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Ipsy March 2017 Glam Bag Reveal + More Sample Spoilers!

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Ipsy 2015 Spoilers

We have MORE spoilers for the March 2017 Ipsy glam bag! Each subscriber will receive one of the following:


And here is the first look at the Glam Bag:


And here are more variations of samples subscribers may receive:

  • Rodial Smokey Eye Pen
  • Ouai Treatment Masque
  • First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Face Moisturizer
  • So Susan Blush & Glow
  • Chella Highlighter Pencil


  • City Color Bold Brow


  • Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion
  • Blender Brush



  • Eva-NYC Mane Magic 10-in-1 Primer

And in case you missed it, some subscribers could pick one of the following samples for their March bag:

Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 4.09.50 PM Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 4.09.55 PM Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 4.10.00 PM Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 4.10.08 PM Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 4.10.15 PM

What do you think of the March 2017 Ipsy Glam Bag spoilers and the bag? Which samples are you hoping for? I’m loving the fold-over clutch design and the pink color!

If you are new to Ipsy, it is a $10 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. If you buy something, MSA may earn an affiliate commission. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. I loved the stuff I got, I was just sad I didn’t get the physical bag – I was excited for it, it was really cute…

  2. i recieved a “cake ” body mousse,a blush,and a mint eye serum in my bag this month.the blush is the only thing that matches whats in the bag on the sneek peek.nothing else 3 of 5.😟

  3. Just subscribed today! 03/14, wondering if i’ll be getting march’s bag or april?

    • You’ll be getting aprils

  4. 1. OFRA blush pan
    2. blending brush
    3.Tarte lip paint in “vibin”
    4.The balm bronzer
    5. Dr. Brandt dermabrasion mask

  5. So happy to see this cute bag after the dreadful Blue/orange one. I know a lot of people loved that bag but for as long as I can remember I hated blue and orange together. Don’t care if its denim or not! Not a big loss for me because I loved (almost) everything in my bag and even if I didn’t it’s well worth more than 10$ to me.
    (Any bags I don’t like I give to my daughter to play and pretend with. Win-win!)

    This is a beautiful bag though!!! Definitely gonna be in my purse!!!! I hope the texture is like it looks! So excited.

  6. Oh I really like that bag! I have 2 brushes from Beau Gachis (smudge and shadow) and they are two I reach for as often as the Luxie and MAC brushes I have!

  7. Omg I want that Rodial eyeliner pen. I swear by their pencils and would LOVE to try the pen!!

  8. I asked to pick a sample and I was able to pick the PUR cosmetics colncealer. I don’t see that as a sample option.

    • Same thing with me. I messaged and asked and they said we’d still be getting what we wanted from the options we were gave. So we’re still getting pur 7 in 1 concealer pen. Hope this helps!! 😄

    • That’s what I asked for too! It was confirmed that it will be included in my bag. I don’t think they show ALL the possible products you can get… Correct me if I’m wrong anyone but its usually everyone will get at least ONE of the products revealed here.

  9. They told me the size of the Ladykins is 5 ml, so that travel size sells for $4. The full size is much larger and sells for $16.

  10. If I subscribed today, will the February bag be my first month, or the March one? Was hoping for the march but was a little bit confused.

    • The march will be your first. I signed up in Feb and was told i was on the wait list so march is probably the one

    • Most likely billing starts the first if the month

  11. I (re) signed up this month because I wanted to try the lippie. I emailed them and she let me know it would be included. I am really optimistic for good ipsy bags this time around, I only kept my sub for about 4 months last year.

    • I did the exact same thing, last year I got about 3-4 months and was very disappointed over all so I quit. Well I started back up 5 months ago and my bags have only gotten better and better!! My last bag had a value of like $80!! Make sure to be very critical on your reviews, it took a month or two for the bags to start reflecting my taste, but now I couldn’t be happier. Though I probably just jinxed myself for this month! haha. Fingers crossed

  12. I really hope I don’t get the eye shadow. They’re tiny and in my opinion not good at all

  13. I got the dr Brandt micro dem full size on boxycharm…

    • I got it in the Macy’s sample bag and it really sucks. I got maybe two uses out of the little tube because it wasn’t fully filled with the product. The two times I used it it left my skin very dry and didn’t help clean my pores or remove dead skin.

  14. I really hope I get that first aid cream it really helps me with my dry itchy skin #ipsyglambag

  15. Another item that could be in your bag is the Dirty Little Secret Cosmetics Blush in Kitty Pink!I asked through the ipsycare contact for a blush in march, and was told I’d be getting that one. 🙂

    • I’m getting the blush. I asked for it. I’m excited

  16. I wish this had been the February bag. I thought the January one was so cute but the February one was ugly. Oh well, better late than never. I would be ok with most of the things it looks like we might get this month. I’m still comparing this to the Sephora play bags so we shall see. It looks like it will be better than last month for sure.

