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Rachel Zoe Box of Style Spring 2017 Box Spoiler #3 + Coupon!

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Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 8.59.24 AM

We have a new spoiler for the Spring 2017 Box of Style! Thanks to AmyS for letting us know that a Stella Artois Chalice will be shipping to Spring Box subscribers!

UPDATE: To clarify, this will be shipping separately from the Spring Box, and is likely considered a sponsored item. 



Rachel Zoe’s Spring 2017 “Box of Style” will exclusively include a “Buy A Lady A Drink” Limited-Edition Chalice for subscribers in March. Stylist to the stars Rachel Zoe will also help to raise awareness for the global water crisis via her personal social media platforms.


Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 9.21.01 AM

In case you missed our previous spoilers:

Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 5.05.02 PM

  • Tribe Alive Bag
  • Adornmonde Earrings (Your choice of silver or gold)
  • 4 more items!

What do you think of the Spring Box of Style spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up yet, use coupon code SPRING10 to save $10 off your first box! (Regularly $99.99. Your first box will be the Spring Box.)

BOSJanuary20172179 girsl with bike and bag 2

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  1. Hey everyone cool your entitlement! It’s only a sponsor item.

    • Why does disliking the glass make someone entitled?

    • So not liking something makes everyone entitled? Get over your self righteous indignation please.

  2. Making a 2nd glass add on as an option would satisfy most. Even if it was a extra I’d like to have the chance to buy a 2nd for a pair

  3. Hahaha this will go perfect with my collection of Stella chalices from collage. Buy two 6 packs, get a free cup. I was sold every time 🙂

    • You made a collage of glasses?

      • Hahaha, I’m just going to leave that comment alone.

  4. I may have missed it but I do not see where it says proceeds from the box will go to charity. I just see that Rachel Zoe will raise awareness of the issue on social media. Donating cash directly to non profit agencies is a better option for those looking to get involved and do not see themselves using the glass.

  5. Liz why was my comment not posted?

    • Sorry about that! This was the first time commenting that you used this spelling of your name, so that’s why your comment wasn’t automatically approved. It had to be approved by admin first. (All approved now.)

      Hope that makes sense!

      • Makes total sense. Thanks. I spell it both ways (long story).

  6. For anyone that doesn’t want the Stella glasses, I would be happy to swap for one or two (click my name for my swap page). While it’s not my favorite beer (I’m a craft beer geek), I actually visited Stella Artois while in Belgium a few years ago, plus I appreciate the cause. : ) What would make me the happiest girl in the world is if you want some of my beauty items for the glass, and I’m okay with the value being in your favor since beauty products would be easier to ship than the glass.

  7. I love this! After seeing the commercial repeatedly during the Oscars it’s been on my list to purchase one; which I’ll still probably do so I can have a pair. Very pleased to see this addition to the box.

  8. I’m actually really excited for this and I know my boyfriend will love it. And I absolutely LOVE that it’s for such a great cause! Also, I am totally that person who would love to swap for an additional one. After reading through the comments that seems to be the general consensus from people who are happy about receiving it. Cheers Rachel Zoe, this is shaping up to be a great box!

  9. Before everyone starts banging on with “everyone is entitled to their opinion blah blah blah”, I wonder if some of you actually hear how you sound. Like receiving a piece of glassware whose proceeds are going to a good cause is a literal “slap in the face” to you and your impeccable class and style. Get over yourselves. It saddens me that grown women cannot think outside the box (of style) a bit and just appreciate life a little more, chalices and all. When I went to Belgium, I watched the sun set on a rooftop balcony while drinking Stella out of one these “tacky no style” glasses. Was one of my favorite moments. Everything that will come in this box of style or any previous or subsequent box of style is just “stuff”….that’s it…”stuff”. So either make memories with your “stuff” or don’t and give away or recycle it. It’s really not that hard. It’s hard to swallow the the presumed superiority.

    • Thanks for the masters class in superiority. That was fun to read. Too bad we’re not all so lucky as to watch the sun set in Belgium while drinking Stella. *hugs*

      • Lol honeymoon…

      • “puuuuhlease” get off your mean girl high horse MEG. it isnt becoming love.

    • Thumbs up, Bridgette!

    • Speaking of hard to swallow superiority… wow, that speech was pretty incredible. Maybe you can share some more tips on how to get rid of stuff. That would be super helpful and probably fun for you since you have so much wisdom.

    • i heart you

    • @lizcadman how come my comments started to no longer post? I have not changed my email or screen name in 2 years?? please help. thank you!

  10. I am probably insanely naive but I’ve always had the feeling that Rachel Zoe actually has a voice as to what ends up in the box. Part of the reason I subscribe to BOS of style is because it seems like a thoughtful, well curated box – not just a box of stuff like a lot of the other sub boxes. So I think the issue with the glass is it feels like ‘stuff’ and not an organic part of this fashion and beauty box. Yes, it’s probably a good cause (although I’d rather be helping the people of Flint, MI get safe water) but it’s totally off brand.

