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Oui Please Volume 2.6 Box FULL SPOILERS + 30% Off Coupon!

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Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 9.37.20 AM

We have full spoilers for the Volume 2.6 Oui Please box!

The theme for Volume 2.6 is “Spring is in the Air”. Here are the guaranteed items and variant items subscribers will receive:

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 1.36.41 PM Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 1.36.52 PM Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 1.37.04 PM Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 1.37.14 PM Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 1.37.20 PM Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 1.37.30 PM Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 1.37.38 PM

What do you think of the spoilers?

For a limited time, use coupon code OUISPRING to save 30% off the bimonthly box ($150), or the annual subscription ($650).

What do you think of the theme and spoilers? Check out our Oui Please reviews to see what’s been in past boxes!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I am super disappointed in this box, as it seems like many others here are as well. This was my first box and not only was it not what I expected (value promised, as well as value from a “high end” luxury box) it also had products missing. I emailed customer service looking for clarification, without mentioning specific products, and they sent me a form email back saying they’d ship me a Nailmatic polish out on Monday – as if they knew those were missing from boxes… Anyone else have experience with their customer service? I am now EXTREMELY unimpressed not only with the box but also with the service 🙁

    • I think their customer service is GREAT! Rarely have they not got back to me with in 48 hours of sending my email. Ashley, out Ouiplease is very good about that!

      Yes, this box was a let down. I have been thinking on this and I just think it was a bad mix of products. While I love my roll on perfume-and I needed one as my old is n longer- I would have demanded a full size perfume. This IS a high end box. There are many perfumeries in France that would have allowed a full size of their product to be included.

      But back to cust service, I got an email today sating they were sending out the nailmatic -AND another item! So I cannot complain all that much- That is 10 items. Will that be $350-400? I think so.

      On a competitors site, even the owner of the place did NOT get the nailmatic- I just think was an omission across the board. Now that they realize this-they should send one out to ALL-regardless if they got one or not. As this was a promise not kept for many.

      This did not come close to the 2.4 box I talk of elsewhere on this board- but twit the two items forthcoming (please DO email if you did not get your stuff) it is a bit better.

      • I got my nailmatic nail polish today after writing to Ashley last week. No additional product though. 😢

  2. This was what we COULD have got in the 2.4 October box-

    As I look at this one. my third. I am sorely disappointed. There was no selection of items compared to past ones. And at $150 a box, the value should be close to $600. As PopSugar and Fit Fab Fun charge under $50 and give us $200 plus in value. But they are not luxury boxes. This is. And I expect that.

    The Jan box, and this one gave us a small perfume. In October , we got a full sized one. Not a variation- that you may or may not get- but ALL of us. How about a Chanel perfume that is not distributed outside of France?

    But I got no nail polish- and no scarf- OK that was a variation.

    We COULD have got something to wear -as in clothing. Like the October Poncho- but for Spring. Maybe Sandals. Or a Tee or tank that is of a French nature. Perhaps Notre Dame or the Paris skyline? Or a sexy camisole made in Provence? The scarf ifs the closest to clothing -and it is a variation.

    This used to be the box I looked forward to THE MOST!–of any.

    Can’t say i still feel the same way.


    • I’m super confused on how their sub works, what items are guaranteed, which wasn’t clear in their enclosed booklet (do they send guaranteed items, # of items, or the advertised $350 value??).
      I emailed customer service tonight. My box contained the Cocotte Pouch, the Les interchangeables bracelet, the Annee headband, the Leonor Grey Shampoo and Hair Mask, and perfume. Value at $305, 6 items. Can anyone else confirm if this is normal, or if you received the same box?

      • You should have received the nailmatic product as well.

      • Also the Sophie m candies.

      • I got the exact same items plus I got the tin of candies. Still not $350 though.

  3. I didn’t get two items in my box. The nail polish and the jewelry variation. The booklet had the palmiers biscuits also and am missing those too if they weren’t an optional item.

    This USB my first box and I reached out to CS email. Can anyone let me know if they’re have had issues before and how good they are about resolving missing items.

    • I have had a good experience with their customer service, but I think right now they are backlogged. This is my 2nd box, and in my first, I didn’t get the Joe Sews variation item (I am still not exactly sure how their variation items work, but know that only some people got the Joe Sews pouch and I wasn’t one), but I emailed them to ask and they sent me one. For this one, I think you either got the candies or the palmiers but not both. It doesn’t sound like anyone got the nail polish–maybe that is why the boxes were delayed.

    • Take a look at all the selection we COULD have got in box 2.4- the October box so many remember fondly. Myself included as it was my first. And I bought a year.

      There was a LOT ovf variation Notice how we ALL got a full sizes perfume? I got the roll on perfume-and it is nice. But it does not compare with a full size one. But the nail polish I am missing.

