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BoxyCharm March 2017 SPOILERS #1 #2 AND #3!

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Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 4.30.41 PM

We have the first THREE SPOILERS for the March 2017 Boxycharm!



What do you think of these Boxycharm spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers for future updates!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Oh wow I can’t wait for this month box, that eyeshadow looks amazing love the colors, it would be my first time trying the primer and I love the fan brush, yes please I want more brushes!!!!

    • What would the brush be for? I just bought oval brushes – loving them so far although only using 3

      • The fanbrush is a kabuki fanbrush so it can be used for bronzer, contour, blush, and highlighter!

        • Really looking forward to this brush ,my daughter in law is so jealous.Ive told her for almost a year that Boxycharm was the best subscribtion box out there in my opinion.😍

      • Fanbrush is amazing for really light highlighter or even powder when you just want to hit your forehead or cheekbones. C

  2. Hi all,
    I was removed from waitlist on 27th of February and was charged $21. It showed that my next billing date is 2nd of March. However, I decided to skip March box and cancelled subscription on 1st of March. Obviously boxycharm haven’t sent my February box yet.
    Can anybody explain me whether I am still eligible for February box? Boxycharm support is too slow

    • No you are not. If you subscribe after the beginning of a month, you automatically are scheduled for the next months box (the month they bill you is the month you will get. They bill at the beginning of each month, from the 1st to the 3rd). A general rule of thumb is sign up the month before for the month you want. Looks like you will be getting March’s box.

      • She said she was off the waitlist and charged on Feb 27th meaning she will get Feb box. However, since she didn’t cancel until March 1st, there’s a possibility she will receive March box as well if she was charged before the cancellation went through.

      • I signed up in mid February, was waitlisted, got off the waitlist a few days later, billed and then received Februarys box. If u were charged in February then u will be getting the February box. Ur box could already be on it way. When i got my email with the tracking number, it had been shipped 2 days before. I received my box the same day as i received the email with tracking number. However, i am very close to the warehouse it was sent from.

    • I subscribed late in the month also. My February’s box came yesterday and it was so worth the $21.00. I was surprised to get the February box. I thought it would have started with March. Now I am so excited for the March box that should be coming shortly.

    • You will receive February box and I believe will also get March box since you didn’t cancel before March 1st.

    • You were charged for February so you will receive that. In order to cancel for March you would of had to cancel before the 1st. You were most likely charged again for the March box yesterday.

  3. I’m so excited for this box! I can never have enough brushes, even if they are all fan brushes.

  4. I’m totally on primer overload right now although, strangely, I’ve never tried this one and haven’t found my go-to primer yet, so I’m happy to sample this one. Although I’d love to see an eyeshadow primer for a change . . . any of the box goddesses listening?? And holy cow those eyeshadow shades are definitely not for me. Only my second Boxycharm box — I didn’t realize they were so edgy. I’d gladly give up my subscription to let someone off the waitlist if this is the kind of color scheme they typically send.

    • The colors are never this bold. I’ve been subbed since Oct and we’ve gotten almost all neutral colors. In my opinion, this is a nice change of pace. And these shades can be used with neutrals for a nice pop of color on the lid or a cute halo look. Don’t knock it til you try it 🙂

      • I think I’ll be gifting this palette to my niece. Not complaining, just really not what I expected from this box. Glad to hear it’s not the norm.

      • I’m old enough and experienced enough to know these colors aren’t for me 😉 I’ll be gifting the palatte to my 21 year old niece who I’m sure will LOVE it. But I’m glad to hear this isn’t the norm.

      • eeks, sorry for the double reply. I assumed the first one didn’t go through because of a 404 error when I hit submit!

        • No worries:) I’m sure you will love the other items in the box. Its such a great value. Sometimes it’s hit or miss. But the hits always outweigh the misses in my opinion. I love getting to try out items i wouldn’t normally purchase on my own and if I get something I don’t like, I just gift it to someone who would like it. Every box I’ve gotten has retailed for $120-$165 and we only pay $21 for the box so as a mom of 2 I think it’s an amazing deal because there’s no way I can go out and spend that much money on makeup lol. I saw on instagram there is another sub just like boxycharm for $21 a month for 5 full sized makeup products and it’s called Lola Beauty Box. Maybe if you strike out with B.C., you may want to look into that one 🙂

