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Rachel Zoe Box of Style on Sale at Gilt City for $71.99!

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Rachel Zoe Box of Style is available today on Gilt City. (Thanks for the heads up, Alex!)


The box is listed at a discount for $89.99. Then use coupon code WELCOME20 to save an additional 20% – bringing the cost down to $71.99!

(FYI – the WELCOME20 code only works for new Gilt City accounts, so you may need to create a new account to use this code.)

If you aren’t familiar with the Rachel Zoe Box of Style, each box includes a hero item which is revealed before boxes ship, and other fashionable items and accessories, plus a few beauty products and styling tools, too.

Here is a look at the video reveal for the Spring 2017 Box of Style:

Check out my review of the Spring 2017 box and all of my Box of Style reviews!


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  1. I got an email saying “We have good news!
    We spoke with our contact at The Zoe Report and they have resolved the issue that was preventing your code from working here. If you try to redeem it following the original instructions you should be all set.”

    But, the code is still not working.

    • Same here – instead of not being recognized, now it says the code is expired. :/

      Chatted again with Gilt City CS, who says they’re working on it. Seems to be a problem on BOS’s end.

      • It just worked for me and I was able to add the candles.

      • Mine worked, too – hooray! Hope it works for everyone now. 🙂

  2. With the GILT code, do you still have to enter your cc number on Zoe site?

    • I would think you would because you are signing up for either the seasonal or the annual subscription.

      • Thanks. Answer is yes you do. I was hesitant to do so till I saw that my code worked. I GOT IN and got silver earrings. I am a happy lovely

        • My code is STILL not working … so annoying.

    • Yes you do but I was not charged additional….. if you don’t want the summer box, just make sure you cancel after they ship the spring box….

  3. With the Take30 this was too good a deal to pass up.

  4. I literally just typed in the code and it worked for me!!!

    • Were you allowed with this code to still pick your jewelry preference….. gold or silver?? … this will make or break it for me…. Thanks in advance for any help… 🙂

      • yes you will still get to pick your ear ring choice

    • I just tried and it still isn’t working. Can you explain how you did it? I entered the code in the PROMO CODE section. Am I missing something? Thanks.

      • Voucher code should be working now. Just used mine and it worked.

        • @Angela– You just entered the first part of the code, before the dash?

        • I just tried again and it says that code doesn’t exist. Did you receive this code:
          ********** (Edited by MSA)

          I’ve put in customer service emails through GILT and Rachel Zoe BOS website. No replies yet.

          • Rachael Zoe CS just emailed me and said to put the code in the promo box. I did and it still isn’t working for me.

          • I just tried again and it worked but it only took $10 off and still wants to charge me $93.

          • Honey take down the voucher number and email gilt city RIGHT NOW. You should never never post your voucher number they are one time use only. Someone else can try to use the code you just bought.

      • I am still having trouble too. This is so frustrating!

        • It just worked for me. Try again. I had to use a different email though because when I kept trying earlier it created an account. The code will only work for new subscribers so if you have an account made already you will need to make another one.

    • The Take30 code works, but when you get your voucher code from GILT to redeem that does not work.

    • are you talking about on the gilt city website or the zoe report website to order the box?

    • I tried just typing in mine but it doesn’t work. I agree with the person earlier who said they should work out the kinks before we buy. I probably would have splurged on the FFF box.

  5. Liz
    my spring box has already shipped and I don’t want 2 of them. am I able to buy the gilt city offer and use for summer box

    • Liz…. do you know if you can still pick jewelry preference if you use this code? Thanks!! 🙂

      • yes you can. =)

        • Thanks Shana!!! Done 🙂

    • Only if the summer box comes out before May 10th as that’s when it needs to be redeemed by.

  6. Ok, so the gilt city voucher is not working on the rachel zoe box of style site. now I understand.

    • Where are you putting your code in? I use the link to the Box of style on the email.