    • This is an “extra” — not part of the value of the box. A freebie that ends up helping with global water issues (that may include Flint, Michigan). So nobody is getting less. It actually ends up giving without taking away from the value of the box.

      • Yeah, I “get it” – both that it’s an extra and it’s for charity – but that doesn’t make it seem any more on brand. Just because someone has a different opinion doesn’t make them stupid. Food for thought.

        • It actually seems thoughtful and “on brand” to me. And, no one was called stupid.

        • “Just because someone has a different opinion doesn’t make them stupid. Food for thought.”

          Take your own advice, people have their own opinions. No need to get upset at someone who doesn’t agree with you.

          • Okay! Thanks for the awesome advice!

        • If you would rather do something for the people of Flint than do something and donate, how about that?!

          • OMG, wow!! Thanks so much the tip. Amazing.

          • @meg is there a reason you intentionally put people down under the impression of being witty? it isnt working. you simply come across as a straight mean girl.

        • Welcome! 😜

  11. I get that’s for a cause but it is such a strange inclusion for this box that focuses on fashion and beauty. Also, I think the above photo of the mannequin (that couldn’t be an actual beer drinking person, right?) holding the glass is just as strange. With that being said, I’m super excited to receive my box on Monday!! 🙂

    • That “mannequin” is Georgina Chapman of Marchesa. Pretty sure she designed the glass, which may help people tie it in to a fashion and style box.

      • @Raindrop, if you click the link to the page it shows there are three style variations from three different artists in three different countries. My favorite design is cambodia, shown in the above photo.

  12. Does anyone know the dimensions of the bag? I’m wondering if it will fit my laptop.


    • Liz had posted this when the first spoilers were announced:

      Dimensions: 12″ x 14″
      5.5″ Handle drop.
      30” – 40″ Crossbody strap, adjustable.

  13. The glass is a bonus addition, is lovely, and the purchase of one supplies water to woman in third world countries. As women who have the luxury of purchasing a box like this (and nit picking the contents) , i would hope we have nothing to say about this except thank you.

    • We also have the luxury of free speech and freedom of opinions even if it is about a freebie.

      • @Karen Now that is VERY well said!

        • And those of us who find you complainers distasteful have the same freedom of speech. 😉

      • Yes we are very lucky to have the freedom of free speech and opinions. Personally I think a free glass to support a worthy cause is not worth complaining about but that’s just my opinion.

    • Very Well said!!!

      • *I meant to say very well said Jen!!!

    • Jen, I agree with you; it’s an extra I’m sure people will want the set so swapping is always an option. It is a nice reminder of how lucky to be able to get this box let alone have access to water. I’m glad they’re broadening the box and am happier supporting something that means something.

    • Agreed, Jen.

    • No good deed goes unpunished.

    • Amen. Some people will find anything to complain about. It is a free item that gives the gift of life giving water. Don’t want it, give it away. Geez.

  14. Eek… This is like the free glass you get at the liquor store when you get a pack of beer! I’m so surprised RZ included this….

    • Me too! It’s so tacky and UNstylish I’m almost speechless!

      • Interesting take on a gift.

      • I don’t think supporting a charity is tacky or unstylish at all. One chalice provides one person with clean water for 5 years! I think it’s awesome! And I commend Rachel Zoe for opening herself to criticism such as this in order to do some good.

  15. I’m always tempted to steal those from the bar…guess now I don’t have to.

    • Lololol

  16. I don’t sub to this box, but I thought the chalice is kind of cool to be added. We already have 3 of those in the house, and we always use it, for soda as well. It’s a good weight glass, and nice to hold.
    There was a promo a few years ago that offer names to be laser in the back. We got 2 chalice customized that way.

  17. Does anyone know when the box usually ships?

    • I’ve seen a few people on here saying that they’ve received shipping emails already but I haven’t gotten one.

  18. To everyone who is bothered by this free item that is in addition to the BOS (NOT one of the actual BOS items), this is going to change many peoples lives for the better. As taken from the website

    “$6.25 provides clean drinking water to 1 person for 5 years. Stella Artois will donate to $6.25 for every chalice sold in the U.S. in 2017.”

    So I, for one, am looking forward to drinking from my new water glass knowing that someone else will be afforded the opportunity to drink clean water in the first place.

    • Well said. I like learning about different programs.

    • Providing BOS paid full price for them or even paid for them at all….

      • +1

        I agree. I highly doubt that RZ paid for these. It’s more likely that Stella paid for the opportunity to be included in the box given that their marketing team is clearly trying to acquire more female customers.