          • Thanks, I’ll check it out! I have a few others including Beauty Fix right now as well and I love BF, but it’s mostly skin and hair care. I wanted to try something with a little more makeup. But I might be too much of a fuddy-duddy old lady lawyer for a box like this 😉 lol. I do like the idea of trying out new things I might never try without shelling out all the money up front, but . . . wow I just can’t get over those colors 🙂

          • I always say don’t knock it til you try it. Colors look so different in the pan and on swatches than they actually look when applied on the eyes. I’m sure with a light hand, it may give you a nice light shimmer or maybe you can use it just to line your top lash line. And trust me your not too old for it. I’ve seen 60yr old ladies rocking colors I wouldn’t even think about trying and I’m only 27 lol! But it’s all a matter of personal preference and if you like neutrals better and can’t get used to the crazy colors, that’s okay too. But I’ve been eyeing the Lola Beauty Box and I haven’t seen anything too crazy but they’ve only been around for a few months lol. Like I said, there’s always going to be hits and misses, and if the misses outweigh the hits then you know it’s not worth it. Hope that helps some:)

    • I’ve Been with them for 15 months and thus us the first non basic color I’ve received

    • I’ve been subscribed to boxycharm for about 7 months and this is the first box I’ve seen that has such bright colors. There have been pinks, nudes, browns in my past boxes so I wouldn’t give up that subutex just yet! Hope this helps 😊

  5. My first thought was “Ew, an eyeshadow that looks like brown mustard?!” It will probably look better in person. Those are colors I wouldn’t normally try — I’m usually all about the cool colors rather and the hot ones, but I agree with folks about having fun with these boxes and the perfect chance to try things we otherwise wouldn’t.

    I got my February box, my first box from them today. Everything is so big!! It was so exciting to look at all the products because I was just bowled over. i’ve been wanting a palette, so that’s perfect. I got the Makeup Geek (a brand I’ve been wanting to try) eyeshadows in Cherry Cola, a sort of subdued red matte, which I normally wouldn’t buy, and Prom Night, a brown that I have a gazillion of. But still, full size! HUGE tube of Dr. Brandt’s when I’m used to those little ones all over the place. I’m so happy I finally got off the wait list.

  6. These colors look pretty! I wouldn’t choose to buy them for myself, but it will be fun to play with them, and broaden my horizons a little! These boxes are supposed to be fun, and this month looks like it will do that!

    • Great remark ,that’s what I tell myself too

  7. Looks like another great box from Boxycharm .Im down to Boxycharm ,two ipsys ,Aluure,Play Beautybox 5 and Birchbox.Im waiting to see what I get from Birchbox if it’s not great it’s on the chopping block.Julep and enjoy leggings were skipped this time ,might cancel those for right now also.Im on product overload but who can say no to pretty makeup,not me

    • Hi Toni! I just wanted to ask why do you have two Ipsys. I just added a 2nd account last month, but before I did I posted here to ask others it was worth it and no one responded. Thanks. 🙂

      • *if it was

        • HI,to answer your question it’s been very worth it to me to have a second bag.The second bag has a completely different profile than me including age.The only thing I kept the same was skin tone.The reason I did it was the boxes I was most happy with were my Boxycharm and my ipsy,but the color’s I was getting from ipsy in things like nail polishes were for my grandma.So in essence I made a younger crazier me lol and it has worked out awesome .The first bag had two doubles but the last two have all been different and great products .Hope you enjoy yours

          • Thanks for the reply Toni!

      • Hi Lunalee – I get 2 Ipsy bags too. My problem is, I really like so many of they IPSY choices, so while I love my bag, I always have bag envy too. : ) I figure, for $10, why not get 2 completely different bags. Plus, I collect the bags to donate every Christmas to a battered women’s shelter, so this way, I have more bags and I don’t feel bad keeping a few of the ones I really like.

        • Thank you for your reply Sjski! That is what I probably feel too. I noticed that I usually like a lot of the spoilers also and the bags are always worth more than $10. Plus I can give away any dupes. That is a great idea giving away some things to a women’s shelter! I just recently started with subs, so I have not gotten to that point yet.

    • Wow! We get some of the same boxes but I did cancel Birchbox @ the end of the year! I also get Glossybox, Lip Monthly, Beautyfix, Squix, Graze, Beauteque Bb K bag, Julep (tho I skip some months! ) among a few more! I’m thinking after I get another free box from Glossybox, I’m gonna cancel til @least Fall and try a few new boxes that aren’t so much beauty! I’d love to try some clothes boxes or jewelry or household goods etc! I know what you mean about overload!

