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FabFitFun Spring 2017 Box Add-Ons – Available Now!

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  1. Has anyone every bought their MYSTERY BUNDLES? I was incredibly dissapointed in the PopSugar Mystery Boxes, and so I am very wary of anything with the word ‘mystery’ attached to it now.

    • I did and loved the one I got. Socks, purlisse moisturizer, earrings, gold foil tattoos (given to my friend’s daughter), lip gloss and something else.

      • Thanks Lauren!

  2. I have a prediction and I hope I am right! I think we will be getting Sol De Jenero new body mist in thos box!!!

  3. Anyone familiar with the Deux Lux backpack? I’m trying to find the dimensions…

  4. How is the cargo pallet? Anyone try it before?

  5. A lot of repeat stuff from winter’s add-ons. There really isn’t anything that I want. How people have hundreds of dollars worth of stuff in their cart is beyond me.

  6. Really really want to subscribe for the spring box and get a ton of these add-ons but since it’s my first time they’re going to push the editor’s box on me. I just want to buy this box! Shut up and take my money! I just have to wait it out and watch all the great boxes with stuff I want fly by me 🙁

    Liz, can you do a post when they get rid of the Editor’s Box finally and allow normal people to subscribe to that month’s box?

    This is insane. I promise they have tons of people waiting for them to get rid of that darned editor’s box while slowly becoming more and more annoyed at the company for bragging about these great boxes in our faces while we get nothing lol.

    • I COMPLETELY AGREE! So ridiculous!!

    • I’m right here drooling with you. I’m in Florida, the last thing I want is that editors box with a scarf and others blah items. Torturing me over here.

    • I just subscribed over the weekend and it started with the spring box.

    • All you need to do is not order yet but sign up for their email, aka. make an account, and call or chat with them explaining you want your first box to be the Spring Box instead because you are not pleased with the Editor’s Box. Then when they have agreed, ask them if you can buy the Spring add ons since you will be getting the add ons together with the Spring Box. Communication is key. I have been signed up for the Winter Box which I don’t like at all and when I complained, FFF staff messaged me saying I would receive the Editor’s Box instead which I said I like better.

  7. Has anyone tried the shimmy shadow? It doesn’t look loke traditional shadow. I am wondering if it is loose, pressed, or, somewhere in between…

  8. Hi! Does anyone have feedback on past mystery boxes? Worth an add on?

    • I got one with the winter box and was very pleased. I got a candle, a Cargo palette and a bracelet. It was a good value and giftable at Christmas. I’m going to get another one this time.

    • I got the freeze face exfoliant, a ring, and hand cream. The freeze thing retails for like $90 so retail value wise the mystery bundles are pretty good. The generally try to throw in cargo cosmetics which isn’t my thing and the swap site is full of them but out of three you’ll generally love at least one thing and can always gift the other two. Headphones are a big thing also thrown in the mystery bundle but I con’t complain, the sound quality is good and I constantly lose or break mine.

  9. I had to buy more of the stemulation face wash. It is incredible and I am almost out.

  10. And they have already added more items from when I looked at the list this morning. Right now my add-ons are over 200. Good thing I’ve got a month to whittle my list down 🙂

  11. Really hoping they don’t try to unload the old planners in the mystery bundles… I got so much stuff though! And it looks like they’re adding more. Can’t wait for the bundle sets to pop up!

  12. After adding everything I HAVE TO HAVE, my total is $252. I HAVE to get that down before March!

  13. FFF added a bunch of additional items from previous boxes, I am spending way to much money :/

    • I was surprised they put those in and didn’t discount them more. Those scarves are almost $30 and they would go out in early-mid March. The planners are too pricey too for going out so late in the year.

      • Looks like the scarves are sold our already!!

  14. Have any of you tried the items in the Pur-lisse Blue Lotus Radiance Duo? What’d you think? I’m also curious about the eye serum.

    • I got a sample of the eye serum from ipsy. I like it. It’s really moisturizing without being greasy, but i didn’t see a noticeable difference in regards to wrinkles.

