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BoxyCharm April 2017 SPOILER #2!

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We have more SPOILERS for the April 2017 Boxycharm subscription box! All boxes will include:


Spoiler image credit to Brittney:

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 1.50.22 PM

What do you think of the first April 2017 Boxycharm spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers for future updates!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I love this palette. I think it’s a great idea. Makeup is for everyone and let me remind you that not everyone is white. These subscription boxes aren’t to please every makeup wish you have, they are to try new brands, new things! If you don’t contour-try it! It took me quite a few tries to get contouring down, and I wish I’d had this many choices for trial and error when I first started! Not to mention concealer is a great primer for eyeshadow, better than a real eyeshadow primer, IMHO. If all you can do is complain, save your $21 and spend it on makeup you actually want.

    • I think this is fun. Idk what I’ll do with all the colors because I’m ghostly white…but it could work for some fun face painting 😂 Very neat idea. Also love that 2 items are worth as much/more than the cost of the box on their own. I don’t use highlighter…but my twin does so great for regifting!

      • I’m with you on the ghostly white – I’m a natural redhead, so the concealer palette will be worthless to me, no doubt. It’s rare that a concealer is light enough, I have to specialty shop. Halloween box it will go.

    • I agree with u…all the things u get in the well worth it…the stuff u don’t like make good presents…people always have something to complain about…I love boxycharm

    • Love it this sub is well worth $21 they always have great boxes and what I can’t use I pass on to Freinds that’s the joy of these subs to try new things I don’t understand all the negative comments you may not love all items pass them on if it bothers a person so much don’t subscribe

  2. I’ve been subscribed to boxycharm for over a year and I love all the amazing products I have been able to try out. I’m excited to try the concealer palette and finally try out contouring. …. Also, I’m still waiting on My March box, it got sent to Miami and delivered to the wrong place. So hopefully I’ll get it soon!!

  3. Gonna predict it now – that concealer palette looks like junk. Who is going to reach for that when we have Nars and Tarte concealer that is *so good*. Y’all aren’t going to reach for this palette over your go-to concealer!

    • Those of us that can’t afford NARS or Tarte concealer will definitely be using this if it’s halfway decent. Not everyone has a large makeup collection. Some people have sub boxes in order to build up their makeup. 🙂

    • That’s a really crappy thing to say. Firstly, just the OFRA highlighter alone pays for the box. Secondly, just because some of us have NARS cocneers, doesn’t mean everyone does. Quite frankly I think my NARS concealer sucks compared to some of my drug store options. Lastly, feel free not to use it if you don’t want.

    • All that concealer for a retail of $20? Nope, even if it works decent or even well it probably has a bunch of junk in it.

  4. The March box was completely unusable for my pale skin and red hair combo. I have seen people post about doing swaps. What swap sights do people recommend? I’ve never swapped before.

    • There is actually a swap part to this website but I believe there is a waitlist. I got off the waitlist but can’t figure out how to post items. Maybe one of these ladies can help you on how to do it better than I can lol!!

      • Hey Jackie! Once you sign in at the top right, click on “SWAPS” in the top banner. From there, I always do a search for the product I’m posting. (If you click on SWAPS before searching, it will only pull results on the swap page, not this entire blog.) Click on the item you’re looking for, then click “List It.” It’s not bad at all – just takes a little poking around to get there. 🙂

        • Thank you!!

    • You can also list the samples on eBay. I’m usually able to sell the items I don’t want to use, and it often pays for my rsubscription box!

      • What a great idea

    • Hey sister. You can actually do swaps and look for people to swap with on Instagram. I’ve done several on there! Good luck !

    • I wanted to know about swaps too. I get the idea of course but couldn’t figure out the swap page. I’m still on waitlist. I emailed Liz about how it works and she mentioned she planned on making a Swap tutorial which I think would be great. I am new to sub boxes and have a few things I don’t want myself

      • Oh my gosh a swap tutorial would be amazing! I am new to sub boxes also and would love extra advice. I tried researching the swap pages but got a little overwhelmed.