  7. Question: Does anyone know if you can save your voucher and use it for the next box instead of the current one?

    • mine expires in may

  8. Code still not working to order the box and when I click on the link for the gift card redemption it says it’s an invalid link. I really wish they would work out the kinks before offering these deals. This is the second time I’ve had this issue using GILT. I love the deals but it’s frustrating not being able to redeem purchases right away. I hope they get this resolved quickly.

  9. What is the credit good? Future boxes?

    • the last time I bought, the credit was good on Rachel Most items are well above $100. So I did not use my credit. I did take the plunge for 64.99. The code worked fine for me today

      • Still not working for me

        • are you using the code on gilt city?

      • Colleen how did you get your code to work. So many of us still can not get it to work

  10. Code still doesn’t work. I chatted with customer support at Gilt City and they said they are aware of the problem and they will escalate it. Not sure what that means. They did say that they usually solve problems within 3 to 5 days but they hope to have this fixed quicker than that.

    • My code doesn’t work either.

    • Yeah, code doesn’t work for me either.

  11. I bought the deal but am going to hold off on using the code. I’m hoping, just hoping, that maybe the spring box will sell out and I can use it towards the summer box. I’ll be okay with the spring box but I’m not in love with it (but for $65 I would get it for the earrings and water bottle and gift the rest).

    • My code is still not working. Tried this morning.

    • That’s a great idea!

      I caved and bought a second box since it was such a good deal. Now I’m going to wait and see what the next box looks like. Either way I’ll be happy.

  12. Did anyone get their code to work yet? I really can’t afford to get charged twice

    • I just tried this morning after receiving my code yesterday and it’s still not recognizing it as a good code. I’m starting to get annoyed!

    • My code doesn’t work yet when I tried this morning.

  13. Easy pass for me, I feel like I see a lot of the scarves/bags in these boxes for cheap elsewhere. But I see the appeal.

    HOWEVER, thank you for this post, because I jumped on getting that skyn iceland 50% off with the take30 code. $35 for what ended up being $193 worth of skincare! (Went for 3 value sets. Plus $6 shipping but still happy!)

    So take a poke around gilt city with that code in mind, even if this deal doesn’t appeal to ya! (Skyn iceland disappears in less than 24h!!)

    • What Skyn Iceland 50% off deal?! I can’t find it anywhere, even when I type “Skyn” or “Iceland” into the search bar. I’m definitely more excited to hear about a skyn iceland 50% off + $25 sale than BOS!

      • It’s in the CITY section of the site. Same section that you’d find the Rachel Zoe deal in.

        • Which city? I chose national and didn’t see this deal.

      • I just found it on the Los Angeles page, all the way at the bottom. It ends really soon though!

    • Where did you see the Skyn Iceland deal? I can’t find it anywhere and I scrolled through the whole site and searched the brand. Can you please link it? That’s really the only deal I’m excited for!

    • Thank you!!! I LOVE skyn Iceland! I just got the $100 for $35 too!

  14. “Valid for new Box of Style subscribers only”

    It says for new subscribers only – can we do the Gilt deal when we aren’t new subscribers?

    • I sure hope it works because I had signed up for BOS last week, then just bought this deal. Hopefully they don’t charge my card, then tell me the voucher won’t work since I’ve already subscribed. Curious if anyone else was able to do it?

  15. Anyone ever had lost shipment from them? I just checked my tracking yesterday and found out that it’s being delivered in the wrong State(Using my shipping address but billing State and Zip)! I tried to contact BoS but haven’t heard back yet. Infact they haven’t even reply my earlier e-mail regarding the free jewelry holder. It’s not delivered yet which I was hoping they can contact the postal office and correct the address. I hope the box won’t be lost or gets delivered to some random person’s address because the tracking actually shows USPS out for delivery. How are they suppose to deliver to an invalid address????? So frustrated! =(

    • Jun, I too have found that reaching customer service via email is quite the challenge to ever receive a response back. I found a customer service phone number on the internet. I think I just looked up Rachel Zoe Box of Style customer service phone number and was able to find a legit phone number. I called it and of course got their voicemail and I honestly left kind of a perturbed message and received a call back I believe that same day. Good luck!!

