderstood your wording to mean I want something that is in equal to that value. I see some doing that. I guess it irks me when people do that lol. (not what you did, when other people NEED an item equal in value)

          • No worries. I have no need or want for the Dermaflash. It was a throw in in my opinion. The box only cost $29. Im new to the sub boxes and keep getting lip colors I hate and things I won’t use. After 2 months Ive already got a handful of things just taking up space. I just felt it is a substantial item in a way…just would like a few things for it opposed to one… price match or not I don’t care. Just want it not taking up space I feel someone else wants it 😊😊

          • Kerri,
            If selling/swapping items on an open market for fair market value “irks” you, please let me know when you have a house, car or high value items for sale that you “don’t want”! I will take them! Lol. Or if your on the swap site, I have some foil packets to trade for your nice items if you don’t believe in even trades!

        • Even if you wanted to sell it , it is yours to do whatever you want with it. Plus that gives you more money to buy more subscription boxes with πŸ™‚

      • Well i’m pretty sure most listed swaps are for things the person doesn’t want; otherwise, they would just keep that thing.

      • Kerri- Lets face it, NO ONE paid retail value for anything on the swap site!
        So if someone swaps a $189 item for a similar Retail Value item from a different box on the swap site – neither person paid the actual retail value. What is wrong with that? Of course she should get a decent swap for it! Also, this is not a Popsugar item that 30,000 people have one. Only 500 of the first subscribers were lucky enough to receive it. Not only is this a high retail value item, but also consider supply and demand! I agree with Linda 100% it’s a free market and takes 2 to agree on a swap.

        • To “X”…I have traded with 3-4 people in the past. I had some high RV products that many wanted. You know what I wanted in return? Something I liked or wanted. I traded something that was almost $200 RV for something that was $15 RV. Another time I traded something again almost $150 RV for a few little things. I will assume you are someone that NEEDS to get the same RV for your items correct? I can see you got snippy with me for my post, so my assumption must be correct. When we sell our house in the next few years, I’ll keep you in mind πŸ˜‰

          “SM”…you are correct, it takes 2 to swap. Thank you for your nicely worded post. Made me think a bit.

          Susan thank you for your understanding of my misunderstanding. That’s exactly what I do. I hate to waste items, so when I have all these things laying around it bothers me that they may go to waste. That’s why I trade that way I trade, RV means nothing to me. (Like “SM” said we didn’t pay RV on all the items) I go for what I want no matter the price, maybe I want something that’s “only” $10 πŸ™‚

          • Kerri,
            You are actually incorrect in your assumptions on my personal swapping habits. I have absolutely traded large value items for a few lower value items, or agreed to non equal RV trades. I definitely take more than just RV into account. My snippiness, as you put it, was more so in defense of a newer swapper, whom I felt was being bullied. She has something of high value, and would like something of value in return. There is nothing wrong with that! How each person places a personal value on items is up to them, and not to be judged by a third party imposing their own values on others. Whether it is strict RV, supply and demand, shipping costs, box cost or any other reason, she can set the value/terms of what she wants for her item. And if someone does not agree or believe she should get a decent swap, they can always buy one for $189.

          • Agreed- if you want to give your stuff away, good for you. I hope it makes you feel nice and fuzzy inside. Maybe its also good practice to avoid bullying and trying to shame other.

    • I’m looking for one and have plenty of nice items to choose from!!! Thanks!

  18. Box A received and I’m delighted. Sunscreen will be used quickly so no problem there. Most of the rest I’m happy to try. A few things for swap. Re: Dermaflash – I get regular facials so mine is up for swap but also willing to sell. If interested reply here or find me on swap board.

  19. I got my box today and absolutely LOVE IT. The sunscreen expiration date is 4/17, but hey, I am not complaining, first of all it is not a big tube, so it wont last long, second it is not going to turn bad at 12:01 am on May 1, so there is no concern about it at all. Yes, it is blue, but when you rub it in, it is light, the blue/purple color disappear leaving skin little bit glowing but not greasy. Very happy. Would definitely buy again.

