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GlobeIn February 2017 Box Theme Spoiler + Coupon

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The theme for the upcoming GlobeIn February 2017 Box is… Dream!

Dear Dreamers,

Your eyes are open. You are awake. And yet, at no time are you not floating atop a mysterious lake deep with knowing, wild with insight. This box invites you to tap into that most powerful and perhaps, least obvious resource, one that is with you at all times—your dreams.

What is within you waiting to rise, ready to bloom? Dreaming can be a way of healing past wounds, clarifying future plans, or receiving ideas for important projects. And there are a million ways to do it!

Use your new dream journal to write your way into your dreams, whether it be through recording them, collaging inspiring daily tidbits, or just musing diary-style. Meanwhile, consider your palm leaf pouch your own personal wishing well, your spacious and carefree tote the perfect dreamer’s accessory, and your dessert bowl a special vessel for sweet, dream-inducing treats.

What do you think of the spoiler theme for February?

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Please Note:

Dream Box is sold out. All the customers who are not able to get the Dream Box will be able to choose from multiple Artisan Box themes, including Giving, Hydrate, and Comfort!

Love Box will also be available for those customers who added themselves to the waitlist.

All Artisan Box subscribers will be able to see all available theme options in their subscription settings starting February 1st.

Also, if you’re thinking of signing up, use coupon code WELCOME to save $10 off of a 3-month subscription.

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  1. Did they stop emailing customers entirely? I never got a notice that I could pick this month’s theme. It’s just luck that I remembered today to log in and check.

    • I received on few days ago asking to select box theme and adds-on.

  2. I am not getting the Love box apparently. So I told them to pause my subscription until it became available. I do not want any of the past boxes that I didn’t want the first time around…..

  3. I come to these forums to hear both and good about the sub. I want to know about bad experiences as well as good so I can judge for myself if its worth my money. There are sooo many to pick from it can be overwhelming. I think it is perfectly acceptable to voice your opinion, I want you to.

  4. Would love to resub, but when it’s sold out before anything has really posted you can’t. I don’t need the previous boxes since I already have them. Glad they are growing, but the business can’t keep up 🙁

  5. Hmmm…I seem to prefer the really useful Globe In themes (like Laundry, man I loved that box) to the more whimsical, esoteric themes. I’m leaning toward sticking it out another month to get the Love box, and then taking a break for awhile.

    • I agree! I generally really like the housewares items, and generally don’t like the personal accessories for the ladeez. Luckily most months are a yay or a skip for me, not many have been a mix. (I thought the Love box was great, will skip Dream.)

  6. I’m getting the love box this month. This is my last month o a 3 month sub and I will not be resubscribing.

  7. I would like to eventually subscribe to GlobeIn. Thanks to MSA, it’s been one I’ve always looked at and had on my list to get. It’s just the expense is something I cannot give in to yet. I will have to decrease the few I have, and hopefully by November, there will be a black Friday deal I cannot pass up. But I empathize with the people who have been upset with not getting the boxes that have been showcased. Hopefully they will be able to work out the sudden kinks.

  8. This sounds like a great box! ! I think the comments and complaints here are completely understandable however. There have definitely been many issues and it has caused a lot of disappointment on the part of many loyal subscribers.

    GlobeIn and Liza do seem to be making sincere steps to improve communication and site issues. While it’s great that are growing at such a fast rate (and providing income to many who desperately need it) some feel they could have implemented a waitlist rather than taking on so many new subscribers that it wasn’t possible to meet the demand.

    With that said, GlobeIn continues to offer one of the best boxes on the market with beautiful, unique items that keep us coming back. Liza has reached out to some of us to gather feedback and hopefully address some of our complaints. I appreciate the initiative and trust that eventually things will improve over time.

    By the way, a word of warning: My understanding (I could be wrong and feel free to correct me) is that if a subscriber “skips” a month, they lose their rank in the system. I’m not sure whether it moves them to the end of the line or just reduces their months of purchase and other are bumped up – but either way it would be good to clearly communicate this as some may choose to get one of the older boxes to preserve their status rather than skipping. Just my thoughts.

  9. I don’t subscribe to this subscription because I think it’s personally to high for me to pay monthly but Wow the February box sounds like a great month! But I find it weird that they would release the box contains when it is sold out.

    • I appreciate Globein providing these spoilers and MSA for posting them. I have the option to skip or choose a different box for the month if I decide this one doesn’t interest me. The only way to make that decision is to get some spoilers. And IF I decide to give up this month’s new box that frees it up for someone else to get it that may want it but currently unable. It’s a win for all and not meant to “rub it in” as some people were claiming last month.

  10. A bit of positivity here – I am SO excited for this box. A dream log, tote, and dessert bowl sound wonderful and I can’t wait for more spoilers.

    For those of you who are getting January Love boxes, have any of your boxes shipped yet? Just wondering because I am still waiting for mine to ship. Not complaining, just curious.

    • Received my January Love box today…. But…. BOTH the wine glasses arrived in pieces:( Needless to say, disappointed.

      • Oh no!!! Fingers crossed that this doesn’t happen to others. I’m sure you will definitely be in contact with CS… they should send you replacements.

    • Received mine today without ever getting notice that it shipped. Everything was in tact.

    • I haven’t received a shipping notice yet either. I was trying to remember if they said it was going to be late or not.

      • I got an email over a week ago saying that shipment will be delayed but it should be out by the 27th. I haven’t gotten an email saying it shipped yet though.

