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Facetory Subscription Box Review + Coupon – February 2017

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Facetory is a monthly sheet mask facial subscription. The company aims to provide its members with the latest cult faves from the Korean sheet mask trend. Rather than arriving in a box, the products in this subscription come packaged in this adorable, illustrated envelope!

Check out our review of the February 2017 Facetory pack!

This is a review of the FOUR-ever Fresh subscription level ($4.95 per month + shipping), which includes 4 curated sheet masks made from traditional fabrics like cotton and cellulose. They also offer a Seven Lux subscription level, which includes 7 curated sheet masks with slightly higher-functioning ingredients (think hydrogels and other more sophisticated ingredients).

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Check out our review of the February 2017 Facetory pack!

The Subscription Box: Facetory

The Cost: $4.95 + $0.99 shipping for the FOUR-ever Fresh subscription (4 masks per month), or $14.95 + free shipping for the Seven Lux subscription (7 higher-functioning masks per month)

COUPON: Use coupon code EMAILSIGNUP10 to save 10%!

The Products: 4 or 7 sheet mask facials representing what’s new and popular in the Korean sheet mask trend.

Ships to: U.S. and Worldwide

Check out the Beauty Subscription Box Directory and make sure to add Facetory to your subscription list or wishlist!

Check out our review of the February 2017 Facetory pack!

I’ve tried sheet masks before, but never on a regular basis. I have combination skin that breaks out once in a blue moon. After a long, cold, dry winter, my skin is feeling sort of dingy and tired. I’ve been drinking more water, moisturizing, and giving my face some exfoliating love, but I’m excited to see if these masks can help revive it a little quicker.

Check out our review of the February 2017 Facetory pack!

The products in the box are listed out on this card, as are their benefits. It’s helpful for me to have this info, as most of the details on the sheet mask packages are written in Korean (which I’m sad to say I can’t read—maybe this subscription will encourage me to learn!).

Check out our review of the February 2017 Facetory pack!

There’s also a card with a coupon to use, should I choose to upgrade to the Seven Lux plan. Cool! I love their branding so much. It’s so pretty and cute!

Check out our review of the February 2017 Facetory pack!

SNP Coconut Fruits Gelato Moisture Mask – Value $4.29

The picture on this package certainly looks sumptuous! This mask boasts “undiluted fruit extracts” that help add moisture to the skin while delivering a soft, vibrant finish.

Check out our review of the February 2017 Facetory pack!

This mask was a little drippy coming out of the package, and I had to be careful to curtail the serum (they call it “sheet mask essence” in this box) running down my neck. I loved the bright coconut scent, though—it was very fresh and spa-like. The soft fabric mask still felt pretty damp after I removed the mask (I gave it about 20 minutes), and there was a good amount of “essence” to rub in. My skin did feel firmer and softer for the rest of the afternoon. It felt kind of powdery smooth to the touch, too.

Check out our review of the February 2017 Facetory pack!

Acwell Honey Anti-Wrinkle Daanji Mask – Listed Value $2.00

I thought since this mask had honey in it that the essence wouldn’t be as runny—that wasn’t really the case, though the essence wasn’t quite as runny as the last one. Highlights of this mask include honey extract, royal jelly extract, and a special eucalyptus fiber mask for an extra kick of moisture.

Check out our review of the February 2017 Facetory pack!

The mask really does smell like rich, sweet honey, which I didn’t expect. After 20 minutes of wearing the mask, my skin did feel more moist and soft, though the feeling didn’t last as long as I would’ve liked (I tried this one evening, and by the next morning, my skin was parched again). Even about an hour after rubbing the remaining essence into my skin, it felt like there was still a very subtle residue on my skin. It wasn’t a huge deal, but I wish it had a cleaner finish.

Check out our review of the February 2017 Facetory pack!

Goodal Baby Perennis Radiance Mask – Value $4.00

At first, I was worried, as the packaging on the info card looks a bit different than what I got. The correct name appeared on the back of the package, though, so I’m going to assume it’s a packaging change and nothing more!

Check out our review of the February 2017 Facetory pack!

This mask has a strong floral scent that reminded me of a classic perfume. It’s a little overwhelming to have so close to your face for so long, I’ll admit. The mask was a bit drippy, but it absorbed nicely into my skin. After rubbing in the excess essence, I still was getting a bit of that residue feeling—when I’d move my face, I could sort of tell something was there. My skin felt a smidge firmer than it had when I put the mask on, but again, I long for a cleaner finish!

Check out our review of the February 2017 Facetory pack!

Proud Mary Cereal Whitening Apricot Mask – Listed Value $2.00

I was really wary of this mask at first glance. I’m not a fan of “whitening”—did this mask include harmful bleaching properties? According to the info card, no, but it should have revitalizing effects for my skin.

Check out our review of the February 2017 Facetory pack!

So, I ended up really loving this mask, but not because it did anything for my skin tone (it didn’t). I didn’t experience any “brightening”, but what I did get was the smoothest, cleanest, softest feeling skin I’ve experienced in awhile! A friend of mine both did a sheet mask while watching TV one night, and the next day, I literally said “I can’t believe it, my skin still feels so awesome after that apricot mask!”

