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Rachel Zoe Box of Style Spring 2017 Box SPOILERS + Coupon!

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Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 8.59.24 AM

We have two spoilers for the Spring 2016 Box of Style! Each box will include:

Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 5.05.02 PM

  • Tribe Alive Bag
  • Adornmonde Earrings (Your choice of silver or gold)
  • 4 more items!

What do you think of the Spring Box of Style spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up yet, use coupon code SPRING10 to save $10 off your first box! (Regularly $99.99. Your first box will be the Spring Box.)

BOSJanuary20172179 girsl with bike and bag 2

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  1. It’s definitely, 100% the Marc Jacobs up all night set. If you look closely you can see the tassel and the lipsticks. It looks gorgeous!

    Maybe the person who runs the beauty division of Marc Jacobs is a woman?

    Anyway, they look phenomenal. I’m a little tired of lipsticks since she’s sent some in the last two boxes, but this set looks amazing!

    Or, maybe it’s just a red herring and it’s not in the box after all. Who knows.

    I hope we all get the navy/brown bag! Love those colors. Earrings are awesome too. This may be the best box yet!

    • I can now even see the words Marc Jacobs and the lipstick cases look like his lipsticks.. I would love the Up All Night set. I don’t understand why they would include in the video. There must be a reason if it is one of the things in the box. I guess we shall see!

      • Agreed!! The colors and formula look amazing. Plus how adorable is the pink case??

  2. The coupon code isn’t working for me. Is anyone else having trouble either? Anyone can help…? Thx!

  3. I must be in the minority. I lurve that bag, but I think those earrings are not cute. I’m tempted to sub just for the bag, but those earrings really turn me off.

    • I’m not a fan of the earrings at all, but I’ve already found people who want to swap for them! So that’s an option if you decide to subscribe

      • That’s totally fair. I wish I could somehow get one more spoiler. Still on the fence.

  4. love that bag… i don’t have my ears pierced but my mom does and could give them to her… hopefully they come out with a better coupon 🙂

  5. Hello, I was wondering if anyone can tell me where I go to choose the Color of Earrings I want? This will be my 2nd Box & im loving Box of Style!! So far the Spoilers don’t disappoint!! So excited for the Purse & Earings!!

    • Hi Everyone, so I signed into my account with RZBofStyle and I don’t see any option to pick the color of the earrings. Anyone know where this option is? Help! Thanks so much!!

    • On the Box of Style website, it says this:

      “Choose your preferred Adornmonde earrings, coming soon—make sure to subscribe to our emails so you don’t miss it!”

  6. So the purse is not ‘big.’ It’s 12×14. The Tribe Alive website has some ‘big’ bags that look similar, but the demensions are 14×18, quite a bit larger. I would personally prefer the larger bag, but still happy with the ‘standard’ size purse. I was pretty disappointed with incredibly small size of the brown leather purse a few boxes back. It really looked bigger in all the photos. I was so surprised to get such a tiny purse with such a long strap. (I swapped for it, swappers remorse, ha!) Hope everyone understands the actual size so you can be happy with your decision to buy, skip, or swap.

    • Does BOS offer a “skip” option or do we just have to cancel if we don’t want it?

  7. I cannot wait for this one!! That purse print is so chic and the earrings are beautiful! 😍😍😍

  8. Would love to swap for those earrings!

    • The earrings aren’t my style. I’ll swap them with you!

    • Just looked through your swap listings and found things I would be interested in trading for. What color earrings would you prefer I pick?

  9. Is this bag the hero item?

    • It’s valued around $200, so I’d say a happy yes. It’s beautiful, and I adore the story behind how it’s crafted. Girl power! 💪👜🐷

  10. The lipstick in the first few seconds of video is MARC JACOBS Up All Night 5-peice Petite Le

    Marc Lip Creme Collection ($35). It’s listed under gift sets on his website.

    Ladies..I think that lipstick is fabulous.

    • I thought it was female founded companies only. Not sure if that fits but good eyes!

    • Oh man, I hope so! But she said that this box will only feature brands that were created by women, so I don’t know if it’ll be in there, unfortunately. I think the Bite Beauty idea downthread might be right

    • In the video Rachel says that all the products are from female founded companies so I don’t think it is the Marc Jacobs set. Another poster said it looks like Bite Beauty…which would be awesome!

    • But the box is supposed to hold businesses founded by women. I think it is Bite Beauty which is female founded.

