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Play! By Sephora March 2017 SPOILERS for Boxes 477 + 444 + 469

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Screen Shot 2017-02-18 at 9.12.22 AM

We have MORE SPOILERS! We now have spoilers for 3 of the March 2017 Play! By Sephora boxes! The theme is “The Gleam Team.”

Box #477 (Thanks, Diana for letting us know about your box!)

Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 2.44.47 PM

Source: Instagram user _cupofdee

Box #444 (Thanks, Rebecca, for confirming this box number!)

Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 12.20.46 PM

Source: Instagram user c_moon26

Box #469:

Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 12.20.52 PM

Source: Instagram user valtherizzle

To find out which box you’re receiving at the beginning of each month, follow these instructions:

If you log in through a browser, not the app, and go to my account > account details > online orders and open the play! Order Details, you can see the “item number” next to the image.

What do you think of the spoilers? 

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Just received my box today, which is way earlier in the month than usual…but i was missing 2 items!! I’ve emailed Sephora, hopefully their customer service is decent..I’m hoping for replacement products and not points. They always run out of point reward items before I am ready to order anything:(

    • I got mine today too! Way earlier than usual. I’ve had a perfume left out of mine a few months ago, and all they did was give points. But I think it was for either 50 or 100.

      • So they emailed me back almost immediately! They’re shipping my missing Bobbi Brown eyeshadow and I got 100 points for the missing perfume..I’m totally good with that. Great customer service!

        • Is it terrible I’m HOPING I’m missing my perfume sample now? I hate Atelier – their Vanilla ruined me on their brand.

    • I had something that was broke last month and they replaced it right away!!

  2. I’m new to this box. What are some of the things you do with the bags you get each month??

    • To be honest, I have most of the bags stacked up in a drawer right now. I’ve occasionally given them away as informal gift bags. I’m sure they could be useful for some craft projects too…

  3. I’m getting #469 and I’m not disappointed. I shop at Sephora weekly and yes I have a problem so there is always going to be repeats for me like the UD primer that I already own but if it’s something I usually use it’s great I have a travel size.

    I love Glamglow products and I’m very excited to be trying this particular one, a break from the masks.

    I have really been wanting to try the Josie Maran balm also. I haven’t seen great reviews on Sephora so I didn’t really want to take the plunge just to try in case it was terrible. I was actually going to ask them for a sample on my next store visit but now I don’t need to.

    I’ve tried the Watts Up before and I would like to give it another go round even though I know it’s not going to compare to my main highlighters that I use currently like Anastasia, Becca and Hourglass but I will try it.

    I’m also hoping that the ghost oil can help my dry tresses, fingers crossed.

    But seriously Sephora I’m really OVER the Atelier colognes I think I have the entire set. Lay off on that already. All those scents you have in store and this is what you KEEP sending. not thanks!

  4. My box 444 arrived today like a ninja – no shipping notification and if I log into my account it still says “in process.” that said it was a mostly pleasant surprise – the Argan balm is amazing, and I personally like the GlamGlow, but I think many may end up not liking it. It has a potent “herbal” fragrance, and is VERY shimmery- don’t expect a “subtle glow,” but rather that you’ll look like a high school basketball trophy.

    The Bobbi Brown eye crayon is a miss for me – it’s quite similar to the caviar stick sent in November’s box, and thanks to Glossybox and former Birchboxes, I have enough rose gold eye crayons to last until the end of days….

    • “like a ninja”… I LOVE it!

      What a super-nice way of saying that their shipping notification is currently not functioning 🙂

      (So glad that I saw your post!)

    • Is your Josie Marian sample practically empty? Mine is and I’m sure if it’s supposed to be that small of a sample or not. Thanks!

      • I thought the Josie Maran was going to be a decent size sample..but it’s a glob that barely covers the bottom of the mini jar, lol. I just ran out of the full size and had the same problem with it..but I love the stuff!!

