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POPSUGAR Must Have Box January 2017 Box Theme!

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The January POPSUGAR Must Have box is on sale now! (If you sign up for a subscription, this should be your first box.)

And we have the theme for the January POPSUGAR Must Have Box is A Fresh Start.

Any guesses on items? What would you love to see in the box?


If you haven’t signed up yet, use coupon code MUSTHAVE5 to save $5 off your first box! (Or coupon code CHEERS to save $20 off a 3 or 6-month subscription.)

(Regularly $39.95. Check out our POPSUGAR Must Have reviews to see what has been in past boxes!)

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. lots of planner speculation, but it looks likely to have a little indoor herb garden to me…

  2. I just received a spoiler email. The January box includes Goldfaden MD Fresh a Peel valued at $85. So far so good!

  3. I hope it isn’t a planner because I doubt they do Filofax and that is the only planner I will use. I suppose anything else I am game for. The surprise is the fun part!

  4. I really hope it’s not a Hello Fresh sub!

  5. Fingers crossed for no paper planner. Haven’t used those in years and hate throwing new stuff in the trash.

    • This is the first thing I thought of! Last year’s planner sat in the bottom of my work bag most of the year untouched. What a waste of paper!

      I’m open to just about anything else!

    • Why don’t you gift it or donate it? I got a planner, think it was Fit Fab Fun. I didn’t like the green color and I only use the Day Runner with refills.
      I love my phone, but like to write things down. Guess I’m old fashioned.
      Gave my planner to my boyfriend as he always needs a calendar planner to take, that’s small as he travels a lot. He probably would let his grandkids play with the stickers, lol.

  6. I’d love to see Hilaria Baldwin’s new book, “The Living Clearly Method,” included!

  7. I’m in the planner team! I don’t think they will include one though 🙁

    I will also love an inside gardening kit! I spend around $10-15 monthly in fresh cilantro, mint, parsley, thyme… So if whatever they send works it will help me reduce my grocery bill 🙂

    • I am also team planner, and I would really enjoy an indoor gardening kit. I love cooking with fresh herbs. I grow my own in the summer, but the pots I have right now are far too big to bring inside for the winter. I get really tired of trying to buy fresh herbs at the grocery store. I spend too much and it’s so frustrating when they don’t have the basic herbs I need in stock.

    • I still have my herb lit from last year’s FabFitFun on my swap board. I am happy to swap with anyone interested. I’m a gardner and have my own set up so this was not needed. Cute though!

  8. No such thing as too many planners! And yes I have an iPhone.

    • Then if we get one, I will be happy to swap with you for something else! A planner would just collect dust and take up space in my apartment or office.

    • Me too! And if I get too many of any one type of item I always find a friend or family member who appreciates something new , or if that isn’t an option I donate it . No need to Throw anything away when there are so many people who send as fortunate as us !

    • Me too! I love, love, love planners, agendas, calendars ☺and anything related. I really enjoy bullet journaling-combining the best of both worlds.

  9. A radical departure from last year’s January theme: New Year, Renewal, Organization and Detox.

  10. What an original theme for January 😂 Hoping for some kind of workout gear

  11. I’m going to guess a knit scarf, an infusion water bottle, and an herb starter kit in a mason jar lol. I hope they won’t include a planner or calendar since anyone who can really use one would have gotten one on clearance by mid January.

    • This also made me look at the photo again, and it looks like mint to me, and the phrase “A Fresh Start” makes me wonder if we will get something minty! I wouldn’t mind a mint chocolate food item. As long as it’s not an overvalued toothpaste or something, lol.

  12. I would love to see an organizer of some sort… water bottle? Journal-maybe something to do with mindfulness. Something fun/new/ refreshing face- peel? Mask? (But they just did a mask)
    Bet there is a book, since we have not had one recently.
    Would love a pretty ring or a bag!

  13. I know blue is Lisa’s color, but oh I hope for something of the Pantone color of the year…a nice bright green would be a welcome item for a fresh start.

    • I second that. Greenery is such a lovely shade of green and is definitely “fresh”.

