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Rachel Zoe Box of Style Spring 2017 Box Video Reveal + Coupon!

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We have the video reveal for the Spring 2017 Box of Style!

What do you think of the Spring Box of Style

If you haven’t signed up yet, use coupon code SPRING10 to save $10 off your first box! (Regularly $99.99. Your first box will be the Spring Box.)

Check out my review of this box and all of my Box of Style reviews to learn more about this quarterly subscription box.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Since I can’t use the Forum although I have verified it, I will post it here.

    Summer 2017 Spoilers are:

    Helena Quinn Custom Kimono (usually they are silk, but I bet will be another material since it is “Custom”

    Raen Durante Sunglasses in choice of Tortoise or Black

  2. For anyone who didn’t get their chalice, I just got a response yesterday saying they have a new batch!
    I think if u emailed them about it you will have gotten priority, she couldn’t promise it was enough for everyone who missed out though 🙁
    Certainly makes wonder ratio of orders vs glasses!
    They did not seem very prepared w their “bonus”

  3. Does anybody know when these ship? I’m thinking that I should start to get worried, seeing as how so many people have their boxes and I don’t even have my tracking information yet…

  4. I went to use my purse on the 17th. Discovered the inner lining hadn’t been entirely stitched together. It is unusable. I immediately emailed them, with a picture. I got an auto reply saying that they’d received my email and would be back to me in 5-7 business days. WHAT?!? But, ok. So now it’s been 2 full weeks and I have sent several emails demanding action. Still no reply.

    I am so disappointed in their customer service. And I can’t find a phone number anywhere to make direct contact. So frustrated.

    • Try their Facebook page. I messaged on there asking when my box would ship (still not notification…). They emailed me the next day saying that my order has been processed, it can take 2-3 weeks to deliver to Canada, and once it ships I will get tracking. I still don’t have any tracking information, but at least I got a response that way. When you message them on Facebook, make sure to provide your email so they can get back to you. Their social media people don’t handle any of that, so they forward your inquiry to Customer Service.

      • Thank you. I did get a response quickly, after messaging on Facebook. Let’s see how long it takes to get a new bag. 😉

    • The more emails you send, the lower priority. It is best to send ONE email or every time you send a new email they will put you at the bottom of the response again. The bag was AWFUL I agree. But with one email and a photo I easily got a replacement. However this bag was a fail as well. Such a horrible Spring hero item.

  5. I must be in the minority or super easily pleased, but if I never received another subscription box I would be happy. This box is fantastic. I’m already using the purse, wore the earrings last night, poured a beer in that lovely chalice and used the powder this morning! Oh and I painted my nails yesterday afternoon 💅

    • Did the chalice ship in the box or on its own? I just received my first box (entered my over 21 birthday) and was sad to not see it with the other amazing items.

  6. so excited about the box!!!! I love almost everything in the box ( except the bag – I like it, but not sure if I’m going to love it. We’ll see )
    Obessed with Bkr. (hoping for a promo code with the box to get another 1L )
    Love the chalice, It’ll be a fancy water glass >,< (also, a clean water is a great cause )
    That scarf has all the makings of a summer bag adornment, and later as a furoshiki.
    The bag is questionable, From a business mindset, I understand the small opening, The standard set of zippers is that long, if all openings are the same, they can leverage their qty to negotiate better prices/ order from a specialized factory. The fabrics are usually beautifully woven, but I know i will fixate on those inconsistent match-ups on the seams. Is it just me? Still, I think Tribe Alive is a great company and great cause, they're company is built on moral and commercial principles that I can agree with, If only mismatched seams were not standing between us.

    • I hate the seams as well and it is the reason I put it up for swap a week ago before my box even shipped. Had I seen the sides of the bag I would never had ordered the box. I am anal about seams matching and spent hours picking out my LV bag because of that. My husband hates going shopping with me. He doesn’t understand that seams should match.

  7. I am disappointed that there isn’t an option to take off the long strap and that the opening is so small. I wish I had gotten the December box but bit the bullet for Spring because I loved the pictures of the purse that were shown. Now I’m a little eh about it. Sadly, I think my favorite item was the water bottle.

  8. This is a pretty box. It does say Spring. It would be a nice gift.

  9. Not super pleased with the purse, same concerns, small opening and has a pretty cheap feel to it. Also, does anyone know what the scarf is made of? The material feels almost plastic. Screams cheap to me– and I was actually pretty excited about the scarf. I can’t imagine wearing it next to my skin, would be like wearing saran wrap around my neck. Maybe if I wash it? Probably my least favorite of all the RZ boxes I’ve received. Hopefully the next one will be awesome again.

