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Walmart Beauty Box Winter 2016 Trendsetter Box FULL SPOILERS

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We have FULL SPOILERS for the Winter 2016 Trendsetter Walmart Beauty Box!


Source: Instagram user mywarmfuzzies14

There may be variations, but so far each Trendsetter box includes:

And in case you missed the Classic box spoilers:


Source: Instagram user mzqbeautiful

There may be variations, but so far each Classic box includes:

(FYI – when you sign up for Walmart Beauty Box, if the age you give is under 35, you will get the Trendsetter box. If it is over 35, you will get the Classic box.)

What do you think of the Walmart Beauty Box Winter 2016 spoilers?

(Walmart Beauty Box is a $5 quarterly subscription box.)

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Received the trendsetter box today and got: neutrogena lip crayon, curel wet lotion, dove body wash, aveeno lotion, body soak and the L’Oréal shampoo/conditioner foil packet. not bad for $5!

  2. My trendsetter box supposedly shipped on the 6th, but as of the 9th, USPS was still awaiting the item. I’m hoping that it’s actually on the way, but I am not holding out hope that anything good will be in it, since it shipped so late.

  3. Well both boxes sucked this time. There are hardly any items in them. The trendsetter had 4 items.
    Napa body butter
    Tresemme dry shampoo
    Curel hydra therapy
    Dove body wash

    I got the dove and curel in the classic box as well. Why is there only 4 or 5 items in the boxes?They are not even worth the $5 at all. I am not pleased.

    • That worries me 🙁 My Classic box was pretty good; it arrived Monday (two days ago). It took until yesterday to get a shipping confirmation for my Trendsetter box, even though they charged me for it several days before they charged me for the Classic box, but it’s currently sitting in my mailbox at home. I really hope it’s not lacking like yours is.

      I’m so sorry that your box was so poor. It seems like if yours gets shipped early, you get a ton of stuff, but if you’re further down in the shipping order, you get whatever’s left over, which is sometimes little to nothing. It’s my understanding that because the box was free, and you only paid $5 for “shipping and handling”, you can’t really complain about the lack of contents. It says right on their site that they do not offer refunds but to contact them if anything arrives damaged.

      I know it’s not a lot of money per box, but if the quality/quantity goes down, I may not continue. This is only my second round of boxes, so I’ll give it through the spring boxes to see how it goes. No sense in paying $5 for things that aren’t worth $5.

    • That’s what I got, plus the L’Oreal foil packets.

    • Just got my box and that’s all I got also. Seems like new subscribers got the first boxes and those with standing subs got the least stuff. Still waiting on my classic without any hope of anything.

      • Longevity and loyalty appear not to be valued by this subscription.

        • I didn’t think my sub was ever coming, so I went ahead and ordered one of each box. It got charged and received them asap. Boxes full of great things. Then I finally got a charge of $5,weeks after I received my boxes. My sub finally went through, I’m still waiting to get it though. I’m sure it’ll be like everybody else’s that get theirs late. I agree, my “new” order went through so fast and I got great stuff, but my already exhisting sub is late and slow and I’m sure just foil packs too. I’m thinking from now on, just canceling it. And order a new one asap when they are available!

          • I’m with you on that!

          • I did the same…loved the boxes when they got here. Was charged last week for my already existing sub, got them today and they have half the stuff. Two things were the same as the first boxes and two were not even shown. I think I’m going to cancel the sub and just resub every time a new box comes out. That way I know I’ll get the good boxes but won’t be charged again only to receive half of what I’m told I’ll be getting. I feel bad for complaining about something that costs only $5…but I feel that the boxes should contain what they are supposed to contain. And if they run out of an item, replace it with something different. Don’t send out a box that only has 4 products when you’re promising 6-7…ya know?

      • I’ve been with this sub since their first box and usually get the first wave of boxes. Only once have I received a box that was full of foil packets and “leftovers”. If I got that more often, I’d cancel. Just saying, that theory isn’t correct with new people getting the better boxes.
        I really don’t know how they decide when boxes go out to different people.