        • I received the box today and am thoroughly pleased! My Josie Marian Balm was filled to the top! I’m not sure why yours are almost empty… :/

      • Both mine in this box, and the one I got from sephora with a code and a 25$ purchase, were almost empty. Both had a seal over the top of the jar, and the one that came with the purchase felt very dried out too. The sample in this box didn’t feel as dried out but it didn’t completely cover the bottom and didn’t come more than 1/3 of the way up the side.

  5. I am 451 this time which I haven’t seen yet but I’m guessing we’ll be getting the Glamglow and the Watt’s Up. I have a couple of samples of Watt’s Up already and I don’t historically love Glamglow (even though I know I’m in the minority there) so I’m not SUPER excited about them, but it’s a great value still and with any luck, one of the other three non-perfume items will be something I love. This is still a consistently great box IMO especially considering the price point and the perks (extra points in store etc).

  6. I cannot believe Sephora is sending out that muf shadow in the same shade. I mean Come On, Sephora is huge there’s no reason for repeats imo.

  7. Is anyone interested in swapping the Living Proof Volume spray and the MUFE or Bobbi Brown eyeshadow for the Ghost Oil and Josie Maran balm?

    • i will

      • Yay, my email is ehood at terpmail dot umd dot edu and send your swap profile!

  8. Just got my box in the mail today (469) and even though I definitely had a bit of box envy looking at the spoilers I’m really loving it!

    The Glamglow moisturizer is beautiful and a good size, gives a glow but doesn’t make your face a shimmery mess. It’s not one of those moisturizers that can double as a primer, but I really like it nonetheless.

    Watts Up isn’t a new product but I love the quality and the size of the stick is perfect for travel/on-the-go application. Felt similarly about the UD primer potion – I use it everyday so this is the perfect size for a weekend getaway.

    I use the Living Proof oil and love that, but the Verb one smells great and I’m excited to try it. Even the perfume smells great, though I was iffy about the Clementine scent.

    All in all I think this is always a great value and a perfect way for me to try things out before committing to a full size product. If you’re not willing to take some risks…it might just not be the box for you? I think it’s totally unrealistic to assume you’ll like everything each month.

    • I am getting box 469 and I am so disappointed by these spoilers. I have been subscribed to Play for almost a year now and this might be the worst one yet.

      We have gotten Atelier scents before if not 2 or 3 times and I have never liked any of them.

      I have oily skin and fine greasy hair. I don’t see myself using any of these products, maybe the primer potion but I have tried that before and it doesn’t do much for my oily lids (My HG is the Nars primer).

      I was really looking forward to the LP volume blast, the BB stick and the Chloe perfume. Bummer.

      • I LOVE Atelier cologne, this was a new scent I haven’t heard of before. I’m very disappointed in the size of the Josie Maran sample though, how come no one is talking about that?? This big pot, I thought would be filled with product, but no there’s only a little blob at the bottom, not even covering the bottom. When I took of the seal, it was very greasy.

  9. I’m getting box 469. I’ll probably end up putting a few things up for swap. I’ve never done it before so I’m wondering, can you put things up for swap before you even receive your box as long as you communicate that you don’t have your item yet? Or is that just a bad idea? Are there any other nuggets of wisdom an experienced swapper might have?

    Also, what size is the MUFE eyeshadow?? It’s not on a paper card is it?

      • Great info! Thank you 🙂

    • The shadow is a decent size. It’s not a full size, but it’s definitely bigger than those tiny eyeshadow samples you sometimes get. It will last you a while, and you won’t have a problem getting your makeup brushes into the pigment (I’m specifically thinking of a few Birchbox samples I received, specifically a super tiny Coastal Scents duo).

      The sample case is thick paper, with plastic around the top and bottom of the shadow. I personally liked it because it’s sturdy and very unlikely to shatter while shipping, but it’s definitely a product I’d put in a makeup bag instead of displaying on a vanity (like most samples).

