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Reminder: Whole Foods Hello Beauty Bag On Sale TODAY!

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The Whole Foods Beauty Bag launches today, Friday, March 24th! (This is available in stores only. Call ahead to your local store to confirm they have the bags!)

The Box: Whole Foods Beauty Bag (IN STORES ONLY!)

When: Friday, March 24th

Where: Your local U.S. Whole Foods Market store (I recommend checking the facebook page of your local Whole Foods for specific details).

How much: $18

What’s in the bag:


A $90 value. The items included:

Bags are only available while supplies last. There are 50 per store. Make sure to call ahead to your local store to confirm that they have the bags.

More pictures from Helen:



Are you grabbing a bag?

Check out our Whole Foods beauty Bag reviews to see what has been in past bags!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. If you buy something, MSA may earn an affiliate commission. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. I literally got the last bag in my store. I was surprised because I live in the Albany, NY area right now. Excited for all the items and the bag it came in is amazing.

    • Me too! But i went early and they let me grab 2😉. Glad you got one 🤗 arent the bags gorgeous???

  2. I got to the Bellevue, WA store around noon and there was just one left – score! They weren’t on display – had to ask an employee, who got it out of a drawer. Thanks for the reminder. 🙂

  3. I just got one for myself and my mother at one in Santa Rosa CA (11:45 a.m). But – supplies were low! Less than 10 left.

    • Oh- and this bag is amazing! I feel like I am getting more value from this one bag than I did from a year of birchbox!

      • Lol, I feel ya. So glad I quit that disaster.

  4. I was able to get one this morning and like others have said the bag is super cute. Good size too.

    I love Dr Hauschka products. Not including the bag itself i think the value is $110 if Liz’s prices are accurate. It’s a great deal, super happy with my first Whole Foods beauty bag!

  5. In the South Bay area in Southern California, The El Segundo, Torrance, Redondo Beach and Marina Del Rey locations are all sold out. I was able to get one this morning in Torrance, luckily. But I made sure to get there when the store opened at 8:00 a.m.

    • I got one in Torrance at 8am yesterday too! Small world!

  6. No Whole Foods by me. If anyone has an extra and wants to sell, email me. All those that got one, lucky you! Enjoy!

    • There are some for swap on MSA… At least 18 I think? You may have some luck there!

    • Hi 😊 I have one to swap. The products are wonderful especially if natural and organic is important to you 🌻

  7. Fair Lakes VA store was sold out around 1:30. I got the previous two bags there with no issues so wasn’t really expecting that! Oh well.

  8. I went and grabbed one on my lunch (downtown Detroit.) The store had less than 10 left at that time. I saw a woman looking at them and I told her it was a $90 value and she grabbed one too.

  9. Got my bag at about 8:30AM at the NYC Union Square location.
    there were about 8 left- they were on a bottom shelf near the cosmetics section.
    I loved the bag from last year, that is why I went out of my way to grab one today before work. I am beyond excited! the carrot eye cream is full sized, as well as the pacifica lippie, and mascara . the Dr. Hauschka toner is awesome, and the perfect travel size and is in a glass spray bottle. what a great treat for myself.
    I also took advantage of a great deal on a 32 ounce Coconut body lotion by Alaffia for $7.49, as well as an Alaffia coconut face cream- 12 oz for 8.99, and 25% off.
    this beauty week is a great opportunity to expose yourself to new brands and try out natural healthier products.

  10. If anyone is in LA, I suggest skipping the Playa Vista WF as they are likely already gone. I got there right at 7:00 when they opened, and there was already a woman inside holding two of them and perusing the beauty section. I picked up a few as the staff said there was no limit, but I saw *them* also grabbing a few per person. Then the cashier asked me about the contents and was interested herself! They were stacked up by the entrance door.

    The items are lovely, and most everything will get used. I put the lipstick up for swap since the shade is too light for me, along with a couple other things, but I can’t wait to use the toner, cleansing milk and mask. I am likely to go back anyway to pick up some of the 25% off beauty items as well. I love natural stuff.