      • Yes yes I want to try some different type of boxes too ,jewelry being at the top of the list .I cancelled Glossybox for the second time in December,just not worth the pain and heartache I felt when I received the lesser items.I have to say I’ve really enjoyed my leggings subscription and I do love polish but for some reason my nails won’t grow right now I’ve tried all kinds of things but nothing is working.Im kind of scared it’s something medical because it’s never been an issue.And I’m really curious about that graze snack box and would love to know what others that get it think.

  8. Im excited to get some COLOR for my eyes…I have enough neutrals to last me a lifetime. I almost always layer my eyeshadows, so the green will look gorgeous with a bronze shadow over it. I spray my eyeshadow brush with makeup setter, then use my bronze shadow and dab a little in the center of my eyelid, and blend it out. Looks SO pretty over a green. Not sure how I will use the other colors yet.

  9. I finished up a one year sub to BoxyCharm in October and have been watching the spoilers ever since. I think that the end of my sub was good timing, as I haven’t seen anything in the spoilers to induce me back. I almost always loved what Boxy sent me; it could be that my lack of enthusiasm is due to product overload!

    I will say that while the eye colors in this month’s spoiler are VERY vivid, Boxy has sent NUMEROUS eye palettes in 2016 with neutral colors. I can’t imagine subscribers of any length are itching to get more of THAT.

    • but on that same note, how many subscribers complained about ANOTHER nude/neutral eye shadow pallet when we got the Naked Pallet in December? Everyone was asking for more colors and now they deliver and people are complaining that their too colorful??? If you’re going to be super unhappy and complain about the colors you get, at some point you have to realize that sub-boxes aren’t your thing…just go buy the make-up you like.

      • Omg so true! I have the same thoughts when I see negative comments. These types of subscriptions are not tailored to every subscriber’s personal preference. You win some, you lose some, but for $21, who really can complain when the majority of the products retail for at least $20. Like you said, if this sub box isn’t for you, save that $21 a month and buy yourself something you actually want every few months. 🙂

      • I completely agree! The point of subscription boxes is to try new products…step outside your comfort zone. Unfortunately I think most people want top brand makeup cheap.

    • I don’t see why people are dissing on your comment. Nothing wrong with your opinion and I don’t see how anyone can get all sensitive or offended by what you said lol. I think its a general unspoken rule when you mention having product overload, people try to turn that into ‘you think you’re too good’ or ‘spoiled’. Most people here don’t feel that way. Its called my subscription ADDICTION for a reason. Anyone who is trying to make you feel bad for your opinion doesn’t understand what this website was invented for.

  10. I am excited for the fan brush! I got my first one ever last month and I’m dying for more.
    The eyeshadow scares me, but I’ll give it a try (if it’s to much I’ll save it for October’s countless plays of Rocky horror).
    I’m not super excited about the primer, every time I try to use primers my make up separates in the areas I need it most! It seems no matter how much or how little I use. However, it will be a great gift for someone I know.
    I still love boxy and am excited to see what the other items will be.

    • Try setting your primer with a very light coat of translucent powder before applying foundation. That little tip from Wayne Goss has made such a difference in how well my makeup stays put and keeps it matte all day long 🙂

    • This primer is one of the best ever. Definitely give it a try. It is very silky and not greasy at all. I never used primer before I got a sample of this stuff. Now I were the primer alone even sometimes. I’m so happy to get it in this box!

    • Make sure your primer is completely dry before applying your foundation. Also try layering your foundation for the coverage you want. For example, if you want a more glam look with full coverage foundation wait for your primer to completely soak in and dry, then apply layers waiting a few minutes between each. Hope this helps 😆

  11. Those look like fall eye shadow colors to me, I don’t care for them at all. But hey, thats just me 😉

    • I agree that they are very fall looking, but those colors are really in right now too.

      • I think together they look like fall colors but think of each of them individually mixed into a rose gold eye look…especially the orange with a rose gold shimmery eye… I think that screams spring and I think the rose gold make up trend is going to be here for a while.