  17. I knew the March bag was going to be fabulous!!! I cannot wait!!!

  18. Ugh, I just got that Rodial smokey eye pen in my last bag and I don’t like it at all. I really hope they don’t send me another (I rated it low, so hopefully the algorithm works).

    For some reason, I have a hard time using any eyeliner that isn’t a liquid pen. Anything else seems to skid across my eyelids. I guess I have bumpy eyelids? 🙁

    • If a certain type of product doesn’t work for you, definitely let them know! Their customer service department is wonderful! 🙂

  19. I am glad the bag wasn’t the sailor motif. I do hope I get a makeup brush. I am into my 3rd month and haven’t received one yet.

    • This will be my 3rd month also and I’m hoping to get a makeup brush to try as well. Good luck!

  20. I hope I get the snail cream. I’m loving this months bag.

  21. I can’t wait to see what I get! Love the bag and I’m crossing my fingers for dr. Brandt and lipgloss.

  22. Was excited to give this a try, but the only way to get off the Wait list is to post a message on Twitter and Facebook. I use Twitter along with other social media (hello Instagram and Snapchat), but I don’t belong to Facebook. I guess I have to wait. Just my opinion, but I really wish websites would stop being so Facebook centric.

    • Email them and ask. I couldn’t get the sharing links to work at all, so I emailed them about it and they took me off the waitlist.

    • Are you sure it was both? I only posted to twitter and got off the waitlist.

    • I suggest creating a Facebook account just to use for Ipsy because you need to post for your points monthly. Also use it for other things like this. You can use your middle name for your last name. And you don’t have to put a picture.

      • You don’t have to post them on fb to get the points. I never post them on Facebook and I get points every month when reviewing. You can turn off the post them to Facebook and twitter things on the bottom of reviews.

      • Yes, the little FB and twitter symbols at the bottom of the reviews are actually buttons. Hit them (turn them off) and it turns off the posting of your reviews on those sites.

      • Thanks for that idea! I’ve been getting Ipsy for about 6 months now (I think it’s super affordable and like trying all the new stuff) and didn’t want to link them to all my FB info.
        Btw- they offer no wait times every couple of months (?) now. That’s how I subbed.

    • I don’t do Facebook, or any of those sites. So, I called, and called them out- on this ‘free’ advertising- bunk.’ I was then removed from the wait-list that day. Humm, can we say ‘scam,’ about this wait-list? But, I do LOVE IPSY, they are very good at picking what I like!

  23. I love that bag!!!

    • I thought I saw on a sneak peek that the bag for March was a nautical theme? Did anyone else see that? I’m glad it’s this bag though so pretty.

      • I saw that too. I don’t know what site it was, but it was a black and white picture that showed part of a nautical themed bag. This bag is so much nicer.

        • that was an old bag from March 2013. Us super old ipsters recognized it and brought it to Liz’s attention

  24. Please not that tiny sample from the Balm or the red lippie from Tarte. Anything else please.
    I do not wear red and have received way too many red lip products in the past three months. Isn’t red season over? The bag is very cute though.

    • You can email them and tell them you don’t like that and they will do their best not to send it to you

  25. I really don’t care what I get I just want the bag!

  26. That bag is ADORABLE! Much better than Feb, YAY Ipsy!

    • Totally agree, It’s hard to tell for sure and I know some are saying it’s not a fold over clutch but I noticed that the shadow of the bag definitely looks like it might be! Ill be super impressed if it is!!

      • If you look at the picture on a larger screen than a phone, you can see it’s designed to look like a fold over.

        • /cry oh well, still pretty

  27. I like what I see of the bag! I hope it looks just as cute in person.

    I really hope to receive the Tarte in Delish. I’d love to try their lip paint. I already requested the Elizabeth Mott shadow brush – I did consider changing my request to the Tarte, previously. At least I’ve opted out on bronzer so I know I won’t get that Balm product.

  28. Ooh is this bag a clutch? It looks super cute – much better than last month’s! I hope I get the Tarte matte lip paint, since I love Tarte. 🙂 I hope they don’t send me The Balm because I’m too pale for that color/ I don’t wear bronzer.

    • I don’t think it’s a clutch. I think the top just looks like it’s folded over, as you’d find on a clutch.

  29. Love love love this bag!!!

  30. Yay! I have been wanting this spoiler! Super cute bag 🙂

  31. I just got that OUAI treatment in one of my boxes last month….it smelled great, but…guys….it wasn’t even enough to cover my BANGS!
    I definitely would not recommend it…

  32. I love that bag!

  33. I selected the snail cream awhile ago and am thankful I did. I received the Tarte GLOSSY lip paint in December, would be happy to try the matte version as I LOVE tarte!!!!!! I always get the balm samples so more than likely that’s what’ll be in my bag – at least others like them and they swap well. Super glad I requested NO more eyeliners, at least I know that won’t be in there. Not the most exciting list of inclusions, but I always seem to find one or two things I’m excited about and happy to have.

