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FabFitFun Spring 2017 Box Spoiler #2 + #3 + $10 Coupon!

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FabFitFun Box

We have TWO MORE SPOILERS for the Spring 2017 FabFitFun box! (If you haven’t signed up yet, use coupon code MSA10 to save $10 off your first box!)

Each box will include:


A RealHer Lip Kit! Select Members (annual subscribers) will be able to choose their shade between the Deep Nude shade pictured above or the following:


RealHer Lip Kit in Deep Red


RealHer Lip Kit in Neutral Pink

And all subscribers can now log in and make their choice on an additional item in the box:

Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 2.05.14 PM

More details on each item:

Emerald Duv Cuff Bracelet: We’re obsessed with this cage bracelet. Inspired by the vibrant and distinctive nature of the West Coast, this handcrafted piece will add an effortless flair to your timeless look. UPDATE: this bracelet is gold plated brass. Retail Value: $80

Love AJ Earring Set: You’ll be smiling from ear to ear in this stunning set of rose gold climbers and studs. UPDATE: It’s made of brass plated rose gold. and adorned with sparkling stones, so these baubles will be great for any occasion. Retail Value: $85

And in case you missed the first spoiler:


A Gypsy 05 Roundie

FabFitFun Select (annual) subscribers will get to select the pattern of their choice!


If you aren’t familiar with a Roundie, it’s a thin blanket that can work as a picnic blanket, a beach blanket, a shawl, a wall tapestry, etc!


What do you think of the latest Spring 2017 FabFitFun Box spoilers?

If you are a new subscriber, and you sign up now, your first box will be the Spring Box. This box is regularly $49.99, but you can use coupon code MSA10 to save $10 off your first box!

Check out all of my FabFitFun reviews to see what’s been in past boxes!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. OH MY GOD. I just went to check on add-ons, and it says my account is expired!

    • Ok it seems like it was a technical issue, sorry if I freaked anyone out.

      • I had a mild breakdown as well. You weren’t alone. 😉

  2. it’s like FFF has been reading my mind.From last year I have wanted a round those roundies. Then have been looking around for ear climbers for months now and when FFF asked what I wanted in my spring box I said ear climbers. These are so beautiful too. Just the look I would of pickes. So now the who lip kit in nude is a dream come true. I dont own a matching set. I also won 25 dollars in add-on cash so I have one of those tan jean and t-shirt bags and a Spongelle in pear. I never tried a Spongelle yet. That roundie in blue and white is so super cute. This truely can’t get any better… Oh no but it did! When they added a braclet bangle for an extra 10 bucks…. Omg I am in heaven..

    • did you find a picture of the cuff and earrings to choose from??

    • The Spongelle in pear is amazing! It smells good, really cleans and exfoliates your skin and you can use it over and over and over! You will love it!

    • Where do you find a picture of what the cuff or earrings look like?

  3. Very cool! Love being able to make my picks. I chose the emerald cuff braclet, blue rug and neutral pink lip kit.

    • Thanks for posting! Now I can’t decide between the nude and pink. I probably will swap whatever I get though. I tend to just wear clear lip balm.

      • I’m new to fab fit fun. I did receive my editors box and am looking forward to the spring box.
        However people talk about subbing, what is subbing, and how do you do that?

        • Hi Deb! You have already started down the slippery slope of “subbing”…it’s short for “subscription”.

  4. Oh no 🙁 I REALLY want this box but im on a budget! Do you ladies think it will likely sell out fast?

    • I feel like their boxes have not selling out fast, but between that and their Editor’s boxes (and the swap site), I think its fairly easy to get anything you really want.

      Hope that helps and good luck!

      • So sorry! They have been selling out fast.

        Stupid phone 😬

  5. This only my second box and think it’s great we know a couple of items in the box! Better than at random items! I won’t pay full price for these items so I’m thankful each item is a fraction of the retail value! And a steal of a deal!

  6. Ugh I’m not an annual member (yet). I’m really hoping for the red lippies and not really any roundie. But if I had to chose I’d pick the first one? Really I thought that sea foam green was the prettiest, but I know that’s not available for a choice. Hoping I can swap for what I want.

    • If I get the red, I will send them to you! I hate red lipstick.

