New Subscription Boxes – Which Should We Review?

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It seems like we learn about a new subscription box almost every day – so we decided it would be fun to try a little roundup of some interesting new boxes at the end of each month, and let you vote for which ones we review next.

(Since this is our first time doing this, we’re including a few interesting boxes that launched at the end of 2016 too.)

As always, thank you for being an MSA reader and telling us your thoughts! Be on the lookout for the “Best Of 2016” voting results soon, too!

The poll is at the bottom of the post. And if there are other boxes you’d like to see us review that aren’t listed here, please let us know in the comments!

1: Kozy Throw Club, a new quarterly subscription from Little Lace Box:

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Little Lace Box has a new quarterly subscription box –LLB Kozy Throw Club! The LLB Kozy Throw Club is an exclusive partnership between Little Lace Box and Amalia Home Collection.

The Box: LLB Kozy Throw Club

The Cost: $49.99 (free shipping)

The Products: Seasonal throws for your home! The first spoilers included your choice of a neutral colorway or a patterned red/cream throw.


2: Kiss Me Lipstick Club, a monthly liquid lipstick subscription from Live Glam:


The Box: Kiss Me Lipstick Club

The Cost: $19.99

The Products: Every month you’ll get 3 new matte liquid lipstick shades.


3: Miroja, a botanical and home goods box focused on “simple design”:


Miroja is a physical botanical boutique in Seattle, WA; their subscription box shipped their first boxes in January.

The Box: Miroja

The Cost: $29.99/month (small) or $39.99/month (medium)

The Products: “Each surprise box contains a plant or plant accessories and home goods all with a focus on simple design.”

4: Sips by, a smart tea sampling box:

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 3.15.45 PM

Sips by (pronounced “bye” not “bee”)  is a tea subscription designed to help you sample and learn about teas from a number of different brands each month. Review your selections on their site and get personalized selections over time. Their first boxes are shipping February 1st.

The Box: Sips by

The Cost: $15/month

The Products: 4 tea samples, enough to make 15+ cups.


5: Headbands of Hope, a “get one, give one” hair accessory box


The Subscription Box: Headbands of Hope Box

The Cost: $35 a box (ships every quarter)

The Products: Each box is packed with 3 exclusive products only available in the Hope Box which can range from fun hair clips to headbands all perfectly curated to go with the trends.


6: Call Number, a librarian-curated box promoting diversity in contemporary literature


Call Number is founded and curated by a librarian to help you build your own collection of contemporary Black literature. Their first boxes shipped in late 2016.

The Subscription Box: Call Number

The Cost: $35/month

The Products: Each month, a box will be delivered to your door that contains a newly released book and 4-5 carefully selected bookish and library-related items tied to themes within the book.


8: My Thrill Club, a book club for fans of thrillers, horror, crime, and mystery


My Thrill Club lets you personalize your subscription with categories like Crime & Mystery, Thriller & Espionage, Horror, or Surprise.

The Subscription Box: My Thrill Club

The Cost: $14.99/month

The Products: Two hardcover books in the category of your choice, plus a movie.


9: LEAF A Year of Wellness Box


The Subscription Box: LEAF A Year of Wellness Box

The Cost: $60 a month

The Products: “Every month for a whole year, you’ll unwrap a different wellness theme with instructions on how to utilize each product (there are 5-7 products in each box including the best of beauty, wellness and fitness products) in a way that seamlessly fits into your life.”


9: CLOTH & PAPER, a luxe pen and stationery subscription


The Subscription Box: CLOTH & PAPER

The Cost: Plans range from $18/month (pens/pencils only) to $48/month (pens/pencils + stationery)

The Products: They have a pens/pencils only subscription and a stationery only subscription, or you can choose to get both. Depending on the box you subscribe to, expect hard to find pens and pencils from around the world, and/or curated stationery and office supplies from a variety of brands.


10: Citrus Hill Clothing, a mystery clothing box boutique


The Subscription Box: Citrus Hill Clothing

The Cost: $80 – $120

The Products: Twice a month, Citrus Hill releases a mystery clothing box. Each box contains 5-6 items and has its own theme, such as athletic wear, springtime sweaters, and more.