        The Stella marketing materials are pretty clear that they donate for each chalice PURCHASED. So unless the BOS collateral specifically states otherwise, my assumption would be that Stella is NOT donating for this specific batch.

    • Love that you said that, Jessica!

    • Wow! Awesome comment! I wasn’t going to peek at the spoiler but now I’m glad I did. I think it’s actually pretty cool and am happy it supports such a wonderful cause!

  19. I don’t think even thrift stores would want this. I don’t dislike anyone enough to gift this too lol

    • Haha same!

    • Karen, I will gladly take it if you don’t want it!

  20. I mean, I think it’s cool. They air these commercials like every five seconds, and I have actually thought about purchasing so it’ll be neat to actually have one in my home and it’s for a good cause. I’ll more than likely swap for another one just to satisfy my OCD and actually have a set/pair. PLUS it’s just a fun little add on it’s not actually part of the seasonal box so I don’t know why people would be so turned off by the idea of getting one.

    • I agree. All of these snarky comments over a freebie is silly! Just swap, toss, or gift it if you don’t like it. It’s for a good cause and tons of swappers will be looking for a set. Geeze!

    • I think part of this issue is that this is a strange inclusion in something that is advertised as a box of style. Although it is a freebie, and it is for a good cause, it just seems like a strange inclusion. And in my case, I also think that for $13 RV, they could have donated 100% of the value and given water to someone for 10 years, because I don’t really need one glass chalice. (Not that need is ever a factor in a sub box..)

  21. Hi – if I subscribe now, will I still get my choice of earring colors (silver/gold?) This is starting to look like a really great box- love Tribe Alive!

  22. This great. It’s for a good cause. I am glad that Rachel Zoe has included this in the box. It will make a difference in people’s lives and also a welcome addition to my bar.

  23. Umm…what?? Our local bar gives out FREE branded glasses like this from the breweries they feature. This is not at all what I would expect from a box that is supposed to be style-focused!

  24. This seems so oddly off-brand from a design/fashion sense. I understand that it’s probably a sponsored item, and Stella is probably paying RZ to be included in the box, but I just don’t understand why RZ would say yes.

    • Additionally, Stella Artois was neither founded by a woman, nor is the CEO of the parent company a woman… so it doesn’t strictly fit with the theme.

      • It is the Buy a Lady a Drink project. It is to help women provide water in third world countries.

      • Well, I bet there are a lot of women/mothers suffering globally from poor water, so I’m sure that if not owned by or designed by a woman, the charity certainly benefits a lot of women. So since it is a sponsored item with a lady in the logo design, there’s no real downside.

    • Stella Artois partners with designers to make gowns for award shows. I think they did Olivia Culpo’s for the oscars so it is fashion related but I get maybe not all of our taste. Always nice to support a good cause and maybe raise a little awareness for the cause since we may not all be familiar.

      • Thanks so much for the intel…this makes a lot more sense. I totally missed the part about the Stella Oscars dress. It was made by Marchesa which explains why the wax figure pictured about if actually Georgina Chapman. It’s all coming together now.

  25. I love the chalice but they should’ve sent them as a pair. I’ll be looking for more on the swaps to complete a set. I’m also thankful not to have another water bottle or travel mug!

    • They are $13 on Amazon with free shipping for prime members if you’re not able to get one on the swap site. 😁🍺

      • Did you see the prices on some of them who resell them? I know they are greedy but they definitely have a niche market. The Chalice is free and it supports a good cause.

        If you don’t like it then donate it to Goodwill.

  26. How fantastic an addition to the box — especially given Stella Artois’s involvement in the worldwide water crisis. What a cool Zoe BOS — interesting, diverse and supportive of the actualization of the theme of women’s creativity.

    Selfishly, I would love a pair of Sunglasses to be included.

    Really nice. Can’t wait for this box.

    • Agree 100%. Thank you.

  27. Shockingly tacky. Wow.

    • Agreed. Thankfully Im loving the other 2 spoilers.

    • I totally agree!

  28. I think it for a wonderful cause and although I do not drink alcohol I can use it for other beverages like tea and water. And the etching around the glass represents the native art of the Third World country the chalice supports. It is a gift and I think it fits the theme well.

    I love art and I guess that is the main draw of these for me.

    • I agree. This is a great way to disseminate information about the charity project (who heard of this before we learned it would be in the box? Not me!). It’s explicitly listed as separate from the box so it’s really just a nice bonus for all of us. It will look great on my kitchen windowsill and I imagine those who don’t want it won’t have trouble swapping with those looking for a pair or can just give it away.

      I think sending only one is kind of brilliant – those who like it and want a pair can buy one from Amazon, sending more money to the charity (which I am guessing is the whole point of promoting it through the box).

      • @janet – very well said!

        • Agreed! 😁

      • I agree – thank you!

