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BoxyCharm January 2017 FULL SPOILERS!

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We have the FULL SPOILERS for the January 2017 Boxycharm box!


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What do you think of the full spoilers for the January 2017 Boxycharm box?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers for future updates!

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  1. This is what the swap site is intended for because there is nothing in this box that I, my family or my closest friends can use so I cancelled and will be swapping the contents. Thanks for creating the swap site!

  2. Not going to.lie boxy charm is a little hit and miss, but with that said I usually find one item I like which makes the 21 bucks worth it. In the long run I have saved so much money because I’m not constantly at sephora or ulta. Yeah some items are okay but I have also received items I love. This in the end makes it worth it for me. And the items I don’t love I use for travel that way if I loose them.or they break or even get lost I’m not upset.

  3. Last months box was the worst box for me. I only liked the IBY lip liner in coca. I hated the gathic lip stick and the magic eraser that was the size of a tampon. I have short nails and fat fingers. The polish looked like dried blood color. To dark for me. The palette was just ok. This months is better so far. I did like the Vintage in a past box. An I do need a fan brush. Just as long as I don’t get any repeats unless it’s a hand cream or face mask I’m ok with that. I have a pale olive skin tone and black purple lipstick makes me look like a vampire and the polish gave to my friend. Looks good on her.

  4. I may be the only one, but I can’t possibly compare Ipsy to Boxycharm. I’ve subscribed to both of those and others, and found that ALL of the monthly boxes will cycle through certain brands and products. If I get duplicates, I gift them to friends! Don’t forget-it’s a $21 investment! And without MSA Spoilers and Reviews (thank you, Liz and Friends❤) it would truly be a surprise! Try not compare yours to theirs…it always cycles around! Boxycharm is an amazing value no matter which 5 items you get! ✌🏻

  5. This will be my second Boxy charm box and to be honest Im dissapointed. I am excited about the highlighter just bc this is my 2nd box and I did’nt get the one a few months ago. I will be excited about the brush if I dont get the crown one. I hate crown brushes. Also I don’t do anything with my nails so I hope I dont get the nail item either. I wont mind the body butter, but bc I do stock up on lotions and such it wont be something Im crazy about getting. So over all this is a ok kinda box. Maybe they needed a cooling month bc of all the previous eye pallets they have been giving out. I wish I had signed up earlier to get the previoud ones. I am addicted to eye pallets more than any kind of make up! So I will keep my subscription for now, but if the next few months will be like this box I might reconsider.

    • I saw someone get perfume in their box

    • I am so with you on Crown brushes!

      • It sure seems like it’s taking a long time to ship…havent received an email yet and they aren’t posting as much this month on IG it seems.

  6. I love Boxy charm. One item pretty much pays for the box. The value is always so good. I have cancelled every box except this one. If I can’t use something then my daughter can use it. I think Boxy charm does a great job. Not sure how they can send out all they do each month for such a low price. I love it!

    • I am sooo excited for the Vintage dual highlighter. I was bummed I didn’t sign up in November because I really wanted the highlighter now I’m getting 2 in 1! It’s my absolute favorite highlighter and I have tried a ton!

  7. I think I will cancel after February I’m hoping the Valentines box rocks!
    I wish bixycharm asked our skin tone because I don’t use bronzer but would love the body butter and nail treatment!
    I’m confused about the fan brushes I’m sure I will get the cheap one I always seem to get the lesser box:( while the YouTube beauty bloggers who get their boxes free get the cool items:(
    I’m still kinda upset I got the highlighter even thought it is beautiful but I really would have loved the marula oil and now good grief we get the highlighter again but double this time?
    I’m loving ipsy instead and we got to pick one item in ipsy this month!

    • really how do you get to pick one item in ipsy this month? I hated my bag. So many things I wanted and I got not one of them. I’ve been with them three years. It started out great but is really going down hill.

      • All you do is e-mail ipsys customer service and tell them that you’ve been disappointed with your bags and that you’d like to pick an item so your guaranteed to like at least 1 item you get. Liz posted a thing on the MSA page about how to pick a Feb item for ipsy. I’ve been able to pick an item for the last 3 bags. Ipsys customer service is amazing and they try very hard to ensure you love your bag so send them an e-mail regarding ipsymatch. On the post Liz made, it has the list to choose from for Feb. And you can opt out of 3 items if you want

        • I picked one item this month!!!