  14. Several people suggested a planner, and I hope we don’t get that. However, I have been trying to get more organized, so I think another storage item would be great, like a drawer or desk organizer of some sort. I also think an exfoliating face wash would be nice. Has PopSugar ever included one of those Pinch Provisions bags (or similar item)? I bought something like it years ago and still carry it around, and it’s helped me in a few miscellaneous emergencies! So tiny and convenient. A watch or clock would be nice, because I should include “arriving on time or early” as one of my New Year’s resolutions! And I always welcome candles, as long as they smell good. Maybe something related to sleeping or traveling more, like The Sleep Revolution by Arianna Huffington? Excited to find out!

    • I’ve wanted to read that book too!

    • Really hope it’s not a planner. I already have five and I’m trying to sell a Kate Spade and a happy planner- definitely don’t need another one to get rid of. 😳

      • I don’t even think I know anyone personally that still uses a planner. I used one all the time throughout high school and college, and even after until I got a smartphone. I would list it for swap and donate it if no one wants it.

  15. I would love a new planner! A wall calendar would be nice too!

  16. Oh, no. From the pic, it looks like another grow your own herbs kit. I hope that’s not the case. I already have several from previous sub boxes that I’ve never started.

    • The tomato one from Serendipity actually works. It’s the first time ever I grew something from a seed.

  17. I really hope they don’t include a planner! I already started using the one from Fab Fit Fun, and Id imagine most people who use a planner would already have started on another one by the time these boxes arrive. Planner stickers or something would be fine since planner design is so popular right now – but come on, a lot of us already have books!

    • I definitely don’t want a planner or planner accessories. I rely on my Google and Outlook calendars for planning and I haven’t used a hard copy planner since I first got a smartphone several years ago!

      • Amen. I havent used a planner in like a decade. And a dollar store calender works just fine for me. I wouldnt use any of those things & would end up giving them away.

  18. “A Fresh Start” as a January theme? Revolutionary. ; )

  19. I’m really hoping for not another planner 😊

  20. Mine started processing last year. I am thinking there is a planner in the box.

    • I meant yesterday not last year. LOL

  21. I think they will probably do something like they did last year. A fitness item, a planner, a health food item and possibly body wash.

    • This made me look back at last year’s box on MSA (Dec 2016 was my first box). I’m sad to have missed out on Spark Joy and the Pehr bin, but I do NOT want a planner, even if it’s in that beautiful Tiffany blue color again. Who needs a planner when they have a smartphone?

      • I use a planner specifically for my finances monthly and nothing else. Don’t need it to be too big or fancy. Last year’s was perfect. I use my phone for everything else but like hard copy for laying out bills and balances more.

        • That makes sense, but I still use my Google calendar for that purpose. I put all of my bills in red for 7:00 pm the day they are due and set reminders for 4 days prior. Most of my bills are auto-withdrawals, but this helps in case I almost miss any that aren’t. I also keep all of my bills and purchases in a Google Spreadsheet so I have at a glance the amount and due dates of every bill in one tab, and my weekly purchases in another tab so I can see when I’m going over my shopping and restaurant budgets. I am so glad Google Apps are free, cause I would be so much more disorganized without them!!!

      • There is a huge (as in multi millions of dollars spent) trend of people using paper planners and travelers notebooks and heavily decorating and accessorizing them.
        Hundreds of groups for them on Facebook, and if you search for planners on, you’ll get over 100 results but that’s a small fraction of the ones out there. Then there are all the planner stickers on etsy that cost anywhere from 3-20 for just one weeks worth of stickers. The big Planner Con in April will like sell out in the first week if not first few days.

        And to keep it sub box related, there is The Planner Society Kit, Planner Addicts Kit, Villa Beautifful kit, Posh Pieces Limited Edition monthly, Glam Planner, Planner Packs, Panduh Box, Planner Girl Provisions, Cocoa Daisy and many more. *phew*

      • I use my smartphone calendar for work meetings. I have another smartphone calendar for carpool (you’d be surprised how many things are on there. There are 10 of us and it gets crazy). Another smartphone calendar for my personal meetings, things. I use a paper planner for my son’s high school activities. I love having that paper planner for that. It’s chock full and we consider it our “bible”. For me it’s easier to put quick notes in a paper book than the smartphone. Plus I love writing with my fountain pen. 🙂

      • Using a planner on my smartphone often means that I pick it up to go to my calendar, then see I had a notification on Facebook, and then let’s see what my friend’s mom is posting about , and.. why did I pick up my phone again?! Right, well, I don’t have the same distractions with a paper planner, though I can certainly see why others prefer digital!

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