    • I have box B and not thrilled, missing items and a couple of expired items. I’m swapping out most everything, except expired of course. If any one is looking to swap I’m Monique over on the forum and on the swap site. I don’t have everything listed yet, but let me know.

      If anyone wants to swap for items let me know!!

      • where I can see the swap boards that everyone are talking about? thanks!

    • yes, at first i was shocked bc i looked bright purple…but my own fault for using 4 pumps and not mixing it well. once i rubbed it in well and distributed it, it left a real nice glow…like my favorite algenist moisturizer….so i actually love it. sunscreen usually brreaks me out within hours, and this has kept my skin clear for 2 days, so will be bumped up to my #1 pick in moisturizer lineup for the month πŸ™‚

      overall….im still a weeeee tiny bit disappointed in the box. Well, not “disappointed”, just void of thrilled”

      The products were pretty small, mostly sample size…and only 15…which is comparable to 3 months of (play/birchbox/ ipsy) = $30 and with birchbox and ipsy, you at least get to pick some of your products, and they are never expired, and legit brands.

      That “gold” jar with no branding and a peeling sticker in the bottom…doesnt seem luxe to me :/….. if your directions are on a buisness card —> skeeeettttchhhhyyy Most of these things will be used as foot cream, if at all. I spend too much time and money on sub boxes because I appreciate natural well made products to risk putting some compeletely unkown, no ingredients listed, looks like it came from china stuff on my face.

      Yeah…final verdict = flop box.

      • There is an ingredient list on everything, except for the Lycopene, so I googled them, and they are all natural. Not evry product is all natural, because this is not an all natural box. Also…not sure why you would you these creams.. with very good ingredients, on your feet, because they don’t look “luxe” enough.. This is so confusing…. Just an opinion.

        • Well, mostly because your face has a very thin skin barrier, and also in close proximity to eyes, and its something i touch more throughout the day, so hands=> mouth=> more absorption…
          and i just dont know enough about these brands/ unbranded/ internet site companies, their distributors and producers to feel comfortable knowing their products are being regulated in any way.
          Feet on the other hand, have a thick layer of dead skin that can”hold” moisture, but it less likely to absorb product into systemic circulation.

          Thats my logic anyway. And its not to say Im right. Theres a really great chance im wrong and this is simply a case of fear in the unfamilar, and my own fault for not knowing “whats good out there” While Im pretty sure the
          producers are great, honest, etc, Id rather go with products that macys/ sephora / walmart/ FDA, etc have already done this verification with, or companies that are a little more transparent. In fact, I think (actually have no idea) FDA regulates branding/ packaging of cosmetics as one of their main regulations, and thats where my unease with these products falls.

          • Ahh.. I understand now.

          • Totally agree…

      • Yes, thank you! That ‘Step 3’ sticker quickly caught my attention, once I set the weird business card aside. Peeled it off immediately to see what was underneath. Also wondered ‘What are the first two steps?’ The formula is strange and why package a serum-like product in a pot?

        Your comment about using it on your feet cracked me up. I do the same thing, sort of. If I don’t like a cream fragrance, I often relegate it to elbows, butt, knees and feet.

        As to the box as a whole, I want a refund. Too many items smell funny or are expired. Booooooo.

    • I think sunscreen is generally considered good for at least 90 days past the expiration date — so at least it will last through the summer. Disappointing though, especially since I got the Tarte sunscreen in Glossybox that expires in August. So I guess I have plenty of sunscreen for the summer anyway.

  20. Good grief. Purple raaaaaaaain, purple raaaaaaaaain sunblock. I used to get testube years ago, and gave it up due to horrible shipping delays and non existent vs. Not much you can do about this box, but don’t forget the new rate a box feature above. Most of us pay a great deal of attention to this. Help others by filling it out.