        • Ohh me too

          • The swaps are great! The cost of shipping ends up adding a big chunk onto the sub box costs, but it’s pretty great overall. I just did 5 swaps in the last 4 days for the first time and managed to get all sorts of great stuff and find homes for things I didn’t want. I swapped the smashbox primer for a Milk oil blush. So great 🙂

    • Me too! I am not at all complaining about the products, it’s just with my color combination (red hair, blue eyes, and pale freckled skin) I am not able to use the eye shadows or lip products. I do appreciate receiving brushes and things like primers though. Luckily my friends and co-workers do enjoy some of the things I am not able to use and are a bit more adventurous than I.

  5. Curating boxes at BoxyCharm has to feel exactly like being a parent to a spoiled bratty entitled child…just saying. Lol.

    • Lmao!! Couldn’t have said it better myself!

    • LOL. For real. Blows my mind that there are always so many complaints. I mean, seriously…if you only like 2 out of the 5 products you’ve doubled the value you paid for the box. My favorite sub!

    • Nailed it!!!

    • Gasp! Us? How … could … you!

      Just kidding! I once said something similar in these comments and was basically ripped apart in responses. Lol. Stayed away for awhile but am back now.

      • Lol…hey! I didn’t exclude myself from being one of those bratty kids! Lol
        I was a little worried about getting some backlash but wth…it was said in good fun. Lol. Sorry people were negative to you!

    • Omg you said this perfectly!! No other box spoils us like boxycharm!! These entitled cry babies are ridiculous!! How about being grateful? How about that? Omg even on ipsy they complain complain! It’s annoying!!

      • I don’t get this- we are not gifted the boxes… we are not being spoiled by receiving them. We PAY for them. Why should we be grateful? They provide a service- once again- that we pay for. We are entitled to have opinions on said service and products.

        • YES

    • Right?? OMG it drives ME crazy and I am not working for boxycharm. It’s always the same damn ppl complainings and threatening to unsubscribe too.

    • I hope you’re right! I’d much prefer those products appeared in the vdo more than this palette!

      • Hopefully it’s the palette, highlighter + these three. 😃

    • Hm, I’m a little skeptical of those spoilers being accurate since there is no concealer palette or PUR item shown. I don’t know for sure, though. To be safe, I don’t recommend subscribing based on those items shown.

      Hope that helps a bit!

      • I was skeptical too. It said april 2017 but it seems a little early for full spoilers. Maybe Liz can investigate and let us know the verdict 🙂 either way I’m always happy with at least 3 out of 5 items and the items I don’t like, my mom usually loves so I like to share the wealth 🙂

        • I’ll do my best! 🙂

          • Thanks Liz! Your the best!

    • I think they’re the right spoilers… I just cancelled my membership (nothing against this box- I just have to go through some of what I have) and they warned me that, if I cancel, I’ll miss out on the concealer, highlighter and Pur product.

      • I wasn’t asking if Liz’s spoilers were wrong I was asking if the YouTube one was wrong because this website is always accurate and then I saw those “full spoilers” and the concealer wasn’t in it so I think they’re wrong. Plus I know boxycharm is usually heavy on the makeup and that spoiler the only makeup item was the highlighter. I’m slowly building my makeup collection over again because my house flooded last year due to a pipe under my sink breaking in the middle of the night and we lost a lot (including my beloved makeup stash 😟) lol. So I’m super excited every month when I get ipsy and boxycharm 🙂

        • So sorry about the flood! How awful. Sorry I misunderstood what you were saying. And I share your love for building up a stash via boxy and ipsy 🙂

    • Every month wothout fail, there are erroneous unboxings posted far earlier than anyone else’s. I think they do it knowing people will watch theirs because it is the only,one posted that early. When I see that is what is going on, I stop it right away, give it a thumbs down, and flag it is as making false claims. It isn’t a hige deal. It’s just make-up but I hate to think someone would profit from spreading false info, whatever the content.

  6. There are more spoilers on YouTube. I don’t know if they are correct but there are videos showing Purlisse Blue Lotus Seed Mud Mask, Ouai dry shampoo foam and an Eyeko brow liner.

    I hope the mud mask is correct! Super expensive.

    • I saw those but didn’t see the concealer on there. I wonder if there’s a mistake somewhere.