  12. I wonder if the brush is made with synthetic fibers? I don’t like using brushes with animal hair.

    • Look up the brand 🙂

    • On the Crown website the SS023 that looks like this one is synthetic. Not sure if that’s the one we’re getting but it’s the closest I found on their site. I prefer synthetic bristles as well 🙂

      • Thanks!

  13. I’m so excited! I’ve been curious about this primer forever. And the fan brush looks thick compared to my others so it will be awesome for contouring. The shadows are very interesting. Not something I would buy myself but I love how sub boxes push me out of my comfort zone. It’s just what I need.

  14. Not happy about the eye shadow colors! Way too bright colors for me, I’ve never seen red eye shadow before, and don’t intend to start wearing it now! I only get Boxy Charm and Ipsy, both for two months, and I’ve already got two fan brushes. Now a third? Will give it one more month, then I may be out.

    • The fan brush in this box looks like a different style of fan brush, I’ve seen a lot of youtubers use this one for contour, it has a thicker brush on it than the normal highlighter fan brushes… if that helps any. I’m actually okay with the eye shadow because I would never buy them myself because the colors just seem a little bright but I’m sure I will experiment with them and see. This way I don’t to pay full price for colors I will only use a few times a year and I get to try the brand so if I end up liking it I’m okay paying full price for colors I know I will use. I know a lot of people think of boxycharm as cheap make-up but it’s really just to introduce you to new brands and products without investing a lot. Use it for what it is and you will always be happy!

      • Did everyone get the totally purple lip bag? OMG the worst

        • I’m assuming you mean lip gloss? but yeah we ALL got it…with some of this stuff I honestly think that it’s just a companies way of getting rid of stuff that didn’t sell…but for me it’s a nice introduction to different brands. I never would have spent the money on Ofra lip products before. Even though I hated the color the formula was amazing and I bought one in a color that I will wear so it was worth trying and it payed off for the company.

    • I think this fan brush looks glamorous. It’s completely unlike our last fan brush….this one isn’t for highlighting. Could you imagine using this thick/full brush for highlighter….it would be all over your face, lol. After looking the new brush up they described it’s use as a face powder brush and I’m sure you could use it for contouring. I’m actually excited to try the shadows. We could use all of them at once and ombre them acrossed the lid. Obviously if there shimmery they can’t go in the crease and there to dark to highlight. Also, if you have blue or green eyes those red like colors would be amazing under your water line. If you got the 2 pk brush from last month the smudger would apply them perfectly and your eyes would pop…really it would look amazing. We also have to remember the way the colors go on aren’t typical of how they look in the palette. ☺

  15. I won’t use any of these spoilers. I will be putting all 3 up on the swaps if anyone is interested. I hope I like the other items in the box!

    • Me! Me! Interested in both the crown brush and smashbox primer.

    • Where can I put up my boxycharm items up to swap?

    • Think we are getting one of the three- not all three…

      • I’m pretty sure they will be in all the boxes. There may be a brush variation like January when we all got fan brushes but some ppl got the so Susan brand and some got the Crown one. Normally the first 2-3 spoilers are guaranteed items and the other 2 are variations. I don’t know 100% until we start seeing the spoilers on boxycharm social media, but that’s seemed to be how it’s worked in the past 🙂

  16. If I got off the waitlist today, march 1st
    Does this mean I will get the february or the march box? Anyone knows????? 🤔

    • You will get the March box. Whatever month your payment is collected is the box you will receive 🙂

    • March box

      • Thanks!!!!! I really wanted the february box… oh well 😊

  17. Ugh I’m still on the waitlist. It feels like everyone else is off! I joined it about a month ago. It’s frustrating too because people said that former subscribers got off more quickly, but I’d been a subscriber for over a year before I went off!

    • I signed up mid January and I’m still on the wait list :/

      • I signed up the first week of Feb and got my box almost a week ago so that is weird…

    • I emailed them last month and asked them to either remove me from the waitlist or cancel it- they removed me and I’m waiting for my February box (:

  18. I am not excited about this box. Would cancel this month, but now it’s too late. I’m not a big fan of eyeshadows, and certainly not in these colors. BORING primer, and a brush– ehh. Last month’s was great, but this box is not, so far. I hope something great comes out for the next item or two.

  19. Still waiting for my Feb box to ship 😩

    • You aren’t the only one! & I hate unsubbing to something before I get my box in. But luckily for me, I’ve been contemplating ordering that primer.

