Proozy Spring Cleaning Mystery Box Review

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About a week ago, we found out about this Mystery Box from Proozy! It was only $20 with coupon, so I had to try it out!


My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)


The Box: Proozy Spring Cleaning Mystery Box

The Cost: $80

The Products: The mystery box contains $100 worth of Proozy products everyone in the family can enjoy. Get your favorite accessories and gifts for yourself or a friend who wants to experience the Proozy lifestyle.

  • Receive products from brands like Under Armour, New Balance, Reebok, Adidas and more
  • Items can include fitness bands, water bottles, hats and other accessories
  • Color and fit selection cannot be guaranteed, returned or exchanged


Perfect Calorie Monitor – Value $10


Ah, I was not too excited to see this in the box. My first thought was, could a $10 fitness tracker be any good?


It’s bulkier than a fitbit, and it feels more like wearing a watch than a fitness tracker. That being said, for $10, the design isn’t bad. (I love matte black anything.)


This wristband fits well, too.


One of the big differences I noticed with this fitness band and other pricier options is that it is operated by a watch battery. So, instead of recharging it, you’ll need to replace the battery.


I downloaded the app that goes with this fitness tracker, but I was disappointed to see it gets a lot of low star reviews. (App crashing, syncing issues, etc.)

I’d say if you were thinking of trying out a fitness tracker, this might be a cheap way to start to see if you’ll use it, but you’ll probably want to upgrade soon due to the limitations.


Eco Vessel Spartan Race Water Bottle – Value $2?


This is a lightweight plastic bottle that feels like a freebie you might get at an event.


Sun Dog Eyewear Ellwood Sunglasses – Value $49.99?


I couldn’t find these exact sunglasses on their site (I’m assuming everything in this box is closeout inventory), so I’m estimating on pricing.


These sunglasses aren’t my style (even though my husband Eric told me I looked “cool” in them), but they are a good pair of sunglasses, so they are now in the glove compartment as a backup car pair!


Nike Headband – Value $8


(This headband is listed as $9.99 on the Proozy site, but the Nike tag lists $8.)


This is my favorite piece in the box. It’s a quality headband, and it stays in place even without grippy fabric.


Step 360 DVD – Value $5


I’m doing most of my workout videos from online workouts now, but I still will use a DVD now and then. I’m excited to try this – a quick 10 minute workout is always easy enough to convince myself to do.


(This DVD has 2 10 minute routines – one for abs, one for cardio.)

Verdict: This box has a retail value of about $75. I think that’s a good value for a $20 box on closeout items, but this wasn’t a great box for me. The DVD and headband will be used, and the sunglasses are a good back up, so I guess 3 out of 5 items for a mystery box isn’t bad.

What did you get from the Proozy Mystery Box?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Received ours today. Got : Blue Nike Sun Visor (too big for my head and DS’s head, and DH will not wear), White Golf baseball-style hat with leather adjustable band (nobody will wear), the elusive DVD (into the bin it goes), the elusive exercise tracker (into the bin it goes), and the Sun Dog Sunglasses (which actually look and fit great on DS). I did not get a water bottle, but am not disappointed that I didn’t get it.
    I am happy with the sunglasses for justifying the cost of the box. My son is hard to find sunglasses for, and these were a good match for him.
    Would I buy another mystery box like this again? No.

    • 😂Thank you for sharing. #hardpass

  2. Recipients of the “Perfect Calorie Monitor”……Did ANYONE get a tracker that came out of “sleep mode”? Grabbed mine to see how it stacked up just as a pedometer, and the battery was completely dead. I don’t have any watch batteries on hand, and I am reluctant to shell out MORE money for this box of garbage. I get that it’s old stock they sent out, but come on….. Do they really consider these to have a value of $100??