      They have always replied to me in a timely fashion. But this is the weekend and i would imagine no one is there. I also sent off an email last night to them. Expressing my disappointment as well. The January box- while nice. Was still not of the caliber of the October one. But look and see what was available.

      Variation means you will get some of the items and others you will not. But with the pitiful section in this box (look at the enclosed booklet) – we all should have got more.

      • You are right! It is pitiful 😒😒. No wow factor at all…and why so many variations??

        • Pitiful is a good word to describe this box. It did lack that WOW! -but it also lacked more. not sure if i can put my hands on it though. This SHOULD have been a February box. As

          Dec- and
          Feb– would be three boxes. instead the third comes in May!
          (and Apr. would have bee a 4th!)

          They have some serious internal issues. Essentially we are getting a quarterly box.

          I like that there were a lot of variations in past boxes. IF—If they look at our profiles they will be better able to tailor a box just to out liking. That is a big if! Instead of a one size fits all box like Pop Sugar Must Have. But I also am saddened at the variations I did not get. At least we have the opportunity to buy them on the store -or at the French web site. (like I had to do with a Pop up Candle!)

  4. This is my 3rd box from Oui Please (have year sub), liked the first 2 boxes this one was an overall disappointment. The shampoo & conditioner for long,dry, frizzy hair will have to be passed on. I have short, straight hair normal/oily. I like the perfume stick. Could care less about the hair band & pochette will pass those on as well. The interchangeable bracelet I got is cute but it is a cheap item.

    With the shipping on time issues I think Oui Please should consider going Quarterly, would give them more time with customs issues and the extra time could be spent curating a better box. I have 3 more boxes to go so hopefully these will be more in line with the first 2.

    • I agree 100% with what you say about it being a quarterly box. I am planning to cancel after my last box (I actually think it just ends, doesn’t renew so I won’t really have to do anything) BUT if it was a quarterly box, I would consider sticking with it. My main problem is that they call any of the higher end items “variation” items. It makes you think you will get something, but I only got a headband and I don’t think that compares with a jewelry items. It makes you wonder who actually gets these jewelry pieces. I used to do pay for one box at a time, and I didn’t get these high ticket items and I also don’t get them as an annual subscriber. It’s super annoying

      • Agreed 100% with all of this. Somewhat relieved to see other people feel the same level of disappointment lately that I have with this sub.

        And I actually didn’t even get the Nailmatic in mine….

        • I did not get the nailmatic in mine either. I was disappointed by the over box. The October Box was so nice. With so many varied items we COULD have got. This one had but a few.

  5. Hopefully my learning will clear up some confusion… Although it looked as if we would get a Nailmatic nail polish, we received the perfume which is from the Nailmatic brand. It never specifically said nail polish so I guess the perfume is the Nailmatic item they sent out as that is what everyone has received. Also: from all the postings I have read, it appears that folks either received the headband or a jewelry variation item. No one has received both to my knowledge. And, some people get the cookies. Hope this helps! I think the biggest issue is that most people did not receive the minimum promised RV of $350.

    • Thanks for the help! What was the jewelry variation item? Was the Les Interchangeables part of that? Sorry I’m so confused by this box! Lol

    • Sabe Masson is not a Nailmatic brand. It is a separate company which Nailmatic recommends and sells on its site.

  6. I’m glad (or maybe sad?) to see I’m not the only one missing items. I also didn’t get the nail polish or the jewelry variation, but I did get the perfume stick. Since that wasn’t supposed to be one of the items, I’m assuming they subbed the missing items with the perfume. I’m pretty bummed since this was my first box….That aside, I do like the items I received, aside from the headband.

  7. I am guessing the delay in shipping was due to them not being able to get everything they were supposed to. I was missing the nail polish and jewelry variation item, too. Did get the Les Interchangeables bracelet, and the headband, as well as the perfume stick.

  8. no nailmatic for me either and I got the headband – would have rather had a bracelet and not the headband. Bummer- I also got the hard candy and some perfume – the pouchette is cute – the white one with roosters and black les interchangables and the leonor greyl.
    a bit underwhelmed with no jewelry

    • I agree, of course t would’ve been nice to receive one of the jewelry items that they made such a big deal about but I received the headband. It’s okay bc I am used to be disappointed with this box. I have received 5 out of my 6 annual subscription boxes and I have never received one of the high ticket items that they advertise.

      I got the same pouch as you and I am happy with that, since that is the cutest design out of the options. I also got the perfume stick, 2 hair care items, hard candy, black interchangeables bracelet

  9. I cancelled. It’s the second time I didn’t receive an item that was supposed to be included in every box. And I’m tired of all the bracelets. And I don’t ever get a book. Got a shipping mail about two weeks after they said it shipped.