    • Hey Marianne–definitely EMAIL THEM AND ASK WHEN YOUR BOX IS SHIPPING!!!

      I actually emailed them yesterday about when my Feb box was shipping (got removed from wait list and credit card charged on Feb. 15). They emailed me this morning and said something along the lines of “Oh sorry you aren’t getting your email about shipment, we reviewed and your box is on the way…make sure you add our email address so messages aren’t sent to Junk/Spam.”

      Complete BS! I checked the tracking info they sent in the response email–shipping info was only sent to Fedex THIS MORNING! And I get Fedex and UPS updates–so even if the Boxy Charm email was sent to Junk/Spam (which it wasn’t, I checked), Fedex or UPS would have alerted me that a package was on the way. Leads me to think they forgot or let it slip through the cracks! Email them to make sure you are getting the Feb box, or when it is shipping! (I’m assuming you were charged in Feb).

      • Just emailed them again…I was also charged on the 15th. Hopefully they’ll straighten this out and get my box out to me. Gonna be super upset if I wind up not getting Feb’s box!

        • Update!! I had a shipping notice in my inbox first thing this morning! 😍😍😍😍

  20. I’m excited for the super thick fan brush! I have 2 fan brushes that are really thin and I’m not sure I like them that thin. Of all the brushes I get from all my different subscriptions, I never seem to get a lip brush. I’ve gotten every kinda brush except that. Can anyone tell me, are those out of fashion or something? I’m having a hard time finding decent ones at the stores or the selection is small. Its just I’ve gotten duplicate brushes sent to me where it overkill and never once a lip brush. I just really want one.

    • A couple years ago I got a good lip brush from MAC. It is two parts and the brush is retractable so I can carry it in a small purse. Sephora also has one I got a couple month ago in their sale area that is nice. It is slim, two pieces and covers up nicely so I can put it in a small purse. I think it was only $5. The selection for lip brushes is slim. I think liquid lipsticks are overrunning them. Just my opinion.

  21. What’s the source of these spoilers? 🙂

    • They have them posted on Facebook, look under boxycharm trade on fb.

  22. Omg yaaaaas! So excited for these items! I think it was the Jan box that had the fan brush, I didn’t get the crown brush then, I got the other one (so Susan? Maybe? I honestly don’t recall the brand) and although it’s super soft, it’s so little compared to this guy!

    People are gonna say I’m crazy, but if they throw in a mascara and a black liquid eye liner, this would be the most perfect box ever for me. No joke. I haven’t gotten either of those from any of my subs in months and I’m almost out of mascara and my eyeliner.

    But!! Im loving this so much. Nice work boxy!!!

    • Don’t jinx the box! Please no mascara!

      • I second that. I just received my Feb box yesterday and it had a mascara. But it’s waterproof and I didn’t have one so it will be great for the summer and the pool.

        • Oops, not it was Ipsy that sent me the mascara, not BoxyCharm. Either way no mascara. 🙂

      • Lol! Well, tell you what. I really need one. Out of the 12 boxes/bags I’ve gotten from ipsy and boxycharm, I’ve only gotten two mascaras…and I really don’t want to buy one if I can get one in a sub.
        If you get one, I’m totally game to swap items with you. 😎

        Just goes to show that any subscription service will never be able to please everyone.

        • I actually like to get mascara. It is my favorite product to wear and the one thing I won’t leave the house without!

        • I agree! I’ve gotten like 5 mascaras in the last few months and I love it/wouldn’t mind to keep getting them. It’s so nice to try different ones without having to commit.

          • My daughter in law just came over tonight and said I need new mascara (sad face) mascara being one if her favorite items .So we went to my stash and she left with este Lauder and a benefit one.I have three sons so I do I spoil her if you can tell I wish I could post a photo of all the makeup she got for Christmas.Her and my son got married a year ago in November .My son is deployed right now so we have a lot of fun with makeup to keep from being too sad while he’s gone.

          • Awww…I love this! My mother-in-law has been one of my best friends for over 20 years and we both share a love of makeup, hair care, and other girlie stuff. She had only sons as well so I’m kind of like the daughter she never had. Lol.

          • I was cleaning out my email and noticed you had replied to me,sorry I missed it.I was really close with my mother in law too. For many years We would talk every night on the phone until she was so sick and passed away from cancer.I miss her a lot .Im sad my two youngest boys didn’t get to know her growing up.

