POPSUGAR Must Have Box February 2017 Review + Coupon

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POPSUGAR Must Have is a monthly lifestyle subscription box for women. Each month they send a mix of items from categories like beauty, fashion, food, fitness,


This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).


The Subscription Box: POPSUGAR Must Have

The Cost: 39.95 a month

COUPON: Use coupon code MUSTHAVE5 to save $5 off your first box.

The Products: “Must Have” items for women selected by POPSUGAR editors. (Fitness, Home, Beauty, Food, and more)

Check out all of my POPSUGAR Must Have reviews and the Women’s Subscription Box Directory!

POPSUGAR-must-have-february-2017-0004 POPSUGAR-must-have-february-2017-0005

Each box comes with a fold out card detailing the items included, and what themes inspired the box.

POPSUGAR-must-have-february-2017-0008 POPSUGAR-must-have-february-2017-0006 POPSUGAR-must-have-february-2017-0007

Now, onto the items!


TribeAlive Foldover Clutch – Atitlán Brocade – Value $98


This clutch is reversible, so you can pick the side/pattern you want on display. Here are both sides:

POPSUGAR-must-have-february-2017-0031 POPSUGAR-must-have-february-2017-0030

It’s made from 100% handwoven cotton, and the pattern is gorgeous! It’s lined inside, as well:


If you aren’t familiar with Tribe Alive, they have a wonderful mission:

Tribe Alive utilizes a passion for fashion and responsible commerce as a platform to help alleviate poverty among women. We work with artisan partners all over the world to employ impoverished women at fair trade wages and give them access to a safe job, sustainable income and a chance to determine their own future. We strive to create positive change in the lives of women by providing market place access through the fair production and sale of our beautiful and unique pieces. We believe that every purchase should be made with a purpose, and that there is nothing more stylish than giving back. Hope is our message. Fashion is our medium.

(Read more on Tribe Alive’s About page.)


This clutch measures 11.5″ W x 11.5″ H, so it can fit all the essentials, phone, lip gloss, hand sanitizer, wallet, etc!


Battington Lashes Monroe 3D Silk Lashes – Value $26


These lashes are made with 100% silk and are reusable up to 25 times.


I appreciate that these have a more natural, fluffy look to them. (Some false lashes I’ve seen have some pretty bold patterns that look way too unnatural for me to be able to pull off.)


And this came with eyelash glue, too.


If you aren’t familiar with putting on fake eyelashes, first trim them to fit your lash line, then apply the glue, let it dry a little and get tacky (about 30 seconds), then bend them a bit to get the right shape, and apply!


Once they are on and in place, apply mascara to help blend your natural lashes with the fake lashes.

Here they are on:


(I’m also wearing the lipstick and necklace in this box!)


Kris Nations Jewelry Love Script Necklace – Value $48


Before I even get to the necklace I need to talk about this packaging! SO cute!


This necklace is 18K gold plated and adjustable from 16 to 18 inches.


Delicate gold jewelry is my jewelry of choice, so this is a perfect piece for me. I love how dainty the word “love” is!



Chuao Chocolatier Cinnamon Cereal Smooch – Value $6


Imagine cinnamon toast crunch surrounded by milk chocolate – that’s what this bar is! I avoid gluten, so I had to just watch my husband Eric get to enjoy this bar!


No surprise, he loved it!


JUARA Candlenut Body Creme – Value $35

(Good to know for swaps – inner foil seal)


I’ve sampled this before, and it is one of my all time favorite body creams! It is such a decadent formula, and considering how thick the cream is, I’m impressed with how quickly it absorbs. (This isn’t one of those body butters that leaves your skin feeling a little greasy).

This is a luxe body/skincare item, and it’s always a treat to get in a box!


Revlon Super Lustrous Love is on Lipstick – Value $8

(This is a Special Extra bonus item for the February box.)


I don’t normally wear bold lipsticks, but this was more to my liking since it is a cool-toned red. The formula was moisturizing, too. And the pigment is great. Here it is swatched:


I’m still not sure I can pull off this shade. But subscription boxes are good for getting me out of my comfort zone!