  21. BE AWARE !!!! Awful!!!!!
    4 of the products are expired!
    Babo lip tint is not fresh. It smells old and expired and the taste is so bad…..
    Lycopene skin care is dry like latex paint…People be aware,check the exp.dates!!!
    So disappointed and angry!!! I’m not paying my money for the products you can not use…..

    • I was just about to post the same thing. The Trufora tinted sunscreen is purple (who has a purple complexion!?) and expires 04/17.

      I noticed that the lip tint is very dry and smells old, so does that gold serum stuff.

      I did get the Dermaflash, so I can’t really complain…. but sending old, expired SAMPLES (not even full products or deluxe samples). That’s really cheesy.

      • Hahahaha umpalumpa purple!!!! Hilarious! I look like a blueberry πŸ˜‚

      • The lip tint is not old. The exp date is 2019. Look on the bottom of the lip tint itself, not the box, and you will see your exp. date.

        • The lip tint is very moisturizing and smells lovely. The sunscreen i received is kind of a grayish tan color but doesn’t show up at all when applied. I’m not blown away by this box, but those two items are my favorites so far.

          • Agree, I like the sunscreen and lip tint. I’ll just bump the sunscreen to the front of my ridiculously long queue of face Tints! Oh, also love the veneffect after receiving it last month in beauty fix. I’m pretty good with this box and don’t get the outrage.

      • I agree with you on the sunscreen. But the lip tint I received does not expire til 2019 and had all natural ingredients.

    • I read it from the thread of the Indie Beauty Expo box that Trufora “donated” the expiring sunscreen to the company and they offered a code to pay $5 to buy directly from them (which is currently out of stock and “maybe” available in June.) I guess it’s the same case with this Beauty Report box?
      Why do we pay money for expiring products? Even the beauty companies don’t make money to be featured in the box, they still get exposure and the host companies still make profits. This is shabby. πŸ™

    • I saw the trufora was expired. I today checked dates on all products. Whatever had dates minus the above was ok. Not everything had dates. I didn’t open everything but I’ll have to check what you mentioned. I sent them an email stating how disappointed I was and thatbthy never should of sent out an expired product. Told them it cheapens them and that it is being talked about already.

      • I checked the products mentioned. My lip tint has an exp of 1/19. Smells and looks fine. My lycopene was creamy and fine
        The gold stuff smelled ok to me and was liquidy and clear as I guess it should be. I did open the trufora. Aside from being exp it is putple hued!’

        • All my stuff was good too, except for the Trufora. Not sure what everyone else means by the other products? I’m very happy overall and will be buying again next year!

          • I have to agree with you Melissa all my stuff was fine other than date on Trufora. I’ll be buying again also!

      • Susan,check the DEFENAGE(clinical power trio sample kit) I found the date on the bottom of the box 3/15/2016. And the BABO BOTANICALS LIP TINT is awful despite the 2019. Something wrong with it : it smells old and tastes disgusting . I think the problem is how they storage products. Those products are very sensitive to light, temperatures etc. I mean if the milk has on, but you left it on the table for a day or two ….They need to pay us back and at least apologize .

      • Oh good… your right.. there are more expired products! The Defenage is expired too!. i expired 3/15/2016!!! It’s on the bottom of the box. Has me wondering what else is expired?

    • I agree with everything you said, i have a couple missing items, ex or old products, my lycopene cream what is in there looks like dried latex paint to, i wish I could show you the picture. most products say sample not for sale. the biotin burst you get 1 in a little box what a joke. Very upset and disappointed in this company i was going to give the cream to my mom in the nursing home, oh before i forget my liquid gold peptides smells funny and is discolored on the bottom sticker.

    • I think the Michael Todd product is also expired!!!! Not okay!!!

  22. Thought I read someone had a Box B they was wanting to sell??

    • I would sell my ‘B’ box. it should be in my mail tomorrow (Saturday).

  23. got this box A as well. Guess I will be using up that tube of soon to expire sunscreen the next 11 days πŸ˜‰

  24. I will be selling my Dermaflash also…..

  25. i’ll be selling my dermaflash( for below retail price). is anyone interested?