      • Contact the Ipsy care team on the Ipsy site and tell them you have heard about being able to choose an option for your Glambag…I selected a makeup brush because the other items I currently own. Good luck!

    • How did you get to pick an ipsy item? I didn’t see or hear anything about that!
      What item was it?

      • E-mail ipsys customer service regarding ipsymatch and tell them you’d like to pick an item for your next bag. Liz created a post here on MSA regarding how to pick an item for your Feb glam bag. It even has a product list to choose from. I’ve been picking an item for 3 months now and you are able to opt out of 3 items if you’d like. I’m more into makeup so I requested to opt out of face cream, hand cream, and nail polish 🙂

        • Not so much. I’ve been subscribing to Ipsy 4 years, and I emailed 3 different times and no response back.

          • Really? That’s weird. Have you checked your spam e-mail folder? I always get a response within 24 hours of emailing them. Do you have twitter? You can tweet ipsycare and they respond quicker than an e-mail.

  8. So, what does it mean when it says everyone may not get an item? Says that on two of the five! Does that mean some people will only get three items? I’ve only received two boxes so far and loved them both, but this one looks iffy to me. I don’t like the “this or that”, I like to know what is coming. But the value is there, so I’ll hang for a while longer.

    • It means that you might get the item that they are showing, or a different item. You’ll get five no matter what…but some of them just might not be what’s shown in this spoiler. I started getting Boxycharm in August, and the August box is the only box between then and now, where everyone got the same thing. Since then, It’s been everyone getting the same “big” items, then something different with the others…

    • When it says it may not be in all boxes that just means some people may get a different item 🙂 we don’t usually know what the variants are going to be until people start getting their boxes but the number of items seems to all be the same.

  9. ok so I’m just going to give my honest opinion here:

    I don’t think this is a bad box at all. if you feel like it’s too many “repeats”…maybe just take a step back from the subs for a while?? I had to do that with boxycharm myself. that first box is amazing, no matter what it’s contents are because the value IS there. however, it’s easy to hit product overload with this subscription. it’s kind of a no-win situation for the company in that everyone is happy initially and unhappy later on. thankfully, they have a great unsub policy (which I cannot say for every sub box)

    • Well said! I’ve been feeling meh about my subs lately and I think it’s mostly because of makeup overload. I’m never excited about a blush and more because I have so many! This is a very disappointing box though mostly because I got the vintage highlight a couple months back. Even though it’s different shades that’s still a pretty serious repeat for some subscribers. Very annyoying. I’m glad I skipped this box. If I didn’t have highlights and bronzers and blushes galore this would be a great box.
      I’m thinking I should break from my makeup heavy subs for some skin care subs.

      • I agree. I’ve cancelled majority of my makeup boxes. I subscribed to non-makeup boxes like Robb Vice and Elizabeth & Clarke. A different variety of items for awhile.

    • I totally agree. I’ve gotten quality makeup but so few face products that it’s not worth holding onto the subscription to wait for a new rotation of product lineups. Also, the resubscribe on policy is one of the best. Good post.

    • I agree – just in 4 months time subscribing I have gotten four eye shadow pallettes, now two highlighters, multiple similar color lip products….it would be hard to be unique every single time…I did like the month with really strong items like the eye shadow, lip color, briogio hair product, etc. That was a good one. This one feels a little weak on “star power” because it seems so similar – a highlighter and a glow product for example. I’m taking a break not because they are doing a bad job or anything, but I have a lot of stuff now, how much does one person need, and plus, the variations can be frustrating and that started as soon as i joined.

  10. no thanks

  11. I just cancelled my subscription. I was unhappy with last box, and January’s box is horrible! This is too bad because I really liked BoxyCharm. 🙁
    Also- a $6 brush vs a $20 brush!? I will be very upset if I get the Crown brush- especially since the So Susan brush in the spoiler is the only item that intrigued me.

    • I feel the same way..
      I cancelled my subscription as well

    • Don’t be..I heard this So susan is crappy quality and they doubled their prices overnight. so this brish is worth probably leas than crown.even if you zoom in the picture you can see that susan brush is cheap looking

  12. This box looks disappointing to me. I got the vintage highlight 2 boxes ago and it was too dark for me and also quite glittery. I’m excited about the fan brush and the body cream. The nail treatment is a recent repeat for me as well. This will only be my 3 box. What exactly do variations mean? Are there other possible items besides the ones pictured? If so, will they spoil those or will they be a complete surprise?