Verdict: This box has a retail value of about $223! I think that’s amazing for a $39.95 box, and once again I think POPSUGAR delivered on a high-value and special February box! This box feels perfect for a date night, or girls night out, so it works perfectly for February/Valentine’s day, but all the items are great year round, too. I really like how POPSUGAR approached the February box this year (and since last year, I’m sure there was pressure to deliver another incredible box!)

What do you think of the February POPSUGAR Must Have Box?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Does the Revlon lipstick taste or smell like other Revlon lipsticks? Does any one know? Otherwise color is gorgeous!

    • I was wondering that too. I hate the smell/taste of cheap lipsticks, and not every cheap lipstick has it. I think I recently bought a L’Oreal lipstick that was a pretty color but had that smell like burning plastic, so I gave it to my mom who doesn’t care, lol.

      • The Laura Mercier lip gloss I have smells like vanilla and so does Tarte gloss. I had Anna Sui lipstick once that smelled like rose. Some of the Korean makeup lines have scented lipstick too. 😊

    • I didn’t notice a taste to it, and it has a very light, almost fruity smell, but nothing overly artificial. and Liz is right about it being moisturizing – I didn’t have high hopes for this because I’m more of a liquid lipstick gal but it felt and looked amazing.

      • thanks for your input!

      • Very helpful! Thank you, Holly! I figured I’d check back here to see if someone answered before listing it for swap. I really don’t need more red lipsticks, but… why not? 🙂

    • Trying to figure out what it smelled like was driving me crazy…I think I finally figured it out. One of the strawberry shortcake characters!! Not sure which one. Anyone else think that??

    • It smells just terrible! I tried it on and had to wipe it off because it just gagged me.

  2. Excited for the eyelashes and body creme, everything else is just meh for me. I have to see the clutch in person, but it’ll probably be up for swaps. The necklace will be up for swaps for sure! Glad I only paid $20 for this, I’ve learned that Popsugar really doesn’t suit my tastes.

    • how did you only pay $20 for it!?

      • The Black Friday deals averaged $20 per month for anyone that doesn’t pay sales tax for this box. They may have another deal equal to this on Valentines Day. You were able to add onto existing subscriptions with the Black Friday deal. That is how we were able to get it for $20 per month. I don’t think this box is worth much more than that if you look back at some of their worst months. I wouldn’t have continued subscribing had I not gotten that deal.

        • I did the Black Friday deal. This box isn’t worth it to me. The only thing I like is the body creme

          • I only kept the chocolate and swapped everything else. I am glad I only spent $20 on the box. Sadly, I lost my mind and bought 18 months worth of boxes during the Black Friday event so I certainly hope their curation gets better.

          • LOL, me too, I went all in for 15. It was a lot of $$ upfront for a frugal person like me but the $20/mo rate was TOO good to resist. I figure their curation would have to suck on a whole new level to not be worth the price of a lunch & beverage. There’s something about PSMH I can’t resist, even though I have tons of unwrapped/unused items from their boxes. 😀 I use them as nice generic gifts, which is handy, but I need to start swapping one of these days. I have so much PS stuff lying around that I’m sure someone would like.

        • I missed out on adding on to my Black Friday deal because I marked the first 3 months I bought as a gift sub which you couldn’t add on to. If there is a way to transfer a sub, I would buy the next 3 months from you!

    • I would be interested in the clutch, if I have anything you would like.

  3. Not gonna lie….I’m super excited for that chocolate bar lol! The only thing I’m not too crazy about is the Juara cream (I got this last year in some box and haven’t even used it yet), which I’m gonna swap.

    • Haha I am also really excited to try that chocolate!! I appreciate subs that include sweet treats

    • Same lol

    • You can buy Chuao at Michaels using a coupon and get it forty to fifty percent off. They are at the check out area.

      • Thanks! I really liked the chocolate bar and was considering buying it. Now that I know I can get it at Michaels with the coupon, I’ll definitely get it

  4. The only thing I like is the clutch. I can see how this box is a win for many. I like the idea of the necklace but dislike love/heart/script jewelry. Would never wear the lashes in a million years and I received the candulenut cream in a fff box and disliked the smell. I do see I will have lots of great trade material. Plus I bought the Black Friday deal so the expense wasn’t huge.

    I swap on a Facebook page. I’ve been pending on here forever. (Literally years and I recently reapplied as I resubscribed) How does that work?!