      • i’ve been a subscriber to both classic and trendsetters for the past three or four quarters, and each quarter the quantity of items have dwindled and the boxes keep coming later and later.

        this quarter, i received two exact same boxes for the classic and trendsetter; no variation. i received:

        * curel hydrotherapy
        * pond’s cream
        * magazine coupons
        * tiny bottle of aveeno lotion
        * foil packet of l’oreal shampoo/conditioner

        i was pretty bummed out and went ahead and cancelled both subscriptions. i figure everyone is better off cancelling and restarting their subs to get more stuff faster, but it is a very questionable business model. i did reach out to customer service, who explained that sometimes there can only be 1 to 2 variations between the trendsetter and the classic – but i had none and what i received was such a letdown from what we saw in the spoilers, even for $5 a pop.

  4. My Trendsetter included:
    1. Foil packets of L’Orral Smooth Intense Shampoo, Conditioner, and pre-conditioner
    2. Tresemme Dry Shampoo
    3. Dove Nutrium body wash
    4. Nspa Coconut body butter
    5. Curel Hydratherapy

    Overall it is a let down. I got the body butter and the Dove body wash in my last box!

    • That’s what I got as well. My Classic box had much more stuff. I guess it’s OK for only five bucks. This is only my second round of boxes, so how the spring boxes are will dictate whether or not I cancel.

      • I just received my Classic Beauty box and I could not be more please. My box included: A nice size supply of Ponds Rejuveness Anti-aging cream ( this product actually contains AHA) really so pleased. Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion as well as Aveeno Restorative Nightime Cream, I love Aveeno Naturals! I also received a generous size of Curel Hydratherapy lotion Wet Skin Moisterizer. Also Dove Nutrium Madarin Tiare Flower Body Wash an it smells delightful. I also received Dove 48 Hr Nutrium Deodorant and finally I received a full size Cover Girl ” lashblast Volume Mascara. I am very please with my box the mascara was valued at 9.00 alone. Very pleased! thnx Walmart.

    • Weird, I replied to you, and it disappeared.

      I got the same box as you. My Classic box had a lot more items. Kind of bummed because others got more and better items (Neutrogena lip crayon, bath soak, Aveeno – sorry, but I hate dry shampoo!). It’s only OK for $5.

      This is only my second round of boxes, so I will give it through the spring boxes before deciding whether or not I want to continue this subscription.

    • I got the same box. Total letdown! I changed my age to get the classic, but I still got sent the trendsetter. This was a sad box 🙁

  5. My Trendsetter box just arrived and I have not seen the first item on my list in other boxes. I was happy to see a lip product!

    Neutrogena Moisture Smooth Color Stick – Almond Nude
    Curel HyrdaTherapy Wet Skin Moisturizer (Really hoping I like this so I don’t have to leave the warmth of the shower on cold days to moisturize)
    Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion
    L’Oreal Advanced Haircare Smooth Intense Ultimate Straight Foil Packets (Shampoo, Pre Conditioner, and Conditioner)
    Dove Deep Moisture Nutrium Body Wash
    Village Naturals + Therapy Aches + Pains Muscle Relief Mineral Bath Soak

    • My Trendsetter box also arrived today, I received the same exact items!!

    • I got all these items in my Trendsetter Box too. Getting that Neutrogena Color Stick totally made up for not getting the dry shampoo.

    • I got these items too! Glad to see the lip color but didn’t need another Dove wash (different scent this time) or Bath soak since those were both in my Fall box. Although compared to others, it sounds like my box wasn’t that bad. Stinks that they are so inconsistent. Might be cancelling this sub!

      • Sounds like we were fall box twins too. I did use the body wash and bath soak from the last box. Hopefully we will not have a three-peat when the spring box arrives.

  6. The yogurt body Cream is absolutely amazing! So glad I received it! The card they sent said they had a new vanilla apricot scent which also smelled fantastic! Definitely going to pick some of that up soon! I am very picky with lotion.

  7. I just received my trendsetter box today and I’m super stoked! It’s mixed with some items from the classic box and I love it. When I saw this post, I was sad to not be receiving the mascara but I totally got the mascara 🙂

  8. I just received my box yesterday which included:
    • Covergirl Lash Blash Volume Mascara
    • Ponds Anti-Wrinkle Cream
    • Dove Go Fresh Nutrium Body Wash
    • Curel HydraTherapy Wet Skin Moisturizer
    • Foil packet of L’oreal shampoo, pre-conditioner, and conditioner

    Seems I got fewer items than the spoilers and mostly classic box items even though I should be getting the trendsetter. For $5 dollars, I’m not very concerned, but I’m beginning to think that they just throw leftovers in the boxes I receive.

