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New Beauty Test Tube Subscription Review – January 2017


New Beauty Test Tube is a bi-monthly beauty and makeup subscription box. Every other month they send you a tube full of deluxe and full-size beauty samples and you also get a digital subscription to New Beauty Magazine. It’s a little pricier than other beauty subscriptions, but in general, the value is usually great.


This is the second shipment from New Beauty Test Tube 2.0 – they promise 10 full or deluxe size items in every box.

I’m really loving the new packaging design!

This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).


The Subscription Box: New Beauty Test Tube

The Cost: $29.95 a box plus $8.95 shipping (ships every other month)

The Products: Deluxe and full-size beauty products. (This subscription also includes a subscription to New Beauty Magazine).

Ships to: US only

Check out all my New Beauty Test Tube reviews, and the Beauty Subscription Box List!


And to go along with the new packaging, we have a new booklet, too!

new-beauty-test-tube-december-2016-0005 new-beauty-test-tube-december-2016-0006

Each page details the items included:

new-beauty-test-tube-december-2016-0007 new-beauty-test-tube-december-2016-0008 new-beauty-test-tube-december-2016-0009 new-beauty-test-tube-december-2016-0010 new-beauty-test-tube-december-2016-0011

Now, onto the items!


Goldwell Stylesign Big Finish Volume Spray – 100 ml Value $7


This hairspray is designed to give you significant hold and volume. It did the job for me with holding my hair in place, but I didn’t notice any difference in volume.


Christie Brinkley Daily Facial Exfoliating Polish – 10 ml Value $2.70

This cleanser is lovely! (And I had no idea Christie Brinkley had her own skincare line!) The formula a creamy cleanser with fine, exfoliating particles. It did a great job at cleaning my skin without stripping it of moisture, and it was gentle, too.


Osmosis Stemfacor Growth Factor Serum – 5ml Value $23

This serum is designed to promote collagen production and reduce the appearance of fine lines. This formula is a super lightweight oil that absorbed into my skin immediately. I’m loving this so far, and hoping I have enough of the sample to see some results before it runs out!


Spongelle Beach Grass Body Contouring Buffer with Built in Cleanser – Value $25


Spongelle! Both my husband and I are hooked on Spongelle sponges thanks to subscription boxes! If you aren’t familiar with Spongelle, it’s a body wash infused sponge, that cleans and buffs your skin, Pretty much the ultimate multi-use product, and it works for multiple uses, too!


Grande BrowFILL Brow Gel – FULL SIZE! Value $20


This is a great brow gel if you want to add color and some hold, but don’t want a gel that makes your brows stiff. I didn’t notice a ton of fibers added, but it definitely darkened my brows and made them look more defined.


Miss Spa Detoxifying Self Heating Facial Creme Mask – Value $3


I was happy to see that his mask is sulfate, paraben, and artificial dye free! It’s a cream/gel hybrid mask that you put on clean, wet skin. (The mask needs the water to activate the self-heating.)

I found this formula to be mildly warming, and in gentle on my skin. You leave it on for 15 minutes then remove with water. I didn’t notice any difference in the appearance of my skin after using it, but my skin felt SO smooth after using it!


Truist Skincare Lotion-Infused Moisturizing Gloves – Value $4


These moisturizing gloves are lined with lotion to hydrate your hands in 15 minutes.

What I didn’t like: the fragrance. I really would have preferred these gloves to be unscented, as the fragrance was a little too strong for my liking. The good news is that the fragrance faded quickly when I took them off.

What I liked/LOVED: the hydration! I was expecting my hands to be greasy when removing these and that I’d need a while for all the lotion to absorb, but my hands were dry almost instantly, but so much more hydrated. (The difference in my cuticles was night and day!)


Love Light Lips Illuminated Lip Gloss with Mirror – FULL SIZE! Value $22


This lip gloss has a good amount of shine, a touch of shimmer, and a wash of color. And on top of that, the wand lights up and it comes with a mirror:


I’m not sure I can think of a situation where I’d need the light, but the mirror is handy. Here it is swatched above the next product:


The color on the bottom is this lip spread from VBeaute:


VBeaute Lip Spread Anti-Age Hydrating Lip Gloss – FULL SIZE! Value $19

(Subscribers will receive either this lip gloss or the VBeaute Rub Off)

As you can see in the swatch, this lip gloss has a lot of pigment and shine! (And this formula is vegan, gluten-free, paraben-free, and fragrance-free! No stickiness, either!)