    • Hi, you mentioned you swap/sell on a facebook page. What’s the name of the page? Thanks.

  5. I am selling my whole box for the full price of 43.00 plus shipping if anyone is interested…..i have no use for any of the items,please let me know if anyone is interested,thank you.

    • Pick me!!!!

    • aluedtke1989

    • at hotmail is my email

    • I’d be interested as well.

    • Me too! If any one else wants to sell for price plus shipping – I’m interested as well.

    • Yes anyone selling…looking for a day gift for my daughter.

  6. I think you can pull of that lipstick shade just fine! It looks beautiful on you!

  7. Mine was shipped on the 26th but the tracking isn’t working and I’m worried now. I seriously thought the email was a mistake since it said it shipped so early. I’m in California, about 3 hours from where it ships and I ALWAYS have to wait over a week, since it gets shipped out of state for some reason. I think I’ll email them tonight.

    • I am excited to try many of these items. What is the likelihood that even though the box is sold out some of the items might be available in the POP Sugar Boutique in the future?

      Just curious. Not quite into swaps yet so I would love to buy more of some of the items.

    • Email I got when I asked the same:
      Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately our tracking was updated a bit prematurely, your box will not be shipping out for a few more days. We’re sorry for the confusion, however keep an eye on your tracking as you should see movement near the end of the week. Thanks for your cooperation.

    • My tracking isn’t working either and I emailed them about it. They said they will inform the warehouse. It still isn’t working. 🙁

    • I emailed them a few days ago asking the same question. Got this reply this morning..

      We have received word from our warehouse that your package has now been scanned by FedEx. Our warehouse packed up the February boxes early but Fed Ex did not scan the boxes until this morning, we are sorry for this delay.

      Once again, we apologize for the inconvenience but do expect your tracking number to update in the next 24 hours.

      Thank you again for your patience!

      Ann P.

      Have more questions? Check out our FAQs

      • I got the same email when I messaged them as well. So the box wasn’t sent until today.

    • i got an email saying it was shipping also but the tracking wasn’t working. I finally emailed them and they said the email was sent by mistake and my box actually hadn’t shipped yet.. LAME i was hoping to get it early since i also always wait over a week for the box and im in California too! You’d think it would come sooner!

      I just checked my popsugar account and the tracking number was updated and supposedly shipped out today. Hopefully yours does too!

    • Same here! I live one hour from where it ships and have to wait a week! I received my tracking number a week ago and the box was just scanned by FedEx this morning. When I emailed Popsugar they apologized and blamed FedEx. I just want my box before the weekend. Waiting over a week fir something I could drive and pick up during my lunchtime is ludicrous.

    • My tracking # wasnt working either which was sent on 1/26, but they wrote and said it was just shipped today 2/1.

  8. Anyone else’s box not ship yet?

    • Mine has been stuck for over a week—-the tracking # isn’t valid. 🙁

      • Same here

        • I asked the same thing. But I checked my tracking again today and it says it’ll be here Monday.

          Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately our tracking was updated a bit prematurely, your box will not be shipping out for a few more days. We’re sorry for the confusion, however keep an eye on your tracking as you should see movement near the end of the week. Thanks for your cooperation.

          • Ugh, mine just says label created, and that was from 1/26. I want it NOW! lol. Impatient.

  9. Got mine today – excellent box although not a complete hit for my style (but I can still appreciate the curation and value!) I’ve never done a swap before but might to rehome the clutch to someone who will use it

    • I’d love to swap for the bag! I have a good home for it. 🙂 do you have a swap page here?

      • I just made one!

  10. That necklace is the cutest thing ever! Love red lipstick, but the pigment usually destroys my lips- hoping this one will work out. I have never worn false lashes either. Good thing I get 25 tries to get it right! I’m not too excited about the clutch. Maybe I’ll get lucky and be able to swap for something I’d really love like the Derek Lam 10 piece sprays. And chocolate always makes me happy.

    • That clutch would be my favorite part of that box. I wish I had something to swap it for you.

  11. If my box ever leaves WF, NY I’ll list the lashes/ glue, lipstick. Anyone else’s box still in limbo?

    • Mine is too. I got the shipping email 1/27 but the status has not been updated to show when it will be actually shipped or delivered. Hope we get them soon!!