  3. Looks like mine should arrive tomorrow. I am nervous….
    I could use a pair if sunglasses, IF they fit, because I just tossed out my old pair. 🙁 And my son would use a headband (guy themed) and the water bottle for his physical ed class. The watch-thing would get tossed, as would the DVD. That is, if my boxes are similar to what has been received by others.

  4. As a heads up to people who got the Perfect Calorie Monitor or want to swap for it, mine appears to be dead. It has a watch battery and is shipped in “sleep mode.” Mine, however, never woke up.

  5. I think this will be my last mystery box purchase from random sites. I got everything in Liz’s box but instead of the headband, I got the nike visor. I was initially excited about the visor (the one item that I was ok with) but it doesn’t fit! It’s too big and I have a big head! ARGH!

  6. I got exactly what you did Liz. The only difference being my water bottle wasn’t in plastic so it’s a little shopworn. I won’t be using any of this unfortunately. When will I learn to stop with the mystery boxes? I guess it’s the FOMO that gets me every time. Sigh.

  7. I feel like asking for a refund since it didn’t meet the promised value of $100.

  8. I got the same DVD, sunglasses and tracker. Then a plain, red ball cap and a neon orange, no slip Under Armor head band. The only things I will use are the head band and sunglasses as a back up since they aren’t my style.

    • I got the same thing. Husband gets the hat and glasses. I like the Under armour headband…it doesn’t slip off my head during kickboxing. The DVD and tracker are going on the next garage sale. My local sports store has the head band for 15 bucks…so not too bad of a 20 buck box. I have received much worse boxes for a lot more money…I am looking at you Popsugar! Lol.

  9. My box just came. I got the fitness DVD, lame calorie tracker, Sun Dog sunglasses, a white Nike visor (really nice) and an orange Under Armour reflective headband. I’ll use the sunglasses, visor and headband, so it was worth the $20 for me, but I would have been really mad if I had paid more than that.

  10. I was so tempted by this box but just couldn’t commit. So. Glad. I. Didn’t .

  11. I posted 2 comments and one didn’t appear, though I can’t find any violation in it. Weird. Anyway again the bottle WAS promotional (eco vessel sponsored the spartan race) the dvd DOES require an expensive product to use (most purchases of said product come with free DVD), the fitness tracker is $7.99 to purchase however the app is no longer supported by apple so it won’t sync anymore rendering it useless or a pedometer. This leaves the sunglasses which you can get for $14.99 at various sites and the $8 headband. Sooo…

  12. All I can say is some of this felt scammy. The water bottle IS a promotional item. For those of you who don’t know Eco Vessel is the sponsor of the Spartan Race. Those were given away. The DVD as someone pointed out goes to a product you have to purchase to use. That product is not cheap and guess what..comes with a free dvd lol. As such I don’t believe either of their value can be included at all. The glasses..guess what I found them online at multiple retailers for $14.99. So in the end we have a $33 value, mostly non brand name junk. There is a sometimes you win sometimes you lose nature to boxes but this felt straight up scammy to me and even at full retail doesn’t meet the value they claimed.

    • Also the $8 fitness tracker has an app that is no longer supported so that has little to no value unless you’re using it like a pedometer I guess?

  13. My box actually had a value of around $119. I didn’t receive the water bottle thankfully, I received a really cute golf hat and my headband was a reflective Under Armour. I thought the value was good for what I paid. I probably would have been disappointed with the cheap water bottle.

  14. Booo! I was excited to get this now I’m not boooooo

  15. Would love to swap someone for this headband mentioned in the review. Please let me know if any of you all got it and are wanting to swap! 🙂

    • I have the exact box she got and would love to swap the headband!

