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GlossyBox January 2017 FULL SPOILERS + Coupon

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Thanks to Randi, we have FULL SPOILERS for one variation of the January 2017 Glossybox:


What do you think of the spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up for GlossyBox yet:


Now through 1/31, (or while supplies last), use coupon code LIPTWIST to get a free KORRES Lipstick with your first month of a GlossyBox subscription!. (Regularly $21 a box.)

If you subscribe now, your first month will be January.


Check out our GlossyBox reviews to see what you can expect from this subscription!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. After I received a few expired products (not naming any subsTESTTUBE!..), I try to check the dates more carefully. The Oolution has different packaging on their website, and number at the top is “21014”.
    Any experts among us that can tell me if this is the batch #, the creation date, or expiration date?
    If it’s the creation date, does an eye cream last 3 years? I couldn’t find the info on their website…

  2. I got GB fantastic Black Fri deal and so I’m in for a year. I cut most of my other subs so I wouldn’t be disappointed with too much of the same thing.
    I love the Jan box, just got it today. Never can enough of masks, they are my favorite and even though the only “I don’t need another” is the blush, it’s great to have one in my travel bag and another at home. Gift others to my daughters or put away since cream blush is good for 12 – 18 mon.
    One thing I notice that no one has mentioned, the Glossy dots. I have accumulated dots with just doing reviews, unlike when Birchbox gave you points for reviews and buying products. I’m almost to a free box now.
    Glossybox also overlapped (my fault because I was afraid I was going to lose out) my subs, so I received two Nov subs. That was ok because I gave my 22 year old the dry shampoo and my 14 year old wanted some of the other items. I got a few new things in Box 2 anyways.
    When I mentioned it to Cust Serv, they kindly extended my subscription one month. So nice of them! I’ve never had issues with CS, they have sent a replacement when a serum was dried up/1/2 full. It did take a little time and I did have to gently nudge them, but otherwise all has been well.
    Maybe it is just a case of someone working there messed up, maybe they were short staffed. Who knows? I wish everyone had good experiences with all their subs all the time, but you can’t please everyone and no one is perfect.

  3. I was happy with the box this month. I got an ag hair wash instead of the seaweed skin item, but it’s a nice size for travel or extras in the shower for guests. I was really unhappy with the Dec box (I did get the perfume, but it’s underwhelming, reminded me of my first perfume as a little kid; not awful, but not worth more than $10-15 ), but I had bought a 6 month sub on sale back in Nov or Oct, so couldn’t cancel. To be fair, the boxes before (got two free with the sub first month) were pretty nice. But this month is back to where it is a nice treat again, though I think their quality is not consistent enough for the higher price. I think unless they either manage to improve inventory quality, their box will need to be almost half the price to retain customers, and not just that cost on promotion. Being the sub with the prettiest box won’t save them for much longer, and while the boxes barring Dec weren’t bad, I have no inclination to resub when my 6 months expire.

    • Was your face scrub full? Mine wasn’t even half full….

      • Just got my box and yeah, face scrub isn’t even half full. I’ll maybe get two uses from it and unless it performs some miracle that isn’t enough for me to buy a full size.

  4. I got my glossy box today and I got almost everything above except I got AG hair care cleansing cream instead of the sea weed face stuff. This is my last box I tried to cancel this back in December and they told me per the agreement with them I would have to get this box . I’m glad I did cancel this box

  5. I received the same box as pictured. I am ok with it, not unhappy or overly excited. At least I can use all the items. Last month, I got the broken lipstick and no perfume. I was pretty underwhelmed, but didn’t contact customer service as I didn’t like the color of lipstick and didn’t need another one of the same. Anyway, this is my last box with the year-long much talked about Gilt voucher. I am going to redeem Glossydots for February box and I will be done.

    • Was your face scrub practically empty??? Mine was almost empty…. Not even half full…. Was this just mine or is that really the amount that came in it?