    • I got the same stuff as you and also cant help but feel a little underwhelmed, but for $5 I dunno. If springs box is just as disappointing I will likely unsubscribe.

    • I got the same, though I changed my age after seeing the spoilers so I’m not sure which box it was supposed to be. Either way, it’s still one item less than the either of the spoilers. :-/ I’m glad I got the box with the mascara at least, but was hoping to try the Aveeno.

      • Jenn, if you look at the card in the box, it will say either Classic or Trendsetter. I get both so I always check the card to see which is which. Hope that helps!

        • It’s inside the box lid, too.

    • Yeah, i got similar items too and I should be getting the trendsetter. I also got the Whole Blends shampoo packet in addition to what you listed.

      I’m not too upset. I’m glad I didn’t get another Vaseline lotion though! I’m pretty excited I got the mascara – it’s my go-to option, so now I won’t have to buy that for awhile.

      I think I’ll wait it out to see what the spring box will have, but if it’s more of the same items over and over again, I may cancel. Its getting to the point where it’s repeats and not worth $5.

  9. I received my boxes (classic and trendsetter) earlier this week. I’m just now opening them and notice they are exactly the same except for 1 small item.. My trendsetter box looks like the classic box which is fine with me.

  10. I’ve been charged. Two weeks later still pending. I hope I get my boxes with stuff in it. Foil packets will be very disappointing. Maybe I’ll just sign up each time it comes out so my boxes will come right away like it appears to do per comments posted.

    • mine is still pending as well. Not pleased about this.

    • Mint is still pending too.

    • Mine were both charged on 12/29 but were pending forever. The Classic box shipped on 1/5, and on 1/7 I got an e-mail with a shipping confirmation (box arrived yesterday). The Trendsetter still showed as pending yesterday (1/9), so I put in a CS request on the page. All of a sudden today it’s showing that it shipped on 1/6, but I have no shipping confirmation e-mail. I have a bad feeling that someone put that date in there to shut me up and that it doesn’t mean squat. Hopefully I’m wrong!

  11. I just got charged $5 today. I already paid and received my winter boxes weeks ago. Anybody else get another $5 charge on their card? I went to the beauty box website and it didn’t show any new order or pending boxes. 😈

    • That happened to me last quarter. I emailed and they removed the extra charge.

  12. Mine hasn’t even shipped yet. How do I check on it?

    • Go to the walmart beauty box website and log in.

      • I did that, it’s not showing anything.

        • That may mean they just haven’t done anything with it yet. IME, they tend to be very slow.

  13. both boxes were very similar for me, worth ten dollars, but on crazy product overload. I give out mascara (they get to pick) to women visitors house now, on a random basis. Making a big beauty basket for raffle for a cancer fundraiser this week, and does not really even touch the stash I have accumulated this last year

    • at my house

      • Love the raffle idea.

        I give away some of my stuff, too. Whenever son’s girlfriend or neices come over I just let them choose anything they want. They like filling up those Sephora Play bags. I always tell them I’m getting more next month anyway lol.

        • yes, me too, but I do hide an occasional item or so, which I have still not used, ridiculous! all that money, and this stuff will expire…

  14. Received both boxes (Classic and trendsetter) today. I have no idea which is which. they are similar: cover girl mascara, dove moisturizer, ponds cream, curel cream in both boxes. Then, Aveeno daily moisturizer and night cream in one box. Whole blends shampoo and conditioner and loreal smooth intense 3 step hair product (foil packs of last two). Coupons…overall worth ten dollars. I may have to cancel next time. I am on super, duper product overload. I love looking at the MSA site though, and temptation keeps coming 🙂

    • Look on the inside of the box lid– it will say there if it is Classic or Trendsetter.

    • I received the same two boxes… I guess the mascara is worth more than the box. I am not mad with the items, I just have so much already.

  15. My Trendsetter and Classic boxes were nothing like the spoilers and unfortunately very, very similar to each other. I did however get several Aveeno sunscreen samples which I am happy about.

  16. I was disappointed that the box I got was a mixture of the two boxes up top. I was so looking forward to the contents of the trendsetter up top. Instead, I got what appeared to be left overs from the two boxes. Maybe they had a higher demand for boxes than supplies to fulfill them.