    • with this box and my upcoming fabfitfun box, i can take my sugar, gummy vitamin with a chalice of alcohol. what a time we live in to be so healthy.

      hee. hee. just being goofy.

      don’t toss this, recycle it! captain planet rings to come in next seasonal box.

  29. I’m all for charity, but I’ll never use this glass. No one I’ve already asked wants it. Rather there was a note saying how we could donate if we could. Oh well.

    • I’d be happy to take it off your hands Susan!

  30. My husband will be thrilled! This is his favorite beer and he has been wanting one of the chalices. Since I don’t drink beer….one if fine for now!

    • My husband will be thrilled! This is his favorite beer and he has been wanting one of the chalices. Since I don’t drink beer….one if fine for now!

      ETA…So I just looked at the design of the chalice…maybe he won’t be QUITE so thrilled 🙂

      • Maybe you can convince your hubby that drinking beer from a chalice while also providing clean water to women and families in the developing world is, in fact, the peak of manliness? 😀

  31. Glad I cancelled. None of these items have been for me. Hope everyone else enjoys them though!

  32. This looks like something that would come in the Monthly Awesome Box (or whatever it’s called). It’s so tacky I can’t get over it.

  33. That’s not even limited edition – I got the same one through Stella Artois for free years ago. And Stella Artois and bars give out those same glasses for free on a regular basis. I would be really disappointed if I were a subscriber.

  34. If you look on your shipping confirmation it list the Stella Chalice separately

    • Where do you look to find your shipping confirmation?

      • I got an email last night that my order had shipped and had the chalice as a different box. I was too tired last night to post anything about it.

        • Wait I think I did post about it last night after all. Sorry about that!

      • I also got an email…i also saw the tracking in myfedex

  35. Hi liz, will there be another “box” spoiler???

    • I’m not sure if there will be an additional spoiler before we get the box. It looks like this item is a sponsored extra. Hope that helps!

  36. This is my first box of style and I’m really not feeling the chalice as style but it is for a good cause so we will see what else is included to see if I order again!

  37. Okay, co I recently received an email asking me to update my profile with my birthday, and that if I was over 21 I would receive a “bonus item” with my Spring box. With that being said this makes perfect sense and is probably not included in the boxes items. Hope this helps!

    • Liz if we didn’t receive that email should we contact customer service? I think this is an awesome bonus item and want to make sure I get one! 🙂

    • Hey Liz, do you think we have a couple of days before they stop selling? I have noticed on past reviews there was usually a “last day” warning. I’m finally jumping from a buch of little ones to my first Luxe. Whoohoo. I’m quitting smoking as my bargaining to myself hahahh. Thanks for any help, because when I saw that Tribal bag “I DIED”. Haha

    • Hi guys! I am just Liz, not Liz Camden. haha. Maybe she will look at these comments and respond! Fingers crossed!!

      • *Cadman*

  38. wut.

  39. I can really see Rachael Zoe pounding bottle after bottle of stella artois with no fear of exceeding her allotted calorie intake of 100 calories a week.

    good for charity. not interested in using it.

    • If anyone is uninterested in keeping the chalice and would like to swap it, please check out my swap profile by clicking on my name and send a swap request if you’d like to trade. Thanks!

      • Whoops, that was supposed to be a standalone comment, not a reply.

    • That is so funny! And sadly probably true.

  40. Love it, I think this is a great sponsored item

  41. I really love the bag, but why would they include just one chalice? That would mean that I would have to either buy 6 RZ boxes, hit up the swap site for five more, or get to Amazon in order to get a set. One probably shouldn’t drink from a chalice alone.

    • “One probably shouldn’t drink from a chalice alone.” Hahaha!! I love the ominous undertone of that statement.

  42. I thought it was box was to feature products from woman-founded companies? If this is the sponsored item, I guess that would make more sense.

    I’m all for clean water for all – so the meaning behind the chalice is nice. But a water bottle or something else would have been better in my opinion for that.

  43. I think this is a sponsored item (I hope). I received shipping info and the items were listed 1. Spring box of style 2. Stella chalice
    So… I think since it’s listed separately in shipping it’s a bonus.

  44. I love that the company is donating money from each purchase to provide clean drinking water but I’m not loving the chalice itself. I will never use this. Hopefully this is the sponsored item since it screams product placement & sponsored advertising.

  45. Seriously?!? I hope this is the free promotional item and not part of the value of the box…

  46. Lol you can get these for free from the bar. A beer glass isn’t exactly “stylish”. I like the other two items though

  47. This can’t be one of the included items! Hopefully it’s just considered a sponsered item.

  48. Love the bag and glad we could pick the color earings, but the chalice, not so much. I guess I shouldn’t complain since it’s for a good cause.

  49. So glad I canceled!

  50. UMMM. What?

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