      It’s a pretty nice sample, and I did want to try MUFE eyeshadow. But twice in less than a year – and the exact same color – is not good. It doesn’t give long-term subscribers a high value OR let them explore new products. I’m still waiting on spoilers for my box, so I’m hoping for something exciting and new.

      • Thank you for the info 🙂 Good luck with your box, I hope everything is new & exciting!

  10. I’m #444 and I’m loving everything in it! Bobbi Brown is one of my favorite brands! The mascara I received in a past Sephora box has become my go to mascara, it’s amazing! I love shadow sticks, so YAY! I can’t wait to try all of the products. Definitely a win for me this month 😊

  11. Does anyone know what shade the Bobbi brown shadow stick is in?

    • Yes it’s called Golden Pink

  12. Im getting the 477. It is my first box so I am happy with it all. I do understand though why people would be upset if they got the same thing they got just a few months ago. I left Birchbox because of that. When I had Birchbox I got the same exact item 3 months in a roll , and got done with that really really quick.

  13. Mine is 451. This subscription is worth it to me because of the points. Plus I have discovered some fantastic products that I probably never would have without this box. And isn’t that the purpise?

    • Purpose

  14. I may need to stock the swap sites for anyone getting rid of their algenist drops! Lol I think I would really love them since (based on the reviews) it seems to be a subtle more natural highlight which I prefer. I am box #444.. and overall very happy with it, but I do already have the benefit watts up, so I wish the algenist drops were in place of that.. and then it would be my perfect box! Very excited for this month!! 😆

    • I totally agree with you!

  15. Just canceled. I’m getting box #469 and I don’t get it. My profile says I have fine, dry, straight hair; why wouldn’t I get the LP volumizing spray? Honestly, getting an eyeshadow primer that is discounted and an OLD highlighter (one of the first on the market) that I already have triplicates of through points is ridiculous. I’m not positive, but I think the Argan Balm is also on sale. What’s more, I have combo skin, so giving me a heavy balm isn’t going to work. For the $10, I’d rather put that toward a single product that I really want.

    • If you have dry hair, the VERB oil kinda makes perfect sense.. and that Josie Maran Magic Balm isn’t a moisturizer, it’s a primer and “finishing balm” – it creates a better canvas/texture as a base for your makeup and/or can be patted on top of a finished look to set it and make it stay. I got a sample in my last Sephora order (by choice) and I really like it a lot. It will not exacerbate oiliness.

      That being said, I’m getting the same box as you, and I too am disappointed with the eyeshadow primer (that I have owned in one variation or another more times than I’d like) – I would have much rather gotten the Bobbi shadow stick. Watts Up IS a ‘classic’ product but it’s a quality one, too.

    • Did you want the volumizing spray? I’d trade you the spray for the primer.

      • If you don’t get a reply I’d trade you! I’m on the swap board but I’ve never listed anything! Or if you want I can just send it to you! I haven’t gotten my bag yet but as soon as I do I would!

        • Sure, I’ll trade you! I haven’t swapped anything on the board, either (and haven’t gotten my box yet) but I’d be happy to do so when I get it.

          • Ok great! My email is lawdenadeli at hotmail dot com, if you want to send me your info then I’ll send you mine! Hopefully I’ll get my box soon!

    • Same here. I have wavy hair and don’t have dryness listed as a concern and combination skin. Who doesn’t own the urban decay primer at this point?? It’s annoying and I feel like the past few boxes I got have not matched my needs at all. I would much rather have eye shadow samples than more skincare stuff.

  16. I’m getting #444 too. This will be my first Play box and I’m excited!

  17. I’m a #444, yay!!! 🙂

  18. Getting 444 great fit for me. The ghost oil is a hair oil , not a face oil. Hmm may have to try sometime. I always love the bags too!

  19. I’m getting box 444 not excited for it either. I already have 2 large jars of the glam glow. I have a sample of the Josie M but understand what it’s for. Finishing balm? And I don’t like dry shampoos. Willing to swap for the Algenist

    • I meant don’t understand what the balm is for?