      • Jun, I found it. It’s 855-453-2442.

      • Thank you so much Ashley! I called and left a message. Hopefully I get a response in the next day or two… Fingers crossed…

      • Can you contact FedEx to see if it was delivered?

        • I contacted FedEx first but they said USPS has it now. So I contacted the USPS next and was able to locate the package. However despite telling me that they will update the State and Zipcode, I found out later they were attempting to deliver the package and apparently “left a notice”. I have no idea where they left the notice at because the address doesn’t even exist… USPS does it again… Here’s the good news, after calling the BoS CS number and left a message, I got a call back this morning to clear this problem up. They contacted the USPS for me and now the box is in transit to my correct address. Hopefully nothing goes wrong from here! The customer service representative that called me back was very friendly and helpful, her name is Mia. She made me feel so much better and I’m hopeful to receiving my box again! =) I will update when I do receive my box!

  16. I already received my box as I am a subscriber and I am so happy with everything included but I pulled the plug on a second one too. This is too good to pass up.

  17. Got one🎉 It will be my 1st BOS!!! and have been wanting to try it since the fall cape box 🌷 but couldnt catch a discount then 😓. I didnt like winter, but this one seems a **little** better only bc im looking for a bag. I dont think this it “THE” bag, and its $30 on ebay, but went for the whole shebang anyway, knowing ill at least use the water bottle and IF the bag works ill be SOOOO HAPPY!! so figured at this price it was worth the gamble.
    Scarf and polish…have too many.
    Powder ive used and liked alright, but its not something i want or need. So between this and popsugar, looks like i might finally have stuff to start swapping 🤗
    *** really hoping we also get the glass🍻, that would be awesome 🙂

  18. I took the plunge, it was too good of a deal to pass up! ❤️💆🏻

  19. Does Gilt City only sell a limited amount of these vouchers? I’m just wondering what the chances are that I could still buy one on Friday!

    • I think they might be limited. I debated getting one of the PopSugar deals at Gilt City a couple months ago and when I decided to do it a few days later they were sold out.

  20. I got it, great deal.. al I really want is the rice enzyme from tatcha, everything else a bonus or for trade.

  21. Hi, does anyone know if we get to pick the metal tone of the earrings when we use the code from GILT at Rachel Zoe

    • It looks like you’ll be able to choose. I started the sign up process before i found out i had to wait until tomorrow to use it, and you will get to choose. 🙂 Hope that helps.

    • Yep, you get to pick when you go through the process of subscribing on the BOS site. I managed to get that far before finding out my code won’t work yet.

  22. Does anyone know if they also use fedex when shipping to Canada?

  23. I’m rather annoyed. I newly subscribed to this box less than a week ago, and now they offer a deal like this?

    I don’t really mind missing the coupons, but it would have been nice to get the first box at such a good discount. Definitely would have made me more likely to continue my subscription. :/

  24. Just got one, such a great deal.

    The only thing I must have is the blush water bottle, but no one wants to swap with me (or just ignore the requests). Other things, especially the bags & earring, not a fan, hope I can swap them.

    • Hi! I just ordered a box today. The water bottle is the one thing I want to swap. What is your profile ID?

      • I ordered the box using the deal so I don’t need to swap the water bottle any more, but thanks KatM anyway!

  25. Just got this great deal. I’ve been eyeing this sub for a long time and now was the time to take advantage 😆

  26. For anyone who ordered the voucher, CS just told me it won’t work until tomorrow for those of us who are getting the code today. Just FYI! Sorry if someone has already mentioned it in the comments. I ordered a code this morning, got it a few hours later, and was told to enter it tomorrow morning. Hope that helps some of you who are worried about their codes not working!

    • Thanks. I was just getting so frustrated. I even emailed them. I wish I would have seen this first.