      • It looks like the YouTube accounts aren’t high ranking reputable accounts. Perhaps someone is just trying to make a quick dollar offor of all of us people who can’t wait. 🙂

  7. Hmmm..after shipping and USD exchange that makes my box $35 CDN. I think I need to see the PUR item to decide what to do here…

    • Wow here I am thinking I pay around $30 CDN for Boxycharm every month. I’m glad I saw your comment and I may need to reconsider subscribing this month as I’m really not impressed by this box so far. I have more than enough highlighters and I’m not very fond of gold highlight anyways and I’m really unimpressed with the concealers-they will be pretty much useless to me, and the Pur brand I really don’t care for either way.

      If I’m paying nearly $40 I’d rather go out and buy myself an eyeshadow palette or something I actually want and will use. Looks like I will be unsubscribing for April since these spoilers are underwheling to say the least

  8. i’m on the fence about the palette… i like the idea of it, but i don’t have two hours to work on my face like a kardashian and would need a degree on how to even begin to spackle on the camoflage/contour, lol… i wish i had mad makeup skils 🙂

    • Usually there are tips on the Boxycharm card to help you. Also, watching legit unboxing videos on YouTube and reading these reviews has helped me get the best use of many of my sub products! I always watch a video and read the review before I try the items. Even though I have skills, there may be better ways to use these products and these reviews help! Have fun!

  9. That is very nice they’re giving ALL charmers the ofra highlight now, after last time, but I really wanted the Beverly hills one over this one bc that one was more universal and suited for pale skin 🙁 ugh just my luck…But this one still looks pretty….That concealer palette though 😱 no way will that work for fair skin! So that’s annoying 😤

    • the idea with a palette like this is that you can mix the colors to meet your needs. If you find one that is exactly your shade and go through it, then you can mix a lighter one and a tiny bit of the dark one to get your match. You also need different shades depending on your tan or lack thereof, different shade to cover a blemish versus under eye bags. I think there is a lot more versatility to this if you think of mixing the colors rather than using them as is. I’m so excite to play around with this.

  10. I like these beautiful colors, I’am so happy!

  11. I am SO excited to try the OFRA highlighter, I’ve heard nothing but great reviews!! Truthfully, I’m less so about the concealer palette, as I am incredibly fair skinned therefore limited as to the shades I can use. However, I will make the best of it & try various shades for color correcting, contouring, eyeshadow base colours & maybe brows as well. Either that or gift it 🙂

  12. Actually, the concealer palette has potential to color correct. Like I’m eyeing the super yellow/peach/salmon shades in this thing as they counteract blue/purple under eye circles. You would apply these color correcting shades first and then use your normal concealer over it.

  13. Very happy with the spoilers. Concealer pallet would be a nice addition. Yes, I do not use concealer every day but happy to try something new and experiment with it. There are 16 colors, but they are small amount of each and gives the opportunity to be creative with each of them – brow, eye shadow, contouring, lips, you name it. I won’t waste any of it.

  14. Boxycharm, thank you, thank you! I still do not know how you are able to do it! Thanks!

  15. Yay needed a concealer pallete! Very impressed so far!

  16. OMG! Can’t wait! April cannot come fast enough!

  17. Wow!!! Totally impressed!!!

  18. Like with every box, some will love, some will be haters. Me, I’m a hater right now. I don’t like highlighters, am I the only one?? That’s a serious question to you ladies. I don’t like shiny skin, I like matte skin. Back around christmas I ordered the PUR gift sack or whatever it was, like 6 products for $15, something like that, and the quality was terrible. So much so that I email them with photos and I got a full refund. So this box so far is not exciting to me in the slightest.

    • I agree, the shiny glittery makeup is overdone.

    • That’s funny, I love PUR cosmetics. I end up ordering four of these boxes – two small one and two big one. Their cheek stain is amazing, I have three of them in different colors. They just make my face alive with a healthy glow.

    • I’ve been resistant to the highlighter fad as well thinking that in my 40’s, I’m too old for that, but I recently started using them a little because I just keep getting them in boxes. I started with a little inner corner highlighting on my eyes and then added in just a small amount on my upper cheekbones and I’ve gotten so many compliments. I think for those of us that don’t necessarily want to “glow” it’s about finding the highlighter that compliments us the most and using just a very small amount. Ps…I also fell for the Pur $15 box of junk. I got some dried up eyeliners and a brush that sheds like a Labradoodle. Lol Hoping this is much better 🙂

    • I used to not want to use highlighters, but I always liked them for eyeshadow. They work great for that and really bring out your eyes when used as a lid color. You can tone it down by blending the crease color in with it. As I got more and more highlighters AND eyeshadows in these subs, I started using the highlighters (there’s that, and the fact that Cosmo said “if you’re not strobing, you should be). I’m getting used to them, and they do look nice and get compliments. To each her own, but give ’em a try, since you’re getting it anyway.