  17. I never got any emails, but I checked my account and noticed a new order. When I click on the link – there’s no information. It said it shipped 12/30, and that’s more than enough time for the tracking to update.

    Anyone else having a similar issue?

    • Mine has been pending since 12/30 =\

  18. did anyone else get an InStyle magazine with their box?

  19. I signed up for both boxes recently, and have received them both already. Well, I actually re-subscribed by purchasing the boxes. I just thought I’d mention that I recently purchased & received the boxes, because it definitely seems to fall in line with what other commenters are saying about “new” subscribers getting their boxes quicker. I got:

    The exact same products shown in the picture above for the Classic box. That’s a first!

    Cover Girl mascara
    Ponds anti-aging moisturizer
    Curel wet-skin moisturizer
    Dove deodorant (mini)
    Dove body wash (different scent than in the Classic box)
    Whole Blends shampoo & conditioner

    Overall, I’m happy with both of my boxes. I feel like I lucked out this season, and I hope my luck continues for the next couple of boxes before I cancel again. When I subbed last year, I was at the very end of the 3-month cycle… people would start to get the next season’s boxes just as I was getting the leftover products from the season that was just ending (read: mostly foil packets with either a toothpaste or mini deodorant as the “deluxe” item). After two seasons worth, I finally decided to cancel.

  20. I wanted to post an update as my box was a mix of the spoilers (my account says I get the Trendsetter box). The products I received today were:

    -CoverGirl Lash Blast Volume Mascara
    -Curel Hydra Therapy Wet Skin Moisturizer (along with a $4 coupon)
    -Pond’s Rejuveness Anti-Wrinkle Cream
    -Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash
    -Garnier Whole Blends Shampoo & Conditioner packets (green apple + green tea)
    -L’Oreal Smooth Intense Ultimate Straight Shampoo, Pre-conditioner, & Conditioner packets
    -3 $1.00 coupons for InStyle, People, & StyleWatch magazines

    Overall, this was a really great box for me!

  21. This is my first time getting the box and didn’t realize their were 2 variations I could get. I received the Classic because of my age I guess. I’m happy with it. Well worth more than the $5.

  22. My Trendsetter box is missing some products but I’m not missing the Neutrogena or Vaseline creams 😉
    The Tresemme dry shampoo isn’t in the box kinda disappointed I love dry shampoo 😊
    My box includes 4 products and 2 foil packets

    Covergirl mascara (I have so many mascaras from other sub boxes it’s like a hoard lol but I like trying different mascara and I usually share unused mascaras with my daughter)
    Ponds face cream (I tried the full size, not a fan of mineral oil in facial products)
    Dove body wash (Can always use body wash but Dove again?)
    Curel wet skin moisturizer (I do love wet skin moisturizers so I’m excited to try this)
    Foil packets of Whole Blends shampoo and conditioner
    Foil packets of Loreal Smooth Intense shampoo, pre condition and conditioner
    (I think we all feel the same about packets but I’m glad I didn’t get the Loreal Age Perfect face cream packets, I got them in another Walmart box and I didn’t like it)

    Not the best box and it would’ve been much better if instead of the second foil shampoo set I would’ve gotten the Tresemme dry shampoo but for $5 I’m good

    I’m wondering what’s gonna be in my Classic box since all 4 of the products in my Trendsetter box were supposed to be in the Classic box. Maybe they’ll throw in the dry shampoo 😁

    • I have the exact same Trendsetter box as you. 6 samples and coupons for magazines. I agree with you about the foil packs. I had the L’oreal’s 3 step straightening system foil packets from some other box but didn’t use because I didn’t think it would be enough product. I guess I’ll try that now. $5 ain’t bad I guess.

  23. My boxes are so different from what is posted.

    The trendsetter had the mascara, a dove deodorant, ponds, dove body wash, curel, and a Garnier Whole Blends foil.

    The classic box had the mascara, curel, ponds, avenue, and a KenPaves brand foil trio. Just seemed really light to only have 4 samples and a foil pack.

    I have subscribed for over a year and am always in the last batch of deliveries. Wish I knew how to move further up the line!

    • I got the same two (trendsetter and classic) as you did. I also thought both seemed pretty light, especially compared to the spoilers. What bums me out is that it seems those of us getting boxes late in the month, don’t even get substitutions, we just get less. I know its only five dollars, but last time, I didn’t get the dry shampoo, and this time no dry shampoo… I’m cursed.