    • or looking for swap

    • Yes, how much?

    • Yes! Please email me at browningclark @ hotmail . Com

  26. seems like their credit card thing isn’t working. keep getting a message to try later. really want to get one.

    • They are all sold out.. not sure why they didn’t take their order form down yet.. I emailed them and asked, just to make sure because I wanted to buy a second one. But.. happy I wasn’t able to beacsue I didn’t really care for Box C.

      • Rrrr.. because

    • That means they ran out. I tried ordering a 2nd box and I got that message so I called. They said it does not say it’s sold out just the credit card error displays.

    • I have been trying off and on for hours today to purchase a box but keep getting an error message. Disappointed!!

      • They are sold out!!! They sold out the next day they went on sale.

  27. So I don’t have peach fuzz and have relatively clear skin. I only need to get a facial every 3 months and may get a pimple 2x a year. Will I benefit from using the Dermaflash at all?
    I’m not on the swap site and don’t plan to be. I expect to have 2 extra Dermaflash as bought 3 boxes and I plan to give one to my friend

    • The Dermaflash is a fancy shaver.
      If you exfoliate regularly, you probably don’t need it.

    • I’d say that you don’t need a dermaflash. I would love to swap for one of yours if it’s still available- not on swap board- can’t get it to work. I have 2 full sized Dr. Brandt microdermabrasion scrubs. Would you be interested in that?

      • Hi Rachel,
        What’s your email address? My box is due to be delivered tomorrow. I can send you a pic once I open the box.

        • shawnasue22 it’s an outlook account. send me an email asapplease so that I can remove post

          • Gmail? Yahoo? Sorry don’t know what it means when you say outlook.

          • outlook dot com

  28. Just received my box A. Agree with some comments. Lots if very small sample sizes. I can’t say I know any of the brands but looking them up all have high reviews. Biggest disappointment is the Trufora which expires this month. It never should have been sent out. I plan to call and mention the expired product. You never know As I have mentioned before…I also have no use for the Dernaflash product.

    • could i buy the dermaflash from you?

      • We can email if you would like and discuss. I got it free so not really looking for money. Have anything to swap maybe??

      • We can email and discuss. I got it free so I wouldn’t want payment for it. Have something to swap maybe from sub boxes??

      • Hey you can buy it from me I go for laser so don’t need it and haven’t opened it yet so I can send it the way I got it .. I am at queenbee1919 for the outlook website

  29. Anyone wanting box (B) minus the one neocell vitamin burst please let me know.

    I have two.

  30. I got Box A today with the Dermaflash. yay!
    Dermaflash is just a fancy razor with one use expensive blades.
    The Trufora sunscreen expires 4/17. *sigh*
    Still it is an amazing value for thirty bucks!

  31. I just received my C box 1 day earlier than expected and I just have to say that $29 for over $500 worth of skincare, makeup and beauty supplements is out of this world. Nothing I checked has expired yet. I hope they offer this box again.

  32. I got burned.

    Ordered it at 8:00 pm o 3/29.
    Got an email confirm on the order.

    Time passed, people here posted details of receiving shipping notices, etc. Tried calling several times, no one could tell me what was going on. One lady I talked to said I would have to call back because she couldn’t pull up my order?!?

    Emailed on Sunday. Then, find out today via email, my card was declined.

    No idea why my card was declined and certainly nothing came from their site telling me three weeks after the fact…Can’t get a human on the phone to answer questions.

    • I’m getting frustrated because I have yet to get a shipping confirmation, I emailed them two days ago and haven’t heard anything back. They did take the money out of my account though.

      • I also have yet to receive a shipping confirmation, nor have I received a return email from them.

        I just did a quick pull up of the credit card I thought I’d put it on and I don’t see the charge…so maybe I’m in the same situation as Auryn with my card being declined. I have no idea why it would be declined, though, as it’s a valid/functioning card that I use every day! I also got a confirmation email with order number, etc on it.