  11. I skipped last month since Love wasn’t available and I didn’t want a box I already skipped. I just logged into my Globein account and it shows I’m getting Love this month, while it shows Dream as sold out along with most other sold out themes. I’ll probably go ahead and get the Love box, but don’t plan to stick around much longer if things don’t get straightened out. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve picked a basket sub and didn’t get it because it sold out, or had add ons removed for the same reason.

  12. If you already have an account, log in — it tells you which box you’re scheduled to receive. You can’t add on items yet, but you can either confirm you’received already receiving the Dream Box, or what your options are at this time. If you’re not already a subscriber, the point of the above disclaimer is to alert you that the Dream Box will not be available, at this time, and you have the option of choosing from previously offered boxes.

    Just like LM above states… this shouldn’t be a surprise for existing customers, as we were told about the sourcing issues back in December. We were also told a new strategy is being but into place, starting in March, in an effort to mitigate demand issues that are tapping out small artisans.

    As for the former subscribers — I understand you left the service because you were unhappy with the business decisions (and sourcing realities) of GlobeIn. What I don’t understand is why you’ve made a point of coming back to the spoiler board just to vent your spleen. I read your posts last month, and your displeasure is evident… but why come back just to complain more? Either subscribe and accept the vagaries of small artisan production — and empower them to achieve their dreams and support themselves — or go elsewhere. But please, stop with the pointless complaining (if you jumped ship — you really don’t have a car in this race any more). It’s not going dissuade those of us willing to live with the slings and arrows of business growth… it just feels like sour grapes. Either be a part of the solution or don’t — but stop trying to dampen the excitement of those who want to be a positive part of the system.

    • It’s not the artisan sourcing or the growing pains of the business that most of us are so upset about. It is the exceptionally poor and untimely communication, the lack of transparency about the upcoming changes until last month, and the seemingly random choice of you did or did not receive the option of a Love basket for the month of January. Many long time subscribers were left out, and received communication a LOT later than they should have. Many who are hurt and bitter over this absolutely still have a right to vent. Especially those who loved and subscribed to this box for years and felt ignored and shafted.

    • Nowhere in Globein’s mission statement do they claim that they are a non-profit charity. They are a for profit business no matter where they source their materials from and when they both take people’s money and not deliver a promised product they deserve to be called out for it.

      • True… and you speak your mind with your consumer dollars. Coming back, a after severing ties though… just to complain some more (even though you terminated your subscription) is bad form and serves no purpose except to try and make GlobeIn look bad.

        Look – I’m sorry you’re unhappy with how things played out in the last few months… and I support your right time house to take your business elsewhere. But, coming back to complain about something you’re no longer a part of?…

        That said – do what you will. I, for one, will continue to subscribe and defend GlobeIn’s mission, focus, and goals.

        • I think people need to know what to expect from this company, both bad and good. While I’m happy your experience with this company has been good, not all have been so lucky. Shouldn’t people know both sides, so that they know what they’re getting into when they subscribe? You may think it’s bad form to come back and tell their negative experiences, but if you’ve ever had a really bad experience with a subscription box, wouldn’t you want to warn others?

          • Personally, I’m fine with people wanting to share their personal experiences but I’ve felt the need to step in and “defend” Globein because some people have been making it seem like their personal experiences are the “norm” or accusing the company of being run by thieves. That is an exaggeration as far as I’ve heard. I have received email communications about all product delays or issues (although, yes, the Love box explanation should have probably come BEFORE subscribers were able to log in to their accounts and see that they were not scheduled to receive it). And I see no evidence to support the accusation of them being untrustworthy or “stealing money” because as far as I’ve heard they have allowed people to cancel their subscriptions and even refunded prepaid money. They have repeatedly said that they do NOT want to force product on people that they do not want. Yes, it is unfortunate that there is a shortage of some items or delay for some subscribers to be able to receive it, but I have not heard of any instance where Globein has refused a return or refund. In fact, every time I’ve had to contact customer service with a minor issue or discrepancy, they have been incredibly responsive, kind and helpful.

  13. This used to be one of my favorite boxes.
    Introducing 2 boxes in a row that are sold out before subscribers are even given the chance to choose them has me unsure if I will even renew.

  14. SMH…

  15. So the box isn’t released yet and it’s already sold out? I’m confused on this subscription. All the items look really neat so I was planning on subscribing but how does it work? Will I be picking one of the old boxes as my February box and then I will get the March box once it releases or will I still be a month behind and get the February box in March?

    • Don’t count on getting the March box. It seems that only original subscribers that have received all of the old boxes are guaranteed to get the e newest box.
      Globe in sent a letter saying they were going to have 2 different boxes to choose from going forward. Guess we will see when our choices are revealed.

    • Yes. There is a previous MSA post explaining the availability issues for the next few months via an email from Globein. Search for that for more details. But in short, due to many more recent subscribers they maxed out their capabilities with their Artisans. Starting March there should be 2 new box options to choose from a month. But Jan and Feb were sold out and prioritized to existing subscribers that hadn’t skipped a month. All others had the option to choose an older box or skip. Those who waitlisted for Jan box it sounds like may have the option to get that in Feb. Every month you have the option to choose the new box for that month (or soon to be one out of 2 of the new boxes), substitute out of a few options of the old boxes available or skip. Popsugar is also already sold out of their Feb box and they have a fair trade item in that one too….I don’t think it’s a coincidence as it is more complicated to source and ship hand made items from around the globe.

  16. Hm sad the new box is already sold out. I canceled my sub after the last few disappointing boxes and January fiasco. I hope that they work out all their kinks.

  17. If I won’t have option to get love box, I am going to cancel. I don’t want keep spending my money while they fixing their business model.

    • I agree!

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