  7. I think Kristin is correct about the bracelet possibly being the Joshua Tree cuff bracelet. There’s a theme here. The spoiler about Hippie roundies. A lot of the add-on’s with descriptions about being great for an outdoor concert. And the girl on the FB video talking about Coachella…this entire box really seems to be all about Coachella.

    • I was going to get an extra Spring box, but not now. I am also boycotting the crappy bracelet. Changing the bracelet price on the seller’s website is worse than if FFF just corrected the price. It’s junk jewelry in the first place, why exacerbate the lie of it’s inflated RV?

      • Agree, I find this sort of thing really annoying and dishonest. I saw with my own eyes that this bracelet was selling for $75 the day before. Just be honest about the (inflated) price. Ugh.

        • Ugh, this is super shady. It would have been much better if FFF just lowered the price on it. In my mind, it’s basically confirmation that that’s the bracelet though.

          • UGH. I can’t believe they’d do something so shady. Sounds like something PSMH pulled in the past. So not cool. 🙁

      • Hi
        Guys that was an error on our backend. The bracelets are actually 112.0 we lowered the price they just messed up on our backend. For the inconvenience to all who had this happen to please use code #LOVE and receive 30% off whatever you want on the site.

        Emerald Duv

        • Sweet! Thank you!!!

      • I canceled my sub bracelet is junk and its ugly the towel is ugly I’m just not into this stuff

  8. Anyone else notic that earlier today the lip selections stated “neutral pink” and now just says pink? Makes me think it’s a bright pink as others have suggested. I am going with nude now.

    • I’m hoping to hear from FFF or Liz. I’d love a flattering pink! Bright magenta? Not so much. I prefer more subtle lips so I can go all out on my eye makeup. 🙂

    • I also hope they clarify on the lip color. I’d love a pink but not a bright one! In the meantime, I’ve switched to the nude as well.

  9. When is the last day to order this box? When do they ship the spring boxes? Anyone???

    • It ships mid march if you order now or have ordered, otherwise, 7-10 days after you order. It says in the fabfitfun site

  10. Ok I’ve figured out why the colors seem off, especially the pink seems sooo much crazy brighter on youtube/swatches.

    This kit includes liquid lipstick, plumping gloss, and the lip liner. The confusion is that there’s overlap in the names, but not exactly. The super bright pink we’re seeing is the Women Rule the World SOLID lipstick. If you choose neutral pink, you get the Women Rule the World LIPLINER, but the I Am Gorgeous LIQUID lipstick and the I Am a Rockstar plumping GLOSS.

    Now, I don’t know if these are new or something, but I can’t find any swatches of these 3 “neutral pinks” anywhere online. Even on the RealHer website, for some reason these particular swatches aren’t loading. So I’m going to assume they are new and are more muted that the crazy bright Women Rule the World SOLID lipstick we are seeing swatches of.

    • That’s basically what I concluded, but I’d really like confirmation. Since I can’t get the actual swatches online and they were really misleading with that video… I’d rather have concrete evidence.

    • Yes, I think you’re right. The Real Her website sells all three lip kits shown here but for some reason the page hasn’t loaded for me all evening so it’s really hard to see what the colors actually look like.

      • Try the Realher Facebook page! I was able to see the colors there and match the items with swatches. The pink looks very neautral!

  11. If you buy a second box and are a select member, can you customize that box as well?
    If you get an editor’s box, can you customize that?

    • Hi! I chatted with CS last night and they said the add on boxes were already filled, so no customization. Hopefully I get different things than what I ordered!

    • No, you can’t customize your add-on box or editor box, but if you’re trying to get both jewelry items (earrings and bracelet) you don’t need an additional box, you can get both for only $10 extra in your Spring box!

    • Thanks, gals. I was hoping to select a scarf from the editors box. Oh well. I will just get the one I want as an add-on:)

  12. Hi Liz! I am really confused about the lip colors in this box. The pink colors look pretty neutral above, but the swatches of “Women Rule the World” on the internet look really bright. The matte liquid lipstick in “I Am a Rockstar” also looks way darker. Could you confirm? I don’t want to waste my choice on something really unflattering.


  13. Hello all! 🙂 This may be a silly question, but I am fairly new to FabFitFun and I was wondering a couple things…I purchased the Editor’s Box earlier this month, (already received it) and was wondering if my next box will be the Spring box?
    Second, I have a credit in my account and I’m wondering will that be used towards my next box?
    Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thank You!