        I will be very annoyed if they neglected to tell me my card was declined, and just didn’t bother processing.

    • I will sell you my box? Box (B)

      • Kelli I’ve sent you a message if it’s still available!!

    • I’m swapping out everything from B except for two expired items. I’m Monique over on the forum and swap site. I don’t have everything listed yet, but let me know what your looking for.

  33. The Trufora is expired – 4/17 expiration date. I’m frustrated that the sizes of the contents are so small. Maybe I’m wrong – but they seem like free giveaway sizes – not deluxe. And the full-sized Trufora is expired.

    Had I known how small the sample sizes would be and that there would be box variations – I would not have participated. Feeling burned – especially by Trufora. Also got that expired product in my Indie Beauty Expo box. Pretty shady

  34. My shipping notice says I’m getting Box A, so this is very exciting! I appreciate the spoilers and even there is some variation I don’t mind, especially if I’m getting the Dermaflash (which I’ve wanted to try for ages). I shave my peach fuzz with a razor and there is nothing to be nervous about. My hair doesn’t grow back thicker or darker, in fact I really don’t even notice as it grows back in.
    Also, I have been using the Veneffect lip treatment we got in Beautyfix and it’s a very effective lip treatment. For me anyway, it firms and moisturizes and I’m happy to have another sample. . eventually I will have to break down and buy the full size.

  35. YES YES YES YES! So much yes! I’m getting Box A and I am thrilled. LOVE me some skincare, and the bonus Dermaflash is just icing, I hope it is effective!

  36. I’m getting box B. I’d sure like that DERMAFLASH thing, but I am happy with the selection I am getting.

  37. Can you still get the derma flash if you order this box?

    • No. they are sold out and have been for a while. You werent able to pick which box you got either, only the first 500 people got the dermaflash. The rest got the sequential boxes.

  38. I think these have sold out. I got an error several times πŸ™ would love to have gotten box A.

  39. Are we going to be able to put up items from these boxes up for swap? I didn’t see the box listed in the swap site. Thanks!

    • Where is this swap site??

      • Here! Look under the logo at the top and you will see a list of options, the last one on the right says, “SWAPS”.

  40. I think I recognize a lot of samples in these boxes as things that I’ve received from Glossybox. I find it ironic that people are excited to receive it from this box, but complained about receiving them in the Glossybox boxes…

    • On the other hand, this is three times as much stuff as you’d normally get in a Glossybox for just nine more bucks.

  41. Can someone please explain how the New Beauty subscription works? I understand that it comes bi-monthly, but how do you get the Limited Edition and Choice boxes? Also, is the box random, or can you select A, B, or C? Thank you so much! And, I apologize if this has already been answered a million times.

    • Yes.. the NewBeauty Testtube is every other month, but the limited edition boxes are bought as a one-time thing. But you have you be quick because they sell out in a day or two. Also.. we didn’t get to choose what box we wanted, it was chosen for us based on the time we bought our box. Box A ended up being for the first 500 buyers, box B was for the next group of buyer, and box C was for the latest and last group of buyers. Hope this helps! Also.. make sure you follow MY Subscription Addiction on facebook, twitter, by email..ect.. and then you will be the first to get a notice of when the limited edition boxes go on sale.

      • Hi..If I keep getting a payment error all 3 boxes are probably sold out you think? thank you

  42. I am also getting Box A so this just made my morning!

    • Hi did you buy yours today? I cant seem to get through..

      • This box is definitely sold out.

  43. Yay ! This is the box I’m getting , can’t wait to try the dermaflash

  44. Love it! Love it! Love it! πŸ’–β€πŸ’–β€πŸ’–β€πŸ’–β€. So glad I bought multiples! I am so looking forward to the awards box. The best box I’ve ever bought for $50. That one came in June last year, I think.