      • They jumped the gun on tracking. They told me it’d be out later this week (although mine seems to have already kicked lose).

  12. Your reviews make this box look amazing, I wish I could spend the money on it. But really, this is the first photo I’ve seen of you, full-on, no sunnies. You’re beautiful, and should take more pictures like this.

  13. Liz, the lipstick is gorgeous on you, beautifully! I’m loving the look😊

  14. I really, really tried not to read this review because my box hasn’t arrived yet, but I couldn’t resist. I was already anticipating the clutch but now I’m even more eager for the box to get here! I have to agree with everyone else — you make those eyelashes look so good, I think I will have to give them a try.

    By the way, I love the Forbes article about you I saw today! It was fun reading the backstory of how the website got started. Wishing you every continued success — you truly deserve it!

    • What fun! I’ll have to read it!

    • What?!? Liz is in Forbes?!?

      How cool is it that I have a friend with an article in Forbes!?! 😉

      Maybe we haven’t meet in person, but I feel like I’ve know you for years Liz 😉 – thank you for all you do.

      And now I’m off to find that article!

      • Aw, thanks Randi! I feel the same way with you 🙂

    • Congrats!!! Awesome sucess!!!! Hope i am able to find the article.

      • It’s easy to find, I googled Forbes and My subscription addiction and it came right up. Congratulations, Liz and Eric, great article. I clicked on through to the second article and saw you had provided a lot of stats and info for that one too. Seriously great.

    • Way to go Liz and Eric! Liz–you look like a celeb in this review, and now you ARE a celeb with the Forbes coverage. Keep up the great work. 👍

  15. You look gorgeous Liz!

  16. Does the eyelash glue mention ingredients? I couldn’t find on their website if it contains latex or not.

    • Here is the ingredient list: Acrylic Acid, Water, Natural Rubber Latex, Cellulose Gum, Nitrocellulose.

      Hope that helps!

      • That does, thank you! Wish I could use it, but I’m glad it is labelled.

  17. Yay! Love the box! I was definitely not going to try the lipstick as reds are not my thing but you look amazing with that red color Liz and now I can’t wait to try it! Fingers crossed I can pull it off too! Love the eye lashes on you too and can’t wait to try them.
    As a side note my husband makes fun of me every time I talk about Liz and he thinks is a friend! That is how addicted I am to your reviews and spoilers!!! Thanks for the amazing review & pictures!💗

    • I hope you love the lipstick and eyelashes, too!

      And I love that side note story! 🙂

  18. Love the review, Liz! This box looks amazing–I cannot wait until mine arrives and am so glad the 3 month sub I gifted to my sister-in-law includes this box. The photo with you sporting the eye lashes and lipstick is such a glam look! I may even give both items a try after seeing them on you instead of putting up for swap. Thanks for trying them out for us all to see 🙂

  19. Liz, you should wear that lipstick every day. You look beautiful!

  20. Another GREAT box! I’m excited 😀
    I like that Popsugar chose to include the Tribe Alive bag and support their mission. And of course, chocolate always makes me happy!

  21. Oh man. I was going to give away the lipstick but that color is GORGE. I might have to keep it.

    Because I totally need more red lipstick.

    (::avoids looking at the huuuuuge pile of lipsticks on and next to my my vanity::)

    So looks like the only thing I’m putting up for swap is the necklace! When my box eventually gets here, that is.

    • Haha! Your lipstick comment cracked me up! Glad you like the box!! 🙂

      • XD

  22. If anyone wants to swap or sell the chocolate I’m your girl!

  23. This box is a total win for me solely for the Juara candlenut body cream! I have had one sitting in my cart from Birchbox for a week because I’m about to run out but I just couldn’t pull the trigger! My first use was from the Winter 2015 FFF box and I will never go back! The rest of the items are just gravy for me (and I do like most of them!)!

    • What exactly does candlenut smell like?

      • Heaven.
        It has a very slight toasted nut mixed with a sweet coconut scent.

        • Yep, heaven! It smells like heaven on an island. Nice description. 🙂

  24. Just got my box, and I think it’s my favorite PSMH box of all time! I love it! Never worn fake eyelashes and never had a desire to, but I’m going to try them based on your suggestions, Liz!