BeBella Probiotic Skincare Set


BeBella Facial Cleanser – .13 oz Value $2

This is a creamy, non-foaming cleanser that did an excellent job of cleaning my skin without stripping it of moisture – and it left my skin feeling so smooth, too!


BeBella Hydrating Night Cream – .13 oz Value $8.90

This cream is more of a gel, but besides that discrepancy, it definitely lives up to the “Hydrating” part of its name! It felt wonderful on my skin, absorbed quickly, and left my skin super moisturized.


BeBella Facial Essence – .13 oz Value $9.10

This is to be used like a serum, but it’s called “Essence” since it is water based and not oil based. Its a very light weight gel that gave my skin an even finish similar to makeup primers.


BeBella Eye Cream  – .07 oz Value $11

This is the most decadent of the BeBella formulas, which makes sense for a rich eye cream! It still absorbed pretty quickly and felt very moisturizing on my skin.

Verdict: This box has a value of about $157. I think the value is fantastic, and I LOVE that they are including lots of new brands in this new version of New Beauty Test Tube. (Previously, there were a good amount of repeat brands.) Plus, it’s a great mix of skincare, makeup, and haircare!

What do you think of the January New Beauty Test Tube?

FYI – I just reached out to New Beauty Test Tube, and as of today (1/6/17), if you sign up, this will be your first box!

NewBeauty TestTube

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (45)

  1. Their customer service is terrible! I got stuck with three test tubes due to a website glitch and attempted to correct it right away. I come home from a trip and I have three test tubes waiting for me and the person on the phone was incredivly defensive and rude.

    I’ll buy my own stuff thanks. Skincare should be fun. This is not.

  2. Just wondering if I receive the same exact box in the four little bottles of the BeBella are almost empty are yours to? Like literally there wasn’t even enough in there to do anything with! Also a few things on a packages said 2012! should I be concerned you think?

  3. I just signed up for new beauty test tube and I’m wondering if this will still be my first box?

    • Did you get your box yet? I want to sign up too, but I don’t want this box, I’d like the next one. So, I’m wondering the same as you. Did you ever find out? Thanks!

  4. Wow, once again I am so grateful for these reviews and in cases like this one, the comments! I was seriously considering this sub until reading about all the poor experiences and ‘meh’ items. Sounds like a seriously frustrating experience. Thank you all for saving my money AND my sanity, lol!

  5. I loved most of this box. It was my first time.

    I found the BeBella samples too small and the eye cream made my sensitive eyes swell a little.

    I got the Vbeaute lip gloss too, but in a different shade, called Dare. It was a really neutral light brownish shade – I think it was my favorite thing. The light-up lip gloss was ok. I guess if you were in a dark bar that would work well, but the New Beauty customer is probably not so much a dark bar kind of woman. Between the two lip glosses, I like the Vbeaute better.

    I loved the mask. My skin felt amazing after I used it!

    I agree with you that the hand mask gloves smelled. It was like a Rosemilk kind of smell, but it seemed to turn a little stenchy as it got warmer in there with my hands. I did not find it absorbed that quickly after I took off the gloves – probably took about 10 minutes.

    Haven’t tried the Spongelle yet, but I’m looking forward to it.

    I like the Christie Brinkley exfoliator and the Osmosis serum fine.

    And I loved the Grande brow gel. Not surprised by this, because I have the Grande Lip Plumper from my Ricky’s box and I like that too.

    I often read sub reviews at least twice, if not three times, especially if I get the sub. Once when it first comes out to see what to expect. Sometimes again when I get it to see what people think. And again after I try the products to see if my experience matches that of others.

    • So I tried the Spongelle…it is everything! My favorite item in the box. I really like firm, rough exfoliators, and this is that type of thing. I did avoid using it on my neck – that didn’t seem like a good idea, but the rest of my body, particularly the bottoms of my feet, benefitted from this!

      On another note, since this was my first tube, does anyone know when they take the money from your account?

    • Bonnie… what’s Ricky’s box? I just googled to check it out and can’t find anything. Thanks!

      • Go to Their box is actually called cult crushes. They are a NYC beauty emporium and their box is only $11 per month. Each month is a different theme and you get usually 5 items to create the theme. I hope to see this box reviewed here one day! It’s a new box. I just got my 4th one. The themes were: the perfect lip, day to night glam, cat eye, and this one I just got was something about softness. I look for Youtube unboxing videos to see the stuff, especially if MSA isn’t reviewing the box.