  34. Ok, Ipsy, I see you. I’ve been disappointed recently, but this bag is actually way more attractive than last month’s, and some of the items look pretty good. Fingers crossed!

  35. ahhh I want that chella highlighter! I LOOOVVEE that product

    • How does one apply highlighter from a pencil? I received it from a black friday mystery box (another sub) and have no idea how to use it.

      • I love Chella highlighters! It’s more of a chubby crayon than a pencil. It’s soft, so you can literally color on your face wherever you want some highlighter, and then blend it in. I use mine to brighten my undereye area and highlight my cheekbones and cupid’s bow.

      • I mostly use it in my corners of my eyes to make me look more awake, or as an eyebrow highlighter…

  36. Looks good, pretty excited. Cant quite tell whats going on with the bag, but I’m just happy it looks unique! I’m honestly surprised they haven’t done a unique shaped bag, like a cat or something, no? Omg a black cat bag for Halloween would be amazing! I know, completely irrelevant and a long way off lol. Samples look pretty good, Id love the firstaid moisturizer, the OUAI treatment, (I’m getting the snail since I requested it, soooo cute and its a really nice cream). The smokey eye pen also looks really interesting, am so excited to see what this month brings!

    • I would take a cat-shaped bag any month, really. There are four conditions under which I’ll consider buying something I’m not otherwise interested in:

      1. it is shaped like a cat
      2. it has a picture of a cat on it
      3. it is a cat
      4. cat

      • SAME here girl!

        Would kill for a cat- shaped ipsy bag 😀
        Let’s hope they are following these comments…

        • Hi Sandra!
          Sign me up…perhaps they can do a series of cat bags. I would like a black & white tuxedo, a little tabby, a Siamese-cross with little white paws, and a big ginger.
          These are only the start of my cat bag list…more to follow.

      • I genuinely loled at this. 😀

      • lol <3

      • But three implies you wouldn’t be interested in buying the cat in the first place, which must be wrong. 😸

        • Julia, that is a good point. Perhaps rather than say “otherwise not interested” I should say “otherwise not intending” to purchase.

          True story: several years ago I went to Petsmart to buy cat litter for the cats I already had. It was supposed to be an in-and-out-nah-you-can-stay-in-the-car-I’ll-just-be-a-minute thing, especially as we were on our way to have lunch with family out-of-town. Well, a local shelter was having a cat adopt-a-thon that day in Petsmart, and as I was bringing the cat litter up to the register, I saw a cat who looked JUST like the first cat I ever had as a child (still the love of my life). I went over to him, petted him, picked him up, and he rested his head on my shoulder, the EXACT same way the cat he so reminded me of had.

          45 minutes, a $120 adoption fee, some paperwork, and a carrier purchase later, we resumed our trip, with the new cat meowing occasionally from the back seat, and my husband giving me major side-eye. When we arrived at our relatives’ (who fortunately are also cat-people) home, my husband explained our near-hour tardiness by jerking his thumb in my direction and saying “sorry we’re late. She impulse purchased a cat.”

          (To Liz and non-cat folks: sorry this has gotten off-topic, but, you know, cats.)

          • Aww I love this story! That’s something that has happened in my family as well. Sub boxes and cats are totally related – they both bring some of us joy, and can cause allergic reactions in others. Oh and you can enjoy both without leaving the house.

          • Cats!
            Thank you for bringing him home. I have tears in my eyes.

          • Love this story, even though I’m a dog person. 😉

          • I totally loved your story and as I was lol’ng at your amazing story my own two kitty loves came out to see what all the noise was lol. 🐺🐱 Would love to see a kitty themed beauty bag or box in case anyone reads these comments.

          • Love the story

  37. Tried to reach them for lip paint in Delish – if I get another red lipstick I’ll probably cancel my subscription 🙁 the bag looks pretty though!

  38. Hi Liz,
    How do we select which sample we want in our next bag, please? if I click on your link “can pick” I just get sent to Survey Monkey, not a place to select.

    • Hi Rosemary,

      Sorry! Ipsy has closed the selection window for March. I’ll post again when we have sample options for April, though! (You can always reach out to [email protected] to make a request, too.) Hope that helps!

      • Thank you Liz!

  39. It seems like a ton of repeats, nothing new or exciting.

    • I agree 😟. Pretty disappointed so far. I’ve received most of these items or close duplicates in previous Glam bags, so I’m a bit worried I might get a repeat.

  40. ❤️ Love the glam bag! It looks like a little clutch. Love the zipper! Thanks for posting Liz 💕

    • Me too! This is the glam bag I wanted for February, but I’ll take it in March! 🙂

  41. How can these be variations when some don’t include one of the 3 items above that are definitely included? Will those bags have 6 items? Sorry, I am confused.

    • Good point! Going to clarify the post now!

      • You cant pick items anymore. I tried and it said its closed.

    • I would guess that one of the “items” is the bag itself…

  42. Love that bag design!

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