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How to Select An Item In Your February 2017 Ipsy Glam Bag

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Some Ipsy subscribers have been given the option to select one of their samples for the February box via email (Thanks for the heads up, Jackie!)

From Ipsy:

I’d be happy to help you handpick one of your products for next month. I’ve picked out some of our favorite products from February’s Glam Bag selection:

NYX Butter Lipstick in ‘Ripe Berry’ or ‘Lifeguard’
–Luna Cosmetics Highlighter in ‘Calypso’
Trust Fund Nail Polish in ‘I Give Good Tweet’ or ‘$12 Latte’
Lord & Berry Eyeliner in ‘Dark Black’
SOO AE Sheet Mask Duo
Luxie Beauty Rose Gold Blush Brush #514
Briogeo Rosarco™ Blow Dry Perfection Heat Protectant Crème

Let me know which one is your top choice before 12pm on the 30th, and I’ll make sure it’s in your February Glam Bag. I hope you’ll love it!

If you’d like to select a sample for February, I recommend emailing [email protected] with your sample choice from the 7 items listed above.

This isn’t a guarantee, and I’m not sure how long this option to select your sample will be available for, but it’s worth trying!

Are you going to email Ipsy and request a sample? Which one are you picking?

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  1. –Elizabeth Mott Whatup Beaches Matte Bronzer

    ^^ that was an option in the email i recieved! 🙂

  2. While I am happy that people are getting to choose an item, I am disappointed to see this. I had an issue with an item being broken and as a replacement they sent an item they had sent in a bag months prior.
    As a compensation, this is what they offered me. As if it was something that was special to my situation. While researching to see which item I wanted to select, I came across this and see that they really aren’t doing anything to make up for my situation since they are offering this to anyone who asks for it. Not impressed with Ipsy right now.

    • TOTALLY had the exact same thing happen to me!! I have the same feelings you are and I let them know about it!! This what I wrote in response to them “I’d also be happy to help you handpick one of your products for next month to help make up for the trouble.”………
      Thanks, and I THOUGHT you were actually TRYING to make up for the trouble however, it seems a lot of people can e-mail in their selections for February’s bag out of the you stated. So, in the future please don’t try and pacify me with things you are already doing for people. It seems extremely insincere.
      I am extremely offended by them!!!!

  3. There are more spoiler choices posted by Peter in the BeautyBoxes subreddit:

    JAPONESQUE Coconut Solid Brush Cleanser

    BeFine Food Skin Care Gentle Face Cleanser

    Indie Lee & Co Rosehip Cleanser

    Dermadeli Rejuvenating Toner


    True Botanicals Resurfacing Moisture Mask

    Soo Ae Sheet Mask Duo Purifying Black Charcoal and Green Tea Collagen Essence

    Biobelle Biobelle #StayGorgeous and #Iwokeuplikethis Sheet Masks

  4. I have been an Ipsy subscriber off and on. I just re subscribed and February will be my first bag. I contacted them and got a very nice reply welcoming me back. Also per my request, I am getting the trust fund nail polish. I asked to not get perfume and she said I would not get any indefinitely. I want to opt out of some other stuff, but I think I will wait awhile.

  5. I’m a really new ipsy customer (2 months old! And in fact ipsy is my first and only subscription). I reached out to them in my first month because I wanted information on how to initiate a swap (yes, I do LOL at that now!). I have always reviewed items right away (and email them thank yous for certain products I receive). I think that’s probably how I got on their email offer list for possible product requests. Their customer service is AMAZING! So they seem consider reviews and requests like product surveys. They seem to encourage more of us to understand our products and provide them with feedback. They’ll try to accommodate requests only if products are available though, so that’s fair enough. I love their representative who reaches out to me every month 😍

  6. Just tried this this morning and it worked! I already got a response! Going to try the new highlighter out!

  7. I requested the blush for my January bag and I saw today that it will be in my bag. I am also going to request an item for my February bag. I don’t see anything wrong with asking. I’m sure they are tired of customers complaining and want to try and do something that will make more customers happy.

  8. Wow!!! Trust Fund Beauty polish? Sheet masks? A Luxie brush? What’s a girl to do.. I can’t decide!! 😍😍😍 I wish I could have all three of these in my bag!

  9. Whaat? I can select. Done. I almost never see Lord & Berry in a sub, and they are a favorite, so this was a no-brainer, although everything looks great!

    Thank you thank you!!

  10. Thank you. It worked for me I will be getting the Lucie brush.

  11. Thanks so much for posting this!! I love that I can pick an item. I requested the Trust Fund nail polish. I’m a nail polish junkie!!! I’m excited.

