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Rachel Zoe Box of Style on Sale at Gilt City for $71.99!

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Rachel Zoe Box of Style is available today on Gilt City. (Thanks for the heads up, Alex!)


The box is listed at a discount for $89.99. Then use coupon code WELCOME20 to save an additional 20% – bringing the cost down to $71.99!

(FYI – the WELCOME20 code only works for new Gilt City accounts, so you may need to create a new account to use this code.)

If you aren’t familiar with the Rachel Zoe Box of Style, each box includes a hero item which is revealed before boxes ship, and other fashionable items and accessories, plus a few beauty products and styling tools, too.

Here is a look at the video reveal for the Spring 2017 Box of Style:

Check out my review of the Spring 2017 box and all of my Box of Style reviews!


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  1. My box arrived with silver earrings (I requested gold) and no chalice which was to be gifted to a friend wanting it. Despite numerous emails: no response other than “we’ll get back to you.”
    SO frustrating! Is anyone else having trouble with their customer service? It is the WORST!

    • …. does anyone know if they even send out a shipping notification?? It’s impossible to chat with anyone….. my order says COMPLETE ….. but no indication of when/if shipping…. This turned out not to be worth all the hassle…. especially if people aren’t getting the chalice and metal of their choice….. 🙁

      • I am having the same problem. No information other than “complete,” no shipping notice, and no response to my email asking for information. Annoying to say the least.

      • My order had said “Complete” for awhile. I did get an email back from them last week, saying they had it packed and it would ship out within a couple business days. I just got an email notification that it had shipped, and it detailed the contents of the order, including the add-ons I ordered (candles) and also the chalice. I can’t find shipping info when I log into my account on their site, but I have the tracking info provided in the email they sent. Hopefully anyone else who has been wondering what happens next when it’s only been saying “complete” will feel a little more reassured.

    • I was fed up with it all and got a refund! Never again!

  2. Does anyone else’s box say Pending Payment? My code went through but I don’t understand why my status for the box would be pending payment. It says I owe $0.

    • I was charged on March 3rd, the website shows my order is “completed,” but I never received anything. I emailed customer service 4 days ago and so far have not heard back. First and last order from Rachel Zoe.

      • I have the same issue! What does completed mean? No tracking info… no emails… i prefer it just say pending at least then I know it isn’t lost.

  3. I purchased the voucher last week and struggled with getting it to work like everyone else. Once I got it to work, I received an email that said a Box of Style account was created and that my subscription/purchase was pending. On Saturday I received an email saying my pending subscription was cancelled and something went wrong. I now just tried to go through the motions again. Voucher still worked. In fine print it said “your card would be charged $0” as well as the total said “0” and that the code was applied. As I hit confirm I received an email that my box of style was actually confirmed. Of course I was then charged $99 dollars.

    • Mollie…. same thing just happened to me…. I didn’t check my email this weekend but just found out my “account” was cancelled….. I’ve emailed Gilt City and BOS….. will “hear back” in 72 hours….. WHAT A MESS this has turned out to be!!!!! Because of your post, I’m not willing to go back in and have them charge me 99$ ………. I’m giving everybody 48 hours to resolve this and then I’m taking it up with my American Express……

      • I wanted to follow up about this. I gave them a call and they handled it super quick and easy and the person I talked to was super nice. I called 855-453-2442 and told her what happened. She asked for my Gilt City voucher # to confirm and refunded me for the charge. It is slightly annoying because the refund may take a week to ten days but I know that is pretty typical. So if you have had any type of issues I would just call them right away to get it sorted out! Hope this helps!

        • Thank you so much Mollie!! 🙂

      • The same thing happened to me. Ordered the box 3/9 but after seeing the cancellation email on 3/11 I contacted them and after still not hearing back on 3/16 I went through the subscribing motions again, I figured out I put an incorrect cc security code. My voucher code also still worked.

        I did finally receive a response to my email on 3/22, but by that time I did figure it out on my own.

        At this point it does say completed on my account but I’m not sure if/when it will ship

    • So when I look at my account I have one box cancelled, another for $0.0 and yet another for $99 charge pending. What a mess over there!

  4. I entered my code exactly as instructed in the Gilt voucher email and double checked the amount they were going to charge before pressing submit and had no trouble at all! My code worked (I waited a day) and I was not charged anything by BOS. I can’t wait for my first box! I wonder when I will ship… 😄😄

  5. Sold out….I could cry!

    • I just bought one at 3:45 pm cst. Apparently they are back in stock & the take30 discount worked! Go get one!!!

  6. Ughh i put my code in and it showed my balance to be charged was $0.00 but then when i confirmed my order it charged me $99.99. This is ridiculous. I sent an email to BOS and am waiting for a response. The box is not worth $165 to me.

    • same thing happened to me just a few minutes ago

  7. Does anyone know if you can wait and use the voucher for the summer box? Gilt says the voucher expires May 15th….

  8. This is my first BOS, and I have a question. How do I use the code to buy these add on candles? I registered on BOS after purchasing the box on Gilt, but it is not showing up on my account. So I don’t think I have access to these candles..? Also, the promo I received says $100 but as it is explained here it’s actually only $50 plus another $50 inside the box? And these promo codes can be used on the BOS website as well as the RachelZoe website? I’m so confused and would love if someone could clear this up for me 🙂 Thanks!