    • Good for you! I bought the year subscription so I am stuck.

      • UGH SAME. At this point I wish I could cancel too….

  10. Does anyone know if the nailmatic and palmiers are supposed to be in every box? Thank you!

  11. No Nailmatic for me either😒. I got the Pouchette…no scarf. I received the black interchangeable bracelet and from Fifth sense a bracelet with black stretchy band and hammered copper ring…pretty. Also shampoo & mask, perfume, 1 candy tin, and Palmiers. I’m not overwhelmed. We’ve been waiting since January for this…

  12. This is my first box and it’s missing the nailmatic….Could someone explain what I should absolutely get? I didn’t receive the headband, was that supposed to be included? And I received the 5th sense bracelet does that mean I do not get the other brands? Thanks for helping…just don’t understand

    • I got the headband but not the 5th sense jewelry item or any other jewelry item (except that yes I did get the les interchangeables bracelet that was included in every box).

      • I also did not get the Nailmatic.

  13. Their Facebook pages just got updated and says: “Alors! Today’s the day – shipping has begun! Who is excited to receive Vol.2.6 at their doorstep?”

    • I got my tracking number and it’s en route, due here Thursday 🙂

  14. Hi everyone, I’m a new Oui subscriber. Also have Zoe BOS, FFF and am waiting for the summer box of 5th Avenue Style. I prefer the idea of the prestige boxes as I prefer the accessories that are more quality then the popular priced brands. Does anyone have a box that might fit my likes that I am missing? like this French Oui brand…wish there was an Italian cousin!

    • I also get BOS (love it – have subbed for 2 years). I cancelled FFF – it wasn’t for me. I have looked into Fifth Avenue, but can’t decide if it is worth it or not. This will also be my first Oui Please. I guess I am not much help, just agreeing I like these types of boxes! (Nothing was wrong with FFF, I just didn’t LOVE it, so I cancelled after 3 boxes of feeling meh…)

  15. I purchased an annual in March and my cc has been charged. It shows under my account info “processing”. To date I haven’t received any shipping info. Should I be concerned? When was the last box shipped? I’m hoping February since this is a box that is every second month. Is anyone able to ease my mind?

    • I emailed them last week to ask about shipping because I thought I had read it shipped April 15. They responded and said they were shipping out last week and this week. Mine still shows as Processing, too.

      • Thank you Stephanie for letting me know. Will this be your first box with them as well? Would you mind letting me know if your processing changes? I’ll do the same for you.

        • Uh oh. I just went on their Facebook page and saw they responded to a couple of comments today (6 hours ago) when people asked when boxes were shipping. They responded that they should start shipping soon and an update will be coming shortly. They still sound optimistic, but after the LLB debacle, it has me nervous. I have received one box already (got the year sub), and so far, their customer service has been awesome. Hopefully they ship out quickly. I did ask once about it claiming to be bi-monthly, and they said sometimes they are late since everything comes from France and customs can hold things up, but that if I bought a year sub, I will get all 6 boxes I paid for.

          • What is LLB? And what was the issue? I hope it’s not an issue here, I subscribed for a year,

        • Donna–search for Little Lace Box and read the post about them ending. That was a different situation, though, and awful customer service. I’ve found the Oui Please customer service to be really great. With LLB, they ran into capital issues and ran 3 different sub boxes, and all of them ended up folding. People are having to get their $ back from the credit card companies b/c the company isn’t issuing refunds, though they said they would. I think with this one there is just a delay. Hoping we hear soon.

          • Yes, I did read up on it. I guess that’s always a concern when you subscribe annually. I want the discount of subscribing annually (especially with our cdn dollar not exchanging well) but it’s a bigger risk if the company doesn’t deliver. I am hopeful that LLB overextended itself and is an isolated incident. I always feel better once the first box has been shipped/delivered. I held my breath for my first Zoe BOS and was so pleased when it arrived. I was so pleased with the box. Thanks for your input Stephanie. Greatly appreciated!

        • I emailed them today asking about status and saying many of us are worried after getting burned by LLb. I got a response this evening saying my box is ready and gave me my tracking number. Yay!! Their customer service has been excellent any time I’ve reached out.

          • Oh, that’s great! I would think we will all be getting ours soon as well. Do they normally advise everyone of their tracking numbers when they ship?

        • Well, now I give up. :/ I clicked the tracking # she provided and it says shipping label was created a week ago, Apr 21. No updates since then, so I have no idea what is going on. Emailed her again for another update. This is only my 2nd box, so not sure how they normally handle shipping/notifications. My account still says “Processing” and yesterday they were still posting responses on Facebook that an update is coming soon.

