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WeeBox Subscription Review + Coupon – January 2017

Read our review of the January 2017 Wee Box!

WeeBox is a monthly subscription box of authentically Scottish treats and treasures.

Read our review of the January 2017 Wee Box!

In addition to providing its subscribers with Scottish gifts wrapped in local Scottish newspapers, WeeBox also partners with Save the Children, helping provide much-needed household items to low-income families with children.

This box was sent to us at no cost for review. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

Read our review of the January 2017 Wee Box!

The Subscription Box: WeeBox

The Cost: $43.87 per monthly box with the 3 Month Plan, $40.74 per monthly box with the 6 Month Plan, or $36.98 per monthly box with the 12 Month Plan.

The Products: According to the Wee Box site, “Each WeeBox is filled with both traditional and progressive Scottish products showcasing the best from our network of local, specialist suppliers. They… are a combination of luxury, quirky and heritage items…”

Ships: U.S. for $10.03 and Canada (will vary in cost)

Check out the Artisan Subscription Box Directory and make sure to add WeeBox to your subscription list or wishlist!

Read our review of the January 2017 Wee Box!

I love the colors in this notecard.

Read our review of the January 2017 Wee Box!

The box was addressed to MSA founder, Liz, but she let me have the honor of exploring and reviewing it. I’m excited to see what’s in store…

Read our review of the January 2017 Wee Box!

Each month has a theme, and this one is “Burns Supper”. I checked out the link at the bottom of the card and found a blog post that explained things some more:

Haggis, whisky, poetry and pride! Burns Night, celebrated on and around the 25th January to mark the Bard’s birthday, is recognised around the globe by Scots and Scots-at-heart. Centred on auld traditions, here’s our WeeBox guide to Scotland’s famous annual shindig with tips on how to use your January WeeBox curated especially for the occasion.

The blog continues, explaining the significance of Robert Burns (think of him as the Scottish Shakespeare) and even detailing how to find and prep your haggis!

Read our review of the January 2017 Wee Box!

The products are listed on the back of the card, along with the brands that produced them. I looked on the site and couldn’t find a hard number of products to expect in each box. I noticed that they only called out three products in particular and mentioned the other two items in the box almost as extras, but I don’t know if they’re technically bonus items.

Read our review of the January 2017 Wee Box!

The Illustrated Poets: Robert Burns Book – Value $5.42

This tiny book could fit in a purse or coat pocket so that you can bring Burns’ words with you wherever you go.

Read our review of the January 2017 Wee Box!

The tiny tome has a hardcover and a smooth, teal-blue jacket. On the back of other books, you find quotes from the press or other authors about the writer or their work. On this little book, there’s a whole poem about Burns! If you couldn’t tell, Burns is a pretty big deal!

Read our review of the January 2017 Wee Box!

The book contains a lovely assortment of Burns’ work, broken down into themes. There are poems about farms, friends, animals, and of course, Scotch!

Read our review of the January 2017 Wee Box!

There are illustrations, too!

Read our review of the January 2017 Wee Box!

Auld Lang Syne Tea Towel – Value $14.00?

I couldn’t find this 100% cotton tea towel online, so I linked to a similar item.

If you didn’t know, Robert Burns wrote “Auld Lang Syne”, which is basically the theme song for New Years! This towel features the lyrics in haphazard, yet elegant goldenrod handwriting.

Read our review of the January 2017 Wee Box!

The towel has a sturdy weave, so it’s as practical as it is pretty to display. Part of me wishes I had gotten this towel in a December box, rather than a January one. But that’s also the part of me that’s never had a Burns Night party before!

Read our review of the January 2017 Wee Box!

Scottish Alphabet Apron – Value $20.68 USD

This apron will come in handy when cooking for a houseful of Burns Supper guests!

Read our review of the January 2017 Wee Box!

The apron is covered with the phonetics of the Scottish alphabet, plus a colloquial term for each letter.

Read our review of the January 2017 Wee Box!

I could imagine all of these terms coming up in rowdy bar conversation, but maybe not a dinner party! Well, at least not in the first few hours…

Read our review of the January 2017 Wee Box!

I think my favorite word is “doolally”. It’s just so fun to say!

Read our review of the January 2017 Wee Box!

Irn Bru, 330ml can- Value $0.55

I didn’t know anything about Irn Bru before this box. A little Googling later, and wow! This fizzy drink is a staple of everyday Scottish life!

Read our review of the January 2017 Wee Box!

What does it taste like? That’s a good question. Like sodas in the states, the exact recipe is kept far under wraps. It smelled a bit like bubblegum, but the taste was a mix of root beer candy, ginger, cinnamon, and maybe even a bit of vanilla. Is it going to replace the U.S. sodas on my favorites list? Maybe not, but I enjoyed experiencing this pillar of Scottish culture! Plus, I think it’s cute that the product card suggested enjoying this the morning after a raucous Burns party.

Read our review of the January 2017 Wee Box!

Traditional Marmalade, 8 oz – Value $3.51 USD

This locally made condiment is a classic in the Scottish pantry. I’ll reach for jellies and jams at the store, but I’ve never treated myself to some marmalade!