  11. Yay! University place in Washington still had about 10 left at 10am
    Liz if you want to put a value on the whole foods hand cream it’s a full size that they sell in store for $5.99

    • That’s the one I went to! I got there 10 minutes after they opened so they still had plenty. It didn’t seem too busy, wonder if they are sold out yet.

  12. Picked one up around 9 am at the Portland, OR Pearl district store. There were only about a dozen left on the display.

  13. Called last night to make sure they had them. They did, and would be putting them out “after the store closes tonight so they will be available first thing in the morning.” Called this morning at about 9 to see if they still had any. They did, but she said they were going fast and she would put one aside for me! Got there, retrieved my bag from Customer Service, checked the aisle and found there were still a handful left. Asked if I was allowed to buy more than one, told yes, and got one for my daughter (who has 3 little kids, one of whom is sick so she couldn’t go herself).

  14. Hi ladies! I just went to my local one on prospect st during lunch in Cambridge MA and they had tons left (at least 10-15 just from quick scanning)…

  15. I am in Michigan. There are 2 stores in town. I went to both bit inly asked at the 2nd one- all gone. Then I called the first store. The beauty clerk told me she had just “found” a box of 40 bags. I asked her to hold some she declined, and said one per customer. First come. I went over within 10 minutes and picked up 2 and proceeded to a male cashier (sorry guys). I’m good with one for my daughter and I. I would suggest to all who were told they were sold out to call and double check. Maybe some will be “found”.

    Last time there were a dozen left on a table late afternoon. I guess word gets out.

  16. Hate to be Debbie downer but most of the items in here smell absolutely horrible and burn my skin. Think they would take it back? What a waste of $19!

    • You should try! You can say you think they went bad or something since they smell horrible to you. I’m sure they take back “spoiled” items all of the time. 🙂

  17. I got mine! Everything looks wonderful! I didn’t realize the bag would be so full. I went to the WF in Springfield, VA at 9:30. There were 5 bags in a bin by a register. The bin could hold maybe 12 bags, so I don’t know how many they had left.

    The cashier looked at mine closely and asked a bunch of questions about it. She had never heard of them or seen them. I pointed them out to her because she asked what it was and where I found it. She was shocked that she was standing 5 feet from the bin.

    Thanks for giving us the heads up!

    • Ha ha!! This sounds exactly like my experience this morning. When I checked out, the lady was really excited for me for getting one, and excited in general that they’re back. She had no idea they were in store until I checked out, and they were literally no more than 10 feet away from her register! 😀 She got even more excited when I pointed them out to her, and said she was going to get one during her morning break.

  18. After reading all the comments, I started to suffer from FOMO. So I headed to my local WF at Noon (EST) just to check if any more were available.

    There were about 6 left so I grabbed one. As previously stated, the bag is beautiful.

  19. The Whole Foods in Hillcrest, San Diego had a whole bunch left at 9:00am. I picked up two, one for me and one for my mom. No limit and no discount either. Great bag, very pretty and lots of natural beauty products!

    May be cancelling Ipsy soon and going towards a more natural beauty sub. Any recommendations?

    • If you want to stay within the Ipsy price range, there’s Petit Vour & Satva, which are $15- & $14 per month, respectively. Unfortunately, I’m not aware of any $10 natural beauty subs.

      If you want to try a moderately priced sub ($20 – $30/month), there’s Glowing Beets, Goodbeing, Vegan Cuts, Kloverbox, and Love Goodly. The last two usually include a lifestyle item.

      If you want to try a higher priced sub ($33 – $50/month), there’s Art of Organics, Bare Element, Beauty Heroes, Nourish Beauty, Pearlesque, Terra Bella, Boxwalla, Beekman 1802, and Yuzen.

      If you want to try a more luxe box (>$50/month), there’s Indigo Beaux, Organic Bunny, and Esthoria.