          • Thank you for keeping me in the loop Stephanie. I tried sending an email yesterday to follow up on my delivery. I will let you know what I hear back. I sent it to [email protected]. Is this where you did your enquiry as well? I’m from Canada. Are you a US or Cdn subscriber?

          • I received an email today advising my box has shipped. Unfortunately FedEx doesn’t recognize the tracking number I was given. Perhaps it’s too early to track. I am pleased to get some correspondence though!

        • Donna–I am in the US. The person I received a response from was Ashley: [email protected]. However, nothing has changed on Fed Ex and it still says my label created on Apr 21, but no additional movement since then. I have emailed Ashley twice more since she sent the tracking info (once just now). Other subscribers are getting antsy, as evidenced by their Facebook page. Who emailed you with your tracking info? I emailed Liz and asked her to reach out to them for an update. Hopefully she does and they respond.

  16. Has anyone gotten their box or a shipping notice for it?

    • No and very curious when they’ll ship. Thought I had read April 15 but doesn’t seem like mine has shipped yet. 😢

    • No! When this thing ship?! It’s almost May!

  17. There are about 10 bangles in the a la carte section of their site. The 30% off coupon works and shipping is free….

  18. I subbed several months ago and have only received one box. I LOVED it, but I’m so nervous after shelling out $455 that I won’t get them all. They sent an email a month ago that they were getting ready to ship and still not box.

  19. Geez, enough with the bracelets!

  20. I ❤️ Leonor Greyl. I first discoverer in the Eva Scrivo quartely sub. Only 2 boxes went out but it has been one of my old time favorites.

    • *All time favorites…

  21. Can hardly wait for my box. Have been with OuiPlease from the first box and has become my favorite sub.

    • Hi Connie, have the boxes you have received come every 2 months? I’m an annual new subscriber. I signed up in March and am excited to receive my first box in April (fingers crossed as it is now April 29 – so let’s say I’m hopeful it will ship in April). I would. Just like to get a feel for the timeline.

  22. Lawd have mercy, I hope I don’t get the pink nipple pouchette!!

    • Haha i thought the same thing!

    • Lol…I saw that and instantly thought “boobs”!!!

    • Annnnnnd now I want it.

      I thought it looked like dustpans, but I like this better.

  23. I love this box! Plus it is a great deal with the promo, especially if you do the annual making it about $70 a box with a $350. I’ve been to France and all of their hand made quality pieces of jewelry run for at least $120 USD so to get multiple jewelry pieces and then some is so exciting. Love everything about it, so happy I got it before it sold out.

    • I bought it. It was $650- 30%. It came to $455. Just thought I’d let you know so you don’t get sticker shock, lol. I do like the box though, I’ve only received the last one so far and am waiting on this one still. 🙂

  24. I wish I could afford this subscription! I always love everything in it.

  25. I really want the headband. Im actually loving everything except the Fifth Sense piece … so naturally it will be in both my boxes. Those candy tins are WAY too cute. I may need them all.

    • Ha I was thinking “please NOT the headband…!” It’s super cute but my hair doesn’t do headbands! If I get it I’ll be listing it for swaps so if you’re on the swap site and need one, feel free to hit me up!! 🙂

    • I love that Fifth Sense bracelet – if you get it, come back here and comment and I’ll buy it from you 😉

  26. It would be great if you said what these items were or linked them so we don’t have to google them. I had no idea what that Sophie M stuff was (looks like candy from googling it)

  27. not that great…

  28. Leonor Greyl is super luxurious and if they are sending out 2 units of full size, then this box will have a high value. The problem is, they still never ship on time! I still can’t get myself to commit and I’m also worried that if I pay the full year, they might fold before I get all my boxes.

    • Yeah, don’t make that mistake after all the issues with LLB.. After that, I will never get another annual sub. Still haven’t heard back from them about my refund status… 🙁

      • Michelle, call your credit card company and file a charge back, you shouldn’t have to chase LLB around for your money. That’s what the credit card company does for you as part of their service. I never subbed to LLB due to all the negative energy and thank goodness I didn’t

        • Well, I have to call because I can usually file my disputes online but I got an annual serendipity sub in Sept ’16 and received 1 box YES just 1 box!! Anyhow, my card online only allows up to 6 months to file a dispute. So now I have the hassle of explaining how they delayed us over and over canceled boxes etc.. I believe they knew it was falling apart long ago and kept delaying us to keep many from being able to file disputes. It’s sad!

  29. It says April 15th in the email.

    • Missed that! Thank you!!

  30. Any ideas when these will ship?

  31. Yeah, first to comment! Don’t like the jewelry, like everything else!

    • The sparkly bangle looks lovely…I’m not interested in this sub but if anyone gets that piece and doesn’t want it LMK….. 🙂

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