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GlobeIn January 2017 Box Spoiler #2+ Coupon

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The theme for the upcoming GlobeIn January 2017 Box is… Love!


Dearest friends,

This is the love box. Love is a box. Love is a box you are holding, a box you are opening. Love is an opening, a holding, is you. Love is a piece of chocolate broken off, a pile of sand blown into glass. Love is a wine, a quiet toast.

Love is a thoughtfully set table, a word of affirmation whispered softly to the self. Love is a napkin on the lap. Love is a woven bowl ready to be filled. Love is already.

In Kenya, the Caribbean, Mexico, and India, love is global and local at once. Love is an always bazaar, handmade and open to all, touching down wherever you are.

Artisan Box Curator

And here is our latest spoiler:


Shibori Napkins (Set of Two) by Matr Boomie, India (Retail $12)


Materials: cotton
Measurements: 18″ x 18″

Suggested use: Set the table for a special dinner, or make every dinner special.

In case you missed the first spoiler:


Hand Blown Wine Glasses (Set of Two) by Cristaluc, Mexico (Retail $30).
All glasses will be in the design pictured.



Measurements: 7.5″ tall
Capacity: 11 oz

Suggested use: Share a glass, share a moment.

More from Globein:


Also, if you’re thinking of signing up, use coupon code WELCOME to save $10 off of a 3-month subscription.

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  1. I’m pretty ticked, I just received an e-mail that they won’t let me pick the Laundry box. “it’s not an option for this month.” I am able to buy it in the shop so I know they have them. I feel like they are trying to force me to take inferior boxes they want to get rid of. I didn’t really have a huge problem with not receiving the Love box until this very moment now I will not be renewing my subscription.

  2. Releasing new spoilers makes no sense. It’s not that I ” don’t get it” I understand about their inventory issues, it’s their communication that upsets me. I learned about the substitution for last month’s tea cup by reading the forum, I felt like GlobeIn tried to sneak that one in. When they released the theme spoiler for January, their verbiage was that they would most likely sell out of Love boxes and that they can’t guarantee that everyone who subscribes between now and the 15th would get the Love box. That was not a true statement from them since they knew at that time they didn’t even have enough Love boxes for their current subscribers. Why use this box as bait for new people? I thought the sell out issue would only effect new people by their statement, but when I read the forum, I learned that long time subscribers would not be getting Love either, you had to login and see. They should have sent an email when they knew that not everyone would receive the Love box instead of assigning people old boxes that they had skipped. If it wasn’t for the forum I would have just assumed that I was getting Love. Yes, GlobeIn did eventually send out an email after everyone was aware of the situation, but they should have done that at the beginning. And now I feel like I’m going to be punished because i opted to skip the months that I didn’t like, I will forever be moved to the back of the line since I will continue to skip the old boxes that I didn’t want the first time around. I understand that the Love box will be reviewed on this website, and I’m OK with that so everyone sees what’s in it if they ever get the option to pick it, but instead of releasing spoilers, just email the contents of the box to the people who are going to get this box so they can decide if they want it. These spoilers are just going to upset us more.

    • I agree with most of what you said, but I don’t think globein “punishes” their subscribers or moves them to the back of the line if they skip a box. However, they definitely could have handled it better, and stopped releasing spoilers.

      • I think they said that they are prioritizing the members who have already received all their previous themes. I’ve been with them for a year and a half, have chosen to get multiple laundry and hydrate boxes instead of skipping a few times, but I don’t need anymore of those ones. I’ve skipped quite a bit over the past year. At this point, I am only interested in the new boxes each month. If they are prioritizing the people who have received all their previous themes, I’m going to have a long wait.

  3. I have seen that fabric in other boxes. I have a cosmetic bag made from it, so I don’t consider the napkins to be very special or unique. As far as the wine glasses go, I’ve seen just as nice ones at Pier 1. They also have a nice selection of napkins. For the price of this box you can get two wine glasses and two napkins and still have money left. Get a couple of napkin rings or something. And, you can also look at Home Goods, Marshalls, etc for wine glasses and napkins. The only difference is if you feel that you must support Globein. There are however many places to buy responsibly sourced items.

  4. I wonder if they have reversible patterns (which would be great) or just don’t match each other… Hmm.

  5. I choose to view it this way. When the Love box does become available again, at least I’ll know what I am getting. After I see all of the spoilers, I may be thankful I’m not getting this box. I’ve decided I’m going to trying to be positive. If a subscription box causes me stress, I will cancel. The stress I allowed the Winter Adidas Avenue A box to cause me, will not happen again. This is a subscription box. It should be fun and exciting. Just my opinion.