      • Thanks! I just checked it out and it looks pretty good. I think I’m going to try it out!

  6. I’m still waiting on my box, when did people receive theirs? I emailed customer on Monday and haven’t heard a peep….really disappointed.

  7. I saw the deal too on black friday but it says while supply last so I didnt jump

  8. Btw has anyone received the magazine subscription which is supposed to be included in price? I’ve got 2 boxes (Nov. and Jan.) and no magazines. Their cs is really bad. This month they didn’t even update information about the new box on their site. January box came to me dirty and sloppily taped. Nothing to be excited about in the contents. Two lip glosses… (Are you kidding me???) I canceled my subscription.

    • Yes, I’ve been receiving the magazines, but not with my box… they get mailed separately. I think I got my magazine about 1 – 2 weeks before I received my box.

    • I’ve always received the magazines. They usually ship separate. The newer version of this sub has less repeats, which I’m pleased about. Although, I don’t necessarily see MORE products or larger sizes then before. The magazine sells for 9.99 at Barnes and Nobles so I’ve always justified that in the shipping fee.

    • It says above that it’s a digital subscription. Not sure how to access it, maybe from the website? I wasn’t concerned about it since I subscribe to Texture, where for $14.99 a month I can read many magazines, including New Beauty.

  9. For only $29.99 I thought this box was great! I love the Spongelle and that is just about the cost of the box alone, the rest of the items were just a bonus. The hair spray works fantastic on my fine hair, it held in place all day long. The lip gloss with the mirror and light is very pretty. I love this box and I loved the one before this one too. You get a lot of products for your money compared to many other boxes.

    • It’s almost 39$ actually. Don’t forget the shipping cost.

      • Yes I consider this a 40.00 box

      • Def not worth @$40 I’d rather go to Sephora and get something I’ll actually use test tube a crap small samples that companies should hand out for free.🌚And they always say they will include an it brush and don’t total rip off

      • Agree 100%! Not interested.. I’d rather 2 of the $10 subs, such as birchbox, sephora, ispy..ect to get 10 sample, for half the price of test tube! Heck.. I could even get 2 my favorite sub Look Fantastic, which gives 5 or more samples for $14 a month with my annual, which would still be cheaper for just $24 a month.. with a lot better products! Their definitely charging too much. Maybe if they got rid of the shipping charges…. nah, not even then.

      • Def I get 2 ipsy and 2 boxycharm lol

  10. This box is so he worst I was dissatisfied ev ry time not worth it for tiny samples

  11. I was receiving the previous box and then cancelled and tried other boxes – poor customer service and redundancy. When 2.0 came out I was excited – liked the first box, But January… what a let down. Again really bad customer service via email and on the phone. They over charged me – I had a deal for free shipping for 6 boxes and they disagreed even though I could prove with confirmation email. Horrible.. I canceled 2.0 – there are much better out there.

  12. Hi @TestTubeBeauty I have been a customer for a short time. However, as of today, I won’t be anymore. I joined in November after seeing your FANTASTIC November box with the heated hairbrush offer and I was so excited! Yay! I ordered right away! I received the box which was awesome, except.. the bronzer was smashed.. like all over the place. No big happens. I’ve been buying subscription boxes for a long time so I understood. But, hmm.. where was the brush? I commented on @TestTubeBeauty Instagram and Facebook pages and I received a response on the IG. Apologies from your company and we will get the brush out to you as well as a new bronzer. Great, thanks! It’s now January 6th and I have neither. I’ve called, I’ve emailed, and still . . . nothing. I was billed for the January box and I just received it. Meh. I have to be honest and say that even if the January box blew me away I would still cancel. The way that I’ve been treated by your “customer service” company as well as the parent company rep I spoke to, and the fact that even after sending screenshots of the Instagram comments where I was assured that not only would the shattered bronzer (that I’VE PAID FOR ALREADY) would be replaced but WHERE THE HECK IS THE HEATED BRUSH? and the fact that I have neither of them – what kind of company is this?! There are hundreds of subscription box companies out there. This is NOT how you treat customers. Take note.

  13. I give this box a resounding “meh”.

    In all seriousness though, I bought the last box and liked it but was very dissatisfied with their customer service. They had a black friday deal (which you missed in your roundup liz! :)) of a free heated styling brush worth $99 advertised in a banner on their website which they refused to honor because they were “out of stock.” And customer service reps were honestly quite snippy about it. So unless a box really knocks my socks off, which this does not, I hesitate to risk buying from them again. I would rather give my money to companies that honor their promises and value their customers.