  12. Can’t believe I’m saying this, but I can’t decide. I’d like anything except the highlighter and liner. decisions, decisions. 🙂

  13. The reveals are up!!!!!! I would’ve emailed you it but I don’t know how. 😊♡♡♡♡♡

    • Thank you!

  14. I really hope they make the choice option available to everyone, every month. It would be so much easier and so great to be able to just log in and pick an item.

  15. So, if I’m understanding this correctly, even though I didn’t get an email asking me if I wanted to choose one of the items in my feb bag, I can still email them, “hey, would I be able to get the luxie 514 brush in my feb bag?” and they will most likely give it to me in my feb bag? If that is how it works I think that’s an amazing idea, and I can tell from the comments that people all don’t want the SAME thing, and now they will be guaranteed to like at least one item in their bag.

    • You understood correct. I requested the Luxie brush and it will be in my next bag 🙂 ipsy is really stepping up their game. And if you tell them you specifically love one product, they will make sure it’s in your next bag

      • I requested the Luxie brush too! 🙂

    • Yep I never got an email ever but I did it for my January bag I wanted the IT concealer and they are sending it.

  16. I like briogeo, so I requested that. Really liking this sample pick option and ipsy’s cs. Great job ipsy!!

    • That blowdry cream is AWESOME. I got it in Boxycharm and I love it. Good call.

  17. I was trying to find more about Calypso Highlighter by Luna Cosmetics and it seems it’s a new brand. And the highlighter will be the first product of the brand. They put it on their instagram @lunabylunacosmetics

    • I requested for Calypso. Looks good on Instagram. Excited to try it out!

  18. Thanks for the info Liz,this would be awesome if I could get what I request:)

    • I messaged Ipsy today and within an hour I got an email back letting me know that my picked product would be in my February glam bag. I was very happy with their customer service :)!

  19. When I was making my choice for next month, I wrote that I was torn between 2 items and I know they will only let us choose 1 item, so in the e-mail I got back said that if I wanted a specific item, they can try to put it in the following months bag and if it’s available, I will get it. So they are extremely accomadating and strive for the best customer service. So if there is an item someone really wants, shoot them an e-mail regarding ipsymatch and tell them you would really like _________ and if it’s available in the following month(s) they will send it to you 🙂

    I wish I could send both products you are torn between, but I can only pick out one product for you per month. If there’s a product (or type of product) from your list that you really want, let me know and I’ll make sure you get one next month! You can always write back later and request other products for a different month.

    Please let me know which one you’d like to receive before 12pm on the 30th and I’ll make sure that it’s included in your February Glam Bag!

  20. It worked for me too!!! It’s nice to be able to pick an item. I received a response within an hour of sending an email. Yay!!!

  21. It worked! I got a response the same day:

    Subject: Request for a product in my February Glam Bag

    JAN 04, 2017 | 03:55PM PST

    Jhay replied:

    Hi, Julia!

    Thanks for following up.

    I’ve made sure that your pick will be included in your February Glam Bag. I think you’ll love it. 🙂

    Just let me know if there’s anything else I can do to make your Glam Bag experience even better!



    Original message

    Julia wrote:


    I would love to receive the following product from February’s Glam Bag

    –NYX Butter Lipstick in ‘Ripe Berry’

    Please let me know if you can make this happen! 😀 I love my Ipsy
    subscription so much.

  22. Happy nee year.Thank you for letting us know about in the February glam bag. I’m having a hard time choosing between the nail polish or the sheet mask duo. I’m sure these two products will make me very happy.

  23. Not very excited with the choices😕 But I went with NYX

    • You can pick products that aren’t on that list! Just say something like “I want to get a concealer or a lipstick next month, what’s available?” and they’ll give you other options to pick from.

  24. I’m in for $12 Latte! Love their polishes! I’ve selected an item for my December and January bag as well. I wasn’t one of the people that got that initial email from them offering this little perk, but I heard about it, figured it wouldn’t hurt to try so I emailed them with my requests and it has worked for me thus far. I’m really hoping they decide to stick with this little feature.☺

  25. I requested the Luxie brush. I love blush brushes. 🙂

    • Yes me too !!! 😁😁😁

  26. I haven’t specifically picked a product yet, but I have emailed them the last two months asking for a primer or bb cream and a powder or foundation. They selected the IT cosmetics under eye concealer for me for January.

  27. I requested a nail polish, very excited!

  28. Everyone, please note: Liz said this is NOT a guarantee. The option to do this may not last, or they may run out of a product. I always hate to see complaints when it’s obvious the entire post wasn’t read through.

  29. Thanks for letting us know! Also, were there no full spoilers for Jan’s glam bag?

    • Not yet. I’m guessing we’ll have access to view what we’re getting in our glam bag in the next day or two, though! 🙂

    • My glam bag will be live tomorrow 01/05/2016. Maybe they are making us wait till the 5th for full spoilers! I did send an email requesting for next month, but no biggie if it does not happen! Always fun to try!