    • Yes, the other variations won’t be spoiled until we get our boxes. The last 2 boxes, the variations I’ve received were not shown in any spoilers. I subbed in Oct so this is only my 4th box, but it seems like as soon as I joined, the variations started. 😕

  13. I am kicking myself for not canceling after the highlighter spoiler.

  14. Every month I think I will subscribe then I see the spoilers and and change my mind. And bronzers are used in the winter at least by me.

    • Same. I want to subscribe and then i see the spoilers and im underwhelmed. Maybe next month lol.

  15. I’ll be canceling my subscription, then play it by month. I’ve been signing for the 3 months every time. Only thing is anymore it’s so hit and miss so how do you know if what you want you’ll even get?

  16. The literal only thing I want out of this box is the brush. Bronzer’s aren’t for winter. I got a highlighter of a similar shade from this exact brand like 2 boxes ago. A nail treatment’s so lame. I don’t wear blush. And I can’t wear scents so the body cream is pointless. The last box was my favorite what happened boxycharm? I’d really love more eyeshadow pallets, a contour palette of some kind, some lipstick. This box is just so bad, i want to unsubscribe but they already took my money. Does anyone know if I can get a refund? They haven’t shipped my box yet and I really don’t want them to, lmao.

  17. Not thrilled for this box at all. I meant to cancel after seeing the spoiler for the vintage highlighter duo, being as I received the rose gold one in november’s box, but I got sick and then forgot. Oh well. I’ve gotta say though.. Ipsy has been killing it lately and they are only $10 a month.. boxycharm is $22.47 after tax. BC better step it up soon or I just might cancel. November’s box was meh and decembers box I absolutely hated, and now January’s I don’t like either. I don’t need any more highlighters.. I have super pale skin so unless the highlight is white it doesn’t show up on my skin. So vintage highlighters I can only use as blush toppers or maybe eyeshadows. I got the adesse nail treatment in a previous ipsy bag, already have multiple fan brushes, and have enough body lotion already to last a lifetime. All I can say is please please PLEASE boxycharm, send me the PUR cheek stain and NOT the bronzer. Once again.. pale skin and dark/orangey power.. not a good look! Pretty sure I’ll get the bronzer… -_- At least the value is there though!

    • I don’t understand why people think bronzers are not for winter. They are made for winter. They are made to make you look more tan than you are. I don’t need a bronzer in July, I’m already bronze. But right now, I wear it everyday just to make sure I’m not transparent white. I just use the smallest amount but I really helps.

      • Yes!! Thank you! Bronzers are definitely an everyday in the fall/winter for me as my summer tan wears off. I can’t believe so many of the hundreds of comments I read saying that bronzers are strictly a summer thing. And as for the people saying they’re too pale for bronzers, a lighter hand and a change of the brush might change your mind. When I first got into make-up, I thought bronzer made me look like I had dirt on my face. I started applying it lightly and discovered the Luxie small contour brush and it looks beautiful!

      • I use a bronzer everyday for contouring it really livens up my complexion, especially in the winter! Although one container will last me like 2 years.

        • Me too! The fall and winter months are the only times I need to wear bronzer! It helps me not to look so pale when I can’t get to the beach as much! I don’t need it in the summer months! I live in California! I don’t wear much makeup in the summer at ALL! I wouldn’t want to wear bronzer in the summer time!!! I can’t wait to get January Boxy!! I love the value!!! Also, there is no way that Boxy or any other box could satisfy everyone!

  18. I agree with all the comments! I hope the people from Boxycharm could read this! I think this will be my last box. If I don’t get at least 3 out 5. Last box for me was so bad and getting repeat stuff makes me feel that they don’t appreciate their customers.

  19. Boxycharm is not what it used to be. I joined Boxycharm because not only were they full sized items, but everyone got the same. Every month I knew what I was getting. But when they started to do the whole “this or that” game, it lost its appeal. Quality of items has also gone downhill. I cancelled in November of 2016. Until they sort their mess out, I will not resubscribe.

    • I actually very much prefer the boxycharm items I’m getting now compared to what I was getting in 2014 from them. I unsubbed quickly because of it.