    • I totally agree. Maybe it’s because I have battled oily skin all my life. I think a little highlighter is beautiful on the cheeks but why would you want to put it on your nose? Some women on youtube put so much on their nose it’s distracting. And then there are the ones who look like they have a mini milk mustache. I hope someday it will go away and we’ll laugh at it like we do at the big 80’s hair.

  19. I am a highlighter junkie and Ofra is awesome 👌 in my book. I have no idea how to use a concealer palette but I do have some acne scarring on my forehead so hopfully it would cover that well. Plus I would love looking up how to use it an experimenting with it. I hope they include some brushes we can use. Pur is a great brand in my opinion and I cant wait to see what the item will be. This box is a win for me so far and I will be reactivating for April. I may skip a box here and there but Boxycharm sure does know how to reel me back in.

  20. I love it! So happy – this is something way different to any other beauty boxes.

  21. Not only MUA use concealer palettes. Love trying any new product and the Boxy value in every box is crazy for $21!! So many complaints! No one will ever get their perfect box every single month. If I can use 2 of the 5 items I’m happy with it

  22. I’m excited Boxycharm never disappoints me another great one coming yay

  23. Honestly, I’m BLOWN AWAY! I was just thinking last month, I wish we would get a good primer or a concealer in an upcoming box. Two wishes come true in one box! Boxycharm will forever be my #1 top beauty subscription. They continue to amaze me with each box. <3

  24. I tried to resubscribe back for the February box but I was waitlisted. I saw March and decided to not come back, so I took myself off the waitlist. Now I see this months and I am still not impressed. I am tired of the wild lipstick colors and huge amount of highlighters. I would like at least a month where everyone got nude shades and wearable everyday colors. This is why I left to begin with. The Studio Makeup palettes were to die for, and I am actually making a dent in those now. I feel like BoxyCharm is a lot more misses than hits lately, especially with these weird variations.

    • What about those of us that actually like highlighter and don’t like nude lipstick? They can’t please everyone. If they started putting nudes and neutrals in boxes, people complain. When they give us crazy colors, people complain. Its not supposed to be tailored to every single persons personal preference. Its what’s trendy right now and what they think people would like and highlighting and contouring are super trendy right now. Don’t knock the items until you try them tho. Just because a product is labeled a highlighter doesn’t mean it can only be used as a highlighter. Try it as an eyeshadow or a subtle blush topper or try the concealers as contouring or eyeshadow primer or lip primer or cream eyeshadows. There’s no rules to makeup.

      • Very well said! <3

        • Thanks, Betsy. I was hoping that didn’t sound rude or snarky because after I read it I was like man people are going to think I’m a rude bitch lol.

          • It still blows me away when I see the negative comments some people make about each box. I think people fail to remember the cost of the box is $21. Boxycharm always gives us well over $100 value in each box. Yes, there have been plenty of items that were not suited for me, but I just gave them to family or friends that I knew would LOVE them. There will forever be the Negative Nancys in this world. Then there are those that truly appreciate things. Just my thoughts. <3

      • I agree with you! I’m tired of getting neutral colors all the time, so I don’t know what box she was getting but I’d like to know cause I like to have some color! Plus this highlighter is on trend right now and perfect for spring. You can’t find any other beauty box in this price range where you get so much value and actual trendy and in demand items. And that concealer palette is very versatile, you can use it for contouring as well, especially in the summer when our skin tone will be getting more tan, so we’ll need to have a variety of colors. So I think Boxycharm was genius to include the concealer palette. Plus if your unsubscribed because your unhappy than why continue to make complaints?