    • Also wait, do I have to subscribe on the BOS website to get the box using this code or have I already purchased in on Gilt? Sorry I’m very unclear on all of this..

      • Hi Lilja!

        Yep, you need to subscribe to BOS on the RZ website. Enter the voucher code you received from Gilt City in the promo code field when it’s time to pay and the total should then reduce to zero (you’ve already paid $64.99 through Gilt City). Before you get to the payment page on the RZ website you’ll be given the option to add on the candles and pick your jewelry tone for the earrings. You’ll still need to enter a credit card even though the total is $0 since you’re signing up for a renewing month-to-month subscription, but if you don’t want to continue you can cancel after your spring box ships.

        • Thank you so much Amy for clearing this up!! I really thought I had already purchased the box on gilt and no further action was needed. I’m glad I figured this out before the box sold out 🙂

  9. Hi guys!
    Can someone please tell me how long will it take for me to receive my voucher? I received the email about my purchase a few hours ago and it said that I would receive a voucher within 24 hours. Does it really take that long? Thank you!

    • Still haven’t received the voucher… also it appears at the Gilt site but then when I click view it says I don’t have a voucher. It shows me my transaction with my order # and everything but that is it. Can someone please tell me if this is normal? Thank you!

      • I got my voucher soon after purchase. I suggest you chat with their customer service if you still haven’t received the voucher.

        • Thank you Skylark, still no voucher. I wrote them an email and I’m waiting for them to answer. Hopefully they will send me my voucher soon!

          • Check your spam folder, it might be in there.

        • I was able to purchase it! They said sometimes it take up to 24hrs to receive the code.

  10. Arg!! I spent too much on my FFF add-ons and had convinced myself not to buy this box! But $65?? I had to buy it at that price. I mean, really. $65? Sigh. This has been an expensive month!

  11. Ok, this is crazy. It took a couple of tries for my code to work and when it finally did, it took off the entire $99.99! Says the cost is $0.00! WTF?!? It shows that I have created an account, and am subscribed. I’m sure that I’ll get an email from them but I printed out the receipt anyway for proof. Someone in IT must be asleep at the wheel today! Has this happened to anyone else?

    • It’s not crazy. You already paid the cost of the box to gilt city. That’s exactly what is supposed to happen.

      • I thought that Gilt was just taking the orders and we actually paid TRV. So, has Gilt taken off the 25%? I didn’t enter the promo code until TRV website. TIA!

      • Ok, I see it now on Gilt. Thanks for the answer, this was a little confusing!

    • I just got an email TZR confirming the creation of my account and second one confirming my order, again with a discount of $99.99 applied, bringing my total to $0.00!!! I’ve printed those out, as well, and went back and took a screenshot of my completed order from their site.

      • This is expected, since you’ve already paid the box at Gilt City.

  12. For those having trouble with the code, try the first part before the hyphen only. This worked for me about 30 minutes ago.

  13. so the store credit can’t be used on sale items? is that a joke?????

    • i am so pissed lol if i had known you could only use credit towards full priced stuff i wouldn’t have gotten this deal. all the jewelry is on sale so the only thing you can buy are $400 dresses wow BS

      • oh excuse me and $300 shoes

  14. Just snagged one. Code works for me.

  15. It finally worked for me, I was getting concerned….. lol 😂

  16. I tried a bunch of times to sign up with the voucher with no luck, then I finally got it to work. My voucher code was in the format “GILT***********-GILT*************” and the BOS website finally recognized it when I entered just the last half of the code, the bit after the dash.

    • I will try that. Maybe the problem is that the email from Gilt City specifically says to enter the FIRST half of the code, before the dash. LOL

  17. I was still trying me code and it was saying that it did not exist. By chance I scrolled to the bottom of the page and it said my total was zero. So it was working even though it said it didn’t exist. I was able to submit my order.Thought this might help someone else out.

    • my*

  18. Finally it works. I got an email from gilt & BOS that says it is finally fixed. I also purchased the candle duo so the total was $25.

  19. Ok, the code is working now.

  20. I just wanted to update everybody since I have been stalking this page and the Box of Style site all morning. After reading a few posts about people’s codes finally working I tried mine a few more times and it still didn’t work. So I decided to just clear my history/cookies/cache and try again and that worked right away.

    I entered the first part of the voucher code in the promo box and clicked away from the box after it was entered and the code was finally applied.

    They give you the option to choose the color of earring you would like, as well as a place to put your birthday for the stella glass, I assume. You still have to enter your CC info since you are technically signing up for a subscription.

    After I did all of that I received an email that said my order had gone through. The checkout page did not give me a confirmation but instead just looked like it didn’t work. I checked my email before trying again just to be safe and that’s when I saw the confirmation.

    Hope this helps!

  21. I have been trying nonstop all morning and it finally went through! I didn’t enter any cc info until after the code finally got applied and said balance is $0. I also used a different email address (as I just subbed annually earlier this week). Keep trying! I am guessing it’s just overloaded. They also ask for bday, so assuming they send the Stella glass, too.

  22. I called RZ customer service (855-453-2442) and the rep sent me an email address to forward my original email from GILT which listed the redemption codes. They are going to resolve the issue and email me back. Hope this helps those still having trouble with the code working.

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