  20. Nothing i can use in this box so I cancelled but will get it anyway. At least the Nov. and Dec. boxes were good!

  21. This is the problem with Boxycharm. They will have spoilers but they will say “you may have” the product in the box. Soooo, if you didnt get those on their spoilers, what will you get in replace of those you did not get? Thats why so many are cancelling their box. They changed wayyyy too much if you will compare how they did it before.

    • I tried boxycharm for he first time for the December box, and I got it yesturday, but I was missing 1 of ky items, I emailed them and they said they were out of stock, so they put 2400 charms on my account. I tried to use them yesturday. But it won’t let me add items to my cart, or get the code for the charms.

  22. Wow, so many whiners & complainers. I was excited for the products, then I see all these Debbie Downer comments. Way to ruin the vibe I had going.

    • Why are you giving others the power to alter you mood? If you love the box it should not matter what other think.

  23. My plan was to cancel after January’s box, but I wish I would have cancelled before. Nothing in this box excites me and of course the spoilers are after they charge our cards. I got the vintage highlight a few months ago, I never even dropped it and it is all crumbly and I can’t even see it on my skin when I try to use it. I like getting good brushes, but would have to google what a fan brush is for! Ha! The bronzer, seriously?? The liquid temptu we got a few months ago will last for an eternity, and it’s winter!!!! I don’t need a bronze glow! They were just starting the variations when I joined and it’s gotten worse every month. Their website is terrible and they need an app. I totally appreciate the value in this box as a whole and am not trying to be a negative nelly, it just seems they don’t really have a plan in place for their company’s growth and are just floundering a bit. I’m off to cancel now, and I’m really only cancelling because just in 5 months I’ve gotten more than I can use in a year.

    • You use fan brushes for applying the highlighter. They are complementary items.

    • I totally agree with you! I think the value is great, but when you don’t use the majority of the stuff it becomes a waste all around. For the few months I’ve subbed I’ve gotten more of what I won’t use vs what I hoped for/would use. Also the value of my boxes vs others boxes is extremely disappointing. I have high hopes of rejoining IF they make some changes. Too many competitors to wait it out.

  24. Glossybox has 4 yes 4 full sized products this go I’m super excited I love glossybox! However I’m getting bored with boxycharm I’m tired of no blushes or skin care just eyeshadow pallets after another oh and another and so forth with highlighters and bronzes! And did I read correctly that we meaning a majority only be getting 3 products if we are lucky maybe one ore two more if this happens I am done! There are far more subs I’ve been eager to try including but not limited to HappyRebal and Lookfsntastic and a few more!

    • Plus, glossybox gives better coupons too. I got a free box when I subscribed and now i see a $15.99 deal for like 3 months.

  25. I am not impressed. I received that highlighter last month and it looks awful on dark skin. I don’t want a bronzer because they usually dont look great on African-American skin although I love the Pur brand. I hate the variations. If next month is not better I will be cancelling.

    • Don’t speak for us all, I’m black too and wear both highlighter and bronzer. It shows up beautifully.

      • Good for you !! You are right I cannot speak for all African-Americans. I personally find that most of the blushes, highlighters and bronzers that Boxycharm sends don’t flatter my complexion. I usually gift them. Blessing

    • I bet the ofra liquid lip looked great on you! It looked terrible on my pale skin. I really wish they would give us profiles and take our skin tones into considerations for items like that.

  26. Yep definitely a skip for me this month, I resolved to get through some of my collection ( err horde) before buying anything new and most of this is things I either never use ( bronzer and nail treatment) or have a ton of already ( everything else but the fan brush) If I was guaranteed that fan brush I’d be in, as I don’t have one yet, but I figure for 21 bucks I can probably get a really nice one and not have four things taking up my tiny apartment storage space.

    See you for February BC

    • Everyone gets a fan brush.

      • I was about to respond to Patty with the same comment, but I think she was referring to that specific fan brush in the picture. Not trying to put words in your mouth Patty, that’s just how I interpreted your comment. 🙂

    • The other spoilers said this fan brush or another fan brush. We are all suppose to get a fan brush.

  27. Eh, last month was my first month and it was amazing – this month I think is ‘okay’. I don’t have much in the way of highlighters, other than a couple of pencils, and I could use a new fan brush. But, it’s not as exciting as last month.