      • I agree, I don’t go by the label on a lot of makeup. You can use even lipsticks as eyeshadow, highlighter is very pretty as eyeshadow etc. I’m a rebel grew up in the 80s art has no rules. So paint your face! Heck I actually use a lot of those darker bronzers on my skin in the summer.I’ll admit I was a bit disappointed in March only because it felt like a Halloween box but I smacked myself and said who’s forcing me to use that whole pallet for my eye look? I took other shades and made a sunset 🌅 😊

        • I saw Laura Lee do a look with the color in the pallet that looks like it’s dark red. I’m sure you could make it super dark red if you wet it, but she did a super cute pink-y eye look that was very spring. It was so cute and on point for this season. I think people are getting super stuck on the idea of having to use all the color together, which yes is very fall. I love that these boxes make me think of using products in different ways. I kept getting weird/dark highlighter colors from Ipsy and someone pointed out they use them for eye shadow. Now i have a huge selection of shimmer eye shadow rather than a huge pile of highlighter I will never wear… be creative.

          • Ohhh do you have a link for the Laura Lee video? I would love to watch it but I can’t seem to find it through searching Google and YouTube. Thanks.

    • How many nude and neutral shades can you need!? Some of us don’t enjoy boring makeup looks, and its us that are usually the ones being ignored. Sorry that the ONE purple lipstick in like the past year has you all hot and bothered, but I have at least 3 brownie nudes that I’d rather go without.

      • I love that purple shade,matter of fact I bought it myself so the one from boxy went in my daughter in laws stocking .And i loved the naked palette the color’s were beautiful and in according to the beauty and fashion world

  25. I think this is great something new to try and might find other ways to use this palette. I mean in these kind of boxes not everyone is going to be pleased is eather a hit or miss on some products of each box every month.

  26. I’m excited to get a concealer palette. It’s such a versatile product. You can use it to conceal, contour, highlight, as a lipstick base to darken or lighten a shade, as an eyeshadow base, as a mistake eraser, and as a brow filler. Maybe even more…

  27. I’m thinking the concealer palette could be used as eyeshadow bases. I use cream shadows everyday to make my powder eyeshadows stay put and stand out. Just don’t think of it as a “concealer” palette only and give it a chance maybe.

    • My thoughts exactly!! As soon as I saw this palette I thought ‘OMG! Eyeshadow bases come to mamma!!’ 😍

    • i was wondering if a person could do that. I am not schooled well in makeup but am trying, and thought I would try that

  28. I use concealer to contour and as an eye shadow primer. This set is photographing much darker than it really is – just finished watching a YouTube review on this kit and feel confident that I will find good uses for at least half the shades.

  29. I’m hoping the PUR item will be the joy stick, or maybe the skin perfecting foundation brush.

    • I bought the foundation brush and the handle is soooo thin. I was afraid I would break it, and grasping it by the head just made things awkward. :-/

  30. I am new to sub boxes. I joined Boxy for the February box but was immediately put on the waitlist. Only sub box to do that. All others I received that months box. I read people who joined after me still got off list and received the Feb box. I’ve asked and no shot in getting one. March is my first and I’m not loving the Naked pallette but I guess I’ll see once I get it. I agree with the others here. What average subscriber will use that. I don’t even use concealer so this is a complete waste to me. Should of kept this one a secret…. I wouldn’t of signed up if I knew I was getting this product. I’ve only seen good things but now I might start second guessing on stop getting Boxy Charm 😔😔

    • You’re not the only one. I don’t like Boxycharm; in my experience, the box is one good item and 4 that I use once and trash or give away. People are always saying “how do they keep the value so high!?” and I can answer that – the products are from small name companies/private labels that are made in China. They may claim a product is worth $30, but then you notice that it’s on clearance on that companies site because it wasn’t good (and likely cost $.30 to manufacture over in China). I looked at my makeup collection and after a year of Boxycharm, I have ONE item I use. I spent $252 subscribing monthly for a year with one $20 lipstick to show for it.

      No, you’re not alone at all!

