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Play! By Sephora February 2017 – FULL SPOILERS for Box #583!

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Sephora Play

We have FULL SPOILERS for another one of the February 2017 Play! By Sephora boxes! Thanks so much, Kathryn!


These are the spoilers for the variation of box ending in #583:


And in case you missed it, here are the items from the box ending in #575:


And here is an Instagram photo of Box #575 from toria.zeitz to better show you sample sizes:

Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 8.37.35 PM

There are still more variations coming! According to Anonymous, here are some of the brands that will be sampled in February:

Makeup: Lip (NARS Velvet Lip Glide, Tarte, Too Faced, Bite), Eyes (Sephora)

Skincare: Face (Clinique), Eyes (Origins)

Fragrance: (Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs, Prada)

What do you think of the spoilers? 

To find out which box you’re receiving at the beginning of each month, follow these instructions:

If you log in through a browser, not the app, and go to my account > account details > online orders and open the play! Order Details, you can see the “item number” next to the image.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. This is my first month getting sephora play. Super excited. Does anyone know about when I will receive it? until then I will continue to stalk my mailbox

    • Sephora play has always come much later in the month compared to other sub services in my experience… but it is so worth the wait imo 🙂 I would say if not by the end of this week, it should for sure be here early next week!

    • 15th-25th of the month

    • I got mine today.

  2. I’m getting 583 and was a little disappointed at first because I wanted to try the Nars lip glide but between the Nars and Bite, I’m happier trying the multistick. I’ve been curious to see how the multistick compares to the regular lipsticks. 4/6 items I get to try that I’ve been curious about is definitely enough to make me excited for the box.

  3. I am getting 591. I can’t use Clinique at all. It sent me to the hospital with the most dangerous case of hives or allergic reaction or something. Origins products have a very strong ginger scent that doesn’t go away and I can’t take it so that’s 2 down for me this month. Oh well, Sephora has been very good so far so one bad bag is not a biggie.

  4. I still haven’t gotten my box or a tracking number. I’m starting to get frustrated. I was charged on the first and my friend was charged on the fourth. My friend got her box today. This is her first box and my second.

    • THey do their shipping different they typically don’t ship out until the third week of the month. So this months is actually much earlier than it usually is. It’s frustrating but it’s how they do it.

      • Yeah, they definitely ship in waves. I’m in Florida and always one of the last to get mine.

    • The bags arrive between the 15th-25th according to the faqs on their website.

  5. Right when I was thinking of giving up this subscription, I get a box I like 🙂 I got 575 and happy with the products. I also love the bag!

  6. Someone posted the spoiler contents for box #591 on Instagram! 🙂 Search for #sephoraplay and under “Most Recent” posts, the first and fourth posts are box 591!

    I’m excited…this looks like a great bag!..Kinda wish I had kept my second account, now….

    • I don’t do IG but that’s my box number. What’s in it?

      • Everything is the same except perfume which is Prada candy (love it) And Tarte rain forest lip product which I’ve never tried .So a great box for us #591

  7. I’m excited I’m getting NARS!
    Bummer it hasn’t shipped yet?

    • I’m getting NARS too and mine hasn’t shipped either. Maybe they will ship together.

  8. I will be getting 583 and most of my bag will be up for swap.

  9. I have 591 and I really really hope I get the Too Faced and Bite Beauty lip products! If anyone gets their box and can confirm whether these are in it please let me know! I feel like I’m one of the last people to have the box show up haha 😅

    • It comes with a Tarte lip product, not sure which one it is, yet. I’ll have to search for it.

      • In pictures it has a flat top. Do you think that means it is a combination lip cheek product like the Bite Beauty? I’m not super familiar with Tarte, first item was the frixxxtion stick in last months bag.

      • Thank you, Tracey!!

      • Never tried the rain forest from Tarte and I love prada perfume so it looks like an awesome box

  10. I have a box ending in 031….anyone know what that might be?! 🙂

    • Hi Katie,

      Are you sure you’re looking at the “item number” (in small print right next to the picture of the Play box), and not the order number? It took my three tries before I realized that my order ended in 890, but my item number is “1894591”. So I’m getting box 591 if that makes sense. Otherwise maybe it’ll be a totally wild variation!

