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Play! By Sephora January 2017 Box #468 SPOILERS

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Sephora Play

We’re starting to get the box variation spoilers for the January 2017 Play! By Sephora box! Thanks, Teri, for sharing your box details with us!

Not sure which box # you have? If you log in through a browser, not the app, and go to my account > account details > online orders and open the play! Order Details, you can see the “item number” next to the image.

Box ending 468 will include:



We’ll add more box variation details as soon as we get them! In the meantime, here are some of the other spoiler products in the January 2017 Play! By Sephora box:


This is likely one box variation (probably the version for any subscribers who didn’t indicate skin tone colors in their profile for customization), and according to Anonymous, here are 3 other items that may be sampled in January in different box variations:

What do you think of the spoilers?

Make sure to update your Profile and select your skin tone color if you haven’t already! (Find it under My Account > My Information.)

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I also received the #450 box with the foundation samples that are too dark. Before I pass it along, does anyone know if the date 20150429 is the expiration date or the date it was manufactured? Thanks!

  2. I just received my box and I am back to my initial enthusiasm! They have, for the first time, sent me five product categories that I use regularly – moisturizer, cleanser, makeup with physical sunscreen, hair mask, and lipstick/balm. Maybe they’ll all work out and maybe they won’t, but the category choice couldn’t be more perfect.

  3. Got the box ending in 476 today.

    Items include:
    – Tarte Frxxxtion Stick
    – Tony Burch Love Relentlessly Perfume
    – Drunk Elephant Lala Retro Whipped Cream
    – IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream with SPF 50+ in Medium
    – Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey
    – OUAI Treatment Masque

    I am very happy with this box! I have tried the Drunk Elephant already and love it! I own the IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream as well, so this will be perfect for a backup. I hate lipsticks, but I love the Clinique Lipstick! Very wearable to work and not these crazy colors other boxes have been coming out with like *cough*BoxyCharm*cough*. I am super excited about trying out OUAI and Tarte! The perfume smells nice too.

    • Yipee, this is my box coming today too.

      • Thanks. That’s my box. I have used the CC CREAM 1 year now and really like it cause of the spf. Enjoy ! And thanks for the heads up

  4. I will get 476 today and share later today.

    • Thanks. Waiting to hear. Mine didn’t ship yet

  5. I enjoy these subscription box services. They’re a lot of fun. But I hate that Play by Sephora doesn’t allow you a sneak peek like Birchbox and Ipsy. With those subscriptions, you have an option to look at what you’re getting or to skip a sneak peek. It kind of drives me bonkers that I don’t know what I’m getting in my Sephora box. LOL. I’m actually more disappointed when I don’t know what I’m getting in and I get something I don’t like 🙁 At least with a sneak peek, I have time to let the disappointment set. Don’t mind my rant. I’m just impatient! 🙂

  6. So excited! My box is 450, but still no ttracking info. Maybe it will just show up😀

    • Source: reedit
      Box e (476)
      The only variation
      Drunk elephant
      Cc cream it cosmetics.
      Yes!!!! I love this bag.

      • I’m Box 476. I really, really hope that’s what I get!!! I love Drunk Elephant.

    • my box is also 450 but i is not yet shipped…

      • Mine too.

  7. Unverified, but today I got some intel that the box # ending in 450 is 5/6 the same as 468, and includes the Farmacy Honey Potion instead of the Youth to the People Kale+Spinach hyaluronic acid cream.


    • I am getting the 450 box! I hope you are correct because if you are this will be a solid- best-play-box-ive-ever-had!!! How sure are you? I hate waiting for spoilers is just torture to me!

  8. I am fair skinned and I was concerned about these colors but I saw a swatch of the sample on Reddit and while 106 looks like there’s no possible way, 104 looks pretty light. Hard to tell on a different person but even looks like I could probably use it (especially since I have lighter than my skin tone concealer) and I am normally the lightest foundation color in any brand. I’m mad that we are getting 104 and 106 and not 102 and 104. 102 on the website sounds perfect for me. Hopefully it works or I will probably email customer service. No point in pushing us to update our profiles and then ignore it….

    • TOTALLY AGREE! I am always the first shade in any foundation and this totally annoys me. Why ignore the profile when there are other perfectly suitable alternatives you can send like the Farmacy or Drunk Elephant!