    • I like your attitude and I think it’s a great way to start out the new year. For everyone. Yes, it sucks that this box isn’t available, and that they are still releasing spoilers, but these boxes really aren’t a guarantee of anything. Since the products in globein boxes aren’t mass produced factory items it would be reasonable to think they may have problems from time to time. And, even if the box contains all the items released in the spoilers, there is still no guarantee that everyone will like everything. It’s a chance one takes when subbing to all the subscription boxes out there.

  6. Disappointed that I can’t get this box. 🙁 It is not right that I pay the same and can’t get the box listed for the month, just because I am a newer subscriber. I ended up picking the “thread” box from last year and cancelling the subscription.

    • It’s not just new or newer subscribers that aren’t getting this box.

  7. When you log on to choose your box, you can hit the green button to select another box, and it will list the options. Love is an option, and underneath it, it says sold out, click here to join the wait list. I guess they will be doing a new box in February and sending spoilers for it next month – when we could also opt to get Love – so maybe they are just following their normal protocol and thinking that if people really really don’t want anything else this month, they can skip it so save the money and then order this in February and March. I don’t know. I know it’s disappointing, the glasses alone are amazing and I want them, but it really does feel like they are doing all they can and it’s a month or two delay, not something we won’t have forever. I have a soft spot for companies like this who are operating on a shoestring and trying to help impoverished.

  8. Not that most of us are going to get this……….

  9. How do I go on the wait list for the Love box? I skipped January as they were going to send the Pamper box.
    I’ve looked all around the GlobeIn site and can’t see how to join a waitlist.

    And I agree, it’s bad form to continue releasing spoilers for a box that very few will receive.

    • Go to your subscription settings. You’ll see the box they assigned you for this month. Click on change box. You’ll see Love with a waitlist button. Click on that and you’ll be on the waitlist.

  10. I think it little bit insensitive to keep releasing the spoilers knowing that most subscribers won’t get the box, especially with so many disappointed customers these spoilers like a joke. Bad business strategy move.

  11. I too am disappointed that I won’t be getting this box. I really like Globe In so I don’t want to slam them here. I do feel like showing these spoilers is a bit like rubbing it in…see what the special people will be getting! I know, sour grapes!!
    I guess I am settling for the picnic basket option. I really love those wine glasses though! Hope I can get them in the future

  12. It’s a shame subscribers are being punished yes punished and made to receive old products in place of what everyone should be getting if they don’t have enough for all their subscribers then they should have done something different. If we wanted the products being offered we would have already purchased them or so I would have. I’m not going to by just because. So I cancelled all my subscriptions!

  13. I think they’ve been clear that they will be getting them again and they should be available in February and March. And some people were able to get them, either originally, or off of the wait list. It’s sad to see a small business dedicated to doing good who is trying hard to please people get slammed no matter what they do to ameliorate a month or two inconvenience. No, I don’t work for them, I’m just a person who buys way too many boxes, but I feel badly for them with the constant stream of negativity in these comments! (yes, everyone has a right to their opinion. No, I’m not trying to police yours. I’m just using my personal right to share an opposite opinion on this topic).

    • I’m in total agreement. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, certainly, and I can understand feeling “cheated” by this situation, but GlobeIn is one of the subscription boxes I most enjoy receiving. The quality of the items and their presentation is top-notch, and I feel like I’m getting a great value for what I pay. Plus, any time I’ve had minor issues in the past, Customer Service has addressed those issues extremely fast. I’ll admit that I skipped this month’s shipment, as I’m not a fan of the box GlobeIn pre-selected for me (i.e., not the “love” box), but sometimes I feel like companies experiencing unexpected growing pains are darned if they do and darned if they don’t. This might not have been the best resolution, but at least GlobeIn is being open about it. Just my own opinion, though, and I realize others’ mileage might vary 🙂

    • Thank you Stacey… it’s nice to see that someone else “gets it.”

      This is a temporary situation… it’s not about “punishing” anyone. The current practice is short term and intended to get things back on track. I find the prevailing attitude disheartening in in light of the greater purpose and the universal good.