      • Yes I see now! Thanks so much! I am getting box 575!

  11. Quick question, if I just subscribed for Sephora Play today, will I get February’s box?

    • I believe your first box would be the March box. Hope that helps!

      • It does, thanks!

    • I don’t think so 🙁

  12. I have the NARS lip glide in bound, so hoping that box 591 has something else! While it’s a beautiful color, and I like how plush it feels, I just think it moves around too much for my liking. Would need to use a lip liner otherwise will bleed past your lip line.

    • It does! It’s a Tarte product instead of the Nars one

      • Rainforest of the Sea™ Quench Lip Rescue…in the color Nude.

  13. Anyone want to swap their NARS for my BITE? 🙂

    • I will be swapping out my Nars! I already have that one and would love to try the Bite!

      • what are the chances you’re in the southern california area? haha

      • What color variation is the Nars?

  14. Dumb question, but do these ship USPS or UPS? I’ve been meaning to sign up but if it’s UPS it can’t go to my apartment. Very jealous I won’t be receiving this month’s box!

    • Mine have always been through USPS.

    • Play boxes ship UPS Mail Innovations, which is almost always delivered by USPS.

  15. Yes! 583 is my box and I’m THRILLED- love Too Faced Lip Injectors & have wanted to try Bite. Mini lippie’s are awesome since I can carry more in my bag.

    Great job Sephora! And Tom Ford… love all his scents!

  16. So the Clinique and the Origins and the Lashcraft are the same in both – then the Too Faced is the same product in a different color – and there’s a final lip product and the perfume sample. I’m 591. Hope mine comes soon! 🙂

  17. This is my box. I was really hoping I would get the NARS Velvet Lip Glide, but I’m okay with these items. The only thing I probably won’t use is the Too Faced because I have gotten it in another sub box before.

    • How was the too faced?

      • V, it was okay, but I’m not a gloss person and none of those lip plumpers really work . . . at least not to me. And if they do, it’s for a very very short time!

        • Ok thanks!

  18. That Origins sample is super tiny….

    • Better than the foil packet of that stuff Birchbox sent me last month…one use if that.

  19. Im box 575 and I am so happy! Ive tried both the clinique and origins and love them both. Never tried the too faced or nars-REALLY excited about the nars. The only thing Ill probably swap is the mascara!

    • How do you swap? I’ve looked for groups on Facebook, but I’m not sure which one to join.

      • I am in Ipsy\Birchbox sample swap. Its a very large and pretty well moderated group. They sell or swap. There is a list of “safe swappers” who are known to send what they say they will, so that helps.

        • Awesome, thanks!

      • There is a great swap community right here on msa. I love it! You might have to wait a bit to be accepted. I think I was waitlisted for like a month. I’m not sure if they still do that or not. I have done over 30 swaps on here; no issues! 😉

        • Oh sweet, thanks!

  20. Dangit! I wanted the Bite beauty, but my box is 575. I just hope that the Nars lip color isn’t a pale color of death or red. I would love mauve or corals. Otherwise, the boxes are pretty good this month.

    • It’s the color bound. Kind of a nude pink.

      • Oooooh, thanks. I could pull off that color!

    • I have the same box and I wanted the bite. I feel the same way!

  21. That bag though!

  22. Super jealous I’m not getting the Bite multi stick 🙁

  23. I wish I could get Nars and Bite because I would love to try both and see which one is better. My box is 575…if anyone from 583 would like to swap their Bite for another Too Faced lip injection gloss then let me know because I hate glosses and will definitely be putting it up for swap.

  24. omg I am box 583 and absolutely love all the products 🙂 can’t wait to get the box.

  25. I have 591 coming. A little disappointed it doesn’t seem like I’ll be getting the Nars or Bite lipstick. I wanted to try either one.

  26. I NEED spoiler for box 591!!!! I am dying over here!!!

    • Same!

    • Same!

    • Me too!

    • Me too! Looks like only the lip item will be a variation possibly

      • I wonder if the Clinique will be a variation. The site shows it for oily and combination skin. Maybe us dry skin people will get something else.