      • I considered myself lucky because I got the mascara ,I always get mine late also but was thankful I didn’t get all foil packs as I sometimes do! I did get the yogurt body cream in my second one and was grateful to get to try it out

  24. I got a mix of both box items (but mostly the classic box items) and I’m under 35.

  25. I usually get the trendsetter because I’m 28 but this time I noticed the mascara was in the classic box so I ordered that but then I didn’t get the mascara so I ordered the trendsetter and I got the mascara. Also I ordered the fall box and noticed my winter box wasn’t pending so I cancelled and restarted it for winter and the boxes got sent out immediately!

    • I’m glad you were able to get what you ordered, bit it’s really annoying to me that they are so inconsistent. They STILL haven’t even bothered to ship either of mine! Next time I’m gonna cancel the whole darned thing!

      I told my sister about the boxes. She ordered them and they arrived in a couple days! That was about three weeks ago!

  26. Neither of mine has even shipped yet! My sister is a new subscriber and got hers weeks ago, within days of signing up.

    • They do that ALL the time and it’s so annoying. It’s like the seasoned subscribers get the leftovers.

    • Mine haven’t shipped yet, either, and I have the same concern about getting leftovers. It happened with my last boxes, too, and I got mostly foil packets. I know it’s only $5 quarterly, so I won’t complain too much. It’s just annoying when there’s such a variation in value between the boxes people get.

  27. Here’s what I got in my trendsetter box

    Covergirl mascara (got one in classic also)
    Curel wet skin moisturizer(ditto)
    Ponds anti – wrinkle cream ( ditto)
    Aveeno body yogurt …yayyyy wanted to try this
    Foil pack of Ken Paves ( shampoo,conditioner and hair mask)
    I’m fine with the box would have loved to try the dry shampoo and the lotion.Family members will enjoy my repeats especially my daughter in law with the mascara .She can never have too many

    • Sounds like a good box. Please let us know what you think of the Ken Paves hair samples.
      I personally have been wanting to try it. (I hope I get it too!)

      • I will as I have two now and enough product for all of my hair

  28. I’m getting extremely frustrated with Walmart. I’ve been a Beauty Box Customer with the Classic and Trendsetter for awhile. These aren’t sent in a consent basis each month.
    Also, I’ve order two boxes as gifts. A Trendsetter that was received a few days ago and a Classic that has not.
    When writing them they tell me to go to my account and that will show ship date and activity.
    Unfortunately on mine it doesn’t and as far as my own subscriptions nothing has been updated since the fall shipments.
    One last attempt and I will delete all of them.
    Pretty disappointed!

    • Me, too. I feel like I’m really getting scammed. We’ll probably be lucky if there’s anything left by the time they bother to send them out.

      • Nan,
        I’m sorry this is happening to you too.
        I felt like I was the only one.
        When I first subscribed I had no problems.
        Now I do. I hope you get your boxes!!!!

    • You know it’s quarterly and not monthly, right?!

      • Nan,
        I’m sorry this is happening to you too.
        I felt like I was the only one.
        When I first subscribed I had no problems.
        Now I do. I hope you get your boxes!!!!

      • Yes, I know it’s quarterly.

  29. Haven’t looked at the contents on this page but my Winter Box only began “pending” today.

    I’ve been trying to decide if I should get start getting both boxes or are they practically the same?

    • I tried getting both boxes for 1 month and I received all the same products in both (minus one item). I settled for only the Trendsetter…. b/c it was sent out quicker.

    • I got both boxes and they were pretty much totally different and I’m glad I chose to get both. 😆

  30. I haven’t been charged yet for mine, I feel like I’m going to either end up with no box, or with the box filled with foil samples only 🙁

  31. I am getting 1 of each box but they charged my card 3 times so I’m curious which box will be the dupe. Hopefully the mascara box. I too am very surprised there was no makeup in the trendsetter box.

  32. Not bad for $5, works for me, thanks Liz 🙋🏼

    • I know! The mascara in the one box, and ponds in the other box is worth $5+ . I’m really happy with these boxes. I bought one of each. The only difference I got is I got a Burts bees, not the Vaseline lotion.

      • I also received the Burt’s Bees instead of Vaseline as well as a sample of a hair product–an Amla Legend Blowout Elixer.