    • I read on here that they were doing the box again this summer. It was a great box…as soon as mine was delivered, I went to order one for my Mother but it was sold out…gotta act fast πŸ˜ƒ

      • I was lucky to be able to buy multiples last time. Im definitely buying multiples again this year. You can check out their website to get an idea on what brands and products will be in the box. I loved that box!

  45. Is the box a with the dermaflash tool still available or have more than 500 boxes been sold?

    • first 500 long since sold out πŸ™ I think they sold out the same afternoon/day

    • It usually says it’s sold out if there is no more. They keep advertising it in MSA, not to mention I bought mine yesterday. I would buy it soon because that $189 Dermaflash is in 1 of the 3 boxes shown and I’m sure people are buying multiple boxes.

      • The dermaflash was only in box A and there were only 500 of them-they sold out quickly the first day. Next sold in the line up were box B (no flash thing) then the last of the boxes sold were C. They are not avail anymore. A bunch of people were trying to buy another box yesterday & day before but they are sold out and the transaction doesnt go through.

      • I tried to buy one yesterday and kept getting errors. Did you use the link here?

        • I wanted another box for myself and so, I emailed NewBeauty and they said that it sold out. Not sure why they havn’t taken the order form down yet..

  46. Yay!!! I LOVE it! <3

  47. Can someone please explain to me what the dermaflash is used for? Box A looks like a great box!

    • What is it: From fuzzy to fabulous! DERMAFLASH is a revolutionary exfoliating facial treatment that uses new technology to leave you with the look of a glowing complexion. This ergonomic beauty tool gently sweeps away dull surface cells and temporarily removes peach fuzz in three simple steps.

      Who is it for: Women of all skin types, skin colors, and ages.

      Why is it different: Made specifically for a woman’s face, DERMAFLASH helps to improve the look and feel of your skin by creating a beautiful canvas. The DERMAFLASH Edge, with its subtle sonic vibration, gently sweeps away dull cells from the skin’s surface and temporarily removes peach fuzz. DERMAFLASH is an effective, spa-inspired system for use in the privacy and comfort of your home.

      How do I use it: Use once a week, following three simple steps.

      Step 1: Prep
      To prepare the skin for DERMAFLASH, first cleanse the surface of your skin with Prep Cleanser. Wipe clean and gently pat dry. This will ensure a clean, dry surface for optimal results.

      Step 2: Edge
      Insert a new Edge into your DERMAFLASH. Start treatment in front of your ear at the top of the cheekbone. With your free hand, hold skin taught and using short, feathery strokes glide DERMAFLASH inward toward your nose, over the contours of your cheek and entire side of your face. Continue with the same light, feathery strokes on the chin, below and above the lip, and finish with the forehead. Avoid eyelid, eyebrows, hairline, sides of the nose, and lips. The blue silicone pad on the side is intended to stay in contact with skin throughout the treatment to maintain the correct angle. Treatment takes about five to 10 minutes. Each Edge designed for single use; cannot be reused.

      Step 3: Soothe
      To care for skin after treatment, apply a thin layer of Soothe Hydrator over entire face.

      From DERMAFLASH.

      Please consult the manufacturer’s documentation regarding the safe and proper use, handling, storage, charging, and disposal of products containing lithium-ion batteries.

      • To me this sounds like your “shaving” your face? Can you confirm women will not all of a sudden have to start shaving? This is the line that worries me….”temporarily removes peach fuzz”

        • It doesn’t excite me at all. It’s not something I will use. Not sure what I’ll do with it. Plenty of simple ways to exfoliate your face without taking off peach fuzz plus the ‘edge’ i believe is a one times use which means you have to continually buy I free I would think.

        • Agreed. There are so many other ways of exfoliating your face without removing fuzz unless that is what you like. Also the ‘edge’ apparently is one time use which means you will have to constantly buy more. I have no use for it and have no idea what I’ll do with it.

  48. If anyone got a Colorscience in light and don’t want it – let me know. I definitely want it so perhaps we could swap. I got box A.

  49. Can anyone confirm which are full sized items?

  50. This box is freaking AWESOME! I am getting box A.

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