      • Me too!! I spent 30 very frustrated minutes trying to get it to work, and rereading the emails, and getting so annoyed. I finally called, and told the codes weren’t live yet. Hopefully they work tomorrow, like the said. We will see!

  27. I just caved… I wanted to try this Tatcha product that everyone raves about! I will be putting the purse and scarf up for swap for anyone just wanting one of those items. Now I think it’s time to join a sub box anonymous group.

  28. This is not good, the BOS is already on sale and I have not even received my box that I paid full price for. I will have to check their return policy.

    • This exact thing happened to me with the winter box. I was a seasonal subscriber who had paid full price, and it took foreeeeeeeeveeeeeeer to get my box. I think it was about six weeks after I was charged. The whole time, other people were getting theirs after only ordering a few days before, and they were using a ridiculously good coupon. I finally had to get my credit card involved and ended up cancelling. I am DONE with this box.

  29. Welp, I caved in. Don’t know if I’m going to keep the subscription (trying to save money), but I REALLY wanted that bag! An awesome buy at $65!

  30. When did you all get your voucher code? I bought mine about 3 hours ago and still haven’t received it.

    • Let us know when you get it! I’d like to get this deal but I’m a little worried that I won’t get the email or the code won’t work and then I’ll just be out $65!

    • I got an emailed voucher within an hour or so of purchasing. If you haven’t received the code yet, maybe try chatting with a CS rep on the Gilt City site–they were really helpful earlier when I asked about why the code wasn’t working.

  31. This is really disappointing. I am a member and get the BOS regularly. I know this is to entice others but I feel as a memeber there should be something for us too. At this point I feel like I should stop my membership and wait for the sales.

    • I emailed BOS customer service to see if they would give subscribers a discount. I figure it couldn’t hurt to ask. I’ve been a subscriber since the beginning of the box 2 years ago so I think if they’re offering discounts on the current box, subscribers in good standing should also get the discount!

      • Keep me posted on their reply. I’m interested in what they say.

  32. So the $50 for gilt city, is that to spend on the gilt website? And is there an expiration for the code?

  33. Yea, I caved. I’ve been eyeing it up all week and $65 is a great price! I’m dying to try the Tatcha and everything else is just as exciting. I’m actually pretty tempted to get another box to use as a Mother’s Day gift.

    • I caved too. I’ve been trying to trade for the Tatcha powder for forever with no luck so this seemed like a great idea!

  34. cant get the code to work?

  35. Still resisting, but it’s getting harder.

  36. Think this can be used for summer box or just spring? I literally just bought the spring box. The voucher says use by May 8 – would that be after spring box?

    • I would like to know this too!

      • May 15 is the order date for the Summer box, so it looks like this would only work for the Spring box.

        • Ah bummer. Where did you see the order date for the summer box?

  37. I just want someone to sell me the water bottle for cheap 🙂

  38. Has anyone tried redeeming their gilt city code on the box of style site? I put mine into the promo field at checkout & it doesn’t recognize it. Am I doing something wrong?

    • It would not work for me either. It actually charged me $119 on top of the $64 I spent at Gilt. It didnt say it was invalid until after they put the payment through for full price. No one will answer the phone at Rachael Zoe so I am not happy at all.

      • didnt work for me either..says it doesnt exist

        • Me too

      • Me toooo! I’m SOOO MAD.

    • Okay, so not just me. Definitely not happy

    • Same here.

      • Same here, maybe we need to wait 24 hours before the codes go live.

        Is anyone else adding those candles to the order?
        1. What size are they?
        2. I want them but am nervous if I try to add them that I’ll accidentally get charged $130 for the whole order

    • I just did a live chat with a Gilt City CS rep, who said, “It can take up to 24 hours for the code to be activated on the Box of Style website.” Fingers crossed! 🙂

    • Same. I chatted with someone at Gilt City and she said to give it 24 hours then my code should be recognized.

      • Thanks for the info! I’ll wait until tomorrow and try again.

    • Is anyone having luck with the gilt code? I am starting to get worried…..

  39. I just want someone’s scarf, lol.

    • I have one up on the swap board.