    • I reached out to customer service today and yes you will get a spring box as well. Hope that helps.

    • Credit can be used towards add ons

  14. I love that they gave you the option to get the cuff AND the earrings for an additional $10… that was a complete no brainer!! I have been a member of FFF for over 3 years and they just never disappoint. I think I am the most excited about this box!! I was going to get the Popsugar special edition resort box and instead opted to getting an extra one of these instead. I’m antsy to get my box now…. this is always so exciting!!!

    • How do you get the cuff and earrings add on?I’m new to this and went to the add on page but i don’t see the items

      • it’s under the “Customize” section but is only available if you are an annual/select subscriber I think.

        • I am not an annual/select member and had the option to chose it under “Customize”

  15. Brass-plated jewelry is probably not nickel-free, so I’m worried I won’t be able to wear either. I don’t really get how jewelry made of inexpensive materials is still $85.

    The natural pink looks so bright and not very natural. That’s kind of disappointing… 🙁

    • The price of the jewelry seems over inflated to me too.

    • I am also allergic to nickel. I contacted their customer care earlier today and someone will be letting me know if they are nickel-free or not.

      • That would be great if you could update us! Thank you so much. 🙂

    • Brass is a combination of copper and zinc. I make jewelry often and that is what i have learned.

      • But it’s brass plated with gold (brass underneath, gold on top), right? It’s not _some unknown under-metal_ plated with brass over it. So the brass underneath could have possibly contain some small amount of nickel, but it’s not like pure nickel under brass is a possibility right?

        • You’re right, I might have read it wrong! I’m just a little suspicious because plating is a common way to hide cheaper ingredients like nickel, and frequently results in my skin becoming inflamed and very sensitive. 🙁 I’ll be REALLY happy if that doesn’t happen, though, since I’m related to most of the main earring wearers in my life and they’re also allergic!

          • Oh totally, but I think for the supposedly $85 RV, brass is really cheap lol, so they are hiding it with gold on top. For $15 or $20, maybe it would be brass hiding something even cheaper than that, like nickel. Or…a stick lol.

          • Hey, don’t insult my $20 Target necklace! 😉 Usually cheap stuff is sterling silver plated, which might actually be preferable since apparently copper (in brass) is a fairly common allergen. I feel like my skin keeps getting more sensitive recently, so I’m just bitter lol. I used a Sephora hand mask last night, and my skin isn’t happy…

          • Don’t worry! That just means that when people buy jewelry for you, it will have to be real gold or silver!

          • I know that sounds good in theory, but it’s actually super awkward when you get a present from someone you don’t know as well (family of significant other) and it’s like “actually I probably can’t wear this…”! You can probably guess what my partner’s mom got me for Christmas. 😭

          • My husband bought me a cute set of Swarovski jewelry…once. I wore the earrings and my earlobes turned red within a day. No more “cheap” jewelry for me…but that also means I don’t get a lot of jewelry, but that’s OK.

          • Yup that happens. I used to think it happened to everyone – beauty is pain, right? Earrings are the worst, because nickel salts apparently get into your skin more easily through piercings. 🙁 I don’t want to make someone think they were cheap for buying Swarovski though, since I’m actually a total people pleaser in real life.

            Having less jewelry isn’t a huge problem but it does make it hard to try out trends or wear gaudy gemstones. Oh well!

  16. I’m so glad they have the choice option. I can’t wear earrings so the bracelet option was a no brainer. Earrings sound gorgeous though!

  17. How are the add ons packaged? This is my first box, and I’m considering gifting it to my niece for her birthday. The 3 spoiler items are perfect for her. However, I’d like to keep the second jewelry item for myself, as well as a couple add ons. Will it be obvious that I took stuff out of the box, which is odd for a gift?

    • Add ons are not in the box itself, you will receive the bxo and add ons in a larger shipping box. You can easily reorganize the box if you take anything out!

      • Thanks!

  18. Anyone else an annual member but only being given the “choice” option?

    • The selection options came up for me after I made the “choice” selection.

      • thank you! that worked!

    • I had to log out of my account and log in again to get the select options after I picked my choice. Hope it works for you!

  19. Can someone please explain a select member versus annual member?
    I cannot do a bold lip so I want to pick neutral… this will be my first FFF and I’m planning on doing it Friday.

    • Sorry for the confusion! Annual subscribers are called the Select Members, so the terms are one in the same. Hope that helps!