  16. I feel like everything in this box is from Saved by the Bell in the ’80s. Really weird.

  17. I was SUPER pumped when I saw the description of what it COULD contain. Add in the incredible “value” of the coupon, and I couldn’t resist. (I bought 2!) I have a teenage son who is very into athletics and I am trying to get back into shape myself. The excitement of what might be delivered was quite motivating, and I dusted off my sneaks and packed my gym bag. When I saw that UPS truck stop in front of my house today, a day earlier than the tracker estimated, I actually squealed like a kid! That excitement quickly turned to disappointment faster than I would like to admit. I received the same items that Liz and many others did. I saw the Spartan Race bottle, and I hoped that that was just something they had laying around and tossed in since it WAS a “Spring Cleaning” box. Every subsequent item I removed from the first box was just as disappointing. The sunglasses aren’t my style, either. But when I tried them out on the patio, I did like the clarity they offered. So I guess function won over fashion in that situation, so I’ll wear them on “hikes” with my little one. The condition of the fitness tracker box gave me pause, and opening it all the way only cemented the feeling that it was a “reject” item. The packaging itself had clearly been opened a few times, as the edges were bent and the box didn’t fully close. It was when I took the plastic case out that I noticed that someone had not only taken it out before me, but they had peeled the protective sticker off the face, and stuck it to the clear plastic. Great. I already have a Fitbit, and I like that it syncs itself when I am near the dongle. Reading that this one works via Bluetooth is a definite “No” for me, as I don’t want my battery draining mid-day. The headband was cute, also in pink. That I’ll have no problem using. The exercise DVD, though? I’ll admit that I have NOT watched it or done any Google-ing to check, but the vibe I got was that it was designed to be used with whatever the weird, red, tube thing they are on top of in ALL the pictures. I am not opposed to at home exercise, by any means. But I don’t want to need to spend MORE money on something just to used this DVD. I could be wrong, and I really hope I am. After seeing that ^THIS^ was what they valued at $100, I was both disappointed and upset for those who may have purchased the box WITHOUT a coupon code. I mean, I was already irritated at having spent TWENTY bucks for this grab bag of cheap crap. But I was still optimistic that the unopened box contained items that would be more useful, and perhaps make up for my initial disappointment…. SO WRONG! It contained the EXACT SAME items, down to the color of the headband. I’ll be gifting the other shades to my son, as well as the water bottles. But I am still shaking my head at the mere THOUGHT that this melange of reject freebies would in any world be valued at $80, much less the $100 that Proozy is claiming they sent! I mean, even the headbands had price tags that indicated they were $8. The sunglasses DID have tags attached that listed them at $49.99. I can’t say whether or not that is an accurate price, since I have never heard of the brand before. I hope that there were some boxes sent out that DID have items of actual value, or were any of the brands they claim to include.

    • This is the funniest review I have ever read. 😂Literal tears over here.Thank you.

  18. Disappointed that it didn’t meet the promised $100 value, especially if someone paid the original $80! Mine is coming tomorrow, so we’ll see how it compares, but a $75 value would bother me if I paid more than $20.

  19. I got basically the same box, but instead of the headband, I got a visor.

  20. Got same items.. not happy at all. Everything going up for swap. Any takers?

  21. I got similar items as you but I also got some men’s adidas socks and a golf hat. It was an interesting box. I’ll use a few items like you- so it was worth the $20. I wish I would of gotten that pink headband though instead of the golf hat. But I’ll give that to my dad or swap it off.. We’ll see..

    • I got the headband if you want to swap

  22. welp. two more days to receive my mystery box, and decide on tequila or vodka to assist in the opening.

    • After looking at this review may I suggest an equal amount of both?!!

  23. what does this have to do with spring cleaning?

    • THEY were doing spring cleaning and clearing out stock.

    • Proozy is clearing off their shelves or cleaning out the warehouse of spare items…

  24. So glad I passed on this!

  25. I did not get this box, but I saw on swap site that people got real fitness tracker. I would love to have that.

    • I gother similar items and all are up for swap. Make me an offer!

      • Michelle, I was talking about New Balance Body TRNR

        • Gotcha, yeah, I saw that one swap but I got this one. Sigh.

    • I got the Real fitness tracker, up for swap 🙂

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