  15. I have a question: I once bought a fab fit fun box a couple of years ago. That was my one and only box. If I resubscribe will I still get an editor’s box? If so, does it mean I will be getting it instead of the spring box? Or in the addition to the spring box? Thank you!

    • You would get both- you’d get the editor’s box now and then the spring one when it comes out.

    • I believe you won’t get the Editor’s Box. As of my understanding, Editor’s Box is only for first time subscribers who subscribe in between Winter and Spring seasons. Since you already have your first box and just reactivate, it should be a different story. But you can try calling customer service or chat with them to make sure. You can also request FFF to put you on the Spring Box list instead of Editor’s Box. They did that for me; when I first signed up and was supposed to receive the Winter Box, which I did not like so they switched me to Editor’s Box instead.

  16. Nothing really exciting. Foot cream is sold out. I wanted this Moroccan tote, but there nowhere indication what materials it made from. Leather? Plastic? Who knows.
    Last time I added bottle with infuser but for some reason, they did not ship it. This time they dont have it. Sad

    • I really liked the tote too. Materials aren’t bad but it’s being sold at target and jcpenny which makes it neither Unique nor worth twenty bucks. =/

      Shell Material: Polyurethane
      Closure Style: Snap Closure
      Compartment details: Interior zip pocket, Interior cell phone pocket
      Handle Type: Double Handle
      Dimensions: 12 inchesH x 15 inchesW x 6 inchesD
      TCIN: 52045472
      UPC: 842461100147
      Store Item Number (DPCI): 024-02-3247
      Origin: Imported

      • Julie, thank you for information. I actually chat with representative and he said that it is Polyurethane Coated Fabric (you are correct).
        Pass on tote.

    • If you ask (in chat) them about the material, they will send you the link, or you can Google it to get more info.

  17. Haha I came to this post to see the price of the water bottle and it isn’t listed. I’m not a current subscriber. Anyone know!? Thanks!

    • It is $14 and it is actually small only 17oz.

  18. I didn’t find these too exciting, I have a few small things in my cart for about $21 total so I am happy with that. I thought there was better stuff for the winter ’16 box but this is much better for my wallet.

  19. I guess I should be happy that I am on beauty overload and only a few items are in my cart right now. Great deals but nothing that stands out. I might be in the minority about Winter being better.

  20. I was bummed that the chokers were bundled as a set. I was really interested in the V one, but I do not need the gold one. Otherwise, I’m looking at the ISH Shimmy Shadows, the Dr. Brandt 3-D Mask, the Cellulite Massage Mat, the Hula Hoop Kit, and Bum Bum bundle. I was originally only going to get the Bum Bum cream, but the bundle is only a couple dollars more, so why not? 🙂 That’s only five things, but the price goes up fast. XD Who knows what will happen if they add more items later, too! lol

  21. It’s a good thing for my wallet and my home that this box is quarterly and not more often. It’s hard to resist these amazing deals when I already have so many products to go through. That bundle with the bum bum cream is an excellent value.

  22. Holy cow…so many good items this time!! I added where more than I should, but it is hard to turn down things you know you will use..especially when they are really good prices! 🙂

  23. Ok as of now I have 35 items in my cart….going to walk away now and return in a few days and “re-think” everything lol. The deals are awesome and there is time for me to pick up OT at work before March….still might need to edit though.

    • Same!!! I’m up to $221 and that’s after removing 2 items. I didn’t expect there to be so many sunglasses options. Every time add-on season comes around I go crazy and spend hours figuring out what to keep lol.

  24. Thanks! Wondering if there are any Spring box spoilers on the horizon. So curious!

  25. This is such an awesome selection for spring! In winter I had $19 in add-ons… this time it’s $190 😣 Whoops!

    • Yes…you don’t want to know how much I have in add-ons right now. I really should delete them all and see which ones I can get back. I mean…how many $7 body washed does one person need? Probably NOT ten.

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