        • I’m dry skin and getting 575 with the clinique, so no customization there.

    • same!!!! ughhhh lol

    • Same!

    • Me too ,these boxes look great though

    • Me too ! I hate not knowing!

    • Same! I really really hope I get the Too Faced and Bite Beauty lip products! 😭

    • It is all the same stuff as the first two spoilers, except it comes with Rainforest of the Sea™ Quench Lip Rescue in the color Nude and Prada Candy as the perfume sample

    • Someone posted a link above to what they think is a picture of the 591 bag. Scroll and check it out. Good luck!

  27. 583 is mine. Always wanted to try the Too Faced Lip Injection and always interested in Bite. Normally I complain about lip product overload, but not this month.

    • I reeeeeally hope you’re right!

  28. Exciting!! I haven’t made a purchase from Sephora in about a month or so, so luckily I haven’t had any of these as a gwp! I will be equally happy with Bite Beauty or NARS.

  29. Super excited for the 575 box but sad the perfume is so small 🙁

    • The perfume samples are always the same size

  30. I am SO excited for the bite! and the clinique moisturizer and the too faced look good sized. the eye cream too actually since eye cream lasts forever. I’m happy!

  31. Has anyone identified the bag for “dry” skin?

    • I have my skin type set as dry and I’m getting box 575.

      • I’m also set as dry and I’m getting 575 as well.

        • Same.

    • I have dry skin listed and I am getting 591.

      • Me too.

        • I’m combo skin and I’m number 591

  32. Of course I got bite. It completely destroys my lips. I don’t wear black mascara so I have high hopes for the moisturizers. My daughter is getting 591. I agree that the difference will be a tarte lip. I was really hoping for a lip scrub, cause it’s so hard to mix some oil and sugar and smear it on my lips. Lol!

    • If you want to trade the bite for my NARS, please let me know!

      • Hey, I want to try to Nars, and I am totally ready to swap my bite for Nars 🙂

  33. So far it looks like I’m gonna like this bag better than my ipsy bag. I wasn’t too impressed with ipsy this month. It looks like I would use everything in the play bag and they are decent sizes. The ipsy sizes were so small. I like sample sizes of lipstick because I won’t use a whole one by the time it goes bad. I love getting mascara because then I don’t have to buy it. And I go through alot of that.

    • Anyone remember minature Avon lipstick samples. Too cute and about six uses out of those.

      • Oh yes I used to LOVE those little Avon lipstick samples! 😊

  34. Hmm I love lip products but not wild about those colors. It’s a less exciting month for me, but still happy with new brands.

  35. I am so excited!!!! The bag is so cute too!!!!!! I can’t wait to get mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. This is my very first bag with Sephora play. I’m the 583 and I’m pretty excited. When do they normally start sending bags out for the month.

    • third week of the month, it can vary though.

  37. Hoping 591 has some exciting new products. No more mascara!

    • The last box variation will likely have all the same products, except a Tarte lip product in place of the Nars/Bite lip product. So you’re probably going to get a mascara. Good news is that this is a full sized mascara though?

  38. I’m so excited to be getting the Tom Ford Neroli Portofino. It’s one of my favorites! I just wish it lasted longer. Great box for me this month!!

    • I’ve been wanting to try it! Hopefully I can swap for it.

      • How does swapping work? You mail each other your items? I tried to sign up for swap on msa, but it hasn’t accepted me. I really don’t like this tom ford ,I would love to swap!

      • I’m getting box 583. I can’t use any of the fragrance samples (migraines) and am always looking to swap them out for *anything* else. I still have all of them from the last 4 boxes 😜

  39. I saw a post on instagram that said the Nars was the shade Bound.

    • I really hope it is bound. I was worried it would be a super light shade, which makes me look like a corpse. Thanks for the info

      • It is I got my box today

  40. So is it box 538 or 583 ?!? I’m box 583 and really hoping this is a spoiler for my box!!😬 I’m so anxious lol

    • 583! Sorry for my earlier typo!