11: Valor Blocks, a new subscription from Nerd Block supporting the armed forces

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 2.47.55 PM


The Box: Valor Blocks

The Cost: $34/month

The Products: “Officially licensed subscription boxes for protective personnel, veterans, family, friends, and supporters. In each Block, you’ll receive 4-6 collectibles and an exclusive t-shirt”


12: Disney Princess PleyBox, a new subscription from Pley

Official Disney Princess Subscription Box

The Box: Disney Princess PleyBox

The Cost: $24.99 + $5 Shipping (Box ships every other month)

The Products: Each magical box contains: 4-8 official Disney products (apparel, figurines, fashion accessories and goodies!), a magazine with a princess story and activities, and most charmingly a DYI activity of transforming the shipping box into a playable scene (for example, the box transforms into an elaborate castle that your child can build and then color-in). The retail value of the items in the box is ~$50

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Please review Nestify 🙂

    • Yes! I second this. I would love to see Nestify!

      • Yes, yes, yes!!! Nestify looks so good, but I want to read and see Liz’s take before purchasing.

    • I second this!

    • The bless box by sazan hendrix

  2. Miroja! It sounds interesting, but I would need to see a few reviews before committing.

    • Agreed..Miroja 🙂

  3. Sugarbash, hands down – one of my favorite boxes along with Happy Rebel. Also Miroja and the Citrus clothing sound interesting.

    • I agree with Sugarbash! Ive found this box to have consistently great value for the price, fun and unique items, and they have wonderful customer service.

      • We’ll review Sugarbash! Thanks for the suggestion! 🙂

        • Yay!

          • You stole the words out of my mouth!!!


  4. I would love to see a review of Miroja!

  5. I would love to see Miroja and Thrill Club be reviewed.

  6. Congratulations Liz on your Forbes profile.

    • Thanks so much, Rachelle! 🙂

      • Very cool, congrats!

  7. Leaf has my vote

  8. After hunting around on the internet, LEAF seems like a MSA disaster waiting to happen. Their first box was only $67 in value. Clearly, they don’t read the thousands of comments on MSA! Haha

  9. Thanks to this I just signed up for the play Disney box for my daughter. Now need ideas for my son…

  10. Citrus Hill!
    Poll wouldn’t load for me either…

  11. Of these, I would love to see both Miroja and Cloth & Paper reviewed. I would also like to see Nestify reviewed.

    I know MSA has done some of these in the past, but it doesn’t seem that Yummy Bazaar (both full experience and sampler) are reviewed regularly. I would love to see more comprehensive reviews for that!

    Thanks, guys. You’re awesome. 🙂

  12. Citrus Hill and Leaf..the poll would not load

  13. I would love to see Miroja and Citrus Hill reviewed! Especially Citrus Hill 🙂

  14. I would LOVE to see Miroja, Nestify, and Sugarbash reviewed in the future. A girl can dream, right? ❤️

  15. Why do you not review sugarbash?

  16. MyThrillClub and Miroja

  17. Handpicked beauty box

  18. Leaf! I was intrigued by the “hey check us out” email but they didn’t give an actual listing of what was in a box (I don’t know that they’ve had one yet?) and I would have to see an example before deciding if I could spend the money…

  19. miroja and disney princess

  20. Poll won’t show, but Citrus Hill Clothing has my vote.

  21. My wallet is thankful I am only tempted by one of these boxes!

    • Ahaha, my thought exactly, Kristin!

      Cloth & Paper

      I couldn’t get the poll to load, either with Firefox or Chrome. I’m on a Mac desktop.

      • Too funny that is the only one I would be interested in!

  22. I can’t see the poll either, but

    Citrus Hill Clothing

  23. I want to see a review of Call Number and My Trill Club.

  24. Anna’s poll used to load for me as well but never do now. I don’t have chrome, I am on a computer, not I Pad or phone just FYI

  25. Poll won’t load for me but I would be interested in Miroja and Call Number reviewed 🙂

  26. I can’t get the polls to load anymore. I used to be able to see them on Anna’s posts when she first started them but now they never do. I use Chrome–could it be a compatibility issue?

    Out of the list here, the only one I’d care to read more is the Miroja box. The others just don’t interest me.

    I’m still confused as to why MSA doesn’t review Sugarbash but hoping that it’s in the works. Great box and much better so far than PopSugar to me.