Read our review of the January 2017 Wee Box!

This simple product is made with oranges and sugar. It has a nice smooth spread to it, though there are some glimpses of orange fibers drifting through it.

Read our review of the January 2017 Wee Box!

The marmalade is sweet with a bright orange flavor and a bit of bitterness that gives it depth. It would be fantastic on toast, pancakes… any breakfast that’ll revive you after a night of friends, fun, and great poetry.

Verdict: I thought WeeBox was very charming, though some of the items felt a bit “souvenir shop” to me (the apron and the little book, in particular). At the same time, I thought the theme of the box was really cute, and I loved learning about the Burns Supper tradition. I estimated that the value of the items was around $44.00, which breaks even with the price of the box (remember that the price varies a bit based on what subscription plan you choose). I’m eager to see what WeeBox does next—I’d love to see items that aren’t just locally made, but that have that artisanal feel to them. (The marmalade was probably the best example of that in this box.) Especially since shipping costs push this box to the more expensive end of what I’d usually spend, my expectations are a bit higher for WeeBox.

What did you think about the items in this month’s WeeBox?


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Written by Anna Reilly

Anna Reilly

Anna loves collecting little treasures, be they pop-culture finds, handmade mementos, or new potions to put in her makeup bag. Beauty boxes got her interested in the subscription world, but now she’s swooning for all things kawaii!

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Comments (10)

  1. I am a fairly recent subscriber (long after the items shown here) and have had 4 boxes so far I believe. Each one has a different theme and unique items I had never seen before. Every month I am impressed at such great detail from the local items to being wrapped in local newspapers. As someone who has been obsessed with Scotland all my life, it is such a sweet surprise every month to be “taken away” to this amazing place. I told myself (because it is a bit pricy, though completely worth the cost) I would cancel after the first, I just wanted to get a glimpse of it… and then again after the second… doesn’t look like Ill be cancelling after all. I just received my fourth and it is such a great box. I can not WAIT to see what the next months have in store.

    • Hi Samantha! That’s so great to hear – thank you for sharing this with us 😊

  2. I’m a recent subscriber to Weebox– have had two boxes so far. They’re kind of “precious,” but I do like the themes and the items have a nice Scottish glow to them– all artisanal, Scottish-made treats and objects. They give me a sweet connection to the country that I love so much, even if they’re somewhat random. I also really enjoy the Scottish newspaper!
    I would love to get Irn Bru in a box– too bad the reviewer didn’t know more about this iconic Scottish drink, famous as a hangover cure and now a flavor for tablet, fudge, candies, syrups and more.
    We have a Burns Supper every year– I hope Weebox does another, similarly themed box for January!
    I may not continue my subscription forever, but for now each box brings a smile to my face and gives me a little Scottish joy…

  3. Also the marmalade is made in a small place in Glasgow so there is no way you would be able to get a jar of it for the value you placed on it. You cannot value the items at USD prices as they are not US products so need yo be imported. Check the ACTUAL prices when valuing the products, don’t just place USD prices on them, unless you have found the ACTUAL product at that price.

    • So true! I thought these valuations were very low for the gift-shop quality of the items.

    • I was going to say the same. This is not accurate as it isn’t something that could be found in the states. Shipping that alone would be roughly the cost of the shipping of the box. All together it really is a great value considering most who are buying likely are out of the country.

  4. Where did you find a can of Irn Bru for .55? This can’t be valued at the price of regular pop as it’s not. Where do you find any can of pop for .55? The value you placed on Irn Bru needs to come up a lot.

  5. I was born and raised till a teenager in Dumbarton, Scotland when my parents immigrated to Canada. I have visited Scotland numerous times as I still have lots of family there since my mother was the eldest of ten.
    My daughter got me the Outlander WeeBox for Mothers Day this year. She paid $60.00 Canadian. For her money she got : a jar of jam, a notebook, a small change purse, a book marker and a cotton shopping bag. I was so disappointed that she paid all that money for these trivial things that I could have bought for way less money at a British shop here. I will be sharing this on social media as a site to stay away from as it is gouging people from their hard earned money for such over priced trivial pieces.

  6. Growing up I think every one of my relatives had a picture of “Rabbie” Burns in their home. My mother and sister still do and we have lived on this side of the pond for a very long time. I think Irn Bru is an acquired taste. I am really surprised it safely made it to you in a can this time of year. Years ago I sent my nephew 12 cans of Irn Bru for Christmas. It was a big orange mess. The cans froze in transit and some burst. I have to disagree about the value of the Irn Bru being only $0.55. Where can you get any can of soda for 55 cents these days never mind an imported variety? It seems a bit unfair to rate the cost from a Scottish Supermarket’s sale on an 8 pack. Also when I click on the link for the book it is being sold for $10.35 new.

    • I know, right? 55 cents for a canned drink anywhere is pretty near impossible. Neat inclusion to the box for sure. I’d like to try it. Sounds really interesting flavor wise.

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