      Let us all take a moment to remember why we’re here, and that we are blessed enough to possess a disposable income that allows us to enjoy things of beauty versus just necessity. Our dollars help others to care for themselves and thier families– and in return, we receive these lovely items to brighten our days.

    • I agree too. I am apparently one of the “lucky ones” that is signed up to get the Love box (probably because I’ve never substituted any boxes or skipped) so I’ve tried to lay low and keep my mouth shut after realizing there were so many long-term subscribers that weren’t going to get the box. I didn’t want to “fan the flames.” I would definitely be disappointed and upset that the communication explaining what happened and the future plan did not come BEFORE the spoilers started coming out but, at the same time, the purpose of this particular subscription is not just to get cool stuff but to support artisans in need around the globe. The fact that there is a demand greater than ability to produce is really great when you think about it! I would MUCH RATHER be giving my money to people in need at a fair wage/price than mass-produced garbage from a big box store on every corner. I’ve always had excellent response from customer service whenever I’ve had any questions or issues so I’m confident that despite these growing pains and hiccups, the company and its people are genuinely good-hearted and do care. And I’ve said on other threads, I can understand also how the juggling act between estimating future demand with long leadtime sourcing around the globe for multiple items each month (plus the impact of mother nature, logistics, etc) could be extra tough. Anyways, I hope GlobeIn’s plan to get back on track works out and they can continue to grow and support many, many more artisans. And I hope I am able to continue to subscribe for many more years…can’t wait to see what’s next!

    • I think people have a right to be upset, because in their first spoiler it said the Love box would sell out, sounding like new subscribers wouldn’t get the box. Not people who had been subscribers for a long time. I think they grew too fast for their britches and now they’re paying the price. If they had been very upfront about things, instead of only letting one or a few people know about the teacups in December’s box or about this whole mess in January, people wouldn’t be so upset. It’s the fact that they weren’t upfront about it, sneakily replaced the teacups in the December box with something else. I wanted the December box solely for the teacup, if I had known I wasn’t going to get the teacup, I would’ve skipped that month or picked a different box. But by the time I found out it was far too late to change. Same for January, they should’ve been more open and said they have very few limited boxes and only a few people would get them and then not release spoilers.

    • Agreed. I am also set to get the Love box (probably because I’ve never skipped either) but I can for sure understand why people who aren’t are upset. But they’ve stated that this is just a two-month transition period and starting in March they will have multiple NEW boxes to pick from each month. Which will work so much better and will put the onus on the customer to pick what they’d like. It sucks if you have to skip a few months to get through this period of “growing pains,” but I think it will be worth it come March, especially because of the work that Globein does to support artisans all over the world (they’ll always have this on their side). I’ll be sticking through it and am excited to watch this company continue to grow.

      • I’m not so sure only subscribers who have never skipped are the ones getting the boxes. It’s more luck of the draw. They just don’t have enough boxes, period, regardless of whether a subscriber has ever skipped. And some people think they are being “punished” for skipping. Yeah, right. Globein set up an algorithm to weed out the least loyal of their customers. They aren’t Santa, deciding who’s been bad or good, for goodness sake!

        • There’s some sort of algorithm, because people are being assigned boxes they had specifically skipped. There’s examples all over the comments and forum. For me, it was ‘threads’. Didn’t want it then, was defaulted to it for January. Most of my other options were also boxes I had skipped.

          • There is not an algorithm in place that is programmed to *punish* subscribers who may have skipped a month here and there during their subscription. That’s paranoid thinking. I said there wasn’t an algorithm set up to weed out the least loyal of subscribers. There may be an algorithm set up to assign different boxes rather than the “love” box since it’s not available but I really don’t think there is some sinister, ulterior motive on the behalf of Globein. The products in their boxes aren’t mass produced in a factory so supply and demand is a problem for them at times. How they handle these problems and communicate with their customers is at issue.

  14. I love the spoilers, it’s a shame not everyone will get the box.

  15. Beautiful box – bummer most of us won’t be receiving it. I went ahead and cancelled. I had a three month prepaid, but have had problems with the first two boxes. Even though their customer service has been fantastic throughout all of the troubles, I just didn’t want to “ride it out” and hope for this box, or skip or wait for another one, etc. When I realized that something that was supposed to be joyful was legit stressing me out (I’m looking at you Box of Style, not just Globe in), I figured I should probably take a step back and adjust my priorities!!!

  16. Why do the keep releasing spoilers for a box that is sold out….and even subscribers couldn’t get??? Not really a good move Globein.

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