      These are just the ones I’ve tried (except for Love Goodly). I’m also currently subscribed to most of them right now, and really enjoy them all a lot. But, my most favorite in each category are Satva, Goodbeing, Beauty Heroes, and Organic Bunny. However, there are definitely some that could almost tie with my top picks. Since I love getting both sample- & full-sized products from unknown to well known brands, they all work for me. Also, some can feature up to 6 products from various brands, while others only feature 2 full-sized products from the same brand. MSA has reviewed most of these, so hopefully this will give you a starting point on boxes you can look into. 🙂

      • Thank you so much Luna! I didn’t realize there were so many out there. I will check them out. Good being definitely caught my eye. Thanks again for the detailed reply! 🙂

  20. OMG! This bag is incredible! Not only is the bag itself super cute the contents are awesome! Thank you for including FULL SIZES. The only product I might not use is the Derma-E night cream (used it before and it’s just OK). I got 2 bags and I was going to give one as a gift but I am seriously thinking I am keeping it for myself when I travel this Summer! So glad I was able to get 2. I got to the store an hour after they opened. Looked like they were fully stocked. If their not sold out later today I would go back and get one more 🙂 It was not 25% off which who cares, it’s worth it. This is my first beauty bag from Whole Foods and I am impressed! Love this web-site! Thanks for heads up!

  21. I went to the WF here in university place WA and there were still a bunch (at around 8:30am) and very few people in the store. Very happy to have gotten one today!

  22. Got a bag this morning but it was missing two items! The almost face lotion and he derma e. I actually was looking forward to the derma e because I love keeping it in my travel bag for the summer! I called and they will hold another bag for me and let me exchange it when I go back this afternoon. I hope that one isn’t missing any items!

  23. My store sold out 37 minutes after opening this morning. No bag for me this year. Sad!

    • I got the last 2 bags at my Whole Foods in Charlotte at 11:30 a.m.

      So excited!

      • Glad I read this, saved me the trip.

      • Really? I was there at 10:30 and they had about 15 left.

      • I went to that one, too! I was there 15 minutes before opening so I wouldn’t miss out. I was the first one there, but lost my spot in line because I waited in my car to keep warm. Still got mine, though! 🙂 There was a guy there that had been sent out by his lady to grab one LOL. The cashier didn’t know about it – I offered to run back to the dept to ask them to hold one for her, and she was thrilled. 🙂

    • Maybe you can save up for one!?

    • Swap that is?

  24. When I received an email about the WF 25% off cosmetics/facial care/etc. sale, it specifically says that it excludes the Beauty Bag, lip balm, and perfume.

    I went with my daughter this morning and we each got a bag (no school for her today for parent-teacher conferences). Went to a second location to get a bag for my other daughter, because nothing spoils a good deal like hearing, “It’s not fair that she got one and I didn’t!” Still able to respect the limit but it took a bit of running around.

    There were plenty in both stores that we went to this morning. Overheard an employee at one store saying that they’d sold 6-8 of them in their first hour. He was trying to promote it to another shopper and she seemed reluctant at first. I think if you don’t know that it will be there, people aren’t necessarily noticing it.

    The bag itself is really beautiful. I love the woven fabric and the batik interior.

  25. I just remembered there’s a Whole Foods very close to my work last night (duh!), so I stopped in right when they opened at 7am, and was able to get two bags (one for me & one for my mom)! There was no one in the store and they were in a bin next to the registers. My guess is they had around 40 bags. There was no limit to how many you could purchase, but they were at full-price, which I’m okay with because it’s such a great deal. The cashier was so excited for me that I got one, and she said she’s going to get one when she’s on her morning break. I’m actually going back after work, but mainly to peruse their beauty section since the sale’s still going on. If any bags are left, I just may buy one more. 🙂

  26. Ice storm last night in Colorado – if they had the bags out early when I was in Whole Foods a couple of days ago I would have happily grabbed one but it doesn’t make sense to drive 40 minutes to get it even if it was good weather!