  20. On the spoiler video they said 8 different designs to choose from, but at customize there are only 3. Are they adding more?

    • There is a second video on FB to clarify. Chose from three; others available for purchase.

    • Showing many choices for the “roundie” then Selling you Five of the choices?? Really bummed me out. Now receiving a roundie I dislike the least!!

      • Agreed! I only liked the purple and sea foam/mint – the ones that weren’t an option! Wouldn’t have probably been disappointed if I didn’t know about the others!

  21. Has there been any spoilers for the jewelry? I don’t know what to pick.

  22. I didn’t get an email for this, so thanks for the heads-up! So much fun to be able to go in and make your own selections!!

  23. Liz, or whomever, in the jewelry section, it says our selection is not guaranteed. I chose both but if I don’t get both, I STRONGLY prefer the earrings. Do they prioritize in any way or is it safer to just pick the earrings?

    • If you choose both, I think you will get both. You need to pay $10 extra to get both. They shouldn’t charge you $10 more to give you just one item. The “not guarantee” part is for picking one of them only, I assume…

      • They could though, not charge the $10 if they run out of one and give me whatever they have. That is my fear.
        I am guessing a lot of people will opt for both since it’s so cheap!

      • While in theory they aren’t at all worth the retail price neither is Chanel costume jewelry so paying $10 for something that is selling for that retail in stores is a great deal! And what jewelry can you buy for $10 in stores these days anyway? I sold the last one that wasn’t my style and almost paid for the whole box that way, of things I loved.

  24. I got both the jewelry items ( too good a deal not to!), the purple/teal ash colored roundie, and the nude lip color! So excited about all of it- this is going to be an amazing box!

    • I originally did just the cuff bracelet (I don’t wear earrings like at ALL) but after thinking about it, decided for an extra $10 I can give the earrings as a nice gift! So I chose both jewelry items, the blue/green tie dye roundie, and the neutral pink….I keep going back between the pink and the deep red (my absolute favorite color) but it’s hard to see what both actually look like…in one picture from their website, the pink lipstick was like a shocking pink (to me) and the red looked really nice….ugh. I will probably go with the pink. No, the red….SIGH….

      • Lol same problem but between nude and red XD The struggle is real! Will probly do the nude tho, as I’m less likely to wear a red very often (I’m crazy pale, so certain shades of red can look pretty awful on me lol)

  25. Why can’t I find the choice items? I’m a seasonal member but this post says it is for seasonal?!?

    • Tha choices are for annual member only.

    • Seasonal members can only choose their jewelry item – the options are under the “customize” tab at the top of the page.

    • Choose customize in the FabFitFun menu and seasonal members can choose either the bracelet or the earrings but cannot see what they actually look like.

  26. Is there any discount code that will work for an annual sub? The MSA10 will only work if I’d do monthly, but I’d rather be able to choose my colors.

    • Nope, there’s not! I think when I switched to annual, it said it’s not eligible for any coupons of any kind. The best I’ve seen is they’ll maybe give you $10 in add-on credits if you sign up for annual, but I think that’s been when they’re doing the editor’s box.

      This might not be an option for you, but I did my first box in the fall as seasonal so I could use the coupon, and THEN upgraded to annual for the next four seasons. It might be worth chatting with them if you do it that way to see if they’d let you make your selections, but there’s no guarantee… their customer service is pretty great, though.

      • I did this too! It worked. As long as you know you’d want to continue it for 5 seasons, it’s probably worth it.

      • This is what I did too. I did seasonal to get my editors box ( and was able to use one of those promotional coupons) then I got an email a week or two
        later for 10 dollars in add in credit to upgrade to select.

  27. SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS!! I am loving all of the spoilers so far! 🙂

  28. Am I understanding this correctly that both jewelry options are fully gold, not gold plated??

    • I would love to know this too! Can someone (Liz? :D) ask fabfitfun to clarify?

    • Fully gold – there’s no way.

    • It says the earrings are brass plated rose gold on the learn more part under the choices.

      • When I went on earlier, it just said rose gold on the earrings, and just said gold on the bracelet. I know it’s ridiculous to think that’d be the case, but I checked and double-checked, and there was no mention of plating. I’m assuming it’s plated, but the description from FFF is misleading if that’s the case.