      • Honestly, ofra and pür are not small named companies or companies that make their products in China. I know for a fact that pür cosmetics are made in the USA and I’m pretty sure the ofra laboratory is in Florida. Not positive about Measurable Difference but I’m pretty sure they’re in LA so it definitely doesn’t only cost 30 cents to make. I’m pretty sure MD is a drugstore brand, but pür and ofra are most definitely high end brands. I for one, use at least 4 if not all 5 items in my boxes every month. I have been dubbed since October last year and there was only maybe 3-4 products I didn’t use and they made a great little gift bag for my mom because she loved them all. For $21 a month, I can’t complain. And someone like me who can’t afford to buy a $35 ofra highlighter (that ISNT on clearance and the cost really is $35) this sub is great for me. Sure every once in a while your going to get an item or 2 that are just ok, but I’ve even found use for that God awful purple liquid lipstick I swore id never wear. It makes a beautiful liquid eyeliner! Some products may be slightly over inflated, but 9 out of 10 items are not! Look at the Dr Brandts microderm abrasion stuff we got in our Feb box. That had a price tag of $79 and guess what? When you try to buy it from sephora, it’s STILL $79! No overinflation there. Maybe we are thinking of 2 different sub boxes, but boxycharm is not full of crappy made in China type products that you were talking about.

    • I joined in October or November 2016 and got that month’s box so I must have been lucky.

  31. I’m thinking possibly you could use the shimmery ofra highlighter as an eyeshadow base, then contour lids with a darker concealer shade over the powder? Or over another powder matte shadow?

  32. Looks great Maybe I can use some of the colors on the contour Palette to contour and highlight

    • Concealer Palette not contour typo

  33. I like the last concealer palette we got because it had yellow, green, and a highlighter so there were more options that people could use. I mean I guess I can play around with contouring, but that is too many colors for me to actually use. I’ll still use it though lol

    • It would have been even better if it were a color correcting palette instead of a concealer palette!

      • Being African American that would have been very disappointing to get a green or pink concealer. Boxy charm isn’t just here to cater to fair skintones…this palette was a great choice everyone calm down

        • When I saw this, my first thought was that it has a great shade range (finally!).

        • I think she probably meant it would have been better for her.

  34. Also wondering what the PUR item is. Hopefully not another terrible cheek stain

    • Cheek stain? Gross! I hope not lol. Oh, and I hope it’s not primer, either, as we just got primer this month.

      • Yeah, girl I got this awful wine colored cheek stain by PUR a few months back. It was awful on my fair skin. Didn’t blend right and turned my makeup into a hot ass mess. And yea, definitely don’t need another primer for a few months. I was disappointed with the smashbox primer month. It had a bunch of oil in it that came out when I tried squeezing some out. 1/3 of the product was wasteful greasy oil and I tried shaking it and it didn’t help it. 🙁 I think it’s old or something. Here’s to hoping April is a way better month!

  35. I get the sense I’m in the minority here, but I think the concealer palette is awesome. First, it ensures that every subscriber gets a usable color, regardless of skin tone. Second, you can use concealer for different purposes. You can use it in different shades to contour and highlight (at least, the youtubers tell me so). I will automatically have a match with different levels of tan in the summer. Happy to get this and not have to pay full price for it.

    • If they wanted every subscriber to have their own skin tone match, then they should have had their subscribers fill out a beauty profile like Ipsy’s. This palette could definitely be used for contouring, sure, but not everyone contours. I suppose that it could be used as cream eyeshadow as well!

      • You can actually do that ! They have like a beauty quiz in there website.

      • The Personal Profiles do help over at GLOSSYBOX and IPSY.
        BOXYCHARM would make customers happier if they too would do it.

    • I am thinking and hoping I can use the darker shades to add to my foundation in the summer to adjust it a bit. And maybe contouring as well.

      • Don’t forget that we get more tan in the summer, so I think they were genius to add this.

        • Well, and not everyone is white. Seriously!!!

          • Seriously! It is hilarious watching the ladies whose skin tone is catered to every day get annoyed there’s a color in this palette for everyone. Like, wtf.

  36. I loke this! I have a decent sized birthmark on my cheek and am constantly looking for good concealers. And i change color in the summer so am happy to have a variety of shades. And ladies, you can use the darker and lighter colors to contour/bronze/highlight. Give it a chance. I’m happy to see a unique item in the box!

  37. Does anyone know how long it usually takes to get off the wait list?

    • No idea… I’m idealisticly holding out hope for before the end of March since I really love this month’s box, and I can’t bring myself to just buy it off someone else since with shipping I’m sure they’re going to want AT LEAST $25. *sigh* (Plus there’s still 10 days, it could happen.)

