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Play! By Sephora February 2017 ITEM SPOILER!

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Sephora Play

Our Anonymous tipster is back! Are you ready for a potential spoiler for the February 2017 Play! By Sephora box?


According to Anonymous, here’s 1 of the items that may be sampled in February:

Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 8.45.23 AMScreen Shot 2017-02-09 at 8.51.20 AM

NARS Velvet Lip Glide

Here’s more from Anonymous:

haha….I wasn’t planning on releasing spoilers this month, but waiting between boxes is even hard for me!

Why don’t we try something different. Anyone want to venture guesses at these categories? I’ll fill one in because most people have already guessed it. Expect multiple lip and scent options.

Makeup: Lip (NARS Velvet Lip Glide), Face, Eyes
Skincare: Face, Eyes

(Sidenote: Despite some conspiracy theories, I have nothing to do with Sephora, so confirming potential spoilers is only possible once boxes start rolling in. Everything is subject to change.)

More info from Sephora:

Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 4.23.41 PM

What do you think of the spoiler? And what are your guesses for the other items?

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  1. Some more hints–brand spoilers! 

    Note: I originally separated out a makeup option for the face because I felt it might be included in every box.  Since I can’t guarantee that will happen, I lumped it back together with the other lip brands.  Everything still subject to change.

    Makeup: Lip (NARS Velvet Lip Glide, Tarte, Too Faced, Bite), Eyes (Sephora)
    Skincare: Face (Clinique), Eyes (Origins)
    Fragrance: (Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs, Prada)

    • Much love to you, anonymous! **mwah**

  2. I disagree with the prediction that NARS will be in the February box. I think It will be the new MUFE Artist Liquid Matte Lipstick . Check out the color range it totally fits with the theme and pic!

  3. Loveeeeee NARS and love the spoiler! I appreciate this site and spoilers. I cant wait!!!!!

  4. Am I the only 591? Medium olive complexion so a neutral lip would be fine but please not something so pale that it looks clownish.

    • I am 591 and am fair pink undertone. My issues are oiliness, pores and anti aging…you can have my nude if it’s beige-y! 😉

      • I am 591 with fair skin also…pink undertones.

    • You can always update your profile preferences and ask for them to not send you certain items💕

    • Im 591 to! Medium, oily combination… i wanna know so bad!

  5. Just got an e-mail teaser from Sephora…grr just tell us already!!!

  6. New Sephora Play Clue as of today 2/10/17

    ‘This months selection is one to smile about: Each box will include some velvet soft formulas for enhancing your lips’


    Hey to all my box twins this month. Box ends in 575 🙋🏻

  7. Since there hasn’t been any talk of box number, I thought I’d put mine below. I don’t know if we’ll find out any other spoilers for a while.

    My box number is: 1894583
    I have fair skin – cool undertones, brown hair/eyes, combo skin.

    • Mine is 1894583 too

      • Mine is 1894575 – wonder what this means ?!

      • I have fair skin, brown hair, brown yes, and combo skin.

    • Mine is 1894575 and I also have fair skin but blue eyes, blonde. Hmm! Lol

      • 575, medium warm skin tone and brown eyes, dry skin.

        • Mine is 575 too. I think it has something to do with fair and dry skin.

          • I’m 575 and have light, oily skin and brown eyes…

          • 575, second lightest skin shade, red hair, 41 yrs old, combo dry skin. Aging/wrinkles concern green eyes. Last month I was #473? I think…I had the Claudine an the BB cream. Maybe they do it by age and skin tone? Or hell just random times from signing up and location?

    • I got 1894575, and I have fair skin with warm olive undertones (I dont think I entered my undertone anywhere on the questionnaire but I saw you post it so I figured I would too lol), brown hair, green eyes and normal skin.

  8. Liz, the way you referred to Anonymous today made me think you had the real life hacking group surveiling Sephora for spoilers.

    If they’re not busy ask them for a FabFitFun spoiler!!

    Okay, I think I just need more coffee. LOL

    • That is awesome. Although I suspect they have more important work to do.

  9. I really hope its one of the first nudes/light pinks

    • Their email says the Feb. box will contain “muted, mellow shades” so I am hoping for that too!

  10. Ooh, I really like this formula!!

    But I’m concerned that it will be in La Palace since they had a 100 pt reward in that shade a month or two ago. I therefore already have that color. And Unspeakable. … And Deviant.