    • The full spoilers for Jan are up. I saw the post a few days ago 🙂

  30. It’s a test run they’re doing

  31. The only item that appeals to me is the NYX Butter lipstick in Ripe Berry, and I’m not super excited about that either, so I’ll wait to see what other spoilers come out in case they’ll let me choose something else.

  32. Is anyone else kind of bothered these announcements? Has anyone from MSA actually reached out to Ipsy and asked if it was OK for people who are not included in that original small selection to be emailing requests like this?

    I understand that Ipsy is being really nice and accommodating most requests, but I get the sense that they’re sending these e-mails to a limited number of people for a reason.

    • Yes, I did reach out to Ipsy. Here’s a bit more info from them regarding our posting and what is available for all ipsy subscribers if they email them (hope this is helpful):

      Right now, we’re testing product selection and offering it proactively to some ipsters, but not everyone which is why not everyone gets an email about it. For anyone who writes in and asks for a product, we’ll of course honor that and encourage it since we want everyone to love their bags.

      We’re also offering the option to pick a product for anyone who writes in with ipsyMatch concerns. In this case, if an ipster tells us that they’re really hoping to receive mascara, and it’s available in the following month’s assortment, ipsyCare will add it. The more info ipsters give us when they write in, the better we’ll be able to make sure they love their next Glam Bags. For now, we can only select 1 product in their next Glam Bag.

      Also, the cutoff is on the morning of the last day of the month. If someone makes a request after that, we may not be able to honor it. I hope this gives you a bit more info, but please feel free to ask me any questions!

      • I see – OK. Hmm…It still feels wrong to me to reach out just because (since I’m not unhappy with my bags) but it is nice to hear they’re taking subscribers feedback seriously and to each their own I guess.

        Thanks for the additional info!

        • No problem! 🙂 And I’m in the same boat – I’m almost always thrilled with my Ipsy bags so I haven’t made a request yet!

        • Amber – I first reached out to Ipsy in November, not because I was particularly unhappy with my bag, but because I had a question about how the updated Ipsymatch profile questions worked, in terms of color preference & such. The CS rep addressed my question, then offered me a choice to include a product in my next bag — it’s not like Ipsy is trying to keep this service under wraps. They’re offering it to any customer that contacts the them.

      • Thank you so much for adding this, since I was wondering the same thing. I did send an email because there was only one thing on that list I liked, and was not super excited about any of the other spoilers. I didn’t ask in previous months, because I can see how they would get easily get overwhelmed. The auto-email I got back just now said they were dealing with higher than usual traffic, which does not surprise me.

        I appreciate all your PSAs, Liz!

    • They actually are, they’re doing this as a trial run. That’s why only a limited number were selected and they didn’t want everyone knowing yet

      • It was within their power to let customers know they are doing this strictly on a limited basis. They chose to let others do it as well. So, they are trying to provide the best customer support they can. Look at Sephora. They STILL have a wait list and I don’t think they try to be accommodating if a “want to be subscriber” sends them an email asking to get off the wait list. So kudos to ipsy for trying to be accommodating when they don’t have to be. And no complaining if they run out of a product or for some other can’t accommodate you.

        • Very well said. I was trying to come up with a good response, but everything I typed sounded rude. Ipsy truly does have the best customer service. I attempted to join Sephora Play but after the 2nd month of being waitlisted, I gave up. I love ipsy. I may not love every single thing I get, but luckily my mother and I are polar opposites so she gladly accepts anything I don’t want. And with this option to actually guarantee that you will love at least 1 item, is amazing. I will never get rid of ipsy 🙂

          • Thank you. I find it so ironic that some think it’s not right for ipsy to try and accommodate their subscribers. Usually it’s just the opposite. People complaining it’s not “fair” if a sub doesn’t try to accommodate them.

          • For sephora play, I just kept reloading the page and if it let me add it I tried to checkout out. 3 times it said it was unavailable by the time i got to the end of checkout but the 4th time it went through. I did this all over the course of like an hour or 2… idk maybe worth a try.

        • I just started Ipsy and that is true the customer service is great. I don’t have Facebook and I don’t want one, so I asked if there was something else I could do to get off the waitlist. And they just took me off and welcomed me. That was great!

  33. Yay you used my comment 😀. I have been able to pick an item for my bag since November. It started out as a test where ipsy emailed a select few people to choose an item and then word got out. And they told me since I inquired about it, they would let me choose as well, and it’s been going on now for 3 months. I think it’s great, because we are guaranteed to love at least 1 item in our bags 😊

    • Oh yeah, and I chose the Luxie blush brush to go with the other 4 Luxie rose gold brushes I have 🙂

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