  41. I’m disappointed to find out I won’t be getting a box at all this month. They alerted me that I needed to update my credit card information, which I did. Turns out it’s not good enough to update your credit card info on Sephora… you have to go specifically to the Play section where there’s a different credit card field to fill out. Ugh…. confusing. So now I’ll miss this month, which is a shame because it looks so pretty 🙁

    • Yeah, I’m pretty annoyed with their CS. This is my 1st bag, and I saw they had a REALLY old shipping address in there, so I changed it (on 2/2). The next day it STILL showed the old address, so I contacted CS. They said they CAN’T CHANGE IT UNTIL –AFTER– it ships, so I have to contact them once I get a shipping notification (which sounds like happens AFTER some people even receive their bag!), and THEN they’ll reship to my new address. I was like [email protected]? It’s the 3rd- you can’t make sure it ships to the correct address? They said no, I have to jump through these stupid hoops because that was my shipping address on the 1st. Crappy way to start a sub- this is my first Play bag, definitely starting on a sour note. Sounds like I won’t be getting it until March. Bleh

      • That’s crazy considering we usually don’t receive the Play bag until the 3rd week of the month!!!

        • AGREED. I would totally understand if it was being sent out the first week- but you seriously can’t change the address over a 3 week span? AND I have to contact them again to ask for a reship- they can’t take care of it? Lazy customer service.

  42. I’m so confused. My daughter has a order coming that is ending in 583. There is a 538 too? I thought there was only a 575, 583 and 591?

    • I haven’t heard anything about 538 (I made the same comment as you just a minute ago). Online I’ve only seen 575, 591, and 583, which is my box. I think 538 is a typo, or at least I hope it is!

      • Oops! Totally my typo! This is box 583!

        • Yay!! I’m so excited to be getting this box!!!😁

  43. I haven’t heard about 538 at all, only 583 (as well as 575 and I believe 491). Hopefully this is just 583 with a typo, because 583 is my box lol. And this box is the best one so far!

    • I meant 591, not 491. Sorry!

  44. Does anyone know what shade the Nars lippie is??

    • Bound

      • i was hoping that it would be unlaced or stripped:( but bound is pretty too:)

  45. I just really want Sephora Canada to be able to distribute a version of this box…

  46. Love it. I still have no clue which I’m getting or how to figure out which I’m getting, but that’s cool because it adds to the surprise.

    • Look at your Sephora order history on their website. There should be a February Play! box there. When you see it, look at the last three digits of the item number, and that will tell you which variation you’re getting. So far the variations I’ve seen online are item numbers that end in 575, 583, and 591. 591’s spoilers have not been released as of yet, while 575 got released this week (and I believe this box is 583- it says 538 but I think it’s a typo).

  47. I’m so jealous, I love bite, but I’m getting the nars

    • Me too! Getting NARS but more curious about the bite product.

      • I’d love to swap my Bite for the Nars if anyone is interested!

        • Hi! I’m interested in swapping the bite for NARS! 🙂 Let me know if you want to communicate via email or something to actually follow through with the swap 🙂

    • I’d love to swap my bite to Nars, if anyone interested 🙂

  48. Wish I’d keep my subscription now! I really like these suppliers and liked last month this box as well! December box did nothing for me and so I cancelled, but now. Regretting it! On the other hand I’m still on product overload so don’t *need* anything. I just love trying all the new items!

  49. The bag is really pretty this month. It’s a silky or satiny material and looks like a little lingerie bag.

    My sister-in-law got Box 538 (and she got hers today…grrr…I won’t get mine until next week). The Bite lipstick is very nice.

    • I’m still waiting for a tracking number. I was hoping they would be shipped before the 3 day weekend.

      • My box showed up today. Hasn’t shipped yet according to sephoras site. Fingers crossed!

        • My number never is sent out until after I receive the box lol. Rarely if ever have problems with Sephora but shipping for Play, their tracking is always off for me.

          • Mine say in process. Any idea if that means it’s shipped yet. It’s my first month and I’m excited. I’m getting box 591 has anyone gotten theirs yet? I’m stalking my mailbox daily

          • I got mine yesterday box 591 .The perfume is awesome I’ve wanted some since Christmas .And the Tarte rainforest lip product is very nice ,it’s a nude and its soooo moisturizing .I think I’ll try it in another color full size .Oh sorry the perfume was Prada Candy

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