    Bound looks like it would be the most flattering to the widest range of people. I think.

  11. I was hoping it was going to be the new Sephora lip powders. Then I thought it would be the new 100 point too faced lip oil. I need more spoilers please…

  12. As long as it isn’t one of the first four colors, or the last color, I’m excited!
    I’m quite pale with blue undertones and berry pink lips. Nudes make me look like a corpse. And that brown would wash me out.

    • I’m with you – pale, blue undertones (actually, neutral-to-cool, so I could wear Playpen probably). Having just read the email that says we are getting “muted, mellow shades,” I have to agree that it will probably be “Bound” – bleh. Definitely not Danceteria! (I’ve seen that one and admired it in the store and love the name!!) Oh well, if I’m lucky enough to get Nars at all, I guess I’ll try Bound… the majority seem to be agreeing that “muted, mellow shades” are good, but not for all of us!!

  13. boo. i need actual spoilers!

  14. If I get that in my box, I’ll be swapping it.

    • You can swap products?! How? in store?

      • MSA has a swap page.

        • Where?

          • Never mind. lol

  15. Oh please be that shade!!! Finally no more reds and bright pinks!

  16. Kinda hoping to try Tarte’s whitening stick…they did say it’s something to “smile about”. Aside from that the Bite lip mask/scrub or hopefully one of the chrome lippies!!!

  17. So excited for this month!

    Did anyone else already finish their Tarte Frixxxtion stick??? Totally loved it ❤

    • Yes I already bought a new one!

    • Yes, it was my favorite product from the January box

    • Me too, I loved it.

  18. Really wanting this box to have a nude shade lipstick. Been on the hunt for a good one now for awhile. Like a perfect peachy nude color!! So far I’ve gotten a pink, brown, and a bright red. Don’t get me wrong there very pretty I just can pull off those types of colors.

  19. Uggg. I hope not. The formula of this NARS product is horrid. It glides on smooth, but never dries!! Plus it’s sticky.
    A lot of the reviews say the same thing. Many people were disapointed in that NARS lip product.

    • I’ll be swapping mine out mainly because I just get too many lip products to ever use them all.

  20. I have a few guesses as I just received an email from Sephora showcasing some products.

    Lip: (NARS Velvet Lip Glide)
    Face: a blush or highlight maybe?
    Eyes: a mini Marc Jacobs eyeliner – it looks like a new formula or new colors are available OR Gorgio Armani mini mascara

    Face: something from Skin Laundry (looks like it was a brand recently added at Sephora)
    Eyes: Youth to the People Kale + Aloe + Sunflower Oil + Tripeptide 5 Age Prevention Superfood Eye Cream

    Fragrance: REPLICA fantasies (seems new and I think there’s a few different scents)

    • Oooh, I like your skincare guesses. 🙂

    • I’d love to try the new Replica Tea scent. I tried to get it with a recent order, but they totally blanked me and didn’t send any of the samples I requested.

  21. I am SOOOOOOOO EXCITED about this Nars velvet lip!!!!!!! I can’t wait to get it, I hope I get this in a nude or pink color, I’m not big on red, reddish lips. I’m always a Nude, pink, or warm colors. Can’t wait for this to ship out. So stoked!!!!!!

  22. I was so happy when we got the smash box one a few boxes ago.. and now nars velvet glide!! amazing!! for this things is why i get this box and now expend less in store…

    • Now I spend more in the store lol.

  23. I am excited about Velvet Lip Glide. I hope it’s Danceteria, but it might be one of the really light ones to go with the theme of “the softer side” or whatever the theme is (something like that). If it’s one of the lights, I hope it is Playpen. As to guessing the others, I don’t see how we could possibly guess them!

  24. Guesses on some of anonymous’s listed categories:
    Skin care face item : rose mask by fresh brand
    Makeup face: a soft pink or rosy blush, or a highlighter (no guesses on brands)
    eyes: maybe a brightener, hopefully not mascara
    Fragrance: romance, love relentlessly (trying to think of fragrance names related to love as “romantic” was listed as a spoiler clue by Sephora.)

    Any guesses anyone?

  25. I hope I receive this, I love Nars so much.

  26. I like this little hint of what’s to come. I’ve finally accepted that I won’t know all the spoilers until the 15th of the month or later. Based on the comments I’ve read so far, it’d be cool if there was a way to customize whether you preferred a nude lip or more of a bold lip. I know it’d probably be extra time/effort/work, but it’d be awesome.