    • You’re totally right. I wondered that at first but then I was thinking it didn’t make sense with the theme. It’s definitely the Up All Night set, though, because I watched again and can see the bullet packaging and tassels on the edge of the case (barely). They must have used a random set of items in this promo to make sure they didn’t give anything away.

      Darnit I wanted it to be Bite beauty so bad! :p Sorry to have led you all astray!

  11. Does anyone know when these ship? I’m thinking about ordering but am moving at the end of the month and don’t want a mix up. Do these usually sell out before they announce the entire contents?

    • I believe the first week in March.

  12. Wonder why they didn’t call the bag the hero item? Is that term not being used anymore?

    • I was wondering the same. I suspect it has to do with Popsugar’s Tribe alive spoiler for February. And this would be also the reason for the teaser and then the release of double spoilers…

      • Thanks!! Maybe you’re right. I was thinking they might be using a new marketing strategy. I was wondering when they will tell the value of each item as well. I didn’t love the double spoiler. I only wanted to know the hero then be surprised. Oh well, still happy here.

        • I asked what the value of the bag was using the live chat option when I was chatting about a different issue and they said the value is approximately 200$

          • So the bag is winters dylanlex. I’ve never worn mine and it’s up for swap. I hope to get more use out of the bag. The earrings are up to $100 so the other 3 items will probably total $100 – 120.

          • Thanks, Jessica! That was my approximate guess on the bag value. I see earrings on the Adornmonde site are $62. Woohoo! Can’t wait!!

    • If I recall they sent out an email stating something about they will no longer have hero items due to the success of the non hero items such as the Sunday Riley in the winter box. I tried to find it but I clear out my email regularly and I don’t still have it.

      • Thank you. I just got an email today though called the Tribe Alive bag the hero item. 👜😊

  13. I maybe in the minority but I’m glad I cancelled. At least at this point. Can’t do big bags-bad shoulders/back. And allergic to all earrings unless they’re white gold which I doubt these are. Maybe the other four items will be worth subbing for-but right now I’m happy to sit out and watch everyone else enjoy!

  14. Love the bag! Happy to get earrings in gold, but wouldn’t sub just for those earrings. (Causebox gold leaf earrings are sub worthy, lol!) But the bag and earrings are definitely worth the cost of the box for me. Resubbed, and excited about the other 4 items.

  15. Love, love, love! Now, if Rachel could come organize my closet, life would be perfect!

  16. So I could be wayyyy off but there’s a pink tin with lipstick sized items in it in the first few seconds of the video when Rachel describes the box theme. I’m wondering if it is a bite beauty set. They are HUGE this year and usually package in colorful tins…I am just not sure if they’ve set their products inside the tin on foam or not (and it kind of looks like the product is held in by foam.) Could be a special set for RZ?

    We were right on the money with the bag so far!

    • Bite Beauty was founded by a woman and everything in the box is from woman-founded companies so I think you may be on to something!

    • I can only hope its Bite Beauty! I’ve been dying to try their products. I wonder if it would be a single tube like the last box or if it would be a tin full of their products.

      Fingers crossed!

  17. I love it! ! I’ve member been so excited for this box. Now I just have to decide between gold or silver for the earrings…it’s a tough decision!

  18. Now that I’ve resubbed for the BOS I’m getting excited, I haven’t subscribed for the past two boxes but other than that I’ve been a regular subscriber. I was looking back at the other boxes I have received on the BOS site and realized how many of those items I still use on the regular.

    The white and gold earbuds I use every day, love them. I wear the Summer 2016 sunnies every day even in winter. The brown tote purse on occasion, the rose gold watch all the time, the wrap from summer I wore every day to the pool and will use again this summer unless we get a new one, and i am wearing the freaking turban Right Now! Ok I could go on, point made.

    This is one of those subs that as everyone has mentioned features classy and well designed items. I am in LOVE with this bag, it’s right up my alley, so glad it’s made from a woven texture as it won’t be super heavy like all-leather handbags. The earrings will be my new favorite pair, I can already tell. So excited about this box!

  19. I am willing to swap my earrings for a bag if anyone would be interested. Just let me know which color you would prefer and I’ll do my best!

    • Is there a particular bag you’re looking for? I would love to swap for the earrings!