  9. I’m box 435 (fair skin) I get my box tomorrow. If spoilers aren’t posted before then I will email Liz my box contents

    • Thanks so much, Kaila! 🙂

  10. I’m happy to know I likely won’t be getting an AmorePacific cushion. It may not be everyone’s exact match but if you’re within the shade range that the brand offers, you can at least test the consistency and coverage and purchase a full size that will work better.
    If they gave me (deep skin tone) one of those products I would be upset because AmorePacific doesn’t even offer shades past tan so I would have ZERO use for it.

    Also, cushion compacts are notoriously different looking on the cushion vs the actual foundation in it. I think some people expecting the product to be “too dark” will be surprised if they actually try it or even just look at the shade indicator picture on sephora’s product page. Just saying.

    • I have fair selected in my profile and 104 works with my skin tone.

  11. I’m getting box 435 and it should be arriving today!

    • Share after you get it please.

    • I agree, please consider sharing here! This is also my number, but my ship date and tracking are still blank.

    • What did you get hun? That is my box as well, mine is coming tomorrow

    • It’s Martin Luther King Jr’s Bday so I don’t think mail comes today. I’m getting the same box. So interested to see what you get! 🙂

      • Depends on the carrier. If it is USPS it doesn’t but UPS and FedEx still deliver.

  12. This box is mine. I’m confused as to how I’m getting something that’s tan when I have fair skin. My profile has said fair since September when I signed up and when Liz mentioned that they would be playing with skin tones I double checked to make sure it was correct. If this is the fair skinned box than I’m so glad I picked fair and not light because how knows how dark those products will be. The rest of the box seems okay. I personally prefer boxes that are heavier on makeup.

  13. I’m also box 468. I just got the Tory Burch perfume roller ball as a 100 point perk. It’s extremely sweet, but I like it and I’m happy to get more. I’ll enjoy everything in the box.

  14. This is the box I will be getting. Pretty happy overall! I’m not sure about the Kale+Spinach cream, the reviews are pretty mixed and I think the cushion compact will be too dark for me. I’d rather not have lipsticks that need constant reapplying, but it sure has great reviews.

    I will try it all! Mine has shipped and looks like it’ll be here Thursday!

  15. I’m a little squicked out by the Tarte Frxxxtion stick. It just can’t be sanitary to glide it all over a dirty face, getting it all wet, then put the cap back on it to let it sit damp and dark and warm until the next use. ::shivers::

    • You have a valid point that I had not considered. I may need to put this up for swap as well. I probably shouldn’t use it anyway because it is abrasive and I use a high strength Retin-A. I am still somewhat happy with what is coming in this months box.

    • I smear the product on a konjac sponge or a clean hand and use it that way.

    • The instructions on how to use state to wipe off the applicator before putting the lid back on. That sounds like it would keep it clean, but I’ve not used it before so won’t know until my box arrives.

  16. Aside from the cushion compact colors sounding like they’re going to be too dark (and counter to my profile) everything else looks really good. Very excited to try the Tarte cleansing stick and I’d forgotten how much I enjoy the Black Honey lipstick. Will be fun to have that around again.

  17. Am I the only one who still doesn’t even have an item number?! How odd…

    • Try to view it on a desktop or laptop in your Sephora orders, if you haven’t already. I can never see the item number if I look at my orders in the Sephora app.

    • Nope. Mine has always been up by now, and there’s nothing yet.

      • Thanks! I was able to see the item number in my browser! I’ll get 450

        • I am also 450

  18. I am getting this box! I loathe the cushion stuff because it’s no where near light enough for me but every thing else looks great! I want to try the tarte and clinique stick so I’m happy with the this box! The kale stuff looks awesome so that will be a great!

  19. Looks so much better than my birchbox. I’m excited!!

    • My Birchbox is amazing this month aside from seven products two are foil hair but still this has too much variety I dont know what box im getting and I like one variation they have shown and dispise the other maybe I’m love it once I try them but I’m not excited about them I think Birchbox just was in a product rut but they seem to have gotten out of it maybe they needed the competitiveness

      • I hope so. I mean my box is okay; this one is just a bit better as far as I can tell.