      If not March, hopefully April. I don’t care about the concealer – its a swap item, but I LOVE a good highlighter.

      • Have you tried contacting them and asking? I’ve heard of lots of people who were removed after emailing them asking how long they’d be on the waitlist. Might be worth a try…I know it usually works with my kids when they hound me to death. Lol

        • Is it just the info (@) boxycharm dot com email? I emailed last night and haven’t even gotten so much as a “we got your email” reply back from them.

          • I’m not sure what the address is but on their FAQ page, there is a link on the right that says “email us”. You could also try contacting them via social media (they are pretty active on Instagram and Snapchat). Or try them all! Lol

          • Its

  38. This does seem a bit excessive. I mean I suppose you can use different shades to experiment with contouring and such but most of these colors will go to waste. At least everyone will find at least one shade to suit them 🙂

  39. Hmm. I think I may cancel before this box. The highlighter looks nice enough, but I have tons of great highlighters. I have absolutely no interest in that concealer palette. I am kind of surprised this is a spoiler item… I may hold off to see what the third spoiler is, but it’s not looking good for April Boxy…

  40. Yuck!!! So far I’m not loving the April box AT ALL!

    Now, I’ve heard great things about the Ofra highlighter, which I really am curious to try, but at the same time, I think Boxycharm needs to cut back on the amount of highlighters they send, as it’s gotten VERY repetitive. And as for this concealer palette, it would really only be useful for MUAs, or for people who are really into contouring (since the darker shades could very well be used for that). I, like a lot people, however, don’t contour, and so the only way I could ever see myself using this would be if the concealers were in powder form- then it could be used as an eye shadow palette!

    So far, this box is a miss. I appreciate that they want to include a non-eyeshadow palette, but they could have gone a different route with that.

    • Yeah, I wouldn’t use it as an eyeshadow palette as is either – I just don’t do cream shadows.

  41. Thank goodness for this spoiler, I almost subscribed this month. Hopefully next month will be my match. I can only wear eyeshadow sticks and can’t wear mascara due to some scarring. Sorry, but that concealer palette is ridiculous. Give us a lip palette and I’m in. Oh well, there’s always next month.

    • I’m just perusing through comments and saw yours. You might want to keep in mind that there is the waiting list. 😔😕 I signed up on Thursday (5 days ago) and I’m on the waiting list. I’ve never been on a waitlist for this long. Although, I’ve only tried 6 or 7 boxes so far so I’m not very experienced with the subscription box life. LOL
      So, anyway….just wanted to throw this out there……the “evil waiting list”. LOL

  42. I’m happy with this. I can use it all winter and all summer with varying levels of tan 🙂
    I can never have too many highlighters!

  43. I thought they were eyeshadows at first, so that’s how I plan to utilize the colors that don’t work as concealers.

    Although, I will say that I feel like this is a real stretch as far as products people might like/use. Maybe they’re trying to be more inclusive of all skin tones? In which case, ask your customers what their skin tone is.

  44. I’m going to see if the next spoiler is worthwhile because we’ve already gotten 2 highlighters from boxy and who on earth can use all of those concealers? May have to cancel for April if it doesn’t get better!

  45. wow… first time boxy has missed my mark so completely! I’m sure it happens to everyone here and there. maybe one of the other 3 item will be fabulous to me. time to see if the swap site is worthwhile.

  46. This seems like a definite miss. I love boxycharm and am usually very happy with the items they choose, this one just seems completely pointless.

    If they wanted to do a palette that wasn’t an eyeshadow one a lip palette would have been a fun choice, at least with that you can experiment and make new lip colors – you can’t exactly use more than one or two shades of concealer

  47. okay, that palette may be great for makeup artists, but what do we do with it?? That’s so many colors (would be great to have options)

    • I agree, it’s a really weird and wasteful product to include. Might be canceling after this box since this is the last of my subscription before renewal.

  48. I love boxycharm, but this seems like overkill. I can maybe only use 2 or 3 of these and it takes up a good bit of room in my stash. Don’t really understand the need for that much concealer in varying colors.

    • totally agree!

  49. How is anyone except a professional makeup artist supposed to use more than 2-3 shades in a concealer palette? And there are 16 shades in this one!? What a waste.

    • I agree also. My skin tone changes a little in the summer but not that much to use all the colors.

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