  28. I’m going to wait and see. Thinking Boxycharm will come through. I haven’t got the highlighter yet in 9 months. Not thrilled with the new swaps but still have hope. #stayn’positiveinthed

    • The highlighting duo is the one guaranteed product for this month—I think I’m the only person who got the Rose Gold one for November that is also excited about this duo, but you can’t please everyone.

      • I’m excited for it too! I got the rose gold one which I love but my skin tone changes a lot between the season so I’m happy I’ll have some more options later in the year. I have gotten the Nail treatment and the body butter in past Ipsy bags so I’m not super excited for those, I LOVE the nail treatment, I just don’t need two and the body butter is good but it has a masculine smell (maybe it will be a different scent than what I got before).

      • I got the Vintage Rose Gold also and LOVE it!!! I can’t wait to try the new one in our Boxy boxes this month!!!

  29. Can’t afford to buy make up as often as I’d love to, so for $21, I’m super excited to receive anything! I usually stick to the drugstores so there’s no complaining here. This will be my first box and first subscription box I have ever received.

    • Welcome to the sub box club!!!

    • Oooh, I’m so excited for you! 🙂 I remember that giddy-excited feeling when I first started to subscribe to boxes early last year. I just started to re-subscribe to a few boxes I had cancelled in June (just to take a break), and I have that feeling again in anticipation of receiving my 1st round of new boxes this month. I hope you really enjoy Boxycharm!!!

    • Oh yay. Don’t let yourself fall into the trap. Oh only one more box… Now I have about a dozen.. Ooppss..

    • This will be my first box as well. I’m really excited. Does anyone know how long it’ll be before I receive it. They just took money out of my account today.

      • It takes up to 10 business days from the time they collect your payment for it to ship. And it takes up to another 10 business days to receive it depending on where you are.

  30. Omg no more bronzers boxycharm!!!! A repeat highlighter, no more nice skincare products, nothing that wows or is new and different, just leftover products, I feel like they’re going downhill like Glossybox 😮 it is so sad BC I never get anything good anymore, only youtubers and new subscribers do, ugh.

    • My first thought was, “oh no, no more bronzers.” For real. I’m also set with the eye shadow pallettes, the eye liners. More hair stuff would be nice, in my opinion, and I will always take lipstick and brushes.

    • I feel the same way. I need more products for the cheeks like I need more debt.

    • The highlighter is a repeat brand, but different colors than the one sent last time.

  31. The crown brush is actually $12.99. If you look the $5 one is all black. The brush boxy has pictured is under synth brushes. I believe it is the second page. At least the values are closer.

  32. I just thought I would point out that the crown brush is not the $5 one that every one thinks. They are not the same color if you look. It is actually $12.95 . I believe it is under synthetic category.

  33. Looks like a decent box, but I cancelled a while ago due to the variations. If only I could cancel my Glossybox year sub – that one is so bad now. 🙁

  34. This will be my first time receiving a boxycharm box. Do we get to see what we’re receiving beforehand, or do we wait until the box is delivered to see what we got?

    • As far as I know, you’d have to wait until you receive it to see what you got. But, you could try calling CS, and asking them. I’m not sure if they would know.

  35. I’m also so-so on the box. I love the value. The one shown above is nearly $111. I’m excited about the fan brush, even if I get the $5 one. I’m sure I’ll have something else higher in value to off-set the difference. I’m not excited about the highlighter because I just got one from them, but I can swap it. I love body butters and happy with the nail treatment. It’s nice they might send that other than nail polish.

  36. I’m not as excited for this month as I have been the last few months. The highlighter and fan brush will be used on the daily, but I already have the cargo bronzer from a few months back that I’m in love with, I don’t use nail polish as I get my nails done, and I’m not a fan of body butter. I know the last 2 are variations, and I more than likely won’t get them, but I was hoping for a kick-ass box to kick off the new year and this box isn’t very impressive.

    • I totally have to ageee with you. i was really hoping for a Bang!!

      I never get the good stuff 🤔 but Boxycharm I still Like you

  37. This box is just so so. I would be stoked to get a highlighter but I wasn’t impressed by this brand the last time. Hoping I get the bronzer and it’s a good one that will make it worth it. Otherwise I might switch to beautyfix I like how they incorporate skincare into all there boxes

    • Yes I just saw the full Spoiler for Beautyfix and it is on!!! I may be switching to them.