  23. Looks like a great box!!! I’m so excited for the primer and the eye shadow palette!!!!

  24. Disappointed 🙁 Cancelled due to spoilers so another spot will be opening up!

    • Disappointed as well my subscription is up this month and I won’t be renewing so now there will be 2 spots open…think I’m going to cancel Sephora too samples are getting smaller and smaller…so happy to be saving money

  25. Eh, I opted out / cancelled for march. Not interested in the primer, have an amazing big fan brush already and.. meh? The eyeshadows are nice but, since the other two items are gambles, I don’t feel like putting extra effort into swaps.

  26. Ugh, I hate that primer. That primer has been shoved in every subscription box ever. Smashbox has a whole line of primers, I wish they would put some other ones out there for sample. The purple one is quite nice and I’d love to try the hydrating one.

    • I’ll swap you for it or buy it through PayPal depending on your price!

    • Agreed, I’m kinda over that one too. I’ve got several little ones still unopened. Besides, the formula isn’t really all that innovative in the first place.

  27. I just can’t wait, orstill waiting on feb box…. but I know it will be worthit

    • I got the feb box today and it’s amazing!

  28. Looks like another good box.

  29. Don’t even care what else is in the box I’m thrilled with the spoilers!!! That fan brush looks so much better than the last one, the eye colors rock and the primer is great. I can’t wait for this box. So glad I re subbed at the end of January.

    • I just watched a YouTube video about the crown kabuki fan brush, which looks like this one. It looks great for powder, bronzer, and contour applications, as well as highlighting. I hope that’s what we are getting!

  30. I just cancelled so another spot should’ve just opened up. I was lucky enough to get off the waitlist for February and will use EVERYTHING in the box (not sure what colors they sent, I’m still out of town) but the rest was a GREAT fit for me. These spoilers just don’t. I love naked Cosmetics, but won’t even play with these. I’m happy to see they’re introducing solid shadows but they’re SO pigmented, these would just be too intimidating for my inexperienced hands. I’d probably end up looking like I was punched by a tropical fist! Bless those of you that know how to use those, someday I want to be like you! 😊

    • OMG — This is one of the most funny and lighthearted review I’ve ever seen for someone who isn’t going with this month’s box! Thanks for posting it. It lightened up my being bummed that I missed out on last month and then saw – well – a black eye waiting to happen. Best wishes all beauty boxers!

  31. I can’t wait….again…it’s the waiting! Boxycharm is the best!

  32. Looks great to me. Can’t wait!

  33. I hope they offer the purple smashbox primer or dr Brandt, something of oil control. I’m dying to try that since I already have the clear smashbox one in a big tube

    • I would love to try the Dr. Brandt. I currently use the purple smashbox and love it! But I am always game for another oil controlling, pore hiding primer!!

  34. The primer in the photo is their travel size, but Boxycharm advertises five full-size items in every box – have they done something like this before? When they say full-size do they just mean “not sample size”? Cause it’s still a pretty good amount of primer, but the full-size is 1 oz and this one is 0.5. (based on the picture)

    • It’s a retail size item which qualify as a full size

  35. I always like Boxycharm! Whatever I don’t use input into a beauty gift basket and give to my sister=)

    • Same here, the products I don’t use from all of my subscriptions I always make gift baskets/boxes for love ones!

  36. I am excited for all three of these products, but I think I need to wait until tomorrow to subscribe so that I don’t end up with the February box instead.

  37. I am already a huge fan of the Smashbox primer! This fan brush looks thicker than the last one so very happy about that. The eyeshadows are not my colors but I always save the products that aren’t really for me and give them as birthday or Christmas gift 🙂

  38. I wonder why we’re getting another fan brush. Anyone have tips on what to use this second one for so I can still use them both. Not excited for the eyeshadows like everyone else. Since it looks more fally TO ME. but im excited to give it a try. BUT also on the fence if I should cancel since im so iffy about all the products…i better get to deciding!

    • I always use my bigger, fluffier fan brushes for either contouring or as a finishing step. Like after I am done putting on all my makeup, I lightly dust my whole face with this a few times to get any extra powder off my face and prevent cakiness.

      I use the thinner, smaller fans for a highlight mostly. It works great and I can control it better, I would say. I’ve tried using it to contour smaller areas like the nose, but I am just not experienced enough to do it right LOL.

      • Thank you Kelli!!