  20. I selected fair in my profile and these seem too dark for me and they are cool toned, while I’m warm toned. I selected fair because I’ve always assumed porcelain meant cool toned pale skin and fair is more yellow/warm toned. Maybe I’m wrong and should switch it to porcelain?

  21. How do you find out what # box you have, I don’t know how to find mine. Like this post says spoilers for #468, but I don’t know what my number variation is, the only thing I figured is maybe the last 3 of my order number, but not sure.

    • Go to My Beauty Bag under your account than purchase history. Then just click on the January Play and it will show the item number. The last three digits is the variation you will get.

    • I have to to “my account” then “account details” then “online orders” then “order details”. If I go through my beauty bag purchase history I can find my box number.

      • I can’t find it though beauty bag. Can’t seem to type tonight.

  22. Does the “Flash” 2 day shipping program includes Play? I’m a very impatient person with a mailman who consistently delivers to the wrong address…a terrible combo. I’m new to Play and haven’t received any tracking yet. My other three subs are excellent about notices.

    • No you don’t get 2 day shipping on the play bag. It usually arrives closer to the end of the month. Sometimes you get a shipping notice other times you won’t and it just shows up.

      • Thanks!

  23. This is my box and the skin stuff is all on point but the cushion colors…um I am literally the absolute palest color for most face makeup. If I’m not the palest, then they typically don’t have a good color match for me. So I guess I’m confused about that one, but I like everything else a lot.

    • Haha, me too! I’m super pale and not sure about these shades… everything else looks great, though, so I’m pretty happy. Definitely the best box of my subs for me this month.

    • I’m super pale too. Looks like they messed up on this box.

    • Same here, I really don’t understand why they would have us make sure are skin tones are up to date and then send us a product that will most likely be to dark!!

  24. i have 476 – I really would love to try that kale cream….

    • I’m getting 476, too…I hope it’s good because this is my first one after being on the wait list forever!

    • I’m 476 also. If you get yours , please let us know.

    • 476 here, too. My tracking seems to be all messed up, so not sure when mine is supposed to get here. Would love to see what you ladies all get.

  25. This is me! (hasn’t shipped yet…) The foundation isn’t likely to work for me since I am fair but warm toned, and I already have several Black Honey lipsticks I seldom wear. The other products are new to me, look useful and fun and I am happy to try them.

    • This is my box, totally bummed about the foundation since I am fair to light complexion and don’t like a Dewey look. I am going to delete my profile so I can prevent these type of boxes. I was hoping for the setting powder that people with no profile preference got.

  26. Oh no, I’m getting this box… 😟
    Pretty sure this will be the least favorable variety among all other boxes… Considering that meh and least value cream and cushion sample one can only use for 2-3 times at top before it dries out…
    What did I do wrong with my survey to get me with the short straw again?? 🤔😓

  27. Thank goodness I’m NOT getting this bag. I have 435.

    • I am getting 435 also.I was nervous that I would get the cushion foundation. I’m a NW47 in mac

      • I am 435 Too!!

      • #435 with very fair skin.

        I’m really hoping to get the Tory Burch Love Relentlessly since they messed up my last order and didn’t put the samples I selected in with my package!

        • I also didn’t get the samples I chose in my last order 🙁 I emailed Customer Service, though, and they gave me 75 points!

          • They did the same for me, but honestly I don’t care about points I care about getting what I ordered!

            The weird and frustrating thing was all 3 of my samples were accounted for in every way but in the box. My order, my recept, etc all said they were there but then they were missing. They never once we’re “sold out” throughout the entire time which would have made more sense.

            I got one of them in the last box, Nirvana Rose. Hopefully I’ll get Love Relentlessly in this one and Spicebomb in the next haha xD

    • I have 435 too.. So curious.. Anyone know?

  28. I have variation #476. I hope there are spoilers. I really want the drunk elephant.

    • Same box # with the same prayers! I hope we get the drunk elephant product too! And that Tarte stick! 😍😍

      • Me too hopefully the drunk elephant. I don’t think my box shipped yet

    • Me too!! I am hoping from drink elephant as well! I’ve never tried their products before!

  29. Mine ends in #450, anybody else? Btw I’m also fair/light skin.

    • Mine does too but i’m olive skin.