    • Yay! So glad you love the box! And I’m excited for you to try the lashes!! 🙂

  25. The necklace is actually selling on their site for $58 not $48 so it’s an even more incredible deal!

  26. I agree; Liz you look amazing with that lipstick! I just got my box and LOVE IT!!!!! I was nervous because it wasn’t heavy, but I am not disappointed at all. You sold me on everything in the box with your review. I hadn’t ever had the body creme before and considered giving it away – I am keeping everything!

  27. WOW this box made me wish I got the six month special on black friday!! Second box in a row I’m loving!!!

  28. I would have to say that you can def pull of the lipstick Liz. That’s a slamming night out look for you 💋
    Side note, I’m ecstatic about this box.

    • I concur. Liz, you look GORGEOUS! Eric will be even more proud to have you on his arm, if you go out on a date night (I’d say you should talk him into taking you out ASAP!

  29. I’m almost out of my Juara body crème. For the price of the jar, this box will also give me a gorgeous clutch, lashes and glue (never tried that before), a necklace, and lipstick! Not really a difficult decision… Think I’ll join PopSugar.

    • Just a heads up, this box is sold out, so you’ll start in March

  30. I do wish this box wasn’t sold out. Oh well, hopefully I can swap for the items I really want. If anybody is looking to part with their clutch and/or chocolate let me know. I still haven’t figured out how to leave my info in the website portion of the comments because even though I paste my personal page into the website it keeps taking people back to the main swap page when they click on it.

    • Do you subscribe to the Addidas A box? If not I will sell the clutch to you and send the chocolate as a bonus. I don’t have a swap site, I prefer to buy people’s stuff than to swap, or sell my stuff than to swap. But let me know what you have to trade or would consider trading (if it hasn’t come yet) and we can trade, through paypal (with tracking). Email me if interested ms dot otg 2010 at gmail dot com

    • When you go to “My Swaps,” make sure you click on “Listings” under your photo, then copy the URL! Otherwise, it tries to route people to your swaps, and when it can’t because they’re not you, it reroutes to the main swap page. Hope that helps!

  31. Liz look how white that lipstick makes your teeth you should so wear it!

  32. Has anyone’s box actually shipped yet?

    • Several people on the forum got it today, mine hasn’t shipped yet though.

    • Mine shipped yesterday and should be here friday.

    • I received mine today! Yaaay I love it

  33. I have no will power, I couldn’t hold off on spoilers even though I’m supposed to get my box Thursday. Ugh. I like the clutch, but I like the one from Globein better, I’ve always wanted to try false eyelashes but I’m always afraid. I will be trying them and I love the lipstick color. And of course I LOVE Juara body cream, it smells amazing and lasts all day long. I already have two tubs I’ve hoarded, but so excited to get another! The only thing I don’t like is the necklace, and only because it’s gold lol.

  34. Perfect! I love everything in the box or am eager to try them at least! And great timing – I just bought Tarte eyelashes and glue at Ulta, but haven’t used them yet – return time! With the Black Friday deals, the cost of my box is covered by the lashes and glue alone!

    Liz – gorgeous as always. You modeling the hat in PSMH September convinced me I could handle the style myself & got me to subscribe. This month’s look is so glam! Love it! Thanks for sharing.

  35. Love, love, love, this box! ❤❤❤

  36. Yay! I’m excited! I like this box and I liked last month too. Great job Popsugar 👍😊

  37. Gosh Liz, you look GORGEOUS!!!!

  38. Dying over how amaze balls this box is!! That body cream is everything (it was in fabfitfun once and I scraped the sides to use it all). Liz you look gorgeous all done up! Definitely makes me want to try the lashes and bold lip after seeing you. Happy Valentine’s ladies!

    • I thought I’d had gotten it before! That explains it.

  39. I love this box but I am slightly bummed about the Juara item as it was in a FFG box wasn’t it? I still have a tub from then. The necklace is adorable just wish the chain was a little longer as well, 20″. I like everything in theory but somehow there is this slight wow factor missing. I like the clutch and lashes. The rest could be anything to me.