        • Emerald Duv is a cheap-o jewelry line created by Kristin Cavallari. There’s NO way it’s actually gold. Misleading FFF!

          • I went to the Emerald Duv website, and I don’t see any cuff valued at $80. I do see a lot of junk jewelry.
            What the heck is “special e-coated brass”…I haven’t heard the process of “electroplating” being churched-up like this before.

          • LOL Victoria cheap-o! Love it! 🙂
            I kind of figured you’re paying for the name not the product, but at least the Kris Nations stuff has said it’s gold plated brass – no doubt about what you’re getting.

            It could be an exclusive design, Rosemary. Who knows, though!

  29. I went with both jewelry options for the $10 upgrade. I don’t usually wear earrings but the fact that they are rose gold intrigues me. I also chose the tie dye roundie and pink lip kit. Those were the hardest to decide between. I almost had them surprise me with the roundie because I think they are all cool and unique in their own way. I also couldn’t decide between the nude and pink lip kit but settled on the pink. Like other people have said I wish they showed swatches of the colors.

    • Nicole, if you go to the selection page, there are those “fake” swatches – not swatches on skin, but what looks like swatches on paper or something. Not exactly a swatch, but still somewhat helpful.

      • THANK YOU for this! I changed to the nude color from the pink based on this. That pink would be bad for me…

        • I was just going to say tje same thing! Saved me from that bright pink!!! I now picked the nude, too!

          • Haha I am a seasonal subscriber so I was scared after seeing it that I’d get stuck with the pink and it’d be way too bright for my pale self! But I was hoping that at least everyone else who *can* chose can now make a more informed suggestion.

            One word of caution…the pink on this page looks much more muted. So I’m not sure if the bright pink will actually be the same color! The swatches shown on that site were posted almost a year ago so they could have changed the formula since then. But my best guess would be that they are still the same.

      • Yeah I saw the same thing on a YouTube video. How is that pink neutral? I guess I’ll go with the nude… 🙁

        • Thank you!!! I hope that nude works with my pale skin with very cool undertones. You are sooooooooooooo helpful.

  30. I fell & fell hard. I’m hoping for the nude or pink lip kit. I don’t wear much makeup any more but when I do, I like it to be subtle. Since I had the $10 MSA coupon, I went ahead and got both jewelry items.

      • Because they stated a price of 75$ and (earring set).

      • Kelsey : you might be right! And these are beautiful too.

      • Oooooh I hope you are right! I will be SO happy if these are the earrings… these are gorgeous!!!

      • You win!!! Yay, now go search for an exact match for the bracelet for us! Go forth!

        I hope it’s not that Joshua Tree bracelet, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed the $75 vs $80 price and the fact that it’s brass means that’s not it. Also, nothing about the Joshua Tree bracelet says “the vibrant and distinctive nature of the West Coast” to me. Although, Joshua Tree national forest is in Colorado…hmmm…

        • Joshua Tree is in California…

        • Joshua Tree National Park is actually in California, so I think it could easily be the bracelet. Or maybe it’ll be slightly different for the box.

        • Whoops yes I meant California – stupid phone autocorrect…

          I still hope it’s not that bracelet though lol.

        • The description on fabfitfun’s page definitely says brass – gold plated. And the listing on the emerald luv page now says $80 so I’m guessing this is the bracelet. Sketchy the price changed though.

          • That is soooooooo dodgy.

      • I think Kelsey is right too. Plus if you click on the picture and start to do a “save as” you will see the name of the picture is “fff-diamond-crawler_grande.jpg” I’m guessing the fff stands for fabfitfun?

      • How do you where crawlers? Do you have to have more than 1 piercing?

    • Thank you for the link, between the cheap looking bracelet and other spoilers I’m sitting out on the spring box.

  31. Can someone clarify the earrings? They climb up the ear and a stud? That is what I am understanding.

    • It literally states “rose gold climbers and studs”.

  32. Thanks for the spoilers! Is there anywhere to see what the earrings and bracelet look like? I don’t see images on the FFF site and just Googling the names of the products doesn’t show what it would look like. Thanks!

    • That’s the whole point. You won’t know until it arrives. They are keeping it a secret.