    • Yes I just saw the full Spoiler for Beauty fix and it is on!!! I may be switching to them.

  38. I’m one that didn’t get that highlighter a few months ago so I’m excited for this box! It’s odd that it says may get this may not for a few items. So it’s a true mystery and that’s always fun. I resubbed a few months ago and so far it’s been amazing! Decembers box was a bust for me but it was amazing for Christmas gifts, haha. Still, $21 for well more product value – yes please.

  39. Glad I gave the other vintage highlighter as an xmas gift! I could use a new fan brush and it’s thoughtful that it’s coming with the highlighter. Never tried Pur before so I’m excited about that, and I like that it’s an “or” situation where they’re both at LEAST from the same brand and thus similar in value instead of how some boxes have massive difference in value.

    As far as the last 2, I’m not super excited, but odds are I won’t get them so I’m curious to see what else will be subbed in!

  40. Im really not impressed with this month at all 🙁 I loved November’s and December’s. But I already got a highlighter and a bronzer from them in the last two months and there’s a chance the brush will only be worth $5…

  41. Boxycharm has become so hard to predict that it can be disappointing. I skipped the December box because of that. However, I really need a fan brush and Id love to have the Vintage highlighter so if I got those two items Id be happy with my box regardless so Im more than likely going to be getting this month’s box as soon as I can.

    • Do you know if you can cancel and re subscribe in the month and still get that month or do you go to a wait list? Does anybody know? Please and thank you 🙂

  42. I’m so excited I’ve been wanting a fan brush forever! I bought, then returned a set of brushes (because I only needed the fan brush and a fan brush alone was like $30!) just last month and so happy I did! This is only my third month with Boxycharm and both my previous bags hae been amazing!

  43. I wish I’d seen this before the 1st, because I would have cancelled if I had. Boxycharm has sent me enough bronzer and highlighter to last the rest of my life. I’ve been subscribed for 2 years, and Boxycharm sure has changed over the last 6 months.

    • I cancelled and I glad. I feel like Boxycharm has gotten later and later with spoilers so people don’t cancel. I’ve subscribed for 2 years for the most part with a break of 2-3 months when I moved. I agree that it has changed a lot in the past 6 months. A lot of bronzes, highlighters and eye palettes it seems. And I hate the variations now. One of the best things with Boxycharm was that we all got the same stuff.

      • I agree it was my favorite box two years ago, but then I felt it started getting young. The hair color stuff, all the highlighters, eyeliners, etc. I don’t it just felt young and I was swapping most of it. I loved the palettes in the last two boxes and was sad I wasn’t subbed. But this month’s box looks disappointing. And I hate all the variations, I loved that Boxycharm sent out the same thing to everyone.

      • Ugh, one day late. So sad I could not cancel in time. Oh well. I signed up what 6 months ago. Then they start with variation 🙁 oh well cashed in my charms and will be canceling soon.

  44. How much is the box worth… doesn’t look like much..

    • its always about $100

    • I’ve calculated around $80… So yeah, not much.

    • Based on the variations we know the value is between $97 and $111. Could change depending on the other variations offered though.

      * $35 highlighter
      * $19 or $5 for the brush
      * $14 for the body butter
      * $18 for the nail treatment
      * $25 or $26 for the Pur products.

      • There’s way more than just those products. I saw someone get a perfume in their box

  45. Yah!!! I love the box thins month

  46. I’m not a fan of the body butter but there’s a chance I won’t get it! I like everything else especially the fan brush. I like the highlighter I just wish they’d let more months pass before sending out another

  47. I love the box!! I’m so glad I got of the waitlist.❤️😍👍

    • How long did it take to get off? I’ve been on for like 2 weeks

  48. Very glad I cancelled.

    • Same here, not sorry I will be missing this at all.

    • yep cancelling mine. .and most of them are hard to get swapped.

  49. I really like this box. Hope I get the body butter, that’s not in a lot of subscription boxes.

  50. Not a good move to start 2017..

    • Let me start by saying I normally love boxycharm. This box, however, is just about the worst combo of items for me personally. I agree, really bad start to 2017. Here’s to hoping I get different items for the 2 that may not be in every box in the off chance one of those variations would be something I can use. 🙁

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