  40. Liz you look BEAUTIFUL! Awesome box!! 🙂

    • Thanks so much, hKC! 🙂

    • I agree! You most certainly can pull off that gorgeous lipstick shade. 😁

  41. Thank you for the great review, Liz! I love everything. Can’t wait for it to get here!

    • Yay!! They shipped really early this month, so I’m thinking most subscribers will have their boxes soon! 🙂

  42. That lipstick looks great on you! You look just lovely in general.

    This looks like a great box! Good for the people who were able to get it, and a nice follow up to last years.

    • Thanks so much, Jackie! What a lovely comment to read!! 🙂

  43. Well done box! Glad they brought back the chocolate and jewelry company from past Feb boxes but I was sad to not see a gift card lol. Still an amazing box and I love everything! Never used false lashes as I was blessed with amazing natural ones but those are very pretty! Will be swapping the body Butter though, I could never do the fragrance of that one

  44. I would gladly purchase this box from anyone who does not want theirs.

    • Im so excited for this box! I’m not selling the box but I am putting the eyelashes and lipstick up for swap if anyone is interested.

    • Sure, you can click on my name and contact me on the swap site or kjcoons at msn dot com.

    • Aileen, you can click on my name for the swap site or contact me at kjcoons at msn dot com. I am interested in selling the entire box, thanks.

  45. Liz, it’s your modeling pic that has sold me on this box. The lashes and lipstick on their own made me worry it was a bit over the top – but seeing it on you proves me wrong. You look absolutely glamorous. So excited to get this box!

    • Wow! Thank you so much! So happy you are excited about the box – it definitely is one of POPSUGAR’s most glamorous boxes yet! 🙂

      • Wow, you totally different with those eyelashes and dark lipstick. Eric must have wondered who the stranger was in his living room!

        • YOU LOOK. Verbs matter 😛

        • Haha! I’m used to warning him anytime I’m wearing a sheet mask so I don’t startle him, and I warned him I was wearing this makeup, too! 🙂

      • I was just thinking this is their girliest box ever, in the best way possible. 😀 Definitely nothing I can share with my boyfriend (except maybe the chocolate, but that’s unlikely, LOL).

  46. Well this 57 year old may just try some lashes for the first time! Ha! Lol will let ya know how that goes!

    • Yay! The good news is that they are reusable, so if you mess up you can always use a little makeup remover and try again! (I was intimidated by lashes for years, before I finally gave them a try!)

      • I have never used fake eyelashes either. My question is how do they come off? Lol. Does eye makeup remover do the trick?

        • Yes, makeup remover takes care of it! Use makeup remover on a cotton pad, then press it against your lashes for a several seconds until the lash glue loosens. Hope that helps! 🙂

    • I was wondering if I was too old for PS at 50. Glad to know I’m not the only one over 40! I’m not sure I’ll bother with the eyelashes or yet another bold lip color, but everything else is great!

    • Do it! They’re fun. I like to use the handle end of the tweezers to sort of tap the lash down one I’ve placed it. Using my fingers always leads to the glue sticking to my finger instead of eyelid and I lift the lash back up.

  47. I was just thinking I would like to try false lashes but didn’t want to buy any. I never expected to get them from PS so I am glad to see them in here!
    The necklace and clutch are also exciting!
    No complaints about the body butter, either!
    I’ll probably swap the lipstick since I don’t need any more reds.
    Overall, a fabulous box!
    Looking good, Liz!

    • Perfect timing for the lashes! These ones are really gorgeous, too!

    • Oh, plus there’s chocolate.

  48. Love the box! And you look great too!

    • Thanks so much!! Glad you love the box, too. I think it is one of my all time faves! 🙂

  49. I’d actually gladly keep all of the items in this box! I thought about listing the eyelashes for swap cause I recently got a pair in a Sephora Favorites kit, but these look nicer than the ones I have! I’ll still consider it because I rarely wear false eyelashes. I like the red lipstick too but might list it for swap because I have a ton of red lipsticks, but I love everything else! Can’t wait to get my box! : D

    • As someone else who rarely wears false eyelashes, I’d say these ones are keepers! Glad you like the box, too! 🙂

      • They look great on you, Liz! I wasn’t interested in keeping them till I saw the photo of you wearing them!

  50. Liz you look gorgeous!

    • Aw, thanks so much, neha! 🙂

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