    • I’m #450 but I’m olive medium tan

    • I’m also getting this box and I have olive skin.

    • Mine too. I’m light/medium skin

    • Me too. I’m light/medium.

    • I’m 450 too with Light/Fair skin

    • 450 is the same as this one, except the Famacy honey Mask instead of the hyaluronic acid 😊 At least, that’s what my daughter just got in her 450 box. Still waiting on mine!

      • 450 too and I’ll be very happy with the Farmacy mask! Fingers crossed

    • I think this is box 450:
      Tarte Frxxxtion Stick
      Farmacy Honey Potion Mask
      Ouai Treatment Mask
      Clinique Almost Lipstick (black honey)
      AmorePacific Color Control Cushion
      Tory Butch perfume

  30. That’s my bag! So happy. Will use every single item.

  31. The foundation is two small foil packs without a cushion. Saw a pic on Reddit under beauty boxes category.

    • I received two cushions and a puff applicator.

      • Oh good- phew!

      • Wich is your number box? what do you receive???

        • I received this box – #468. I am curious to find out what people receive if they selected the porcelain (one shade lighter than fair) or the light (one shade darker than fair) skin tone in their beauty profile.

    • There is definitely a cushion. Look up pictures of the sample. It’s two small cushions of foundation, and the top part is the pad for application.

  32. Can’t wait to see what mine is!

  33. I have box ending #435 I’m curious too! Thanks for the updates.

  34. I put down that I’m the second palest shade option ( I believe “light” or maybe ivory I don’t remember)…. nothing with the word “tan” in it sounds like it’s even close to my shade…. tan blush and almond blush both sound very dark for me. I’m very pale. Dissapointing.

    However I’m excited for the rest! I was hoping for the farmacy mask I’ve been dying to try or the drunk elephant. This sounds like a nice dream tho, I’m interested in it. Very interested in the tarts stick too! And the Clinique and the mask look pretty good too. Not sure about the perfume I was excited for the pin rose but this sounds okay.

    • The shades are wrong. If you go on Sephora 104 is light/pink 106 is medium pink. I have fair skin and I am using 106 now. Hope that helps.

      • I tried to look on Sephora and 102 I feel like would be the color for me, it says that is the light pink. 104 is light/medium pink. And you’re right about 106 being medium pink. Hopefully they just aren’t as dark as they look online. I am usually the lightest shade in any foundation. Or normally second lightest if they have a wide range of shade selection. You saying you have fair skin and use 106 gives me hope tho, thank you!

        If anything I can give to a friend or try and save them for summer when I have the slightest bit of tan

      • Hm. You saying you’re fair toned and use 106 gives me some hope. But looking online light pink is actually 102. Medium/light pink is 104, the one in the box. I feel like 102 would be the color for me. I am always the lightest foundation color available when there isn’t much shade selection, or most of the time the second lightest when there’s wider variety.

        Hopefully I can use it! Thanks for the info. If not I can give to a friend or try and save it for summer I guess

    • As a clarification my skin tone on Sephora is “fair” not light. I guess I should go and change it to porcelain if these don’t work for me

  35. I have no idea what numbers y’all are talking about. Where would one look to find her number. Thanks!

    • Order details on your Sephora account page. It’s the item number. Last 3 digits will be box #

  36. This will be my box! I’m really pleased, especially with the Kale+Spinach surprise. I was hoping for the Farmacy mask, but I’m not too disappointed. Hopefully the cushion samples are multi-use

  37. Ohh I have this box and I am super excited for it!

  38. I have #443! Waiting with bated breath! XD

    • Me too! I have fair skin selected.

      • Hm. I have light skin selected.

    • Another 443 and fair skin! Hopeful for a good box 🙂

      Sometimes I see the spoilers and I think ugh…but then I get the box and I end up using or trying everything. So now I just remember that for $10 I am getting to try new things I definitely wouldn’t have been able to. Anything I can’t use always goes up for swap anyway 🙂

      • Oops just checked and I have light skin on my profile selected. Plus oily skin. Don’t know if that will mean anything for this box.

        • Same here! REALLY hoping for the Tarte stick but that sounds like one of the items that everyone’s getting. Fingers crossed :).

    • Me too!