  27. There are already several up for swap, and I think it’s kinda sad that people ran out to get these for $18 just to swap it for “something special” at full RV. Call me crazy, but I think that’s a little greedy

    • I agree. I already tried to swap to be turned down..

    • I wouldn’t say that. Most people aren’t paying full value for the stuff they’re swapping anyway – a $20 PopSugar box (if you got it during the Black Friday sale) has a RV of over $100. So if someone pays $18 for something, it seems about right that they’d expect someone to have paid something similar for the items they’re swapping for…which in Swapland, is about $5 of RV for $1 of actual cost. (And yes, I realize that there’s a broad range of RV:actual cost ratios, which is where “swap for how you value things” comes in…)

      • Yes, but most, if any, people aren’t purchasing a single PS box because they know the contents will be high RV and easy to swap away. And a lot of the items being swapped for are similarly inflated in RV.

      • I know I grabbed my second bag hoping that it would be a good gift for my SIL who doesn’t live near a Whole Foods or know about the bag, but is into natural stuff. But my thought was it’s a safe bet, because even if my guy says it’s not a good idea for her, I know I can still swap it vs. making another trek to Whole Foods to return it. And I thought about posting it for swap anyway, not because of the RV but because I know there are people that want it that don’t have access to a store (either the times it’s sold aren’t compatible with work shifts, or they don’t have a store locally), and their only shot at them will be on the message boards or eBay. So I’m thinking more of helping others out vs trying to turn a profit or get a high RV item… Not to say that you’re not right about some people’s motivation being greed, but others maybe genuinely wanted to make this more accessible.

        • I’m sure there are quite a few people that did buy extras to sell/swap to people who don’t have a WF store nearby. When I looked at the swaps, there was only maybe 6 or 8, and every single one of them wanted to swap for full RV, specifically for luxe items. Made me sad

    • I just saw! I’m shocked and disgusted. Unbelievable.

  28. Just grabbed one bag and I think I am going back in for another. Lol. They had about 2 dozen left in the Altamonte springs store in Florida. Such an awesome deal, I drove an hour to grab my first one. Haha

  29. So excited I finally got one of these! Thank you Liz for letting us know weeks in advance so I could avoid scheduling any early morning meetings 🙂

  30. The Vienna Virginia still has about 35 at 10:15. They are not in the cosmetic aisle-they are on a display near the registers. Call them and have them hold one for you if you can’t get there now-they are really good about that.

    • The bag itself is stunning.

      • I agree! The bag is beautiful!

  31. Once I got off my 12 hr shift, I drove to my local WF and snatched one right away. Got there about 10 min after 7 am and there were about 40 or less. Cashier told me someone before me bought 3. Tempted but I really just need one.

  32. As of 9:00am CST, Houston’s Woodway location has 20+ available – no limit, no discount. The Whole Body salesperson said her store only received around 27 bags even though she placed an order for 75.

  33. I was literally the only one in the store buying one when I went! Got there at 7:45AM (they opened at 8:00AM), and other people were waiting in line already. But no one went for the bags! So weird. They would only let me buy one, though. But since there were so many when I left, I feel confident that when my husband goes there in two hours there will still be some left and he can get me a second one.

    And they were full price. There was a sign in my store that said they were excluded from the sale.

  34. I managed to snag two bags a few minutes ago. There were about 4 shelves worth still left when I got there l (in Johns Creek, GA). The bags are beautiful, and they are totally worth the price.

  35. I wish they would sell the bags online. I do not have a Whole Foods near me .

    • Hopefully you should be able to swap for one. My whole foods had a ton of them.

  36. They had like 5 left at 8:40 at mine. Women were coming in pairs and saw most with 2 or 3! Thanks Liz for reminding us and getting me out at 8am with 2 kids to hunt for this. My husband thought I had lost my mind.