  39. Omg I’m so excited!! This is turning out to be another great box!! BoxyCharm is totally stepping their game up and I couldn’t be more happy! If anyone doesn’t want an item, id be more than happy to take them off your hands. As a single mother of 2 I don’t exactly have money to be buying makeup with, and I’m only fortunate to get BoxyCharm because my mom gets me the subs as Christmas/birthday presents 🙂

  40. eh. I got psyched about this after seeing last months but NONE of these are things I need or will use. I don’t need red eyeshadow on my almond shaped eyes and have enough smashbox primer to last me my adult life LOL. Maybe next month:)

    • seriously, I would not subscribe to this for 10 bucks after seeing these spoilers…what’s up boxycharm?

      • I totally agree what are they thinking….1 good Box 2 or 3 bad boxes I’m done so glad my subscription is up this month. I better go cancel now before they renew me for another 6 months

    • Recently Ipsy had an offer for six Naked eye shadow colors and some were daring but I remember reading a list of ideas they gave below the offer and it mentioned mixing the colors to make your own shades, add pigment to clear nail polish for color and putting it over lip balm. Now I wish I would have taken a screen shot lol. I think I’m going to try these ideas with colors im not using.

  41. We just got fan brushes and that red looks too similar to the Makeup Geek eyeshadow I got called Bitten which was not flattering on me. The other two shades really aren’t for me either. The primer might be okay…I haven’t tried that one yet but I got the full sized Juice Beauty primer from Beauty Fix so I don’t exactly need primer right now. I won’t be reactivating this month unless the other two items blow me away.

  42. It looks like a bigger fatter fan brush – maybe the SS023 Deluxe Syntho Fan for powder & bronzer application? Wasn’t the other one the SS017 Deluxe Soft Highlight Fan? I dunno, I’m guessing here but that fan brush looks thicker than the last one and if so, I’m totally happy with it!

  43. I hope we get those colors! It would be a nice variation from the neutral shades we usually get. I love a good pink or red eyeshadow.

  44. Hey, anyone who doesn’t like that smashbox primer- I’m your girl. My tube just about empty. Send me an email at jessicahapak at me dot com or find me on the swap page!

  45. Super excited for the Fan Brush!
    I’ll definitely be swapping the palette and possible the primer if it’s full size as I’m just not sure I like that primer enough to keep it.

    • I’ll swap with you. I don’t want the palette and I can use the extra primer

  46. ooooh – if this is a contour fan brush like it looks and a full size smashbox primer – I’m REALLY excited about this box!

  47. I finally got off the waitlist and got my 1st box yesterday! I love it. Omnia brushes, cherry cola and prom night eyeshadows, Juice Beauty gloss in fig etc.

    I am excited for this box, maybe because I am new. I know a couple of months ago you Charmers received a fan brush already. I can’t wait though. 🙂

    • Hi Lunalee, Lucky you getting off the waitlist😃 When did you subscribe and get waitliste do you remember the date? My friend and I both have been waitlisted so if you could give us an idea we would appreciate it.
      Thanks much

      • I subscribed 1/26 and got off the waitlist 2/16 🙂 hope that helps!

        • Thanks so much Jira! We signed up 2/11 so maybe we’ll get lucky and be off the waitlist in this week.

          • I cancelled my boxy charm membership 2 days ago…so perhaps youll get my spot 😉 After these spoilers, i think i picked the right time to cancel (after a whole year of great boxes!) im just overloaded on eyeshadows & brushes. Still love you tho Boxy ❤️

        • I signed up 1/18 and I’m still wait listed :/ I don’t get it……

      • Hi Paula, I signed up 2/1 and got off 2/16. I emailed them after I saw others getting off. 🙂

    • Box twin 🙂 very happy

  48. Any chance there is any variation to the colors in the shadow palette? Those colors are an interesting choice.

  49. Didn’t we just receive crown brush?

    • We did just get a fan brush. This month’s box spoilers are a downer. Is no one paying attention over there? Why are we getting Another crown fan brush?

  50. Those look great. Will they be in all of the boxes ( as far as you know)?

    • I believe so. I’m confident the eyeshadow trio will be in all boxes. There may be variation in fan brushes. (In the past Boxycharm has sent subscribers all a certain type of brush, but the brands varied.)

      Hope that helps!

      • Ok, thanks Liz! ❤

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