    • I have 443 also! I’m dying to know what is inside. There are a lot of products shown in the box above that I would love to try.

    • Another 443 here. I have the second lightest shade. Did anyone else have a B next to their #? This is my first sub from them, so excited.

      • Yep! 443B, before they removed the letters….According the spreadsheet on reddit, it seemed to be dark hair/light skin, so *fingersxd* if it’s the cushion it will be 204/6 for the golden undertones. I bet (I hope) the ouai mask, black honey, and tarte stick will be in everyone’s. Keep it up Sephora, this and Dec’s boxes have been great!

    • I have 443 and a fair/light complexion (second option), dry skin. I’m wondering if there are ppl with oily skin who are also 443 if that means the honey mask and drunk elephant moisturizer are not in this box variation.

    • Me too! I’m “light”.

  39. This is my box! I am excited about the Tarte and Clinique products, and will try the cream and the compact, even though I don’t really need to use foundation. I have zero use for more masques and perfume, but that’s ok, I can either find a friend to take them, or I will have another large bag of perfume samples for my sister-in-law for her Christmas stocking.

    • Mine too. Can’t use the mask or the perfume but the rest is a good fit.

    • #468. This is my box as well, I got it today. I’m happy with everything except for the way the Amore Pacific sample is presented. If it was a mini-compact that you could snap shut (like in the spoiler pic) & could be used a few times before drying out – Lovely! But I’m not thrilled with the cheap foil packaging they’ve actually included; I genuinely do not believe there should ever be one-use/non-resealable foils in a PAID subscription box whatsoever (sheet masks excepted).

      The Amore Pacific seems more in line with the free one-use samples Sephora gives you when you make a purchase than the 100 point reward deluxe samples, which is what the Play! sizes should really be. AT LEAST 100 point size. What saves it (for me) is that I’ve tried & am not keen on both the Bosica or the IT Cosmetics items. Amore Pacific is the one I haven’t sampled yet & I love their skin-care.

      I just hope they don’t start passing off foils in the Play! bags too often though. I’ve never subbed to Birtchbox but from what I’ve read, a lot of people left because they sent too many tiny foils from companies unwilling to properly package their deluxe samples.

      As for the rest; I’d rather try the YTTP moisturizer than the DE or Farmacy, tbh. After using quite a lot of their products, DE doesn’t seem to do much for my skin & while I like Farmacy, I’m drowning in masks right now. YTTP will be a totally new brand to me so that’s fun since discovering different brands & products is my #1 reason for subs. The TARTE looks interesting & unique, I love the Clinique & previous stuff I’ve received from OUAI has been perfectly fine (not blow-me-away-fantastic but not bad either) so it’ll get used & who knows? Maybe I’ll love it.

      Also – the mesh bag will be super handy; I can put my no-show ‘footie’ socks & stockings in there, tie the bag & toss ’em in the wash without losing them now – The bag is perfect for that purpose! 🙂

  40. This looks amazing!! I have 476 so hopefully the only difference is on the shade of the makeup cushion.

    • That’s my number too. I’d be content with just about any of these items, though I would actually like to see how the Tory Burch perfume smells.

      • I’m also worried because I have light to medium skin, but “light-medium” isn’t a selection option on the Sephora Play profile, so I selected medium. It seems like those with “light” selected are getting the light-medium samples. Hopefully, the medium tones will work on me.

  41. Neat! I have box 435, super curious what will be in mine. Thanks for the spoilers! Hoping to see a few of these in my box too.

    • I have box 435 as well, can’t wait to see what we’re getting 🤗

      • I have 443 wondering what’s in there an hoping it’s just a variation with the cushions. This is a pretty nice bag, I have the clinique black honey and it’s really nice so an extra would be great!

    • Me, three! I’m hoping for the Pinrose petal, rather than the Tory Burch.

    • I have 435 also. I’m fair skinned, so I hope not to get anything for a darker complexion.

      • I’m very fair too with a 435. Seems like fair skin is in all of the variations by the comments. Hmm.. I’m still hoping for the best. (fingers crossed)

    • This is interesting… I’m 435 with dark skin! Fairly certain we won’t be receiving the cushion foundation, which is totally ok with 😊

      • I agree!! 😉

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