    • I was first upset when I saw dry shampoo, but isn’t a hair spray we are getting? I am getting box 444 as well.

      • It says ‘dry volume blast’. It’s a volumizer

    • The finish balm is to be patted on top of your make up to set it and make it stay. Not for everyone, I know, but personally I like it.

  20. Receiving 477. The Makeup Forever eyeshadow is a duplicate from a previous Play! box, even the exact shade. :/

    • That’s what I thought as well don’t get be wrong Ioved the shade but the purpose is to try NEW things I have gotten the same product but in different shades and that’s ok but the exact same!! That’s not ok

      • I agree, it’s really not okay and I’m not sure what the purpose was of repeating an item so soon.

        • I may be a rare 477 happy to see the shadow – but its only my 2nd box.

          • I’m happy to see the shadow too. But this is only my 4th box. I understand why people who have had it before wouldn’t be happy getting it again, even if they liked it.

    • I am willing to trade my #451 for #477 if anyone is willing to exchange boxes~

  21. I’m getting box #444 and I’m thrilled. I got Play! and Ipsy to compare and so far its 2-1. I love the combinations they give in these boxes and the fact that even though they are considered “sample sized” they really are a travel size for the most part.I’m not sure why everyone seems so dissapointed with there boxes. I feel that they pick a theme every month and try to get as many things as they can to go with that theme that will also appeal to a vast majority of there subscribers. They pick what is on trend in beauty now and I get that not everyone likes the beauty trends but that’s kind of the point of these boxes. To get new and on trend beauty products to try for a really great price. I feel like if I even get one thing that I like a month the subscription is worth it. To each there own I guess but I’m happy with mine.

    • I don’t think most of us expect to love every item – there’s always the potential that something will be an unflattering color, incompatible with your skin type, or a type of product you don’t use. But paying $10 for 1 or 2 small samples you will actually use isn’t a good deal.

      Honestly, I think another issue is that Sephora sends out variations, but they don’t seem to be dependent on things like skin type. It seems like that would be a fairly easy thing to do, and would eliminate some common complaints like people with oily skin getting facial oil. Or they could add a question about preferred lip colors, and aim to give people something in their preferred categories. If they’re already sending variations, I think changes like these are worth trying.

      • I look at it as spending $10 to try 6 things and find out if I’d be interested in trying more or buying it. If I end up liking something, that’s a bonus. It seems people who are most disappointed are looking for value.

        The other thing is that I try to have an open mind about the items. Even if I think something won’t work – I try it. Sometimes, I’ve been surprised and found things I love – like facial oil. I thought it would make my face oily – it did the opposite.

        There could be a reason someone with oily skin is getting facial oil – I’ve found my face stops producing as much if it’s well moistured first (and I use oils).

        Using this subscription as a discovery tool makes me (usually) happy or at least satisfied. The only issue I have from time to time is when a sample is too small to give you an idea if it works for you.

        • Well, I guess we have different ideas for our boxes. $10 isn’t a ton of money, but I’m not financially in a position where I’d view liking something as a “bonus.” I can get ipsy for the same price, and my box had larger samples and included Tarte, PUR, and Neogen this month – all brands I wouldn’t consider drugstore beauty. Allure is a little more expensive, but typically has generous sample sizes so you can try out the products. I don’t see what’s wrong about looking for a decent amount of value.

          If you’re not going to use the beauty profile to customize orders, it’s misleading to have one.

          Btw I understand oil cleansing and the importance of moisturizing for all skin types. However, there are definitely some oils that aren’t really appropriate for oily skin (almost anything designed to give you “dewy” skin or a glow). Also – and this part is meant for a box that actually matches skincare to your face, which is unusual – I think it’s great to sometimes move people out of their comfort zone, but there should also be some products actually designed for that skin type that will have a wider appeal.

    • I can understand why people are upset to receive the exact same eyeshadow shade from a couple of months ago.

    • I feel the same!! I get Play and Ipsy n Luv Both☺ My Play this month is 444 also!!!