Verdict: Here’s the thing about this subscription—it’s only $4.95 a month. While Facetory lists the retail value of its items as $2.00 each, online, most of these masks turn up for at least $4.00. So, for the price of one mask, you get four (which end up being around $12.00 total)! Not all of these masks wowed me, but they did leave my skin a bit more moist and enriched than it was before. Plus, getting these masks in the mail encouraged me to take a moment to sit back, relax, and just… chill out. It’s far from the efficacy of a spa facial, sure, but for $5.00, it was plenty enjoyable.

What do you think of Facetory?

Written by Anna Reilly

Anna Reilly

Anna loves collecting little treasures, be they pop-culture finds, handmade mementos, or new potions to put in her makeup bag. Beauty boxes got her interested in the subscription world, but now she’s swooning for all things kawaii!

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  1. I just got an e-mail that they will raise subscription prices. For current subscribers they will keep old cost of subscription, but increase shipping by two. Since I pay sales taxes as well it will raise the cost of the mask from $1.75 per mask to $2.25. The different is not much, but it is just so lame of them after two months they raised the price. I am canceling it.

    • I just saw the email and came to tell the commenters the same. Pretty much the same sentiments as yours.

  2. I’m going to subscribe to this just because it’s is a fabulous deal. I’m going to use them for some of my bonuses in swapping. Perfect sub to enjoy and share. Can’t beat the price, one average mask at Sephora is the price for the full sub. Thanks again MSA, I feel two new sub box that’ll be perfect for me and would haven’t found on my own. You all freakin rock!!!

    • Thanks, Monique! 💕 Hope you love this sub! 🙂

  3. I couldn’t decide which package to get – Forever Fresh or the higher quality 7. Or maybe Forever Fresh and Tutiimask? Or Mask Maven? I ended up getting Facetory 4 and 7 package both. I just couldn’t choose only one! Got 20 % off both (for one month only). Received both in a couple of days (the fastest turnover ever). Love the branding and packaging. I haven’t tried their masks yet – I had a bit of a run-in with an acid mask a few days ago. (If you are interested, it was an acid mask, supposed to be on 3-5 minutes only. I kept it on for 15 minutes, and it was fine but I was worried it would cause redness or reaction or something. My face was kind of dry for a few days but nothing worse than that. I’m used to keeping a mask on for an hour (or until comfortable if less than hour), but moral of the story – ALWAYS check directions first, and look the mask up online). So far, loving this sub, and continuing it. I also have to resist masking every day – just another habit I would need to break later.

    • I read that you should never keep a sheet mask on for longer than the instructions indicate, because it will “reverse” itself, that is, begin to pull the moisture out of your skin!

      • Really? I need to look it up. I always thought, there can’t be too much of a good thing but maybe there can. I might even email the Facetory people. Thanks for pointing that out!

        • I got that info from their page! From the Facetory home page, click on Sheet Mask 101 and it will tell you all you need to know about using them.

  4. I’m not sure why I was hesitating… But I’m signed up now!!

  5. I get 4Ever Fresh and I luv it. It’s a great deal…4 masks for $5 per month. Nice assortment too. The florals are my favorites. And I’m impressed by the brands. Facetory is excellent!

  6. Thrilled to see this reviewed!!! It would be really helpful if MSA would review both the lower and higher priced sub options in the same month (especially by the same reviewer).

    • Thanks, Jessica! Great suggestion. I just subscribed us to the 7-mask version, too!

      • YAY! Can’t wait for that 🙂

      • Thank you to the MSA team for being so responsive to reader requests 🙂

      • Awesome! I’m getting the 4 mask version and I love it so far, but I’m super curious about the 7 mask sub. I’m falling in love with sheet masks now, so I’m super happy you’re going to review the 7 mask version!!! Thank you 🙂

  7. I’m not really into face mask, as the few I did try, made me break out. Otherwise.. looks like a great sub! A little tip… I could never stand to put a cold wet mask on my face, so when I use one, I run it under hot water a few minutes before opening and it feels so warm and amazing going on the face!

    • Holy crap this is genius! That is my only complaint about sheet masks and I never thought of that… SMH. Thank you!

    • Yup, I do that too. Or I just fill the sink up with a plug and let them sit in hot water while I wash my face,brush my teeth and all that stuff and then I apply the mask and just relax.. 😉

      • *Obviously, unopened in the hot or warm water! 😛

  8. I adore this subscription and look forward to it every single month! I’ve loved every mask I’ve received, and I haven’t received any duplicates! Everything they send is unique and high quality. If you’re reading this, Facetory, please keep doing what you’re doing… Don’t fix something that isn’t broken!

    Their customer service is also wonderful, and they ship quickly. This is one sub I’ll never cancel! For a newer​ subscription, they sure know what they are doing!

    • Amen!

    • I agree.. Even just my four masks makes me so happy to receive! I’m having fun with my new k-beauty craze. I get many other subs and this is one of my faves!!

    • Funny you should say that. Check your email!

  9. I absolutely love this subscription. I love that they put different variety of masks and glad that they offered sub for only 4 masks, because truth to be told I only do mask once a week and dont want to stuck up on them. 4 masks a month is just perfect and very very affordable.

  10. I just received my first month of the 7 Lux and I love it! Mine did arrive in a cute box that looks just like your envelope. My masks haven’t been drippy at all and they seem higher quality than the other masks I’ve tried. I’m very pleased with Facetory so far. I have to stop myself from using a mask every night! I love how cool and soothing they feel. 🙂

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