    Also, does “beach grass” sound gross to anyone else? I love the smell of the beach, love the smell of cut grass … but beach grass? Reminds me of that sticky, tacky, gross stuff that clings to your legs if you spend too much time lurking in the shallows D:

    • I sometimes wonder how companies come up with their scent names, but this was actually my most favorite smelling Spongelle I’ve ever received in a box. 😀

    • LOL! That is really funny! I did not think of that until your thorough description!

  14. Watch that VBeaute lipgloss. Mine was dated 2013! Lovely…and there was hardly any product in those tubes of the Bebella. I’m trying to decide if I should keep this one or not, might have to try out LookIncredible now that they’re shipping to the US.

    • Thanks for the tip! I’ll make sure to check my lip gloss tonight. Those Be Bella tubes felt like it was pure air in them. I noticed the sizes on the tubes are typical sizes for packet samples. This was my last box in my annual subscription, and I’ve already cancelled. Look Incredible is definitely on my list of subs to possibly try this year. I’m so happy more UK boxes are starting to ship internationally. Mintd also now ships internationally… they’re on my list of UK boxes to try too! 🙂

      • One UK sub that I have my eye on is Latest in Beauty. It looks amazing! I sent them an email and they said that at this time, they do not ship to the US. Boo Hoo! But they also told me to keep checking back in because they are soon considering making this box available to US residents! I hope they make that change soon. I get box envy every time they send me an email showing what people are getting that month.

    • I had emailed them about the Bebella product. My tubes didn’t even have enough for one use. And I use these tube samples sparingly so I get more uses out of them to see if they work for me. Plus I was missing an item. I emailed them several days ago with no reply back. Starting to get really irritated about it

      • Yes, my Be Bella tubes were practically empty too. Not even enough to squeeze out one sample. I thought I was missing the Christie Brinkley sample, but just as I was throwing the box away, it fell out. It is a small sample and got lost in all of the black crinkle paper. Both of my lip products were bright red 👎 I was not impressed at all with his box. I had canceled after the last box, they confirmed my cancellation, but I still got the box and was charged.

      • Out of curiosity, did you cancel your account through email or your account? I ask, because I believe their faq’s said you’d have to email them to cancel, but I noticed there was a “Cancel Subscription” link in my account, so I just used that, and I received a cancellation confirmation email almost immediately. I just logged into my account, after reading your comment, and it’s hard to tell if it’s actually been cancelled. I guess I’ll have to monitor my cc when it was originally scheduled to renew in late February.

      • I emailed them. I will see if I can log in and cancel via the link also.

    • Thanks for warning! Where do you find this date on this lip gloss? I don’t see it anywhere. Only some code.

      • I’m wondering the same! Where’s the exp date on this? Thanks!:)

  15. Great review! To be honest, I was a little disappointed with this Test Tube. I’m happy to get another Spongelle but the brow gel was too dark for me and the BeBella tubes hardly had any product in them. The tiny bit of product that I was able to test was nice but there was maybe enough for three uses and I barely used a pea sized drop each time. I like like lip glosses but not two in one box, I’d rather be able to try something else. I haven’t tried the mask or gloves yet, but I look forward to it. For the price, I’d rather have products I can use more than one or two times. I ended up cancelling but I’ll keep my eye on future boxes. I really like that it’s easy to sign up and cancel this sub.

  16. I signed up yesterday! Wonder if this will be my 1st or 2nd box!

  17. I am impressed, that are a lot of great items. I just canceled Beauty Fix and maybe that could replace it. Would I still get January the box if I would sign up today?

    • This sub is every 2 months, so most likely, yes.

      • I just called customer service and if you subscribe today your subscription will start with the March/April box 🙁 Looking through the reviews I am not to much of a fan of the previous boxes so I think I will have an eye on this box but not subscribe yet.

      • Hi, Lacey from MSA here! I double checked with them after you left this comment and they confirmed your first box would be this box. I think this new compared to how New Beauty Test Tube has done it in the past, so maybe that is where the confusion is.

      • Hi Lacey, thanks for your follow up. I called customer service a second time after I saw your post and they still told me that they can not guarantee the January box.

      • Oh no…I just read the review on here and subscribed to the service because I wanted the box that was in this review…Hope I didn’t mess up…

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