  20. Does anyone know if the trim is made out of real leather? Thanks!

    • Can’t say for sure on this bag, but on similar bags on the Tribe Alive website it said real leather… so I’d have to guess this one is real leather too

  21. although the bag is not my style it is lovely. Plus side is I am majorly in love with the earrings. So perfect opportunity for my mom and I to split this seasons box and both get a little bit of something

  22. When I try to make a selection, it takes me to the beanie selection instead of the earrings. I really love the spoilers. I can only buy one seasonal bag and Rachel never disappoints I just want to be able to select sliver earrings.

  23. What a great bag for spring. Love that the earrings can be worn with or without the hoop. Now to decide if I want silver or gold. Already excited for this box and I am trusting that all shipping issues have been worked out. And I know I will love the rest of this box because I always love everything.

  24. I bought the winter box as a splurge, because the box is out of my price range. My current purse is a coach and it’s defective and the strap will randomly unhook when I’m wearing it and come and hit me in the face. This purse is perfect for me and I am so excited. The rest of the box is just a bonus at this point. I was going to cancel because I can’t afford it, but now I’m going to make it work. SO EXCITED.

    • Me too! The bag is just my style and size! I am so excited!

    • Did you know that Coach bags are all guaranteed for a lifetime? Just go to their website or a store and they will send it in for repair – at no charge. As long as it is real and has a creed number (leather patch) it is guaranteed. Alternatively, they will just give you a new bag. I have had things repaired and replaced. One wallet, for which I paid around $40 online was sent back to factory (by my local boutique store) and factory couldn’t repair it, so sent me a gift card for $98, which was the retail of the wallet. I put the $98 toward a lovely handbag that ended up costing me $34.

  25. I think I am in minority here about the purse, I do not like it at all. It looks very Target-ish and yes I agree that brown strap and trim is not attractive to me. I am thankful it’s not a box I want this season, saved myself $100.

    • I havent recieven my popsugar clutch, so maybe in person it will look different, but this definitely looks like a target bag from pictures.
      Still curious to know if its navy or made to match the popsugar clutch :/

    • I completely agree. I actually went to the Target site after reading your comment and saw so many similar looking cross body “tribal” print bags. I know they’re not produced under the same ethical conditions or of the same quality but does it matter? I can’t picture Rachel herself carrying this bag for even a minute. Tribe Alive does have nice leather bags like a really cute convertible backpack/crossbody. This bag looks like something Stitch Fix would send out.

    • I totally agree. I canceled immediately.

      Love the BOS usually, but I only carry Alexander Wang or Alexander McQueen bags. Not expecting to see one of those in here, but my style is urban/edgy. Not bohemian. Lol.

  26. I have never been disappointed with the Rachel box. We have loved everything in it. I have downsized a lot of my subscriptions, but we kept this one. The Bag is so great, can’t wait.

  27. Love the spoiler video and pictures, that purse is gorgeous and the perfect size. Even though I don’t have pierced ears, I already know who I’ll be gifting them to. I wonder if that container a few seconds into the video (it’s red and being opened, looks like a set of lipsticks or something) is actually a spoiler?
    I’ve been a subscriber from the first box and have never been disappointed. Everything included is luxe and on trend, but not “trendy” (aka: disposable after one season).

    • Yes! I’m wondering if it’s a bite beauty set! I’m so glad someone else noticed!

      • I think it is a pink tin and probably holds pink lipstick….Rachel definitely has pink on her lips in this spoiler video!

  28. Has anyone been able to choose their earrings yet? I signed in and clicked make selection, but it’s still the hats from winter.

    • Not yet – it says: Choose your preferred Adornmonde earrings selection, coming soon!

  29. This box looks great! I love both the bag and the earrings. Cannot wait to see the rest of the BOS.

  30. Just attempted to subscribe to this box and when I hit confirm purchase, after a few seconds some red font saying an error of some sort showed up. Then it quickly went away and the page stayed the same… I went to my account and it says subscription pending, but I’ve recieved no confirmation email. I suspect my order didn’t go through… this happened with the winter box too!! I’ve contacted them to check up on the situation. Urgh.

    • Love their new live chat function on their website! For some reason their internal system would say my billing address wasn’t matching up with the credit card. I tried a few times and checked in with the guy on chat each time to find out it didn’t work. Long story short – needed to add the credit card to my account page, save it, then when purchasing use the saved card. Then no problem! Definitely a buggy website.

      • Glad you mentioned the chat! I just used that feature to ask about which box I’ll be getting since I signed up today and it’s showing the Winter selection. Here’s my chat convo with the CS rep for others who also have this issue/concern:

        CS: I can assure you that you do not need to make a selection for the Winter box and can confirm that you will be receiving the Spring box as the first box in your subscription. 🙂

        Me: OK thanks :)! So if I did choose a beanie color, which I did to see what would happpen/what it would direct me to, it’s an error? When will I be able to choose the metal color of earring for the Spring box?