  10. One of my favorite boxes from any subscription ever. So excited!

    • Agree! It’s such a perfect box!! 🙂

      • My first foray into a more Luxe box. “I DIED” when I saw that bag. 3 months of Beauty boxes and I’m ready to move on up. Thank you for all of your wonderful reviews and hard work. It really does make a difference.

  11. Ive been on the edge but now thinking I will go for it. But how does the purse fit in the box with everything else? That baffles me looking at the first picture at the top.

    Also, do you think it’s safe to spray with some type of scotch gard?


    • You may want to check dimensions of purse. Personally even if small it is cute. I loved the winter box. This one seems comparable.

  12. I mostly want the purse. Do you guys who’ve gotten the box think it’s worth getting it for just the purse? Thanks.

    • The purse is nice. You may want to check dimensions. I got the winter box and loved it! Wish I could get this one. Hope this helps.

    • Hi, I personally don’t think it is worth it just for the purse. The purse is cute, however, if that is the only item you want I would say no.

      • I have to agree. I’m not a huge fan of the purse, but that might vary from each person’s taste. It is cute and I do feel like it’s on trend, but it feels cheap to me, like something I could have bought from the BP section of Nordstrom for $20. I much prefer the small genuine leather bag with tassels that was sent in a past RZ BOS. I wouldn’t buy this box just for the bag.

    • i would check the swaps/for sales. You may be able to get it for a reasonable price.

      • Or You could get the box and then put the rest of the items up for swap to get other things you would prefer.

        Just thought about that after I posted my original comment!

    • For the purse? No. It is cheap in look and feel when you see it in person. It is real leather but cheap leather. There were also loose strings in the interior. I would never pay over $200 for this bag. I was disappointed in what I wanted the most – the purse.

  13. I recieved shipping notification on Friday… I called FedEx says they have not recieved my package yet. Last time I got my box fast. Does anyone else have this issue with tracking number but it hasent left the wearhouse yet? Thanks in Advance!

    • Same thing – mine at least shows up on but not scheduled for delivery until next week. A little disappointing especially when you pre-pay for these boxes; you’d think shipping would be a little less frustrating.

      • How do guys use to show your tracking?
        I tried setting it up with the see future shipments thing but it wanted an account number…

        • I don’t remember exactly. A while back I set up a user ID and pw. All I had to enter was my address. I recently downloaded the FedEx app and simplely entered my user ID and pw to find things being shipped to me. I didn’t set up an account to allow me to ship.

  14. My box arrived today. I love everything in it. The Stella glass was inside the box. I live in Hershey, PA.

  15. The straps and handle on the bag – it sure doesn’t seem like real leather. Does anyone know for sure? thanks!

    • I actually emailed their customer service and they confirmed it’s real leather.

      • It certainly looks and feels like faux leather.

    • I agree, sure feels fake to me. While the purse is cute, it doesn’t feel as high quality as I expected. I generally spend about $30-$70 on my purses, and this feels cheap. Especially the “leather” and the zipper/narrow opening of the purse.

      That being said, it’s still cute and I’m still very pleased with everything (except the beer glass… not a beer drinker). No regrets here!

      • I agree completely! I had high hopes for the purse and am a little disappointed. My biggest issue is the small opening…this is an ongoing purse pet peeve of mine (maybe it’s because of my large hands). Do some people prefer the small opening? I’m honestly curious about this. And the “leather” straps feel really cheap. Is there some sort of DIY test to confirm real leather (aside from cutting it open)? But otherwise it’s a cute bag and the zipper closure makes it great for traveling.

        • Small purse openings are my pet peeve too! Agree with everyone on the leather-must be the cheapest leather ever if it is truly real. I like the bag but not wowed like I should be for a hero item. The entire box is amazing tho and exceeds expectations.

  16. I signed up for my first box a couple days ago and I’m so excited! Anyone know when they usually ship?

    • Mid march.

    • When I asked them about shipping, they said March 1st!
      Of course I asked when I would get tracking they apologized for the delay and said it would ship promptly! (4 days ago)
      Not very happy with the shipping atm 🙁
      At least the contents are awesome!!! 😀

    • I ordered on the 2nd and am still awaiting a ship notice. Emailed them to ask when and how it would ship and all I received was a confirmation that my email was received.

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