  37. Gateway-Austin had @ 15-20 bags out at 0830, but no discount.

    • I just got back from that location. They were restocking the display! I saw many people with a bag or two in their cart, but I’m betting this rain kept most away. 🙂

      • Me too!! I didn’t see them restocking though……I was there around 10:30 ish. I asked customer service if there was a limit, and they told me to buy as many as I wanted! I snagged two and called it a day 🙂

        • I drove over an hour in the pouring rain to the Gateway store for mine! The Domain location wouldn’t hold one for me, but the lady at Gateway was nice and put one back so I could make the drive there! I got there around noon. At 10:30 when I called, they had about 16.

  38. I’m dropping the kids off and making a run for it. Hope they still have some!!!

  39. My WF had them out on a table, with no limit. I do know they were going fast, but i still got a couple of them. Happily i didnt see anyone hogging the whole table up. My daughter and her bestie are gonna be stoked when they get home school later and see them! I love the bag itself. So pretty.

    • Oh and mine were full price too. What is this 25%off speak? ‘Splain! (((Im just happy i was able to get them,period!)))

      • its beauty week at WF, so all beauty is 25% off, but this bag is excluded from the deal. Some cashier must have overridden it for someone and gave them 25% off.

        • Ohhhh oook. Thanks. I dont think i even noticed signs or whatnot to that effect, i had tunnel vision lol!

  40. Still a bunch at Pentagon City,Va this morning as of 9am. I reserved one but they weren’t very meticulous about. She jusy pointed to the bin for me to get one. Last year, i was able to get the last one in another location. The bag had some scuffs but i didnt care at that point. Good luck to the rest of ya! So excited about these

  41. I got 2 at full price. My Whole Foods (friendship heights, D.C.) had loads out still 😉 Putting one up for swap for people who don’t live near a WF so if you are interested, find me on swap.

  42. Just bought mine in Chicago, one per customer, no 25 percent off. Good items and I am happy that there is a limit. Last year there wasn’t and they were gone in the blink of an eye. I feel bad that the employees can’t purchase these, I kept getting these wistful glances as I was being rung up. I would have loved for Whole Foods to have offered these to their staff. Well, I hope everyone get a chance to snag one. The carrot cream feels great under my eyes, and the haruska toner is going to a staple item on desk(very calming to breathe in, while you’re at work).

  43. There was a shelf full of them at the Minneapolis Whole Foods. No mention of limit amount so I grabbed two. One for myself and one to swapped. Didn’t get the 25% off, but no complaints here. 😍

  44. I just went and barely got one. Some asshat went in this morning and bought the entire table full. She still had three or four in the back and she went back and brought me one. Some people ruin all the fun.

  45. Went to Whole Foods at 8:20 am and they had 3 left. I was told I could take as many as I want.
    Walked past the bin two minutes later – empty!!
    That’s crazy. Glad I got one. It’s going to be a gift for a friend who loves everything natural and organic.

  46. No purchase limit at my Whole Foods and they were out in a barrel (not on a shelf) in the health & beauty section. Did anyone get the 25% off? Mine rang up at full price but I was okay with that because they’re still a great deal!

    • Kristen, what state did you buy. I got two bags in KY. Lady said that I can have to bags, but did not give me 25% off. I did not want to push my luck, and was happy to get it full price. However, my husband got me one in CA, he received 25% off.

      • Hi Svetlana7e, I’m in PA 🙂

  47. Super bummed I don’t have a whole foods anywhere near me

  48. I just got back from Whole Foods, I was there when the store opened at 8 am. No lines, no one in the store. They were just putting the bags out when I got to the aisle. Had time to pick up a muffin and coffee and now back home. The bag is great.

  49. I may buy an extra bag if anyone is wanting to swap for it that can’t get it in their towns. Anyone interested?

    • I’m interested!!

    • hi Jen
      I am interested! All of the whole foods within 50 miles of me have sold out of them!

    • I have an extra bag that I can sell, email me: ecm5313 at gmail . com

  50. They let me have 2 and the products are amazing! They did not even put them out at my store in TN, they are making people ask for them and they go on the back and bring them out.

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