    • Swap for mine, I won’t use it at all!

  40. I literally ordered the box at 1 pm today lol oh well I’m still happy that I got the box

  41. I feel myself falling off the fence.

    • I just fell off the fence pretty hard. I’ll definitely use the Tatcha and the water bottle, not sure yet about the bag or the scarf. But all of it for this price is pretty hard to pass up. Plus I’m hoping I’ll be able to use one of the $50 credits toward the summer BOS.

      • I sadly don’t think you can use the credit for a box, but interesting idea. I think it’s only good for her very expensive clothing line.

        • Oh bummer. I’ll probably try anyway 🙂 but even if it doesn’t work I’m happy with the spring box for this price.

  42. Do you know if this starts a subscription or if this is just for one box only and won’t renew?

    • The voucher says it will renew… wish I would have known that!

      • You should be able to cancel your quarterly subscription from the Box of Style website when you are logged in. The next billing date for Summer isn’t until May 15 so as long as you cancel before then you should be OK. I signed up for the Winter box and planned on cancelling before Spring…until I saw the Spring box spoilers. 🙂

  43. I just bought, but it looks like it’s JUST the $100 certificate, not the $100 credit plus the Spring Box. Unless I’m reading it wrong?

  44. read the fine print, it’s an additional $50 promo code ( I don’t think they can be combined. ) also, I’m so sad about my annual sub T.T

  45. Ugh. I wish I’d waited, getting it for $65 would have been nice. Anyone know if you can cancel if they haven’t shipped?

    • You can cancel after the first one is shipped 🙁 I feel you, I wish I waited a few days and get this at a discounted price too.

  46. Ugh, I finally pulled the trigger and this deal comes out a couple days later😝 Oh well. Reading the fine print, it looks the the $100 credit is the 50 in the box plus an additional 50, but you can’t combine them or use them on sale items.

  47. Note the $100 credit can’t be used on sale items, so to buy anything it will be another $100. FYI.

    • That’s a really good point, and also that the two $50 coupons won’t be able to be used in the same transaction brings the value to me down a lot. But $65 for that purse is still a great deal to me!

  48. Done. Just bought it! I’ve been debating about it for a while. I loved the Winter Box of Style so much, but ended up canceling my subscription. However, for $64.99, this is awesome! I love the Tatcha product so much. The rest is basically bonus. I’m equal parts happy for my addiction to this website & not happy. My wallet is starting to hurt. Maybe I’ll be less spendy in April.

    • I can’t get the take30 code to work. How did you get it to work?

      • TAKE30 all caps. If you have used the code before then it will not work again. It also doesn’t work on the Rachel Zoe site, only on GiltCity. So if you are trying to use it on the Rachel Zoe site then that is the reason it doesn’t work.

        • I called the customer service. He said the code was sent out to random customers but he helped to put it in. Thank you! 😀 Very excited!

          • Oh, I wasn’t aware of that. I got an email and assumed it was standard and sent out to everyone that had a GiltCity account. I am glad they worked with you on it.

    • It says for new subscribers only – can we do the Gilt deal when we aren’t new subscribers?

  49. That’s a tremendous deal! I’m starting to re-think bring an annual subscriber. Not sure there’s value there.

    • I first thought too but these deals usually say “valid for new subscribers only” You wouldn’t be a new subscriber so I don’t think you can’t use the deal.

    • I just subscribed annually before this code came out. The $349 is already better than full price for each box, and then an additional $20 off with BOSSP20 brings it down to $82.50/box for one year. That’s better than the $10 off they give for one box to new subscribers, although obviously it’s a bigger chunk to bite off at one time.
      I wish I’d known about this coupon, but it’s not too bad as long as the next year of boxes is good. 🙂

  50. Ugh so frustrating that I paid full price but at least I got the jewelry holder coming hopefully! Glad some others will get a discount and enjoy!

    • Same here – that’s our consolation. Although I am thinking of getting another one as a gift for my sister.

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