        CS: You are correct! The selection for the Spring box has not been made available at this time but you will be notified once it has within the next two week.

        • Hi! I’m on my BOS account page, where exactly is the live chat feature? I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

          • On the contact us page

  31. Squueeee! I’m so excited! I learned my lesson about not unsubscribing to a box if I’m even a little bit unsure of if I might want it or not so I didn’t unsubscribe after I signed up for the winter box. I’m happy now that I know I will be getting this for sure. I’m still so sad that I missed out on the February Popsugar box 😩 but this kind of makes up for it. I LOVE the bag! The earrings are beautiful but I can’t wear them so they will be going up for swap. I’m still looking for the clutch on the swap site so if anybody wants to trade the clutch for these earrings plus something else I have (depending on retail value) let me know!

    • I will swap my clutch for your earrings 🙂 I linked my swap account to my name.

      • Oh that would be awesome! Would you rather have them in gold or silver since I can choose?

        • Silver would be great! I will make a notation on my listing that the clutch is reserved for you. Thanks, Nicole!

          • You’re welcome and thank you! I will go ahead and make a listing for the earrings and then request a swap.

  32. I don’t think either spoiler is for me, so I’m going to cancel for now. I actually prefer the Popsugar clutch as I tend to go for larger timeless classic style bags and use more fun prints as an organizer for my items in my larger bag. I commute by bus everyday so it makes a difference. I support the idea behind this box though!

  33. Love!!!!! Liz, do you know if we will all receive navy/brown for the bag! I sure hope so! Loving this!

  34. I just signed up and it looks like I am getting the winter box. I emailed them because I do not want a winter box! I really hope they do not pull a popsugar!

    • OMG I just had the same crap happen to me!! I emailed them too, as I do NOT want the winter box. I am already having buyer’s remorse. Crap crap crap

      • I think the winter box is sold out, that’s why they released the spring spoilers. I think you may be OK. Good luck though!

        • Ugh i really hope so, but when i go to choose my earring metal type for the spring box the winter box and option of a beanie color is up instead. Lord have mercy!

          • Just got off a live chat on their website about this. She said it is a technical error, and all subs will be spring box.

  35. Shoot. I don’t have pierced ears (I know, I’m odd, I also never drink coffee, LOL). The purse is okay but I’m not one of those women who needs 100 (or even 10) handbags and this will be the third — I think? — since its inception. Oh well, maybe the rest will be good!

    • I don’t have pierced ears either….so you aren’t alone. I always cringe when I see them or nail polish in boxes because I don’t use that either (another oddity…lol). But the bag is worth it to me to stick around. I’m already thinking about who I could regift them to or how to maybe repurpose…pins?? I do wish it was a bracelet or ring though….for those of us who are “weirdos.”

      • Add me to the club! I’ve been terrified to get my ears pierced after my sister got the backing stuck in her earlobe & had to get it surgically removed. That was 30 some years ago and I still can’t bring myself to do it. Haha, so random. And now I’m like ehhhh..earrings would just be one more thing to spend money on. I gifted the Shashi ear climbers (from a few boxes ago) to a stylish friend and I’ll give her these as well.

        • Add me to the list of no pierced ears. Well, actually, I have one pierced ear. Used to have 2…one tore through, had to be surgically repaired. So yeah, after that, there was no way I was going to re-pierce. As cute as earrings are…and I do miss them…but not enough!!

  36. So happy to join the club of being double charged by box of style. How hard is it going to be for them to remove the second charge? I so worried about it because it’s a lot of money to be double charged😑😡

    • After having a horrendous time getting a response from their customer service…my suggestion would be to call your credit card company, and dispute the 2nd charge. I’d bet that would be faster than waiting for a response from BOS…

  37. Love it, just re-subbed, the earrings got me! I just had to make sure I was not going to order and get another winter box, not that it wasn’t great, I just do not want a duplicate!

  38. How do we choose our color for the earrings?

    • I think they usually send an email out, but I would check your account around the 15th when they bill.

    • They will send an email around the 15th, I did a live chat to check.

  39. I may be ‘color challenged’, but is the print on the bag navy or dark grey? Looks different depending on the picture…

    Either way, I think I love it! Just when I cancelled my annual subscription, they are pulling me back in *shakes fist and comforts her credit card*

    • On the bos website it looks navy.