  33. Ah I don’t know which lip kit to order!!! They sucked me in… I just upgraded to Select because if I get another red lip product in a subscription box I will cry! Lol… but I can’t decide between the pink and the nude!!! I tried finding the colors on the website but wasn’t having any luck… REALLY wish there were swatches!!! I think I’m going to choose to be surprised with the color of the roundie though and hope I get one of there 5 other patterns? I like them a lot better than these three!

    • The other five patterns aren’t part of the spring box unfortunately. They’re going to be putting the other roundie colors up in the shop in late Spring.

      • Aw man what a bummer!!! Thank you so much for letting me know… I am definitely going to pick a pattern now. I had to watch the Facebook live video without sound so I thought all 8 patterns were going to be in the boxes… shoot!

        • I know, it’s so disappointing. They actually did say at first that they were all available as options, but then posted another video clarifying that it’s just these three. There are tons of comments on Facebook from people who are upset about it.

    • If you go to the selection page, there are those “fake” swatches – not swatches on skin, but what looks like swatches on paper or something, if you know what I mean? Not exactly a swatch, but still somewhat helpful.

      • Oh good! I haven’t gotten that far yet, I didn’t realize they were there. Thanks girl!

        • You’re welcome! 😀

  34. I was excited to see the roundie, now I am not so sure of this box. I do not like gold jewelry at all and don’t wear lip products. This may not be for me.

  35. I bought both jewelry options, neutral pink lip set (though I’m nervous about it because the color on the website for “Women Rule the World” is a bright pink), and the paisley yellow roundie to give to my mom.

    Liz, do you happen to know the diameter of the roundie?

    • Are selections open? I didnt get an email about it.

      • Jen, they are. If you go to “Customize”, you get to pick the “Choice” option and then the two select options.

    • FabFitFun just passed along this info on the Roundie:

      This super practical and trendy beach blanket is made out of 100% cotton
      It has a diameter measurement of 62 1/2″
      Our roundie also makes a great picnic blanket, bed cover, or table top

      Hope that helps! 🙂

  36. LOVE the towel! I already have one round towel, so it will be great to have 2!

    • I don’t think its a towel. It seems to be more of a cotton tablecloth type thing. Thin.

  37. I am so excited! I picked the bracelet and earrings. I do wish they would do some silver jewelry. I picked the pink lip set and the roundup that is yellow. I will use it as a wall tapestry. This is shaping up to be a really great box.

    • *roundie not roundup. Gotta love autocorrect

  38. Gold Cuff, Nude lips, and Yellow Paisley Roundie…check, check, check!

  39. Are there any good coupons for an annual subscription…? Anything more than the $10 off? I’m really tempted to get an annual so I can pick everything out and just get a whole year of FFF goodies…

    • You pay $170 for an annual which is $30 off what you pay if you buy one every season at $50 apiece.

  40. Guys the lip kits all have different messages on them!!!

    I didn’t notice that at first and was having a devil of a time deciding between deep red and neutral pink. But then I saw “Women Rule The World” and boom, done deal. So excited.

  41. Can you post a picture of the jewelry options?

  42. I can’t seem to access the selection for the ring/cuff? I’m a seasonal subscriber.

    • The Ring/Cuff selection is under the “Choice” section. Hope that helps!

  43. I got both jewelry pieces for an additional $10!

    • So did I! Not arguing with that feature!

    • me too, love this idea!

  44. As usual, I am confused by FFF. Do annual subscribers get an additional item that quarterly subscribers do not get or are they just able to pick that item and quarterly members will get either the bracelet or the earrings?

    • Annual subscribers get the same amount of items, they are able to pick out the color of the lip kit and roundie, though. Both annual and quarterly subscribers get to pick between the cuff and the earrings. Hope that helps! 🙂

      • Got it! Thanks so much for clarifying!

  45. Just made my selections! Chose both jewelry options for 10$ extra, the pink lip set, and the pastel roundie

    • Same!

    • Same excepts I chose the tye dye roundie.

  46. I can’t help but think these were released after the overwhelmingly negative response from the first spoiler…

    All that being said, I was able to select between the bracelet/earrings and then my account proceeded to let me select my roundie and lip kit shades as a select member.

    • I had talked to customer service last week and they said that select choice would open wednesday, so I think that was the plan all along.

  47. I’m freaking out I’m so excited. The roundie wasn’t that exciting but the lip set and the jewelery options have me swooning.

  48. Ooo, there’s a both option where you can get the bracelet and the earrings! It adds $10. For an $80 item? Yes, please.

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