  27. Bombibox!

  28. I can’t get the poll to load(and I have super fast internet) But The Thrill Club sounds Awesome….so much so that I just signed up! I have done all my reading on my Kindle and phone app for several years but 2 hard cover books AND a movie for $14.99 was just to good of a deal to pass up! I’ll let you know what i think when I get it.

    • I did too Deb!! Very excited but I wish I would have been able to make my genre choice at checkout. I am ok with crime but I wanted horror. Might have to get both. Were you under impression we won’t get a box until March??

      • Oh Michelle I was able to chose the Horror….I clicked on the Horror button before the “subscribe”…..I bet that if you contact them they can fix it for you! I’m a little confused when we will get our first box also….sounds like March but then again it has the monthly “Renew” date as March 15th……

        • So I emailed them and they got back to me right away and changed mine to horror. I am so impressed that I think I will go back and sub to mystery too. He did clarify that our boxes will be March. Now I can’t wait!!!

          • I’m so glad you got it fixed…and thanks for the confirmation on when will will get our first one!…and now the wait!

      • I am already with My Thrill Club,and they are worth the money…..when you sign up they bill you but you dont get your first box till the following month…..when I signed up I signed up the last week of November so I could get Decembers box and I just got January box today…..I went into the horror category and I hope they stick around.

        • Tina…can you tell us what you have gotten?

  29. Poll isn’t loading

  30. Would love to see Leaf, Cloth & Paper, LLB Kozy Throw, and Call Number!

  31. Miroja
    Leaf A
    Disney princes

  32. Miroja please 😊

  33. I could only vote for one but Leaf, Miroja and cloth and paper all look fantastic!

  34. Leaf Wellness box and Cloth & Paper box sound interesting.

  35. I can’t get the poll to load – maybe it’s just my spotty wireless, though?

    But from this list, I’d love to see Miroja reviewed! Would also be grateful for reviews of Nestify! 🙂

    • I have great wifi and a brand new laptop. Starting to wonder if it’s my browser (Chrome).

      • Sorry about the poll not working for you. We’ll try to find a different poll tool for future posts!

  36. It isn’t on the list but SUGARBASH is such a fun box!

  37. Miroja looks cool. Autocorrect kept changing that to morons, lol. 😂

  38. I like the Cloth and Paper and The Leaf A Year of Wellness to be reviewed.

  39. Miroji and Cloth & Paper from this list, plus Nestify.

    • This is exactly what I was going to say.

  40. I would love to see Miroja, I’ve never heard of it! And agree with some of the others, I’d love to see Nestify and LV kiki. I know Liz said a review of Bless box was coming, cause it looks interesting too! I’d also love to see Lady Lair, it looks pretty good.

  41. Miroja, Pley, and LEAF a wellness box. I’m going to get the Pley box, and I’m thinking about the Miroja box, but I’m on the fence about the LEAF box.

  42. Sugarbash, Luxebox (Canada), Topbox (Canada)

  43. Miroja looks really cool too

  44. 2. Lipstick Club
    6. Call Number
    8.My Thrill Club…..running to check this one out now!!

  45. I have a friend that will LOVE Cloth & Paper! Miroja intrigues me as well. Would love to see those two reviewed.

  46. I’d love to see Exterior Indulgences and the Remedy Rush reviewed. I subscribe to both and they are great, especially Exterior Indulgences – they offer 2 different-size boxes and everything is homemade, typically has a theme, and they send a feedback survey each month. Love them!

    • I agree with the Exterior Indulgence suggestion– they are just 1 year old and I have received every box except the first one. The shipping has always been right on time. The boxes are usually jam-packed and are nicely curated– I really do recommend this!


    I’ve been buying these soaps for years – they’re handmade and natural, they last a long time, they’re attractive enough for gift-giving, and they smell SO good. I love knowing that I’m supporting a small, artisanal business. Shipping and customer service are always wonderful. And there’s a monthly “soapscription,” too!

  48. I want to see nestify reviewed. There seems to be a lot of interest in the box.

    • Yes!

  49. It’s not a new box but I would love to see LV Kiki reviews!

  50. I would love to see Call Number reviewed! I have been following them intently on IG. I have never seen Miroja but it looks fantastic as well – would love to see a review! Citrus Hill looks promising and MSA clothing reviews are always spot on.

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