  40. I am in love with the BOS Spring curation. So excited! 🙂

  41. It looks like a gorgeous bag, i’m just not a fan of the brown leather trim. Brown is my least favorite color. If this had the black handle I would subscribe.
    This whole brown leather trim design on every bag, no matter what the color, i can’t get used to and it hurts me to look at it.
    This design has saved me much money from not ordering dooney bags.

    My one other reason, i’m sorry for being so negative, but i think the white material, if it’s anything like the psmh clutch, is going to be a dirt magnet.

    Maybe next time. I’m sure i’m in the minority, i usually am lol.

    • I use scotchguard on all my fabric bags and they stay pretty clean, even the white ones. It’s totally worth the extra time and money to treat them before using them. I highly recommend it.

      • Great idea about the scotchguard! Thanks for the tip.

      • Thanks for the scotchguard tip! I appreciate you going out of your way to post this helpful information. I’m going to buy some tomorrow and use it on the clutch from popsugar.
        That’s one of the reasons I am addicted to msa. There are so many nice people!

    • I agree. The trim is hard to look at. I know others are excited about this bag but I feel like it’s something I can pick up at Target.

      • Although by pictures it may look like something you’d see at Target, believe me it’s much better quality. I have a few Tribe Alive products and they are wonderful handmade items. Also, the company is fair trade with with women artisans in impoverished countries and in need. You cannot say the same about the stuff at Target when it comes to that either…

      • And…why is the bottom black??? The front and back have reversed patterns too so the seams cant line up :/ even target wouldnt put something like this out. Ill wait to see more pictures of the actual purse and wait to get my PSMH clutch to know if theres any quality points on this one bc i think with $100 i can get something very well made so im not sold… hope the other 4 items are awesome :/

  42. I was enamored with the Winter Box and am kicking myself for not ordering while I could. I don’t have pierced ears so I don’t know if the personal value would be there for me with this one, I hope there’s another spoiler or two soon.

  43. I canceled my subscription after the winter box just to be safe. I like the purse and the earrings so I may resubscribe especially with the coupon. I have to give it some thought though.

  44. Do these boxes typically sell out? I’m definitely interested, but for $100 I want to be sure I like at least half the box.

  45. Damnit that’s a cute box, I might have to break down and get it 🙁

  46. Wow!! I love both spoilers. Really excited for this one. I feel like we’re overdue for a palette in this box — would be fun to get something from Kat Von D’s Shade and Light line (in keeping with the women business owners theme).

  47. Two things I wish I knew. Will the clutch from Feb popsugar fit and is the strap long enough to be a crossbody? If yes, then I’m buying.

    • I will reach out and try to get that info for you!

      • Thanks Liz

        • I just a note back from them that you can wear the bag a crossbody! 🙂

          • Wow…let’s try this again. I got a note back from CS and they said that the strap is long enough to wear as a crossbody. Sheesh….sorry!

          • LOL. Thanks for letting us know. Even more pleased now.

          • You got a note back from them that quickly? Wow, I’m impressed! When I have issues with my box arriving it takes them FOREVER to respond…

        • Dimensions: 12″ x 14″
          5.5″ Handle drop.
          30” – 40″ Crossbody strap, adjustable.

          Hope that helps!

          • Anyone remember what the last spring “crossbody” purse measured? Because that was no where close to fitting me 🙁

          • Thanks for replying every one.

          • Is the bag lined? The last Tribe Alive bag I received was not and didn’t have compartments. Thanks

  48. Loved winter, looking forward to spring! Thought I might cancel but looking like not.

  49. Yes, I thought it would be an exclusive design for BOS but very similar to the TribeAlive bag that people suspected. This one looks slightly smaller, and I think the stitching might be slightly different. Unless I’m imagining things. It’s cute though. I like the earrings too, but I’m afraid of subscribing after the winter box fiasco.

  50. FANTASTIC!!! I love the theme, the selections, and the style — the choices integrate into the accumulation of all the boxes’ items. Add a pair of unique sunglasses to this as one of the other four items, and this would be sublime! Well done, BOS. Will probably get a second one as a gift too!

    • I’m SO excited for this box!! 🙂

      • Me too! After over buying /spending on sub boxes for Christmas I am canceling some of my subs for a while . This won’t be one I cut back . I find I use the items for a long time , and the items that I don’t love for myself end up being much loved gifts ! This may be my favorite sub box of the 40+ I receive !

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