  22. Nooo…dang you Sephora you give me the one I hate since the ghost oil smells like lemon pledge and I have enough of the primer potion and it has the lowest value (lower by like $11 or so dollars) which is pathetic 🙁

    • 🙁 I really hope I’m not getting the eyeshadow primer. I already have so many from Smashbox and their formula works well on me. I also have an untouched one from Lorac. Plus I’m not into lemon-y facial products, as I’ve read that citrus can be phototoxic (cause chemical burns in sunlight!) and has a really high pH of 2 vs our skin’s natural pH of 5.5.

      • The ghost oil is a hair oil not a face oil

        • My mistake. I got that impression from some of the comments here.

  23. If anyone is interested Im willing to swap the primer potion and the hair oil for the volumizing spray and the mufe shadow!

    • Hey! I would be interested to swap with you!

  24. It looks like a reasonable distribution to me across the spoiler boxes so far.

    Like 477 has the Algenist, but the repeat MakeUpForever (though this box would be good for newer subscribers who never got it the first time around).

    444 has the Josie Maran and Bobbi Brown.

    469 has the Urban Decay eyeshadow primer and Josie Maran.

    And they all have the GlamGlow and Benefit Watts Up. This seems like a much better box than last month’s disaster box for everyone which I have blocked out from memory.

    • I loved last month’s box! The Hydroblur moisturizer is a new favorite and the Nars Lip Glide is very pretty. This month is a disaster for me, #477 – don’t use highlighters or glowy things and not a fan of Drybar. So 4 out of 6 will get passed on and the Atelier sample will probably get passed on too. Not every box will be a winner (smiles)

      • Would you be willing to trade the Algenist for any of the following:

        Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion
        VERB Ghost Oil
        Benefit Watt’s Up Cream to Powder Highlighter
        Atelier Cologne

    • Last month was not a disaster for everyone. I loved it, it was more matte. This month is horrible for me, as I have oily skin and don’t want to strobe light my face all over the place.

      The great thing is that I can be sure that there will be month’s that I love, so that is why I stick to it.

    • I didn’t find last month’s to be a disaster at all! Maybe it’s just me but I usually like every single box. Out of 5 samples, usually only one I don’t love and that is rare.

  25. Mines 184….Anyone else?

    • Be sure you’re checking the LAST three numbers of the ITEM number, not your order number. 🙂

    • You may be looking at the order number and you need to be looking at the 7 digit item number. You cannot find the item number on the app.

  26. I won’t be getting a box this month and I’m actually OK with that.
    After seeing these previews I wouldn’t appreciate the items as much as others do! Although I would have liked to try the UD primer. lol
    My card, on file, had expired and by the time I could update it, their billing period was closed. (8th for future reference!) At least it’s updated now, since they would have cancelled my account on the 14th.
    I’m not into all the glow/highlighting products so this kind of worked out for me. Looking forward to next month!

    • Same exact scenario for me too.

  27. I’m putting up the watts up and the living proof up for swap if anyone is interested!

  28. Would anyone want to swap? I’m getting #469. I will gladly swap the whole box or just parts. I really want the shadow stick from 444 and the living proof product

  29. My first box and I’m getting 477! I’m quite excited about this!

  30. I’m getting bag 477. I’m not thrilled (this is only my second month) as I’m not into the whole highlight game. But maybe this is my opportunity to try it and see if it is something I want to add to my makeup routine. That’s the point of these subscriptions, right? And the brands are great. So…I guess I’ll reserve judgement.

    • I’m 50 and had never tried it before either. I asked the woman at Sephora to try it on my upper cheek bones in January and I was like OMG I have cheek bones and where have you been all my life! lol

    • That is the right attitude, and the whole point of the sub! If you hate EVERYTHING, it’s still only $10…I know that isn’t nothing, but any one product would have cost more…And maybe you’ll find a new favorite..Or just a “special occasion” product. Just have fun…If you get an hour’s worth of entertainment trying it, that’s worth $10, right?