  33. Got my trendsetter box the other day – same as above. Decent value for $5, just wish there was a make up item to give it a little spark/color!!!

  34. I think both boxes are great for $5 so I look forward to getting them both.

  35. Instead of the Vaseline lotion, I got a Burt’s Bees body lotion. Love it.

    • me too! I’d rather have Burts bees anyway 😊

    • I’ve received the Vaseline lotion before so maybe I’ll receive the Burts bees lotion

  36. Wow, I would’ve rather gotten the classic one instead. But it’s $5 so I shouldn’t be complaining.

  37. HA so that’s the secret, seems like I’ll have to unsubscribe and resubscribe to stop getting the classic box. I tried changing my age on my subscription but I still got the classic. Seems like the trendsetters would have preferred the classic this round going by the comments! I still want to switch to trendsetter, at least for a few boxes. Enough Ponds and Dove! Walmart carries tons of brands, they need to share the love a bit more.

  38. Please not more Curel and Dove!!! I just gave away 2 bottles of each in my friends gift basket, now I get more!!! I liked last boxes better, but for $5 I can’t complain. Everything will get used or gifted.

    • I am with you on the Dove but i really like that Curel wet skin moisturizer and they also give a $4 coupon with it!

  39. Don’t forget that anything you can’t use you can donate. I usually save up a bunch of stuff and take it to one of the church’s in my area since they also give out these items along with pantry items to those in need

    • I also donate everything I do not use to a Resource Center that hands the items out to those who need it. It is a great way to help out.

      • Same here, I save the items from my boxes and donate to a small group at church. They collect these items and create bags to pass out to those that are less fortunate and struggling. I collect the extras from my family and friends as well!

  40. For only $5 I can’t complain either. Lash Blast is my fave mascara so that’s worth the cost right there for me.

  41. I get both boxes. Surprised that the Trendsetter did not include a lipstick or eyeliner.

  42. Why is there age perfect serum in a under age 35 box… I’m 23 and do not need that even if it’s a foil sample and would rather have the mascara…booooo trendsetter box.

    • I was surprised with that too. I bought both boxes because I have a daughter i share with, and i never know what I’ll get. But I’m not complaining! I’m 37 and would Def try it 😀. I traded that serum with her for my mascara.

    • You’re supposed to start using an anti-wrinkle cream *before* you start getting wrinkles. ie, in your 20s. I have been, and it definitely helps!

    • You won’t have that 23year old skin forever. I have been using eye/wrinkle creams since my early 20’s– I will be 60 next year and have no crows feet or forehead wrinkles–just a few very fine eye lines. I also haven’t gone out in the sun for decades, but I did when I was younger and didn’t use sunscreen. NOW is the time for you to incorporate this type of skincare into your daily regimen.

      • This is excactly what I just told my thirty two old niece the other night,when she said I don’t have wrinkles and I replied your supposed to start using creams ect before you have wrinkles silly

  43. When I was subbing to both Classic and Trendsetter boxes I received a mix of both configurations in each and almost exact same items in both…LOL. No joke. So it seems you could get any items from either box. I cancelled the Classic, only b/c I would receive it later in the quarter…..kept Trendsetter to receive earlier. (I think its based on when you initially register.) Just FYI.

  44. Lame!! The classic box is better than trendsetter usually it’s opposite this is dumb

  45. That’s a lot of lotion lol. But for $5, eh, I’ll use it all eventually.

  46. Not super impressed this season, fall was WAY better and amazing, but for $5, hey I’ll take it! It is usually much better than this and way more packed full!

  47. Classic box looks a lot better than the trendsetter one. Boooooo.

  48. I changed my age to meet the Classic requirements – doesn’t look like the order has been created yet, so hopefully it takes in time. I can’t handle any more dry shampoos. :p

    • Thanks for the idea! I’m going do this now, because this box sucks h I have most of this from past boxes.

    • I updated my birth year as well. Thanks for the idea. Hopefully it works!!

    • It didn’t work for me. I get 2 boxes and tried to make it one of each but even after I changed my dob it said classic. I had to cancel one then resubscribe with the dob I wanted. It seemed to take, it says I’ll be receiving the winter box.

      • I get two boxes and change my age to get the classic as well . And I did this in the fall and they’re still sending me two trendsetter box 😩

  49. Meh, it’s only 5 bucks so can’t complain but couldn’t be more bored. I probably won’t use anything from this box.

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