    Or if they took into account your undertone. Maybe that’d be easier. I only say that because some nudes that are sent out are too peach/orange on me (pale skin/dark hair) or the reds are too orange-y as well. I prefer more of a dusty rose/mauve colored lip color for my complexion. But oh well, no matter what, not everyone will love the color they receive based on personal preference.

    I’d love a lip scrub or lip mask in addition to the NARS lippie though. Winter has taken a toll on my lips.

    • They did just release a honey lip scrub stick from them for $6

  27. Nars!! Yea!! I just about bought one on the Sephora site last night {FYI ebates 8% back there}. Can’t wait to see what we get.

  28. *GASP* My first NARS product!!!!! Hooray!!!!!!

  29. No Reds. Just because I’m VIB doesn’t mean I want never ending red lip products.

    • I’m curious what being a VIB has to do with always getting red lip products? Is there an association between the two? Have you bought a ton of reds to get your VIB status? I saw this last night, and was confused I’m curious why?

  30. Hoping for either Unlaced, Bound or Playpen. I can’t wear darker colors, they just don’t look right on me.

    • Agreed. It’s always disappointing to get a shade that’s super-dark or super-pale. Hoping for Bound!

      • Yeah that’s all I ever got too, corpse-nudes, red ad naseaum, bright magenta, burgundy/purple, etc. Nope. hence my unsubbing months ago. thats ok, though. I got a great (full size!) lipstick by Burts Bees in last month’s Allure box 🙂 Maybe it’s not as fancy or HE as Play! but, my lips are happy and I love the shade so that’s a win in my book these days, oh and easy to find…no mall trip required. They really need to change that in store only Play Pass to online too, IMO.

    • I bought all three of these so I hope it is not one of them. 🙂 But I love them. I am pale too and Unlaced is actually lighter than my lips and a little too close to my skin tone so my lips disappear. Bound and Playpen are lovely though. I think NARS should come up with some more shades in lighter tones. I hope they do for spring.

  31. Very happy to see this! I wasn’t happy with the last two boxes but this let’s me know I shouldn’t give up the subscription quite yet. I’m wondering if the nourishing lip treatment might be a fresh brand sugar balm since they seem to often have fresh brand in their rewards boutique. Let’s see!

  32. Honestly I’ve never tried anything from nars but I would love to! The color pictured is beautiful!

  33. I just bought Bound so I hope it is not that one, but I’d be excited to try any of the other colors.

  34. Bummer, subscriptions are closed again! I wish this spoiler had been released yesterday.

  35. Maybe Philosophy time in a bottle for eyes? It’s new that would be great.

    • I think there is a good chance of that sine they have a small version in their rewards already!

  36. Sephora’s spoiler said ‘some velvet-soft formulas to enhance your lips’ so maybe in addition to the Nars lip glide, it’ll include the new Bite agave lip mask?

    • I hope so, I’ve been wanting to try it.

      • The Bite lip mask trio is one of the sample choices on the Sephora website today.

  37. I’d LOVE to receive an Hourglass highlighter. (Just in case Sehpora is listening…)

    • I would love that too but I do not have high hopes of them giving us somthing like that.

      • Hey, ipsy just had Hourglass luminous primers on their rewards page, so you never know!

  38. Tied of nudes.

    • really? I’m tired of the reds and pinks they keep sending.

      • Me too! I’d love a pretty nude lip color!

    • Same. A fade I wish would go away. Send out colors which are flattering on most people like lasts months Black Honey or Nars Dolce Vita. A lot of us can’t wear the nudes.

    • Fingers crossed no nude or orangey red. They both look Terrible on me.

  39. That would be way cool to get a Nars lippie even if its to just try the formula. Probably be a color fail like the Smashbox driver’s seat for darker toned girls. So I’m partially excited I guess to try it and then find it in a color that I’d like. Isn’t that the point for these beauty boxes anyway…

  40. I would so love the Nars in a nice nude or brown!! The one pictured is ideal!! That would make my day!

  41. Why is it so weird for me desperately wanting to try the brown shade in the far right?! I hope it’s true that this is a confirmed spoiler! 😍

    • That brown shade on the far right is Area and since I bought it a month ago, it’s all I’m wearing! The formula is fantastic, so I’m hoping for another shade. Maybe Toy or Unspeakable?

  42. Yes yes yes!!! 🌟🌟🌟🌟

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