      • This has been happening a lot lately in my boxes. The products seem almost empty. Not sure whats going on. It happens in my Sephora Play too.

  6. I received the box pictured above. FWIW, mine had a little on the outside of the shipping box indicating it was variant “2.”

    This is the last box of a year long sub. I wouldn’t re-subscribe, unless they really up their game in terms of the brands they contract with, make their box variations equitable, and get a customer service response time that doesn’t rival the Pony Express. I know some people here posted that they received phone calls last month, after their annual sub expired, encouraging them to renew. I am very much hoping I get such a call this month…

    While I won’t renew, I am currently sitting on close to 3,000 glossydots, and I would like to use those up – so pending the outcome of that CS interaction, I’m not completely out of the glossy game — yet.

    • …”had a little sticker on the outside,” that is.

  7. One thing to be aware of is that Glossybox RARELY sends full size items. The info card is misleading because it always lists full size info, so you think you are getting full size products, but that is not the case. When I subscribed, I usually ended up swapping most of my Glossybox things because they were not useful. Most of the swappers (who were also trying to unload their useless Glossybox stuff) would overestimate the value of their items because they were tricked by the company into thinking they were full size when in fact they were not.

    My takeaway–any sub is better than Glossybox. My current favorite is Goodbeing. They are at the same price point and often send skincare with just one makeup item so I never feel overloaded, and I can feel good about using products that are more natural and healthy while still being amazingly effective.

    • What is a takeaway sub box? And regarding the Goodbeing I am skeptical about all the random “serums” there’s no way to know if they work with just one bottle. GlossyBox has quite a few full size items IMO. Face washes, eye shadows and lip stuff mostly though.

      • In the boxes I got the full sizes tended to be eyeliner, lip liner or lipstick on a regular basis. Rarely was much else full size and when it was it was a cheap item. Compare the sizes you get to the card they send or look up the full size and compare to what you get for the true story.

        • And sometimes when they send a full size cream or lotion it is only half full. In November with the Lycopene cream it wasn’t even a quarter full, though it wasn’t the full size item, sup posed to be delude. But it was smaller than a mini. After it was opened the jar wouldn’t seal completely so it died out quickly so I probably only got 1/8 of the full size so it didn’t even meet the $20 estimated value. And the eyeliner was the same color as the one from September. My replacement offer for tje cream was a mini nail polish or a sample mascara option. Can you say cheap, cheap? At least it wasn’t the 2 tubes of face wash valued at $1.15 that I got in December in place of the $25 perfume that was offered to new subscribers even though it was supposed to be included in all boxes per the spoiler. And I had to use both tubes to wash my face.

          • Deluxe not delude. Sorry for typo.

      • 😆 😆 There’s no takeaway sub box – she’s saying the “takeaway” from her experience is that any sub is better than Glossybox.

        And I’ve also received several full size items in the two+ years I’ve been subscribed (on and off) to Glossybox. They weren’t always great, or from recognized, established, reputable brands, but regardless, they were there, and they were full sized: lipsticks, nail polishes, eyeliners, mascaras, blushes, lip glosses, eyeshadows, shampoos, leave-in conditioners, toners, cleansers, eye serums, face creams, hand creams, body wash. The first month I subscribed was October 2014, and that month’s box was 4 full-sized (really) items, and the one non-FS was a fragance mini. That box impressed me, and set a standard that GB hasn’t been able to meet since – at least in the variations I receive!

  8. Just got my January 2017 Glossybox. I was underwhelmed to say the least. Guess I’ll have to try the products out, but right now I’m not impressed.

    • I just got mine out of the mailbox. I’m going to cancel my subscription. Hated this box. Items were the size of something I would expect to find in my Ipsy bag. I’m done !!

  9. I received the exact same box and am reasonably happy with the contents! I like to get a diversity of skincare products and would rather have this scrubber and eye cream than makeup products I won’t use. However, the secret flush really does smell great and is a wearable color for me!