    • I am willing to trade my box #451 for #477 if anyone wants to trade 🙂

  31. I’m getting box 469. I have oily skin, and I’m getting two heavy moisturizers? I also don’t get why we are getting eyeshadow primer while everyone else gets eyeshadow? Though one eyeshadow looks to be a repeat from another Play! box. I really wish they would go back to sending one box w/o variations. Cancelling again.

    • I canceled last month, no regrets.

      • Me too.

  32. What shade is the bobbie brown shadow stick? or does it vary?

    • It’s Golden Pink. Really pretty and great pigment

  33. Ughh i do not like my box (469). If anyone with any other box would like to swap boxes lmk

  34. I’m getting # 444 and am thrilled! It’s the variation I would have picked. Yay!

    • Me too! I wanted to try the LIving Proof really badly, and the Josie Maran is a staple for me already.

    • This is my box too!!!! Cant wait 😍

  35. Getting 469 and could not be MORE happy!!! Sephora is constantly hitting it out of the ball park with matching me!

    • Getting box 469 too, & couldn’t be happier! So happy I stayed with Play! This is the 3rd really great month for me! 😀

  36. iI am getting box #469…yippeee…NOT 🙁

    • *I am

    • It’s ok. The one thing I really wanted was the eye stick.

  37. Hey Liz, on c_moon26 Instagram comments it says she has box 446 not 444. Did I miss something?

  38. I like my box #444! 😉

    • I do as well but would have preferred the Algenist drops over the Benefit luminizer. Still a good box

  39. Jealous of the algienst drops…. but overall happy with my box #444! Hopefully I like the hair product, but other than that including sure I’ll like and use every item, and they’re all new to me except the watts up and the chloe perfume, but it’s ok because I like them both!

  40. No spoilers for Box 451?

    • That’s my box too! I’m excited to see since there seems to be pretty big variations

    • That’s my box too. Has your’s shipped yet? Mine has not.

      • Mine says it hasn’t shipped but last month it just randomly showed up without the status changing so I don’t really trust the tracker anymore haha

    • Mine too 🙁 I want spoilers!!

    • I’m getting 451, too! Hopefully, it’ll be a good one.

    • The hint in messages on Sephora shows highlighters that will come in the boxes. Becca is the only one not already confirmed in a box, so must be in this one. It’s a repeat item from June. Hopefully that means they won’t also repeat the exact same color eyeshadow they sent in August.

      • If I get that Becca primer again, I think I might have to cancel. It doesn’t sound like they’re actively matching products and profiles, so the least they could do is use their algorithms to prevent repeat products.

    • Me too!!! Can’t wait to see what we’re getting!

    • I’m 451 too. Curious to see what they’re sending us – hopefully there aren’t any repeats!

      • I checked my order detail and right under the item number of #451 it says out of stock, is that normal?

        • Normal. Don’t worry

  41. I’m getting 444 and I am really disappointed to not get eye shadow primer. I wish they had put that in all of the box variations instead of the Living Proof. I’m also underwhelmed by another eye shadow stick. I think I have two from previous Play boxes that I never reach for. I am excited to try everything else though. So overall, it still a win for me and I am still really happy that I resubscribed.

    • I’m supposed to be getting the primer. I’d love to swap if you’re up for it. We could always add more items to the swap of you’d want to.

    • Im down to give you my primer potion and id throw in the fragrance for your living proof, I wanted that item the most out of everything haha

    • How do u know what box ur getting?

    • I’ll be swapping my primer too! I only use the anti aging version.

    • I also have #444 and am so psyched to get the Living Proof over yet another primer 🙂 I don’t envy the people who put these boxes together, that’s for sure!

    • Hey! I’m getting the 469 box and would be happy to swipe the entire box for yours. I much prefer the living proof and eye shadow stick over the oil and the eye primer… let me know

    • Hey! I’m getting the 469 box and I would be happy to swap the entire box with yours if you want. I much prefer the living proof and eye shadow stick over the oil and eye primer. let me know

  42. Anyone want to trade their 444 for my 477? At least the parts that are different?

    • Maybe me. Whuch items do u want?