  10. Super stoked, I love Glossybox. The boxes themselves and the mix of products, not to mention full size and so much skincare 🙂 I have enough makeup from other subs to last me into old age. I’ve interacted with Cust service several times in the past 2 years and they always respond to my emails in 2-3 days and have never hassled me about sending a replacement item if that’s what I was asking for. Totally happy to have re-subbed for the year!

    • Just be aware Glossybox items are RARELY full size. When in doubt, I always check the reviews because mysubscriptionaddiction does awesome at doing the homework for you.

  11. Both my neighbor and I got this exact box ( she usually gets one piece different) and I can speak for both of us and say we are happy with the January box.
    The Secret Flush Duo smells awesome and is so pretty, and the OOLUTION Eye Contour is mostly organic and is very different from my average hoard of eye creams because this will work on my puffiness & dark circles.
    That Marine Night Therapy is rumored to be a twin for that other fancy, expensive brand of seaweed based skincare- so I’m thrilled to have a chance to try it out. And the company is Austin, Texas based!

    I want to try boutique brands of makeup, face creams from small, independent companies and imports that otherwise I’d never know about.
    Some months for me are crummy, and some are great but even after 2 years I’m not anywhere near ready to quit.

  12. I’ve been trying to decide if I should give Glossy Box a try or even Birch Box. I cancelled I Ipsy because every month they were sending me black liquid eyeliner, black mascara, and some sort of brush even though I had unchecked mascara, eyeliner and brushes on my profile it was very easy to cancel. Boxy Charm I thought about canceling too I’m in makeup overload and this month’s box looks terrible. I still get Sephora Play and Allure but I am happy with them. I have heard people mention how bad customer service is with Glossy Box so I’m on the fence if I should give it a try…what do you all think I should try Glossy Box or Birch Box I appreciate any feedback you all could give


    • Look fantastic is my favorite! If your on makeup overload, then you should check it out.. Great mix of stuff. I believe I only got like 1 makeup item in each box so far.

      • Thanks for suggesting Look Fantastic Box once I took a look at their website and a few of their past boxes I was hooked. Can’t wait to get my first box from them!!! Thanks again for the awesome suggestion 😀

        • Yes.. there amazing! I have never got a box I don’t like yet. The only thing is, it takes a few weeks to get the box because it comes from united Kingdom.. and they don’t provide tracking.. but I and everyone else always get their box. Hope you enjoy as much as much as I do!

      • Agreed! I’ve been doing side by side comparisons of Glossy and LookFantastic. To me it’s no contest , Look fantastic sends better qualify Products, better brand, better sizes 🙂

    • I have never had any issues with Glossybox customer service. They have always been very helpful to me whenever I had a reason to contact them. I have been receiving their boxes for a year and a half now. Their boxes are generally a good mix of skin care, hair care and makeup and usually includes full-sized items. The value is usually very good for what you pay, although there has been an instance or two where they have substituted small inexpensive items in some boxes. Birchbox, on the other hand, usually has very small sample size products and is often not worth much more than you pay for it.

    • Cancelled after a year of getting the low end items.The best thing about this subscription is the BOX the actual box

    • I have been burned by customer service before. They have been outright rude when I tried to get replacements for broken items. There are many fabulous subscriptions out there to try, but I don’t think Glossybox is one of them.

    • I love Glossybox! Their customer service has always been friendly and helpful. Granted, the boxes are not always fabulous, but that’s part if the subscription game.

  13. I unsubcribed to glossy box for awhile because I was unhappy with the products. I subscribe to it again this month and I actually am excited about this box. I am looking forward to seeing the products when they arrive.

  14. Years ago this was my first subscription – great items then from SKII, Lancer, really high end items, etc. I was faithful for 18 months then let it go. Got back in early 2016. Just cancelled again yesterday this will be my last box and I will NOT be seduced again.

    • You should try boxycharm

  15. Wow! I hope I get this box. Dec. was a big “miss” for me. I know lots of people love makeup but I’d rather have skincare, body and hair products. And I’m willing to try every eye cream out there. I just re-subbed for GB in Nov with a black Friday deal. I hope it’s a good 2017 for everyone!!!

    • Then you would like Look Fantastic Beauty box. It’s my favorite. I don’t think I’ll get rid of

  16. I would be happy with this box.

  17. I received the same box today and I actually really loved it.

    • Actually the seaweed was the day cream. Itried the scrubby today and I liked it. You can reverse the handle for the gentle or the harsher side. I really thought it was a good box and I will use it all.

  18. I got a larger size of the scrubber in a goodbeing box. For me the scrubber side was too exfoliating so I just used the soft side as an exfoliater, but even that side was kind of rough on my skin. It’s too bad because I was really excited when I got it.

  19. This was my worst sub decision ever, and I have many months to go. 🙁

    • Me too…… I feel sick. I thought that since the December box was sooo good that maybe they got better, so I actually did a prepay sub on this and I feel like I just got punked! I wonder if there’s a signed autograph from Ashton Kutcher at the bottom of the box LOL

      • My December box was terrible. lol You must have gotten the perfume? I’ve actually considered telling my credit card it was an unauthorized purchase. 😡

        • that was supposed to just be a :- x I didn’t know it would change it to the angry face. lol

          • Angry face says it all though, lol. Many were not happy, myself included.

  20. I Wish I could cancel, but my bestie gifted the subscription. I can’t tell you how much I loath what I get in it each month. I usually throw it on the break table at work.

    • I’ve never been that impressed when I see the contents of these boxes. I haven’t heard of practically any of the brands they feature. But, I wouldn’t mind being one of your coworkers and picking up freebies to try! lol

    • I can relate. Glossybox has created such a bad taste due to their practices that the items themselves are almost loathsome.

  21. I got all of the above except for the Seaweed Bath Co. Night Therapy. Instead I received AG Hair Cleansing Cream Foam-Free Hair Wash.

  22. I just got January box today.
    I got AG Hair Cleansing Cream Foam-Free Hair Wash 2oz ($24 for 12oz) instead of The Seaweed Bath Co Restoring Marine Night Therapy ($ 49 for 2oz). I prefer skin care than shampoo but oh well…
    I really do like Theorie de Volcans Mask Scrub(full size). I tried it today and It made my skin really soft and smooth and also hydrated. I love it!!!

  23. I left a comment earlier this week (Jan 2) on the Dec 13th Glossybox oOlution eye cream spoiler post, with spoilers for a different box variation. It’s mostly the same, except instead of the Seaweed Bath Co night therapy, there’s a deluxe sample of AG hair cleansing cream.

    Looks like my year long sub ends with a whimper.

  24. Time to cancel and move on to boxycharm!!!

    • I left Boxy as I was up to my eyeballs in shadow palettes (and nude ones at that). Good luck to you, though. I did enjoy it for a while and their customer service was not bad.

      • Are you kidding me? They are the worst. I subscribed for six months at the end of a month and they didn’t send me a box for that month so I assumed my subscription began with the first box I received. After five months I planned on canceling after my final box was shipped, but lo and behold they charged me for another six months. I contacted cs and told them I had only received five boxes and wanted to cancel, but they responded that I only deserved an old box from six months ago that they had forgotten to send me. So, due to their error, I was charged for another six months at full price even though I was unsatisfied and planned to cancel before the sixth box had shipped.

        • Oh heck no and those are not the words I want to use ! They told you that all you deserved was an old box that they forgot to send WOW .Go thru your bank and get your money back, that is horrible customer care.If I owned this company and I read what you posted I would be ashamed and embarrassed

  25. It’s so cool to see my picture and box here–thank you Liz! I’m excited to try all of these products. I’m also very curious what other people received and what their opinions are. Happy New Year everyone!

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