      • Josie Maran and Bobbie brown eye.

        • Cool. Not sure i want the shadow but i do want the Alegenist! Email me when u get your box. Jmungovan71 at gmail dot com.

    • I will!! I’d love the shadow and luminizing drops. My skin is too pale for the shadow stick shade

      • Last name Storey. Pm me off of fb

        • Will do!

        • There were several people with your same name, so I attached the link to my fb account. click on my name and pm me there!

      • What color is the shadow stick?!

        • Its called Golden Pink

  43. I feel like my box is consistently never a part of the spoiler posts, it’s kind of odd? My box ends in #861..does anyone else have that box?

    • Are you looking at the last three digits of the item number? The item number is a seven digit number.

      • Ohhhh wrong # I was in the app thanks

    • I feel the same way! My box is #863.

      • If you’re in the app you’re looking at the order number, log in from your browser and you’ll be able to see the item number which is what you want! Mine was 444

      • Are you looking at the last three digits of the item number? The item number is a seven digit number.

      • The item number is a 7 digit number.

        • Thank you! My REAL number is 451… which still doesn’t have spoilers. I’ll just keep waiting patiently.

  44. I want to get my hands on the algenist if anyone is swapping!

    • Would you trade your Bobbi brown and Jose Maran for Algenist and eyeshadow in my 477?

      • I have 469, id give you my josie maran, primer potion and in my ipsy im getting and eyeko fat stick in Satin that im willing to trade for your algenist and eyeshadow. Lol im so over eyeshadow sticks.

      • I have the Josie maran up for swap and the Glamglow & benefit

      • I’m getting box 469 so I won’t be getting the Bobbi brown eyeshadow.

  45. I’m getting box 444. So excited

  46. I have the Glamglow & Benefit Watts Up up for swap. Just click on my name & it will take you to my swap page

  47. That makeup forever eyeshadow is the same shade we received a couple of months ago I’m pretty sure.

    • I just checked mine, and you’re right. It is the same color, which is disappointing. I usually refrain from too much criticism about getting products I may not have wanted since I know that is a risk with a sub. but the same item in the exact same shade is not cool. Especially since I’m pretty sure the eyeshadow hasn’t expired yet.

    • Yes, it is. It was in September or October if I remember right. I liked it but I’m glad I’m not getting it again.

    • Are you serious? That’s so irritating. I thought the shade sounded familiar.

      • Yeah I just checked mine and it’s shade I-544

  48. I’m getting #469, which of course made me giggle because I am twelve.

    This is… not the best box for me. The UD is a good product, but I prefer Nars. I have oily hair so the Verb oil doesn’t appeal much. I ago have oily skin so the Josie Maran also doesn’t appeal much. I’ve tried the Watt’s Up before and it’s ok. I just don’t use highlighters much. The Glamglow is potentially cool, though.

    • me too. 4,6,9 sephora play box this time. get glow. get glow. get glow.

    • LOL @ “because I am twelve”. I admit my inner 12 year old giggled at your inner 12 year old.

  49. I really wanted the shadow stick. Instead I’m getting in my opinion the worst eyeshadow primer ever. It’s like an oil slick happened on my lids.

  50. I have never been disappointed in items i get in sephora… i am now… box 477 has everything i want especially the liquid illuminator but of.course i am not getting it…

    • I got box 477 – would love to trade the shadow &/or Algenist for the Bobbi Brown shadow stick if anyone is interested.

      • Would you be willing to trade the Algenist for any combination of the below:

        Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion
        VERB Ghost Oil
        Benefit Watt’s Up Cream to Powder Highlighter
        Atelier Cologne

        Sorry I don’t have the Bobbi Brown – but really wanting to get my hands on the Algenist! If interested you can message me on insta (@aleenadaredia)

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